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00:09:03 <fizzie> does any documentation/implementations/stuff for your befunge-like language exist in the interweb, btw?
00:09:20 <Toreun> not yet, no
00:09:33 <Toreun> but if you want, a rough version can in about thirty seconds
00:10:01 <fizzie> why not. I just explained it to mooz in a query, but realized I don't really know what it's like. :p
00:12:24 <Toreun> http://www.toreun.org/esolang.txt
00:12:56 <Toreun> oh wait, I think that has an error
00:13:19 <Toreun> ok, fixed it
00:14:35 <fizzie> btw, what languages do we have befunge interpreters in? I know of implementations in C, javascript, algol (algol60?), fortran (two, actually) and forth, plus two unfinished ones (sed, 6502-assembler-for-8bit-nes-nintendo). any others?
00:15:11 <mooz-> toreun; there's no command for a>b?
00:15:20 <fizzie> oh, apparently I've written a semi-working (no 'g' or 'p') interpreter in 31 lines of haskell.
00:15:29 <Toreun> nope
00:15:33 <lament> python
00:15:46 <Toreun> mooz-: it's not necessary
00:15:49 <lament> befunge
00:15:57 <mooz-> fizzie; z80 asm...
00:16:05 <lament> inform
00:16:19 <fizzie> mooz; good point.
00:16:20 <Toreun> a note, the d command does integer division
00:16:55 <mooz-> I made a multitasking befunge befunge interpreter, but it doesn't keep the processes' stacks separate yet, making it quite useless
00:17:04 <Toreun> so there's an easy way to do > and <
00:17:35 <mooz-> ah right
00:18:11 <fizzie> my glfunge98 knows how to multithread with separate stacks (using the funge98 multithreading instructions) but it's otherwise ultra-mega-sucky.
00:18:38 <mooz-> toreun; except that negative numbers require extra code
00:18:44 <mooz-> and zero, obviously
00:18:56 <Toreun> true
00:21:00 <Toreun> it's not like it's an all that complex algorithm, though
00:21:13 <mooz-> no, but it wastes space :)
00:21:51 <fizzie> so, am I reading the description right that / and \ change the directions like mirrors would do to a beam of light?
00:21:57 <Toreun> yeah
00:22:08 <fizzie> heh, nice.
00:22:50 <Toreun> thanks
00:24:10 <fizzie> that 'mouse' approach to playfield manipulation is quite interesting idea too.
00:24:37 <Toreun> it's hard to use well
00:24:43 <Toreun> it's there to make strings easier
00:25:19 <fizzie> mm.
00:27:37 <Toreun> hmm, I don't suppose I've clarified memory locations well in that text file
00:27:50 <Toreun> the buffer acts like a queue, but when you get data from it, the elements are concatenated
00:27:56 <Toreun> and the void is a stack with a max size of two
00:33:28 <fizzie> heh, it is esoteric at least.
00:33:50 <Toreun> yes, that it is
00:41:15 <Toreun> whattaya think of it, anyway?
00:43:14 <fizzie> well, I'd have to try use it before I could form a real opinion, and that's a project for another day. but I withdraw my complaints about the "oh-pfoo-too-easy" problem.
00:43:36 <Toreun> thanks
00:45:26 <Toreun> I'll upload the interpreter when I get a chance
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02:25:19 <Toreun> grr! my brainfuck interp has a really strange error!
02:27:01 <fizzie> my brain has the error "sleep underflow", it's 04:30 localtime and there's a maths lecture "tomorrow" at 08:00, so "g'night".
02:27:40 <Toreun> g'night (or morning, in your case)
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18:51:51 <mtve> fizzie: there are also befunge interpreters on perl, eta (esoteric) and befunge itself.
18:53:36 <fizzie> I think lament mentioned befunge.
18:54:22 <mtve> ah yep.
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20:24:46 <lament> heil!
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21:13:17 <calamari_> hi
21:14:08 -!- irc.freenode.net has set topic: Welcome to the esoteric programming channel! Logs of previous discussion are available at http://www.tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric/.
21:14:31 <calamari_> oops, I guess that's not the topic, is it? :)
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21:28:51 <calamari_> I've been trying to understand lambda calculus, but it gets very confusing for me very quickly. Is it related to boolean algebra at all, or can it be expressed in those terms?
21:33:03 <Toreun> hello everyone
21:33:20 <Toreun> sorry calamari, I understand lambda calc as little as you...
21:36:38 <calamari_> It almost seems like it is just a bunch of functions where all the nice things are taken out like parenthesis and commas
21:37:02 <Toreun> well, from what I understand of it, it's where EVERYTHING is a function
21:37:07 <calamari_> But then it says it can use more and more memory as you go, and that seems weird
21:37:42 <Toreun> I dunno, my brain just doesn't like to think like that
21:38:33 <calamari_> hehe
22:57:34 <Toreun> well, for all those interested, http://www.toreun.org/eso.zip is the interpreter for my lang, and http://www.toreun.org/brainfuck is the directory with the source that proves its turing-completeness
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