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00:22:29 <wob_jonas> not again!
00:22:50 <wob_jonas> HackEgo! fizzie!
00:23:36 <wob_jonas> fungot, bring HackEgo back
00:23:36 <fungot> wob_jonas: what's xps? a transformation language for xml transformation? i'm leaning towards drawing the line at using call/ cc. :p
00:26:51 <fizzie> This time it has just failed to autojoin.
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00:27:16 <fizzie> There.
00:27:28 <shachaf> `owrjan
00:27:29 <HackEgo> Your omnidryad saddle principal swatty kind "Darth Ook" oerjan the shifty loud punster is a hazy expert in minor compaction. Also a Groadep who minces Roald Dahl. He could never render the word "amortized" so he put it here for connivance. His ark-nemesis is Noah. He twice punned without noticing it.
00:27:37 <shachaf> `5 w
00:27:42 <HackEgo> 1/2:yeti//These are not the yetis you are looking for. \ advertisement//Advertisement starts: have you heard about this hip and froopy 'net place called #esoteric? It is on freenode. Brought to you by The Board of Timeskewed Advertiesements. \ tvtrope//We'll write about TVTropes here, we just have to finish these tabs first. \ mad//This wis
00:27:44 <shachaf> `n
00:27:45 <HackEgo> 2/2:dom entry was censored for being too accurate. \ stibia//Stibia is a spice that grows in your leg.
00:30:21 <wob_jonas> ``` perl -e warn 50/6
00:30:22 <HackEgo> Warning: something's wrong at -e line 1.
00:30:28 <wob_jonas> ``` perl -e 'warn 50/6'
00:30:29 <HackEgo> 8.33333333333333 at -e line 1.
00:32:45 <wob_jonas> [ 50%6
00:32:46 <j-bot> wob_jonas: 8.33333
00:32:57 <wob_jonas> [ (%6)*50
00:32:58 <j-bot> wob_jonas: 8.33333
00:33:02 <wob_jonas> [ 6%~50
00:33:03 <j-bot> wob_jonas: 8.33333
00:34:43 <wob_jonas> `recipe
00:34:44 <HackEgo> ​ chocolate over the batter. Place on a lightly floured board in \ a bowl. Add the remaining ingredients in boiling water to combine. \ Cover and bake until the roasted to the boil. Stir in the cream \ of the liquid and spread with peanut oil in a small bowl. Pour into \ serving plate. Then, for a baking sheet and allow to cool. \ \ Prehea
00:34:49 <wob_jonas> `starwars 7
00:34:50 <HackEgo> the Sarlacc \ Admiral Firmus Piett \ Ponda Baba \ Conan Antonio Motti \ Shmi \ Grievous \ Chewbacca
00:34:58 <shachaf> `1 recipe
00:34:59 <HackEgo> 1/3:g spinach in slices of completely. Combine \ mixture and salt in a warm place until it begins to cool for \ the heat and add the eggs to the egg mixture, add the spices \ and garlic to deep fryger plastic crumbs. With a sharp, if you like one fat \ from the heat and add the prepared pastry flour, cheese, and coriander \ to the pot; stir th
00:35:55 <wob_jonas> deep fryger plastic crumbs?
00:38:09 <wob_jonas> in a warm place until it begins to cool for the heat
00:38:43 <fizzie> fungot: Could you learn to make recipes too?
00:38:43 <fungot> fizzie: ( fnord encoding file proc if-existent? if-non-existent? fnord)
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01:05:25 <wob_jonas> `rm -v wisdom/stibia
01:05:25 <HackEgo> rm: invalid option -- ' ' \ Try 'rm --help' for more information.
01:05:28 <wob_jonas> `dowg stibia
01:05:33 <wob_jonas> ``` rm -v wisdom/stibia
01:05:43 <HackEgo> 7411:2016-04-17 <b_jonäs> learn Stibia is a spice that grows in your leg.
01:05:44 <HackEgo> removed 'wisdom/stibia'
01:06:02 <shachaf> wob_jonas: forget hth
01:06:21 <wob_jonas> shachaf: ah right. I forgot.
01:28:24 <wob_jonas> Oh, another question.
01:29:00 <wob_jonas> If you write an integer in binary, which means radix 2, you can call each digit a "bit". If you write an integer in ternary, which means radix 3, you can call each digit a "trit".
01:29:30 <wob_jonas> If I write an integer in radix 5, which you told me is called quinary, then what should I call a digit?
01:30:27 <shachaf> i'd tell you to just choose one word for base n
01:30:32 <shachaf> but that would be nitpicking
01:30:49 <wob_jonas> shachaf: like "digit"?
01:31:14 <wob_jonas> wait, let me check the C-intercal manual
01:31:27 <wob_jonas> maybe it tells something in the trintercal section
01:31:58 <shachaf> (i'm going for the swat hth)
01:33:39 <wob_jonas> it says
01:33:48 <wob_jonas> "The small data types hold 16 bits, 10 trits, 8 quarts, 6 quints, 6 sexts, or 5 septs, and the large types are always twice this size."
01:33:58 <wob_jonas> so the word I want is a "quint"
01:34:08 <fizzie> I don't think there's any special words for octal or hexadecimal digits either, and those are a lot more popular than quinary.
01:34:40 <wob_jonas> fizzie: some call hexadecimal digits "hexits". I use that word sometimes, although I admit it's a stupid one
01:34:49 <wob_jonas> there's also "nybble"
01:34:59 <wob_jonas> or maybe it's "nibble"? let me look it up
01:35:05 <fizzie> I was going to mention nibble/nybble.
01:35:21 <shachaf> oh man, do finns pronounce "nybble" with the finnish y?
01:35:24 <fizzie> But it really "feels" more like a four-bit group than a hexadecimal digit.
01:35:44 <wob_jonas> nybble with a "y" in English
01:35:53 <wob_jonas> fizzie: yes, that makes sense
01:35:55 <shachaf> `` echo | sha256sum
01:35:55 <HackEgo> 01ba4719c80b6fe911b091a7c05124b64eeece964e09c058ef8f9805daca546b -
01:36:09 <wob_jonas> which is why a hexit is a different word
01:36:19 <wob_jonas> but then you'd have to call decimal digits "decits" or something
01:36:31 <shachaf> I would call each aligned character pair there a "byte" and each character a "nybble".
01:36:52 <fizzie> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Units_of_information#Dibit has a bunch of names for various groups of bits.
01:36:55 <wob_jonas> or call a base ten digit a "tent" (and a quinary digit a "quit" obviously)
01:37:17 <fizzie> "2 bits: dibit,[12][13][10][14] crumb,[15] quad, quarter, taste, tayste, tidbit, tydbit, lick, lyck, semi-nibble."
01:38:14 <shachaf> how about "nucleobase" hth
01:38:40 <fizzie> "96 bits: bentobox" the food thing has gotten out of hand
01:38:45 <wob_jonas> fizzie: meh, anything beats the Intel terminology of "double quadword" and "quadruple quadword" for 16 and 32 byte long chunks
01:40:15 <wob_jonas> and they put those things in instruction mnemonics, and the word "double" is also used for 8-byte IEEE floats in instruction mnemonics
01:40:18 <wob_jonas> it's horrible
01:41:16 <wob_jonas> and then of course there's all the people who use "long" to mean either a 4-byte chunk or an 8-byte chunk
01:41:25 <shachaf> quidruple is a nickname for £4
01:42:35 <shachaf> Unlike quidruble, which is a square unit corresponding to £ £*₽
01:43:31 <shachaf> Squared currency units aren't used very often, though there's a product called Square Cash which presumably uses them.
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01:47:00 <fizzie> shachaf: I guess startup accelerators are maybe measured in products / money squared?
01:51:28 <wob_jonas> fungot, are you a startup accelerator?
01:51:28 <fungot> wob_jonas: actually, rather... widget type. the occurs check constrains that problem, then the syntactic-closure doesn't know about.
01:52:02 <wob_jonas> nah, you don't need an occurs check, the investors don't care about semantic soundness of the plan
01:52:07 * oerjan looks at Warrigal's idling score
01:52:28 <wob_jonas> as long as there's enough hype, the plan might as well be circular
01:52:37 <shachaf> fizzie++
01:52:44 <shachaf> I frequently see people write things like "$5 dollars" so I guess it's not that uncommon a unit.
01:53:51 <esowiki> [[Quantum brainfuck]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=54248&oldid=8552 * Oerjan * (+26) /* External resources */ R.I.P. and not on Wayback
01:56:30 <fizzie> oerjan: They're in the archive.
01:56:34 <fizzie> oerjan: https://github.com/graue/esofiles/tree/master/qbf/impl
01:56:52 <shachaf> @metar ENVA
01:56:53 <lambdabot> ENVA 270150Z 06003KT 010V110 CAVOK M10/M16 Q1047 RMK WIND 670FT 09006KT
01:57:33 <shachaf> If I measure the tempperature at an airport myself, would that count as metarial nonpublic information?
01:58:22 <oerjan> fizzie: ooh
02:04:38 <esowiki> [[Quantum brainfuck]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=54249&oldid=54248 * Oerjan * (+42) /* External resources */ Was in the archive, thanks fizzie
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02:17:16 <wob_jonas> Is there a name for the human movement whose purpose is to get on or over an obstacle that's taller than your waist, and whose procedure is to do a jump starting from squatting position, while your hand is on the obstacle and you're pushing yourself up with your arm to jump higher, the goal being to get your foot or knee or upper body on the obstac
02:17:16 <wob_jonas> le and climb up from there?
02:17:49 <wob_jonas> You're facing the obstacle.
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02:23:08 <wob_jonas> `? lie group
02:23:09 <HackEgo> lie group? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
02:23:17 <wob_jonas> ``` echo wisdom/lie*
02:23:19 <HackEgo> wisdom/lie wisdom/lie algebra wisdom/lie bracket
02:23:22 <wob_jonas> `? lie algebra
02:23:24 <HackEgo> A Lie algebra is what you get if you take the region infinitesimally close to the identity of a Lie group and blow it up to normal size.
02:23:24 <wob_jonas> `? lie bracket
02:23:25 <wob_jonas> `? lie
02:23:26 <HackEgo> Politicians try to stay within the lie bracket: Not so many lies that voters cannot stand it, but not so few that they think you have nothing to give them.
02:23:27 <HackEgo> Lies are even easier than monoids. They form groups, known as Lie groups.
02:24:08 <wob_jonas> right. "wisdom/lie algebra" is clearly mine, the other two aren't
02:24:17 <wob_jonas> `dowg lie
02:24:26 <HackEgo> 2981:2013-05-29 <oerjän> echo "Lies are even easier than monoids. They form groups, known as Lie groups." >wisdom/lie
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02:56:25 <oerjan> `dowg lie algebra
02:56:32 <HackEgo> 6173:2015-11-02 <oerjän> le/rn lie algebra/A Lie algebra is what you get if you take the region infinitesimally close to the identity of a Lie group and blow it up to normal size.
02:56:38 <oerjan> I BEG TO DIFFER
02:57:23 <oerjan> `` rm -v bin/*rjan
02:57:25 <HackEgo> removed ‘bin/dowrjan’ \ removed ‘bin/owrjan’ \ removed ‘bin/quoerjan’ \ removed ‘bin/quørjan’ \ removed ‘bin/swrjan’ \ removed ‘bin/translatetoerjan’ \ removed ‘bin/zalgoerjan’
02:57:44 <oerjan> was getting out of hand.
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17:44:42 <ais523> does anyone have advice for me about what syntaxes would be good for distinguishing keywords from variables?
17:44:48 <ais523> case? sigils? if so, what?
17:45:00 <ais523> this is for an esolang so I'm willing to be experimental, but I'd like the result to be easy to read and easy to type
17:47:56 <Slereah> just use one of the Symbols Rarely Used For Anything
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17:48:52 <APic> ais523: /me does not even know what „Sigil“ means, so: Case, yes.
17:49:00 <APic> From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:
17:49:00 <APic> Sigil \Sig"il\, n. [L. sigillum. See {Seal} a stamp.]
17:49:00 <APic> A seal; a signature. --Dryden.
17:49:00 <APic> [1913 Webster]
17:49:00 <APic>
17:49:03 <APic> Of talismans and sigils knew the power. --Pope.
17:49:05 <APic> [1913 Webster]
17:49:11 <APic> No Idea what that would be in Unicode
17:49:20 <APic> Or even plain ASCII, for that Matter.
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17:50:05 <ais523> APic: a sigil is basically a punctuation mark that's part of the spelling of an identifier
17:50:17 <ais523> such as the $ before variable names in PHP and BuzzFizz
17:50:38 <ais523> Algol used a sigil on keywords instead (typically .)
17:51:04 <APic> Aaaah
17:51:11 <APic> Then that would be better than Case
17:51:23 <APic> Just because CamelCase sucks badly
17:51:35 <APic> My Momma once gave me Camel-Milk-Soap
17:51:47 <APic> That one even smelt worse than normal Soap 😉
17:52:18 <APic> Even forgot where she got it. Must have been some Holiday-Trip
17:52:32 <APic> In some southern State
17:58:57 <APic> ,o0(But the best Soap must be human Soap like from the Fight-Clubs… 😉)
17:59:14 <APic> ,o0(„We are selling their own Asses back to them!“)
18:00:18 <ais523> APic: if I'm using case, what case should be used for variables and what case for keywords
18:00:57 <ais523> the only languages I've seen that have an idiomatic distinction have been BASIC variants
18:01:03 <APic> Yup
18:01:05 <ais523> which use lowercase for variables and typically some sort of capitalisation for keywords
18:01:17 <ais523> (older BASICs in allcaps, newer BASICs in initcapas)
18:01:21 <APic> So _i_ would use Uppercase for KEYWORDS and lowercase for Variables.
18:04:46 <ais523> hmm, thinking about it, I'm leaning towards sigilling keywords, as most of the contexts where you'd use keyword you can use punctuation instead
18:05:02 <ais523> the common choices for that are @ and \ (sometimes interchangeably!)
18:05:07 <ais523> but @ seems better
18:05:45 <ais523> (C has an interesting way to do keywords _Which_Looks_Like_This but that's because it suddenly realised it needed to have namespaced the keywords all along and there weren't many namespaces left)
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18:11:16 * APic loves C
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18:11:39 * APic gotta look in the current IOCCCs some Time
18:11:44 <APic> Hi augur
18:12:07 <ais523> apparently the development version of C is considering using [[this]] syntax
18:12:16 <ais523> for a pragma/attribute-style thing
18:14:23 <APic> Nice
18:14:47 <APic> As long as Borland's #pragma will not become standard...
18:15:13 * APic remembers that Turbo C did Preprocessing and Compiling in one Pass. Is that Memory correct?
18:16:03 <ais523> I think it's possible to implement that, I'm not sure if it was actually done like that but it's plausible
18:17:43 <APic> Good
18:18:16 * APic thinks that is because Borland or later Inprise actually got the Idea to implement their Pragmas with a Preprocessing-Directive
18:19:38 <APic> s/because/why/
18:21:12 <APic> Every GNU-Extension that makes it in a Standard i adore
18:21:31 <APic> Every MSVC-Extension i despise
18:21:34 <APic> 😉
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18:29:25 <\oren\_> I like the idea of sigilling keywords and using as little puntuation as possible
18:29:40 <ais523> what sigil would you use?
18:29:45 <ais523> note that this is basically TeX
18:29:46 <\oren\_> `
18:29:58 <\oren\_> or ;
18:29:58 <ais523> or, well, with ` it isn't TeX but \ is visually similar
18:30:14 <ais523> is the ; prefix, postfix, or circumfix?
18:30:37 <\oren\_> a symbol you have to type a lot should be one of the symbols you can type without using shift
18:30:43 -!- idris-bot has joined.
18:30:58 <ais523> maybe that's why Algol used .
18:30:59 <\oren\_> ;',./[]\-=`
18:31:17 <ais523> …and why TeX used \, although it's in a bit of an awkward place on a UK keyboard
18:31:34 <ais523> (even worse on a US keyboard though, if I remember where it is correctly)
18:31:42 <ais523> maybe the sigil should be a letter, then
18:31:45 <\oren\_> ais523: right bove enter
18:32:01 <ais523> which becomes forbidden at the start of variable names
18:32:08 <\oren\_> ais523: q
18:32:15 <ais523> don't order-pp and chaos-pp use 8 as a sigil?
18:32:24 <\oren\_> ais523: yeah
18:32:27 <ais523> (which works well because it's not valid at the start of an identifier in regular C)
18:33:16 <ais523> I can see the argument for using ; as a sigil because it's literally one of the keys you rest your fingers on when in the standard typing position
18:33:25 <ais523> but on the other hand, it'd look bizarre
18:33:37 -!- function has quit (Quit: Found 1 in /dev/zero).
18:33:45 <\oren\_> I wounder if you could scientifically check which letter is rarest at start of variable names
18:33:58 <\oren\_> by surveying github or something
18:34:31 <ais523> well, it'd be hard to come up with a lot of keywords that legitimately start with that letter, though
18:34:45 <ais523> I'm guessing q, though, because most of the other rare letters (j, x, z) tend to be used as single-letter variable names
18:34:52 <ais523> q can be but that's rarer
18:35:07 <APic> Nowadays, i would probably use €
18:35:22 <\oren\_> qif x = 4 qthen qforeach
18:35:27 <APic> Because € is moar worth than $ nowadays 😉
18:35:50 <APic> 1 Euro equals
18:35:51 <APic> 1.22 US Dollar
18:35:56 <APic> Says the almighty Google.
18:36:00 <APic> \o/
18:36:35 <APic> When Trump would manage to start a War (— which he cannot, in my Opinion), € would probably be even worthier. ☺
18:36:35 <\oren\_> qwhile is almost pronounceable
18:36:41 <APic> s/When/If/
18:36:49 <APic> \oren\_: *nod*
18:37:46 <\oren\_> but you would have to have a starndard way to avoid q at start of words
18:38:16 <\oren\_> qmy aquestion =
18:38:33 * ais523 ponders whether @ is easier to type as Shift-' (on a UK keyboard) or Shift-2 (on a US keyboard)
18:38:53 <ais523> \oren\_: now you need an escape for "aq" too
18:39:07 <\oren\_> alaqsa
18:39:29 <\oren\_> aqsa is the only word I can think of that starts with aq
18:39:33 <APic> esbele?
18:39:55 <APic> Oh
18:39:56 <APic> Sorry
18:39:58 <APic> Wrong Window
18:40:13 <APic> In #WorldChat@IRCnet i just learned that „yw“ is „mh“ upside-down
18:40:29 * APic is so used to Serifes that i had not realized until a few Moments ago
18:40:30 <ais523> h and y look fairly different in most fonts, even if you rotate one 180°
18:40:46 <APic> So i tried putting „alqsa“ upside-down 😸
18:40:53 <\oren\_> APic: there is an upside down y that is better
18:40:54 <APic> Yup
18:40:59 * APic likes Terminus best
18:41:04 <APic> Inconsolata second-best
18:41:22 <APic> \oren\_: v?
18:41:30 <APic> Uh
18:41:36 <\oren\_> ɦ
18:41:41 <APic> h
18:41:44 <APic> Uh
18:41:44 <APic> Darn
18:42:34 <\oren\_> I still haven't verified that all characters in my font are distinct
18:43:12 <\oren\_> not sure how to do it efficiently either
18:43:19 <APic> *shrug*
18:43:34 <\oren\_> I guess by sorting them?
18:43:44 <APic> Probably
18:44:00 <APic> Chinese Letters are sorted by Count of Marks, i learned.
18:44:06 * APic hopes that Information is correct.
18:44:24 <\oren\_> yeah stroke order
18:44:29 * APic never had a Chinese←→whatever-Dictionary in my Hands
18:44:31 <APic> Good
18:45:15 <\oren\_> APic: I have a kanji dictionary. it sorts first by radical (which are ordered by stroke number) and then again by stroke number
18:45:51 <APic> ic
18:45:53 <APic> Thanks
18:47:56 <\oren\_> I do have l distinct from ⅼ
18:48:14 <\oren\_> and from 1I|
18:50:03 <\oren\_> ℐ𝓁𝑙𝑙𝗅𝒍𝗹𝘭𝕝𝐥𝔩
18:50:35 <\oren\_> I think thats all the ells
18:51:47 <\oren\_> I need to write some sort of character sorting program
18:58:14 <APic> Definitely.
19:41:07 -!- wob_jonas has joined.
19:41:26 -!- sleffy has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
19:42:17 <wob_jonas> ais523: for keywords vs identifiers, I mostly recommend using punctuation for most syntax, fixing a short list of bare keywords, make sure each of them is common enough as a keyword that nobody forgets about it, and add a trailing hash mark to all rare keywords and all keywords you introduce in later extensions.
19:43:22 <ais523> I'd prefer all keywords to work consistently
19:43:36 <ais523> especially as I'm planning to have "key variables" which are like variables but have side effects
19:43:46 <ais523> and want those to work the same way syntactically
19:44:07 <wob_jonas> ais523: another choice is if you can make the syntax of the language such that the user can shadow any keyword with a declaration, but firstly it's very hard to make such a syntax (metafont and scheme are about the only languages that succeed,
19:44:39 <ais523> scheme doesn't let you shadow ( and )
19:44:52 <wob_jonas> and in metafont this can cause horrible screwups when you make a typo in a declaration, mostly because you can shadow almost all punctuation tokens too), constrains future syntax, and worst of all, modules/headers you import can shadow a keyword for you and your program might not know.
19:44:54 * ais523 ponders what the minimum number of keywords a lisp-alike can get away with is
19:45:19 <ais523> I guess just s and k
19:45:35 <wob_jonas> ais523: yes, I mean make all non-punctuation keywords shadowable, and make no punctuation shadowable, so all punctuation are always built-in syntax.
19:46:24 <wob_jonas> '"key variables" which are like variables but have side effects' => we call those macros
19:46:31 <wob_jonas> (or sometimes sparks)
19:46:49 <ais523> it's very different from a macro
19:46:53 <ais523> more like a memory-mapped volatile thing
19:47:17 <ais523> although, it's not really like either
19:47:38 <wob_jonas> ais523: um, so you mean variables that don't have syntax side effects, they follow ordinary syntax, but have arbitrary getter and setter functions?
19:47:43 <ais523> you can do things like object.exists = false (where exists is a key variable) and the object stops existing
19:47:53 <ais523> well, except that there are no booleans so you'd set it to 0
19:48:07 <wob_jonas> uh... what do you mean by "stops existing"
19:48:21 <ais523> it gets deleted
19:48:32 <ais523> like free() in C
19:48:42 <ais523> this is an esolang, it's got rather esoteric ways of thinking about things
19:50:16 <APic> *nod*
19:50:55 <wob_jonas> I have some language design questions too, I'll ask a bit later, but first I have to do some real world stuff
19:50:59 -!- xkapastel has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity).
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19:52:40 <Taneb> What if you set it to 2, I wonder
19:54:45 <\oren\_> Taneb: it becomes an array
19:55:03 <Taneb> I see
19:55:20 <int-e> cat.exists=9?
19:56:05 <APic> Good old Cats
19:56:09 <APic> 😸
19:56:41 <int-e> speaking of strange thinking... http://hitchhikers.wikia.com/wiki/God#Final_Proof_of_the_Non-Existence_of_God
19:57:20 <APic> Good old Puffs of Logics 😉
20:02:54 <int-e> `unidecode 😸😉
20:05:38 <APic> Yup
20:05:53 <int-e> `thanks HackEgo
20:06:08 <int-e> Thanks, HackEgo. ThackEgo.
20:06:11 <APic> `unidecode 🙌
20:06:23 -!- HackEgo has joined.
20:06:25 <APic> wb HackEgo
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21:32:06 <esowiki> [[Grawlix]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=54250&oldid=54126 * DMC * (+106)
21:36:13 <esowiki> [[Bitter]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=54251&oldid=54160 * DMC * (+34)
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22:40:33 <shachaf> `5 w
22:41:33 -!- sprocklem has joined.
22:47:23 <fizzie> Not been very stable lately.
22:47:45 <fizzie> Let's see what's wrong now.
22:48:21 <fizzie> http://ix.io/Qpa <- that's wrong
22:49:28 <fizzie> When it remounts the filesystem as read-only due to errors, HackEgo stops working; I forget exactly why.
22:51:24 <fizzie> I shall "fix" it by restarting, but that thing's really dying.
22:52:16 -!- HackEgo has joined.
22:52:41 <fizzie> `` 5 w # LET'S TRY THAT AGAIN
22:52:56 <HackEgo> 1/1:modal logic//"modal logic" means "the most common logic" (that is, classical logic). \ phrel//Phrel is a swear word rdocscovered in 2018. It refers to a fluid that holds seeds. \ detonation//Detonation is the act of destroying a musical instrument. \ alise//elliott's not hiding over here \ c#//C Pound is Java's good twin.
22:53:22 <fizzie> That wasn't too wise.
23:01:26 -!- HackEgo has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
23:04:15 -!- boily has joined.
23:04:53 <shachaf> fizzie: tdnh
23:06:15 -!- laerling has quit (Quit: Leaving).
23:08:55 <boily> @metar CYUL
23:08:56 <lambdabot> CYUL 272300Z 21009KT 15SM FEW090 BKN120 06/M02 A3002 RMK AC2AS5 SLP169
23:09:02 <boily> warm warm warm ^^♪
23:09:20 <shachaf> @metar KOAK
23:09:21 <lambdabot> KOAK 272253Z 21008KT 10SM FEW200 13/M03 A3004 RMK AO2 SLP173 T01281033
23:09:54 -!- augur has joined.
23:14:24 -!- augur has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
23:15:12 <fizzie> @metar EGLL
23:15:12 <lambdabot> EGLL 272250Z AUTO 01004KT 350V050 9999 NCD M04/M07 Q1020 NOSIG
23:15:17 <fizzie> BEAST FROM THE EAST
23:15:26 <fizzie> Followed by the PEST FROM THE WEST.
23:16:35 -!- HackEgo has joined.
23:16:45 <fizzie> Not sure how long that'll survive.
23:17:14 <shachaf> `dowg modal logic
23:17:21 <fizzie> ((It didn't fail to IO error this time, it failed to "INFO: task multibot:939 blocked for more than 120 seconds", and then the autorejoin didn't work.)
23:17:23 <HackEgo> 8486:2016-06-16 <shachäf> le/rn modal logic/"modal logic" means "the most common logic" (that is, classical logic).
23:17:28 <shachaf> what!
23:17:41 -!- augur has joined.
23:22:00 -!- wob_jonas has joined.
23:23:37 <wob_jonas> fizzie: it remounts the file system as read only? do you have the kernel logs? is it logical file system errors, or IO errors of the underlying disk?
23:24:11 <wob_jonas> fizzie: and how many times have this happened within the last two years?
23:24:46 <fizzie> wob_jonas: http://ix.io/Qpa
23:25:15 <fizzie> It's a recent development.
23:25:28 <fizzie> Presumably CaC shunted the instance to a bad host.
23:26:39 <fizzie> (I've no idea what their block device layer is based on.)
23:33:04 <boily> fizziello. does CaC have _any_ good host?
23:33:40 <fizzie> boily: I guess s/bad/worse/
23:42:23 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
23:44:45 <wob_jonas> fizzie: ouch
23:44:58 <wob_jonas> so IO errors
23:57:31 <int-e> not sure about the precise error, but that's what my CaC used to be like all the time... an I/O error leading to a r/o remount a month, later every two weeks
23:58:20 <wob_jonas> ouch
23:58:25 <wob_jonas> that's really bad
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