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02:29:16 <dbc> You know why the bitwise operators have such low precedence?
02:30:35 <dbc> They were originally used in many places where the logical operators are now. And so after they introduced the logical operators, they still didn't want anything else to have higher precedence than the logical operators but lower precedence than the bitwise operators, so as to avoid breaking that old code.
02:31:53 <dbc> Not a good reason--at least, not given that C turned into the most widely-used programming language. I think i read Ritchie acknowledging it was a mistake.
02:38:37 <dbc> In K&R2, introduction, page 3, there's a vague reference to it: "C, like any other language, has its blemishes. Some of the operators have the wrong precedence;..."
02:56:21 <lament> silly.
02:56:28 <lament> C just sucks :)
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14:08:01 <Keymaker> hello all!
14:08:10 <Keymaker> it's good to be back..
14:08:34 <fizzie> hello.
14:08:37 <fizzie> you missed dbc again. :p
14:08:40 <Keymaker> hello
14:08:43 <Keymaker> d'oh!
14:08:56 <Keymaker> hey, i see his name there but..
14:09:00 <Keymaker> ..he's gone?
14:12:49 <fizzie> idle: 11 hours.
14:12:56 <Keymaker> :(
14:13:14 <Keymaker> but well, is that idling time so special on this channel? :)
14:20:17 <Keymaker> hmm, just changed some colours, looks nice.
14:39:38 <fizzie> oh I just love j2me, an applet can not write to a file in the phone filesystem.
14:40:45 <Keymaker> :(
14:40:50 <fizzie> so if I have a chunk of binary data I have to a) send it over gprs to a remote host, which costs muchly b) send it as a multimedia message to myself with the straaange^2 wireless messaging api c) send it to a computer with the bluetooth api that's not supported by the standard build tools d) write a viewer to examine the data using the device.
14:41:56 <Keymaker> d
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14:56:04 <fizzie> ok, the audio data I get from a Manager.getPlayer("capture://audio?rate=8000"); is completely bonkers. that's it. I've done enough of this crap for today - time to stop.
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15:00:24 <Keymaker> "I've done enough of this crap for today - time to stop." what now? :)
15:00:53 <fizzie> I.. dunno. I guess I should try getting home or something.
15:00:58 <Keymaker> hhm
15:01:01 <Keymaker> good plan
15:01:19 <fizzie> I feel weak. haven't eaten since I don't-remember-when.
15:01:35 <Keymaker> i know the feeling
15:02:18 <fizzie> so eating would be another good idea.
15:02:28 <fizzie> too bad there's probably nothing here except maybe cookies.
15:02:36 <fizzie> another good reason for getting home.
15:02:38 <Keymaker> well, those good :)
15:02:58 <Keymaker> i'm always too lazy to cook - that's why noodles are my best friend
15:03:09 <fizzie> I think I'll take this 3com bluetooth stick with me home to play with.
15:03:48 <Keymaker> ok
15:06:47 <fizzie> committed my stupid java test thing to the cvs since "well, everything should be in cvs". feels bad to commit broken stuff though.
16:10:17 <fizzie> well, I plugged an usb bluetooth stick to one of my linux boxen and now I have bluetooth in here. now if I could only figure out what to do with it..
16:11:28 <fizzie> in theory I could use the phone as a small bluetooth-based remote control thing, but with a 18m^2 apartment (and six computers usable as terminals) the need for a remote control device isn't that great.
16:19:14 <Keymaker> yeah :)
16:19:29 <Keymaker> wow, pretty nice sounding flat -- six computers!
16:20:43 <Keymaker> NOOOOO!!!! i just converted cd to mp3 (for my own use of course), and accidentally deleted the files.. :(
16:23:25 <fizzie> well, now. I just said "usable as terminals".
16:24:09 <fizzie> one of them for example is a macintosh performa 5260, a rather silly powerpc thing.
16:24:58 <Keymaker> i see
16:25:23 <fizzie> and another is a SGI indy (commonly described as "indigo without the go"), which achieves impressive levels of uselessness too. especially since it has irix 6.5.something installed and using it is "a bit" sluggish.
16:25:51 <Keymaker> :)
16:26:08 <fizzie> and the sparcstation 5 (this I didn't even include in the count because:) doesn't even have a monitor or a keyboard attached.
16:26:44 <fizzie> I have a habit of gathering junk, if you didn't notice. :p
16:26:49 <Keymaker> heh
16:27:01 <Keymaker> i was just going to ask have you bought them all :)
16:27:30 <fizzie> well, I got the indy for free when the computer science department was getting rid of them.
16:27:41 <fizzie> and I bought the sparc and performa from huuto.net. :p
16:27:46 <Keymaker> i se
16:27:50 <Keymaker> *see
16:28:08 <Keymaker> huuto.net has been useful source for me too getting some stuff
16:31:47 <Keymaker> ah, today i probably finally have time to work on my keen site :)
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17:27:43 <Keymaker> hello
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17:35:54 <lament> hello
17:35:57 <Keymaker> hi
17:36:11 <Keymaker> doing anything?
17:36:31 <lament> drinking water.
17:36:44 <Keymaker> i see
17:36:54 <Keymaker> i'm trying to eat some fruit
17:54:18 <fizzie> wheee. I convinced my phone to open a ppp connection to my linux box, over a bluetooth serial line.
17:54:35 <fizzie> and managed to access local web pages using opera on the phone.
18:03:48 <Keymaker> heh
18:03:54 <Keymaker> what it looked like?
18:04:04 <Keymaker> the sites?
18:19:08 <lament> /j lua
18:19:10 <lament> oops
18:21:43 <Keymaker> ?
18:22:03 <Keymaker> anyways -- too bad i'll go for a little walk now.. :( fresh air :( :(
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