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00:16:43 * SimonRC goes to bed.
00:37:35 <ihope> Does anybody actually know what Jesus looked like?
00:37:46 <lament> yes
00:38:09 <ihope> How?
00:38:36 <lament> like a pumpkin with leathery wings
00:39:02 <ihope> ...
00:39:29 * ihope pretends lament never said anything
00:39:51 <ihope> If not, it's pretty ironic how pictures of him are so easily recognized as pictures of him.
00:41:11 <SimonRC> Q: "Where do Russian hackers live?"
00:41:18 <SimonRC> A: "Cyberia."
00:41:23 <SimonRC> :-D :-D :-D
00:41:34 * SimonRC goes back to bed.
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00:43:58 <lament> ihope: don't discount my information so easily
00:44:04 <lament> ihope: trust me, i know what i'm talking about
00:44:11 <ihope> watevr
01:12:40 * ihope says
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01:18:06 <GregorR> Pictures of him are easily recognized as pictures of him because they invented what he looked like in the middle ages and have stuck with that invented image since.
01:18:45 <ihope> Ah.
01:32:26 <bsmntbombdood> weird
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02:20:21 <GregorR> ?
02:21:13 <bsmntbombdood> weird how an image of jesus would be invented
02:37:12 <GregorR> They didn't make a lot of portraits of government dissidents in ancient Rome.
02:38:16 <GregorR> *the ancient Roman empire (outside of Rome proper)
02:53:18 <wildhalcyon> I don't know if I would say "invented" is the right term - most of the paintings of jesus that we have are patterned after a 15th century prince. His name escapes me at the moment...
02:54:58 <wildhalcyon> as far as ihope's question earlier: some people still debate that jesus even existed, let alone what the historical jesus might have looked like.
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05:55:31 <lament> jesus certainly existed. And certainly looked like a winged pumpkin.
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06:06:33 <bsmntbombdood> lement: what does a winged pumkin look like?
06:16:25 <lament> like a frigging pumpkin with wings.
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13:12:04 <SimonRC> pos(X):-pos(Y),succ(X,Y) <-- Horn Clause :-D <-- Smiley
13:12:21 <SimonRC> ooh, I have a better joke actually
13:13:32 <SimonRC> :-p(X,Y),inv(Y,X) <-- smiley speaking PROLOG
13:15:49 * SimonRC wonders if that is actually a valid PROLOG clause.
13:27:30 * SimonRC goes
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16:35:51 <ihope> They say <parens> ::= "(" <parens> ")" <parens> | epsilon.
16:36:34 <ihope> I say <parens> ::= "(" <parentree> | epsilon, and <parentree> ::= "(" <parentree> <parentree> | ")".
16:37:17 <ihope> So a set of parentheses is pretty much a list of trees of nothing in particular.
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16:46:17 <nooga> who's spanish
16:46:18 <nooga> ?
16:48:15 <ihope> I know a bit of Spanish.
16:48:37 <nooga> heh, i need to describe my day in preterito indefinido
16:48:55 <nooga> (homework) ;p
16:49:13 <nooga> but the problem is that I don't know Spanish
16:59:04 <nooga> heh :|
16:59:33 <nooga> i don't think using babelfish is a good idea
16:59:56 <nooga> bbl
17:01:33 <SimonRC> why are you getting spanish homework if you don't know spanish?
17:02:17 <nooga> nvm
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17:48:44 <SimonRC> hi (2)
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19:10:44 <nooga> so
19:11:12 <nooga> could some Spanish enabled guy help me with my homework? pleeeease?
19:13:46 <lament> hasta la vista
19:14:29 <nooga> erm
19:14:47 <nooga> no, mi dio en preterito indefinido ;p
19:14:53 <nooga> whatever
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19:25:36 <SimonRC> hi
19:26:33 <nooga> hi
19:27:43 <nooga> Spanish Spanish aaaa ;/
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19:33:15 <nooga> rotfl
19:33:41 <nooga> I write in english, babelfisgh translates to Apanish and I'm trying to correct it
19:33:45 <nooga> Spanish*
19:37:46 <lament> sad
19:37:56 <nooga> that's true
19:38:05 <nooga> but i'm too lazy to master another language
19:51:30 <lament> then why are you trying to learn it?
19:54:07 <nooga> i must ;p
19:54:12 <nooga> i mean
19:54:19 <nooga> i've got Spanish in my school
19:54:42 <nooga> i just want to pass and forget...
19:54:48 <lament> very sad
19:54:56 <lament> some spanish girls are hot
19:55:02 <bsmntbombdood> not that many
19:57:26 <lament> well, i'd rather learn Portuguese for that :)
19:57:36 <lament> but still, don't discount the spanish girls
19:58:20 <bsmntbombdood> where i go to school all the spanish girls are ugly
20:20:59 <nooga> ha ha
20:32:21 <SimonRC> # A SAILer wrote in C, C, C # # To see what he could see, see, see. # ...
20:32:23 <SimonRC> :-)
20:32:41 <SimonRC> SAIL, being the Stanford AI Lab
20:32:55 <SimonRC> where, ironically, LISP would have been the main lang
20:34:17 <bsmntbombdood> lisp makes my head hurt
20:35:13 <nooga> haha
20:35:17 <nooga> lisp is cool
20:35:32 <nooga> when i talk i even use cons and cdr
20:36:00 <bsmntbombdood> lisp makes my eyes go all hazy
20:36:01 <nooga> "Could you cons that papers up for me please?" ;d
20:36:48 <SimonRC> I prefer Haskell.
20:37:15 <bsmntbombdood> haskell is cool
20:37:19 <SimonRC> I have used the same method for learning several things about Haskell:
20:37:26 <nooga> it's nice, although i'm too lazy to master it ;p
20:38:06 <SimonRC> Take concept in left hand, mallet in right hand, attempt to pound concept into brain repeatedly, for 12 hours split across several days.
20:38:57 <SimonRC> I learnt monads, state monads, continuations, the type of continuation-using functions, and a few other things that way.
20:39:46 <bsmntbombdood> i just started learning haskell
20:40:05 <bsmntbombdood> the lazy evaluation thing is weird
20:41:41 <SimonRC> useful though...
20:42:15 <SimonRC> say you want to turn a list of nodes with cross-references into a graph of data...
20:42:44 <SimonRC> you can use lazy eval to look up data before you have read it in :-)
20:44:32 <SimonRC> see "Tying the knot" in the haskell wiki
20:45:07 <GregorR> So, in a few weeks I'm going on a vacation to Britain. Who's in Britain here?
20:48:46 <SimonRC> me
20:51:49 <nooga> yay
20:51:55 <nooga> i'm quite near
20:52:00 <nooga> only in Poland
20:52:09 <SimonRC> heh
20:52:33 <nooga> oh come on, that's almost nothing
20:54:02 <GregorR> lol
20:54:10 <GregorR> SimonRC: What city?
20:55:08 <nooga> "...and when the band you're in starts playing different songs, i'll meet you on the dark side of the moon..."
20:55:21 <nooga> ah ah ah "brain damage" that's it
20:56:17 * kipple slaps nooga for misquoting pink floyd
20:56:25 <nooga> yikes
20:56:30 <SimonRC> GregorR: depends when you are here
20:56:43 <nooga> diferent tunes
20:57:03 <nooga> excuse me T.T... what a shame
20:57:05 <kipple> And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
20:57:06 <kipple> I'll see you on the dark side of the moon
20:57:19 <nooga> what a shame
20:57:21 <nooga> what a shame
20:57:22 <kipple> :)
20:58:10 <kipple> guess who's got tickets to Roger Waters performing the Dark Side of the Moon live.... :D
20:58:18 <nooga> hey, if my motorbike got fixed in this month i could transport myself to London
20:58:26 <nooga> kipple: curse you aaaah
20:58:44 * kipple decurses himself
20:58:56 <nooga> damn
20:59:01 <SimonRC> GregorR: I will be in Durham, or later in Faversham (Kent)
20:59:29 <SimonRC> bsmntbombdood: oh, BTW, have you read "Why Functional Programming Matters"?
20:59:38 <bsmntbombdood> no
21:00:53 <nooga> i've taken a photo
21:01:09 <kipple> of what?
21:01:50 <SimonRC> bsmntbombdood: you should
21:01:53 <bsmntbombdood> ok
21:01:59 <SimonRC> bsmntbombdood: it should why laziness is very good
21:02:05 <nooga> nothing special
21:02:29 <nooga> http://www.digart.pl/pokaz.lista.php?userid=nooga < that's my little portfoolio ;|
21:03:00 * GregorR reappears.
21:03:01 <nooga> oh, kipple, you mean that performance at Roskilde?
21:03:09 <GregorR> Nope, I won't be seeing you :p
21:03:59 <kipple> no, not that one. This one is in Stavanger in Norway, but it's the same deal
21:04:35 <nooga> how much for tickets?
21:04:52 <kipple> 520 NOK
21:05:16 <kipple> about 67
21:05:25 <nooga> http://www.pinkfloydz.com/roger2006/index26june.htm << "Ticket scan thanks to Rune"?? o.O
21:05:27 <kipple> (not cheap!)
21:05:46 <kipple> ha, that's not me :)
21:05:51 <nooga> bah
21:06:33 <kipple> those photos were not bad btw. (not that I'm an expert or anything)
21:06:49 <nooga> me either
21:07:45 <nooga> which is the best?
21:08:30 <kipple> good question
21:08:51 <kipple> I like the one with the trabant. Trabants are cool :)
21:08:59 <nooga> sure
21:09:10 <nooga> they're rare even here
21:09:24 <kipple> they don't last too long, do they?
21:09:39 <nooga> and parking in front of that ugly blocks was empty
21:09:55 <nooga> so that it looks like taken live from 70'
21:11:03 <nooga> althought the trabant has new number plate
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21:11:40 <ihope> ¡Mucho pelaje!
21:13:25 <ihope> Well, I'm playing one of my first games of ADOM.
21:13:57 <ihope> No spoilers for me, unless I... well.
21:13:58 <nooga> And I'm playing guitar ;p
21:14:15 <ihope> One of your first games of guitar?
21:14:23 <nooga> no
21:14:36 <nooga> "Time"
21:16:29 <ihope> Y64 2n6w, hate the fact that AD 352es n40ber *ads, b4t s5nce '0 4s5ng a 3a*t6*, have t6 *4t n40ber 36c2 6n, and that w6n2s th5ngs 4*.
21:17:30 * ihope tries to figure out what he just said
21:18:18 <ihope> "You know, I hate the fact that ADOM likes number pads, but since I'm using a laptop, I have to put number lock on, and that wonks things up."
21:18:19 * kipple suggests ihope turn off the numlock on his laptop
21:18:55 <nooga> http://www.digart.pl/data/img/42/23/download/353020.jpg
21:18:59 <nooga> this one is nice
21:19:13 <ihope> That what is nice?
21:19:24 <nooga> (i'm so modest)
21:19:33 -!- fuse has joined.
21:21:06 <kipple> it is nice :)
21:21:08 <nooga> i think that is much like Battersea on PF's cover
21:21:14 <nooga> h, maybe not much
21:21:24 <nooga> but it makes a strange feeling
21:21:37 <nooga> this big tank
21:21:47 <kipple> it lacks a flying pig ;)
21:22:08 <nooga> hehe, no problem - we've got computers ;d
21:22:35 <kipple> a flying computer? that could be good too :P
21:22:44 <nooga> sure ;d
21:23:26 <nooga> gosh, g2g - I must wake up early...
21:23:45 -!- fuse has left (?).
21:23:50 <nooga> bye
21:23:57 <kipple> bye
21:24:00 -!- nooga has quit ("oho ho ohoh").
21:32:57 <ihope> Oops.
21:34:17 <ihope> Ah well. 1432 isn't a terrible ADOM score, is it?
21:34:21 <ihope> Then again, it probably it.
21:34:23 <ihope> s/it/is
21:35:36 <SimonRC> ihope: bah! Use hykulnjb!
21:36:41 <ihope> SimonRC: I'll try :-P
21:37:48 <ihope> MON MNW MOW MSW MOS MSE MOE MNE WAT <- movement commands?
21:38:51 * ihope changes all the movement commands to vi keys, then changes the things that were vi keys to more NetHacky keys
21:40:38 * ihope wonders if ADOM warns of key conflicts
21:41:00 * ihope wonders why online help is called online help if it's often not online
21:43:13 * bsmntbombdood is away: I'm busy
21:44:48 <ihope> ...Apparently my keyboard settings were reverted or something.
21:46:24 <ihope> Ah, here we go!
21:47:36 <ihope> ...
21:48:44 <lament> your keyboard settings were perverted.
21:49:23 <lament> WAT doesn't sound like a movement command, though.
21:49:38 <ihope> Isn't "wait" a movement command? :-P
21:49:57 <ihope> And... they were what?
21:51:14 * ihope hates how ADOM just flashes a window subliminally whenever he tries to open it
21:51:30 <ihope> No "press enter to continue" stuff or anything like that!
22:12:03 <ihope> Ooh, sed!
22:12:46 * ihope pipes NetHack through sed
22:13:59 * ihope thinks Windows doesn't like that
22:16:43 * ihope pipes sed through sed
22:16:59 <SimonRC> :-S
22:17:45 <SimonRC> I noticed recently, that, on my home machine, the menu Games/Adventure contains nothing but 5 different interfaces to nethack :-)
22:17:48 <SimonRC> heh
22:18:06 <ihope> Is telnet nethack.alt.org one of them?
22:18:43 <lament> SimonRC: pretty impressive, considering it's not even an adventure game.
22:36:19 <SimonRC> ihope: no
22:36:24 <SimonRC> lament: hmm
22:36:31 <SimonRC> yikes! http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?ThreePointersInOneWordAndOneBit
22:36:53 * SimonRC goes
22:36:55 <ihope> One word = 32 bits?
22:37:23 <ihope> Or 8, or 2, or 128...
22:49:04 <ihope> Yay, I can use sed!
22:53:10 <ihope> UTO (whatever that is) is u...
22:53:35 <GregorR> Oh kay.
22:54:01 <ihope> The default ADOM command for UTO is 'u'.
22:54:08 <ihope> I don't know what UTO is, though.
22:54:17 <lament> up to other!
22:54:25 <lament> up top
22:54:59 <ihope> HDL is h, KCK is k, EXE is l, and BAP is n.
22:56:40 <ihope> That means u = use, h = handle, k = kick, l = examine, and n = name.
22:56:48 * ihope reassigns
22:57:55 -!- tgwizard has quit ("Leaving").
22:58:03 <ihope> Hmm, maybe use could be e or E for employ?
22:58:28 <ihope> Hmm. e = eat and E = clean ears.
22:58:49 <ihope> I can change E into 's' or 'S' for "swab" :-)
22:59:22 <GregorR> What the helk.
22:59:25 <ihope> Then again, I'd better not.
22:59:41 <ihope> Maybe 'q' or 'Q' for Q-tips.
23:00:19 <ihope> ...Yep, looks like Q isn't used.
23:01:23 <ihope> Then use goes to E.
23:02:07 <ihope> Then, finally, northeast goes to u.
23:03:40 <ihope> 'g', 'm', 'G', or 'M' would be the new h.
23:04:51 <ihope> Looks like it's 'G'.
23:05:34 <ihope> South is j.
23:06:15 <ihope> Oh, and east is h.
23:08:03 <ihope> Gasp, control+d is taken.
23:09:39 <ihope> Well, kick can be 'c' or 'C', for obvious reasons.
23:13:01 <ihope> Then EXE = f.
23:14:35 <ihope> MSW = b.
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23:19:03 * ihope looks for a suitable place for the "name" command
23:19:29 <lament> the "have sex" command would be so easy to remap to nearly any letter
23:20:05 <ihope> ...And it seems N is not yet taken!
23:21:02 <ihope> And so the ADOM vi key thingy is finished.
23:21:16 <ihope> Save it three times, because three is a nice number...
23:21:34 <ihope> Then we hope it works!
23:21:48 <ihope> Yay, it doesn't.
23:22:22 <ihope> ...Oops.
23:23:38 * ihope tries creating a batch file that runs ADOM over and over again
23:24:45 <ihope> ...It worked that time. How weird.
23:26:13 <ihope> And only because it reset the keyboard thingy again.
23:27:48 <ihope> Oh. The very act of opening the file and saving it is corrupting it.
23:29:49 * bsmntbombdood thinks ihope is rambling
23:29:57 * ihope is
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23:48:40 -!- Arrogant has joined.
23:55:23 <SimonRC> ihope: I suspect that such a keymap already exist somewhere anyway
23:55:35 <ihope> Yep, it does.
23:55:45 <SimonRC> ihope: maybe th corruption is due to a UNIX/DOS lineend conflict
23:55:56 <ihope> That's what I was thinking.
23:55:58 * ihope tries Notepad
23:56:10 <SimonRC> should the file end in a blank line? does it?
23:56:16 <SimonRC> ihope: nooooo!
23:56:29 <ihope> ...What?
23:56:31 <SimonRC> ihope: PFE is the only true Windows editor
23:56:40 <SimonRC> apart from ports of E_MAX
23:56:42 <ihope> What's PFE?
23:56:51 <SimonRC> Programmer's File Editor
23:56:55 <ihope> Ah.
23:57:06 <ihope> So are you an emacs-er?
23:57:12 <SimonRC> it has a little thing you can double-clicl to switch between UNIX and DOS lineends
23:57:37 * SimonRC uses vi for sysadminning, emacs for programming, and PFE when on windows
23:57:57 <ihope> Whut the...
23:58:04 <Arrogant> SciTE for Windows, really.
23:58:23 * ihope scratches his head
23:58:25 <SimonRC> ihope: what is wrong with that?
23:58:35 <SimonRC> vi is so nice and quick on my P2
23:58:46 <ihope> It was the fact that ADOM didn't work even after I redid the config files.
23:58:54 <SimonRC> hmm
23:59:10 * ihope creates them again
23:59:18 <SimonRC> try to get a good example, then file a bug report
23:59:32 <SimonRC> use diff if you have it to hand
23:59:49 <SimonRC> I believe newer MS OSes have a file-comparing utility too
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