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16:13:23 <Keymaker> hi
16:13:29 <fizzie> hi.
16:13:37 <fizzie> you missed dbc, by the way.
16:13:43 <fizzie> 16:39:21 -!- dbc [ttm@130-94-161-238-dsl.hevanet.com] has quit ["you have no chance to survive make your time."]
16:13:43 <Keymaker> no no no :(
16:13:49 <fizzie> 18:08:57 -!- Keymaker [~Keymaker@wire74.adsl.netsonic.fi] has joined #esoteric
16:13:59 <Keymaker> :(
16:14:05 <fizzie> your timing is, as always, quite impressive.
16:14:11 <Keymaker> i've noticed
16:14:23 <Keymaker> but well, this time it wasn't totally my own fault
16:15:30 <Keymaker> today i've had problems with the net, here's some new connection and dunno, maybe some people somehow roam all the bandwidth or whatever (i really dunno these terms) :(
16:16:34 <fizzie> aren't adsl connections supposed to have a fixed amount of bandwidth allocated for every user? or is that some kind of shared-by-lots-of-people connection thing?
16:16:51 <Keymaker> shared-by-lots-people
16:17:11 <fizzie> ah. hard to determine from the hostname in this case.
16:17:17 <Keymaker> yeah
16:17:35 <fizzie> I'm still very happy with my current internet connectivity :) :) <3 :)
16:17:42 <Keymaker> :)
16:17:54 <Keymaker> i believe that
16:19:18 <fizzie> although the thrill did wear off after the first few months, and now when I have to download something from the Real Internet (as opposed to the local network here or funet) it feels _really really slow._ (usually ~100-500kB/s)
16:19:39 <Keymaker> only...
16:19:41 <Keymaker> :)
16:20:03 <fizzie> I guess I'm becoming bandwidth-spoiled or something.
16:20:08 <Keymaker> i see
16:20:44 <Keymaker> i'm probably never be one, since there are those bandwidth-monsters..
16:20:53 <Keymaker> *i'll
16:21:58 <fizzie> but, well, as you can see in http://gehennom.org/mrtg/vr0.php I don't really use this much.
16:22:54 <fizzie> although in the 'yearly' graph one can clearly see when I moved in. (beginning of september.)
16:23:08 <Keymaker> heh
16:26:09 <Keymaker> by the way, know any good, lite, ASCII text editor?
16:26:36 <fizzie> well, vim, but it's not too light any more.
16:26:56 <fizzie> depends on your definition of 'light' of course.
16:27:06 <fizzie> it's no emacs, if you catch my drift. :p
16:27:18 <Keymaker> i see :)
16:27:21 <Keymaker> i've heard of that
16:27:49 <deltab> ed
16:28:14 <fizzie> ed's a bit.. too minimalistic for my tastes.
16:28:41 <deltab> nano
16:28:59 <fizzie> nano might be good, but it's not a vi-clone.
16:29:52 <fizzie> <fact type="false">did you know the name EMACS comes from 'Eventually malloc()s All Computer Storage'?</fact>
16:30:21 <Keymaker> :)
16:30:54 <fizzie> hm, lang's been surprisingly active lately.
16:31:22 <Keymaker> lang?
16:32:03 <deltab> "Computer" seems rather redundant there; I suggest "Connected"
16:32:16 <fizzie> the esoteric.sange.fi email list.
16:32:33 <Keymaker> ah email list..
16:32:42 <Keymaker> too bad i'm not on any..
16:32:44 <fizzie> another version I've heard was 'Eight Megs And Continuously Swapping', but these days 8M of memory is ~nothing.
16:33:08 <Keymaker> yeah :(
16:34:16 <Keymaker> hmmm, there's some brainfuck archive on that site *drool*
16:34:25 <Keymaker> i haven't noticed it before :)
16:34:37 <Keymaker> (or at least can't remember)
16:36:11 <fizzie> I've gotten >50 "undeliverable mail; returning to sender" spam emails during the last couple of hours.
16:36:33 <fizzie> is this the national "let's forge fizzie's email address as the sender of spam" day or what?
16:36:53 <Keymaker> hmm too bad :(
16:36:58 <Keymaker> spam's really annoying
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16:41:54 <Keymaker> oh wow! how this: http://esoteric.sange.fi/brainfuck/bf-source/prog/PI16.BF can be even possible? *confused*
16:42:17 <Keymaker> there are some really good bf codes out there..
16:46:19 <Keymaker> whoaly .. :O
16:47:14 <fizzie> I would like to see a brainf*ck pi calculator that worked the same way as the one ioccc entry.
16:48:41 <Keymaker> d'oh, i'll be away some minutes, there's icecream available
16:49:11 <fizzie> this http://www.ioccc.org/1988/westley.c one
16:49:20 <fizzie> "if you want more digits, write a bigger program."
17:01:07 <Keymaker> wow
17:01:12 <Keymaker> very confusing :)
17:02:26 <Keymaker> oh no
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18:04:54 <Keymaker> phew..
18:07:49 <Keymaker> darn, i have something wrong in my bf code..
18:12:56 <fizzie> something in your bf code made you do 'Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)' and stay away from irc an hour?
18:13:06 <Keymaker> nope
18:13:13 <Keymaker> that's my lousy internet connection
18:13:20 <Keymaker> as i told, this is really annoying
18:13:35 <Keymaker> (or ok, i didn't say "it's annoying" but..)
18:13:49 <Keymaker> every 5 min i tried to come back, but no success
18:14:29 <fizzie> I need a terminal in my bathroom, I think.
18:14:49 <Keymaker> :)
18:16:10 <fizzie> I wonder if the bluetooth thing has enough range. I could use my phone as a terminal if it does.
18:16:19 <fizzie> "just thinking."
18:16:47 <Keymaker> good plan :)
18:17:20 <fizzie> I also wonder if the psion-linux kernel loader could be made to work on said phone.
18:17:40 <fizzie> probably not, though.
18:43:56 <Keymaker> hmmm, how or can i contribute some bf files to that 'http://esoteric.sange.fi/' archive, sometime (or is it possible)?
18:44:34 <fizzie> "To submit new programs, email pkalliok@helsinki.fi."
18:44:47 <Keymaker> ok
18:44:56 <Keymaker> i must be blind..
18:46:49 <fizzie> the archivist used to visit ircnet, too, but he either stopped or changed nicks.
18:47:24 <Keymaker> ok
18:51:14 <lament> phones suck.
18:51:55 <Keymaker> yep
18:55:13 <fizzie> another good reason to try running linux on it - I doubt it'd much work as a phone then.
18:59:26 <Keymaker> argh.. i should rewrite some php code.. :(
19:03:23 <lament> don't.
19:04:54 <Keymaker> but but... :(
19:05:19 <Keymaker> i really should, because there's serious error with mysql database :)
19:05:56 <Keymaker> or well, serious means in this case that the script overwrites data it shouldn't and so on..
19:06:45 <Keymaker> all caused by the fact i didn't know new entries go "up" in the table and not under older ones (or that's what i think is problem)
21:34:07 <Keymaker> hmmm, goodbye for this nite :)
21:34:10 -!- Keymaker has quit.
21:35:28 <fizzie> "night."
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