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19:04:40 <fizzie> why do you suppose it is that nowadays we only seem to speak when that 'keymaker' person is here?
19:05:04 <lament> he's the life of the party.
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20:34:43 <Keymaker> hi-ya
20:35:07 <mtve> hello
20:35:10 <Keymaker> hi
20:37:32 <fizzie> evening.
20:37:35 <Keymaker> evening
20:37:56 <Keymaker> by the way, [enter the usual question here]?
20:39:33 <fizzie> [enter the usual response here].
20:40:23 <Keymaker> [enter the usual 'too bad'-reply here]
20:42:35 <Keymaker> hmmm, can anyone suggest any good science fiction or cyberpunk books that focus on robots?
20:50:11 <fizzie> anything by asimov.
20:50:25 <fizzie> well, maybe not anything, but something.
20:50:37 <Keymaker> hmmm
20:51:30 <fizzie> I'm bad at remembering the names of his especially good books. maybe mooz could recommend?
20:52:41 <Keymaker> let's hope so :)
21:15:40 <Keymaker> he's probably not home..
21:16:27 <fizzie> well, he was home just few hours ago, I don't see how he might have managed to disappear since then.
21:16:31 <fizzie> but maybe you're right.
21:17:49 <Keymaker> heh
21:25:01 <fizzie> hmph, my usb support went broken.
21:25:20 <fizzie> Jun 1 02:31:30 zark kernel: usb 3-2: new full speed USB device using address 9
21:25:23 <fizzie> Jun 1 02:31:30 zark kernel: usb 3-2: device not accepting address 9, error -71
21:25:27 <fizzie> worked just fine for addresses <8.
21:26:16 <Keymaker> too bad, any idea what could be wrong?
21:27:23 <fizzie> nope. well, maybe the device dislikes addresses that are more than three bits long.
21:30:30 <fizzie> I know for a fact that dodongo dislikes smoke.
21:32:52 <Keymaker> i don't see.. :\
21:34:40 <fizzie> that's a "fact" that I've been unable to get out of my head lately.
21:35:27 <Keymaker> ok
21:35:43 <Keymaker> where did you get that fact?
21:38:57 <fizzie> I don't know.
21:39:06 <fizzie> maybe it was a dream?
21:40:05 <Keymaker> :) most probably
21:41:19 <fizzie> google found me http://dodongosmoke.ytmnd.com/
21:42:57 <Keymaker> ah, i see now
21:42:59 <Keymaker> :)
21:44:35 <Keymaker> kinda off-topic; my wrist is really hurting, i don't know why, it's been hurting the whole day :(
21:49:54 <fizzie> so had mine yesterday, but it went away after I slept.
21:50:11 <Keymaker> hopefully this goes away too
21:50:16 <Keymaker> maybe too much keyboarding
21:50:25 <Keymaker> ..or too few..
21:50:36 <fizzie> 23:40:11 < SLi> Paitsi nykynppiksi ei meinaa uskaltaa ostaa kun niiss lukee aina jotain "Varoitus: Useiden asiantuntijoiden mielest MINK TAHANSA nppimistn kytt saattaa PERUUTTAMATTOMASTI TUHOTA puolet aivosoluistasi vuorokauden vlein."
21:50:43 <fizzie> sorry for the language.
21:51:15 <Keymaker> :)
21:51:34 <mooz-> I don't know any robot books :/
21:51:41 <Keymaker> ok
21:52:18 <Keymaker> i don't either, at least not many, but i'll try to find out some..
21:52:22 <mooz-> except some by asimov of course
21:52:30 <Keymaker> tell
21:52:31 <fizzie> well, there's a short story collection by asimov called 'robots of dawn' (on this book-cd for example), I'd assume some of the stories are about robots.
21:52:56 <mooz-> "I, robot" for example is a very known robot story
21:52:58 <Keymaker> well, judging by the name . . .
21:53:07 <Keymaker> i should read that
21:53:30 <mooz-> they're making a movie of it
21:53:32 <Keymaker> i saw nice looking trailer about an upcoming movie with the same title,
21:53:42 <Keymaker> (too slow fingers)
21:54:03 <Keymaker> seems promising
21:55:27 <fizzie> other asimov collections (title not necessary containing the word 'robot') have related stories too.
21:55:38 <Keymaker> ok
21:57:08 <mooz-> do androids dream of electric sheep?
21:57:23 <fizzie> I think they do.
21:57:37 <fizzie> the book's a lot better than the movie.
21:58:25 <Keymaker> sounds interesting
21:58:41 <Keymaker> what kind o story it is?
21:59:08 <fizzie> the movie's called 'blade runner', you may have heard of it.
21:59:17 <Keymaker> yeah
21:59:21 <Keymaker> even seen it
21:59:52 <fizzie> book's by philip k. dick, who has written lots of excellent books, imho. not about robots though.
22:00:19 <Keymaker> hmmm, name sounds familiar, maybe i've read some books by him
22:01:00 <lament> robots suck.
22:01:26 <lament> But do read Karel Capek.
22:01:43 <Keymaker> hmm, what kind of books?
22:01:47 <fizzie> well, some titles by him include _ubik_, _a skanner darkly_, _rautavaara's case_, _second variety_ (this one was a collection of short stories, I think, and the 'second variety' story was related to robots), and others.
22:02:02 <mooz-> ubik's wacky
22:02:32 <mooz-> for good less-known scifi, read rupert goodwins' "weird dreams"
22:02:37 <fizzie> oh yes.
22:02:49 <Keymaker> i'll try to keep in mind those names
22:03:00 <mooz-> weird dreams is available online only
22:03:06 <Keymaker> ok
22:03:59 <Keymaker> i'll search it sometime, probably if i would now, i would probably find some freaky bizarre sites only
22:04:23 <mooz-> www.geocities.com/jeremyalansmith/level9/
22:04:28 <Keymaker> oh thanks
22:04:36 <mooz-> that's where it legally exists, at least
22:19:20 <fizzie> reading the 'wreckers' story.
22:35:55 <Keymaker> hmm
22:35:59 <Keymaker> i think
22:36:13 <Keymaker> i'll go to sleep.. ZzzZzzzzZz
22:36:28 <Keymaker> good night
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22:37:31 <calamari_> hi
22:38:00 <Toreun> hi
22:49:28 <Toreun> how's your c compiler coming, calamari?
22:54:41 <lament> hm
22:54:46 <lament> i wonder how a language would look
22:54:50 <lament> in which you have the functions:
22:54:55 <lament> S, K, I and XOR
23:00:25 <calamari_> toreun: haven't worked on it.. my wife and I went up to the mountains camping last night.. was fun :)
23:01:00 <Toreun> lament: S, K, and I?
23:12:14 <kosmikus> lament: why XOR? well, why I?
23:13:16 <kosmikus> Toreun: http://foldoc.doc.ic.ac.uk/foldoc/foldoc.cgi?query=combinator&action=Search
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23:37:08 <calamari_> bbl.. need food
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23:37:21 <lament> kosmikus: heh!
23:37:31 <lament> kosmikus: i'm not sure what XOR would do, though.
23:37:46 <lament> kosmikus: I guess S could be like true and K like false, and ditch I...
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23:42:14 <kosmikus> ah, so the XOR should operator on the combinators?
23:42:21 <lament> well of course
23:42:25 <lament> but i have no idea how
23:43:12 <kosmikus> why do you want the XOR at all? just for redundancy and obfuscation? ;)
23:46:27 <lament> of course.
23:46:29 <lament> ok screw xor
23:46:34 <lament> the basic idea is:
23:46:46 <lament> find some nice way to map true/false to ski-expressions
23:47:56 <kosmikus> nicer than encoding them in untyped lambda calculus, and translating that to SK-expressions?
23:49:22 <lament> what
23:52:19 <kosmikus> what?
23:54:37 <lament> what?
23:57:17 <kosmikus> which part of my original question should I explain in more detail?
23:59:26 <lament> i don't understand what you mean by 'encoding them in untyped lambda calculus and translating that to sk-expressions'
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