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00:33:28 <calamari_> hi
00:37:56 <calamari_> using c I could make a loop executing g() with void f() { g(); f() }, however, eventually the stack would overflow. I wonder if there's a way to avoid that without using "if" "while", "for", etc.
00:48:56 <Toreun> well, you would need a condition to test to use if/while/for
00:52:48 <calamari_> yeah.. I can't see a way around it
00:53:26 <Toreun> why not ditch C and use http://www.toreun.org/eso.zip! *g*
00:54:49 <calamari_> tereun: oh yeah I forgot to look at that last night ;)
00:54:57 <calamari_> do you have a webpage about it?
00:55:01 <Toreun> not yet
00:55:13 <Toreun> I'm gonna add it to my projects page on toreun.org, but I haven't done so yet
00:55:22 <Toreun> the specs are http://www.toreun.org/esolang.txt
00:55:54 <Toreun> and a sample (rather large) program is at http://www.toreun.org/brainfuck (it's the brainfuck interpreter for it)
00:58:27 <calamari_> interesting.. on first glance it looks like a mix between numberix and befunge
00:58:50 <Toreun> the idea for it was based off of befunge
00:58:53 <Toreun> but befunge is a mess
00:59:12 <calamari_> and that's not? lol
00:59:28 <Toreun> of course not! (because I can easily understand it)
00:59:36 <calamari_> eso. languages are supposed to be messy.. part of the fun ;)
00:59:56 <Toreun> I wanted this to look pretty cool without it being impossible to program in
01:01:51 <Toreun> now I just need a name
01:01:59 <Toreun> I'm thinking 'quack' because it has a queue and a stack
01:02:36 <Toreun> but that's taken
01:02:48 <Toreun> oh well
01:02:56 <calamari_> queer?
01:03:06 <calamari_> or quest, hehe
01:03:16 <Toreun> how'd ya get those?
01:03:50 <calamari_> or...!!
01:04:22 <calamari_> just bang the keyboard for a minute and the last thing you type is the name.. then make it into an acronym
01:04:46 <Toreun> well I'm trying to make 'eso' into an acronym, so I don't have to rename everything
01:05:05 <calamari_> eso is confusing, because that's the esoteric operating system project
01:05:17 <Toreun> oh yeah, forgot
01:05:25 <Toreun> http://www.ptf.com/ptf/products/UNIX/current/0401.0.html quest it seems is taken too
01:05:46 <calamari_> here you go then: jresbv
01:06:15 <calamari_> jolly really easy silly befunge variant? :)
01:06:37 <Toreun> it's not really easy, and it's hardly a befunge variant
01:06:58 <calamari_> lighten up or something, that was a joke :P
01:07:32 <Toreun> sorry, my sense of humor is gone with my homework I'm pretending I'm doing
01:07:40 <calamari_> I know that feeling
01:07:52 <calamari_> are you in hs or college ?
01:07:56 <Toreun> high school
01:08:10 <Toreun> grr one year left and then instead of homework I get papers to write!
01:08:52 <calamari_> I haven't written any major papers in college so far except for in my english classes.. pretty weird
01:09:03 <Toreun> what year are you?
01:09:11 <calamari_> Junior
01:09:15 <Toreun> hm, that is weird
01:09:27 <Toreun> everyone of my friends has had papers out the wazoo
01:09:28 <calamari_> I'm still at the community college tho..
01:09:32 <Toreun> oh
01:09:44 <calamari_> There are a lot of cs classes that transfer
01:09:55 <calamari_> (I've already done all the asm, c, java, etc)
01:10:03 <calamari_> data structures
01:10:13 <Toreun> I heard that CS programs in college start out really easy...
01:10:47 <Toreun> like, easy enough to warrant not needing to attend for the first semester
01:11:24 <calamari_> well... once I get to the university, there are only 8 classes I need to take. Only a few are required.. the rest are pretty much like pick 1 of 3
01:11:41 <Toreun> not bad
01:12:14 <Toreun> I'm prolly just gonna go straight to a university and do a computer engineering or comp sci program
01:12:35 <calamari_> I chose the ones that would be interesting to me.. esp. the areas I felt weakest in.
01:12:57 <Toreun> wow going to college to learn!?
01:13:07 <calamari_> if I'm gonna be paying the big bucks, you'd better believe it
01:15:57 <calamari_> ahh lets see here: oo prog, discrete structures, distributed programming, sys. programming, software eng., grammars, compilers (okay I so I don't need this one that bad), database design,
01:17:03 <calamari_> there are some really weird ones tho "computer graphics"? Maybe for game programming? Seems useless
01:17:19 <calamari_> not taking it obviously ;)
01:20:06 <Toreun> heh
01:21:06 <Toreun> I forget what university it is, but they offer a major in game development
01:21:17 <Toreun> or maybe its a school devoted to game design?
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01:52:07 <calamari_> bbl
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