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00:17:04 <user3456> I tried reading the docs and couldn't get it to work :/
00:18:05 <Arcorann_> https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Templates <-- this?
00:19:29 <Arcorann_> https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Extension:ParserFunctions <-- forgot, read this as well
00:19:33 <user3456> oh
00:20:36 <Arcorann_> I was thinking of the #if function, forgot that it was a parser function
00:20:41 <Arcorann_> Well, it's not that important
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00:33:25 <user3456> I give up
00:34:04 <user3456> btw fizzie you can delete the non CC0 image of the trash can
00:38:28 <zzo38> I think that if you have a good justification to believe it, "Not much is known about this user, but from what can be seen from the esowiki irc bot this person is nothing more than a furry themed spambot" may be OK; if it is wrong, they can change it by themself, I think.
00:40:38 <int-e> @metar lowi
00:40:38 <lambdabot> LOWI 130020Z AUTO 18002KT 9999 FEW007 SCT010 BKN030 05/04 Q1016
00:46:41 <zzo38> But, yes, delete the non CC0 image of a trash can. If the image is used somewhere significantly, add a public domain one if you have one, I suppose
00:48:47 <esowiki> [[Special:Log/delete]] delete * Fizzie * deleted "[[File:Ambox delete.png]]": Deleted old revision 20201012234513!Ambox_delete.png: Accidental upload of a non-CC0 image
03:53:30 <shachaf> Why does x86 have both "xchg r/m64, r64" and "xchg r64, r/m64" encodings?
03:54:17 <shachaf> Oh, wait, it doesn't.
03:54:48 <shachaf> Or rather they're both listed but they have the same encoding.
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06:12:12 <esowiki> [[Husk]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77966&oldid=69990 * Razetime * (+683)
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07:46:26 <esowiki> [[HTPL]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=77967 * ThisIsTheFoxe * (+2727) Proposal for a Hypertext Programming Language (HTPL)
07:48:10 <esowiki> [[HTPL]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77968&oldid=77967 * ThisIsTheFoxe * (+15)
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08:08:48 <esowiki> [[HTPF]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=77971 * ThisIsTheFoxe * (+1708) Proposal for another Brainfuck equivalent
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08:45:47 <esowiki> [[Sabdt]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77977&oldid=77976 * Aspwil * (+25) /* Brainfuck Interpreter */
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13:55:31 <esowiki> [[Special:Log/newusers]] create * RedstoneDave * New user account
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14:40:18 <cpressey> I'm extremely confused.
14:42:27 <Taneb> You're in the right channel for that
15:08:14 <cpressey> It's not the being confused that's so unpleasant, it's the feeling stupid because of it.
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15:18:20 <rain1> I know that feeling
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16:28:22 <spruit11> Be smart, stay dumb.
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17:42:30 <esowiki> [[Talk:Stax]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77979&oldid=76780 * Cameron * (+297) /* Programs I've made with it */ Updated multiplying code, I was so dumb when I made the first one.
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18:53:54 <arseniiv> hey do you know what precise relation is between the Fibonacci-base numbering and the golden ratio base?
18:54:57 <arseniiv> they seem to be related and at first I thought they are two different kinds of Ostrowsky numeration for the same number (φ) but the golden base doesn’t seem to be
18:55:51 <arseniiv> I’d be very glad for a treatise on mixed non-integer base numerations
18:59:37 <arseniiv> golden is not(?) a generic non-integer base due to the rule “prefer 100 to 011 and so on” and I can for example come up with a similar silver base system (for χ := √2 − 1) where the rule is “prefer 100 to 021”, and it’s also related to the “Pell base” analogous to Fibonacci base and being a kind of Ostrowsky system again, unlike(?) that silver system
19:01:29 <arseniiv> I want to make sense of the full generality, what can I do and what mixed non-integer bases are able to make unique representations of numbers by adding such linear rules, and how they connect to continued fractions (golden and silver seem to connect)
19:03:25 <arseniiv> ah, not only unique representation but also monotonicity: in silver base, 1 → 10 → 11 → 20 → 100 → 101 → 110 → 111 → 120 → 200 → 201 → 1000 → … is an ascending sequence
19:04:06 <arseniiv> if one picks 021 over 100 and so on, that sequence would not be monotone
19:04:42 <arseniiv> it should be a part of some theory but I’m yet to stumble where to read on it
19:06:17 <arseniiv> btw that the last digit in the sequence doesn’t go up to 2 is analogous to Ostrowsky systems too. There it’s allowed to take one less value than for all other digit positions
19:07:58 <arseniiv> (though that’s not the case for the golden system?.. but both Fibonacci and Pell comply)
19:08:23 <arseniiv> thank you if you know something about all this
19:13:06 <arseniiv> btw you can read about that two Ostrowsky things in Andrew Mansfield Rockett, Peter Szüsz “Continued fractions”, in II.4
19:13:46 <arseniiv> en.wiki article misfused me a lot
19:18:18 <arseniiv> I thought about all that in application to timbre design: harmonics at what ratios to the fundamental can a timbre have to have useful properties, e. g. being sufficiently like “harmonic timbre” ℕ. For example we want for our timbre to not clash with itself when multiplied by φ like harmonic one would, and we want something less boring and spacey than {1, φ, φ², …}
19:19:48 <arseniiv> then I took a golden system and it adviced me to add 1 and φ − 1 consecutively to fill the blanks
19:25:15 <arseniiv> (though now I think it would be better to use 1 and φ and consider an interval between 1 and φ irrelevant). In the same vein one may use a “snake” of adding 2(√2 − 1) and 2 − √2 to √2 to make a timbre which endures multiplication by √2 and is again “not sparse”
19:25:26 <arseniiv> )
19:25:49 <arseniiv> ow I didn’t need to close that
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19:34:01 <b_jonas> two things I hate about clothing and shoes and suchlike is (1) the shops where I buy them suck, and they're in shopping malls that are even worse; (2) the models get replaced too quickly, but they have unpredictable quality and lifetime, so by the time any product is proven to be long-lasting and good, it's too late to buy another copy
19:44:16 <arseniiv> b_jonas: agree
19:45:26 <b_jonas> oh crap
19:45:47 <b_jonas> and one of the jeans that I bought is wrong
19:45:59 <arseniiv> :(
19:46:12 <b_jonas> I might try to return this one since it's unused
19:46:23 <b_jonas> and this store has a return policy
19:48:10 <b_jonas> no darn it
19:48:12 <b_jonas> I just labelled it
19:48:19 <b_jonas> I probably can't return
19:48:24 <arseniiv> dislabelled?
19:48:35 <b_jonas> no, labeled
19:48:55 <b_jonas> as in, I decided I'll at least try to figure out which jeans last longer
19:49:06 <b_jonas> but for that I have to mark them when I bought them so I can identify them
19:49:16 <arseniiv> aah
19:49:42 <b_jonas> so I wrote on its sewn-in washing label in pen, because that's semi-permanent, as in survives a few washing cycles before it fades enough that I have to rewrite it
19:49:52 <b_jonas> and then I noticed that this one has no belt loops
19:50:30 <b_jonas> for more elegant trousers I do check that, because they sometimes come with belt loops for narrow belts only, and I don't wear narrow belts
19:50:47 <arseniiv> don’t worry maybe they’ll accept it back anyway?
19:51:07 <arseniiv> night
19:51:08 <b_jonas> but this is a cheap C&A jeans, and I'm tired, so I didn't think it would have that problem
19:51:12 <b_jonas> dunno, I'll figure that out later
19:51:22 <b_jonas> it
19:51:27 <b_jonas> 's too late for that nonsense today
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19:58:02 <esowiki> [[!@$%^&*()+/Algorithms]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77980&oldid=77894 * SunnyMoon * (+113) Parity
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23:02:03 <fizzie> Can't make heads or tails out of this IPv6 issue. It works on the ISP's supplied router. I've snooped on all outgoing traffic from it (by putting a bridge in-between), and there isn't really much that's different, other than of course the MAC addresses.
23:05:22 <zzo38> I think some routers have MAC address cloning, in case the problem is the MAC addresses
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23:09:32 <b_jonas> fizzie: and you have checked if that router has settings that reveal something?
23:09:39 <b_jonas> as in, settings that you as the end user can configure?
23:11:54 <b_jonas> also isn't some of that traffic encrypted so you can't snoop it with a passive bridg?E?
23:13:22 <esowiki> [[Turing machine]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77981&oldid=77930 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (-1) Undo revision 77930 by [[Special:Contributions/OsmineYT|OsmineYT]] ([[User talk:OsmineYT|talk]]) (correct grammar)
23:19:31 <b_jonas> I apparently do get ipv6 connectivity from home, with an address that the computer autoconfigs with the ISP's local modem-router
23:24:08 <b_jonas> which, by the way, doesn't get NATed, so I guess that means you can directly connect to some of the listening services on my computer, without having to access the local wifi
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23:26:08 <b_jonas> ssh in particular
23:27:51 <fizzie> Depends on what "that traffic" means, plain IPv6 neighbor discovery and DHCPv6 isn't encrypted in any way.
23:29:07 <b_jonas> fizzie: that isn't, sure, but I wonder if the router has to do authenticate that you're the specific user that pays for the internet service, of if the distant router knows that automatically from which cable the data is coming from
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23:30:23 <fizzie> As far as I know, it should Just Work, and it always has so far. The ISP's (official) attitude towards third-party routers is that they'll provide only very limited support, but they're not going to intentionally break them.
23:30:57 <b_jonas> right. so I just keep their modem+router, even if I may put my own router behind them
23:31:40 <fizzie> I think there's probably something particularly fundamentally wrong, because I don't even get a response for the ICMPv6 neighbor discovery on the link-local addresses, even though the messages are pretty much identical.
23:32:13 <b_jonas> in this case, I don't (yet) have a router behind it, and most of the time I only have one computer behind it so far, the one desktop computer, with occasional guest devices connected through wifi, but in my parent's house there was a system of like a router or two and four switches including two wifi or somesuch
23:33:34 <fizzie> (Also managed to catch the ISP's router doing a firmware update immediately when I plugged it in, which I guess I should've expected.)
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23:34:15 <b_jonas> cables pulled to two additional rooms through the attic, plus to a neighbor, and the modem and most of the devices were in the room that my parents used them, where my father often had like six desktop computers connected for reasons of his work. I don't know how it changed these days, but of course there are much more smartphones.
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23:58:01 <b_jonas> I should probably get one of these dynamic dns services so that I can host silly stuff on my home desktop towards the internet. presumably one that does both ipv4 and ipv6, since the isp gives me connectivity through both.
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