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22:46:13 <calamari_> hi Toreun
22:46:19 <Toreun> hi calamari_
22:47:13 <Toreun> how are you?
22:47:22 <calamari_> fine, you?
22:47:26 <Toreun> alright, alright.
22:52:01 <Toreun> are you familiar with the game of nomic at all?
22:52:54 <Taaus> I am :)
22:52:59 <lament> I am
22:53:30 <lament> it's probably the most often abandoned game ever, though.
22:53:43 <Toreun> that it is, I'm sure
22:53:44 <lament> I haven't played it; but apparently it just isn't fun to play.
22:53:45 <Toreun> except Agora
22:53:46 <Taaus> Not true. Just look at the blognomic crowd.
22:53:54 <Toreun> It's actually a lot of fun
22:53:57 <Toreun> well, in my opinion
22:54:03 <lament> once the novelty wears off, the games always get abandoned
22:54:12 <lament> at least all the ones i've ever seen on the net
22:54:24 <Toreun> Most games do get abandoned - probably because of the difficulty of maintaining them, I would think
22:54:34 <Taaus> Check out http://blognomic.blogspot.com
22:54:55 <Taaus> They've done at least ten games.
22:55:22 <lament> freaks.
22:55:46 <Toreun> I'd say the key for a fun game of nomic is finding a game that has the same sort of mindset that you want in a game
22:56:20 <lament> basic nomic is just too weird and complicated, anyway.
22:56:31 <lament> although there're variations with two or so starting rules.
22:56:42 <lament> or one.
22:56:50 <Toreun> Each game generally has a different starting ruleset
22:57:19 <Toreun> what I've been thinking about for awhile is making a formalized nomic
22:57:33 <Toreun> this was theorized in an AgoraNomic Thesis awhile back
22:57:34 <lament> euhm
22:57:37 <lament> that won't work!
22:57:41 <Toreun> it would
22:57:45 <lament> no!
22:58:04 <lament> ok, i guess it would
22:58:08 <Toreun> sure - you can't obviously have things in plaintext english
22:58:11 <lament> turing-complete rules
22:58:20 <lament> it would, but to a point
22:58:37 <Toreun> it'd be easiest if you had a pseudo-code like low level rules system
22:58:43 <Toreun> for instance, where everything is an object
22:58:50 <Toreun> and signals are sent between objects
22:59:00 <Toreun> and the rules just test for conditions and send signals
22:59:09 <lament> and here i was thinking that nomic can't possibly be less fun!
22:59:15 <Toreun> :-P
22:59:33 <Toreun> well, I would want to do this just to prove it could be done
23:01:24 <Toreun> I don't think this implementation would be all that much fun, myself. I tried making up a starting ruleset, and it was tedious.
23:01:54 <Toreun> Even making a simple voting system must be elaborately and explicitly described
23:02:54 <lament> hehe
23:03:43 <Toreun> the pros to this would be good though - no need for judgements and whatnot
23:04:01 <Toreun> so it's very easy to maintain
23:04:02 <lament> Sacrificing the fun is not an option.
23:05:20 <Toreun> I thought it wasn't fun to begin with?
23:05:39 <Toreun> *g*
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