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15:47:52 <ZeroOne> Hipo: should you do that, you might want to either read all of those through because most stuff has already been invented
15:48:13 <ZeroOne> or you may want to read nothing so not to be influenced by solutions of other people
15:49:23 <Hipo> The point of esoteric language is just that its insane and not for real use? I don't mind if I use same idea that some other language already uses... :)
15:51:52 <fizzie> 1. (1) esoteric -- (confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle; "a compilation of esoteric philosophical theories")
16:10:36 <Hipo> Why there's link to Scheme48 in topic? Scheme isn't an esoteric language...
16:11:11 <mtve> we should add +t mode i guess
16:11:37 <mtve> meanwhile feel free to change the topic :)
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