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01:31:17 <andreou> i've been working on the site. turns out that i can create some mean layouts :)
01:32:02 <andreou> http://meme.b9.com/clog/esoteric/04.04.30
01:32:07 <andreou> http://meme.b9.com/clog/esoteric/04.05.01
01:32:14 <andreou> when i /quit, time stops :-)
01:38:46 <andreou> xm, the wiki is still to be coded.
01:38:48 -!- andreou has quit ("wikied.").
01:44:20 <fizzie> waah, did the time stop again?
01:44:48 <fizzie> phew, I can still irc.
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02:16:32 <andreou> hehe hey, mad html skills!
02:16:45 <andreou> eh, psychotic, to be exact.
02:17:05 -!- andreou has set topic: http://bitrot.ee.teiath.gr/esoteric/ please provide feedback. the wiki will be ready Really Soon Now..
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03:49:55 <andreou> hm need perl help, anyone alive?
03:57:49 <heatsink> I might be able to help
03:58:07 <andreou> good
03:58:09 <heatsink> Here's some help: use python instead :)
03:58:15 <heatsink> What's the problem?
03:58:21 <andreou> hm i would, but i didn't have it on the local unix box :)
03:58:26 <andreou> i have this code:
03:58:36 <andreou> my $html_header = \
03:58:36 <andreou> '<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
03:58:36 <andreou> <html lang="en">
03:58:39 <andreou> ... more stuff ...
03:58:40 <andreou> ';
03:58:48 <heatsink> ok
03:58:52 <andreou> and i try to print it with print $html_header;
03:59:01 <andreou> and the only thing i get is SCALAR(0x211d90)
03:59:16 <andreou> it prints the internal representation or whatever, and not the actual text.
04:00:55 <heatsink> Same thing doesn't happen for me
04:01:19 <andreou> i'm on 5.6.1
04:01:33 <heatsink> I apparently have 5.8.3
04:02:08 <andreou> i'm not sure that this is really what's different.
04:02:43 <heatsink> I noticed that when I print \$html_header then I get what you get
04:02:54 <heatsink> What happens if you print $$html_header?
04:03:12 <andreou> heh
04:03:13 <andreou> :)
04:03:40 <heatsink> hmm?
04:03:48 <andreou> k works now
04:04:08 <andreou> not sure why, though :) .
04:04:18 <heatsink> Maybe it was that extra backslash? :)
04:04:53 <andreou> 'extra'?
04:05:01 <andreou> oh, you think?
04:05:04 <andreou> let's see...
04:05:28 <andreou> shit, yeah.
04:05:35 <andreou> corrolary: perl is illogical.
04:06:32 <heatsink> Is there a name for the type symbols that go in front of Perl variables?
04:06:52 <heatsink> Hungarian punctuation or something?
04:07:06 <andreou> you mean like $sSomeScalar?
04:07:10 <heatsink> yea
04:07:20 <andreou> yes, i think it's hungarian naming
04:07:28 <andreou> did you check out the site?
04:07:39 <heatsink> no
04:07:48 <andreou> well, do so :)
04:08:20 <heatsink> I love the color scheme
04:08:38 <heatsink> and layout
04:08:53 <andreou> heh thanks :)
04:09:01 <andreou> the wikied code is what you'll hate :-)
04:09:52 <heatsink> I think you misspelled it
04:09:56 <heatsink> It's "wicked"
04:10:04 <heatsink> ;)
04:10:10 <andreou> i know it's wicked
04:10:12 <andreou> em, "wicked" i mean.
04:10:26 <andreou> it's wiki-ed -> wikied (pronounced "wicked")
04:10:30 <andreou> you know, wicked languages
04:10:49 <heatsink> oh, ok
04:11:21 * heatsink doesn't turn 'wikied' into the same sound
04:11:36 * heatsink will get it right next time
04:11:44 <heatsink> Also, you need a space between the b and the d
04:11:52 <heatsink> in feedback
04:12:02 <andreou> i know, it wraps around though, so i bugged it :)
04:12:27 <heatsink> k
04:14:11 <andreou> anyway, i'm back to perl
04:14:13 <andreou> thanks :)
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07:41:36 <andreou> damned language, that perl.
07:41:51 * heatsink agrees
07:42:04 <andreou> i'm rewriting wikied in, and it proceeds rapidly.
07:42:38 <andreou> i'm uploading the new layout of esoteric now, it's better than the previous (i hope)
07:42:41 <heatsink> That sounds marvelous, but I suspect it's moreso because of a grammatical error
07:42:58 <heatsink> You're rewriting wikied in, and it proceeds rapidly?
07:43:00 <andreou> are you calling my grammar a liar? :)
07:43:06 <andreou> ah, in.
07:43:07 <andreou> yes, in c.
07:43:11 <heatsink> ok :)
07:43:12 <andreou> my grammar lies.
07:43:43 <andreou> plus, if i statically link the executable i won't have to un-chroot apache
07:43:52 * heatsink has been experimenting with lil' computer-generated 2d abstract image algorithms
07:44:06 <andreou> any pretty pictures?
07:44:15 <heatsink> Not yet, just blobs
07:44:26 <heatsink> I gotta tune the algorithm methinks
07:44:31 <andreou> blobs can be interesting, with the help of edwin.
07:45:05 <heatsink> There are free wiki sources too, if you wanted to do that
07:45:24 <heatsink> even just have them for reference
07:45:27 <andreou> i know, but i thought i'd like a little adventure.
07:45:47 * andreou is listening to laika
07:45:53 <andreou> heatsink where are you from?
07:46:14 * heatsink is from usa
07:46:18 <andreou> i have to darken the 'contents' td background...
07:46:20 <andreou> which state?
07:46:24 <heatsink> cali
07:46:31 -!- lament has joined.
07:46:36 <andreou> lament, rejoice!
07:47:03 <heatsink> contents links need a little contrast
07:47:05 <andreou> fizzie oh, i just forgot to turn off the multiverse rtc, that's why you could irc (i'm a poet...)
07:49:09 <heatsink> Ah, now I'm starting to get interesting stuff
07:49:18 <heatsink> Now that I've detected a misplaced parenthesis :)
07:49:28 <lament> oh
07:49:31 * lament rejoices
07:49:38 <lament> i love broken links!
07:49:46 <andreou> the wiki is being worked on
07:49:52 <andreou> i darkened the bgcolor.
07:50:10 <andreou> heh tfts suck for webdev.
07:50:36 <heatsink> tft?
07:52:08 <andreou> yeah, i use a laptop as my workstation
07:58:10 <lament> why do laptops suck for webdev? They run vim as good as any other computer.
07:58:49 <andreou> not laptops, tfts.
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08:02:44 <heatsink> ah, something a little interesting, now
08:03:14 * heatsink uses his ol' website that's getting cluttered for a quick demo
08:03:20 <heatsink> http://www.geocities.com/noktakanto/cgimg.html
08:04:19 <andreou> it's nice
08:04:22 <andreou> like bloodcells
08:05:14 <heatsink> thx
08:05:49 <andreou> ftp> open ftp.openbsd.org
08:05:49 <andreou> Connected to openbsd.sunsite.ualberta.ca.
08:05:49 <andreou> 421 There are too many connected users, please try later.
08:05:49 <andreou> heh
08:05:53 <heatsink> I didn't think I'd come up with an algorithm in 4 hours
08:05:57 <andreou> i should have done it nine hours ago.
08:06:15 <heatsink> what are all these canadians doing? They shoudl be asleep!
08:06:37 <andreou> they are giving us somebody to blaim.
08:06:38 <andreou> blame
08:07:09 <andreou> in any case, duth is available if you want the latest obsd.
08:07:18 <andreou> ftp://ftp.duth.gr/pub/OpenBSD/3.5/
08:07:22 <andreou> xm, or not.
08:07:24 <andreou> heh
08:07:37 <andreou> THOSE DAMNED CANADIANS.
08:08:38 <heatsink> Figuring out an algorithm for making hyperdispersed random dots is hard
08:09:23 <heatsink> Also, "hyperdispersed" is a word that doesn't seem to be used outside of ecology. We should fix that.
08:36:07 -!- andreou has set topic: http://bitrot.ee.teiath.gr/esoteric/ please provide feedback. the wiki will be ready Really Soon Now. -- language of the week: http://www.dangermouse.net/esoteric/ook.html write something in/for ook..
08:38:52 <heatsink> the orange-on-white text is still hard to read...
08:39:08 <andreou> on which white?
08:39:21 <heatsink> excuse me, orange-on-argent
08:40:02 <andreou> it's easilly readable on my screen... anyway, i'll try to find a descent shade of orange
08:40:37 <heatsink> It might be because my screen is over 1200 px wide or something...
08:42:02 <andreou> how many inches? (is your monitor)
08:42:38 <heatsink> seventeen
08:42:56 <andreou> small.
08:42:58 <heatsink> it's lcd
08:43:56 <andreou> maybe i should increase the font size to 11 or 12...
08:44:16 <andreou> hm, wait, it's... P { font-family: arial,verdana; font-size: 12px; color: 000000; }
08:44:29 <heatsink> 12 pixels?
08:44:52 <andreou> so it says
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08:47:35 -!- lament has joined.
08:48:00 <lament> ugh
08:48:02 <lament> why does it have to be ook? :(
08:48:23 <heatsink> ook is a dutch word, isn't it?
08:48:44 <andreou> no, it's just dutch-like
08:48:50 <andreou> lament one language per week :)
08:50:27 <heatsink> I'm going to bed then
08:50:36 <heatsink> see yaz
08:50:37 <andreou> ok
08:50:43 -!- heatsink has quit ("Leaving").
08:51:14 <lament> I don't count Ook to be an esoteric language at all
08:51:14 <andreou> lament allow me...
08:51:27 <andreou> it's brainfuck with a few candy
08:52:15 <lament> Any language isomorphic with an already existing language is dumb
08:52:30 <andreou> useless
08:52:31 <lament> Also, brainfuck has better syntax.
08:52:42 <andreou> syntax, heh...
08:52:51 <lament> Brainfuck's syntax isn't obfuscated
08:52:53 <lament> which is good
08:53:01 <lament> Syntax should never be obfuscated
08:53:14 <lament> Algorithms and primitives should be obfuscated :)
08:53:14 <andreou> indeed, the obfuscation lies at a more important level
08:53:31 <lament> But in ook, only syntax is needlessly obfuscated relative to Brainfuck
08:56:19 <andreou> i go lie down and read the dis docs now.
08:56:28 <andreou> eh what on earth forced me to download miktex...
08:56:58 <lament> heh, dis
08:57:12 <lament> i doubt anybody ever looked at dis in detail
08:58:28 <andreou> indeed.
09:14:23 <lament> Because if they did, they'd look like cowards.
09:14:44 <andreou> naaah
09:19:44 <lament> cowards
09:19:48 <lament> you're a coward
09:19:56 <lament> your mother is ashamed of you!
09:20:00 <andreou> say that in my face.
09:20:34 <andreou> well, that's true, but only because i code.
09:29:38 <fizzie> dis was for people who thing malbolge's to hard-core?
09:30:05 <lament> exactly. Dis is "Malbolge lite(tm)"
09:30:16 <andreou> and malbolge is malbolge proper.
09:54:00 * andreou looks for his two typewriters
10:07:49 <andreou> found the greek, didn't find the latin. of course, i was looking for the latin...
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12:25:48 -!- andreou has quit (""Sleeping"").
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