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00:47:43 <zzo38> One feature I do not intend to implement in TeXnicard is hyphenation, since it should hopefully be unnecessary.
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02:17:46 <esowiki> [[Special:Log/newusers]] create * Fwander * New user account
02:22:59 <esowiki> [[Esolang:Introduce yourself]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71470&oldid=71355 * Fwander * (+303)
03:11:32 <zzo38> LKoen: I don't know about Dominion, although from the instructions on the wiki you linked about Dvorak game, it would seem making templates for Dvorak would nto be so difficult.
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03:37:26 <esowiki> [[AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Turing-completeness proof]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71471&oldid=71411 * YamTokTpaFa * (+65) Program modification: !'s were missing
03:38:01 <esowiki> [[AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Turing-completeness proof]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71472&oldid=71471 * YamTokTpaFa * (+4) /* Assumptions */ noted->commented
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04:12:13 <esowiki> [[User:YamTokTpaFa/sandbox3]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71473&oldid=67040 * YamTokTpaFa * (+432)
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04:24:44 <esowiki> [[User:YamTokTpaFa/sandbox3]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71474&oldid=71473 * YamTokTpaFa * (+415)
04:50:08 <esowiki> [[User:YamTokTpaFa/sandbox3]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71475&oldid=71474 * YamTokTpaFa * (+748)
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04:58:13 <esowiki> [[User:YamTokTpaFa/sandbox3]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71476&oldid=71475 * YamTokTpaFa * (+171) /* Variations */
04:58:38 <esowiki> [[User:YamTokTpaFa/sandbox3]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71477&oldid=71476 * YamTokTpaFa * (-367)
05:01:16 <esowiki> [[User:YamTokTpaFa/sandbox3]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71478&oldid=71477 * YamTokTpaFa * (-2402) moving by copy and paste
05:01:52 <esowiki> [[]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=71479 * YamTokTpaFa * (+2430) Created page with "The '''''' (''Zundoko Kiyoshi'') function, also known as '''''' (''Kiyoshi check'') or '''''' (''Zundoko chec..."
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06:09:00 <zzo38> ;; Enchantment - Aura ;; Enchant permanent ;; When enchanted permanent would become tapped, instead that permanent becomes tapped and ~ gets a new timestamp. ;; Enchanted permanent loses all abilities while tapped.
06:10:30 <esowiki> [[Butterbrain]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=71480 * Fwander * (+8102) Created page with "=ButterBrain= '''ButterBrain''' is an esolang heavily inspired by [[Brainfuck]]. Butterbrain and brainfuck both share the idea of a strip of memory cells that can be looked at..."
06:13:43 <esowiki> [[User:Fwander]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=71481 * Fwander * (+34) Created page with "===Contrbutions=== [[butterbrain]]"
06:15:23 <esowiki> [[Language list]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71482&oldid=71462 * Fwander * (+18) /* B */
06:23:41 <zzo38> What name and mana cost and other changes?
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09:00:48 <esowiki> [[Butterbrain]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71483&oldid=71480 * Voltage2007 * (+6)
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10:39:43 <cpressey> The Jot page gives a method for translating SKI terms to Jot terms but it doesn't seem to say what to do with parentheses.
10:39:58 <cpressey> Or am I missing it?
10:40:50 <rain1> maybe the parens are not part of it
10:40:56 <rain1> just working on the AST directly
10:41:43 <cpressey> http://www.nyu.edu/projects/barker/Iota/ -- scroll down to "Here are the rules for mapping an arbitrary CL program into Jot:"
10:42:04 <cpressey> I fail to see how that translation gives different results for, say, I(SK) and (IS)K
10:42:58 <cpressey> Or is it understood that you translate starting at the deepest nested terms?
10:43:20 <rain1> let me see
10:44:18 <rain1> so SK maps to *[i*i*i*ii][*i*i*ii]
10:44:37 <rain1> and IS maps to *[*ii][*i*i*i*ii]
10:44:58 <cpressey> I think that's Iota; Jot is halfway down the page
10:45:07 <rain1> oh yeah sorry im reading the wrong bit
10:45:26 <rain1> oh and the square brackets aren't a thing
10:45:29 <rain1> that's the mapping
10:46:13 <rain1> so [I(SK)] = 1[I][SK] = 1[I]1[S][K] = 1[I]11111100011100
10:46:40 <rain1> and [(IS)K] = 1[IS][K] = 11[I][S][K] = 11[I]1111100011100
10:47:06 <rain1> so having the 1 is in a different place seems the only difference, for the bracketing
10:55:27 <cpressey> OK, so the translation has to follow the nesting. Thanks.
11:01:22 <cpressey> It's a bit clearer to me if I think of there being an implicit "apply" operator in between A and B in a term like AB.
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11:19:41 <esowiki> [[Talk:Unpseudorandom]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=71484 * IFcoltransG * (+356) Created page with "I just realised: code after a <code>.</code> mightn't be redundant if it's within a loop. Loops that have <code>.</code> in a loop as their last command may be useful. If some..."
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11:28:35 <esowiki> [[Babalang]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71485&oldid=71239 * RocketRace * (+62) Add date and author
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13:37:08 <esowiki> [[Babalang]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71486&oldid=71485 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+0) /* Objects */
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14:54:38 <esowiki> [[User:AnimaLibera]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71487&oldid=66840 * AnimaLibera * (+308) ()Oo0
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17:43:02 <b_jonas> ``` words --pokemon 10
17:43:04 <HackEso> zekrow palon basauroth pet sawsbuck lycanroc decidueye munchkrok deerlia sandoom
17:43:15 <b_jonas> nice
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18:14:42 <zzo38> Do you like to play Pokemon card or Pokemon mahjong?
18:15:59 <zzo38> Maybe you know how to make my Pokemon mahjong rules work for next generation of Pokemon?
18:16:00 <kmc> `coins
18:16:06 <HackEso> sbeescoin advvitcoin 108coin .coin prouplomicoin pureheadcoin hexcoin thcoin divzerofibcoin eloughcoin bagatacoin bam128coin ztracktrobaz,ohmy!coin decastaikcoin 157.6coin worbcoin fmularerowcoin enrokcoin ///coin ernameoncoin
18:16:39 <kmc> `coins
18:16:40 <HackEso> polyncoin eta-julecoin tractcoin gasoitcoin bradolcoin steacoin junxcoin backing-boolcoin mdpcoin braicoin dolcoin nuctcoin verizzocoin barinworscoin rnadermacoin picoin carandahcoin eteneverscoin resorthtcoin restrecoin
18:17:25 <kmc> manic dream pixie coin
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18:18:47 <zzo38> So far I have rules for alternate forms of pokemons up to generation VII; I don't have generation VIII or IX or X yet, and I also don't know if other rules might need updated for that too.
18:19:20 <zzo38> (Note: The rules support playing any number of generations from only one to all of them, which effectively makes later generations optional rules.)
18:20:32 <zzo38> Also someone said they would abandon the numbering scheme of pokemon in future; if they do that then the mahjong game won't work with those generations, since the pokemon numbering scheme is a core part of the game.
18:22:52 <pikhq> kmc: Pretty
18:23:26 <pikhq> zzo38: I think they kinda already have -- since the national dex isn't even a thing anymore
18:23:30 * pikhq sad
18:25:29 <zzo38> O, they already did. Does that mean there are no more numbers for the latest generation? (Which generation is the latest one? I haven't kept track of it)
18:28:40 <pikhq> I don't think they have national dex numbers at all in gen IX, no
18:29:12 <pikhq> Gen VIII didn't have the national dex in the game, but Poke Bank did assign national dex numbers
18:29:31 <pikhq> (also, all the Pokemon were _in_ it, just w/out dex entries)
18:30:17 <zzo38> If, like gen II and later, they have internal numbers the same as the displayed numbers, then you can use those numbers even if they aren't displayed, I suppose, but depending on what they are doing, maybe that won't work.
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18:37:17 <li_> hi fuckers
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18:52:27 <zzo38> My rules for Pokemon mahjong have many features that are not found in the standard Japanese mahjong game, such as the draft, wild cards, double-kind sequences, stones, the possibility to draw the dora indicator, additional irregular hands, etc.
18:53:08 <zzo38> (And, ippatsu does not count for tsumo win.)
19:19:43 <esowiki> [[Talk:Alphabet Stew]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71488&oldid=69988 * DMC * (+93)
19:28:33 <zzo38> The BSD boggle game says 0% if you did not find any words because there aren't any words in the grid.
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20:09:21 <esowiki> [[Calcutape]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71489&oldid=62033 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+13) /* Implementations */
20:09:49 <esowiki> [[Calcutape]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71490&oldid=71489 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+13) /* Implementations */ both dead links
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20:20:58 <esowiki> [[User:PythonshellDebugwindow]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71491&oldid=71464 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+25)
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20:45:30 <zzo38> Which random number generator should I use, ACORN or ISAAC or something else?
20:47:09 <Train> Depends on the use. It if's secure ISAAC, otherwise ACORN.
20:47:29 <pikhq> Depends on what you need it for, really
20:48:05 <esowiki> [[Uack]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=71492 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+1415) Created page with "'''Uack''' is an esolang made by [[User:PythonshellDebugwindow]]. ==Memory model== An arbitrary-length stack. ==Datatypes== Datatypes are function (which always take an inte..."
20:49:36 <esowiki> [[User:PythonshellDebugwindow]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71493&oldid=71491 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+94) /* Languages */
20:50:38 <esowiki> [[User:PythonshellDebugwindow/Sandbox]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71494&oldid=71428 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (-1152) /* 2 */
20:51:16 <Train> zzo38?
20:51:40 <zzo38> Well, I want it to be uniform and have a large period and difficult to predict
20:51:58 <esowiki> [[User:PythonshellDebugwindow/RandomNameGenerator]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71495&oldid=71467 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+430)
20:52:20 <esowiki> [[Language list]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71496&oldid=71482 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+11) /* U */ + [[Uack]]
20:52:53 <Train> ACORN then.
20:53:28 <zzo38> The Wikipedia article about "Pseudorandom number generator" lists the BSI evaulation criteria, of which there are K1, K2, K3, and K4. I care about K1 and K2 and K3, although K4 is less important.
21:23:25 <zzo38> Of course there are many other random generators too.
21:26:06 <esowiki> [[Quark]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=71497&oldid=71445 * Zzo38 * (+23)
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21:33:37 <Slyda1> [07:29.18] <Slyda1> there isnt really AI. It is all based on us, people. It is an Australia Army Simulation
21:33:38 <Slyda1> [07:29.29] <Slyda1> they want and may of simulated war in the 1950's
21:33:38 <Slyda1> [07:29.32] <Slyda1> they want to simulate war
21:33:38 <Slyda1> [07:29.36] <Slyda1> and enslave us all
21:33:38 <Slyda1> [07:30.13] <Slyda1> Jesus Christ was the first one to simulate in 1994 at Lloyd St Enoggera
21:33:39 <Slyda1> [07:30.20] <Slyda1> they want to kill him and simulate war
21:37:35 <Train> zzo38? I have another question about Minsky machines.
21:38:18 <zzo38> Train: OK, what question?
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21:43:11 <Train> Do I have to implement the entire Minsky machine in TrainCode or can I make a python program to evaluate Minsky instructions and turn them into TrainCode?
21:45:42 <zzo38> You can use a Python program to convert Minsky instructions into a TrainCode program, although the calculation that the Minsky program performs will need to be performed by the equivalent TrainCode program.
21:45:54 <zzo38> (I don't know if I am being clearly enough, though.)
21:46:56 <Train> So can the python program decide on the decrement parts and do the flow control, or does the TrainCode need to do flow control??
21:47:40 <zzo38> The Python program can convert the Minsky flow control into the TrainCode flow control.
21:49:10 <Slyda1> 1994 the simulation, my IP ends in 194
21:49:17 <Slyda1> 1996 the matrix concept
21:50:09 <zzo38> (i.e. The Python program, when it finds a decrement command in the Minsky program, would add a n command into the TrainCode program, and then add mirrors and stuff in order to direct the flow control to the target command in the TrainCode program corresponding to that point in the Minsky program, which the Python program would keep track of.)
21:50:13 <Slyda1> Lloyd St Enoggera was where the first simulation happened
21:50:31 <Slyda1> and coding is supposed to be like this... here's a coding language name for you... Leptorans
21:50:41 <Slyda1> Tradesta
21:50:44 <Slyda1> Trad-esta
21:51:01 <Slyda1> not python, windows, angular, react... its just rape
21:51:09 <Train> thanks zzo38, so I can't have flow control in the python program.
21:51:14 <Train> this will be difficult
21:51:19 <Train> fun!
21:51:33 <Slyda1> Yetoasda
21:51:39 <Slyda1> how could would that be
21:51:45 <Slyda1> Yetoasda coding language
21:52:03 <Slyda1> but you use react, angular, javascript... and java probably was something
21:52:05 <Slyda1> its the americans
21:52:11 <Slyda1> start your own coding language
21:52:26 <Slyda1> java... what was the image with that?
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21:59:44 <Train> Gudday.
22:00:06 <Slyda1> is that how they talk!
22:00:13 <Slyda1> you are finding out
22:00:26 <Slyda1> but you need to know
22:00:34 <Slyda1> ONLY Jesus Christ can do this
22:00:39 <Slyda1> or a King
22:00:44 <Slyda1> or THE king
22:01:10 <Slyda1> have a look at the crows
22:01:10 <Train> Are you a bot?
22:01:15 <Slyda1> no such thing
22:01:20 <Slyda1> you think they are bots
22:01:24 <Slyda1> they are simulated PEOPLE
22:01:31 <Slyda1> who go through hell
22:01:33 <zzo38> Slyda1: Well, I do not understand what a lot of what you mean anyways. But there is not the king in England so far, just the queen. And, Jesus Christ is dead since a long time ago.
22:01:41 <Slyda1> wonder why the internet is getting worse? bots you say
22:01:45 <Slyda1> they are simulated PEOPLE
22:01:51 <zzo38> (There was the king in the past, but now it is queen)
22:02:03 <Slyda1> zzo38 you WILL find out!
22:02:37 <Slyda1> Englands old king died because they changed the bible because the royals had the saints and they could
22:03:01 <Slyda1> edinburgh - garden of eden - phillip - lipton tea
22:03:13 <Train> zzo38, it's either a bot or a spammer.
22:03:16 <zzo38> The reason internet is getting worse is due to many things, including stupid people, idiotic people, and love of money.
22:03:39 <Slyda1> dont say there are bots! wait, if you do, you would be american, and you need to realise, in america, you are owned by the TV and food
22:03:46 <Train> It displays behavior much like GPT-2
22:03:50 <Slyda1> TV system america
22:03:57 <Slyda1> americans are TVs
22:04:29 <Slyda1> Look at the dates
22:04:30 <Slyda1> 2020
22:04:32 <Slyda1> 2021
22:04:34 <Slyda1> 2022
22:04:36 <Slyda1> 2023
22:04:38 <Slyda1> 2024
22:04:43 <Slyda1> they have big meanings
22:04:45 <Slyda1> and are defined
22:05:17 <Slyda1> zzo38
22:05:20 <Slyda1> are you being simulated?
22:05:23 <Slyda1> what's that like?
22:05:26 <Slyda1> it must suck!
22:05:32 <Slyda1> but you just think its bad
22:05:35 <Slyda1> try to be dirty then
22:05:35 <FireFly> o.o what's happening here
22:05:41 <Slyda1> keep your clothes dirty
22:05:46 <Train> It's either a bot or a spammer.
22:05:49 <Train> Just ignore it.
22:06:01 <Slyda1> if you are being simulated, be dirty then
22:06:04 <Slyda1> get dirt on you
22:06:12 <Slyda1> keep your hair not brushed and dirty
22:06:18 <Slyda1> dont keep clean
22:06:31 <Slyda1> keep things in your house as you are or want to be
22:06:43 <Slyda1> not as you see it should be
22:06:53 <pikhq> あたし分からぬわ
22:08:12 <Train> I think you broke it with the non-ASCII chars.
22:08:48 <Slyda1> do you know cars drive in simulated packets?
22:09:03 <Slyda1> ever notice?
22:10:37 <Slyda1> Get a gun. Get your computer. A real smart one. Re-visit code, similar words, if you see the word repeated twice like _get_ *get*... revisit it then type something predatory.... Australia Army have no skill are robots radio controlled because of what they did to the messiah
22:10:52 <Slyda1> go to an army base with your computer
22:10:58 <Slyda1> there is one in brisbane city
22:11:03 <Slyda1> have a look on the walls
22:11:08 <Slyda1> they are driving outside now
22:11:19 <Train> If any moderators are listening, please stop the spammer.
22:11:48 <Slyda1> say you are interested in what they do there
22:11:56 <Slyda1> then look at the pictures
22:12:01 <Slyda1> they will tell you something about it
22:12:08 <Slyda1> then have a look at your computer
22:12:12 <Slyda1> bring a coding book
22:12:13 <Slyda1> node.js
22:12:27 <Slyda1> write some things down
22:12:31 <Slyda1> have a look at a codex
22:12:39 <Slyda1> or similar code
22:12:42 <Slyda1> look at your code
22:12:50 <Slyda1> then _program_ your code
22:12:55 <Slyda1> be a programmer
22:12:58 <Slyda1> not just a coder
22:13:07 <pikhq> ops: ping
22:13:17 <Slyda1> program your code
22:13:20 <Slyda1> revisit your code
22:13:31 <Slyda1> highlight the code that strikes twice or four times
22:13:41 <Slyda1> that is all
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22:14:25 <fizzie> See, no need for any intervention.
22:14:38 <Train> It just doubled the size of today's log files.
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22:15:22 <fizzie> I was off looking up the chanserv quiet syntax again. But it usually just gets people angry and avoiding and real noisy.
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22:32:50 <Train> zzo38... I think there might be an easier way to prove that TrainCode is TC.
22:34:59 -!- tromp has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
22:44:37 <Train> I can just prove that every brainfuck instruction has a series of TrainCode equations.
22:44:42 <Train> That match it.
22:46:22 <pikhq> That is a way to do it, at least
22:46:35 <Train> It proves TC is TC.
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