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00:33:02 <GregorR> Bler
00:33:31 <GregorR> The contraction of I am is I'm, I don't know what you mean by "*I*'m" vs "*I'm*"
00:42:55 <ihope> Which is correcT?
00:42:59 <ihope> *correct
00:44:36 <GregorR> Neither is correct, there are no asterisks in the word "I'm"
00:47:40 <ihope> Bbbut...
00:48:06 <ihope> ...If there were any, where would the second be?\
00:48:13 <ihope> s/\//
01:08:36 <GregorR> I totally don't understand what you're asking at all.
01:12:02 <ihope> What's the proper way to put emphasis on the "I" in "I'm"?
01:18:33 <GregorR> Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
01:18:56 <GregorR> You don't emphasize the I, no.
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02:21:11 <SimonRC> Today I discovered what happened to a screen session I had that vanished.
02:21:13 <SimonRC> It was a victim of the magical, musical, vega-go-round.
02:21:16 <SimonRC> Y'see the hostname "vega" in our Uni resolves to one of 5 computers in turn: vega0--vega4.
02:21:19 <SimonRC> And a screen session on any one of them is not accessible or even visible from any of the others.
02:21:23 <SimonRC> So, if you don't know that there are 5 vegas, screen sessions mysteriously disappear while you're logged off, only to re-appear weeks later.
02:21:28 <SimonRC> (Specific vegas are accessible by the names I mentioned a moment ago.
02:21:31 <SimonRC> If you know which one you want.)
02:21:38 * SimonRC goes to bed
02:21:47 <GregorR> lol
02:45:39 <EgoBot> ________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
02:46:15 * GregorR wonders who declared this game.
02:46:25 * calamari raises a tentacle
02:46:33 <GregorR> !hangman e
02:46:38 <EgoBot> ________ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
02:46:50 <GregorR> !hangman a
02:46:53 <EgoBot> ________ |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
02:46:55 <GregorR> !hangman o
02:46:58 <EgoBot> ________ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
02:47:00 <GregorR> !hangman u
02:47:03 <EgoBot> _u______ |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
02:47:06 <GregorR> !hangman i
02:47:09 <EgoBot> _u___i_i |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
02:47:18 <GregorR> !hangman l
02:47:21 <EgoBot> _u___i_i |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
02:47:24 <GregorR> !hangman s
02:47:26 <EgoBot> _u___i_i |-:(<- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
02:47:29 <GregorR> !hangman t
02:47:34 <EgoBot> _u___i_i |-:(<-< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
02:47:37 <GregorR> Yeah, I fail.
02:47:40 <GregorR> !hangman q
02:47:42 <EgoBot> Answer: zucchini
02:47:46 <GregorR> Blech
02:48:16 <GregorR> Not blech to zucchini.
02:48:19 <GregorR> Zucchini is tasty.
02:48:25 <GregorR> Blech to my inability to hangman :P
02:50:27 <calamari> dc is working
02:50:48 <calamari> !dc 543253 3453425 + p
02:50:50 -!- EgoBot has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
02:50:58 <calamari> whoa
02:51:07 <GregorR> Thanks :P
02:51:13 <calamari> what happened?
02:51:17 <GregorR> EgoBot is still buggy btw ;)
02:51:26 <calamari> I was doing all sorts of things like that earlier with no problem
02:51:36 <GregorR> That's why the bug is so hard to find.
02:51:45 <GregorR> It works great, works great, works great, fails totally randomly.
02:51:57 <calamari> error message?
02:52:05 <GregorR> None
02:52:06 <GregorR> Just segfault.
02:52:11 <GregorR> And I can't gdb it very easily ...
02:52:14 <GregorR> Since it runs through netcat.
02:52:29 -!- EgoBot has joined.
02:52:40 <calamari> !dc 543253 3453425 + p
02:52:46 <EgoBot> 3996678
02:52:59 <GregorR> Faaaaaaantastic.
02:53:06 <calamari> !dc 543253 3453425 r / p
02:53:11 <EgoBot> 6
02:53:17 <GregorR> What's "p"?
02:53:23 <calamari> pop & print
02:53:28 <SimonRC> GregorR: Fool! Use a typesafe language! :-)
02:53:32 * SimonRC nores
02:53:33 <calamari> r swaps the top 2 items
02:53:34 * SimonRC snores
02:55:57 <calamari> !dc 73P32P108P111ddP118P101P32P69P115PP66PP116P33P
02:56:01 <EgoBot> I love EsoBot!
02:56:20 <GregorR> I would love if EsoBot had decent language support :P
02:56:20 <calamari> aww, thanks :)
02:56:26 <calamari> hehe yeah
02:57:01 <GregorR> Can you even do pipe-fork-exec from Java?
02:57:30 <calamari> Java has threads
02:57:51 <calamari> and I was able to simulate a lot with that
02:58:03 <GregorR> Ah yes, Java is C++ for pansies, right.
02:58:04 <calamari> for example in the EsoShell
02:58:04 <GregorR> Got it.
02:58:05 <GregorR> :)
02:58:56 <calamari> I live Java.. it's easy to work with. Python too, although Python could really use some braces
02:59:01 <calamari> like even
02:59:06 <calamari> I donnt live Java lol
02:59:21 <GregorR> lol
02:59:23 <calamari> actually haven't used it in a while now, been using Python
03:00:23 <GregorR> I don't dislike Python, though I agree with the braces.
03:00:26 <GregorR> Or at least endif.
03:00:46 <GregorR> I HATE the indenting thing, it makes it obnoxious to figure out when a block ends.
03:00:49 -!- lirthy has joined.
03:00:52 <calamari> something so that if I move things around I dont have to figure evverything out again
03:00:58 <calamari> yeah
03:01:22 <GregorR> But it's better than Perl 8-D
03:01:24 <GregorR> (Doesn't take much)
03:02:05 <calamari> harder to write obfuscated code in python
03:02:12 <GregorR> Hahahah
03:02:21 <GregorR> It's easy to write obfuscated code in Perl, just write code.
03:02:22 <calamari> although I guess that should be a positive
03:02:36 <calamari> nah Perl code can be readable
03:02:59 <GregorR> Yes, it can.
03:03:08 <GregorR> But it's a language that actively encourages its users to write terrible code.
03:03:41 <calamari> and its great how apt has a dependency on it
03:03:57 <GregorR> I once wrote a packaging system in perl >_<
03:04:02 <GregorR> Wish I'd written it in C.
03:04:15 <GregorR> And by "once"
03:04:18 <GregorR> I mean "last year"
03:04:24 <calamari> wish they would rewrite that part.. I'd prefer not to have dependencies on anything.. statically linked would be ideal
03:04:55 <GregorR> Yeah, creates a chicken-and-the-egg problem.
03:06:34 <calamari> plus it'd be cool.. take any old Linux distro and with one app upgrade into a full system
03:07:21 <calamari> I did finally break out on my laptop tho, so apt doesn't produce errors now
03:07:35 <calamari> ubuntu on a umsdos filesystem :P
03:07:42 <GregorR> Ow ow ow ow ow.
03:08:16 <calamari> it's ancient and so the drive is too small to partition
03:09:02 <calamari> works ok as a second terminal if my main system is in use.. I just ssh over
03:11:29 <GregorR> Gaar, can't replicate a crash in GDB >_<
03:15:46 <calamari> !help
03:15:50 <EgoBot> help ps kill i eof flush show ls bf_txtgen usertrig daemon undaemon
03:15:51 <EgoBot> 1l 2l adjust axo befunge bch bf{8,[16],32,64} glass glypho kipple lambda lazyk linguine malbolge pbrain rail sadol sceql trigger udage01 unlambda
03:15:56 <calamari> !help daemon
03:15:59 <EgoBot> Use: daemon <daemon> <daemon-command> Function: start a daemon process.
03:16:12 <calamari> !ps
03:16:15 <EgoBot> 1 calamari: ps
03:16:24 <calamari> !ls
03:16:28 <EgoBot> bf/, glass/, linguine/
03:16:32 <calamari> !ls glass/
03:16:35 <EgoBot> dice.glass, hangman.glass, urls.glass
03:17:12 <calamari> !daemon hangman glass file://glass/hangman.glass
03:17:15 <EgoBot> Hangman started! Type /msg EgoBot '!hangman <lcase-word>' to start a game!
03:17:31 <EgoBot> ________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:18:04 <GregorR> !hangman elephants
03:18:07 <EgoBot> _______e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:18:14 <GregorR> !hangman apples
03:18:17 <EgoBot> _a_____e | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:18:24 <GregorR> !hangman orang utans
03:18:28 <EgoBot> _a_____e |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:18:44 <GregorR> !hangman sleepy
03:18:48 <EgoBot> _a_____e |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:18:55 <GregorR> !hangman coronation
03:18:57 <EgoBot> _a____ce |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:19:19 <GregorR> !hangman trot
03:19:23 <EgoBot> _a____ce |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:19:40 <GregorR> !hangman undigestable
03:19:43 <EgoBot> _au___ce |-:( '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:19:57 <GregorR> !hangman hospitable
03:20:01 <EgoBot> _au___ce |-:(< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:20:15 <GregorR> !hangman laundry
03:20:20 <EgoBot> _au___ce |-:(<- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:20:47 <GregorR> !hangman norweigan
03:20:49 <EgoBot> _aun__ce |-:(<- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:21:17 <GregorR> !hangman important
03:21:22 <EgoBot> _aun_ice |-:(<- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:22:16 <GregorR> >_>
03:22:40 <GregorR> !hangman royale
03:22:45 <EgoBot> _aun_ice |-:(<-< '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
03:23:11 <GregorR> !hangman forget it, I lost
03:23:15 <EgoBot> Answer: jaundice
03:23:19 <GregorR> D'oh
03:23:24 <GregorR> I had jaundice :P
03:23:48 <calamari> so did I.. and Michael too
03:24:06 <calamari> not much tho, seems to be going away
03:24:17 <GregorR> I was a different race as a baby :P
03:24:52 <calamari> ok whatever :)
03:25:41 <GregorR> Seriously! If you looked at a baby picture of me, you'd wonder where my African parents were XD
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05:15:43 <EgoBot> ___ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:15:49 <calamari> !hangman A
05:15:53 <EgoBot> Answer: AAA
05:16:00 <GregorR> Yes, it will take upper case :P
05:16:01 <EgoBot> ___ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:16:05 <GregorR> This is called "lazy Glass code"
05:16:07 <EgoBot> ___ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:16:12 <calamari> hehe
05:16:29 <EgoBot> Answer: AAA
05:18:05 <EgoBot> ___ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:18:18 <calamari> !hangman $
05:18:21 <calamari> !hangman *
05:18:21 <EgoBot> $__ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:18:23 <calamari> !hangman @
05:18:25 <EgoBot> $*_ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:18:27 <EgoBot> Answer: $*@
05:18:47 <calamari> why do I like to torture programs
05:18:56 <calamari> !hangman
05:18:59 <EgoBot> | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
05:19:22 <calamari> !hangman
05:19:25 <EgoBot> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'
05:19:57 <calamari> !ps
05:20:01 <EgoBot> 1 calamari: ps
05:20:51 <calamari> !dc
05:21:25 <calamari> !dc z
05:21:39 <calamari> !dc X
05:21:41 <EgoBot> 'X' (88) unimplemented, commands: pnPf+-*/cdrqZXz#
05:21:48 <calamari> nice
05:23:14 <calamari> !dc zp
05:23:17 <EgoBot> 0
05:23:25 <calamari> !dc zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp
05:23:27 <EgoBot> 25
05:55:27 -!- calamari has quit ("Leaving").
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06:25:28 -!- GregorR has joined.
06:25:47 <GregorR> !ps
06:25:50 <EgoBot> 1 GregorR: ps
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09:49:09 <Uvanta> i'm gs30ng
09:49:31 <Uvanta> i changed my english name somewhat more readable (or i just hope so)
09:49:45 <Uvanta> *english nickname, i meant
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10:27:26 <Keymaker> need.. to.. blink.. keyboard.. leds.. *dies*
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10:35:33 <GregorR> Yaaaay, my apartment complex's network administrators log all my IM conversations and web traffic -_-
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11:55:12 <lament> sweet! use more ssh
11:55:40 <GregorR> I wish I could ssh into AIM :P
11:55:47 <GregorR> First thing tomorrow I'm putting a notice on the bulletin board.
11:56:13 <lament> how do you know they do it?
11:56:32 <GregorR> They apparently have two block-levels. One makes the page just "fail to connect"
11:56:35 <GregorR> The other is more of a warning.
11:56:44 <GregorR> And it brings up a dialog with a URL of
11:56:57 <GregorR> Go to and, well, looki there, here are my AIM logs ... and URL history.
11:57:33 <lament> yours? you mean everybody's in the complex?
11:57:40 <GregorR> I can only see my own.
11:57:44 <GregorR> I looked up the software though.
11:57:47 <GregorR> Admins can see everybody's.
11:57:52 <GregorR> Users can see their own.
11:58:08 <lament> why do your apartment complex's admins block sites at all?
11:58:17 <GregorR> Because their nazis >_<
11:58:21 <GregorR> I also can't use BitTorrent.
11:58:26 <GregorR> Not even for downloading the latest Mandriva.
11:58:29 <lament> i don't get it
11:58:34 <GregorR> Downloading ISOs over ftp is a huge PITA >_<
11:58:35 <lament> apartments are for living in
11:59:21 <lament> certainly not cool
11:59:32 <lament> but of course it's their right.
11:59:46 <GregorR> I'm not sure that it is ...
12:00:08 <GregorR> That is, logging.
12:00:15 <GregorR> Blocking BitTorrent they can do if they please, of course.
12:00:22 <lament> it very likely is, otherwise that software wouldn't exist
12:00:42 <GregorR> I know that it's legal at businesses if you tell the employees that they're being logged.
12:00:50 <GregorR> But on shaky ground if you don't.
12:01:03 <GregorR> (And explicitly illegal in quite a number of states)
12:01:06 <lament> perhaps they "told you" somewhere in a very fine print
12:01:32 <GregorR> I've pored through the contract.
12:01:43 <GregorR> There's only one page on the network, and all tenant responsibilities.
12:01:57 <lament> hm
12:02:05 <lament> are you gonna threaten them with a lawsuit? :)
12:02:23 <GregorR> I'd reaaaaaaaaaally prefer not to.
12:02:34 <GregorR> I'd rather just make it obvious that I have the law on my side >_>
12:02:40 <GregorR> Since it's a clear violation of privacy.
12:02:47 <lament> i rather doubt they'd go "oops, sorry, we didn't realize we were logging you, we'll stop now"
12:03:13 <GregorR> Actually, they might.
12:03:20 <GregorR> There is 0 communication between the network guys and everybody else.
12:03:33 <lament> what kind of sites do they block?
12:03:50 <GregorR> Basically anything that provides illegal downloads.
12:04:04 <GregorR> And they put "warnings" on seemingly random pages.
12:04:16 <lament> heh
12:04:21 <GregorR> Gasp, this web comic is "warned" because of P2P content.
12:04:25 <GregorR> Yes, this web comic. Hmm.
12:04:45 <lament> perhaps the software just looks for keywords
12:05:01 <GregorR> Would you like the complete log of all IM conversations I've had?
12:05:07 <GregorR> 37 pages for a few days.
12:05:10 <GregorR> All sorts of dull crap there.
12:05:18 <GregorR> None of it illicit or illegal.
12:05:18 <lament> umm.... no?
12:05:37 <GregorR> I'm just saying that all of this is logged despite having no obvious keywords.
12:05:51 <lament> no that's different
12:06:03 <GregorR> Oh, you're referring to the blocking.
12:06:06 <lament> right
12:06:18 <lament> but logging im conversations is clearly fucked up
12:06:21 <GregorR> The blocking is obnoxious, but not a violation of privacy, so it's a secondary issue for me.
12:06:30 <GregorR> As well as all the URLs I've visited.
12:07:12 <lament> wouldn't nearly every provider log urls
12:07:13 <lament> ?
12:07:23 <lament> just in the DNS log or whatever
12:08:04 <GregorR> Well, it's one thing to have a sort of generic log that's more of a "when DNS was used" for debugging purposes sort of log.
12:08:11 <GregorR> It could reveal information but is not intended to.
12:08:23 <GregorR> This serves the specific role of revealing what sites a tenant has accessed.
12:08:37 <lament> heh
12:08:48 <lament> nasty.
12:10:17 <GregorR> *sigh*
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18:13:03 -!- nooga has joined.
18:14:01 <nooga> me has just bought Canon PIXMA iP2200 and it doesn't work
18:14:16 <nooga> grrr
18:14:21 <nooga> stupid windows
18:18:11 <nooga> having problems with spoolsv.exe
21:08:19 <ihope> copy con prt
21:12:41 <nooga> hi :!
22:44:25 <GregorR> 'ello all
22:45:58 <nooga> hi
22:46:04 * nooga pink floyd - time
23:00:28 <ihope> My brother was playing a game once. He suddenly met the edge of the playing field.
23:00:45 <ihope> Don't these game developers know that playing fields don't have to have edges?
23:01:04 * nooga is drinking guinness
23:01:16 <ihope> Have you set any world records yet?
23:01:28 <nooga> no :>
23:03:03 <ihope> So for the edges thing: why? Why do they put edges on these playing fields?
23:03:08 <nooga> guinness is damn expensive
23:03:15 <ihope> They don't know any better. They must be STUPID game designers!
23:03:35 <nooga> ihope: because they're dumb and don't know infinity?
23:03:46 <ihope> Makes sense, it does!
23:03:50 <ihope> I bet they even worked out all the features by hand!
23:07:01 <SimonRC> yo
23:07:42 <ihope> I bet their lists of prime numbers look like [2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,39,41,43,47...]
23:11:10 <lament> what
23:14:21 <ihope> Bringing lazy evaluation to a whole new level...
23:45:07 -!- calamari has joined.
23:45:13 <calamari> hi
23:45:21 <ihope> Ello
23:45:50 <calamari> !ps
23:45:54 <EgoBot> 1 calamari: ps
23:46:17 <nooga> hi
23:46:18 <calamari> !daemon help
23:46:35 -!- nooga has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
23:46:40 <GregorR> That's !help daemon
23:46:47 <calamari> yeah, but I rememe3bered
23:47:07 <calamari> !daemon hangman glass file://glass/hangman.glass
23:47:10 <EgoBot> Hangman started! Type /msg EgoBot '!hangman <lcase-word>' to start a game!
23:47:18 <ihope> !ps d
23:47:19 <EgoBot> 1 calamari: daemon hangman glass
23:47:21 <EgoBot> 2 ihope: ps
23:47:57 <EgoBot> __________ | '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:50:17 <GregorR> I suppose somebody's supposed to be guessing here? :P
23:50:27 <ihope> Not me. I started it.
23:50:59 <SimonRC> e
23:51:01 <SimonRC> erm
23:51:03 <SimonRC> !hangman e
23:51:08 <EgoBot> __________ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:51:31 <SimonRC> # You can't take the sky from me. #
23:51:34 <SimonRC> !hangman a
23:51:38 <EgoBot> ________a_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:51:44 <SimonRC> !hangman t
23:51:48 <GregorR> SimonRC: Firefly?
23:51:48 <EgoBot> ____t___a_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:51:52 <SimonRC> GregorR: yes
23:51:55 <SimonRC> !hangman o
23:51:58 <EgoBot> ____t_o_a_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:52:00 <SimonRC> !hangman n
23:52:05 <EgoBot> __n_t_ona_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:52:06 <SimonRC> !hangman i
23:52:10 <EgoBot> __n_tiona_ |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:52:16 <SimonRC> !hangman l
23:52:19 <EgoBot> __n_tional |- '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:52:33 <SimonRC> !hangman s
23:52:36 <EgoBot> __n_tional |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:54:04 <GregorR> !hangman u
23:54:08 <EgoBot> _un_tional |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:54:28 <GregorR> !hangman f
23:54:29 <GregorR> !hangman c
23:54:32 <EgoBot> fun_tional |-: '!hangman <lcase-guess>' to guess a letter!
23:54:34 <EgoBot> Answer: functional
23:55:11 <SimonRC> ah, of course
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