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00:22:36 -!- calamari has joined.
00:26:06 <calamari> hi
00:26:17 <kipple> hello
00:52:55 <GregorR> Ping
01:33:38 <kipple> !kipple 103>o<110 111>o<80
01:33:40 <EgoBot> (Kipple note) Since kipple buffers input, you will have to send all of the input and then an EOF command. See !help eof
01:33:48 <kipple> !eof 1
01:34:11 <kipple> !help eof
01:34:13 <EgoBot> Use: eof <pid> Function: send EOF to a process
01:34:17 <kipple> !ps
01:34:22 <EgoBot> 1 kipple: ps
01:34:40 <kipple> hmm. why didn't it work?
01:35:07 <kipple> !kipple 103>o<110 111>o<80
01:35:09 <kipple> !ps
01:35:10 <EgoBot> (Kipple note) Since kipple buffers input, you will have to send all of the input and then an EOF command. See !help eof
01:35:13 <EgoBot> 1 kipple: kipple
01:35:15 <EgoBot> 2 kipple: ps
01:35:20 <kipple> !eof 1
01:35:30 <kipple> !ps
01:35:31 <EgoBot> 1 kipple: ps
01:41:32 <GregorR> Hmm
01:41:41 <GregorR> !kipple "Hi">o
01:41:43 <EgoBot> (Kipple note) Since kipple buffers input, you will have to send all of the input and then an EOF command. See !help eof
01:41:46 <GregorR> !eof 1
01:41:57 <GregorR> !ps
01:41:59 <EgoBot> 1 GregorR: ps
01:42:04 <GregorR> Oh wait ...
01:42:45 <GregorR> !kipple "Hi">o
01:42:47 <EgoBot> (Kipple note) Since kipple buffers input, you will have to send all of the input and then an EOF command. See !help eof
01:42:48 <GregorR> !eof 1
01:42:59 <GregorR> Forgot to ident to nickserv, it works :P
01:43:53 <kipple> really? could've fooled me :)
01:44:27 <GregorR> It sends the output via PM
01:45:27 <kipple> ok
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02:45:07 <calamari> GregorR: is there a way to have it only give that note via pm? hehe
02:45:22 <GregorR> Yes. Yes there is :P
03:14:27 -!- kipple has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
04:05:10 <calamari> !kipple "Hi">o
04:05:12 <EgoBot> (Kipple note) Since kipple buffers input, you will have to send all of the input and then an EOF command. See !help eof
04:05:28 <calamari> !eof 1
04:05:53 <calamari> !bf +.+.+.+.+.+.+.
04:05:56 <EgoBot> <CTCP>
04:06:08 <calamari> !bf +++++++.
04:06:10 <EgoBot>
04:06:14 <calamari> !bf +++++++.........
04:06:16 <EgoBot>
04:06:24 <calamari> ahh, only one beep per line hehe
04:34:30 -!- duerig has joined.
04:46:26 <calamari> hi duerig
04:47:47 <duerig> Hello Calamari.
04:49:40 <calamari> what's your favorite esolang?
04:50:09 <duerig> Hahaha. rail. But I'm biased 'cuz I created it.
04:50:10 <GregorR> <duerig> Rail!
04:50:14 <GregorR> Dern
04:50:18 <GregorR> Too slow ;)
04:50:21 <calamari> cool
04:50:28 <duerig> Very correct, though. ;)
04:50:33 <duerig> You, calamari?
04:50:43 * calamari checks out rail
04:50:50 <calamari> bf
04:51:04 <duerig> Ah.
04:51:20 <duerig> bf is pretty good.
04:51:59 <duerig> I always get frustrated 'cuz I can't give anything a name.
04:52:15 <duerig> But I love the minimalism.
04:53:49 <calamari> yeah, me too.. that's what I like best about it
04:55:59 <calamari> rail seems cool.. I've wanted to create a lang like that, I was thinking of wires, but didn't do it because then it seemed like a circuit simulator, and I'm not that good with electronics
04:56:15 <duerig> I also like that bf is Turing Complete. So all you have to do to prove something TC is to write an interpreter for bf.
04:57:00 <duerig> calamari, that is why I chose to do a railroad-type thing. That way there is only one part of the board that is active at any moment.
05:04:49 -!- Arrogant has joined.
05:14:22 <duerig> Hello Arrogant.
05:14:25 <duerig> What is the word of the day?
05:14:29 <Arrogant> Hello.
05:15:39 <Arrogant> Economics.
05:15:42 <Arrogant> As in, I have economics homework.
05:15:50 <GregorR> lol
05:16:24 <duerig> Hahaha. Good answer.
05:16:42 <GregorR> Pneumenoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
05:16:48 <Arrogant> Prefix "eco-" meaning...
05:16:48 <GregorR> As in "Doc, I have pneumenoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!"
05:17:15 <GregorR> Prefix "pneumeno" meaning lung...
05:17:22 <GregorR> Prefix "ultramicroscopic" meaning very very small ...
05:17:31 <GregorR> Prefix "Silico" meaning silica ....
05:17:41 <GregorR> Prefix "volcano" meaning ... volcano ....
05:17:43 <duerig> Yep. Black lung.
05:18:03 <duerig> I remember in second grade, a teacher gave us that as an extra credit question on a spelling quiz. Entirely unfair. Nobody got it right.
05:18:06 <Arrogant> I prefer black lung
05:18:44 <duerig> My favorite word is sesquipedalian.
05:19:04 <duerig> It is an adjective, and if you know what it means, then it probably describes you.
05:19:56 <duerig> I love self-referential stuff.
05:26:28 <Arrogant> My favorite word is python.
05:26:37 <Arrogant> It can refer to three different equally awesome things.
05:27:12 <duerig> Hmm... Language, snake, what's the third?
05:27:34 <Arrogant> Monty
05:28:41 <duerig> Ah. Good point.
05:29:04 <duerig> Though frankly, I'd rather meet the language than the snake in a dark alley.
05:29:05 <duerig> :)
05:29:49 <Arrogant> True.
05:30:04 <Arrogant> Unless it were a robot powered by the language while playing Monty tunes while killing you.
05:30:18 <duerig> Ouch. Now there is a good thing gone wrong.
05:30:43 <duerig> *shudder* Dying as the 'spam' song plays...
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06:42:44 <GregorR> Yay, I was K-Lined from IRCHighway!
06:42:48 <GregorR> And by "Yay"
06:43:07 <Robdgreat> sheesh
06:43:09 <Robdgreat> stupid irchighway
06:43:20 <Robdgreat> how'd you manage that, anyway?
06:43:36 <GregorR> Session limit - my IP is shared through an apartment complex >_<
06:43:50 <Robdgreat> ah
06:45:09 <duerig> Wow. That is odd.
06:45:28 <duerig> I've only ever seen natting to a few computers.
06:45:36 <duerig> Not to a whole apartment complex.
06:45:38 <GregorR> Yeah, it sucks -_-
06:46:33 <duerig> On the plus side, if some snooper catches you surfing porn, all they know is that somebody from that complex is surfing porn.
06:46:46 <duerig> If I surf porn, the evil conspiracy *knows* it was me.
06:46:47 <GregorR> Yes :P
06:47:09 <duerig> Unless the gateway keeps logs of course.
06:47:09 <GregorR> My last message before being K-Lined:
06:47:20 <GregorR> * grables masturbates out to: Anal Sluts Have Enema Party - NastyCo [0:15/3:23:00]
06:47:25 <lament> duerig: YOU EVIL PORN SURFER
06:47:50 <duerig> Notice the if then. I was stating causality, not admitting culpability. *grin*
06:48:25 <duerig> GregorR: Hahaha
06:48:53 <GregorR> I made sure to really leave my mark on the channel before disappearing :P
06:49:29 <lament> what's irchighway?
06:49:31 <Arrogant> Does anyone actually care if you were surfing porn though?
06:49:47 <duerig> The evil conspiracy cares. They care about *everything*.
06:50:06 <duerig> So that they can blackmail me with it if I decide to run for public office without their support.
06:50:19 <Arrogant> Ah.
06:51:17 <duerig> And the evil conspiracy obviously exists because (a) there is evil in the world, which means that they are evil and (b) it is not immediately apparent who they are, therefore it is a conspiracy. :-)
06:51:39 <calamari> duerig: what country are you in?
06:52:00 <GregorR> Country division is just a product of the evil conspiracy.
06:52:06 <calamari> conspiracyLand?
06:52:11 <duerig> Hahaha.
06:52:19 <GregorR> CamelCaseLand?
06:52:27 <duerig> I live in the home of conspiracy theories: The U.S.A.
06:52:47 <calamari> my Java is showing :(
06:52:52 <duerig> There was a book I read once about how pervasive conspiracy theories are in U.S. culture.
06:53:11 <lament> was it the Illuminatus?
06:53:18 <calamari> duerig: then you should know that any election can be bought.. doesn't matter how much porn you surf ;)
06:54:39 <Arrogant> Okay must go.
06:54:44 -!- Arrogant has quit (" Try HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <-").
06:54:58 <Robdgreat> oh wow
06:55:06 <Robdgreat> I just dug up a page from an old email about conspiracies
06:55:24 <duerig> Untrue. Adlai Stevenson had lots of money. And he lost 'cuz Nixon called him an egghead. It is surprising how easy it is to smear someone irrevocably.
06:55:38 <duerig> The previous comment was in response to calamari.
06:55:40 <duerig> Haha
06:55:47 <duerig> Robdgreat, link please?
06:56:05 <Robdgreat> just a minute
06:56:56 <calamari> duerig: Perot got a lot of votes in 1996 due to pure cash flow.. nobody even seemed to care about his ideas, but they all knew his name because of advertising, etc
06:57:08 <Robdgreat> http://www.crystalinks.com/conspiracy.html
06:57:15 <calamari> or was that 92
06:57:33 <calamari> whatever.. doesn't really matter :)
06:58:08 * GregorR wonders for how long he's being K-Lined from IRCHighway ...
06:58:12 <duerig> calamari: Both I think. But note that he got lots of votes, but still lost.
06:58:51 <calamari> nah the r/d just have more cash
07:00:27 <calamari> I'm somewhat anti-corporation.. I guess that doesn't make me a very good libertarian :)
07:01:08 <lament> i eat libertarians for breakfast
07:01:35 <calamari> didn't know you were partial to human flesh..
07:01:39 <duerig> Nah. Too stringy. I like republicans 'cuz they tend to eat better.
07:03:10 <duerig> The previous line was a joke. I'm really not a cannibal.
07:03:10 <lament> duerig: yes, but i eat libertarians because i'm such a tough guy.
07:03:17 <duerig> Ah.
07:03:19 <duerig> Good point.
07:03:28 <duerig> Hahaha
07:04:14 <duerig> You know, I always think it is really nifty when they make a movie out of conspiracy theories.
07:04:31 <duerig> The story of the movie is invariably better than the convoluted one in the conspiracy.
07:04:31 <GregorR> >_>
07:05:21 <Robdgreat> what did you think of Enemy of the State?
07:06:06 <duerig> Not bad. I don't remember the secret, though. Some video?
07:06:19 <Robdgreat> yeah
07:06:26 <Robdgreat> an assassination caught on tape
07:06:26 <duerig> I liked at the end how the two tech guys were able to escape punishment, but the head guy gets nailed.
07:07:01 <duerig> I thought that is funny. Usually, the minions are killed but the evil overlord escapes. :)
07:07:10 <duerig> Er that was funny.
07:10:48 <duerig> But a really good example is The Matrix. It is much cooler to think that reality is some post-apocalyptic landscape run by machines and that everything is just a VR simulation then it is to think that some jerk in government decided to dress all of their agents in the same black suit.
07:11:37 <Robdgreat> I just always wanted to hear Elrond say "Misssster Annnndersonnnn"
07:11:53 <Robdgreat> woulda made LOTR hella funnier
07:11:55 <duerig> Hahaha. A lot of people wanted that.
07:14:49 <duerig> Grr. I hate waiting for an answer. You apply for something or submit something and they say 'We'll let you know in a couple of months'.
07:16:01 <calamari> ask your psychic and find out more quickly ;)
07:16:32 <GregorR> EgoBot: You're my only friend :(
07:16:47 <EgoBot> GregorR: I know, loser. Don't touch me.
07:17:10 <duerig> Aww, cheer up. Everbody, group hug!
07:17:11 <duerig> Hahaha
07:17:58 <GregorR> LOL!
07:18:02 <GregorR> A /quit quine!
07:18:02 <calamari> duerig: if I knew glass I'd write you a magic 8-ball you could ask.. hehe
07:18:03 <GregorR> That would rock!
07:18:21 <GregorR> You /quit, and your /quit message tells other people to /quit in souch a way that they tell other people to /quit ...
07:18:32 <calamari> ahh yes the quit virus
07:18:56 <GregorR> /quit /quit If you don't type this you're totally a fag!
07:18:58 <duerig> calamari: Deciding the future isn't tractable.
07:19:07 <GregorR> Oh damn, that loses /quits :P
07:19:58 <calamari> duerig: lol.. you thought I was serious?
07:20:53 <duerig> GregorR, it won't work. You'll do that in the '#ManlyMan' channel, it will be suddenly vacated, and then disruptive elements will become operators and sieze control. Think of the havoc!?!?! :-)
07:21:20 <GregorR> But the important part is, they will be in other channels, and broadcast the quit message there as well.
07:21:27 <GregorR> Where, in turn, other people will quit.
07:21:29 <GregorR> Etc etc etc
07:21:36 <duerig> Hmm.
07:21:54 <GregorR> I guess I can control the level of recursion :P
07:21:56 <duerig> What about people like me who would just laugh at the people who '/quit'? You'd never reach total depopulation.
07:21:59 -!- calamari has quit ("/quit type this line with another /quit at the beginning").
07:22:06 <GregorR> lol
07:22:21 <GregorR> /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit If you don't type this you're totally a fag!
07:22:46 <GregorR> /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit If you don't type this (with all the /quits!) you're totally a fag!
07:22:46 <duerig> Actually, there is a fatal flaw.
07:22:53 <GregorR> What?
07:22:56 <duerig> Oh.
07:22:59 <duerig> You just addressed it.
07:23:00 <duerig> nm.
07:23:01 <duerig> Hahah
07:23:03 <GregorR> Heheh
07:23:05 -!- calamari has joined.
07:23:38 * calamari checks the logs
07:24:22 <duerig> It didn't work, calamari.
07:24:38 <duerig> Either through apathy or through disagreement, nobody followed you. :-)
07:24:42 <calamari> hehe
07:24:55 <GregorR> That's why it needs the fag factor ;)
07:25:01 <GregorR> /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit /quit If you don't type this (with all the /quits!) you're totally a fag!
07:25:29 <calamari> /quit /quit type this line with another /quit at the beginning or you're totally a fag!
07:25:51 <calamari> :)
07:26:02 <GregorR> But that makes it too complex.
07:26:18 <calamari> it's not too bad..
07:26:54 <duerig> I dunno. The whole 'fag' thing is totally inconvincing.
07:27:13 * calamari gives in.. mm candy corn
07:27:14 <duerig> It makes whoever uses the message seem adolescent.
07:27:59 <duerig> It seems that it is doomed.
07:28:04 <duerig> Unless you have a cooperative audience.
07:28:36 <Robdgreat> i.e. adolescent audience?
07:28:38 <calamari> /quit /quit type this line with another /quit at the beginning or a kitten will be killed
07:28:58 <duerig> Along the same vein of thought, there is some key combination in mIrc, which causes somebody to quit. There are people who say to use this combination in response to requests for help.
07:28:59 * GregorR stops eating a kitten corpse for just long enough read that message.
07:29:02 * GregorR continues eating.
07:29:05 <duerig> calamari: LOL
07:29:52 <Robdgreat> "Type /join #2,000"
07:30:13 -!- duerig has left (?).
07:30:38 <GregorR> Robdgreat: Nice one :)
07:30:39 -!- duerig has joined.
07:30:44 <GregorR> AHAHHAHAHAHA
07:30:49 <duerig> Robdgreat, Eh?
07:31:04 <duerig> Nothing happened.
07:31:06 <duerig> I left.
07:31:07 <duerig> I joined.
07:31:09 <duerig> I left.
07:31:10 <duerig> I joined.
07:31:13 <duerig> And I'm back here.
07:31:17 <Robdgreat> are you using mIRC?
07:31:24 <duerig> No.
07:31:27 <Robdgreat> Ok, then.
07:31:30 <duerig> What happens in mIRC?
07:31:34 <Robdgreat> you quit.
07:31:36 <Robdgreat> it's a bug
07:31:38 <duerig> Oh.
07:31:39 <duerig> Hahaha
07:31:48 <Robdgreat> it attempts to join #2 and 000
07:31:48 <duerig> This client sent me to channel '#2'.
07:32:02 <Robdgreat> when it tries to join a 0 channel, it quits
07:32:07 <Robdgreat> they may have fixed it.
07:32:07 * GregorR considers bash.org ....
07:32:15 <duerig> Hmm.
07:32:17 <duerig> Interesting.
07:32:17 <Robdgreat> they don't approve anything anymore
07:32:20 <GregorR> With the proper prelude of course.
07:32:28 <duerig> I'm using some random 'ircII' program.
07:32:43 <Robdgreat> ircII is the epitome of effective simplicity
07:33:09 <calamari> rob: dunno.. ircii has a pretty complex scripting language
07:33:20 <Robdgreat> I mean in interface
07:33:36 <Robdgreat> not necessarily in features
07:33:37 <duerig> Yeah. I like it.
07:33:45 <calamari> yeah it gets the job done
07:33:48 <Robdgreat> it's full-featured yet ... yeah
07:34:30 <calamari> I used to spend hours perfecting my startup script
07:34:39 <duerig> Hahaha.
07:34:45 <duerig> I'm just using whatever default one there is.
07:34:58 <calamari> had all sorts of crazy stuff in it.. entire programs even
07:37:08 <duerig> Wow.
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08:00:00 -!- clog has joined.
08:13:20 <GregorR> *yaaaaaaaaaaaawn*
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18:04:23 -!- klutz has changed nick to lutzhy.
19:07:18 -!- calamari has joined.
19:15:47 <jix> calamari: http://www.frappr.com/esolang
19:15:49 <jix> /away
19:19:09 -!- mtve has joined.
19:37:56 <GregorR> At the edge of the yomama joke universe, there is only bash: http://www.bash.org/?572509
19:38:32 <Robdgreat> omg
19:38:35 * Robdgreat groans.
19:38:37 <Robdgreat> that's brilliant
19:39:06 <GregorR> Why bash, whyyyyyyyyyyyy/!
19:46:51 <kipple> LOL
19:47:25 -!- NoOnE has joined.
19:49:31 <GregorR> Hmm, no one is here.
19:56:34 <NoOnE> Well, NoOnE is here.
19:56:35 <NoOnE> Hello
19:57:01 <kipple> hi
19:57:09 <GregorR> Hi :)
20:02:18 <kipple> there are a lot of great quotes on bash.org, but I wonder how much of it is real
20:02:56 <lament> all of it
20:02:57 <GregorR> Why are people so skeptical? I'll bet that the vast majority is real.
20:04:09 <kipple> possibly. some of it just seems too "good" to be true... (but then again, reality is usually more extreme than anyones imagination)
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21:27:28 <jix> In order to build the Ada compiler (GNAT) you must already have GNAT installed.... YAY!
21:28:23 <GregorR> lol
21:28:45 <jix> i'm going to stay with c++ for my bfgentextgen
21:44:52 <calamari> jix: there, now I'm on the map ;)
21:45:18 <jix> calamari: cool
21:45:59 <kipple> isn't arizona a bit dry for a calamari?
21:47:27 <calamari> nah... there is lots of water.. just look down a road on a hot day ;)
21:54:03 <kipple> wow. when I zoom in on the satelite map the arrow is placed just a couple of blocks from my house.
21:56:38 <jix> my arrow is on the correct x but on the wrong y position
22:05:04 <calamari> mine is 1 block north
22:05:04 <calamari> I guess that's considered to be the middle of the zip code ?
22:05:04 <jix> yes..
22:05:04 <calamari> wow the streets to the left of GregorR's pointer look like a navigation nightmare
22:05:04 <GregorR> LOL
22:05:04 <calamari> I now know where to deposit a dead body.. it'll never be found
22:05:04 <jix> g'night
22:05:04 -!- jix has quit ("Bitte waehlen Sie eine Beerdigungnachricht").
22:05:04 <kipple> I can understand that the map can be accurate when you use zip codes, but in my case (and anyone else outside the us) I could only enter the name of the city, so its just a coincidence that it was so accurate .)
22:05:04 <calamari> please improve my grammar.. it is terrible today: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Esolang:Community_Portal
22:05:35 <kipple> hmm. if you zoom in on the satelite map you can see that Gergor lives under a tree.
22:13:15 <Robdgreat> A Moxie tree, no doubt.
22:22:30 <calamari> lol, adding the image duplicated my comments
22:23:14 <calamari> !bf ++++++++++[>++++>++++++++++>+++++++<<<-]
22:23:14 <calamari> >>>++.<+.+++++++..+++.<++++.<+++[>----<-]>. >++++++++.--------.+++.------.--------.<<+++[>++++<-]>++.<++++++++++.
22:23:16 <calamari> bah
22:23:39 <calamari> !bf ++++++++++[>++++>++++++++++>+++++++<<<-]>>>++.<+.+++++++..+++.<++++.<+++[>----<-]>. >++++++++.--------.+++.------.--------.<<+++[>++++<-]>++.<++++++++++.
22:23:42 <EgoBot> Hello, world.
22:23:46 <calamari> heh
22:23:52 <Robdgreat> so it did fit
22:27:05 -!- Arrogant has joined.
22:41:31 <GregorR> !ps
22:41:34 <EgoBot> 1 GregorR: ps
22:41:45 <GregorR> Why is egobot suddenly taking 99% of my CPU ...
22:42:07 -!- EgoBot has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
22:42:50 <Robdgreat> Because it hates you.
22:43:07 <Robdgreat> you aren't trying genetic bf programs on it, are you?
22:43:20 -!- EgoBot has joined.
22:43:20 <GregorR> No :P
22:43:33 <Robdgreat> Just trying to help make a diagnosis :P
22:43:40 -!- Sgep has quit (Remote closed the connection).
22:43:49 <Arrogant> I want to make a halloween language
22:43:52 <Arrogant> I think I'll do so
22:44:16 -!- Sgep has joined.
22:50:33 -!- calamari has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
22:54:03 -!- calamari_ has joined.
22:54:30 <GregorR> Mm, squiddy underscores ...
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23:25:44 -!- GregorR has joined.
23:28:00 -!- calamari has joined.
23:33:29 -!- calamari_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
23:36:59 <GregorR> BTW, the reason that the area west of me looks so difficult to navigate is that there are hills there ... so it is :-P
23:38:49 -!- calamari_ has joined.
23:39:03 * calamari_ is now online via his laptop.. yay!
23:39:09 <GregorR> WEEEEEEEEEEEH!
23:39:51 <GregorR> I like how I'm the only pic in our Frappr
23:42:48 <calamari_> you're not ;)
23:45:40 <calamari_> okay switching back to the main comp :)
23:45:41 -!- calamari_ has quit ("Leaving").
23:56:56 * Sgep has to leave...
23:57:55 -!- Sgep has quit.
23:58:29 <GregorR> And now, for an interpretive piece I like to call "Sgep"
23:58:33 <GregorR> <Sgep> Hi!
23:58:36 <GregorR> *several hours pass*
23:58:39 <GregorR> <Sgep> brb
23:58:45 <GregorR> *several minutes pass*
23:58:47 <GregorR> <Sgep> Back.
23:58:50 <GregorR> *several hours pass*
23:58:57 <GregorR> <Sgep> Got to go, see you later.
23:59:02 <GregorR> * Sgep has left freenode ()
23:59:32 <GregorR> (No offense Sgep 8-D)
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