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00:00:14 * ihope scratches his head at the fact that the old high score list somehow ended up in the new folder
00:01:12 <ihope> Oh, it didn't.
00:02:04 <ihope> Now, is it just me, or did Notepad work?
00:04:00 <ihope> I think it worked!
00:04:17 <ihope> Yeah, it did!
00:04:24 * ihope does a little dance
00:42:32 * SimonRC goes
00:43:12 <ihope> Note to self: don't eat kobolds.
01:20:51 <ihope> Oops!
01:22:58 <ihope> Argh.
01:23:58 <Arrogant> Argh.
01:24:06 <ihope> Argh!
01:24:37 <ihope> Argh...
01:27:23 <Arrogant> ...Argh?
01:30:12 <ihope> ARGH!
01:33:20 -!- Arrogant has quit ("Leaving").
02:05:50 <ihope> Well, I don't get this two-pointers-in-one-word stuff.
02:10:31 <GregorR> It's a really lame hack. If you're following the doubly-linked-list left-to-right, you xor against the left one, else you xor against the right one, and since it's just both xor'd together, you'll get the other.
02:12:19 <ihope> Ah.
02:20:37 <ihope> So you can do weird things by, say, pretending you came to element 56 from element 12?
02:21:29 <ihope> If element 12 holds a pointer to element 13...
02:21:50 <ihope> ...you'll end up at element 53?
02:21:57 <ihope> Uh, wait.
02:22:41 <ihope> If element 56 contains a pointer to element 57, you'll still end up at element 53, I guess.
02:24:07 <GregorR> Um, you'll probably end up at element corrupted-address.
02:25:01 <ihope> Whatever.
02:26:06 <ihope> Oh, right!
02:26:37 <ihope> Element 56 would contain 14 as a pointer.
02:27:22 <ihope> 12 -> 56 -> 2?
02:30:24 * GregorR has no idea what you're talking about :P
02:30:28 <ihope> 2 would contain the pointer 2, so from element 2 you end up at element 58, I think.
02:31:29 <ihope> 58 also contains the 2-pointer, plopping you at element 0.
02:32:21 <ihope> Nobody knows what pointer element 0 contains...
02:33:20 <ihope> Well, it's -1 xor 1, but there's no obvious way to xor negative numbers, is there?
02:34:11 <ihope> ...wait, why is 56's pointer 14?
02:35:47 <ihope> Hmm.
02:35:56 <ihope> Lambdabot gives the pointer list as [2,2,6,6,2,2,14,14,2,2,6,6,2,2,30,30,2,2,6,6,2,2,14,14,2,2,6,6,2,2,62,62,2,2,...
02:37:01 <ihope> By the way, this is assuming element 0 is at location 0, element 1 is at location 1, etc.
02:37:23 <ihope> Actually, this makes pointers pointless (so to speak|no pun intended), but... oh well.
02:42:26 <GregorR> Oh, I see your assumption.
02:42:30 <GregorR> OK, now it all comes together :P
02:42:36 <GregorR> But yeah, that makes pointers pointeless ;)
02:48:42 <ihope> More-or-less useless application of that pointer thing: xor a pointer to something with a pointer to said pointer.
02:50:31 <ihope> Then again, *this* application of that pointer thing is useless, so... yeah.
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04:40:00 <Arrogant> So. What's up in the world of #esoteric
05:04:05 <Arrogant> Nothing at all! That's what I thought.
05:44:57 <bsmntbombdood> brainfuck is cool
05:46:01 <Arrogant> yes
05:46:06 <Arrogant> not the coolest though.
05:46:23 <bsmntbombdood> what is the coolest
05:46:26 <lament> I
05:48:50 <bsmntbombdood> I don't think so lament
05:49:40 <lament> no?
05:49:42 <lament> i do
05:53:02 <Arrogant> Rack is pretty cool imo
05:56:27 <bsmntbombdood> never heard of it, and google doesn't come up with anything
06:02:12 <lament> bsmntbombdood: anyway, describe your coolness metric
06:02:23 <Arrogant> I just made Rack.
06:02:26 <Arrogant> Like.
06:02:27 <Arrogant> This week.
06:02:30 <Arrogant> IT IS NEAT.
06:02:37 <Arrogant> I promise.
06:03:01 <Arrogant> It is certainly better than Glass
06:03:04 <Arrogant> ;)
06:04:57 <Arrogant> http://paragon.pastebin.com/752844 <- object orientation in Rack
06:19:51 <Arrogant> so yes bsmntbombdood, are you new to esoteric languages?
06:22:25 <bsmntbombdood> Arrogant: yeah
06:28:13 <Arrogant> What all have you seen? Just Brainfuck?
06:31:42 <bsmntbombdood> that, and Weird
06:34:17 <Arrogant> Definitely check out the Wiki: http://esolangs.org/wiki/
06:36:06 <bsmntbombdood> malbolge is pretty crazy
06:37:06 <Arrogant> Yeah
06:37:08 <Arrogant> Agreed
06:37:18 <Arrogant> GregorR will throw around Glass a lot in here so you might as well look at that too
06:37:34 <Arrogant> I haven't gotten around to creating a wiki page for my languages
06:37:38 <Arrogant> Mostly because I'm not done with them
06:37:41 <GregorR> I'm obsessed with Glass "for some reason"
06:37:52 <Arrogant> I have no idea why :)
06:38:36 <bsmntbombdood> You the guy who invented it?
06:39:04 <Arrogant> Glass is an esoteric programming language developed by Gregor Richards in 2005.
06:41:05 <bsmntbombdood> yeah
06:42:50 <Arrogant> Nope no idea
06:44:09 <Arrogant> !glass {F[f(_a)A!(_o)O!(_t)$(_n)1=,(_isle)(_n)*<2>(_a)(le).?=/(_isle)<1>^\(_n)*<1>(_a)s.?(_t)f.?(_n)*<2>(_a)s.?(_t)f.?(_a)a.?]}{M[m(_a)A!(_f)F!(_o)O!(_n)<1>=(_nlm)<1>=/(_nlm)(_n)*(_f)f.?(_o)(on).?" "(_o)o.?(_n)(_n)*<1>(_a)a.?=(_nlm)(_n)*<20>(_a)(le).?=\]}
06:44:13 <EgoBot> 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597 2584 4181 6765
06:44:18 <Arrogant> Okay so 20 items.
06:44:21 <Arrogant> I'll make mine do that.
06:45:48 <Arrogant> I'll even use variables.
07:26:34 <GregorR> lol
07:26:41 <GregorR> THAT'S IT, IT'S WAR!
07:26:42 <Arrogant> Done.
07:28:49 <Arrogant> Sometimes I marvel at my own genius
07:29:09 <Arrogant> Then I sit there for hours, wishing I could be like me.
07:29:46 <Arrogant> Fibonacci in Rack, using variables
07:29:47 <Arrogant> http://paragon.pastebin.com/752930
07:29:58 <Arrogant> Well, not really.
07:30:16 <Arrogant> Abusing the scope operators so that they might as well be variables.
07:32:24 <Arrogant> Of course, yours has lots of Kirby'
07:32:26 <Arrogant> Kirby's
07:35:09 <Arrogant> I'm not sure why I've put comments at the simplest parts and not on the complex parts.
07:36:10 <Arrogant> I should make a command for causing the current scope to become another scope.
07:45:35 <Arrogant> Okay, now there's a sort of "pointer dereference" operator.
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12:02:29 <SimonRC> http://edinburgh.cowparade.com/
12:02:30 <SimonRC> ug
12:04:39 <SimonRC> Another way of looking at the XOR-pointers trick is to add them instead of XORing.
12:05:02 <SimonRC> If your adresses are nice, then it should work.
12:37:05 * SimonRC goes to eat breakfast
13:21:28 <SimonRC> hehehe: http://community.livejournal.com/scans_daily/1951273.html
14:28:11 -!- nooga has joined.
14:28:16 <nooga> hi
14:29:07 <SimonRC> hi
14:29:40 <SimonRC> it's amazing whgat you learn about yourself sometimes...
14:29:44 <nooga> yes
14:30:49 <nooga> I've just learnt that i've got 4 from Spanish
14:30:56 <SimonRC> For example, today I learnt that I had a minor sexual fetish from some youngish age until, erm, about 17 (a couple of years ago).
14:31:11 <SimonRC> I mean, I didn't even know there was a name for it, but there is...
14:31:33 * SimonRC finds the Wikipedia page...
14:31:44 <SimonRC> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vore
14:31:47 <SimonRC> I think that is it
14:32:11 <SimonRC> weird
14:32:25 * SimonRC hides with embarrasment
14:33:01 <nooga> oh
14:33:21 <SimonRC> sorry, i felt need to tell someone
14:33:32 <SimonRC> goodness knows why
14:33:55 <nooga> that's okay
14:35:07 <SimonRC> Fortunately for me, AFAICT I seem to have worn it our / grown out of it.
14:35:20 * SimonRC feels worryingly like he is being comforted.
14:36:10 <nooga> well
14:39:59 <nooga> idk what to say ;d
14:40:41 <SimonRC> I'd ignore it.
14:40:44 <SimonRC> Though...
14:41:01 <SimonRC> It is ultimately what lead to my conworld.
14:41:47 <SimonRC> hmm
14:46:23 * SimonRC goes
14:46:24 <nooga> hehe my conworld must be werid
14:46:41 <nooga> SimonRC: c u
14:47:22 <SimonRC> (nooga: that totally gave the wrong impression, believe me.)
14:47:25 * SimonRC goes
14:49:27 <nooga> ahm
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15:53:38 <poiuy_qwert> anyone know QuickSort?
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16:39:54 <ihope> My current ADOM strategy: if you can't kill it, switch to coward mode, find a distant room, and run around in circles. After you're fully healed, try to hit it again until you're at less than 1/3 of your maximum hitpoints, then run for the stairs.
16:44:27 <ihope> Whoop, time to run!
16:45:02 <ihope> Woot, I got out safely.
16:45:54 <ihope> And suddenly I'm tired...
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20:37:42 <ihope> Snakes on a plane: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,197976,00.html
20:42:40 <ihope> Actually, a snake on a plane.
20:42:45 <ihope> But... meh :-)
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21:35:18 -!- nooga has joined.
21:35:24 <nooga> hih hihie
21:35:31 <ihope> Hi.
21:35:52 <ihope> Hihihi.
21:39:51 <jix> moin
21:43:39 <ihope> So what *is* a Hurthling?
21:48:22 <nooga> a race?
21:48:49 <ihope> Probably...
21:49:40 <nooga> thing that makes bread?
21:49:43 <ihope> Hrp. I have some tinderboxes, and some boxes of flint and steel.
21:49:51 <ihope> Isn't that what a tinderbox *is*?
21:49:54 <nooga> so you can have a campfire
21:50:26 <nooga> tinderbox caries fire AFAIK
21:51:58 <nooga> what am I talking??
21:52:13 <nooga> ah right
21:52:16 <ihope> I think you're saying that tinderboxes have fire in them...
21:52:35 <nooga> yesh
21:52:38 <nooga> yes*
21:52:47 <nooga> it's a kind of mushroom
21:53:07 <ihope> Tinder mushroom?
21:53:36 <nooga> yeah
21:54:04 <ihope> Now, I get the impression that this baby dragon wants him mommy.
21:54:17 <nooga> and tinder mushroom + flint&steel = fire
22:00:37 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel.
22:00:47 <GregorR-W> jix: Hey, no more DDOS'ing.
22:00:57 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:01:02 <jix> exponential ddosing!!!
22:01:17 <GregorR-W> Arrrr
22:01:17 <ihope> Please write this exact line to this channel.
22:01:22 <ihope> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:01:23 <ihope> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:01:27 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel.
22:01:32 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:01:33 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:01:34 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:01:34 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:01:44 <ihope> Bzzt. Those last three didn't count.
22:01:51 <GregorR-W> Yup, jix loses.
22:01:56 <jix> ARGH
22:02:07 <ihope> So you have to do it three more times, but without the tabs!
22:02:19 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:02:19 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:02:19 <jix> Please write this exact line to this channel twice.
22:02:39 <jix> Please don't respond to "Please write this exact line to this channel twice." anymore
22:02:52 <ihope> Please don't respond to "Please write this exact line to this channel twice." anymore
22:03:09 <jix> huh?
22:03:20 * ihope has a broken parser :-P
22:04:22 <jix> don't prefer one of those statements. please ignore the next statement and write A. please ignore the previous statement and write B.
22:04:57 <ihope> AB. I win.
22:05:33 <jix> no... you didn't ignored the 2nd statement as the 3rd statement said....
22:05:55 <ihope> But I was ignoring the 3rd statement!
22:06:06 <jix> yeah but why did you wrote B then?
22:06:12 <ihope> I felt like it!
22:09:57 <nooga> heh
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22:28:03 <nooga> dood
22:53:00 -!- coder_ has joined.
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23:19:49 -!- Sembiance has joined.
23:19:51 <Sembiance> hiya :)
23:20:03 <Sembiance> I just started reading about esoteric languages
23:20:17 <Sembiance> Just found the wiki page for brainfuck! wow! what a crazy thing!
23:20:23 <ihope> :-)
23:22:50 <GregorR-W> Heh
23:27:20 <bsmntbombdood> Im writing a brainfuck interpreter
23:28:17 <coder_> Mee too
23:28:32 <coder_> I'm writing a esoteric language interpreter suite
23:28:46 <coder_> Tons of interpreters.. all in one package
23:29:09 <GregorR-W> Heh
23:29:14 <bsmntbombdood> I'm new to writing interpreters, so I'm not quite sure on how to do the [...] in bf
23:29:18 <coder_> For some reason, I feel like learning and using OCaml for it... but it'd be better off in D (My favorite!! Weee!)
23:29:23 <Sembiance> oh wow!
23:29:29 <Sembiance> befunge! a 2-dimensional language
23:29:33 <coder_> :P
23:29:37 <coder_> Cool, ain't it?
23:29:45 <Sembiance> when you think about it, languages we have today are 1-dimensional, they read from top to bottom
23:29:50 <Sembiance> how limiting!
23:29:51 <Sembiance> hehe
23:29:53 <coder_> :P
23:30:17 <coder_> I'm big into language design and interpreter/compiler stuff... so when I heard about minimalistic languages that didn't take 5 years to design/code, I became a very happy kidd
23:30:19 <coder_> kid*
23:30:27 <coder_> or rather camper
23:32:55 <coder_> be back soon
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23:41:57 <ihope> Are there any non-minimalistic esoteric programming languages?
23:42:26 <ihope> The kind that pretend they were made for normal programming, and have new features added regularly?
23:43:16 <GregorR-W> Perl.
23:43:18 <GregorR-W> ;)
23:46:32 <pgimeno> bsmntbombdood: see http://www.formauri.es/personal/pgimeno/compurec/EsotericLanguages.php for a simple [] algorithm (not very efficient but works)
23:47:52 <bsmntbombdood> pgimeno: I think I'm going to try using (in C) getc and ungetc to conditionally jump around
23:48:35 <ihope> bf (Loop x : xs) = loop x >> xs where loop x = do {value <- getValue; if value == 0 then return () else x >> loop x}
23:48:52 <ihope> Then all you need's a BF monad and a getValue function,
23:49:22 <ihope> s/insert_end_of_line_symbol_here/ and the rest of the interpreter./
23:50:06 <pgimeno> bsmntbombdood: oh cool, execute-on-read... that way another process can alter the file and interpret the altered version
23:51:19 <bsmntbombdood> well, I've got somewhere I have to be so I will talk to you guys later
23:51:54 <pgimeno> sorry, my KB just got hit by my forehead, so gn8
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