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00:49:54 <Toreun> lament: my language interpreter and bf interpreter are up
00:50:46 <lament> yay
00:51:06 <Toreun> http://www.toreun.org/eso.zip that's the interpreter and http://www.toreun.org/brainfuck
00:51:34 <lament> is the language called eso?
00:51:39 <Toreun> nah
00:51:52 <Toreun> that's just the directory it's been in in my homedir
00:52:08 <lament> what is it called.
00:52:18 <Toreun> unless I can find some sort of recursive acronym or something that would make sense, I wouldn't want something so unoriginal
00:52:21 <Toreun> I haven't named it yet
00:53:32 <Toreun> can't think of anything that good
01:00:11 <lament> since when are the names of esoteric languages supposed to make sense? :)|
01:00:28 <Toreun> good point
01:02:48 <Toreun> well, still, I want a clever name or something
01:04:45 <mooz-> "a clever name" sounds good :)
01:05:23 <Toreun> too long...
01:08:41 <lament> "clever"?
01:08:53 <mooz-> clover
01:09:18 <Toreun> "pyrire"?
01:09:21 <Toreun> (rot13)
01:09:27 <fizzie> clver?
01:09:44 <fizzie> weird letters are good.
01:09:47 <Toreun> hold on... pyrire... is that a latin word?
01:09:59 <mooz-> it sounds almost french
01:10:16 <Toreun> well, -ire is a latin ending
01:10:22 <Toreun> and pyr- is a suffix meaning fire
01:10:54 <Toreun> what's that weird letter supposed to be? it's a 1/2 symbol, I dunno if that's right
01:11:06 <fizzie> it's the "oe" letter.
01:11:10 <lament> all the google matches are either "pyrite" typos, or rot13
01:11:21 <Toreun> hmm
01:11:39 <Toreun> I'll check my latin dictionary
01:13:05 <Toreun> nope
01:17:37 <Toreun> eso stranges o-something?
01:17:45 <Toreun> (for a recursive acronym)
01:18:07 <mooz-> ESO was the name for the OS that never became
01:18:17 <Toreun> it was?
01:18:29 <mooz-> well there were plans on the mailing list
01:18:42 <Toreun> 'the' os that never became?
01:18:53 <Toreun> I've made two kernels that never became
01:18:59 <mooz-> heh
01:19:28 <mooz-> I've written the textmode stuff for a movie OS :P
01:19:35 <Toreun> a movie os?
01:19:54 <mooz-> the kind that's in movies
01:20:11 <mooz-> the bootup looks like the start of the snes game megaman X, for instance
01:20:11 <Toreun> oh
01:20:46 <Toreun> I always figured those OSs were post-rendered videos...
01:20:53 <mooz-> they were
01:21:08 <mooz-> but they had some crazy ideas that would be nice to combine :)
01:21:26 <mooz-> mostly involving hacking
01:21:49 <Toreun> was this in an actual movie?
01:22:15 <mooz-> for example the gui absolutely must have a mode with a black bg and a dark green grid, then the widgets in bright green outlines and a _lot_ of hexadecimal mess
01:22:30 <lament> mooz-: that's Linux.
01:23:06 <fizzie> it's the unix system!
01:23:09 <lament> have a black background with dark green grid
01:23:11 <mooz-> the gui startup should be something as stupid in the movie hackers
01:23:17 <lament> run a transparent terminal on top of that
01:23:21 <mooz-> I thought about a rotating and wobbling smiley
01:23:24 <fizzie> hey!
01:23:28 <mooz-> whole screen-sized
01:23:32 <fizzie> I have an indy with irix-6.5.21 here.
01:23:32 <lament> show hex stuff in the transparent terminal...
01:23:39 <fizzie> I could run the jurassic park filemanager thingie.
01:23:46 <mooz-> mheh
01:24:14 <fizzie> iirc it was in freeware.sgi.com.
01:24:19 <lament> that's a classic.
01:24:56 <fizzie> does anyone happen to remember the name?
01:25:48 <fizzie> aw, "FSN only worked on IRIX versions 5.3 and below"
01:25:52 <mooz-> then I drew a gui that looks even more toy-like than windows XP
01:25:57 <mooz-> quux.befunge.org/leetos.gif
01:26:30 <fizzie> says the http://www.sgi.com/fun/freeware/3d_navigator.html
01:27:03 <fizzie> feh, *.befunge.org-redirects don't work from here.
01:27:27 <fizzie> and I think I've seen that pic. :p
01:28:06 <mooz-> but I drew it before aqua had come around, and it already has those silly color-coded buttons... only they're not round
01:28:26 <Toreun> I can't stand those color coded buttons that aqua has
01:28:37 <lament> mooz-: have you seen Squeak?
01:28:41 <mooz-> nno
01:28:54 <lament> i'm afraid it has you beat
01:29:01 <mooz-> oh dear
01:29:16 <lament> http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/uploads/683/squeak34-1600x1200.1.png
01:29:31 <lament> the entire system is written in itself (it's a smalltalk)
01:29:46 <Toreun> that's a screenshot?
01:29:49 <lament> yes
01:29:53 <mooz-> hnng
01:29:54 <Toreun> eww
01:30:04 <lament> i love that window at an angle
01:30:13 <lament> in squeak, you can rotate anything
01:30:23 <mooz-> but the windows aren't as playground-looking as mine
01:30:23 <lament> it's one of the basic methods of objects you can display on screen
01:30:26 <lament> that, and resize
01:30:30 <Toreun> I'd be afraid that something that colorful would bring upon epilepsy
01:30:46 <lament> well, it's insanely customizable
01:30:51 <Toreun> oh, ok
01:30:52 <lament> note that all windows have different decorations
01:31:03 <lament> it's done there just to show off obviously
01:31:15 <Toreun> well, I must be going
01:31:18 <mooz-> I was planning to make the system incredibly intuitive, like how the titlebar looks separate from the window... you could shake it around to loosen the window to windowshade it :P
01:31:35 <Toreun> I've got a report on the Canterbury Tales to write, due yesterday... bye
01:32:17 <lament> another screenshot of squeak
01:32:18 <lament> http://www.phaidros.com/DIGITALIS/images/sqk00050.gif
01:32:39 <lament> and another one
01:32:41 <lament> http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/2469
01:32:52 <lament> ones, rather :)
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