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07:01:14 <esolangs> [[Pyramid Scheme]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=88088&oldid=81751 * Conor O'Brien * (-1) bugfix #1
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13:23:21 <esolangs> [[Pyramid Scheme]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=88089&oldid=88088 * Corbin * (+249) Not to be confused with that other Pyramid Scheme.
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18:38:35 <nakilon> [[brainfuck]][[ $n = +([0-9]) ]][[bitwise cyclic tag]]
18:38:37 <velik> https://esolangs.org/wiki/Brainfuck https://esolangs.org/wiki/Bitwise_Cyclic_Tag
18:40:46 <nakilon> [[ꙮ]]
18:40:53 <nakilon> \wiki ꙮ
18:40:55 <velik> 1CP=1ICL stands for "1 CodePoint = 1 Instruction, Collaborative Language", and is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. https://esolangs.org/wiki/1CP%3D1ICL
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20:11:26 <riv> What happened with the X + X = N thing?
20:11:30 <riv> being a bijection
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21:14:55 <oerjan> riv: was anything supposed to happen? i thought the idea was pretty clear, each number either has to be in or not, based on which smaller numbers are in, so it's unique and after a few steps of this you can see that it's determined by the form of the number in binary.
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21:16:52 <riv> i didn't get around to solving it myself
21:17:41 <oerjan> well then you still can.
21:18:02 <oerjan> (although you're a bit spoilered, but not completely.)
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21:36:05 <nakilon> how would you call 4 functions in a short way? push to parent, pop from parent, push to child, pop from child
21:38:44 <nakilon> ideally starting with 4 different letters
21:48:00 <fizzie> "up" and "down" for push to parent and pop from parent, "ana" and "kata" for push to child and pop from child. Nah, just kidding.
21:54:24 <nakilon> push pop put get send receive -- for example take any 4 from these and they don't sound intuitive
21:55:48 <nakilon> yield next feed poke...
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22:00:05 <fizzie> "pension" for push to parent, "tax" for pop from parent (because only adults get a pension or pay taxes); "allowance" for push to child and... not sure what the last one should be.
22:01:09 <oerjan> chore?
22:01:32 <fizzie> Yeah, I guess. It's just that the other three are in terms of money.
22:02:00 <fizzie> "salary" / "tax" and "allowance" / "microtransaction", maybe.
22:03:09 <nakilon> pay earn
22:03:19 <nakilon> read write
22:03:35 <earendel> peek poke
22:03:36 <nakilon> tell listen
22:04:11 <nakilon> give take
22:07:11 <nakilon> borrow return
22:13:37 <b_jonas> how about "grounded" for the last one
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22:14:52 <nakilon> catch throw drop pickup hang rip
22:15:58 <b_jonas> produce consume provide require
22:16:01 <nakilon> should be some intuition about which kind of those actions are when moving item and which one when it's going up
22:16:20 <nakilon> *down (missed the word)
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22:16:44 <b_jonas> or perhaps pay fine reward punish
22:17:09 <nakilon> plant harvest
22:18:00 <fizzie> sow reap
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22:21:11 <nakilon> are there no antonyms for "collect"?
22:21:21 <fizzie> "distribute"?
22:22:16 <fizzie> hoard splurge
22:22:35 <fizzie> More programming languages should have a "splurge" function, it's a good word.
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22:30:47 <nakilon> so far "catch throw drop pick" makes the most sense to me -- child is small and communicate with parent by catching and throwing, and then it drops and picks from its own child
22:31:02 <nakilon> *communicates
22:35:18 <keegan> awww
22:35:25 <earendel> borrow return would introduce ownage
22:35:52 <earendel> like rust :p
22:38:09 <fizzie> "eat poop" because that's what the child mostly does for I/O; "feed scoop" because that's what the parent does.
22:38:14 <fizzie> (Disclaimer: I don't have children, but I've had a cat.)
22:38:38 <fizzie> In retrospect I should have added a / between those words.
22:38:47 <earendel> u mix oral with anal phase
22:38:54 <earendel> lol
22:40:10 <nakilon> lol fizzie
22:40:24 <nakilon> pooping threads /child processes
22:40:41 <b_jonas> fizzie: but if the child eats and poops and the parent feeds or scoops the child, then don't both of those imply operations on the child?
22:40:52 <b_jonas> also those are queue operations, not stack
22:41:28 <nakilon> no stack here
22:41:35 <b_jonas> stack would be eat and vomit
22:41:45 <fizzie> Well, feed and cleanup, then.
22:41:46 <b_jonas> queue is eat and poop
22:41:46 <nakilon> omg guys
22:41:54 <earendel> pop push is stack
22:42:09 <earendel> traditionally.
22:42:26 <earendel> and there is fifo
22:43:03 <nakilon> I guess vomiting can be reserved for exceptions
22:43:33 <fizzie> b_jonas: I was interpreting the original spec of "push to parent, pop from parent, push to child, pop from child" to be all about a parent-child interaction, just from a different perspective, that's where the eat/feed and poop/scoop came from.
22:47:16 <nakilon> damn you
22:47:28 <nakilon> now I'll look at all kids as a stacks and queues]
22:47:35 <nakilon> and cats
22:49:58 <b_jonas> nakilon: double-ended queues really
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23:15:56 <nakilon> looks like Ruby has the class Queue https://ruby-doc.org/core-2.5.0/Queue.html with blocking methods that would perfectly simulate what I need as a connector between Threads
23:17:52 <nakilon> parent thread does not even have to track the state of a child thread because that one can call #close on the queue marking it as such that won't produce anymore so parent knows when it's dead
23:19:18 <nakilon> so the only race condition would be the read/write to stdin/stdout -- I have no proof but I suppose the programmer should be able to sync this thing
23:19:43 <nakilon> using these 4 instructions
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