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15:33:27 <arseniiv> can one joke and laugh naturally and daily but still have a mild depression? I can’t understand if I have enough drive to do things, and stupid people bickering makes me sad to a degree I lose interest in good things. But maybe not as much, dunno
15:36:53 <arseniiv> not sad per se, but maybe just makes me metaphorically sick?..
15:55:52 <arseniiv> (I’m afraid that if I really have some disbalance at this front, come I to a specialist, they wouldn’t prescribe me anything, as I heard here they aren’t aware that light cases do exist in great numbers and should be treated, and I don’t want going through specialists until something finally clicks, as I simply wouldn’t afford that)
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18:09:26 <kmc> i don't think antidepressants should be a first-line response in such cases, anyway
18:09:49 <kmc> they are not very effective by the numbers, and have serious side effects, cause physical dependence / addiction, and once you're on them you are de facto expected to take them for life
18:10:57 <kmc> but they're very popular as a quick band-aid sort of "fix" to problems that may be more psychological or social than chemical in nature
18:11:19 <kmc> not to say that they aren't helpful to some
18:13:48 <kmc> there are lots of adjustments you could make to your daily routine such as sleep habits, exercise, a meditation practice, change of scenery in various sorts that may increase your motivation and make you less put off by other people's bickering
18:15:30 <kmc> you could also talk it through in more detail with a therapist, who will have lots more and more specific suggestions on how to adjust your perspective
18:19:50 <kmc> i also find that the occasional trip with magic mushrooms or other psychedelic of choice is great to clear the cobwebs from the mind and rekindle an interest in things
18:20:07 <kmc> but it's definitely not for everyone
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19:31:29 <arseniiv> hehe
19:32:07 <arseniiv> kmc: thanks for kind advice :)
19:34:31 <kmc> arseniiv: you're welcome, and good luck :)
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22:26:34 <rain1> TAS now
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