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02:55:00 <zzo38> They say that last strike (in Magic: the Gathering) is a "flavorful downside". However, there are actually many ways to use it to your advantage (even if first strike and last strike together do not make it strike twice; I do not like the way the existing rule works and I suppose neither does Gottlieb). It isn't purely a downside; it depends on the situation. Even first strike is a downside in some situations too.
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10:14:49 <int-e> b_jonas: Well, this was a fun exercise: Start from a shape source like https://int-e.eu/~bf3/tmp/shapez-monster-source.png (saturating 4 inputs), turn it into uniform shapes https://int-e.eu/~bf3/tmp/shapez-monster-target.png (saturating 4 outputs if downstream allows)
10:16:28 * int-e wonders what people would call this (my tentative name is "harvester")
10:27:56 <int-e> Hah, copying that beast will cost me 12k glue.
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10:41:21 <int-e> (What I have is actually fairly compact (I think)... but you need 8 four-way cutters and 96 stackers and they have to go somewhere :P https://int-e.eu/~bf3/tmp/shapez-monster-footprint.png )
10:43:02 <int-e> I mean 16 cutters, woops.
11:06:51 <esolangs> [[H - Q -]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101466&oldid=99077 * Leomok2009 * (+1)
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15:33:45 <esolangs> [[Eso2D]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101468&oldid=100963 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+1246) /* Example programs */ 99 bottles of beer
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18:30:19 <zzo38> I had started to write a change file for patching SQLite to not use Unicode, and to make some other changes which I think are important but that they will not make, but in some cases changes cannot be made in a way that has future compatibility (such as adding new fields into VFS and virtual table structures).
18:30:48 <zzo38> I wrote a file with the first line and hashes of the blocks to be changed, and then a program can be written which will check that the hash matches; if they do not then it will be an error.
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18:32:53 <zzo38> This is similar to the "not-forking" that LumoSQL is doing, but that one doesn't check for hashes of individual blocks of code before replacing them.
18:37:01 <companion_cube> why is removing unicode from sqlite important?
18:38:31 <zzo38> Because I want to use non-Unicode text in SQLite.
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18:39:56 <zzo38> Anyways that is not the only thing to be changed; there are a few other things that I might be able to fix, without modifying the parser or any versioned structures.
18:41:04 <zzo38> Another thing that cannot be changed is any bit masks, since in future official versions they might add conflicting bit masks.
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19:04:12 <zzo38> Non-Unicode should also make it run faster, I should hope, too. However, that will require changing more things, to remove code that is no longer needed, unless the compiler will automatically optimize it but I do not know if it will.
19:08:12 <zzo38> They want to use Unicode for everything, but Unicode is no good.
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19:16:45 <companion_cube> What kind of non Unicode text do you use? the mainframe thing?
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19:21:22 <zzo38> Do you mean EBCDIC? No, but I do want LENGTH, collations, etc to work properly with non-Unicode text, including PC, ISO-8859-1, EUC-JP, and whatever else it might be (including encodings not currently known).
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19:25:59 <companion_cube> It's been a long time, is ISO-8859-1 latin-1 ?
19:26:55 <zzo38> Yes.
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19:28:44 <companion_cube> No offense but I think that fight has been lost for 10 years
19:29:39 <zzo38> Additionally, I will try to make the exposure of use of SQLite record format including usable inside of other data
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19:32:26 <zzo38> I will continue to use non-Unicode anyways. Unicode-only string types leads to bugs anyways for one thing, assuming something is Unicode text even though it is not necessarily text in any encoding, ignoring the locale and assuming that it is Unicode even though it isn't, displaying text that seems OK but it isn't, Han unification, ambiguous widths, assuming that a "character" is the same as a "code point", etc.
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19:33:24 <zzo38> My "Free Hero Mesh" game engine also exclusively uses non-Unicode. Currently only single-byte encodings are implemented but in future I will intend that multi-byte encodings may also be implemented (e.g. EUC-JP).
19:33:43 <companion_cube> Well, if you look at rust, str is always utf8, not just assumed to be
19:34:09 <zzo38> Yes, and that is a problem, it leads to misuse of those data types.
19:34:15 <companion_cube> I think the distinction between text and raw bytes is clear enough
19:34:22 <companion_cube> Nah, it's only for text
19:34:26 <zzo38> File names and environment variables are not necessarily UTF-8, although some programs assume that they are.
19:35:31 <companion_cube> Sure, programming languages should handle that better
19:35:38 <companion_cube> It's on them, not on unicode
19:35:51 <companion_cube> (eg OsStr in rust does that well)
19:36:51 <zzo38> Yes, but some modern programming language fail to make considerations like that. This is also true of libraries, protocols (including D-bus), etc; not only the programming language itself.
19:38:08 <companion_cube> Right
19:38:34 <companion_cube> I think locales are worse though, you don't even have a unified string type beyond "byte array"
19:39:26 <zzo38> And then, there is problem of string literals, too (in some programming languages; others are good, though).
19:40:05 <zzo38> Not having a unified string type beyond "byte array" would be an advantage in my opinion, though.
19:42:58 <zzo38> Maybe I will also need to invent International Components for Non-Unicode. It should include the capability to use many encodings which cannot be converted to/from Unicode too, including TRON encoding, and others.
19:43:33 <zzo38> (Although, it is intention that it can deal with any encoding including Unicode, but does not use Unicode for anything other than dealing with directly Unicode text.)
19:43:53 <zzo38> (So, maybe the name is not quite accurate, but it is almost accurate)
19:44:37 <esolangs> [[BunnyBell]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101474&oldid=101465 * PixelatedStarfish * (+36) /* Proof of Turing Completeness */
19:44:45 <companion_cube> How do you deal with text literals in a project where people have various locales?
19:47:53 <zzo38> It depends on the specific project. In some cases, putting non-ASCII text in separate files will be better, I think.
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19:55:34 <esolangs> [[BunnyBell]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101475&oldid=101474 * PixelatedStarfish * (+76) /* Proof by Translation to bf */
20:04:50 <esolangs> [[BunnyBell]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101476&oldid=101475 * PixelatedStarfish * (+76) /* Proof by Translation to bf */
20:08:03 <esolangs> [[BunnyBell]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101477&oldid=101476 * PixelatedStarfish * (+59) /* General Palettes */
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20:31:43 <zzo38> Does any UNIX shell have a command to create a unnamed temporary file and then returns the file path in /proc to that file (which will then automatically be deleted once the process terminates or the file descriptor is closed, since there are no other references to it)?
20:38:58 <sprout> isn't that what /tmp is for?
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20:49:44 <companion_cube> Can you even have nameless files on Linux?
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20:57:39 <JAA> Yes, open(2) with O_TMPFILE will create an unnamed inode.
20:59:05 <JAA> (But it has to be in a named directory.)
20:59:45 <zzo38> Yes, but I think bash does not have that capability, as far as I know?
21:00:10 <companion_cube> Fascinating JAA, til
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21:11:11 <JAA> zzo38: Yeah, I'm not sure there's a reasonable real use case for something like that. If the shell process is the only one that has access to the file (via the open FD), it can't pass the file to any subprocess. The only thing it could do with it is read/write from it directly, including redirections to a subprocess's stdin and stuff like that. But there are other ways to do that, so I'd be surprised if any
21:11:17 <JAA> shell out there supported it.
21:20:58 <zzo38> It can pass the name of the file in /proc to another process though, I would expect. (Of course the other process must have permission to read that directory, though)
21:31:57 <esolangs> [[Delambda]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101478&oldid=101467 * Shadow Kestrel * (+1612) file IO and part of basic canvas
21:35:01 <JAA> Yeah, that's possible, but I don't see why any shell would implement it.
21:35:27 <JAA> You could surely write your own shell with a mktemp builtin that does that though.
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22:56:53 <esolangs> [[G arD^EN CorUtY@rD]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101480&oldid=101479 * BoundedBeans * (+4)
22:57:15 <esolangs> [[G arD^EN CorUtY@rD]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101481&oldid=101480 * BoundedBeans * (+1)
22:58:29 <esolangs> [[Language list]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101482&oldid=101473 * BoundedBeans * (+44)
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23:01:47 <esolangs> [[User:BoundedBeans]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=101484&oldid=101225 * BoundedBeans * (-13)
23:36:05 <esolangs> [[99 bottles of pain]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=101485 * BoundedBeans * (+9912) Created page with "99 bottles of pain is an esoteric programming language by [[User:BoundedBeans]] with the syntax based around the output of a common programming problem. To start, each verse..."
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