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03:32:29 <b_jonas> The longitude problem was a bootstrapping problem in the 17th and 18th centuries. European powers wanted to build colonies in the lands at southern longitudes. For that, they needed their ships to reliably navigate in the southern seas. For that they needed accurate mechanical watches. But to build mechanical watches, you need both normal screws and mirrored screws threaded so they tighten left. But you
03:32:35 <b_jonas> could only manufacture mirrored screws in the southern longitudes due to the Coriolis effect. Eventually Christian Huygens solved this using the moons of Jupiter, since we can see both hemispheres of Jupiter from Earth using telescopes, and telescopes can be built with screws cut in just one direction.
03:32:48 <b_jonas> Now my question is, how to explain the essence of this briefly enough to fit a wisdom?
03:44:17 <int-e> shachaf: oh no: https://int-e.eu/~bf3/tmp/bonfire-witless.png
03:56:58 <shachaf> int-e: Uh oh, did you get the full game?
03:57:06 <shachaf> I haven't played since last time we talked about it.
04:01:36 <int-e> I may have gotten it
05:26:56 <int-e> So it turns out that this area https://int-e.eu/~bf3/tmp/space.jpg has three bonfires in it, but little else.
05:27:07 <int-e> (the void is a bit prettier too)
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11:32:58 <wib_jonas> I accidentally plugged in a 3.5 mm jack connector to an USB port. to my defense, the port is next to the jack port that I meant, on the far side of the notebook. apparently this shorted the power lines in the USB port and tripped the overcurrent protection and the port kept resetting and giving an error to the OS.
11:33:53 <wib_jonas> it took me a while to figure out which USB port it even is, because I kept assuming the USB port that I was using deliberately.
11:34:22 <wib_jonas> obviously I removed the external HUB from that USB port, but then I have no external keyboard or mouse available, which makes debugging harder.
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14:05:38 <wib_jonas> arseniiv: were you the real arseniiv?
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16:00:48 <wib_jonas> is there some name for string variables that are case-insensitive but case-preserving and where if you try to change the value to one that differs only in case then the value doesn't change, possibly silently, possibly with an error saying that the value must be unique and the new value already exists, so if you want to change the case of the value
16:00:49 <wib_jonas> you have to temporarily assign a different value then the original with the case change?
16:01:47 <wib_jonas> the drive letter in windows cmd working directory works this way: if your working directory starts with c: and you want it to start with C: instead then you have to execute something like (cd/d D: & cd/d C:) , and I have no idea what you can do if you don't have another valid drive letter to change to temporarily
16:04:47 <wib_jonas> ah yes, you can change without changing to a different drive if you change to a different directory. so eg. (cd/d C:\Windows & cd/d C:\) will work, assuming the C:\Windows directory exists enough that you can cd into it
16:05:25 <wib_jonas> but just changing to the same path that's already your wd but with the case of the drive letter changed will silently do nothing
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23:28:31 <zzo38> Do you still have your suggested variant rules for players leaving the game in Magic: the Gathering (or a timestamp of when it was discussed, in order to find it)?
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