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00:15:04 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Tables]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53238&oldid=53220 * HereToAnnoy * (+85) Spec consistency
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05:08:28 <zzo38> What is the following theorem called: Any category that has more than one object has N+1 or more monads if N is the number of final objects that that category has.
05:14:00 <shachaf> Why would that have a name?
05:14:45 <zzo38> Aren't the theorems supposed to have a name?
05:18:24 <alercah> you could write a paper
05:18:29 <alercah> and then it could be called Theorem 3.4
05:21:37 <zzo38> O, yes, I suppose that is possible. But, such number is local to that document, so the global name will be named by prefixing the document number too, then, I suppose.
05:21:53 <zzo38> But, I didn't write a paper, so none of that is applicable.
05:22:19 <alercah> it's definitely been done
05:22:25 <alercah> "see Theorem 8.4 in [3]"
05:22:42 <shachaf> Is it a theorem or a lemma?
05:41:42 <quintopia> it's probably a lemma.
05:42:59 <alercah> or a series of lemmata for each value of N
05:43:43 <quintopia> nah. not distinct enough to list separately
05:53:35 <zzo38> Now I tried making the implementation of X resource manager in Haskell. I do not have Haskell on this computer, and also have not made any programming in Haskell for some time, so, I don't know if it is correct, or even if it will compile, or if it is good. However, it is: http://sprunge.us/hEbZ
06:09:24 <imode> I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm using fractran as a scripting language for a game.
06:12:50 <imode> it involves moving resources around and wiring up a really stupid simple register machine to my game objects is actually a terribly simple way of managing resources and externally managed flags.
06:20:09 <zzo38> What game is that? Although, I suppose yes it can have a use.
06:22:45 <imode> got a little weird mashup between pokemon, tamagotchi and zelda 1 going right now.
06:23:02 <imode> and it features little creatures that you control that have a few things.
06:23:53 <imode> an element/type, a resource meter, and a single ability. their ability is context sensitive to the area they're in (they move and live on a tile-based grid).
06:24:46 <imode> the gimmick is that you can take care of them and control them. you take care of them by raising them in your "zoo" and you can take a few of them out into a wider world to do different things like scavenge for resources.
06:25:59 <imode> each critter can only contain one type of resource, and that corresponds to the element they are. so water elementals can store water. earth can store earth. plants can store plants/seeds.
06:26:25 <imode> exposing the internal state of them + whatever tiles they're near via registers seems like a good idea.
06:26:29 <imode> that way you can write rules like..
06:27:24 <zzo38> I suppose I understand how you mean now, although I don't know what registers they are.
06:27:42 <imode> Direction: North, Background: Water, BackgroundState: 25, ResourceLevel: 5 -> Background: Ice, BackgroundState: 0
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06:28:31 <imode> that rule reads "if you're facing north, and the tile north of you has a type of water, and the state of that tile is 25 (think water level), and your internal resource level is 5, turn it to ice and set its background state to 0."
06:28:37 <imode> though really it'd be...
06:28:51 <imode> Type: Water, Direction: North, Background: Water, BackgroundState: 25, ResourceLevel: 5 -> Background: Ice, BackgroundState: 0
06:28:59 <imode> or Type: Ice or what have you.
06:29:53 <imode> actually ice would be better. Type1: Cold, Type2: Water -> Result: Ice. all of the symbolic names like water, north, cold, ice, etc. would be mapped to actual numbers.
06:31:59 <zzo38> That isn't quite Fractran, although I can see how such a thing could be done in Fractran, if you add a second rule to restore the state, I suppose (unless you are doing it differently)
06:32:55 <imode> fractran simulates a register machine underneath it. 3/2 is really r1(1) -> r2(1).
06:33:57 <zzo38> Yes, I know that, although if it isn't in lowest terms then it won't work and you will need to add another "trigger" onto it, so that it will work.
06:34:45 <imode> so you could encode that rule via mapping each of the registers like Type, Direction, Background, BackgroundState, ResourceLevel, etc. onto a prime number. when your critter uses his ability, the engine runs through the rule list after setting the registers for things like Type, Direction, etc.
06:37:40 <zzo38> Yes, although still it look it won't work in Fractran unless you then add a "guard", or if Direction:North is given its own prime number, or whatever.
06:37:53 <imode> well, Direction is a register, North is a value.
06:38:38 <imode> so if Direction is register 1, and North is, say, value 1, then the encoding for the state of that register is 2^1.
06:39:07 <zzo38> Yes, I know that.
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07:10:07 <zzo38> Looking from the esolang wiki Fractran article, I found the Stack Overflow code golf. They have the following JavaScript implementation: function(n,p,q,i,c){i=0;while(q=p[i],c=n*q[0],(c%q[1]?++i:(n=c/q[1],i=0))<p.length){};return n;}
07:10:15 <zzo38> This is my shorter version: (n,p,c)=>{while(p.some(([x,y])=>(c=n*x)%y?0:n=c/y));return n}
07:10:36 <zzo38> Can you shorten it any more?
07:11:52 <zzo38> (The function is given two arguments: The first is the input number, and the second is the list of fractions, where each fraction is a list with the numerator and denominator.)
07:16:34 <imode> nope, I'd say that's pretty well reduced.
07:17:46 <zzo38> Maybe they used an older version of JavaScript which does not have the stuff that I have used.
07:18:51 <imode> more than likely. ES5 and ES6 and all that.
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07:37:57 <zzo38> I have shortened it more: (n,p)=>{while(p.some(([x,y])=>n*x%y?0:n=n*x/y));return n}
07:38:08 <imode> zzo38: ah, I see what you mean. if North is 3, South is 1, and I'm checking for South, the rule would match if I'm facing North.
07:38:11 <zzo38> (Writing n*=x/y doesn't work, due to rounding errors.)
07:39:32 <imode> I'm assuming that I could modify that trivially to include a guard that says "only this EXACT quantity."
07:39:43 <imode> that's not hard.
07:39:46 <zzo38> Yes, that is what I mentioned.
07:40:10 <imode> so yeah, not quite fractran but damn close. you could emulate that behavior by setting some more flag registers but I'd rather just add to the syntax. :P
07:41:33 <zzo38> Yes, that is OK.
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07:56:11 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Talk:Fractran]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53239&oldid=21317 * Zzo38 * (+511)
08:15:15 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Talk:Fractran]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53240&oldid=53239 * Zzo38 * (-3)
08:17:21 <zzo38> Even more shortened now: (n,p,f=_=>p.some(([x,y])=>n*x%y?0:n=n*x/y)?f():n)=>f()
08:45:48 <shachaf> But it doesn't have big integer arithmetic.
08:45:54 <shachaf> So presumably it only works for toy programs.
08:56:39 <Cale> .oO(Non-toy FRACTRAN programs...)
09:06:10 <zzo38> Yes, that much is correct.
09:16:45 <zzo38> (Although, the original version also had the same problem.)
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11:35:21 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Esolang:Sandbox]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53241&oldid=53210 * Rdebath * (+1882)
11:36:21 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Feather]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53242&oldid=53236 * Rdebath * (-7) Remove debris from <code> tag
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11:55:41 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Esolang:Sandbox]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53243&oldid=53241 * Rdebath * (+3) Mmmm green screen
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12:23:29 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[BrainCube]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53244&oldid=53123 * Rdebath * (-39) Formatting
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12:32:20 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Super Stack!/superstack.ml]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53245&oldid=34738 * Rdebath * (-23) Formatting
12:47:10 <Slereah> I'm programming the quantom computer on C++
12:47:18 <Slereah> It has been a while since I've dealt with pointers
12:55:27 <Slereah> I don't even remember how to instantiate an array in C++
12:55:36 <Slereah> new State[n] isn't the way!
12:56:53 <Slereah> Does C++ still use malloc, I forget
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13:53:57 <myname> why c++?
13:57:57 <boily> because male models.
13:57:59 <int-e> Slereah: C++ has an abstraction called allocators; the standard one may (and should, really) be using malloc
14:00:18 <int-e> (should, because I think that effort on optimizing variable-sized allocation should be spent on improving malloc.) Shiny: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=glibc-malloc-thread-cache
14:02:11 <int-e> should, also, do prevent silly things like https://www.zerotier.com/blog/2017-05-05-theleak.shtml
14:02:18 <int-e> s/do/to/
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14:17:14 <Slereah> Why not C++*
14:17:38 <Slereah> I'm mostly using it because I want to be able to do arithmetics on quantum states so I need to overload arithmetics and logical operators
14:18:06 <Slereah> Rather than do some awkward Add(State1, State2
14:55:48 <myname> c++ is one of the worst languages i know
14:59:04 <Slereah> it is
14:59:11 <Slereah> But I coded it lots
14:59:16 <Slereah> so it is mostly fine
15:01:24 <boily> @karma c
15:01:24 <lambdabot> c has a karma of 2
15:01:28 <boily> c--
15:01:30 <boily> c--
15:01:49 <int-e> @karma c/c
15:01:49 <lambdabot> c/c has a karma of 1892
15:02:17 <Slereah> How is Karma rated
15:03:05 <int-e> @karma c
15:03:05 <lambdabot> c has a karma of 2
15:03:25 <int-e> @karma- c
15:03:25 <lambdabot> c's karma lowered to 1.
15:03:28 <int-e> @karma- c
15:03:28 <lambdabot> c's karma lowered to 0.
15:03:29 <int-e> :P
15:03:35 <Slereah> Oh no
15:03:37 <Slereah> You monster
15:03:38 <int-e> C++
15:03:41 <int-e> @karma C
15:03:41 <lambdabot> C has a karma of 0
15:03:43 <Slereah> @karma+ c
15:03:43 <lambdabot> c's karma raised to 1.
15:03:46 <Slereah> (I like C)
15:07:39 <int-e> there was a time when C++ lowered the speaker's karma, but I think that hack is gone.
15:08:25 <Slereah> @karma Slereah
15:08:25 <lambdabot> You have a karma of 1
15:08:27 <Slereah> Phew
15:08:57 <boily> @karma int-e
15:08:57 <lambdabot> int-e has a karma of 11
15:09:15 <boily> @karma myname
15:09:15 <lambdabot> myname has a karma of 1
15:09:55 <int-e> @karma blah
15:09:55 <lambdabot> blah has a karma of 31337
15:10:07 <int-e> and then there are stupid people who have nothing better to do than this
15:10:23 <Slereah> Or are they geniuses
15:10:38 <int-e> doubtful
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15:12:36 <boily> @karma boily
15:12:36 <lambdabot> You have a karma of 108
15:12:48 <boily> ah! I'm still at 108 ^^
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17:04:52 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Special:Log/newusers]] create * AAAAAAAA * New user account
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17:08:24 <int-e> AAAAAAAARGH!
17:09:13 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Esolang:Introduce yourself]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53246&oldid=53231 * AAAAAAAA * (+212)
17:18:42 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Popular problem]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=53247&oldid=41270 * AAAAAAAA * (+199)
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18:38:51 <nitin59> anyone tried this ... esolang lovers might like this... -> https://www.nevercompletedgame.com/
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18:47:04 <myname> i don't
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19:13:22 <int-e> way too US centric anyway
19:13:48 <nitin59> that's true...
19:21:54 <int-e> the first maybe 20 were kind of nice, but then it got more and more obscure. I cheated my way to 32 but what's the point.
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19:23:15 <int-e> And even before that, I used google. I didn't recognize 4.6692, for example. I recognized the taxicab number but that wasn't an acceptable answer.
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19:27:18 <Slereah> The hell is question 15
19:27:31 <Slereah> The sequences are missing 4, 2 and 8
19:27:38 <Slereah> But beyond that
19:27:40 <Slereah> Not a clue
19:27:56 <int-e> Slereah: that's your answer right there.
19:28:05 <Slereah> What is
19:28:12 <int-e> 428
19:28:19 <Slereah> Oh, that's what they expect?
19:28:26 <Slereah> I thought I was to find the next in the sequence
19:30:12 <myname> i don't like puzzles that are hard because you don't get told what to do
19:30:29 <Slereah> yeah it's a bit shit
19:30:38 <Slereah> A lot of those questions have plenty of possible answers
19:31:11 <myname> also, zachtronics new game is awesome
19:31:55 <Slereah> One of them is just 1729 = 1^3 + 12^3 = 9^3 + 10^3
19:32:09 <Slereah> The answer is neither taxicab number or Hardy–Ramanujan number
19:32:36 <Slereah> or variations on those
19:34:01 <nitin59> yes the game is not straight forward... it has multiple answers.. even website has one comment about the game... :P
19:34:22 <Slereah> yeah it is not very fun
19:34:37 <Slereah> Like old adventure games where you had to read the mind of the developpers to guess solutions
19:35:09 <Taneb> Is the empty set a Grothendieck universe
19:35:37 <Taneb> Is using that universe equivalent to just saying small sets don't exist
19:36:05 <Slereah> It is vacuously true, yes
19:36:38 <Taneb> And the next smallest universe is the one that I am used to using I think, containing the natural numbers
19:37:01 <Taneb> Or... no
19:37:01 <Slereah> It is just N yeah
19:37:22 <Taneb> Is {{}} a universe?
19:37:32 <shachaf> I like natural numbers
19:37:45 <Slereah> {{}} doesn't contain the power set of {}
19:37:49 <nitin59> these games are no fun if playing alone... if people come and play then it might be some fun.. like the people on /sci/ blog they played together and finished it...
19:38:02 <Taneb> Slereah, you're right
19:38:12 <shachaf> I'm going to decree that game as no fun in the first place
19:38:16 <shachaf> They're bad puzzles
19:38:38 <nitin59> just an FYI the game has almost all answers somewhere on their blog... so don't waste too much time on these puzzles...
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20:15:34 <doesthiswork> myname: opus magnum?
20:15:53 <myname> zeah
20:22:36 <int-e> Slereah: yeah narrowing down the right idea to the expected answer is tiresome
20:24:21 <int-e> myname: hmm, is it like the magnum opus challenge on a hexgrid?
20:28:23 <Slereah> it's like those old timey text adventure game
20:28:31 <Slereah> Where you have to guess the correct verb
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