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00:33:29 <ihope> !bf ++++++++++++[>+++++++++>++++++++++<<-]>+++.--.------.>-.---.<-.----..>---.
00:33:33 <EgoBot> omgwtfbbq
00:41:38 <GregorR> -_-
00:41:38 <GregorR> Pa
00:41:39 <GregorR> The
00:41:40 <GregorR> Tic
00:43:43 <ihope> !bf +++++++++++++[>++++++++>++++++>++++++++>+++++++<<<<-]>>++.>>++++++.-----.<++++++.<++++.<.---.>>>.<.<.>-----.<<--.
00:43:46 <EgoBot> Pa\nThe\nTic
00:43:54 <ihope> ...Ahem
00:44:18 <GregorR> lol
00:44:23 <GregorR> G'job
00:45:05 <GregorR> So, somebody posted a bug in OBLISK. I was amazed. I went "OMG, somebody's used it enough to uncover a bug?!?!?!?!"
00:45:34 <ihope> Hah.
00:47:51 <GregorR> I didn't even care about the slightly rude tone of the bug report.
00:47:57 <GregorR> Because somebody cared enough to post.
00:49:52 <Keymaker> ha, didn't care about the slightly rude tone?! i see.. mr, i think you are not taking it serious enough!!!
00:51:17 <Keymaker> you shall reply with more rude tone and tell him/her to fix the bug by him/herself if it annoys him/her that much!
00:52:06 <GregorR> I fixed it and am now releasing a new version :P
00:52:14 <Keymaker> NOOOOO!!!!!
00:52:44 <Keymaker> you should've let them know that *you* are in charge of the project and can do whatever you want to, and you don't need to care about their "bug reports"!
00:53:59 <ihope> !bf ++++++++[>++++<-]>+.
00:54:02 <EgoBot> !
00:54:24 <GregorR> Yes, because not having any users rocks :P
00:54:39 <Keymaker> indeed, and that's the main point in my programs!
00:54:48 <Keymaker> :D
00:55:07 <GregorR> Please keep in mind that, while OBLISK is esoteric, it is not esoteric by design.
00:55:36 <Keymaker> hmm, that explains something :)
01:31:49 -!- Keymaker has left (?).
01:35:15 -!- calamari has joined.
01:40:08 <calamari> hi
01:55:55 <ihope> Whoa, am I here?
01:56:33 <ihope> !bf +++++++++++++++[>+++++>++>++++++++>+++<<<<-]>--.>++.>----.------------.+.+++++.---.<.>++++++++.----.>+.
01:56:35 <EgoBot> I think so.
01:56:39 <ihope> Well... hello!
01:58:13 <calamari> hi ihope
01:58:29 <calamari> did Gregor fix the hangman thing?
01:59:30 <ihope> Hangman thing?
01:59:37 <calamari> hangman game
01:59:47 <ihope> ...FixeD?
02:00:16 <ihope> (I'm trying to figure out how I got into the habit of using /leave instead of /part.)
02:00:36 <ihope> Well, I actually have to go... like, right now, so...
02:00:38 <ihope> Bye?
02:02:17 <calamari> cya
02:16:46 -!- GregorR-L has joined.
02:17:00 * GregorR-L explodes onto the scene.
02:37:05 * ihope explodes as well
02:37:14 <ihope> I have exams tomorrow. Must sleep...
02:37:16 -!- ihope has quit ("What the heck is a Beerdigungnachricht?").
02:37:20 <GregorR-L> HAH
02:39:49 <calamari> hi GregorR
02:40:20 <GregorR-L> 'lo calamari.
02:46:07 * calamari is holding his new son :D
02:46:20 <GregorR-L> Congratulations!
02:46:22 <calamari> it's hard to type with one hand, hehe
02:46:25 <calamari> thanks
02:46:34 <GregorR-L> It's slightly disturbing that you're on IRC at the time, btw.
02:46:48 <calamari> lol
02:47:01 <calamari> he likes to sleep a lot right now
02:47:04 <GregorR-L> What's his name?
02:47:10 <calamari> Michael
02:48:40 <GregorR-L> Make sure you also tell us when he writes his first piece of code.
02:48:46 <calamari> there, I put him down.. I think I got all the gas out hehe
02:49:07 <calamari> hahaha not yet, but he was looking over at the bookcase
02:49:18 <calamari> (of course he was looking everywhere else too)
02:49:19 <GregorR-L> "O'Weiwwy"
02:59:16 <calamari> did you get to the bottom of that hangman duplicate command bug ?
02:59:42 <GregorR-L> Yeah, but when I tried to fix it, I ended up breaking something else, and I haven't gotten around to fixing the whole thing :P
02:59:54 <calamari> !help
02:59:58 <EgoBot> help ps kill i eof flush show ls bf_txtgen usertrig daemon undaemon
03:00:00 <EgoBot> 1l 2l adjust axo befunge bch bf{8,[16],32,64} glass glypho kipple lambda lazyk malbolge pbrain rail sadol sceql trigger udage01 unlambda
03:01:10 <calamari> would you be willing to add linguine? it doesn't have file ops
03:01:19 <GregorR-L> Of course.
03:01:22 <calamari> cool
03:01:36 <GregorR-L> Can't add it from here.
03:02:08 <GregorR-L> But when I get home.
03:02:24 <calamari> at school?
03:02:38 <GregorR-L> Yeah, in class.
03:02:45 <GregorR-L> In a class that I don't pay enough attention in ^_^
03:02:47 <calamari> lol
03:03:17 <calamari> /kick GregorR-L
03:03:31 <calamari> what class
03:03:41 <GregorR-L> Algorithms and Complexity.
03:03:48 <GregorR-L> AKA CS201-202 again.
03:03:51 <GregorR-L> But with a new name.
03:04:43 <calamari> I barely passed my automata/grammars/turing machine class with a C
03:05:48 <calamari> which is kinda weird since I enjoy the topic (this channel and all)
03:20:40 <calamari> GregorR: is there a certain api for the daemon stuff?
03:21:11 <GregorR-L> When you start a !daemon, the trigger is registered so when you type !whatever, it sends that input to the program.
03:21:16 <GregorR-L> That's all, quite simple.
03:21:26 <calamari> ahh ok thanks
03:21:34 <GregorR-L> And it sends the input with a newline, btw.
03:21:50 <calamari> ok
03:22:14 <GregorR-L> And it may crash because the whole bloody thing is still buggy ^_^
03:22:50 <calamari> I'm sure you'll get it all fixed up
03:23:01 <GregorR-L> 's only a matter of time.
03:23:07 <GregorR-L> And wavering interest.
03:25:06 <GregorR-L> Incidentally, are you interested in writing a daemon? :)
03:25:22 <calamari> possibly, dunno what yet :P
03:25:28 <calamari> in linguine tho
03:25:28 <GregorR-L> Heh
03:25:41 <GregorR-L> Well, I'll add that soon enough *shrugs*
03:25:45 <calamari> yep
03:35:51 <GregorR-L> BTW, does BFBASIC support true subroutine calls or just GOTOs (and if it supports true subroutine calls, does it support recursion?)
03:38:23 <calamari> just goto's
03:38:31 <GregorR-L> Figured *snaps*
03:38:33 <calamari> but gosub can be implemented
03:38:40 <calamari> (it is)
03:38:54 <GregorR-L> Hmm, and that supports ret?
03:39:09 <GregorR-L> (It seems to me like goto would be infinitely easier than return >_>)
03:39:16 <calamari> the last time raven and I were messing with it, I put in a new line numbering scheme. gosub really got hurt tho
03:39:19 <calamari> yeah
03:39:47 <calamari> before, gosub was limited to the cell size
03:40:06 <calamari> now its not.. although I can't remember how I did it now hehe
03:40:12 <GregorR-L> Heh
03:40:38 <calamari> the goto code became a lot smaller/faster if I remember right
03:41:04 <calamari> before it had to step thru the entire program to find the right line number
03:41:34 <calamari> oh yeah, any chance of allowing params to be passed to the textgen?
03:41:48 <GregorR-L> I don't want to make infinite generations possible.
03:42:03 <GregorR-L> For obvious reasons :P
03:42:14 <calamari> well, that can be removed
03:42:31 <GregorR-L> Also, there's a danger with -i.
03:42:41 <calamari> btw did I ever put that thing under gpl?
03:42:41 <GregorR-L> !bf_txtgen -i /etc/passwd
03:42:48 <GregorR-L> Umm, Idonno XD
03:42:55 <calamari> haha well there isn't a need for -i r -o
03:43:09 <GregorR-L> I use -i in EgoBot.
03:43:11 <calamari> I should do that if I haven't
03:43:35 <GregorR-L> What'll happen if you do -i a -i b?
03:43:48 <calamari> no idea
03:43:51 <GregorR-L> Hehehehe
03:43:56 <calamari> I wrote that code ages ago
03:44:01 <calamari> probably something bad :)
03:44:14 <GregorR-L> It'll just dump you to a bash shell ;)
03:44:28 <calamari> perfect! >=)
03:44:54 <calamari> !bash rm -rf /
03:44:58 <EgoBot> Huh?
03:44:59 <GregorR-L> lol
03:45:25 <calamari> of course you're not running it root I hope
03:45:36 <GregorR-L> No, I'm not even running it as my normal user.
03:45:41 <GregorR-L> That would delete virtually nothing.
03:45:42 <calamari> good plan
03:45:46 <GregorR-L> Not even the EgoBot executable.
03:46:08 <GregorR-L> It may wipe out the Glass cache :(
03:49:08 <GregorR-L> Time to go home.
03:49:11 <GregorR-L> See you in 15min.
03:49:13 -!- GregorR-L has quit.
03:49:15 <calamari> cya
04:00:16 -!- meat` has quit (Remote closed the connection).
04:06:56 * GregorR reappears.
04:08:36 <GregorR> I love how linguine.tar.gz has *~ files in it :P
04:10:53 <GregorR> !reload
04:10:55 <GregorR> !help
04:10:58 <EgoBot> help ps kill i eof flush show ls bf_txtgen usertrig daemon undaemon
04:11:00 <EgoBot> 1l 2l adjust axo befunge bch bf{8,[16],32,64} glass glypho kipple lambda lazyk linguine malbolge pbrain rail sadol sceql trigger udage01 unlambda
04:11:06 <calamari> blah.. I thought I fixed those
04:11:15 <calamari> maybe I forgot to upload
04:11:35 -!- Sgeo has quit.
04:11:46 <calamari> cool, thanks
04:12:17 <GregorR> You may want to test it ;)
04:12:26 <calamari> working on that ;)
04:12:30 <GregorR> !ls linguine/
04:12:34 <EgoBot> ascii.lng, beer.lng, bfi.lng, bitwise.lng, cat.lng, collatz.lng, digroot.lng,
04:13:03 <calamari> ls only gives the first line? hehe
04:13:18 <GregorR> It gives the rest to me.
04:13:21 <GregorR> It's an anti-spam thing ;
04:13:23 <GregorR> *;)
04:14:06 <calamari> !linguine beer.lng
04:14:10 <EgoBot> python: can't open file './linguine/linguine.py': [Errno 13] Permission denied
04:14:19 <calamari> !help
04:14:22 <EgoBot> help ps kill i eof flush show ls bf_txtgen usertrig daemon undaemon
04:14:24 <EgoBot> 1l 2l adjust axo befunge bch bf{8,[16],32,64} glass glypho kipple lambda lazyk linguine malbolge pbrain rail sadol sceql trigger udage01 unlambda
04:14:35 <calamari> !help linguine
04:14:38 <EgoBot> To use an interpreter: <interpreter> <program> Note: <program> can be the actual program, an http:// URL, or a file:// URL which refers to my pseudofilesystem.
04:14:47 <calamari> !linguine file://beer.lng
04:14:50 <EgoBot> cp: cannot stat `./files/beer.lng': No such file or directory
04:14:53 <GregorR> 20:09:26 <GregorR> !ls linguine/
04:15:03 <calamari> !linguine file://linguine/beer.lng
04:15:06 <EgoBot> python: can't open file './linguine/linguine.py': [Errno 13] Permission denied
04:15:12 <GregorR> >_>
04:15:15 <GregorR> That's weird.
04:15:22 <GregorR> ARGH
04:15:28 <GregorR> How dare you make a script 0711.
04:15:33 <GregorR> SCRIPTS MUST BE 0755 >_<
04:15:41 <calamari> what is 711?
04:15:42 <GregorR> Try it now.
04:15:48 <calamari> nonexecutable?
04:15:53 <GregorR> Executable, nonreadable.
04:15:54 <calamari> !linguine file://linguine/beer.lng
04:15:56 <EgoBot> 99 bottles of beer on the wall,
04:16:00 <calamari> yay
04:16:02 <GregorR> !flush 1
04:16:03 <GregorR> !kill 1
04:16:04 <EgoBot> Process 1 killed.
04:16:11 <GregorR> Thought you may not want all that output ;)
04:16:14 <calamari> thanks
04:16:19 <calamari> !linguine file://linguine/pi.lng
04:16:37 <GregorR> Something tells me that that one doesn't halt :P
04:16:42 <calamari> ;P
04:16:44 <GregorR> Or probably ever print a \n
04:16:48 <calamari> !flush 1
04:16:55 <GregorR> Not what you wanted.
04:16:57 <calamari> !kill 1
04:16:58 <EgoBot> 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110555964462294895493038196442881097
04:17:00 <EgoBot> Process 1 killed.
04:17:00 <GregorR> !flush gets rid of output.
04:17:08 <calamari> seemed to work
04:17:12 <GregorR> Hmm, actually, it doesn't get rid of it if it hasn't done \n.
04:17:17 <GregorR> So that works in a strange way :P
04:17:21 <GregorR> The !kill caused it to output though.
04:17:26 <calamari> ahh
04:17:29 <GregorR> Ahh, UNIX, your ways confused me ^_^
04:17:43 <GregorR> If you wanted to show the buffer mid-execution, use !show.
04:17:57 <calamari> aha
04:18:02 <calamari> !linguine file://linguine/pi.lng
04:18:07 <calamari> !show 1
04:18:10 <EgoBot> 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899
04:18:16 <calamari> nifty
04:18:44 <GregorR> OK, I'm going to test something that will almost certainly crash EgoBot.
04:18:45 <calamari> !show 1
04:18:53 <GregorR> !kill 1
04:18:54 <EgoBot> Process 1 killed.
04:18:55 <GregorR> !reload
04:19:05 <GregorR> !daemon hangman glass file://glass/hangman.glass
04:19:08 <EgoBot> Hangman started! Type /msg EgoBot '!hangman <lcase-word>' to start a game!
04:19:11 <GregorR> !hangman test
04:19:14 <EgoBot> ____ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:19:16 <GregorR> Hmm.
04:19:18 <GregorR> Or just work.
04:19:20 <GregorR> Whatever XD
04:19:21 * calamari has this much memorized: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197
04:19:33 <GregorR> !hangman t
04:19:33 <GregorR> !hangman e
04:19:35 <calamari> !hangman s
04:19:36 <EgoBot> t__t | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:19:38 <EgoBot> te_t | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:19:40 <EgoBot> Answer: test
04:19:41 <GregorR> Hoopla.
04:19:44 <GregorR> OK, that works.
04:19:45 <calamari> !!!
04:19:47 <GregorR> Fixed the too-fast thing.
04:19:48 <EgoBot> Huh?
04:19:52 <calamari> LOL
04:20:00 <GregorR> Yes, it will respond to anything that starts with a ! ;)
04:20:23 <GregorR> Time for a release I'd say.
04:20:29 <calamari> btw are daemons exempt from the single line thing?
04:20:40 <GregorR> No.
04:20:48 <GregorR> Every line of input gives them permission for one line of output.
04:20:57 <GregorR> That's true of all programs, actually.
04:21:00 <calamari> ahh okay
04:22:35 * GregorR releases EgoBot 0.7
04:23:16 -!- fungebob has joined.
04:24:06 <calamari> !linguine file://linguine/digroot.lng
04:24:21 <calamari> !i 1 123
04:24:36 <calamari> !help i
04:24:38 <EgoBot> Use: i <pid> <input> Function: send input to a process
04:24:43 <GregorR> !i 1 \n
04:24:46 <EgoBot> ___ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:24:50 <GregorR> Oh, hahah
04:24:53 <calamari> right
04:24:54 <GregorR> proc 1 is hangman ;)
04:24:55 <GregorR> !ps
04:24:56 <calamari> !ps
04:24:59 <EgoBot> 2 calamari: linguine
04:25:01 <EgoBot> 3 GregorR: ps
04:25:02 <EgoBot> 2 calamari: linguine
04:25:04 <EgoBot> 3 GregorR: ps
04:25:08 <EgoBot> 4 calamari: ps
04:25:32 <calamari> heh, can count with ps ;)
04:25:40 <GregorR> lol
04:25:55 <calamari> !i 2 \n
04:25:58 <EgoBot> 0
04:26:04 <calamari> !i 1 124\n
04:26:07 <calamari> oops
04:26:08 <EgoBot> 1__ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:26:16 <GregorR> !hangman 2
04:26:16 <GregorR> !hangman 3
04:26:18 <EgoBot> 12_ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:26:20 <EgoBot> Answer: 123
04:26:38 <GregorR> !i 2 124\n
04:26:46 <GregorR> Or wait, is it even still running?
04:26:48 <GregorR> !ps
04:26:53 <EgoBot> 2 GregorR: ps
04:26:56 <EgoBot> ______ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:27:00 <calamari> nope, wasn't a dameon
04:27:04 <calamari> daemon
04:27:12 <GregorR> Making it a daemon doesn't automagically make it always run.
04:27:24 <GregorR> You have to write a program to be a daemon.
04:27:26 <calamari> ahh right, needs to stay in a loop
04:27:29 <GregorR> !hangman e
04:27:32 <EgoBot> __e___ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:27:41 <GregorR> !hangman s
04:27:44 <EgoBot> __e___ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:27:46 <GregorR> !hangman o
04:27:50 <EgoBot> __e___ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:27:53 <GregorR> !hangman t
04:27:55 <EgoBot> __e_t_ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:28:02 <GregorR> !hangman r
04:28:06 <EgoBot> __ert_ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:28:11 <GregorR> !hangman i
04:28:14 <EgoBot> __ert_ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:28:21 <GregorR> !hangman c
04:28:23 <EgoBot> __ert_ |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:28:33 <GregorR> Heehee, I spelled esotric ;)
04:29:02 <GregorR> !hangman a
04:29:06 <EgoBot> __ert_ |-:(<- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:29:26 <GregorR> !hangman f
04:29:30 <EgoBot> __ert_ |-:(<-< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:29:34 <GregorR> I have NO clue :P
04:29:42 <GregorR> !hangman h
04:29:47 <EgoBot> Answer: qwerty
04:29:50 <GregorR> BAH
04:30:14 <calamari> http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=qwerty
04:30:55 <GregorR> Qwerty - adj - Unorganized or badly designed.
04:32:33 <EgoBot> _______ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:32:36 <calamari> !hangman
04:32:41 <EgoBot> ____ __ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:32:59 <GregorR> !hangman e
04:33:02 <EgoBot> ____ __ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:33:09 <GregorR> Off to a good start :P
04:33:14 <GregorR> !hangman a
04:33:19 <EgoBot> ____ __ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:33:21 <GregorR> !hangman o
04:33:24 <EgoBot> ____ __ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:33:27 <GregorR> !hangman u
04:33:30 <EgoBot> ____ u_ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:33:33 <GregorR> !hangman i
04:33:40 <EgoBot> __i_ u_ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:33:45 <GregorR> !hangman s
04:33:49 <EgoBot> s_i_ u_ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:34:03 <GregorR> !hangman t
04:34:08 <EgoBot> s_it u_ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:34:16 <GregorR> !hangman p
04:34:19 <EgoBot> Answer: spit up
04:34:25 <GregorR> Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh kay.
04:34:28 <calamari> ;)
04:34:34 <GregorR> Enjoy.
04:37:26 <calamari> I am
04:37:59 <GregorR> You know what's funny - every letter I guessed that I got right, was not where I expected it to be ;)
04:38:09 <GregorR> On "s" I was thyinking "us"
04:38:25 <calamari> I'm glad you didn't guess h ;)
04:38:26 <GregorR> Un "t" I was thinking "sti*" (for some reason)
04:38:33 <GregorR> On "p" I was thinking "up"
04:38:35 <GregorR> Heh
04:38:46 <GregorR> Oh wait.
04:38:48 <GregorR> Up was there :P
04:38:51 <GregorR> That was right XD
04:38:54 <calamari> yep
04:38:59 <calamari> ok your turn
04:39:06 <GregorR> OK 8-D
04:39:16 <GregorR> Hmmmmmmm
04:39:41 <EgoBot> _________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:39:48 <calamari> !hangman e
04:39:53 <EgoBot> ________e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:39:56 <GregorR> Not sure why I chose this word :P
04:39:56 <calamari> !hangman a
04:40:01 <EgoBot> ________e |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:40:04 <calamari> !hangman i
04:40:08 <EgoBot> ______i_e |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:40:13 <calamari> !hangman n
04:40:16 <EgoBot> ______i_e |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:40:25 <calamari> !hangman s
04:40:27 <EgoBot> _____si_e |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:40:36 <calamari> !hangman z
04:40:41 <EgoBot> _____si_e |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:40:43 <calamari> !hangman t
04:40:51 <EgoBot> __t__si_e |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:41:17 <calamari> !hangman o
04:41:21 <EgoBot> o_t__si_e |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:41:46 <calamari> !hangman l
04:41:49 <EgoBot> o_t__si_e |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:41:57 <calamari> !hangman c
04:42:01 <EgoBot> o_t__si_e |-:(<- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:42:12 <calamari> !hangman h
04:42:16 <EgoBot> o_t__si_e |-:(<-< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:43:00 <GregorR> Muahahahha
04:43:13 <calamari> !hangman r
04:43:18 <EgoBot> o_tr_si_e |-:(<-< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:44:40 <calamari> I wouldn'
04:44:47 <calamari> t make it on wheel of fortune
04:45:00 <GregorR> Heehee
04:45:11 <calamari> !hangman u
04:45:15 <EgoBot> o_trusi_e |-:(<-< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:45:20 <calamari> !hangman b
04:45:23 <EgoBot> obtrusi_e |-:(<-< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:45:27 <calamari> !hangman v
04:45:31 <GregorR> Hoopla
04:45:32 <EgoBot> Answer: obtrusive
04:45:32 <calamari> got lucky with that u! :)
04:45:37 <GregorR> Heh
04:47:04 <EgoBot> __________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:47:06 <calamari> !hangman
04:47:09 <EgoBot> __________ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:47:18 <calamari> oops sorry
04:47:20 <GregorR> Well gee :P
04:47:22 <GregorR> !hangman
04:47:26 <EgoBot> _____ ____ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:47:31 <GregorR> !hangman e
04:47:36 <EgoBot> _e___ ____ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:47:40 <GregorR> !hangman a
04:47:43 <EgoBot> _e__a ____ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:47:46 <GregorR> !hangman o
04:47:49 <EgoBot> _e__a _o__ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:47:59 <GregorR> !hangman s
04:48:03 <EgoBot> _es_a _o__ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:48:10 <GregorR> !hangman h
04:48:15 <EgoBot> _es_a _o__ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:48:19 <calamari> hope I didn't see this one and repeat :)
04:48:27 <GregorR> !hangman p
04:48:33 <EgoBot> _es_a _o__ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:48:40 <GregorR> !hangman t
04:48:45 <EgoBot> tes_a _o__ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:48:49 <GregorR> !hangman l
04:48:50 <GregorR> !hangman c
04:48:52 <GregorR> !hangman i
04:48:54 <EgoBot> tesla _o_l |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:48:56 <EgoBot> tesla co_l |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:48:58 <EgoBot> Answer: tesla coil
04:49:03 <calamari> yay
04:49:10 <GregorR> No, not a repeat.
04:49:10 <GregorR> My toin.
04:49:22 <EgoBot> ____________________________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:49:23 <GregorR> !hangman
04:49:27 <EgoBot> ____ _______ _______________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:49:45 <GregorR> It's a long'n ^_^
04:49:49 <calamari> thats quite a word
04:49:55 <calamari> !hangman a
04:49:56 <calamari> !hangman e
04:49:57 <calamari> !hangman i
04:49:59 <calamari> !hangman o
04:50:00 <EgoBot> ____ _a_____ _______________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:50:01 <EgoBot> ____ _a__e__ _e__e__e__e____ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:50:03 <EgoBot> ____ _a_ie__ _ei_e__e__e__i_ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:50:05 <EgoBot> _o_o _a_ie__ _ei_e__e__e__i_ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:50:09 <GregorR> lol
04:50:11 <GregorR> So far so good :P
04:50:24 <calamari> !hangman t
04:50:26 <calamari> !hangman s
04:50:30 <EgoBot> _o_o _a_ie__ _ei_e__e__e__i_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:50:31 <EgoBot> _o_o sa_ie_s _ei_e__e__e_sis |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:51:05 <calamari> is this english?
04:51:08 -!- CXI has quit (Success).
04:51:16 <GregorR> Umm, I don't know ;P
04:51:20 <GregorR> It's a scientific word.
04:51:26 <GregorR> Err, phrase.
04:51:44 <calamari> !hangman u
04:51:46 <calamari> !hangman y
04:51:47 <EgoBot> _o_o sa_ie_s _ei_e__e__e_sis |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:51:49 <EgoBot> _o_o sa_ie_s _ei_e__e__e_sis |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:51:58 <calamari> !hangman r
04:52:02 <EgoBot> _o_o sa_ie_s _ei_e__er_e_sis |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:52:10 <calamari> !hangman c
04:52:13 <EgoBot> _o_o sa_ie_s _ei_e__er_e_sis |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:52:22 <calamari> !hangman n
04:52:25 <EgoBot> _o_o sa_iens _ei_e__er_ensis |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:52:29 <calamari> !hangman p
04:52:33 <calamari> !hangman h
04:52:34 <EgoBot> _o_o sapiens _ei_e__er_ensis |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:52:37 <EgoBot> ho_o sapiens hei_e__er_ensis |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:52:38 <calamari> !hangman m
04:52:41 <EgoBot> homo sapiens hei_e__er_ensis |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:53:06 <calamari> I'm glad you know that word
04:53:10 <GregorR> Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm so evil, so evil, so evil yes I am.
04:53:16 <calamari> because that means one of us does
04:53:21 <GregorR> lol
04:53:27 <GregorR> Come on man, it's your HISTORY
04:53:34 <calamari> not my history
04:53:44 <GregorR> Well, prehistory.
04:53:48 <calamari> because I'm one of those religious nuts ;)
04:53:54 <GregorR> Ohhhhhhhhh >_>
04:54:37 <GregorR> <_<
04:55:02 <calamari> oh yeah I'm playing still :)
04:55:06 * GregorR gets down his gun labeled "for creationists"
04:55:16 * GregorR polishes his gun labeled "for creationists"
04:55:25 <calamari> !hangman g
04:55:29 <EgoBot> homo sapiens hei_e__ergensis |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:55:53 <calamari> !hangman l
04:55:57 <EgoBot> homo sapiens hei_el_ergensis |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:56:32 <calamari> !hangman f
04:56:35 <EgoBot> homo sapiens hei_el_ergensis |-:(<- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:57:32 <calamari> !hangman w
04:57:37 <EgoBot> homo sapiens hei_el_ergensis |-:(<-< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:57:48 <calamari> !hangman v
04:57:53 <EgoBot> Answer: homo sapiens heidelbergensis
04:59:10 <calamari> here's one you'll just love ;)
04:59:19 <EgoBot> __________________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:59:20 <calamari> !hangman
04:59:25 <EgoBot> ___ ____ __ ______ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
04:59:34 <calamari> it should be really easy too
05:06:47 * GregorR reappears
05:06:48 <GregorR> !e
05:06:50 <GregorR> Err
05:06:53 <EgoBot> Huh?
05:06:54 <GregorR> !hangman e
05:06:56 <EgoBot> __e ____ __ ______ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:07:00 <GregorR> !hangman a
05:07:05 <EgoBot> __e ____ __ ______ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:07:07 <GregorR> !hangman o
05:07:10 <EgoBot> __e _oo_ o_ _o__o_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:07:18 <GregorR> !hangman t
05:07:24 <EgoBot> t_e _oo_ o_ _o__o_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:07:27 <GregorR> !hangman h
05:07:31 <EgoBot> the _oo_ o_ _o__o_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:07:35 <GregorR> !hangman m
05:07:40 <EgoBot> the _oo_ o_ mo_mo_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:07:45 <GregorR> !hangman f
05:07:51 <EgoBot> the _oo_ of mo_mo_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:08:03 <GregorR> !hangman n
05:08:06 <EgoBot> the _oo_ of mo_mon |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:08:22 <GregorR> !hangman b
05:08:23 <GregorR> !hangman k
05:08:23 <GregorR> !hangman r
05:08:24 <EgoBot> the boo_ of mo_mon |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:08:27 <EgoBot> the book of mo_mon |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:08:28 <EgoBot> Answer: the book of mormon
05:08:56 <EgoBot> _______________________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:08:57 <GregorR> !hangman
05:09:00 <EgoBot> _ _____ _______ __ ____ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:09:23 <calamari> !hangman a
05:09:26 <EgoBot> a _____ _______ __ ____ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:09:28 <calamari> !hangman e
05:09:32 <EgoBot> a ___e_ _______ __ ___e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:09:36 <calamari> !hangman i
05:09:41 <EgoBot> a __ie_ _i_____ __ _i_e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:10:29 <calamari> !hangman o
05:10:34 <EgoBot> a __ie_ _i__o__ o_ _i_e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:10:38 <calamari> !hangman r
05:10:42 <EgoBot> a _rie_ _i__or_ o_ _i_e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:10:53 <calamari> !hangman f
05:10:58 <EgoBot> a _rief _i__or_ of _i_e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:11:01 <calamari> !hangman t
05:11:04 <calamari> !hangman b
05:11:04 <EgoBot> a _rief _i_tor_ of ti_e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:11:05 <calamari> !hangman h
05:11:07 <calamari> !hangman y
05:11:08 <EgoBot> a brief _i_tor_ of ti_e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:11:08 <calamari> !hangman s
05:11:10 <EgoBot> a brief hi_tor_ of ti_e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:11:10 <calamari> !hangman m
05:11:12 <EgoBot> a brief hi_tory of ti_e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:11:14 <EgoBot> a brief history of ti_e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:11:16 <EgoBot> Answer: a brief history of time
05:11:30 <calamari> Carl Sagan ?
05:11:50 <GregorR> Nooo
05:11:53 <GregorR> Stephen Hawking
05:11:53 <calamari> bah
05:11:55 <calamari> ok
05:13:00 <calamari> which book did Carl Sagan write then, heh
05:13:08 <calamari> probably a whole bunch of them
05:13:17 <GregorR> Yeah :P
05:13:35 <GregorR> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_sagan#Related_books_and_media
05:15:07 <calamari> cosmos
05:15:34 <calamari> that was the book we had..
05:16:01 <calamari> had cool black hole stuff
05:16:17 <calamari> I'm not sure if they are still going with white holes now tho
05:16:37 <calamari> err maybe not that says 2002
05:16:49 * calamari rethinks
05:17:02 <calamari> had to be 70's or 80's
05:17:51 <calamari> oh wait, I remember
05:18:03 <calamari> it wasn't by Carl Sagan ;P
05:18:28 <calamari> bah.. my brain is like a queue, quite annoying sometimes
05:20:57 <GregorR> lol
05:23:45 <calamari> I do remember drawing the solar system over and over
05:23:54 <calamari> and always a ring around Jupiter too
05:24:18 <calamari> once I found out it had one.. I think I've always been a nerd
05:24:57 <calamari> but anyhow, I'm not anti-science
05:25:20 <calamari> in case you were wondering
05:28:37 <EgoBot> ___________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:28:45 <calamari> !hangman
05:28:47 <EgoBot> ______ ____ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:29:42 <GregorR> BTW, I'm not here, I'm eating :P
05:33:30 <calamari> anyone can play
05:44:51 <lament> !hangman e
05:44:54 <EgoBot> ____e_ ____ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:45:01 <lament> !hangman o
05:45:06 <EgoBot> ____e_ ____ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:45:11 <lament> !hangman a
05:45:14 <EgoBot> __a_e_ _a__ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:45:18 <lament> !hangman t
05:45:22 <EgoBot> __a_e_ _a__ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:45:26 <lament> !hangman r
05:45:30 <EgoBot> __a_er ra__ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:45:47 <lament> !hangman s
05:45:50 <EgoBot> __a_er ras_ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:46:43 <lament> !hangman h
05:46:46 <EgoBot> __a_er rash |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:47:05 <lament> !hangman l
05:47:08 <EgoBot> __a_er rash |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:47:33 <lament> !hangman p
05:47:37 <EgoBot> __aper rash |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:47:42 <lament> !hangman d
05:47:44 <EgoBot> d_aper rash |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:47:46 <lament> !hangman i
05:47:48 <EgoBot> Answer: diaper rash
05:49:22 <lament> go team lament!
05:49:39 <calamari> hehe
05:53:57 <GregorR> svn: MKACTIVITY of '/svn/esofiles/!svn/act/e07784d8-c30a-0410-a64c-90bef6fce685': 400 Bad Request (http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net)
05:53:58 <GregorR> Aroo?
06:04:34 <calamari> whats that?
06:05:31 <GregorR> That's what happens when I try to svn commit the latest egobot.
06:13:30 <GregorR> Hmm, I don't like PESOIX.
06:13:42 <GregorR> I think I'll write (and IMPLEMENT) my own API like that.
06:14:14 * GregorR suddenly realizes that it may not be possible to output a null in Glass >_>
06:15:43 <GregorR> Oh, whew, it is.
06:20:02 <GregorR> I'd like to make the concept of a filesystem be in an API, but filesystem drivers be in an esolang.
06:20:24 <GregorR> Sort of like Mach.
06:32:06 <calamari> can I input a program with more than one line ?
06:32:35 <calamari> s/input/run/
06:33:00 <GregorR> !help linguine
06:33:04 <EgoBot> To use an interpreter: <interpreter> <program> Note: <program> can be the actual program, an http:// URL, or a file:// URL which refers to my pseudofilesystem.
06:33:16 <GregorR> I can bold if necessary :P
06:33:40 <calamari> has to be a website then?
06:33:54 <GregorR> You could send it to me and I could add it to the filesystem.
06:34:05 <GregorR> Or you could use a pastebin *shrugs*
06:41:38 <GregorR> *crickets chirp*
06:41:43 <GregorR> *a tumbleweed rolls by*
06:41:46 <calamari> haha
06:42:07 <calamari> I'm messing around with a quick design of the daemon
06:47:50 <GregorR> What will it do?
06:49:34 <calamari> dc
06:49:53 <calamari> (simplified)
06:50:06 <GregorR> It'll convert AC into DC?
06:50:18 <calamari> hmm, maybe this doesn't need to run as a daemon
06:50:19 <GregorR> Amazing for a daemon!
06:50:32 <GregorR> !help usertrig
06:50:35 <EgoBot> Use: usertrig <command> <trig-command> Function: manage user triggers. <command> may be add, del, list or show.
06:51:12 <calamari> !usertrig list
06:51:15 <EgoBot> Triggers: urls
06:51:28 <calamari> !urls
06:51:31 <EgoBot> Available URLs: egobot_source logs map wiki
06:51:43 <calamari> !urls wiki
06:51:47 <EgoBot> http://www.esolangs.org/wiki
06:52:29 <calamari> pretty cool, what language is that in.. c++?
06:52:33 <GregorR> Glass
06:52:36 <calamari> nifty
06:52:37 <GregorR> Oh, EgoBot?
06:52:42 <calamari> !urls
06:52:43 <GregorR> EgoBot is in C++ :P
06:52:46 <EgoBot> Available URLs: egobot_source logs map wiki
06:52:53 <GregorR> But usertriggers can only be implemented in esolangs.
06:52:59 <calamari> ahh, good
06:53:26 <GregorR> Unlike a daemon, usertriggers call the command on-demand.
06:53:37 <GregorR> And the command is expected to terminate :P
06:55:17 <calamari> I don't need a daemon for dc
06:55:26 <calamari> oh well :)
06:55:34 * GregorR doesn't know what dc is >_>
06:55:48 <calamari> oh, its a unix rpn calculator
06:56:01 <GregorR> Oh, I always use bc XD
06:56:27 <calamari> wow that looks like c
06:56:39 <GregorR> Heck, if you want an RPN calculator, use Glass ;)
06:56:52 <GregorR> !glass {M[m(_o)O!(_a)A!<5><5>(_a)a.?(_o)(on).?]}
06:56:58 <EgoBot> 10
06:57:00 <GregorR> !glass {M[m(_o)O!(_a)A!<5><5>(_a)m.?(_o)(on).?]}
06:57:03 <calamari> that's crystal clear ;)
06:57:05 <EgoBot> 25
06:57:07 <GregorR> Oh I know.
06:57:18 <GregorR> I taught a class on Glass on IRC a while ago.
06:57:21 <GregorR> Too bad you weren't there.
06:57:32 <GregorR> Could've learned the OMGBEST ESOLANG EVERROFLROFL
06:57:38 <calamari> well its in the logs
06:57:52 <calamari> ...somewhere
06:58:01 <GregorR> And the log is linked to on http://www.esolangs.org/wiki/Glass :P
07:10:02 -!- CXI has joined.
07:53:53 -!- fungebob has quit ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.5/2005111116]").
07:59:59 -!- clog has quit (ended).
08:00:00 -!- clog has joined.
08:09:28 <calamari> cool, found a linguine parsing bug
08:09:35 <GregorR> lol
08:09:39 <GregorR> Yes ... "cool"
08:09:52 <calamari> cool is an overloaded word for me :)
08:10:21 <calamari> one usage implies sarcasm hehe
08:16:49 <GregorR> Hmm.
08:16:52 <GregorR> gcj is pretty nice.
08:16:58 <GregorR> I like treating Java like "just another programming language"
08:17:11 <GregorR> I wonder if ant can be convinced to build Java apps natively ...
08:20:05 <GregorR> Of course, I could just compile with Jikes, then collect all the class files into an executable as well.
08:26:30 <GregorR> Help, my hatred of Java is waning!
08:26:39 <GregorR> Though, it is still mostly like C++ for wimps.
08:48:52 -!- Keymaker has joined.
08:51:07 <GregorR> 'ello Keymaker
08:51:13 <Keymaker> ello
08:51:20 <Keymaker> calamari: congratulations!
08:51:35 <Keymaker> calamari: just remember to teach brainfuck as primary programming language!
08:51:47 <GregorR> But don't call it that.
08:51:51 <GregorR> Children shouldn't be saying the F word.
08:51:59 <Keymaker> hmm, then brain****
08:52:08 <Keymaker> "brainstars"
08:52:50 <GregorR> Hahaha
08:53:12 <GregorR> I'm relearning Java.
08:53:19 <GregorR> And by "relearning" I mean "rekindling an old hatred"
08:53:35 <Keymaker> :) heh
08:53:42 <GregorR> Java, or "C++ for pansies," is a pretty obnoxious programming language.
08:53:45 <GregorR> I have to use it for Compilers >_<
08:53:51 <Keymaker> :(
08:54:30 <GregorR> However, with the aid of gcj, it's at least no worse than, say, Fortran :P
08:55:58 <Keymaker> except Fortran doesn't seem to be obnoxious ;)
08:56:18 <GregorR> My favorite command, java-wise: gcj `find . -name '*.class'` --main=<whatever> -nodefaultlibs -lgcc_s -lgcc -Wl,-Bstatic,-lgcj,-Bdynamic -lm -lpthread -lz -ldl -lgcc_s -lgcc -lc -lgcc_s -lgcc
08:56:31 <GregorR> Heheh, yea, Fortran is less obnoxious than Java ;)
08:59:09 <GregorR> Hahahah, I just realized how ginormous the binaries are when I do that XD
08:59:27 <Keymaker> :)
08:59:50 <GregorR> 12K with libgcj shared, 7.8M with libgcj static.
08:59:56 <GregorR> Lemme make a very similar C++ program for comparison.
08:59:58 <Keymaker> XD
09:00:22 <Keymaker> then why don't you use c++? or are you using it for some school stuff or what?
09:01:30 <GregorR> I have to use Java for school stuff, I'm experimenting with gcj for giggles.
09:02:13 <Keymaker> i see.. you seem to be thrilled with joy (giggles)
09:02:53 <Keymaker> funnily my english is getting worse instead of getting better..
09:04:16 <GregorR> OK, same app is 8K in C++ with dynamic libstdc++
09:04:54 <GregorR> 636K with static libstdc++
09:04:58 * GregorR huggles C++
09:05:26 <Keymaker> hah, well it seems now obvious that you have to use java instead, to get insane file sizes
09:06:11 <GregorR> Well, time for sleep, I have to build evil^H^H^H^Huseful robots tomorrow.
09:06:20 <Keymaker> ah
09:06:34 <Keymaker> that sounds.. good.. i better stay away from this channel for the weekend ;)
09:06:44 <GregorR> No, not bots like IRC bots.
09:06:46 <GregorR> Physical robots.
09:06:51 <GregorR> Real, existant robots.
09:06:58 <Keymaker> then i better leave my home for the weekend
09:07:06 <Keymaker> that's cool
09:07:12 <GregorR> Anyway, sleep now.
09:07:13 <Keymaker> i wish i could make robots like that..
09:07:14 <GregorR> :P
09:07:14 <GregorR> Bye
09:07:14 <Keymaker> ok
09:07:18 <Keymaker> bye
09:24:08 <calamari> dc is almost done
09:24:23 <calamari> just need to fix a whitespace problem
09:24:39 <calamari> oh, Keymaker thanks :)
09:25:21 <calamari> bbl, way past my bedtime
09:25:23 -!- calamari has quit ("Leaving").
09:29:24 <Keymaker> oops, i was too late again.. bye :)
09:29:43 <Keymaker> i'll need to start going, too.. rrgh scoohl
09:29:51 -!- Keymaker has left (?).
10:38:35 -!- nooga has joined.
10:38:39 <nooga> hi
10:40:23 * nooga is in school -.-'
10:55:01 <nooga> yy
11:00:58 -!- nooga has quit ("Lost terminal").
11:12:30 -!- CXII has joined.
11:18:56 -!- CXI has quit (Connection timed out).
11:20:07 -!- CXII has quit ("If you're reading this, it's probably xchat's fault.").
11:20:52 -!- CXI has joined.
11:55:16 <puzzlet> !hangman e
11:55:23 <EgoBot> _ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
11:55:29 <puzzlet> !hangman i
11:55:35 <EgoBot> _ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
11:55:39 <puzzlet> !hangman a
11:55:42 <EgoBot> _ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
11:56:04 <puzzlet> ...
11:56:11 <puzzlet> !hangman b
11:56:16 <EgoBot> _ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
11:56:22 <puzzlet> !hangman e
11:56:28 <EgoBot> Answer: e
11:56:34 <puzzlet> e?
13:41:53 -!- meat` has joined.
13:55:15 -!- meat` has quit ("simon says: rehashing").
14:09:58 -!- cmeme has quit (Remote closed the connection).
14:10:43 -!- cmeme has joined.
14:45:10 -!- jix has joined.
14:45:33 <SimonRC> hi
15:12:58 -!- Keymaker has joined.
15:21:42 <SimonRC> hi
15:28:52 <Keymaker> hi
17:26:32 -!- jix has quit ("Bitte waehlen Sie eine Beerdigungnachricht").
17:34:19 -!- jix has joined.
18:18:19 -!- nooga has joined.
18:19:32 <nooga> what is the code of e? :p
18:19:47 <nooga> ascii code of 'e'
18:21:01 * SimonRC goes.
18:22:32 <SimonRC> nooga: 'e'==0x65==101==0145==0110,0101
18:25:24 <nooga> okay
18:27:03 <nooga> how about 'n' ?
18:27:41 <GregorR> Woooooooooooh
18:27:48 <GregorR> My ridiculous new rollable piano is quite playable 8-D
18:29:13 <nooga> :-)
18:29:15 <nooga> how kind
18:30:23 <nooga> i'm building a language for solving dynamic problems with 3 mathematicians :>
18:34:28 <GregorR> There is a Mathemetician called Fibonacci.
18:34:34 <GregorR> Fibonacci's first operand is 1.
18:34:39 <GregorR> Fibonacci's second operand is 2.
18:34:42 <GregorR> Fibonacci is to add.
18:35:09 <nooga> no no no ;p
18:35:22 <nooga> im building itwith those guys
18:35:30 <GregorR> OHHHHHHHHHHH
18:37:21 <Keymaker> 'n' is 110 (dec)
18:37:35 <Keymaker> a rollable piano?
18:40:24 <GregorR> Yes, it's awsome.
18:42:01 <Keymaker> it's like some thin piano you can wrap?
18:42:54 <GregorR> Yup
18:43:05 <Keymaker> nice :)
18:43:12 <GregorR> Carry it with ya' ^_^
18:43:15 <Keymaker> never heard of those before
18:43:23 <Keymaker> hopefully you can play :p
18:48:40 <GregorR> Yes, yes I can.
18:48:48 <Keymaker> even better, then
18:49:02 <Keymaker> didn't know about your musical talents :)
18:49:09 <Keymaker> i have none
18:50:08 <nooga> i can play a guitar
18:50:21 <nooga> now trying some solos by pink floyd
18:50:33 <nooga> and ive got a prog rock band
18:50:40 <Keymaker> ah
18:50:49 <GregorR> The program counts as -5 musical talent.
18:50:53 <GregorR> And the guitar counts as 0.
18:51:13 <GregorR> I'll check if my music major buddy agrees :P
18:51:43 <nooga> what?
18:51:58 <GregorR> Sorry, being a jackass ^_^
18:53:49 <nooga> my dad looks just like Chuck Norris
18:56:20 * nooga has watched pimp my ride on mtv for 3 hours
19:21:37 -!- calamari has joined.
19:21:43 <calamari> hi
19:21:55 <nooga> hi
19:22:32 <Keymaker> gi
19:22:35 <Keymaker> *hi
19:22:37 <calamari> hi
19:23:06 <Keymaker> sigh.. i wish i could do stuff with things like LCD-displays
19:23:14 <Keymaker> i'd like to have that kind of stuff toggled to my computer
19:23:25 <Keymaker> and all that led stuff
19:24:03 <Keymaker> i just have zero skills with that kind of electronic work
19:24:16 <Keymaker> if i could get someone to make the device then i could program it..
19:25:11 <GregorR> See, that's why the robotics club is great.
19:25:16 <GregorR> I have 0 hardware skills ...
19:25:22 <GregorR> The EE guys have 0 software skills ...
19:25:27 <Keymaker> :)
19:26:58 <nooga> yep
19:27:09 <nooga> my hardware skillsare none
19:28:04 <nooga> Keymaker: i know one guy who has built a computer for his car
19:28:22 <nooga> with own RISC processor programmed in VHDL
19:28:38 <Keymaker> nice
19:35:36 <Keymaker> anyone know how i could switch the led lights in C?
19:35:44 <Keymaker> aren't the value stored somewhere in computer memory?
19:35:51 <Keymaker> *values
19:35:59 <Keymaker> i mean keyboard leds
19:36:16 <Keymaker> the ones telling if caps is on etc..
19:37:33 <SimonRC> hi
19:37:41 <Keymaker> hey
19:37:50 <SimonRC> http://www.cs.pdx.edu/~harry/Relay/index.html
19:38:12 <Keymaker> whoaly!
19:39:44 <Keymaker> that is so awesome
19:41:02 <Keymaker> haha.. unbelievable
19:41:15 <Keymaker> i wish i could do that kind of stuff
19:43:26 <nooga> hehe ppl made such things in 40's
19:47:39 <nooga> o.O
19:47:41 <nooga> http://www.cs.pdx.edu/~harry/Relay/index-Pages/Image5.html
19:47:52 <nooga> he's got it in his bedroom
19:47:53 <Keymaker> yeah..
19:48:04 <Keymaker> i wish i had one
19:48:18 <Keymaker> it's the coolest piece of computer hard ware i've ever seen
19:48:37 <nooga> try to program it
19:48:53 <Keymaker> hmm, how does he do that?
19:50:17 * Keymaker goes to eat food.
19:50:29 <nooga> it must be funny sound when it works
19:50:38 <nooga> click click click click
19:50:50 <nooga> click ** oo
20:00:29 <nooga> f00d
20:00:41 <nooga> sniff i smell f00d... g2g
20:00:47 -!- nooga has quit (";p").
20:07:19 <Keymaker> food eaten.
20:11:17 -!- Sgeo has joined.
20:12:10 <SimonRC> he cheats though, by using IC RAM.
20:13:02 <Keymaker> simonrc; happen to know how to switch keyboard leds in c?
20:13:11 <SimonRC> erm
20:13:22 <Keymaker> like toggle some of them off or on?
20:13:29 * SimonRC attempts vainly to recall his QBasic days.
20:14:11 <SimonRC> You poke into byte 0x64 IIRC
20:14:31 <Keymaker> how do i do that? i really suck at c :o
20:14:36 <SimonRC> bit 4 should be Caps lock.
20:14:43 <SimonRC> I forget the others
20:14:57 <SimonRC> on "normal" PCs, at least
20:16:43 <calamari> trying to do lights? one sec I have some x86 asm for that
20:16:59 <Keymaker> cheers
20:17:10 <calamari> I wrote a boot sector that flashes the keyboard lights.. was curious how dead the system was
20:17:43 <Keymaker> hehe
20:19:03 <calamari> weird
20:19:05 <calamari> can't join #c
20:19:09 <calamari> can't join any channels
20:19:11 <calamari> lol
20:19:17 <calamari> ahh finally
20:19:17 <Keymaker> hehe
20:19:42 <calamari> http://rafb.net/paste/results/rrERpg53.html
20:20:15 <Keymaker> cheers
20:20:25 <calamari> see line 90
20:20:28 <Keymaker> hmm, perhaps i should try NASM just for fun
20:21:04 <calamari> and lines 54-55
20:21:49 <calamari> so its 0040h:0017h
20:22:14 <Keymaker> hmm
20:22:59 <calamari> or 0000h:0417h
20:23:17 <Keymaker> ok
20:23:24 <calamari> depending on what you prefer
20:23:33 <Keymaker> that looks better
20:23:45 <Keymaker> so, the values are inside a byte?
20:24:22 <calamari> yeah.. cns in my diagram means = caps lock, numlock, scrolllock
20:25:18 <Keymaker> hey, does this program work from a floppy or something?
20:25:46 <calamari> this may help also
20:25:48 <calamari> --------K-M00400017--------------------------
20:25:49 <calamari> MEM 0040h:0017h - KEYBOARD - STATUS FLAGS 1
20:25:49 <calamari> Size: BYTE
20:25:49 <calamari> SeeAlso: MEM 0040h:0018h,INT 16/AH=02h,MEM 0040h:0096h
20:25:49 <calamari> Bitfields for keyboard status flags 1:
20:25:49 <calamari> Bit(s) Description (Table M0010)
20:25:51 <calamari> 7 INSert active
20:25:53 <calamari> 6 Caps Lock active
20:25:55 <calamari> 5 Num Lock active
20:25:57 <calamari> 4 Scroll Lock active
20:25:59 <calamari> 3 either Alt pressed
20:26:01 <calamari> 2 either Ctrl pressed
20:26:03 <calamari> 1 Left Shift pressed
20:26:05 <calamari> 0 Right Shift pressed
20:26:09 <calamari> SeeAlso: #M0011,#00587
20:26:11 <calamari> yeah it works from a floppy
20:26:18 <Keymaker> cool!
20:26:22 <calamari> I wanted to test a system where the video wasn't working
20:26:30 <Keymaker> ah
20:29:23 <Keymaker> too bad i'm not very good at good ol' assembler.. how do i get the byte from that 0417?
20:29:45 <calamari> is this going to be Linux?
20:30:07 <Keymaker> windows, but it wouldn't matter if it worked in linux too
20:30:23 <calamari> okay good.. dunno about linux
20:30:30 <Keymaker> ok
20:30:48 <calamari> what language do you want to use, c or asm?
20:31:05 <Keymaker> iwell, perhaps i should do c
20:31:08 <Keymaker> *well
20:31:12 <calamari> okay
20:31:25 <calamari> first you need a pointer to that memory location
20:31:27 <Keymaker> since i'm not that familiar with this assembler (well, not familiar with c either)
20:31:40 <Keymaker> how do i do that? (as said, i suck at c)
20:31:45 <Keymaker> :)
20:32:01 <calamari> I'm trying to remember, but I bet you Gregor could tell you right off the top of his head :)
20:32:22 <calamari> I remember it involved some funky casting
20:32:31 <Keymaker> no idea what that even is :)
20:32:38 <Keymaker> GREGORR ATTENTION!!
20:33:23 <calamari> well lets see, it's a far pointer
20:34:25 <calamari> char far *kybd=0x00400017;
20:34:30 <calamari> that might work
20:34:35 <Keymaker> cheers
20:34:42 <Keymaker> what's kybd?
20:34:47 <Keymaker> i mean what it stands for?
20:35:01 <calamari> that's just the name I gave for the pointer
20:35:11 <Keymaker> ok
20:35:25 <Keymaker> i guess i'll just rename it to 'a'. :)
20:35:55 <calamari> so you can do *kybd = the_new_values;
20:36:03 <Keymaker> ah, i see
20:36:05 <Keymaker> cool
20:36:08 <Keymaker> by the way;
20:36:21 <Keymaker> if i change some led value there, does caps lock turn or off?
20:36:29 <Keymaker> or does it just switch the light?
20:36:57 <calamari> iirc a set (1) bit means its on, clear (0) off
20:37:15 <calamari> so use the c bit functions to do what you need
20:37:27 <calamari> & and, ^ xor, | or
20:37:51 <Keymaker> ok.. and do i store the value to a byte or integer?
20:38:01 <SimonRC> byte, I think
20:38:06 <Keymaker> ok
20:38:12 <calamari> c has bytes now?
20:38:20 <calamari> I thought they were unsinged char's
20:38:25 <calamari> unsigned rather
20:38:58 <calamari> in any case, unsigned char value; should work
20:38:58 <SimonRC> use your compiler's "__int_8" type or equivalent in case char_bits|=8
20:39:11 <calamari> because iirc char is defined to be 1 byte
20:39:23 <calamari> I mean sizeof(char) == 1
20:39:43 <SimonRC> calamari: but the size of a byte is not always 8 bits according to the standard
20:39:52 <calamari> really? I thought it was
20:40:00 <SimonRC> calamari: not within that document
20:40:54 <calamari> aha, the c faq I had read was wrong.. http://c-faq.com/book/Errata.html
20:40:59 <calamari> nice
20:41:02 <Keymaker> well, doesn't matter in this case
20:41:13 <Keymaker> i can't use that __int_8 stuff anyways
20:41:24 <calamari> unsigned char will work
20:41:38 <Keymaker> yeah
20:41:50 <Keymaker> hmm, so would this work in linux as well?
20:41:54 <SimonRC> also, don;t believe Herbert Schillt
20:42:03 <Keymaker> does that has the stuff in the same address?
20:42:21 <SimonRC> it's BIO stuf IIRC
20:42:25 <SimonRC> *BIOS
20:42:39 <Keymaker> ah
20:42:39 <calamari> well, Linux may stop me from accessing the byte
20:42:45 <calamari> trying it now tho :)
20:42:49 <Keymaker> o-k
20:43:09 <Keymaker> i think i'll make a small esolang based on this
20:43:16 <Keymaker> using those values as memory etc.. :)
20:45:00 <calamari> doesn't look like gcc understands far
20:45:13 <calamari> I'll see if I can get a translation
20:45:32 <Keymaker> ok
20:51:44 <Keymaker> any luck yet calamari?
20:51:59 <calamari> not yet, but I think I'm closer
20:52:06 <Keymaker> ok
20:52:08 <calamari> void * kybd = (void *) (0x417);
20:52:19 <calamari> or something similar to that
20:52:59 * calamari tries something
20:54:28 <calamari> try this and tell me what happens: http://rafb.net/paste/results/gvPZi937.html
20:54:52 <calamari> on Linux I get a Segmentation fault, which sounds promising
20:55:39 <Keymaker> the compiler compiled it ok, but the program crashed
20:55:41 <Keymaker> :\
20:55:52 <Keymaker> i mean when i ran it, it crashed
20:56:08 <calamari> ok
20:56:34 <Keymaker> hm, i guess there gotta be some way..
20:56:35 <calamari> btw which compiler, msvc?
20:56:58 <calamari> I wonder what the assembler listing looks like for that code, one sec
20:57:06 <Keymaker> cygwin
20:57:16 <Keymaker> ok
20:57:46 <Keymaker> oh waiot.. mingw
20:58:19 <Keymaker> i couldn't remember the name and searched google for c compiler and there the name "cygwin" looked familiar.. but it wasn't that, it's mingw
21:02:22 <calamari> I guess it's compiler specific
21:02:34 <calamari> let me see if I can find something for mingw
21:03:15 <Keymaker> ok
21:04:54 <calamari> get djgpp
21:05:05 <calamari> then see this page: http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/v2faq/faq17_7.html
21:05:18 <calamari> the line you want is #include <sys/nearptr.h>
21:05:32 <calamari> if that works in mingw you're set too
21:05:43 <Keymaker> hmhm, i'm not good with this compiler stuff.. perhaps i should try assember instead
21:05:54 <Keymaker> and i wouldn't like to get a new compiler :)
21:06:09 <calamari> oh wait.. might have something better
21:06:12 <Keymaker> hey, wasn't there some way in c to execute assembler?
21:06:39 <calamari> yeah, but that is extremely compiler dependent
21:06:46 <Keymaker> ah.
21:07:10 <Keymaker> ok, so what were you about to say about something better? :)
21:07:23 <calamari> this is what you really want: http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/v2faq/faq18_4.html
21:07:28 <calamari> it's djgpp again tho
21:07:42 <calamari> or use nasm :)
21:07:58 <Keymaker> i try nasm :)
21:08:46 <Keymaker> ah, seems nasm page won't load "Query failed: delete from wakka_referrers where time < date_sub(now(), interval '1' day) (Can't connect to MySQL server on 'mysql.sourceforge.net' (111))"
21:09:25 <calamari> great
21:09:51 <calamari> http://nasm.sourceforge.net/doc/html/nasmdoc0.html
21:10:01 <Keymaker> cheers
21:10:06 <Keymaker> btw, is this nasm the best?
21:10:13 <calamari> imo it is
21:10:16 <Keymaker> or are there something other assembler i should use?
21:10:18 <Keymaker> ok
21:10:22 <Keymaker> then i'll use it
21:10:39 <calamari> it's free, it's cross platform, it works good
21:10:50 <Keymaker> ah
21:10:52 <Keymaker> even better
21:11:20 <Keymaker> grrh i can't navigate sourceforge anymore!
21:11:29 <calamari> yeah they changed it
21:11:48 <calamari> dunno what was wrong with the old interface
21:11:56 <Keymaker> yeah..
21:12:09 <Keymaker> anyways, what should i download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=6208 ??
21:12:14 <Keymaker> windows binaries?
21:12:20 <calamari> sounds good
21:13:45 <Keymaker> could sf be any more complicated? it takes about five different pages to get the download!
21:14:30 <calamari> !linguine http://rafb.net/paste/results/AY7t0u64.txt
21:14:34 <calamari> !ps
21:14:37 <EgoBot> 2 calamari: linguine
21:14:38 <EgoBot> 3 calamari: ps
21:14:49 <calamari> !i 2 3 5 *p
21:14:52 <EgoBot> 15
21:15:00 <calamari> !help
21:15:03 <EgoBot> help ps kill i eof flush show ls bf_txtgen usertrig daemon undaemon
21:15:05 <EgoBot> 1l 2l adjust axo befunge bch bf{8,[16],32,64} glass glypho kipple lambda lazyk linguine malbolge pbrain rail sadol sceql trigger udage01 unlambda
21:15:31 <Keymaker> what's that program?
21:15:34 <Keymaker> looks interesting
21:16:17 <calamari> its the unix dc rpn calculator
21:16:35 <calamari> well, my linguine implementation of it
21:16:39 <Keymaker> ok
21:16:42 <calamari> !help usertrig
21:16:45 <EgoBot> Use: usertrig <command> <trig-command> Function: manage user triggers. <command> may be add, del, list or show.
21:17:17 <calamari> !usertrig list
21:17:21 <EgoBot> Triggers: urls
21:17:25 <calamari> !usertrig show
21:17:26 <EgoBot> No such user trigger:
21:17:31 <calamari> !usertrig show urls
21:17:34 <EgoBot> (urls): glass {M[m(_u)(URLs)!(_i)I!(_i)l.?(_u)u.?]}
21:17:50 <calamari> !usertrig add
21:17:53 <EgoBot> Huh?
21:18:24 <calamari> !usertrig add dc linguine http://rafb.net/paste/results/AY7t0u64.txt
21:18:27 <EgoBot> Trigger added (dc)!
21:18:38 <calamari> !dc
21:18:42 <calamari> !ps
21:18:43 <EgoBot> 'ÿ' unimplemented
21:18:46 <EgoBot> 2 calamari: linguine
21:18:49 <EgoBot> 3 calamari: ps
21:18:59 <calamari> !dc 3 5 *p
21:19:02 <EgoBot> 15
21:19:20 <calamari> seems that I need to ignore char 255
21:19:38 <SimonRC> hmm
21:19:49 <calamari> well, lets see which
21:20:18 -!- ihope has joined.
21:20:27 <SimonRC> hi
21:20:56 <ihope> Hello
21:21:00 <Keymaker> calamari: do i need to do anything special or can i just write the commands?
21:21:10 <Keymaker> like, can i just start with "mov" or something?
21:21:15 <ihope> The core of my Unlambda interpreter seems to, like, work.
21:22:50 <SimonRC> good
21:22:53 <ihope> There's no c combinator, but still...
21:23:10 <ihope> So I get to rewrite it *with* the c combinator!
21:23:31 <calamari> Keymaker: probably better not to just start with mov
21:23:43 <Keymaker> hmm, then what should i do?
21:23:47 <ihope> And I can probably use actual continuation passing style...
21:23:51 <calamari> Keymaker: one min, I have another source that can show you I think
21:23:57 <Keymaker> o-k
21:23:58 <calamari> want to retry the dc tho
21:24:06 <calamari> !usertrig del dc
21:24:08 <EgoBot> Trigger removed (dc)!
21:24:19 <calamari> !usertrig add dc linguine http://rafb.net/paste/results/3Fvrge91.txt
21:24:20 <EgoBot> Trigger added (dc)!
21:24:24 <calamari> !dc 3 5 * p
21:24:28 <EgoBot> 15
21:24:43 <calamari> ahh, eof
21:26:30 <calamari> !usertrig del dc
21:26:32 <EgoBot> Trigger removed (dc)!
21:26:40 <calamari> !usertrig add dc linguine http://rafb.net/paste/results/d0CQHD93.txt
21:26:42 <EgoBot> Trigger added (dc)!
21:27:01 <calamari> !dc 1 2 3 *+p
21:27:05 <EgoBot> 7
21:28:49 <ihope> Maybe RTFM actually stands for Rich Text ForMat.
21:29:12 <Keymaker> or "read the friendly manual" :)
21:29:22 <calamari> !dc 65P
21:29:26 <EgoBot> A
21:29:42 <ihope> Read the [second half of the name of an esoteric programming lanugage]ing manual...
21:30:05 <SimonRC> ihope: :-)
21:30:10 <Keymaker> "braining"?
21:30:20 <Keymaker> :D
21:30:29 <SimonRC> Keymaker: *second* half
21:30:49 <Keymaker> wha? i thought second means entirely same than first!
21:31:15 <Keymaker> (i'm joking)
21:31:52 <ihope> Brainbrain...
21:35:07 <ihope> Mmh, Picard song.
21:44:54 <SimonRC> ?
21:45:59 <ihope> http://picard.ytmnd.com/
21:49:42 <calamari> Keymaker: http://rafb.net/paste/results/9DEDZk37.html
21:50:01 <calamari> Keymaker: that's a normal ms-dos program.. although incomplete
21:50:26 <Keymaker> ok
21:51:15 <Keymaker> does it matter how many spaces i use after instructions?
21:51:22 <calamari> no
21:51:30 <Keymaker> ok
21:51:36 <calamari> and it doesn't need to be uppercase either
21:51:43 <Keymaker> ok
21:54:03 <ihope> "The rules are etched in jello..."
21:54:09 <Keymaker> i'm still a bit confused how can i get that value to al or ah, though..
21:54:31 <Keymaker> and later back to its address
21:54:47 <ihope> Apparently there's lots of that stuff scattered around the webtarnet,
21:54:49 <ihope> *.
22:06:35 <calamari> Keymaker: MOV AL,[0017h]
22:06:45 <calamari> (assumes DS = 0040h)
22:07:03 <calamari> so you'll want something like MOV AX,0040h MOV DS,AX
22:07:26 <Keymaker> what's this ds actually?
22:07:32 <calamari> data segment
22:07:48 <calamari> 8088 uses a segmented memory model
22:07:59 <calamari> so you have segment:offset
22:08:25 <Keymaker> ah, so first i make ds 0040h with that " MOV AX,0040h MOV DS,AX" and then use the another code
22:08:30 <calamari> to translate that to a regular address, you can think of it like seg*16+offset
22:08:52 <Keymaker> cheers
22:08:55 <calamari> that's why 0040:0017 and 0000:0417 are the same
22:09:02 <Keymaker> ok
22:09:15 <calamari> btw each MOV needs to be on its own line
22:09:28 <Keymaker> yeah
22:09:55 <calamari> then after changing AL, to set the keyboard lights use MOV [0017h], AL
22:10:05 <Keymaker> ah, thanks
22:10:48 <calamari> if it doesn't work, you might try assembling my lights floppy and testing it
22:11:01 <Keymaker> ok
22:11:08 <calamari> oh yeah.. to exit the program use INT 20h
22:11:20 <Keymaker> ok
22:11:32 <Keymaker> where was the int value stored?
22:11:41 <calamari> otheriwse it will keep running random instructions and crash :)
22:11:46 <calamari> INT means interrupt
22:11:52 <calamari> as in interrupt vector table
22:12:00 <calamari> so these are BIOS calls
22:12:06 <calamari> or MS-DOS calls
22:12:20 <Keymaker> ah, yeah
22:12:36 <Keymaker> didn't notice until now that that 20h was the value for the int
22:12:39 <Keymaker> :)
22:14:09 <calamari> you can also use RET, because MS-DOS sets it up to return to an INT 20h instruction
22:14:36 <calamari> but if you are in a CALLed subroutine, that will of course not exit the program but just the sub
22:14:38 <Keymaker> ok
22:15:53 <Keymaker> by the way, when there is those "7 INSert active 6 Caps Lock active 5 Num Lock active" you posted, are those left or right bits of the byte?
22:16:19 <calamari> 7 is the high order bit (left), 0 the low order (right)
22:16:28 <Keymaker> like if 1 is 00000001, would 7th bit be 1 or 0?
22:16:35 <calamari> 0
22:16:38 <Keymaker> ok
22:20:18 <Keymaker> is there any instruction for changing one bit?
22:21:37 <calamari> yep
22:21:47 <calamari> well, same as C, basically
22:22:00 <Keymaker> which is? :)
22:22:02 <calamari> you have AND OR and XOR instructions
22:22:07 <Keymaker> ah
22:23:03 <calamari> for example OR AL,80h to set bit 7
22:23:40 <Keymaker> ok
22:23:50 <calamari> !usertrig del dc
22:23:53 <EgoBot> Trigger removed (dc)!
22:23:59 <calamari> !usertrig add dc linguine http://rafb.net/paste/results/cai6si70.txt
22:24:01 <EgoBot> Trigger added (dc)!
22:24:03 <calamari> !dc A
22:24:07 <EgoBot> 'A' (65) unimplemented, commands: pnPf+-*/cdrqZXz#
22:24:20 <calamari> that's better
22:26:41 <calamari> !dc 72P101P108dPP111P44P32P87P111P114P108P100P33P
22:26:43 <EgoBot> Hello, World!
22:27:44 <calamari> !dc +
22:27:47 <EgoBot> stack empty
22:28:11 <calamari> !dc 01 02 +p
22:28:13 <EgoBot> 3
22:29:36 <Keymaker> well, can't get this working :\
22:29:44 <calamari> paste
22:29:58 <calamari> http://rafb.net/paste/
22:30:02 <Keymaker> CPU 8086
22:30:02 <Keymaker> BITS 16
22:30:02 <Keymaker> ORG 0100h
22:30:02 <Keymaker> MOV AX, 0040h
22:30:02 <Keymaker> MOV DS,AX
22:30:02 <Keymaker> MOV AL,[0017h] ;; read
22:30:04 <Keymaker> OR AL,80h
22:30:06 <Keymaker> MOV [0017h], AL ;; set back
22:30:08 <Keymaker> INT 20h
22:30:10 <Keymaker> oops, too late :D
22:30:36 <calamari> <calamari> 7 INSert active
22:30:37 <calamari> <calamari> 6 Caps Lock active
22:30:37 <calamari> <calamari> 5 Num Lock active
22:30:37 <calamari> <calamari> 4 Scroll Lock active
22:30:37 <calamari> <calamari> 3 either Alt pressed
22:30:39 <calamari> <calamari> 2 either Ctrl pressed
22:30:41 <calamari> <calamari> 1 Left Shift pressed
22:30:44 <calamari> <calamari> 0 Right Shift pressed
22:30:50 <calamari> so you just set Insert.. not what you probably wanted
22:31:03 <Keymaker> wait.. yes..
22:31:04 <Keymaker> lol
22:31:07 <calamari> try OR AL,40h
22:31:14 <Keymaker> yah
22:32:36 <Keymaker> hm
22:32:38 <Keymaker> nope
22:32:48 <Keymaker> doesn't work :(
22:32:52 <calamari> ok
22:33:10 <Keymaker> perhaps this stupid keyboard is wrong
22:34:01 <calamari> well, do you have a floppy?
22:34:17 <Keymaker> yes, but i'd like to get it working in windows..
22:34:41 <calamari> yeah, I'm just curious if my code is 100% right.. could be that it worked only on my system and I didn't know it
22:35:13 <calamari> you did have your caps lock off when you ran that, right ?
22:35:19 <Keymaker> yeah
22:35:39 <calamari> let me try it in qemu
22:36:02 <Keymaker> ok
22:37:20 <calamari> doesn't work in qemu but that doesn't mean much
22:37:29 <calamari> you can compile lights and run it from dos tho
22:37:41 <calamari> http://rafb.net/paste/results/rrERpg53.txt
22:38:04 <calamari> (even inside windows)
22:38:40 <Keymaker> ok, i'll do that.. it doesn't do any damage, i hope? :D
22:38:45 <calamari> no it doesn't
22:39:25 <Keymaker> sigh.. so it's my keyboard probably
22:39:32 <calamari> is it printing numbers ?
22:39:36 <Keymaker> the program works well, beeping and printing numbers
22:39:48 <Keymaker> but the keyboard stays still..
22:40:03 <Keymaker> btw, is there any way to stop the program? :D
22:40:09 <calamari> press any key
22:40:15 <Keymaker> ah
22:40:32 * Keymaker throws the keyboard through window.
22:40:39 <calamari> might be the bios
22:40:47 * Keymaker eats GregorR's collection of hats.. once again.
22:40:54 <calamari> and it might just be me missing something
22:40:54 <Keymaker> mmm.. fabrics..
22:41:10 <Keymaker> lets hope so :D
22:41:21 <Keymaker> it's annoying that i can't find info about this from the web
22:42:38 <calamari> found this: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/msdos-programmer-faq/part2/section-18.html
22:42:38 <ihope> Eek, autolobotomy.
22:42:55 <Keymaker> ta
22:42:58 <calamari> which seems to say we are right
22:43:40 <calamari> ahh nice comment
22:44:13 <calamari> add these two lines before the INT 20h... MOV AH,02h INT 16h
22:45:30 <Keymaker> nope..
22:45:35 <Keymaker> doesn't work
22:45:47 <calamari> yeah doesn't help in qemu either
22:46:50 <Keymaker> there's gotta be some way..
22:46:55 <Keymaker> hmm..
22:47:33 <ihope> "vOvovuvivuvOvokuvivuvObuvivuvOSuvivuvOduvivuvOsuvivuvOguvivuvOpuvivuvOTuvivuvOtuvivuvOvuvivuvO" is a long word, you know.
22:48:00 <calamari> maybe we can simulate a capslock key press
22:49:05 <calamari> hmm wait.. it did work in qemu
22:49:26 <calamari> after I ran your program everything I type is uppercase
22:49:33 <calamari> the light isn't on tho
22:49:59 <calamari> didn't need the MOV AH,2 INT 16h part
22:50:10 <Keymaker> hmm
22:50:34 <Keymaker> too bad doesn't work on this
22:58:41 <ihope> "If you want to say 'Jorge's car', do you say 'Jorge de coche'?" Grr.
23:00:51 <calamari> if this is spanish, it'd be coche de Jorge
23:01:11 <calamari> I'd think.. :)
23:01:23 <calamari> car of George
23:02:01 <ihope> El coche de Jorge...
23:03:57 <calamari> yeah
23:04:05 <calamari> Keymaker: might have something.. trying to test it
23:04:16 <Keymaker> cool
23:04:23 <Keymaker> let's hope it works..
23:05:10 -!- jix has quit ("Bitte waehlen Sie eine Beerdigungnachricht").
23:07:45 <calamari> bah
23:08:08 <Keymaker> :(
23:08:18 <calamari> try it anyways, maybe its just qemu
23:08:40 <Keymaker> well, try what?
23:08:57 <calamari> here is the program (add the header stuff of course) MOV AH,05h MOV CX,3A00h INT 16h INT 20h
23:09:06 <Keymaker> ok
23:11:24 <Keymaker> nope
23:13:45 <calamari> found another method.. testing it
23:30:21 <ihope> Arr.
23:34:00 <ihope> Yess...
23:34:16 <calamari> :(
23:34:28 <Keymaker> .8
23:34:33 <Keymaker> * :(
23:34:40 <ihope> :(
23:34:47 <ihope> (What are we frowning about?)
23:35:36 <Keymaker> i can't get leds blinking
23:35:53 <Keymaker> and calamari tried some new technique but it didn't seem to work
23:36:05 <ihope> I can't get lead to blink...
23:36:10 <calamari> i've tried 3 different ways to turn on that capslock.. none seem to work
23:36:20 <Keymaker> yeah..
23:38:03 <calamari> want to try this one anyways?
23:38:22 <Keymaker> ok
23:38:37 <calamari> MOV AL,0EDh OUT 60h,AL MOV AL,02H OUT 60h,AL INT 20h
23:40:28 <Keymaker> nothing
23:40:44 <Keymaker> :(
23:52:19 <ihope> What's the contraction of *I* am?
23:52:39 <ihope> *I*'m or *I'm*?
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