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00:00:10 <fizzie> tusho: Actually it mostly sounds like just random words, it doesn't seem to make any sort of coherent sentence. "sellainen" is something like "like that", "tekee" is mostly "to do/to make", "sanakirja" is "dictionary", "kulli" is "penis" (a slang-ish term), "on" is "to be" and "vehmas" is possibly "lush" (like "lush vegetation"), but also a name of a place if capitalized correctly.
00:00:26 <tusho> fizzie: The input was "the dictionarys dick is green"
00:00:37 <tusho> I guess the s made it think dictionary was a verb, like before
00:00:51 <fizzie> That would be simply "sanakirjan kulli on vihreä".
00:01:07 <tusho> so an entity called "the" dictionaries (a verb) the dick... is green
00:01:15 <tusho> oklobol:
00:01:17 <tusho> you said you would sleep
00:01:19 <tusho> :P
00:01:45 <oklobol> i'm a separate being on different networks.
00:01:52 <tusho> oklobol: ah
00:02:04 <tusho> so does "sellainen tekee sanakirja kulli on vehmas " make any more sense to you than it does fizzzzzzzzie?
00:02:09 <tusho> (i typoed fizzzzzzzzzie but i like it)
00:03:17 <oklobol> not really
00:03:35 <tusho> oklobol: ... is a bot participating in an irc quiz?
00:03:40 <oklobol> it's grammatically incorrect, so fizzie's breaking it down is really all you can do
00:03:47 <tusho> (i am trying to marginally understand anything going on in #vjn)
00:03:48 <oklobol> err yes i'm mirroring a trivia chan
00:03:53 <tusho> (and growing to realise that this is an impossible task)
00:04:29 <oklobol> %join makes the chanbot trazer join a channel
00:04:43 <tusho> i guessed
00:04:45 <oklobol> %mirror makes it redirect everything on a channel to #vjn
00:04:48 <tusho> yes, I get that too
00:04:49 <tusho> but
00:04:51 <oklobol> %msg sends a message
00:04:52 <tusho> it started mirroring stuff
00:04:53 <tusho> mentioning its name
00:05:01 <tusho> so does the quizbot in that channel think that it is a player?
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00:05:06 <oklobol> yes
00:05:07 <tusho> if so why is it talking to it apart from if it's answering the qs
00:05:08 <tusho> :P
00:05:09 <oklobol> why wouldn't it
00:05:29 <tusho> oklobol: quizbots generally don't address people who aren't saying anything?
00:05:29 <oklobol> it's not talking to it apart from that
00:05:40 <tusho> oh, i just saw your %msg
00:05:40 <tusho> XD
00:05:41 <oklobol> i answered a question
00:05:43 <oklobol> ya
00:07:39 <oklobol> volimo remade quite a bit portion of trazer a few months ago, help was one of the stripped features
00:07:45 <oklobol> err
00:07:49 <oklobol> quite a bit portion, yes.
00:09:05 <oklobol> okay, retry @ that sleeping thing
00:09:07 <oklobol> ->
00:09:11 <tusho> oklobol: ha
00:09:12 <tusho> as if
00:09:15 <tusho> you'll NEVER sleep
00:10:04 <tusho> oklobol: PING
00:10:48 <tusho> oklobol: i haven't said a single english thing in #vjn yet
00:11:16 <tusho> idling is easy
00:11:22 <tusho> idling is adding a channel to the autojoins
00:11:25 <tusho> and reading it occasionally
00:11:39 <oklobol> perhaps so.
00:11:54 <tusho> besides, channels in languages i don't know? SIGN ME UP
00:12:04 <oklobol> :P
00:12:07 <oklobol> SLEEP ->
00:12:11 <tusho> oklobol: ha
00:12:14 <tusho> I have foiled your sleep
00:12:16 <tusho> oklobol: FOILD IT
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00:21:55 <tusho> oklobol:
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01:43:23 <RodgerTheGreat> this was a great exchange:
01:43:31 <RodgerTheGreat> "do all programmers have to be such pedantic fuckshits"
01:43:38 <RodgerTheGreat> "yes because the computer is more pedantic because any human could ever hope to be"
02:43:13 <GregorR> Clearly that programmer is highly pedantic.
02:43:16 <GregorR> Particularly with English.
02:52:28 <RodgerTheGreat> yeah, the grammar does detract from it a bit
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03:03:33 <pikhq> Still, he has a valid point; pedanticism is easy when you're a programmer.
03:03:50 <pikhq> After all, 1 bit being wrong *could* reasonably fuck shit up.
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04:38:24 <psygnisfive> oklobol? lol
04:42:22 <CO2Games> koolblo
04:42:34 <CO2Games> optbot!
04:42:35 -!- optbot has set topic: the entire backlog of #esoteric: http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric | hmm.
04:42:38 <CO2Games> optbot!
04:42:38 -!- optbot has set topic: the entire backlog of #esoteric: http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric | urk.
04:42:44 <CO2Games> optbot! lol
04:42:45 <optbot> CO2Games: And one needn't worry about that, anyways; that only applies to addressing.
04:42:52 <CO2Games> optbot
04:42:52 <optbot> CO2Games: 1l 2l adjust axo befunge bch bf{8,[16],32,64} glass glypho kipple lazyk malbolge pbrain rail sadol sceql udage01
04:42:54 <CO2Games> optbot!
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04:43:01 <CO2Games> err
04:43:07 <CO2Games> <<><>> ?
04:43:35 <psygnisfive> negative lists!
04:43:53 <CO2Games> 0
04:44:43 <psygnisfive> pfft
04:44:44 <psygnisfive> 0
04:44:45 <psygnisfive> lame
04:44:51 <psygnisfive> γ
04:45:08 <CO2Games> I wonder what command I could have for *, /, and \
04:45:26 <psygnisfive> times, divide, divides?
04:45:41 <CO2Games> I mean in drainfuck
04:46:20 <psygnisfive> i dont know
04:46:21 <CO2Games> That and Y
04:46:33 <CO2Games> Oh yay the crash 2 sewer music
04:47:13 <CO2Games> Now Playing: The Eel Deal, Sewer or Later, Hangin' Out
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05:56:47 <adu> hi
05:56:58 <oklobol> hi
05:57:07 -!- oklobol has changed nick to oklopol.
05:57:15 <adu> oklobol!!
05:57:25 <oklopol> yes!
05:57:29 <adu> how are yu
05:57:35 <oklopol> i'm so fine so fine
05:57:51 <oklopol> gotta leave i have a lecture to attend
05:57:59 <adu> ok
05:58:29 <oklopol> if only i found my keys
05:58:49 <oklopol> it's just quite hard to find stuff when you're staring @ irc.
05:58:55 <adu> every day i have more ideas for a language...
05:59:03 <adu> lol
06:00:31 <oklopol> tell me one of those ideas, abridged, then i'll press disconnect!
06:01:00 <adu> uhm, too drunkl maybe layter
06:01:12 <oklopol> :D
06:01:14 <oklopol> ->
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06:25:34 <psygnisfive> oklobol
06:25:57 <oklobol> oko
06:26:00 <oklobol> psygnisfive
06:34:12 * pikhq curses.
06:34:21 <pikhq> Gordon Freeman seen at the LHC.
06:34:25 <pikhq> http://www.joystiq.com/2008/09/09/terrible-news-gordon-freeman-spotted-near-large-hadron-collider/
06:39:53 <lament> :D
06:46:29 <oklobol> that's soooo old :-)
06:50:41 * lament throws stones
06:50:52 <lament> baw!baw! piwooooong
06:51:18 <oklobol> what's an elachesee?
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07:02:23 <pikhq> So?
07:02:39 <pikhq> oklobol: Also, old as in 'posted earlier today'? :p
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10:14:38 <AnMaster> double negation in kernel options sucks: CONFIG_SCHED_NO_NO_OMIT_FRAME_POINTER:
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10:16:54 <fizzie> Given the meaning of "omit", that might be even considered triple negation. (Of course it's because of the -fomit-frame-pointer GCC flag, which I always read as "vomit frame pointer", but still.)
10:18:24 <AnMaster> fizzie, it's "human readable name" is "single depth wchan <something>"
10:18:31 <AnMaster> can't check exact name since kernel is building atm
10:18:37 <AnMaster> and it is for 32-bit x86 only
10:18:48 <AnMaster> not that wchan mean anything to me
10:19:25 <AnMaster> fizzie, so not sure what it has to do with gcc's -fomit-frame-pointer (of which I'm well aware)
10:20:26 <fizzie> Not sure either, but I think it's likely it's related, given the similarity of the name.
10:20:30 <AnMaster> located around the same place as where you select CPU model (like Pentium 3 in this case)
10:20:39 <fizzie> Apparently CONFIG_SCHED_NO_NO_OMIT_FRAME_POINTER=y in my .config.
10:20:54 <AnMaster> fizzie, y is recommended value according to help
10:21:24 <AnMaster> on my x86_64 desktop the option doesn't exist
10:23:33 <fizzie> Well, according to linux/kernel/Makefile, it just alters the CFLAGS for sched.o to include "-fno-fomit-frame-pointer" if set to something else than 'y'.
10:23:39 <fizzie> So that's why it's NO_NO_OMIT.
10:23:49 <AnMaster> hm
10:24:01 <fizzie> There's also a comment in there.
10:24:04 <AnMaster> fizzie, doesn't explain the "human readable name" at all
10:24:09 <AnMaster> oh what comment?
10:24:16 <fizzie> # According to Alan Modra <alan@linuxcare.com.au>, the -fno-omit-frame-pointer is
10:24:19 <fizzie> # needed for x86 only. Why this used to be enabled for all architectures is beyond
10:24:23 <fizzie> # me. I suspect most platforms don't need this, but until we know that for sure
10:24:26 <fizzie> # I turn this off for IA-64 only. Andreas Schwab says it's also needed on m68k
10:24:30 <fizzie> # to get a correct value for the wait-channel (WCHAN in ps). --davidm
10:24:33 <fizzie> Sounds like the kernel devs aren't too sure about it either. :p
10:24:55 <AnMaster> hah
10:24:58 <AnMaster> what is wchan?
10:25:03 <fizzie> (This is from 2.6.24, which is pretty old, not sure if it's fixed.)
10:25:30 <AnMaster> building here
10:25:39 <fizzie> WCHAN: address of the kernel function where the process is sleeping (use wchan if you want the kernel function name). Running tasks will display a dash (’-’) in this column.
10:25:55 <AnMaster> hm interesting
10:26:02 <AnMaster> and potentially very useful
10:26:18 <fizzie> I guess it sort-of makes sense; if there's no frame pointer info, it might be tricky to find out the function.
10:26:37 <fizzie> Although I'm still a bit hazy where the actual name "wchan" comes from.
10:28:13 <AnMaster> fizzie, well... odd that it isn't needed on x86_64
10:28:50 <AnMaster> or IA-64
10:29:28 <fizzie> Well, the ABI is different, maybe it's possible to get that info somehow otherwise. No idea about the details.
10:30:01 <AnMaster> what exactly is the frame pointer useful for?
10:30:05 <fizzie> The wchan name might well be historical reference, foo knows there's enough of those around. On solaris, the WCHAN column seems to be the address of some sort of "event" variable which the process is sleeping on.
10:31:33 <fizzie> Easier to make sense out of stack frames, since the stack pointer usually points on top of the stack, so you need to know the amount of local variables on the stack unless you happen to have a frame pointer pointing at the beginning of the local stack frame, where you can find the return address.
10:31:45 <fizzie> Don't know how x86_64 does stacks, though.
10:32:01 <AnMaster> well nor do I
10:32:19 <AnMaster> I do know how x86_64 pass parameters though (in registers when possible)
10:33:35 <fizzie> Well, that's what most processors with a reasonable amount of registers do, x86 is kind-of odd.
10:34:51 <fizzie> SPARCs have register windows, those are funky; you have (at least in some microsparcs) 8 in-registers, 8 local-registers and 8 out-registers, and a pair of instructions to rotate the window so that the current out-registers become in-registers and you get a new set of local-regs and out-regs.
10:35:19 <fizzie> So you can do function calls up to a depth of N, where N is the amount of windows (I think at least one model had 8 of 'em) without pushing anything on the stack.
10:35:21 <AnMaster> x86 is extremely register starved
10:35:35 <AnMaster> x86_64 got twice the number of registers compared to x86
10:35:41 <AnMaster> and that is rather low too
10:36:13 <AnMaster> fizzie, about the register windows, they would really mess up recursive calls
10:36:53 <AnMaster> and you need to know how deep you are if you want to make a call
10:37:11 <AnMaster> unless the instructions automatically takes care of push/pull when needed
10:37:43 <AnMaster> and also another issue: functions with more parameters than fit into 8 registers
10:38:11 <AnMaster> printf and some other varargs come to mind
10:38:13 <fizzie> I think there's some sort of mechanism to cause an exception-like thing if you try to rotate "too much", and the OS can then push stuff on stack and do other sort of magikcs.
10:40:56 <fizzie> I have written approximately 10 lines of SPARC assembly, I don't really remember the details -- even then, I think we pretty much had function prologues provided. This was for a compiler-writing course, the programming project was a very limited Java variant targeting sparc.
10:41:41 <AnMaster> heh
10:43:59 <fizzie> My main workstation is five kilometres away and not plugged in to anything (still in the process of moving things), so can't check; I just remember that our "function prologue" was pretty much a single "SAVE" instruction, and the epilogue had a corresponding "RESTORE" instruction. Running out of register windows was explicitly defined to be SEP, so we didn't even need to know the details back then either.
10:44:33 <AnMaster> SEP?
10:44:41 <fizzie> Someone Else's Problem. :p
10:44:54 <fizzie> It's a HHGTTG term, I think.
10:46:31 <AnMaster> yes
10:46:44 <AnMaster> except I read the Swedish translation
10:47:07 <AnMaster> I actually bought the English version later and read it too, but I didn't make the connection to this case
10:49:30 <fizzie> I've got the Finnish, Swedish and English versions here, although I'm not sure I've read the Swedish one completely. Was in Stockholm at NK or what's-it-name, and didn't want to walk away without buying at least _something_, so...
10:49:57 <fizzie> And I think someone borrowed my all-five-in-one Finnish version and never returned it.
10:50:38 <fizzie> (It's either that or I self misplaced it somewhere.)
10:51:01 <AnMaster> yes NK
10:51:33 <AnMaster> I got all in five for both Swedish and English
10:51:43 <AnMaster> though both are rather worn out hehe
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12:15:38 <Slereah> I AM ESOMANDIAS
12:16:11 <tusho> yes
12:23:36 * oerjan cannot find it under all that sand
12:25:53 <Slereah> :(
12:29:57 <oerjan> except for that pointer sticking up there
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12:53:58 <tusho> oklobol: #vjn is crazy
12:54:02 <tusho> and yet somehow amusing
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13:10:20 <oklobol> it does somewhat differ from the rest of irc
13:17:15 <tusho> oklobol: you were just g-lined
13:17:15 <tusho> wtf
13:17:15 <tusho> :D
13:19:01 <tusho> oklobol: was it just ... for no reason
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13:27:40 <oklobol> quakenet g-lines for 5 users from the same ip
13:27:47 <oklobol> i'm at a lecture
13:27:56 <oklobol> and don't use a bounceror
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14:40:55 <tusho> http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/
14:41:05 <tusho> it even has an atom feed
14:41:09 <tusho> <!-- if the lhc actually destroys the earth & this page isn't yet updated
14:41:09 <tusho> please email mike@frantic.org to receive a full refund -->
14:41:16 <tusho> reminds me of that sam hughes page
14:41:25 <tusho> HAHAH
14:41:25 <tusho> http://qntm.org/?board
14:41:29 <tusho> It is our duty to inform you that as of 7:35:05am UTC on September 10, 2008, the Earth has been destroyed.
14:41:35 <tusho> Evidence is still being collated, but preliminary results suggest that the Earth was destroyed pre-emptively by scientists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, before the commencement of their experiments to locate the Higgs Boson, as a precautionary measure to ensure that the experiment itself could not result in the destruction of the Earth.
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14:47:10 <tusho> oklobol: does any human ever say anything than okoing in #vjn
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14:47:16 <tusho> lol
14:47:19 <tusho> oklopol: does any human ever say anything than okoing in #vjn
15:34:02 <oklopol> 15:11:21 +volimo: MYYRÄMIES
15:34:04 <oklopol> moleman!!
15:34:11 <oklopol> an inside joke
15:34:29 <oklopol> also i did supply some binary
15:34:37 <oklopol> three of us were on a lecture
15:34:44 <oklopol> was from there
15:34:53 <oklopol> a lot going on yes.
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15:49:27 <tusho> oklobol: i have said h like three times so i guess i disproved my own point
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16:01:06 <tusho> oklobol: let me rephrase
16:01:12 <tusho> does #vjn ever have continuity between messages
16:01:25 <tusho> apart from the apparent bot-conversations
16:01:37 <tusho> non-continuous irc sounds pretty fun tbh
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17:06:52 <Slereah> http://zip.4chan.org/x/src/1221057266082.jpg
17:06:53 <Slereah> D:
17:11:38 <tusho> Slereah: add that to the gordon freeman one already circling...
17:11:55 <tusho> ... they're making portals
17:12:08 <tusho> holy fucking SHIT they are making PORTALS.
17:12:44 <Slereah> I'd better buy a crowbar
17:12:58 <Slereah> Or that knife like in Opposing Force
17:13:35 <Slereah> http://www.zeden.net/img/2008-09//actualitegeneralepc_005.jpg
17:13:37 <Slereah> Meh
17:13:41 <Slereah> He's not very Freemany
17:16:00 <tusho> Slereah: Still, added up with g-mannnnnnnn...
17:16:08 <tusho> RUN LIKE FUCK
17:17:10 <Slereah> Where? The moon?
17:17:53 <Slereah> We should see pix of the security personel
17:17:58 <Slereah> Maybe there's Calhoun in there
17:18:47 <AnMaster> <Slereah> http://www.zeden.net/img/2008-09//actualitegeneralepc_005.jpg <-- scale is way off, can't be the LHC
17:19:17 <Slereah> Scale of what?
17:19:27 <AnMaster> the tube
17:19:50 <Slereah> What's your point?
17:19:57 <Slereah> I doubt it's the ring itself
17:20:03 <Slereah> But there's plenty of machinery in tha
17:20:03 <Slereah> r
17:20:17 <Slereah> I knew a guy who worked on the cooling system
17:20:23 <AnMaster> could be some other accelerator I guess
17:20:49 <Slereah> Or some other piece of equipment
17:20:55 <AnMaster> possiblt
17:20:56 <Slereah> Tubes are common in physics labs.
17:20:58 <AnMaster> possibly*
17:21:11 <Slereah> Physics is a series of tubes
17:24:09 <tusho> AnMaster: so the lhc is just one huge thing with absolutely no subcomponents or anything
17:24:10 <tusho> riiiiiiiiiiight
17:24:21 <AnMaster> tusho, I didn't say that
17:32:07 <AnMaster> cya (away for the evening)
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17:33:25 <Slereah> Hello
17:43:26 <tusho> hello
17:43:50 * Slereah listens to "The cyclotronist's nightmare"
17:43:57 <Slereah> It puts me in the mood for the LHC.
17:44:56 <Slereah> Well, you see, now the external beam is only two microamps!
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20:10:30 -!- oerjan has joined.
20:22:43 <oerjan> so if the Earth was destroyed, does that mean we are running on a backup Matrix?
20:24:23 <Slereah> Maybe we're all dead, and this is heaven
20:24:26 <Slereah> Sucks huh?
20:24:26 <olsner> but they haven't collided any particles yet, they won't do that until october 21
20:24:43 <Slereah> Doesn't matter, olsner
20:24:52 <Slereah> The very existance of the LHC destroys the universe
20:24:58 <Slereah> You know what would be funny?
20:25:05 <Slereah> If someone tried to destroy it
20:25:14 <olsner> http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/
20:25:21 <olsner> see for yourselves
20:25:23 <Slereah> Like he think he's Bruce Willis
20:25:58 <oerjan> i wonder if anyone has tried doing simulations of what would happened if a black hole (not quite micro enough to evaporate) hit the earth
20:25:59 <Slereah> sauce code :
20:26:01 <Slereah> <!-- if the lhc actually destroys the earth & this page isn't yet updated
20:26:01 <Slereah> please email mike@frantic.org to receive a full refund -->
20:26:23 -!- kar8nga has quit ("Leaving.").
20:26:29 <oerjan> Slereah: but there was a conflicting link posted
20:26:32 <tusho> yes
20:26:36 <tusho> http://qntm.org/?board
20:26:44 <tusho> which is actually an authoritative board
20:26:47 <tusho> that page has been up for years
20:26:54 <tusho> (around the time he created How to Destroy the Dearth)
20:26:56 <tusho> *Earth
20:27:02 <tusho> but that site is just created on the spot
20:27:05 <tusho> who do you trust more, hmm?
20:27:13 <oerjan> indeed
20:27:37 <Slereah> Me.
20:27:47 <oerjan> of course if we are lucky, once the proper experiment starts the counter might go up to 2
20:28:00 <oerjan> that would be awesome
20:28:10 <Slereah> I am the most trustworthy individual in the universe, and everything I say is true
20:28:16 <Slereah> Example :
20:28:18 <Slereah> You are gay
20:29:09 * oerjan adds Slereah to the list of people he has to kill
20:29:17 <oerjan> just my usual policy, you understand
20:29:23 <Slereah> Doesn't matter, we're all gonna die
20:29:28 <oerjan> true, true
20:29:32 <Slereah> Plus, you shoudln't be ashamed of being gay.
20:29:40 <Slereah> COME AND KISS ME
20:29:43 <Slereah> SMOOCH
20:29:45 <oerjan> eww
20:33:27 <tusho> oklobol: i am indeed doing an some serious cool idling unto that channel
20:34:45 <oklobol> "an some"? impressive that you would correct that correctly :P
20:34:59 <Slereah> *an hero
20:35:01 <tusho> oklobol: i am slowly learning the grammar of this place, i think
20:35:06 <olsner> *ann hiro
20:35:14 <tusho> brb so i can do more professional idling unto it
20:35:24 <oklobol> the finnish grammar is substantially harder to learn.
20:35:32 <oklobol> i mean, even if you know finnish :)
20:35:46 -!- Linus` has quit ("Puzzi. S, parlo proprio con te. Puzzi.").
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20:47:36 -!- fizzie has quit ("Time to swap a broken HD.").
20:49:03 <tusho> i am back
20:49:25 <tusho> oklofok was kicked from the chat room by trazer. (BAD okoing to be.)
20:49:26 <tusho> oklobol: what
20:50:45 <oklobol> i failed my oko
20:50:54 <tusho> oklobol: how do you fail an oko
20:50:59 <oklobol> okokokokokokokko
20:51:12 <tusho> oh
20:51:13 <oklobol> adjacent k's are an impurity
20:51:29 <tusho> oklobol: i have done adjacent ks before but only in excess
20:51:32 <tusho> i think the excess counters the impurity
20:51:37 <oklobol> yes, somewhat
20:51:38 <tusho> e.g. okokokokokooooookokokokokkokokkkkkkkkkkkkooooooo
20:51:46 <tusho> but yeah, one extra is bad i'd say
20:52:03 <oklobol> most definitely
20:52:08 -!- oklobol has changed nick to oklopol.
20:53:54 <tusho> i am going to try an oko now because i feel like it and watching crazy finns on irc react to someone is fun
20:54:14 * tusho is incredibly bored
20:54:33 <Slereah> Maybe we should experiment
20:54:35 <Slereah> with GAY SEX
20:54:47 <tusho> sounds good
20:59:15 <tusho> MY FIRST ENGLISH LINE
21:00:05 <tusho> learning finnish would spoil all the fun.
21:00:35 -!- Linus` has joined.
21:00:42 <Slereah> Mse
21:00:59 <oerjan> is not finnish
21:01:05 <oerjan> is
21:01:27 <Slereah> Mse
21:01:35 <oerjan> much better
21:01:49 <oerjan> now we just need oklopol to tell what it means
21:02:57 <tusho> oklopol i registered but the bot still won't kick me
21:02:58 <tusho> :|
21:03:36 <oklopol> tusho: i think you need to be a trazer user
21:03:54 <tusho> oklopol: o rly!
21:03:55 <oerjan> vad trazig
21:04:13 <oklopol> unfortunately mööse doesn't mean anything
21:04:22 <oerjan> how terrible
21:04:48 <oerjan> do nouns ever end in -e in finnish btw?
21:04:56 <oklopol> yes
21:05:02 <Deewiant> lyhde
21:05:04 <oklopol> for instance my irl name
21:05:12 <oklopol> but i don't think it's that common
21:05:25 <Deewiant> nide
21:05:26 <Deewiant> side
21:05:27 <tusho> #vjn is such fun, i have no idea about any of the conversation in there and don't feel like participating much but it is entertaining to watch
21:05:27 <Deewiant> kide
21:05:31 <oklopol> hmm, right
21:05:41 <Deewiant> maine
21:05:46 <oerjan> Deewiant: i detect a pattern
21:05:47 <oklopol> kaide
21:05:50 <oklopol> viite
21:05:51 <oerjan> whoops you broke it
21:05:58 <oklopol> rinne
21:06:02 <oklopol> este
21:06:05 <oklopol> okay, it's common.
21:06:17 <Deewiant> oerjan: yes, I noticed it myself and tried to think of one which would break it :-)
21:15:35 -!- ais523 has joined.
21:16:17 <ais523> <tusho> oh no
21:16:21 <tusho> :D
21:16:25 <tusho> you are here late ais523
21:16:28 <ais523> I know
21:16:29 <ais523> sorry
21:16:39 <ais523> I was trying to install a laptop dual-boot Vista/Ubuntu
21:16:49 <ais523> Ubuntu works on it now, but the wireless only works on the Vista side
21:18:36 <Deewiant> AnMaster: you feel like changing FING's X to not reflect, but to pop a reflect, if a stack is empty, right? If you didn't, you do now, so do it.
21:27:38 <tusho> so
21:27:43 <tusho> world of esoteria
21:27:46 <tusho> what is the x
21:28:12 <Slereah> x is a variable of first type.
21:29:39 <tusho> awesome
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21:45:37 -!- optbot has set topic: the entire backlog of #esoteric: http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric | I am open to sci-fi (especially humerous) geeky stuff, programming books....
21:53:35 <AnMaster> Deewiant, eh?
21:53:49 <Deewiant> just that.
21:53:57 <AnMaster> Deewiant, what do you mean?
21:54:06 <Deewiant> FING's X, change it to the smarter behaviour
21:54:16 <AnMaster> Mike made a test case so... I
21:54:21 <AnMaster> well?
21:54:27 <AnMaster> what do Mike think
21:55:05 <AnMaster> Deewiant, ?
21:55:07 <Deewiant> "I might get AnMaster mad at me again if i do that,,,i think he already implemented FING...Personally, I have no problem doing that, If it is ok with you and him, then I will change the spec for X."
21:55:17 <AnMaster> well I guess ok
21:55:19 <lament> humerous!
21:55:20 <AnMaster> since it is so new
21:55:25 <AnMaster> Deewiant, however...
21:55:26 <lament> optbot: i don't like this topic. Change it.
21:55:27 <optbot> lament: indeed
21:55:29 <Deewiant> optbot!
21:55:30 -!- optbot has set topic: the entire backlog of #esoteric: http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric | by the way, as well, when there are those argument pixels...
21:55:32 <AnMaster> this will have to wait until the weekend
21:55:40 <AnMaster> Deewiant, I do not have time before then
21:55:42 <Deewiant> whatever, as long as you don't mind
22:09:01 <tusho> AnMaster: um isn't it like 5 lines or something
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