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05:46:07 <Dabomber> Hi all
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15:24:11 <Keymaker> hiya
15:24:47 <Keymaker> my legs hurt, i've been standing and walking all the day..
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16:47:26 <fizzie> m'hi.
16:50:24 <Keymaker> hi
16:50:41 <Keymaker> dbc been around?
16:51:18 <mtve> no
16:51:22 <Keymaker> ok
16:51:52 <fizzie> wonder if I'm still actively ircing by the time you manage to catch him.
16:52:53 <Keymaker> :)
16:53:00 <Keymaker> 'actively'
16:53:42 <Keymaker> or, it can be he reads the logs and checks the times carefully; so that he can idle safely many hours and get out just before i join channel..
16:54:50 <fizzie> erm, well.. I fail to see how anyone can deduce from the logs when you will appear. the other way it'd work; maybe _you_ are reading the logs and only join after he has left.
16:55:21 <Keymaker> you're right
16:57:33 <Keymaker> just small opinion: do you think program should ask 'are you sure you want to ..' things or just do something, or should there be something where user can set it to ask or deactive the feature?
17:00:18 <fizzie> well, generally speaking everything should be configurable.
17:00:22 <Keymaker> i see
17:03:25 <fizzie> I doubt the 'are you sure you want to' dialogs even help much, if you're decided enough to screw up you'll manage to do that even if you have to click through dozens of warnings.
17:04:07 <Keymaker> i've noticed that pretty well :)
17:04:58 <Keymaker> *delete all the files?* *ok* *still want to delete them?* *yes* darn! :(
17:22:48 <Keymaker> aaaargh, it's sauna, bye for a while..
17:47:44 <Keymaker> done
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22:15:50 <Keymaker> hmm, byes
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22:20:53 <fizzie> bye.
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