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18:06:22 <tah> hi
18:12:05 <lament> hi.
18:12:45 <tah> Ah, someone alive. I found this channel from a log on the web while searching for Argh!
18:13:06 <mtve> argh
18:13:12 <lament> argh.
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18:56:31 <calamari_> hi
18:57:09 <tah> Hi calamari
18:57:34 * tah has to leave now, just a short visit before driving home from work (after the rain stops)
18:57:46 <tah> oh, still rains
18:57:55 <tah> (just not as much as before)
18:58:26 <calamari_> where do you live? It rained here last night
18:58:30 <calamari_> (arizona)
18:59:25 <tah> Osnabrueck, Germany
19:19:49 <tah> Anyone interested in a vim script for Argh!? Just completed the last bit with help from the #vim channel
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19:27:24 <mtve> vim script or argh? what does it do?
19:28:44 <tah> mtve: It sets some variables and changes cursor movement in replace mode: The cursor stays on the entered character, except for [hjklHJKL] for which it moves in the correct direction
19:29:24 <mtve> ah, so it should be useful for befunge as well? :)
19:29:54 <tah> mtve: Maybe, does befunge use hjkl, too?
19:30:58 <mtve> no, it doesn't. i see.
19:32:06 <tah> mtve: But of course this can be changed
19:37:56 <tah> mtve: I sent it to Sascha so he can include it in the next Argh! release
19:38:08 <mtve> good
19:39:00 * tah will leave now, it still rains, but not as much as before
19:39:17 <tah> Argh! uhm, I mean ... Bye!
19:39:32 <mtve> bye :)
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23:18:45 <calamari_> hi
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