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16:54:47 <RodgerTheGreat> so... only a mere 8 days left in the esoteric programming contest.
16:55:03 <RodgerTheGreat> anyone want to place bets on how many submissions we'll actually get?
16:55:23 <kipple_> 1
16:55:32 <kipple_> ;)
16:55:39 <RodgerTheGreat> I'm going to high-ball it and say we get six.
16:55:55 <GregorR-W> -2
16:56:35 <RodgerTheGreat> like, two people make submissions and then set them on fire in front of us?
16:57:09 <GregorR-W> And set two of us on fire.
16:57:15 <RodgerTheGreat> ah
16:57:32 * RodgerTheGreat begins lining his coat with asbestos
17:00:38 * GregorR-W begins lining RodgerTheGreat's lungs with asbestos
17:01:21 * RodgerTheGreat revels in his newfound ability to safely breathe fire.
17:01:30 <RodgerTheGreat> now if only I could breathe air, too.
17:01:37 <GregorR-W> And not die of lung cancer :P
17:01:45 <RodgerTheGreat> yeah
17:01:52 <RodgerTheGreat> it's sorta give and take
17:02:38 <GregorR-W> But remember: We have to get rid of the asbestos because it causes lung cancer, but not the smokers.
17:03:18 * kipple_ begins lining GregorW's lungs with smokers
17:03:33 <GregorR-W> Wow, how do you fit that in there >_O
17:03:43 <kipple_> you don't wanna know
17:03:47 <RodgerTheGreat> we should be more fair about freedom of choice. What if asbestos addicts *want* to continue inhaling it? Is it reasonable to stop them?
17:04:19 <GregorR-W> Asbestos addicts XD
17:05:21 <GregorR-W> Somebody needs to write AsbestOS
17:05:32 <RodgerTheGreat> that could be fun
17:05:49 <GregorR-W> Or even AsBestOS, so they could claim the name was a mistake :P
17:05:57 <RodgerTheGreat> the entire thing could be a bootloader and a firewall.
17:06:02 <kipple_> nice name for a firewall distro :)
17:06:47 <GregorR-W> Hahaha
17:06:52 <kipple_> google to the rescue: http://asbestos.cs.ucla.edu/doku.php
17:07:45 <RodgerTheGreat> this is proof of what I had already suspected: there is no such thing as a "new idea".
17:07:58 <RodgerTheGreat> even this suspicion is probably unoriginal
17:08:47 <kipple_> "Eddie Kohler, Asbestos's creator, hopes that within a few years, Asbestos will be an alternative to server operating systems such as Linux and Windows."
17:08:57 <RodgerTheGreat> hm
17:09:50 <RodgerTheGreat> supported by DARPA, as well.
17:11:00 <GregorR-W> Um
17:11:09 <GregorR-W> Neither of the "server operating systems" listed are server operating systems :P
17:11:46 <kipple_> huh?
17:11:49 <kipple_> why not?
17:11:58 <RodgerTheGreat> well, windows is not a server operating system. Especially the "windows server" family
17:12:15 <RodgerTheGreat> as for Linux, I'd say it depends on the distro
17:13:01 <GregorR-W> BSD == better server than GNU/Linux.
17:13:08 <GregorR-W> GNU/Linux, on the other hand == better desktop than BSD
17:13:18 <RodgerTheGreat> woo. BSD ftw
17:13:37 <RodgerTheGreat> I go on to say "Darwin ftw"
17:14:20 <GregorR-W> Yeah, I could see Darwin as a server OS.
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17:14:57 <RodgerTheGreat> I've never used it as such, but I imagine OSX is a pretty serviceable server OS.
17:16:24 <SimonRC> mh
17:17:06 <jix> hmm i don't want to use osx as server i think
17:17:58 <SimonRC> huh? contest?
17:18:11 <GregorR-W> Hahahah
17:18:37 <RodgerTheGreat> http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/wiki/2006_Esolang_Contest <- SimonRC
17:35:05 <jix> is it impossible at know to join the contest?
17:35:43 <RodgerTheGreat> I'm not sure why we don't allow it...
17:35:48 * RodgerTheGreat shrugs
17:35:49 <jix> then do it
17:35:54 <RodgerTheGreat> bring it up with Razor-X.
17:36:00 <RodgerTheGreat> g2g...
17:36:09 <jix> because maybe when i have time i'll join but i'm not sure...
17:39:36 <jix> Razor-X: hey... may i join with linguine as language?
17:58:10 <sp3tt> I wonder if one could generalize 4D to ND.
17:59:15 <SimonRC> Anyone want one of these for free? http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/Systems/E450/spec.html
18:03:10 <GregorR-W> ... sort of :P
18:07:06 <SimonRC> you have to arrange your own transport
18:07:12 <SimonRC> you don't have long
18:07:48 <GregorR-W> My own transport to Britain, IIRC?
18:11:30 <SimonRC> yup
18:11:47 <GregorR-W> Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah :P
18:28:54 * SimonRC has tea
18:29:20 * GregorR-W eats babies.
19:11:37 <kipple_> do not put the baby within reach of GregorR-W
19:11:48 <pikhq> Do not put the baby in the mouth.
19:49:29 <SimonRC> seen on Slashdot: "My other car is a cdr."
19:49:55 <kipple_> a classic
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21:17:06 <RodgerTheGreat> SimonRC: where in britain? I have a friend that might be interested.
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21:23:14 <SimonRC> RodgerTheGreat: durham
21:23:47 <SimonRC> lament, CakeProphet: hey, you arrived within moments of one another
21:23:59 <CakeProphet> How excited.
21:24:02 <CakeProphet> ing
21:34:21 * SimonRC goes
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22:53:18 <calamari> hi
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22:54:52 <pikhq> Saluton.
22:55:50 <calamari> I'm thinking about a new lang. The main idea is to minimize the number of keystrokes required to enter a program, where the number of keys on the keyboard is 5. This language would need to be efficiently compilable and produce efficient code. Doesn't necessarily need to be esoteric.
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22:56:36 <GregorR-W> But it will be.
22:56:47 <pikhq> Bitchanger. XD
22:57:34 <calamari> pikhq: re-read "produce efficient code" ;)
22:57:58 <calamari> GregorR: yes of course it will be.. hehe
22:58:13 <pikhq> calamari: Define "efficient". ;)
22:58:47 <calamari> pikhq: able to easily run on an ipod
22:59:02 <pikhq> calamari: Bitchanger it is.
22:59:21 <calamari> GregorR: I haven't even got the ipod yet, but I know I want to write a compiler for it :)
22:59:54 <GregorR-W> Gonna put iPod-Linux on it? Or is it actually possible to put software on its native envi?
23:00:12 <calamari> well, both are possible, but yes I am going to put linux on it
23:00:44 <calamari> and I guess I'll put some songs on there too.. but mainly it'll be for linux :)
23:00:54 <pikhq> Rockbox. . .
23:01:01 <calamari> yeah
23:01:50 <calamari> anyhow, if I'm going to be writing programs on the ipod, I need to be able to enter/edit them quickly
23:03:13 <RodgerTheGreat> an interesting concept
23:04:52 <kipple_> aha. that explains the stranfe 5 key constraint
23:04:57 <kipple_> *strange
23:05:30 <pikhq> Just bind one Bitchanger opcode to each key. . .
23:05:31 <pikhq> Voila.
23:05:32 <kipple_> you could also use the touch-wheel
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23:05:54 <pikhq> Saluton.
23:05:59 * RodgerTheGreat greets feesh
23:06:03 <feesh> hey
23:06:07 <kipple_> ho
23:06:11 <feesh> lets go
23:06:22 <kipple_> to the show
23:06:35 <feesh> where there will be, free tea and coffee~~~
23:06:49 <GregorR-W> And strippers.
23:06:57 <GregorR-W> Wait, mine didn't rhyme.
23:06:59 <feesh> might be a reason that I was never allowed to sing :(
23:07:01 <RodgerTheGreat> "ladies of the night"
23:07:34 <kipple_> GregorR-W: that's ok. Strippers doesn't need to rhyme. That's not their main purpose anyway
23:08:03 <feesh> my mummy wont let me interact with strippers :(
23:08:41 <kipple_> so, you're only allowed to watch?
23:08:49 <RodgerTheGreat> "look with your eyes, not with your hands (or other appendages)"?
23:09:12 <GregorR-W> Funny, I always heard "look with your penis, not with your eyes"
23:09:29 <feesh> I heard
23:09:33 <feesh> look with your eye, not with your eyes
23:09:33 <RodgerTheGreat> that's for the low-quality kind
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23:34:23 <Razor-X> No new contestants for the sole reason that you've had an unfair advantage of choosing a language *after* the tasks were unveiled.
23:34:34 <Razor-X> Therefore having the possibility of choosing a language for the task.
23:34:48 <RodgerTheGreat> hrm.
23:35:23 <pikhq> Razor-X: How many contestants have even made an entry yet?
23:35:28 <RodgerTheGreat> I'm not really sure that would pose much of an advantage, and that would imply that someone could join now, using an already selected language (BF for example)
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23:36:33 <Razor-X> pikhq: 1, IIRC.
23:36:39 <Razor-X> pikhq: AKA You :P.
23:36:48 <Razor-X> You'll be getting extra points for early submission, don't worry.
23:37:19 <Razor-X> RodgerTheGreat: But some tasks are naturally more suited for different languages.
23:37:40 <pikhq> Yay, me.
23:38:19 <feesh> like infinite looping is suited to basic
23:38:21 <feesh> 10 goto 10
23:38:22 <feesh> :')
23:38:25 <Razor-X> :P
23:38:28 <feesh> there goes all my knowledge of basic
23:38:46 <RodgerTheGreat> well, true. However, I don't think there are many languages that would give a *huge* advantage to a contestant without being rejected for other reasons as well.
23:38:48 <Razor-X> Oh, and, CORDIC is wrong.
23:39:06 <Razor-X> No matter how many times I try and implement it, it simply comes out wrong.
23:39:44 <Razor-X> After I finish my vocabulary later today I'll post my Scheme code for (cordic-sin theta iterations) to see whether it's a PEBKAC by discriminating #esoteric coders.
23:40:19 * RodgerTheGreat cleans his filleting knife
23:40:57 * GregorR-W cleans his scottish claymore.
23:41:35 * feesh cleans his teeth
23:42:20 * GregorR-W cleans his novelty-size 14-inch ribbed black dildo.
23:42:27 <GregorR-W> Waiiiiiiiiiiit ...
23:42:53 <feesh> gimme my dildo back bitch!
23:43:12 * GregorR-W hides it "somewhere" and runs off awkwardly./
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23:43:25 <feesh> how am I meant to clean my teeth now :(
23:43:52 <GregorR-W> >_O
23:43:54 <GregorR-W> O_<
23:43:55 <pikhq> Your teeth aren't up your ass.
23:44:07 <feesh> thats what my awkward doctor told me though
23:44:16 <GregorR-W> Is this a prison doctor?
23:44:54 <pikhq> Did he then tell you that sleeping with strippers is good for preventing lung cancer or something?
23:45:00 <feesh> I dunno I met him on the corner of my street
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