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05:09:37 <Lykaina> is "Y00 I01 O00 >00 <00 <01 J00 000 " esoteric enough for a "cat" program?
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08:40:04 <riv> hey
08:40:06 <riv> 4d
08:40:14 <riv> Lykaina: yes
08:58:19 <riv> we live in such an incredibly low dimension
09:04:31 <riv> http://www.os2fan2.com/glossn/maths.pdf polytope math
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09:59:00 <riv> btw
09:59:02 <riv> for the design of dice
09:59:15 <riv> i want to have 'numbers' expressed in some way, but it should require equal mass
09:59:35 <riv> like with pips, the 1 pip needs to have area A, but the 6 pips would need to have area A/6 each
09:59:46 <riv> alternatively you could use numerals, and scale them to have the same aera
10:00:03 <riv> is there another approach to equal mass number numbering?
10:02:15 <riv> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhombic_dodecahedron#Bilinski_dodecahedron wow there is 2 rhombic dodecahedrons
10:04:51 <riv> it has 12 sides so it can be used as a calendar
10:05:09 <riv> maybe you can use equal weight astrological symbols
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11:22:09 <fizzie> If you have two paints of the same density, put 6 pips on all sides and use the number of pips of one color to denote the value. (Has some a11y drawbacks though.)
11:25:54 <fizzie> Or you could pick two symbols that have "naturally" equal mass (let's say - and |) to denote 0 and 1 respectively, and just use the same amount of bits on each side to designate the value. May require an additional marker to show which direction is "up", but the marker would be the same on all sides too.
11:27:52 <riv> - and | wont work, becaue of rotation
11:28:01 <riv> oh yeah if you have an up marker..
11:31:31 <riv> maybe you could use partitions of n dots
11:31:43 <riv> always have n dots, but the grouping will be used to differentiate
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11:36:43 <fizzie> Or you could have (on each side) always N dots and one box, and the value of the side would be indicated by the number of dots that are inside the box. Or outside, if you prefer.
11:41:29 <riv> ahhh that is a great idea
11:41:37 <riv> in fact we could have 2 symbols of equal mass
11:41:45 <riv> and always have N of them, perfect solution
11:42:18 <fizzie> Doing the thing with bits gets you there with log2(N) symbols. ;)
11:44:17 <fizzie> Another possibility: have two imaginary (not drawn) circles, an inner one and an outer one, and put k dots on the inner one and N-k on the other. You could easily make this one symmetric as well (if that's a concern), though you might want to put N+2-k dots on the outer ring so that there's always at least 2. (The inner one can degrade into a centered dot in the k=1 case.)
11:46:57 <riv> oh that's quite elegant
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20:16:04 <Melvar> riv: IIUC casino dice where they actually really care about exact fairness are made by making depressions in the body and filling it up with the same resin with a different dye in order to get a complete cube of uniform mass.
20:16:30 <Melvar> *uniform density.
21:12:52 <oren> What is the best pair of terms for removing and adding elements from/to the start of an array
21:14:01 <fizzie> shift/unshift, because that's what Perl calls it.
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22:40:53 <Melvar> uncons/cons?
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23:32:27 <zzo38> I have some comments about rules ais523 wrote to make up some card game.
23:32:42 <b_jonas> oren: push_front and pop_front
23:32:51 <b_jonas> but shift and unshift works too
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23:33:37 <zzo38> One thing is it says that the reserves become regulars ifthe regulars run out, but does not define very precisely its working.
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23:39:18 <zzo38> It also says "Immediately after each set of manoeuvres, any cards in play with a current health of 0 or less become spent." (Presumably, this is a state-based effect.) Maybe this rule should not apply to tactics other than the last one.
23:39:25 <fizzie> Or: `sniff` to remove an element, `snort` to add one.
23:39:43 <fizzie> Or the other way around, depending on where the nose is.
23:43:48 <zzo38> About reconnaissance overspill, one idea (but I don't know if maybe it is too strong) is that the number of overspill is how many top regular cards you can examine, and then put them back in the order of your choice (if you have only one overspill, then you cannot adjust their order). If that is too strong then maybe disallow adjusting their order, but maybe that still isn't weak enough.
23:48:17 <zzo38> Also, the name and version together could be called the "key".
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