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17:09:38 <Keymaker> evenin'
17:15:05 <Keymaker> good night
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22:15:30 <ZeroOne> now where's lindi-?
22:16:00 <ZeroOne> "Lost terminal"? hmm. maybe we should help him look for it.
22:16:29 <fizzie> interesting question. his ircnet-client is there. (45min idle.)
22:17:16 <ZeroOne> hmm, true
22:17:30 <ZeroOne> but he doesn't have auto-accept invites on
22:18:25 -!- Hipo has joined.
22:18:36 <ZeroOne> hey Hipo
22:18:39 <Hipo> Hi.
22:19:17 <fizzie> oh, also connected to freenode, too, just not joined here.
22:20:06 <ZeroOne> fizzie: I thought that was exactly what you meant :p
22:20:25 <ZeroOne> Hipo: what esolangs are you into?
22:21:19 <fizzie> I'd have said 'irc client', not 'ircnet-client', then.
22:21:35 <Hipo> ZeroOne: What esolang?
22:21:43 <ZeroOne> Hipo: esoteric programming languages
22:21:54 <ZeroOne> I just can't be bothered to type the full phrase every time ;)
22:22:05 <ZeroOne> or "essies"
22:22:12 <fizzie> "EPLs".
22:22:19 <ZeroOne> hey, that's a good one
22:22:31 <fizzie> EPL sounds like JCL or some other relic from the distant past.
22:22:32 <Hipo> What those are exactly?
22:23:01 <ZeroOne> Hipo: like Brainfuck, Befunge, Whitespace, INTERCAL, Unlambda, ...
22:23:27 <ZeroOne> I thought you knew because you joined this channel
22:23:30 <fizzie> is there a good url-answer to that question, btw?
22:23:30 <Hipo> A bit brainfuck.
22:23:46 <Hipo> ZeroOne: No, I joined because you mentioned this channel on that other channel. :)
22:24:09 <ZeroOne> fizzie: how about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_esoteric_programming_languages
22:24:25 <Hipo> I don't like esoteric languages. :)
22:25:11 <fizzie> zeroone; it'll get deleted soon anyway. :p
22:25:34 <ZeroOne> fizzie: nope, the Votes for Deletion nomination was cancelled.
22:25:59 <fizzie> the catseye esoteric-topics-in-computer-programming page used to be a good starting point, but is that thing even alive any more?
22:26:19 <ZeroOne> yeah, it just changed its address. just a sec, I'll look it up.
22:26:27 <ZeroOne> http://catseye.mine.nu:8080/
22:26:38 <fizzie> the :8080 is hard to remember.
22:26:49 <fizzie> that wikipedia article links to an archive.org copy.
22:27:08 <ZeroOne> above the archive.org copy is a link to that new version...
22:27:28 <fizzie> oh.
22:27:49 <fizzie> hey, I'm already in bed and half-asleep, can't notice everything.
22:28:07 <ZeroOne> haha :)
22:28:35 <ZeroOne> might be a good idea. gotta get up early tomorrow. I slipped school today. ;)
22:29:04 <fizzie> I only missed the first four hours of lectures today.
22:29:16 <fizzie> had some trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
22:30:00 <ZeroOne> it happens
22:30:11 <fizzie> so I managed to catch a boring/useless scheme lecture and an even more useless "how to use matlab to calculate stuff like 1+1" exercise session, instead of anything useful.
22:30:27 <fizzie> in retrospect, might've made more sense just to stay home.
22:31:34 <Hipo> Hmm, maybe I should write an esolanguage of my own...
22:31:42 -!- lindi- has joined.
22:31:48 <lindi-> ZeroOne: ah, indeed
22:34:14 <fizzie> whu? the ru keymap has , and . as shift-6 and shift-7, respectively.
22:34:19 <fizzie> strange layout.
22:34:40 <fizzie> I guess it's because they have all those extra letters.
22:38:24 <fizzie> (just happened to notice.)
22:43:06 <Hipo> Poni.
22:52:42 <fizzie> a pony?
22:59:45 <Hipo> Yea, a pony. Just came to my mind.
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