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17:13:55 <Keymaker> ah, home sweet home :)
17:17:25 <fizzie> you missed dbc. :p
17:17:58 <Keymaker> nNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
17:18:14 <Keymaker> i knew this, i knew this!
17:18:26 <Keymaker> something good had to happen when i was away for a day..
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17:18:46 <fizzie> from yesterday.
17:18:59 <Keymaker> :)
17:19:26 <Keymaker> a lot idling i see
17:19:51 <Keymaker> well, i hopefully he's here next saturday -- or week
17:20:54 <Keymaker> *i hope (small correction to the above ^)
17:24:13 <fizzie> he'll probably visit the moment you decide to drop from irc.
17:24:24 <Keymaker> yah
17:24:34 <Keymaker> too bad i can't keep this always on :(
17:33:38 <fizzie> well, it wouldn't much help if you were away. except you'd get to see him join and quit.
17:34:24 <Keymaker> well, i could try to say something between that joining and quiting time :)
17:35:06 <Keymaker> (looking at those logs you posted seems he was here ~7 hours)
17:39:11 <fizzie> that is true.
17:39:23 <fizzie> we do some pretty advanced idling here.
17:42:57 <Keymaker> hehe
17:43:00 <Keymaker> :D
17:43:05 * edwinb idles
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18:16:07 <Keymaker> argh, i have to got
18:16:12 <Keymaker> darn
18:16:25 <Keymaker> i pressed accidentally enter, i'll write the message again
18:16:52 <Keymaker> argh, i have to go and start baking a pizza :( i'll be back later
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19:05:28 <K> hmmm, what was the command to change name.. /nick?
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19:06:01 <Keymaker[-]> done
19:06:51 * Toreun is confused
19:08:54 <Keymaker[-]> ?
19:11:31 <Toreun> nevermind
19:12:22 <Keymaker[-]> o k
19:14:05 <Keymaker[-]> so, how's your day Toreun? been working on anything? :)
19:22:19 <Toreun> it's been pretty good
19:22:21 <Toreun> working on my website
19:22:26 <Keymaker[-]> ah i see
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19:22:37 <Keymaker[-]> hmmm
19:22:43 <Keymaker[-]> is it in web yet?
19:22:46 <Toreun> yes
19:22:57 <Toreun> I decided to play Microsoft and release an unfinished product
19:23:02 <Toreun> toreun.org
19:23:04 <Keymaker[-]> :D
19:23:18 <Keymaker[-]> i'll take a look
19:24:22 <Keymaker[-]> Ooooh :o Very nice design there!
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19:25:12 <Toreun> thanks
19:25:18 <Toreun> I'm thinking of redesigning it a bit
19:25:27 <Toreun> I guess because I'm never satisfied
19:25:31 <Keymaker> yah
19:25:40 <Keymaker> i'm kinda same when it comes to designing something
19:25:53 <Keymaker> i'm never totally happy with my works
19:25:59 <Toreun> when I designed it a few weeks ago, I thought it looked really nice, then I took a look at sites like 1976design.com and simplebits.com and I feel, well, humbled
19:27:32 <Toreun> same here... my contentment with a project usually only lasts a few days, if at all
19:27:42 <Keymaker> yah
19:27:51 <Keymaker> same here
19:28:13 <Keymaker> oh, and gotta say that SimpleBits looks really nice as well
19:29:49 <Toreun> I know... I wish I could match those webdesign skills
19:30:28 <Keymaker> you're skills are good enough
19:30:33 <Keymaker> but my skills.. ugh..
19:30:39 <Toreun> and 1976design I like because of the header he's made - it changes based on the weather
19:30:58 <Keymaker> yeh
19:31:19 <Toreun> the main problem with my CSS-ability is I'm not good at making things compatible on every browser
19:31:43 <Keymaker> know that feeling
19:31:56 <Toreun> I just today found a technique I could use to make my website center on IE as well as Moz
19:32:07 <Keymaker> hmm
19:32:44 <Toreun> I wish I didn't have to contend with IE, but unfortunately it's used by 75% of the population
19:32:51 <Keymaker> :(
19:32:53 <Keymaker> yeah
19:33:01 <fizzie> someone was actually recommending writing css that exploited a css parsing bug in ie-5 to make the margins work the same way in ie 5 that they do in other browsers.
19:33:27 <Keymaker> hm
19:33:29 <Toreun> IE-5 has many CSS bugs
19:33:34 <Keymaker> i bet
19:33:43 <Keymaker> it has other bugs as well :)
19:33:43 <Toreun> IE6 just doesn't know how to render things
19:33:46 <Toreun> yes
19:33:59 <fizzie> well, I still don't think this:
19:34:00 <fizzie> margin-left: 199px;
19:34:00 <fizzie> voice-family: "\"}\"";
19:34:00 <fizzie> voice-family: inherit;
19:34:00 <fizzie> margin-left: 201px;
19:34:04 <fizzie> is the way to go.
19:35:01 <Keymaker> wha do you mean?
19:35:20 <Toreun> that's an IE hack
19:35:27 <Keymaker> oh
19:35:37 <Keymaker> what does it do?
19:35:47 <fizzie> makes ie5 stop parsing the css entry on that "\"}\""
19:35:50 <Toreun> IE sees the }
19:35:51 <Toreun> yeah
19:36:05 <fizzie> but I wouldn't write css like that, even if it was the only way to make things ie5-compatible.
19:36:10 <fizzie> too ugly.
19:36:26 <Toreun> another problem is IE5 isn't used by many people
19:36:28 <Toreun> so it's not worth it
19:36:37 <Keymaker> yea
19:37:05 <Toreun> hopefully webdesigners will get the hint and ditch tables for CSS and start designing for standard browsers
19:37:16 <Toreun> then M$ will have to wake up to keep in competition
19:37:43 <Keymaker> yes, it wakes up and sues every other company and coder >:)
19:38:16 <fizzie> well, when I do "webdesign" I just write html with <hN> headers and <p> paragraphs, and maybe few <hr /> rules in there. of course the end result doesn't look very pretty. :p
19:38:35 <Toreun> well, that's how HTML was meant to be
19:39:38 <Toreun> and with the advent of CSS, people could slap a stylesheet onto a page and it controls the appearance completely
19:39:59 <Keymaker> it eases things a lot
19:40:13 <Toreun> yeah, take a look at http://www.csszengarden.com/
19:40:26 <Keymaker> nice site, i've seen it sometime before :)
19:40:34 <Toreun> it has at least 100 designs that differ from each other greatly, and the html stays exactly the same
19:41:37 <Toreun> nevermind, it appears to down
19:42:28 <Keymaker> too bad :( well, good that i had my change to see it weeks before this point of time
19:43:39 <Toreun> hmm... it should be back up
19:44:18 <Toreun> weird
19:44:41 <Toreun> it's still listed on mezzoblue.com
19:44:46 <Toreun> (its creator)
19:45:35 <fizzie> things don't always work.
19:46:28 <fizzie> meh, I think I've watched that scary @ long enough, and it doesn't seem to be going away. guess I must take steps.
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19:48:13 <Toreun> how unfortunate, you could've at least given it to someone else
19:48:25 <Keymaker> y.. yo....y.. you.. youre mortal again fizzie :O
19:48:41 <fizzie> I think chanserv's the sanest person here and should thusly keep the only @.
19:48:52 <Keymaker> :)
19:49:23 <Keymaker> i haven't seen him/her talking, but on the other hand i've spent quite few time here
19:51:53 <Toreun> well, the very wise only speak when absolutely necessary
19:53:14 <Keymaker> hehe
19:53:21 <Keymaker> i see
19:53:27 <fizzie> so we're not being very wise here right now.
19:53:54 <Keymaker> well, it makes one wonder, why then hang out in a channel :D
19:54:01 <Toreun> after all, "it is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid, then to open it and remove all doubt" - Mark Twain
19:54:22 <Toreun> well, wisdom is probably overrated anyway
19:54:33 <Keymaker> yes
20:01:22 <Keymaker> well, soon i should make up some nice design for my site
20:01:58 <Toreun> what's your site? (assuming it's on the web)
20:02:09 <fizzie> someone should do some nice design for befunge.org. :p
20:02:27 <fizzie> "I've been busy."
20:03:23 <Toreun> well, quux.befunge.org, it seems, has an alright design
20:03:28 <Keymaker> :)
20:03:33 <Keymaker> well the site isn't in the web
20:03:35 <fizzie> well, yes, that's mooz's site.
20:03:43 <Keymaker> :)
20:03:51 <fizzie> oh, and I'd need someone who can do hr giger -like design for a project with impressive stupidity levels.
20:03:52 <Toreun> ah, it has tables
20:04:12 <Keymaker> i'm working on couple of sites
20:04:20 <Keymaker> but this design i was talking about will
20:04:27 <Keymaker> be to my "personal" site
20:04:38 <Keymaker> that'll have my (lame) brainfuck codes
20:04:54 <Toreun> my personal site (toreun.org) will have all my projects
20:05:00 <Toreun> I just haven't had the time to put them up yet
20:05:02 <Keymaker> and other code projects
20:05:09 <Toreun> and by time I mean effort
20:05:14 <Keymaker> ok
20:05:26 <fizzie> I'd need someone to design the web-frontend for darkhive.gehennom.org. (finnish-only, sorry.)
20:05:32 <Toreun> hmm... hr giger like design?
20:05:38 <fizzie> "for some reason" haven't found anyone willing yet.
20:05:53 <fizzie> yes, well, "dark hive" sort of needs something like that.
20:05:59 <Keymaker> toreun: when your projects are there, tell me so i can go and check out :)
20:06:20 <Toreun> sure thing
20:06:24 <Keymaker> ok :)
20:06:26 <fizzie> although the name is a (bad) pun - it actually comes from the contents, "d" "archive".
20:06:37 <Keymaker> hehe
20:06:38 <Toreun> first I'd have to make a collaboration of all my projects
20:06:53 <Toreun> not a bad pun
20:07:50 <fizzie> well, it's better than its as-yet unstarted sister site, sharkhive.
20:08:03 <Taaus> sh archive? :)
20:08:39 <fizzie> not really. actually it should be "ch", as in 'chat', but 'charkhive' sounds stupid.
20:08:45 <Keymaker> what does that 'd' mean and where it searches that info fizzie?
20:09:02 <fizzie> er, does it not say?
20:09:29 <fizzie> if not, I'd rather not say either. I'm.. sort of ashamed.
20:09:29 <Toreun> it might say, I'm not sure what it says exactly
20:09:39 <Keymaker> demi?
20:09:48 <fizzie> keymaker should be able to parse the language.
20:09:48 <Keymaker> um, why? :)
20:09:50 <fizzie> yes.
20:10:01 <fizzie> err.. that's a tough one.
20:10:08 <Keymaker> :D
20:10:16 <fizzie> I ask it myself over and over again whenever I need to fix the damn thing.
20:11:16 <fizzie> it's not my fault though. I'm not sure whose fault it is, but it definitely isn't mine.
20:11:44 <fizzie> sharkhive would be a similar site for mtv3's late-night sms chat things.
20:12:03 <Keymaker> i hate those chats
20:12:15 <fizzie> but I'm a bit unsure if I could reliably enough OCR the contents.
20:13:10 <fizzie> plus I don't really _want_ to keep an archive of them.
20:13:24 <Keymaker> just curiously asking, are you working on that project FOR demi?
20:13:25 <fizzie> but I don't want to keep darkhive either, and yet I still do.
20:13:34 <fizzie> nope.
20:13:37 <Keymaker> ok
20:13:45 <Keymaker> well, nicely made job anyways
20:14:00 <fizzie> you wouldn't say that if you saw the perl scripts that do the updating.
20:14:21 <Keymaker> hehe, well, i can't read perl anyways
20:14:33 <Toreun> most people can't read perl
20:14:46 <fizzie> it's a somewhat write-only language.
20:15:13 <Keymaker> :) haha
20:15:17 <fizzie> I also wrote a custom ncurses-based client for the pseudo-3d java chat applet demi.fi used to have on their site back when franticmedia was doing the webdesign there.
20:15:21 <Toreun> better than BASIC, which lacks so much functionality it's almost a read-only lanugage
20:16:23 <Keymaker> well, i haven't ever tried learning perl either. is it useful?
20:16:28 <fizzie> and then there's PILOT, which seems to me to be an execute-only language. it can't really _do_ anything, but the syntax is ugly and cryptic-like.
20:17:05 <Keymaker> hmmm.. link?
20:17:26 <fizzie> it's the language I was talking about the other day, the one I had misplaced my standard of.
20:17:49 <Keymaker> hmm, sorry, i've really the worst memory :\
20:17:57 <fizzie> and perl.. well, imho it's mildly useful for those shell scripts that are getting bit too complicated for bash+sed+awk+grep.
20:18:18 <fizzie> but then again one could just use scsh or something sensible for those.
20:21:26 <Toreun> the only reason I could see myself learning perl is because so many things are written in perl
20:21:53 <Toreun> well, learning perl more than just basics
20:22:23 <fizzie> I just wrote a simple perl script to do [something]. I wonder what it might have been.
20:23:03 <Keymaker> hehe
20:23:09 <Keymaker> comments missing?
20:23:13 <fizzie> the incredible amount of CPAN modules for just about every possible task, plus the easiness to call other programs makes perl a relatively nice language to write "glue" in.
20:23:28 <fizzie> no, it probably had comments, I just can't remember where I wrote it.
20:23:34 <fizzie> or what for.
20:23:43 <Keymaker> ok
20:28:09 <Keymaker> watched that dark star or whatever it was, yesterday fizzie?
20:32:44 <fizzie> nahh, was busy trying to make the win32-hosted symbian software development kit run on linux.
20:33:09 <fizzie> there was some pre-made glue stuff to make it work in the interweb, but it was for an earlier version of the sdk, so I had to play with it a bit.
20:34:16 <fizzie> mostly the toolchain was easy to make run on linux, just that there was some stupidity with mixed-case names (windows, as we all know, doesn't care about filename case-ness, so the mismatched usages weren't a problem there) and the lf/crlf line-terminator stupidity.
20:34:49 <Keymaker> i see
20:36:46 <Keymaker> what's the point in carriage-return actually?
20:38:07 <fizzie> well, it's useful if you want to make an updated status indicator on a relatively dumb terminal.
20:38:45 <Keymaker> in other words: it's pointless
20:38:57 <fizzie> as a line-terminator in files, yes.
20:39:02 <fizzie> as a control character, not really.
20:39:34 <Keymaker> control character?
20:40:43 <fizzie> the "move cursor to beginning of current line" control character.
20:40:46 <fizzie> very useful.
20:41:26 <Keymaker> ah, i didn't know it was called control character.. agree, it's useful
20:41:30 <fizzie> and works on a wider range of terminals than ansi/vt-100 escapes.
20:45:02 <fizzie> whoa, 1.25 hours left. I estimate this day will belong to the class "wasted time" for me.
20:45:32 <Keymaker> :(
20:45:47 <Keymaker> well, i haven't got anything useful made either
20:46:05 <Keymaker> probably i'll do some bf not to waste whole day :)
20:47:21 <fizzie> I'd need to write a z80-based-device emulator for the arm/symbian/series60. :p
20:47:39 <Keymaker> :)
20:47:48 <fizzie> sadly that'd probably be the most useful piece of code I'd have written.
20:48:06 <Keymaker> sadly?
20:48:22 <fizzie> well, some might say even that is not very useful.
20:48:39 <Keymaker> it sounds impressive anyways :)
20:48:52 <fizzie> it sounds pointless to me, but I sort of promised.
20:49:06 <Keymaker> i see
20:50:10 <fizzie> it's related to the mobile demo compo of this year's assembly04 event, if you must know.
20:50:27 <Keymaker> ah
20:51:03 <Keymaker> i haven't ever been at assembly, and probably won't go either, but i've read about the demo "scene"
20:51:23 <fizzie> the quotes definitely are in the right place.
20:51:41 <Keymaker> :)
20:51:43 <fizzie> I've been to few of the smaller finnish demoscene "events", and.. uh, it's not a pretty thing.
20:52:03 <Keymaker> too bad..
20:52:42 <Keymaker> assembly's mostly gaming these days, right?
20:52:51 <fizzie> well, yes.
20:53:02 <Keymaker> yeah :(
20:53:13 <fizzie> and the smaller events tend to include large quantities of C2H5OH, since we're in finland. :p
20:53:26 <Keymaker> hahaha
20:54:51 <fizzie> besides, in _all_ the parties (and most of the other social gatherings I've gone) I've seen jaffa/bC! naked, for one reason or the other. usually involves swimming/water, but not always. to be honest it's kinda disturbing.
20:55:23 <Keymaker> LOL
20:55:39 <Keymaker> by the way, jaffa/bC! some person i guess?
20:55:42 <fizzie> oh yes.
20:55:54 <Keymaker> heh
20:56:09 <fizzie> actually, if you want to see what a finnish demoscene event is like, just go see the 'unssia vsytt' "wild-compo entry".
20:56:17 <fizzie> I'll check the scene.org link for that.
20:56:35 <Keymaker> ok
20:56:39 <fizzie> actually it's in http://koti.mbnet.fi/megam/unssia_vasyttaa.AVI
20:57:09 <Keymaker> hmmm, how large is the file?
20:57:24 <fizzie> ~5M
20:57:32 <Keymaker> oh, ok
20:57:52 <Keymaker> i should get a lot faster connection in few days, but i guess i can download that with this :)
20:58:09 <Keymaker> argh, i mean few weeks, small typo there..
20:58:16 <fizzie> it's from the 'stream 2003' partay.
20:58:21 <fizzie> I rather like the internet here.
21:00:40 <Keymaker> started downloading . . . .
21:02:37 <fizzie> don't blame me for wasting your bandwidth, then. :p
21:02:52 <Keymaker> hehe
21:04:17 <Keymaker> it's painful waiting; i have new computer 1 meter near this old one, and i'm waiting the new connection while surfing the web with windows 98 (barf!) without mouse (it isn't hard, but slow)
21:04:45 <fizzie> ahemh.
21:05:06 <fizzie> "win98 without mouse" sounds like something to use as a punishment for misbehaving slaves.
21:05:13 <Keymaker> yeah
21:05:22 <Keymaker> it is :(
21:05:33 <fizzie> "and for stealing some office supplies -- you get to surf the interweb for three days on win98 without the mouse!"
21:05:47 <Keymaker> hehe
21:05:48 <Toreun> "win98" sounds like a punishment in and of itself :-P
21:05:55 <Keymaker> i know, i know :(
21:06:18 <Keymaker> i've been wanting to get linux or something other os than it for many years but couldn't get anything done to that thing :(
21:06:24 <Keymaker> i dunno where to start
21:09:24 <Toreun> did you try downloading a liveeval and using that?
21:09:50 <Keymaker> no, i haven't tried absolutely anything :(
21:10:12 <Toreun> download distro from distrowatch.com and try it
21:10:32 <fizzie> knoppix is relatively nice to use, too, if the system has a bootable cd drive.
21:12:07 <fizzie> I used knoppix to do some benchmarking for our 'sorting algorith optimization' study thing (for a course here at hut) on an otherwise-windows-only box.
21:12:46 <Keymaker> hmm
21:14:13 <fizzie> now I've got the ur-quan kzer-za theme music stuck in my head.
21:14:42 <Keymaker> :)
21:14:46 <Keymaker> is it some movie?
21:15:00 <fizzie> from 'star control 2', a pc-game a while back.
21:16:05 <Keymaker> :)
21:16:20 <Keymaker> i'm into classic platformers
21:16:42 <Toreun> I still like my Zork
21:16:56 <Toreun> graphics are a waste of time
21:17:06 <Keymaker> yeah
21:17:20 <fizzie> I don't really do games nowadays, but I used to play star control 2 back when it was a new game, and it wasn't bad.
21:17:32 <fizzie> if you don't have anything else to do, you could check out http://sc2.sourceforge.net/
21:17:35 <Toreun> neither do I - at least video games
21:17:48 <Toreun> I like board/card games more
21:18:17 <Keymaker> i play my favourite games, commander keen adventures daily :)
21:18:19 <fizzie> well, I have to admit that from time to time I get the urge to start nethack and do a yet-another-stupid-death in it.
21:19:44 <Keymaker> i've heard about that but not played
21:19:55 <fizzie> wonder where mooz is, he said he'll be back "in evening".
21:20:22 <Keymaker> well, the night is young :)
21:20:26 <Toreun> I don't know, but atm I'm browsing his site and playing with that impressive javascript bef interpreter
21:20:52 <fizzie> well, I assumed the "standard" definition of 'evening' there.
21:21:27 <Toreun> standard definition of evening where? finland?
21:21:55 <Keymaker> i guess
21:21:57 <Keymaker> :)
21:22:19 <Toreun> what, is it 2320 there? I don't know what timezone it's in
21:22:24 <fizzie> 23:20, yeah.
21:22:25 <Keymaker> yeah
21:22:28 <fizzie> EEST.
21:22:50 <Toreun> ah
21:23:40 <Keymaker> too bad there's summer time, i like winter more :)
21:24:21 <fizzie> I dislike the fact that my apartment gets unbearably hot during the summer.
21:24:22 <Toreun> I like summer more, but that's probably just because I'm still in school, and around here we don't have school in summer
21:25:06 <fizzie> re school, wonder when our lectures start again next year.
21:25:29 <Keymaker> ^ i'm in that nuthouse as well, but i like still cold winter more
21:25:32 <fizzie> or if I should do anything education-related still.
21:25:48 <Keymaker> yeah
21:28:50 <fizzie> still ~.5h left to make this a non-wasted day. wonder what I could manage in that time.
21:29:13 <Keymaker> hmmmmm
21:29:14 <fizzie> maybe 'apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade' that debian box to the left of me.
21:29:49 <fizzie> it's debian-unstable and hasn't been updated in two weeks or so, I'll estimate ~100MB of updates.
21:29:54 <Toreun> you're lucky, I still have 7.5h left to waste
21:29:58 <fizzie> let's see.
21:30:16 <fizzie> hm.
21:30:23 <fizzie> 198MB of data to download.
21:30:28 <fizzie> my estimate was a bit off then.
21:31:45 <Keymaker> oh, forgot to say, i see what you meant with that "unssia vasyttaa" vid
21:33:15 <fizzie> mm.
21:33:26 <fizzie> asmebly isn't quite like that, of course.
21:34:07 <Keymaker> :)
21:36:36 <fizzie> how typical.
21:37:55 <fizzie> "kdelibs4" and "kdelibs-bin" both depend on libcupsys2 >= 1.1.19final-1, but "libgnomeprint2.2-0" depends on libcupsys2-gnutls, which conflicts with libcupsys2.
21:38:58 <Toreun> of course
21:39:41 <fizzie> well, my own fault of course.
21:40:04 <fizzie> I just _had_ to install the gnome-2.6 stuff from the 'experimental' package collection of debian.
21:40:44 <fizzie> at least I get updates from ftp.fi.debian.org at ~3000kB/s, keeping a debian-unstable with a dialup would be a new definition for the word pain.
21:42:43 <fizzie> yay.
21:42:59 <fizzie> I have some documentation in the .chm file format.
21:43:04 <fizzie> that windows htmlhelp thingie.
21:43:33 <fizzie> so I install xCHM, and verify remotely (x-forward) that it works, and think "well great, I can read the docs I have"
21:44:19 <fizzie> now I started that xCHM locally. it.. "works properly", escept that instead of normal letters I get a collection of boxes.
21:44:44 <fizzie> large boxes and small boxes, bold-font boxes and blue underlined boxes (links), but boxes anyway.
21:45:26 <fizzie> I can also change the font to get different-looking boxes.
21:58:10 <fizzie> eh. of course all other chm files open with it just perfectly except the one I'd need to read. (and that one worked when used remotely.)
22:01:10 <fizzie> great. xchm needs to be linked with gtk2 to work with unicode/utf8 chm files, but the debian version of course isn't.
22:02:04 <Keymaker> aaaaaaargh, time is ~up, it's 0000 and no progress on anything :(
22:02:23 <fizzie> same here.
22:02:41 <Keymaker> well, better luck today :)
22:06:33 <fizzie> well, if I manage to drag myself to work there's a slight chance I might manage to get something done.
22:06:50 <Keymaker> :)
22:07:11 <fizzie> sleeping would help make that probability a bit larger. maybe I should switch to the irc-terminal in my bed, that usually makes me fall asleep pretty fast.
22:07:26 <Keymaker> hehe
22:07:55 <Keymaker> well, i'm not going to be here much time anymore today (i mean today before i'm going to sleep)
22:07:55 <Toreun> are we that boring? :-P
22:08:03 <Keymaker> ^ yeah
22:08:05 <Keymaker> ;)
22:10:07 <fizzie> they're building some new student apartments right next to my window, so I can't even sleep long in the mornings.
22:10:24 <Keymaker> :(
22:10:36 <Keymaker> those darn students >:)
22:10:58 <Toreun> gotta hate 'em
22:13:22 <fizzie> well, I'm one of 'em.
22:13:42 <fizzie> but I already have an apartment, so I see no need to build more of them.
22:16:07 <Keymaker> // count sheeps
22:16:07 <Keymaker> const int SHEEPS = 5000;
22:16:07 <Keymaker> for (int i = 0; i < SHEEPS; i = i + 1) { }
22:16:07 <Keymaker> // now start sleeping
22:16:47 <Keymaker> i think i'll leave the place for this night and go sleeping/restarting my 30000 brain cell byte array ;)
22:17:49 <Keymaker> good night
22:17:51 -!- Keymaker has quit.
22:21:02 <fizzie> I'll probably fall asleep soon too.
22:21:55 <Toreun> k, night
22:22:00 <lament> A long-forgotten loved one will appear soon.
22:22:00 <lament> Buy the negatives at any price.
22:22:50 <fizzie> izzat a fortune?
22:40:32 <fizzie> oh! it's 5th of confusion, 3170, today, at least according to my timezone already. celebrate (or don't) syaday.
22:42:07 <lament> ooh
22:42:19 <lament> still 4th here
22:42:39 <fizzie> I am back in the future, then.
23:24:49 -!- mooz- has joined.
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