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00:10:49 <calamari_> hi
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21:23:26 <Keymaker> hmmhmmhmmm hey
21:25:07 <fizzie> ey.
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21:28:46 <Keymaker> grr computer crash
21:28:58 <fizzie> computars often is borken.
21:29:09 <Keymaker> i see
21:44:17 <Keymaker> anyone doing anything cool?
21:45:13 <fizzie> me at least am not.
21:45:21 <Keymaker> i see
21:45:45 <Keymaker> too bad i'm bot either
21:45:56 <Keymaker> *not
21:46:11 <fizzie> I _should_ be fixing this symbianized pitch detection stuff for tomorrow since my vacation starts the day after tomorrow, but my eyes the hurt are.
21:46:30 <Keymaker> :)
21:46:40 <Keymaker> what you're going to do on the vacation?
21:46:54 <Keymaker> stay on computer and program? ;)
21:47:16 <fizzie> well, I _would_, but mother has her 50th birthday, she asked me to go to prague with her for a week.
21:47:27 <fizzie> and then there's assembly04 next weekend.
21:47:33 <Keymaker> i see
21:47:41 <Keymaker> going there?
21:47:48 <fizzie> I guess I have to.
21:47:58 <Keymaker> bad luc :(
21:48:01 <Keymaker> *luck
21:48:12 <fizzie> mm. well, there are few interesting people to meet there usually.
21:48:22 <Keymaker> i see
21:48:32 <Keymaker> i haven't ever been there
21:49:35 <fizzie> you haven't missed that much. mostly it's just an excuse to stay awake few days and then revel in the fuzziness of the saturday-sunday part.
21:49:49 <Keymaker> yeah
21:50:23 <Keymaker> i hate quake(s), counter-strike and half-life, and i couldn't go anything nice to demo scene either..
21:51:21 <Keymaker> *go = do
21:51:52 <lament> http://fury.com/images/weblog/google_circa_1960.jpg
21:52:13 <fizzie> I was supposed to write a symbianos z80-device emulator so that a friend could participate in the 'mobile demo' category, since they've banned calculators now.
21:52:26 <Keymaker> :)
21:52:58 <Keymaker> i see
21:53:22 <fizzie> but seems I ran out of time.
21:53:26 <Keymaker> :(
21:53:33 <fizzie> I wonder where I could find a terminal.
21:54:18 <fizzie> I took a nice vt510 to asm2001, and it worked just fine, but, er, it, uh, well.. caught fire somewhere during year 2002.
21:54:30 <Keymaker> :O
21:54:37 <fizzie> maybe I should've cleaned all the dust inside it.
21:54:45 <Keymaker> yeah
21:55:13 <Keymaker> just to ask, i didn't know there was possible to use calculators also in that demo scene
21:55:20 <Keymaker> what kind of things was made with them?
21:55:26 <fizzie> er, well..
21:55:38 <fizzie> nothing too fancy, I'm afraid. but the ti86 is a neat platform.
21:55:46 <Keymaker> i see
21:56:26 <fizzie> a 128x64 black-and-white lcd (so slow that you can do greyscale-by-flicker) and a.. was it a 6MHz z80?
21:56:30 <fizzie> can't recall.
21:56:50 <fizzie> 2003 mobile demo compo winner was a ti-86 production by this friend of mine.
21:57:45 <Keymaker> wow
21:58:00 <Keymaker> very nice
21:58:10 <fizzie> http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=10525
22:00:04 <Keymaker> nice looking stuff there
22:01:41 <fizzie> it featured sound, which is quite nice from a system without any hardware support for sound. :p
22:01:54 <Keymaker> :)
22:01:59 <Keymaker> how that was done?
22:02:40 <fizzie> there's a "link port" for data transfer.
22:02:51 <Keymaker> ah
22:02:57 <fizzie> you can do a constant-amplitude square wave by twiddling the state.
22:03:14 <Keymaker> :)
22:04:57 <Keymaker> maybe i should try to program something nice to my ti-86
22:05:16 <Keymaker> (though, first i should probably know some assembler)
22:05:17 <fizzie> there's a nice befunge interpreter for ti-86.
22:05:38 <Keymaker> i see, i've noticed that somewhere but of course not tried
22:05:39 <fizzie> and the z80 instruction set at least marginally makes sense.
22:05:55 <Keymaker> good
22:06:15 <fizzie> it's even small enough for a human to be able to somewhat remember most of it, unlike x86.
22:06:30 <Keymaker> :)
22:08:09 <fizzie> the befunge interpreter is somewhere at quux.befunge.org and you can blame mooz for it.
22:08:25 <Keymaker> ok
22:15:43 <fizzie> found a floppy from my first isp :)
22:15:48 <Keymaker> :)
22:15:54 <fizzie> dated 1994.
22:15:56 <Keymaker> i see
22:16:10 <fizzie> heh, it's been ten years already. where does the time go?
22:16:20 <Keymaker> dunno.. :\
22:16:35 <Keymaker> but fast it goes anyway.
22:16:48 <Keymaker> iirc i visited the internet first time that year
22:16:55 <Keymaker> not home though
22:17:29 <Keymaker> internet has probably changed a lot from those times..
22:17:39 <Keymaker> filled with spam and ads now :(
22:18:00 <fizzie> mmm.
22:18:55 <fizzie> I think I telnet'd to freenet and had my first IRC experience pretty soon after we got 'personal eunet' at home. and since I'm 21 now, I think after a year I can say I've irc'd (wasted?) half of my life.
22:19:03 <fizzie> that's probably not good.
22:19:16 <Keymaker> hehe :)
22:20:06 <Keymaker> this irc is afterall very good idea, though i don't spend much time in it and started to use it ~year ago :\
22:21:07 <fizzie> you wouldn't say 'good idea' if you saw the people I.. "discuss" with, here. :p
22:21:55 <Keymaker> heh
22:24:03 <Keymaker> but well, i think i'll hit the bed now (to sleep)
22:24:15 <Keymaker> been nice to chat a bit
22:24:21 <Keymaker> good night
22:24:37 -!- Keymaker has quit.
22:26:14 <fizzie> bught.
22:26:23 <fizzie> (that's a typoed 'night'.)
22:33:19 <lament> you meant "people" you "discuss" with
22:34:56 <fizzie> yes.
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