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00:00:04 <monqy> maxhp-10% per mutlevel
00:01:49 <monqy> maybe he'll splat on the orb run
00:02:04 <elliott> did he get the orb
00:02:06 <monqy> yeah
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00:02:11 <monqy> wow, quaffing might instead of dropping sutff to get rid of his burden
00:02:11 <elliott> damn i missed it
00:02:13 <elliott> oh nice
00:02:22 <elliott> monqy: :D
00:02:27 <elliott> this guy is so good
00:02:49 <monqy> might expired, mmmm
00:02:53 <monqy> hopefully he gets mothzerked
00:02:54 <elliott> ahahahahahaha
00:03:03 <elliott> monqy: do those moths zerk
00:03:29 <monqy> they have "rage" melee which berks stuff they hit and they also berk stuff in los
00:03:33 <elliott> great
00:03:38 <monqy> so you get stuff like berserk orb guardians, which hurt
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00:04:12 <elliott> monqy: btw
00:04:12 <elliott> 01:03 <Blade-> !lg * tiles 0.10 ntv=0 ktyp!=quitting|leaving|winning killer!=tentacled monstrosity|greater naga|naga warrior max=xl -tv
00:04:16 <elliott> what is with the killer exclusions here
00:05:06 <monqy> exclusion of constriction deaths; presumably tiles players die to constriction in a boring predictable fassion, thus its exclusion
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00:05:46 <elliott> im glad i never had the desire to use tiles for a roguelike ever
00:06:43 <monqy> wow use G1 not X< aaagh
00:06:45 <monqy> er
00:06:47 <monqy> GD1
00:06:49 <monqy> or whatever
00:06:49 <monqy> aagh
00:06:53 <elliott> what's wrong with X1 (just so I know)
00:07:01 <elliott> oh because it can use upstairs that are closer to other upstairs?
00:07:05 <elliott> GD1, that is
00:07:13 <elliott> also
00:07:15 <elliott> what's up with that D:21
00:07:21 <monqy> X< is bad because it only goes one level at a time so you go through the dungeon slowly and have to do it each level
00:07:26 <monqy> GD1 goes to dungeon level
00:07:26 <monqy> 1
00:08:00 <elliott> well slowly howso
00:08:02 <elliott> i mean
00:08:04 <elliott> in realtime sure
00:08:08 <elliott> or is that what you meant
00:08:12 <monqy> in realtime yes
00:08:19 <monqy> orb run is for the most part real boring
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00:08:47 <monqy> but sometimes it can be crazy if you get, say, a silly powerful panlord
00:08:58 <monqy> or a 1 or two on a weak character
00:09:08 <elliott> are 9s anything
00:09:12 <monqy> statues
00:09:15 <coppro> why is TeX so beautiful
00:09:16 <monqy> er
00:09:18 <monqy> gargoiels
00:09:20 <monqy> not statues
00:09:20 <elliott> i like how that guy didn't
00:09:22 <monqy> statues are 8
00:09:22 <elliott> cut the corner
00:09:33 <elliott> (i dont either but)
00:09:38 <elliott> (it still bugs me when i see others not)
00:09:53 <monqy> it's bugging me that he's not dying
00:10:01 <monqy> at this rate he'll ascend with (Hit _)
00:10:10 <elliott> "A sufficiently persistent player will eventually rack up a couple wins with their Felid Chaos Knight that remains loyal to Xom no matter what, but that doesn't change the fact that felids are terrible and Xom is terrible and they aren't any better when you put them together."
00:10:13 <elliott> maybe i'll just play feck of feck
00:10:17 <elliott> (im addicted to reading stupid tavern threads now oops)
00:10:21 <monqy> oops
00:10:57 <elliott> i see nobody's done a 15-rune feck
00:10:58 <elliott> oops
00:10:59 <elliott> did he win
00:11:00 <elliott> oh no
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00:11:42 <elliott> 01:11 <xgamer> ah didn't see :( was too involved in the game
00:11:45 <elliott> monqy: :'(
00:11:48 <monqy> :')
00:11:56 <elliott> cries
00:11:58 <elliott> hits everything
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00:12:15 <ion> Now back to homowork.
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00:21:34 <ion> elliott: You can type ca to CHOP ALL THE CORPSES.
00:22:03 <monqy> that sure sounds useful eh
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00:27:54 <NihilistDandy> What the hell is his conversation even about?
00:28:07 <monqy> hi
00:28:13 <elliott> murder
00:28:32 <NihilistDandy> That's a terrible title for a game
00:28:40 <elliott> it's not a game
00:28:42 <elliott> it's real life
00:28:51 <NihilistDandy> #realtalk
00:30:57 <NihilistDandy> Ah, Crawl
00:31:34 <elliott> no
00:31:34 <elliott> murder
00:31:36 <elliott> crawl is just our cover
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00:31:52 <ion> Matrix of Solidity would be a great title for a game.
00:32:28 <NihilistDandy> elliott: *nod* Just like Quake back in the day
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00:35:00 <elliott> 7/9
00:35:05 <elliott> 9/6
00:35:06 <elliott> eeeeh
00:35:16 <elliott> monqy: how bad is EV 6
00:35:24 <monqy> I forget
00:35:25 <monqy> !
00:36:14 <elliott> :(
00:36:51 <elliott> monqy: should i keep the chain mail on
00:36:57 <monqy> train armour if you want better ac/ev (you want better ac/ev)
00:36:57 <monqy> uhhh
00:36:59 <monqy> dunno!
00:37:20 <elliott> i was gonna train unarmed combat to 10 before training other things but
00:37:23 <elliott> maybe i should train armour as well
00:37:37 <monqy> training uc to 10 is sensible too
00:37:43 <monqy> at least
00:37:46 <monqy> i think it's sensible??
00:38:01 <elliott> i just picked 10 arbitrarily (i kept it on after that but i trained other thniings too)
00:38:05 <elliott> *things
00:38:09 <elliott> i don't really know what i'm doing :(
00:38:24 <monqy> :(
00:38:43 <monqy> no but that sounds pretty reasonable
00:38:57 <elliott> okbut in that case maybe i should switch back to the other armour for now :'(
00:39:14 <monqy> do whatever feels right??? i dunnnno
00:39:39 <elliott> i wish i could split it like
00:39:40 <elliott> 80%/20%
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00:42:01 <elliott> _One of your 3 potions of curing freezes and shatters!
00:42:05 <elliott> creibriadoses
00:42:39 <monqy> also im
00:42:41 <monqy> "hav to go now"
00:42:45 <elliott> we will miss you
00:42:46 <monqy> "or soon"
00:42:46 <elliott> rip
00:42:47 <monqy> "or something"
00:42:52 <elliott> perhaps one day monqy will return to us
00:42:56 <elliott> @time monqy
00:42:57 <lambdabot> Local time for monqy is Thu May 3 17:42:56 2012
00:43:01 <elliott> perhaps never
00:43:12 <elliott> monqy: is clarity good
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00:46:43 <elliott> wow menkaure was weak
00:46:58 <elliott> _h - a scroll labeled PNYVEGAPRO {tried on scroll labeled PNYVEGAPRO}
00:46:59 <elliott> meta
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00:47:25 <elliott> uuugh stupid jelly
00:48:47 <elliott> monqy: You finish putting on the cursed -4 cloak of the Fifty Eyes {+Blink MR Str+1}.
00:48:50 <elliott> thanks, Crawl
00:49:03 <ion> thawl
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00:49:23 <ion> :-D
00:49:32 <elliptiott> 01:48 <faze> every time i see elliott i think i see elliptic
00:49:35 <elliptiott> yesss my devious plan is working
00:49:49 <elliptiott> great, I don't even have remove curse :D
00:50:17 <ion> Not going to get a god?
00:50:43 <elliptiott> sure I am
00:50:46 <elliptiott> just thinking about which to go with
00:50:50 <elliptiott> ashey was kinda disappointing
00:51:13 <elliptiott> in that sure seeing monsters behind walls and stuff was nice but it never actually got me out of a tight spot
00:51:24 <elliptiott> also the cursing stuff was annoying
00:51:35 <elliptiott> so i'm considering going with makhleb again
00:51:39 <elliptiott> otoh
00:51:43 <elliptiott> sacrificing corpses is annoying too!
00:51:46 <elliptiott> and at least cursing is more one-time
00:52:04 <elliptiott> what
00:52:19 <elliptiott> well
00:52:21 <elliptiott> at least i'm rid of that cloak
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00:54:43 <elliptiott> playing again
00:55:57 <ion> Have you tried vacuuming the dungeon for Nemelex yet?
00:56:01 <elliptiott> no
00:56:06 <ion> Have you tried a deep elf summoner yet?
00:56:09 <elliptiott> no
00:56:28 <elliptiott> I'm sticking with GhMo until i win it
00:56:54 <elliptiott> You may choose your destination (press '.' or delete to select).
00:56:54 <elliptiott> Huh.
00:56:55 <elliptiott> Why?
00:56:57 <elliptiott> Oh.
00:57:02 <elliptiott> Yay!
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00:59:20 <elliptiott> Oh, what?
00:59:22 <elliptiott> Lame.
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00:59:52 <ion> ?
01:00:17 <elliptiott> I quaffed a potion of gain strength but instead I just decomposed because it counts as a mutation.
01:00:57 <elliptiott> brb
01:02:04 <elliptiott> back
01:02:38 <elliptiott> Fuck my life.
01:02:59 <elliptiott> Oh come on...
01:03:13 <ion> I expected you to move left. :-\
01:03:23 <elliptiott> Yeah, I should have.
01:03:25 <elliptiott> But I was an idiot.
01:03:36 <elliptiott> Again.
01:03:45 <ion> DESu
01:03:47 <ion> !
01:04:02 <elliptiott> What?
01:04:09 <ion> Play a DESu.
01:04:13 <elliptiott> No. That's idiotic.
01:05:00 <NihilistDandy> This game sounds insane
01:05:44 <elliptiott> Crawl? It's not *that* weird.
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01:05:56 <elliptiott> telnet crawl.develz.org 345, then w and select elliott's letter if you want to see.
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01:07:04 <elliptiott> Ooh.
01:07:08 <ion> Bind \{6}armour\{13} to a free key such as “1”.
01:07:13 <elliptiott> No.
01:07:13 <NihilistDandy> solarized-dark is probably the wrong color scheme for this :D
01:07:16 <elliptiott> I don't have any configuration changes.
01:07:28 <NihilistDandy> Actually, not so bad
01:07:37 <ion> You don’t even need to change configuration.
01:07:44 <ion> Hit… err, was it ` or ~
01:08:23 <elliptiott> What the hell, adder?
01:09:25 <ion> I use 1 for searching for armour, 2 for searching for my main weapon (e.g. axes) and 3 for searching for corpses i can eat/offer.
01:09:37 <elliptiott> I handle corpses as I make them.
01:09:46 <elliptiott> (That sounds badass.)
01:09:52 <elliptiott> Hi, Terence.
01:09:58 <ion> Me, too, except when i fight a bunch of guys at once or simply forget.
01:10:04 <Patashu> what are you playing now
01:10:05 <Patashu> ghmo of ???
01:10:18 <elliptiott> Patashu: Of nothing. I haven't found the Temple yet.
01:10:24 <Patashu> what do you plan on taking
01:10:39 <elliptiott> Probably Makhleb.
01:10:40 <ion> You should also play a hill orc monk for the hilarious bot messages on ##crawl.
01:10:43 <Patashu> cool
01:10:47 <elliptiott> My experience with Ashenzari was disappointing.
01:10:52 <Patashu> also
01:10:58 <Patashu> if you got 5/6 star ash piety ash is good
01:11:01 <Patashu> but you never bound yourself enough
01:11:04 <Patashu> so, try him again sometime
01:11:09 <Patashu> maybe with a non-monk
01:11:12 <Patashu> so you can bind your weapon
01:11:16 <elliptiott> What do they give with max piety?
01:11:18 <Patashu> (and/or shield)
01:11:22 <Patashu> really really long range divination
01:11:25 <elliptiott> Shield? I'm UC.
01:11:32 <Patashu> you can use bucklers as UC
01:11:46 <elliptiott> I gather it's annoying to.
01:11:57 <Patashu> the penalty is really low
01:12:00 <Patashu> and bucklers are nice
01:12:31 <elliptiott> Anyway, Makhleb's combat abilities seem more useful than Ashenzari's divination abilities for a melee fighter to me.
01:12:45 <NihilistDandy> What's the significance of the stars after Ghoul?
01:12:50 <Patashu> piety
01:12:53 <NihilistDandy> Ah
01:12:54 <elliptiott> Piety; it's how much my god likes me.
01:12:55 <Patashu> he's a monk so he starts with **
01:12:59 <Patashu> even though he doesn't worship yet
01:13:02 <NihilistDandy> Cool
01:13:03 <elliptiott> But since I don't have a god right now, it's greyed-out.
01:13:50 <elliptiott> Unique party!
01:13:53 <NihilistDandy> So is Crawl just netback with more weirdness and Sierra-like dickishness
01:13:54 <NihilistDandy> ?
01:13:59 <NihilistDandy> *nethack
01:14:04 <elliptiott> Crawl isn't all that much like NetHack.
01:14:25 <ion> patashu: Oh? That’s cool. I guess that has been done within the last six months.
01:14:35 <Patashu> nihilist: it's not much like nethack
01:14:44 <Patashu> if you want a game like playing nethack, I recommend adom
01:15:10 <NihilistDandy> Compare this game to something, I suppose. I might like to play.
01:15:21 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Crawl is like NetHack but with larger maps and probably more grinding; it's more regular in that there's fewer spoilers that aren't monster statistics.
01:15:22 <Patashu> crawl is like
01:15:28 <Patashu> a roguelike that's actually fun to play unspoiled
01:15:30 <Patashu> I guess
01:15:30 <elliptiott> It's also probably easier.
01:15:33 <NihilistDandy> Oh, sweet
01:15:39 <elliptiott> Patashu: I don't think so.
01:15:40 <Patashu> you don't need to memorize like
01:15:45 <Patashu> the cost of things in shops before they're identified
01:15:46 <Patashu> or
01:15:48 <elliptiott> I would get frustrated if I didn't ask Henzell about new monsters I encounter.
01:15:53 <Patashu> what all these scrolls will do when read while confused
01:15:54 <Patashu> and so on
01:16:04 <elliptiott> Oops, I wielded a scroll.
01:16:07 <Patashu> yeah, crawl is definitely more fun with henzell/gretell
01:16:08 <Patashu> lol
01:16:26 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: FWIW, Crawl is probably the most popular roguelike.
01:16:43 <elliptiott> I just killed two jackals with a piece of paper.
01:16:52 <Patashu> congratulations
01:16:55 <NihilistDandy> And what with hanging out in #haskell and #esoteric, you know popularity is my first concern :D
01:16:59 <ion> elliott: No, you didn’t. You killed them with your secondary claw attack.
01:17:05 <elliptiott> ion: Oh. :(
01:17:09 <elliptiott> How do I just wield paper?
01:17:27 <Patashu> you can't
01:17:32 <elliptiott> Crawl sucks.
01:17:34 <Patashu> no way to turn off aux attacks
01:18:10 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: If you want to play and you're in America, you might like to play on crawl.akrasiac.org instead.
01:18:24 <elliptiott> Since it's in America.
01:18:40 <Sgeo> I still need to make a Scumbag Ola Bini image
01:18:43 <NihilistDandy> Amurka
01:18:46 <elliptiott> Sgeo: Please don't.
01:19:07 <Patashu> xl7 zig
01:19:07 <Patashu> go
01:19:14 <elliptiott> Patashu: I don't have the money. :(
01:19:38 <Patashu> lol
01:19:41 <Patashu> offensive scroll of immo
01:19:54 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Also Crawl has autoexplore and autofight.
01:19:59 <Patashu> ^
01:19:59 <elliptiott> Which makes the grinding aspect a lot less tedious.
01:20:01 <Patashu> the two best things about crawl
01:20:08 <NihilistDandy> Now that is a selling point
01:20:11 <Patashu> it would be better if grinding was eliminated
01:20:13 <elliptiott> (In case you thought I was actually pressing the direction keys that quickly.)
01:20:15 <Patashu> but making the grinding trivial is just as good
01:20:32 <elliptiott> (The autofight isn't anything magically special, it just does the attack you would do yourself in one turn.)
01:20:35 <Patashu> also
01:20:38 <elliptiott> (So you can spam tab a lot for weaker stuff.)
01:20:40 <Patashu> crawl tells you what monsters will probably be a tough fight for you
01:20:44 <elliptiott> No it doesn't.
01:20:45 <Patashu> dark gray, gray, yellow, red
01:20:47 <Patashu> yes it does
01:20:47 <elliptiott> It lies freely.
01:20:48 <Patashu> the name colours
01:20:52 <Patashu> it does indeed
01:20:54 <Patashu> but it at least tries
01:20:57 <Patashu> also, you're about to die
01:20:58 <Patashu> yeah
01:21:06 <elliptiott> I like how I had curing and heal wounds.
01:21:10 <Patashu> grats I guess
01:21:14 <ion> elliott: DESu!
01:21:14 <elliptiott> Let's try that again.
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01:21:38 <Patashu> did you leave stealth on
01:21:43 <Patashu> ok
01:21:44 <Patashu> carry on
01:21:45 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: (You'll have to q and select the letter again if you want to keep watching.)
01:21:58 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Oh, and Crawl comes with a lot of interface tweaks compared to NetHack.
01:22:07 <NihilistDandy> So I'm seeing
01:22:10 <elliptiott> I'm playing with stock configuration and the autopickup, colours, travel etc. are all more or less how I like them.
01:22:13 <NihilistDandy> Kinda digging this
01:22:32 <NihilistDandy> Colors are inline with my terminal colors, so that's good enough for me :D
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01:22:35 <Patashu> another favourite feature of crawl of mine
01:22:41 <Patashu> is the ability to put forced pauses on regexes
01:22:49 <Patashu> so I can tell the game I want it to pause whenever I miscast a spell
01:22:50 <elliptiott> Yay, plate.
01:22:53 <Patashu> or whenever two slime creatures merge
01:22:56 <Patashu> or whatever silly thing I die because of
01:22:58 <Patashu> often
01:23:08 <elliptiott> I couldn't do that because I'd have to put every message on pause.
01:23:19 <Patashu> you really don't
01:23:24 <elliptiott> It was a joke.
01:23:26 <Patashu> ah
01:23:27 <elliptiott> The joke is that I die from everything.
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01:23:51 <elliptiott> Do butterflies ever attack under any circumstances?
01:23:54 <Patashu> no
01:23:56 <Patashu> they have no attack
01:24:00 <elliptiott> The only person Sequell knows to have tied from a butterfly is by inner flame.
01:24:05 <Patashu> yes
01:24:17 <elliptiott> Can you give them attacks? :(
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01:24:52 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Also: Crawl has Xom.
01:25:01 <Patashu> you could modify the game to give them an attack
01:25:04 <Patashu> but you'd be playing offline
01:25:34 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: http://crawl.chaosforge.org/index.php?title=Xom (Henzell links to this in its Xom entry so I'm guessing it's not as terrible as some of the wiki.)
01:26:11 <Patashu> not everything in the wiki is bad
01:26:14 <Patashu> mostly it's the advice that's bad
01:27:25 <NihilistDandy> Pained a rat to death. Neat
01:27:46 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: (Not to say that Crawl isn't entirely free of Sierra-style stuff, btw; it's quite possible for a monster to decide to show up rather before it's reasonable to.)
01:27:49 <elliptiott> (Particularly the uniques.)
01:28:00 <elliptiott> (But you can run away. Well, most of the time.)
01:28:28 <elliptiott> Glad I didn't put that on.
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01:35:06 <elliptiott> I'm dead.
01:35:14 <Patashu> no you aren't
01:35:47 -!- TeruFSX has joined.
01:35:53 <elliptiott> Time for ultimate tedium.
01:36:41 <elliptiott> Do goliath beetles heal?
01:36:47 <Patashu> yeah
01:36:50 <elliptiott> How fast?
01:36:56 <Patashu> fast as anything else I guess
01:37:44 <elliptiott> Hmm.
01:37:48 <elliptiott> Maybe I'll enchant that plate armour for later.
01:39:19 <Patashu> you should enchant secondary pieces of armour first
01:39:22 <Patashu> since you're the least likely to replace thrm
01:39:28 <Patashu> even plate might be replaced by dragon scale or cpa
01:39:38 <Patashu> hint
01:39:40 <Patashu> gnolls have spears
01:39:44 <elliptiott> Yeah, oops. :(
01:39:53 <Patashu> why are you fighting them
01:40:00 <ion> Add ”hits you from afar” to force_more_messages.
01:40:02 <elliptiott> Because I have no viable getaway plan?
01:40:03 <Patashu> yes
01:40:06 <Patashu> really?
01:40:09 <Patashu> where's theu pstairs
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01:40:21 <elliptiott> Far away enough that they'd kill me.
01:40:21 <Patashu> you could walk to there
01:40:26 <Patashu> they're the same speed as you
01:40:31 <elliptiott> Yes, but they have spears.
01:40:38 <Patashu> they WERE a tile away from you
01:40:41 <Patashu> until you decided to fight them
01:40:42 <elliptiott> They're not now.
01:40:45 <Patashu> great
01:40:47 <Patashu> hp?
01:40:58 <Patashu> you can take a hit
01:41:00 <Patashu> go run
01:41:01 <elliptiott> I'll just blink or tele.
01:41:20 <elliptiott> Or run, I guess, but that's riskier.
01:41:28 <Patashu> tele is risky on a mostly uncleared level
01:41:48 <elliptiott> By blink or tele, I meant blink. :p
01:41:57 <Patashu> imo waste of a blinking scroll but ok
01:42:27 <elliptiott> If I die, it's your fault.
01:42:56 <elliptiott> Nice.
01:43:01 <Patashu> get behind cover
01:43:05 <elliptiott> Yeah, yeah, I know.
01:43:07 <Patashu> ok
01:43:22 <Patashu> mmm, hp for eating
01:43:24 <Patashu> I have to play ghoul now
01:43:29 <elliptiott> It's great.
01:43:33 <Patashu> 'down time what's that'
01:43:52 <elliptiott> So what is the penalty for a buckler exactly?
01:43:57 <Patashu> it's pretty low
01:44:02 <Patashu> let me see if I can back that up with numbers
01:44:04 -!- Deewiant has joined.
01:44:26 <Patashu> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqvhLOPFHpiMdHFWbVpnU3F6M2VlQWV5Rk56UDNaNHc#gid=1
01:44:46 <Patashu> it looks like at shields 5 the penalty for buckler wearing vanishes
01:45:06 <NihilistDandy> Shit, cursed ring of protection -2
01:45:11 <Patashu> you'll be fine
01:45:20 <Patashu> try all your scrolls
01:46:03 <NihilistDandy> And a +2 robe
01:46:04 <NihilistDandy> Nice
01:47:01 <NihilistDandy> And curse removed
01:47:24 <NihilistDandy> Need a corpse soon, thugh
01:47:26 <NihilistDandy> *though
01:48:50 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: What server are you playing on?
01:49:13 <NihilistDandy> elliptiott: The first one you linked. Just died, though. Dropped through an escape hatch surrounded by monsters :/
01:49:33 * elliptiott will watch if you play again.
01:49:33 <NihilistDandy> 77 NihilistDandy the Grave Robber (level 2, -1/19 (20) HPs)
01:49:33 <NihilistDandy> Began as a Ghoul Necromancer on May 4, 2012.
01:49:33 <NihilistDandy> Slain by a goblin
01:49:33 <NihilistDandy> ... wielding a +0,+0 orcish club
01:49:33 <NihilistDandy> (4 damage)
01:49:34 <NihilistDandy> ... on Level 3 of the Dungeon.
01:49:34 <NihilistDandy> The game lasted 00:24:08 (1013 turns).
01:49:41 <elliptiott> Yeah, try not to fall down escape hatches :P
01:49:49 <NihilistDandy> I have no idea how suboptimal that is :D
01:50:19 <NihilistDandy> Playing again, though
01:50:26 <NihilistDandy> Thoughts on race and class?
01:50:37 <elliptiott> Uhhh... ask Patashu.
01:50:44 <elliptiott> I started out as a Mummy Chaos Knight.
01:50:51 <elliptiott> That's not an endorsement of Mummy Chaos Knights.
01:50:55 <elliptiott> For the love of god, don't play a Mummy Chaos Knight.
01:50:55 <NihilistDandy> lol
01:51:30 <NihilistDandy> NihilistDandy, the Vampire Assassin
01:51:35 <NihilistDandy> "The Sneak
01:51:36 <NihilistDandy> "
01:51:38 <elliptiott> FWIW, the combinations that are Bad are greyed out.
01:51:43 <elliptiott> Once you pick a species or background.
01:51:43 <itidus20> non-trivially suboptimal (just kidding im not at all aware of it)
01:51:51 <elliptiott> That doesn't mean the remaining combinations are Good.
01:51:56 <NihilistDandy> Righto
01:51:56 <elliptiott> But it means they're not Bad.
01:52:10 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Ugh.
01:52:14 <elliptiott> Can you save and reconnect?
01:52:17 <elliptiott> With TERM=xterm.
01:52:25 <elliptiott> Right now it's using terminal codes that make all your grey messages appear black to other terminals.
01:52:33 <NihilistDandy> Oh, sure. Just a second
01:52:34 <Patashu> if you like hitting things hard, play a minotaur berserker or hill orc berserker. if you like casting spells and running away from things, try spriggan wizard or spriggan venom mage
01:52:38 <elliptiott> Because of silly tailor-to-the-terminal-you're-using stuff.
01:52:42 <elliptiott> (Ctrl+S is save.)
01:52:56 <elliptiott> I hear MiBe is really easy.
01:53:01 <elliptiott> That's why I can NEVER PLAY IT EVER.
01:53:01 <Patashu> I have a mibe win
01:53:03 <Patashu> it's pretty easy
01:53:23 -!- Deewiant has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
01:53:33 <NihilistDandy> Better?
01:53:42 <elliptiott> Dunno; you'll have to keep playing to tell.
01:53:57 <elliptiott> Yes, better.
01:54:00 <elliptiott> You don't want those.
01:54:07 <elliptiott> Also, "c" over a corpse to chop it into edible chunks.
01:54:20 -!- Deewiant has joined.
01:54:22 <NihilistDandy> Shall do
01:54:25 <ion> Which isn’t useful for vampires.
01:54:25 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Seriously, drop that leather armour and spear :P
01:54:30 <elliptiott> ion: Oh, right.
01:54:43 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Uhh, dropping things takes one turn per item though.
01:54:46 <elliptiott> So be wary of doing that around monsters.
01:55:03 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Try q.
01:55:05 <elliptiott> Oh, you have no potions of use.
01:55:15 <elliptiott> You should have picked that gnoll off with a blowgun, really :)
01:55:24 <NihilistDandy> Yeah, probably
01:55:28 <elliptiott> Gnolls are particularly nasty, so don't worry too much.
01:55:31 <ion> Try a less kynäniska berserker.
01:55:59 <elliptiott> I second the MiBe recommendation, despite having no experience with it.
01:56:15 <elliptiott> A lot of other combinations will require quite a bit more delicacy early on, methinks.
01:56:21 <ion> Also, TrBe is a tank.
01:56:34 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Also, with berserkers you worship Trog! He loves bloodshed and hates magic.
01:56:37 <ion> It might be fun in the early game.
01:56:39 <elliptiott> And you get to go berserk, which makes everything go red and you get stronger.
01:56:49 <elliptiott> (You get exhausted afterwards, but oh well.)
01:56:57 <Patashu> That's Life (tm)
01:57:04 <NihilistDandy> Just found a dagger of speed. That's neat
01:57:14 <ion> Yes, you get exhausted after berserking just like in real life.
01:57:32 -!- azaq23 has joined.
01:57:35 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Also, with ghouls you regain HP when eating.
01:57:39 <elliptiott> Don't eat when your HP is full.
01:57:43 <NihilistDandy> Magic, too, sometimes
01:57:45 <elliptiott> (That doesn't apply to other races.)
01:58:27 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: BTW, G is the travel command. So once you've fully explored, G> gets you down quickly.
01:58:40 <NihilistDandy> Oh, cool
02:00:16 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Press p if you want to convert to Ashey.
02:00:21 <NihilistDandy> Ah
02:01:02 <elliptiott> (It likes you cursing your items (which just means you can't take them off).)
02:01:12 <elliptiott> (In return you get info about the map and monsters nearby and the like.)
02:01:16 <NihilistDandy> Interesting god
02:01:35 <elliptiott> (Also changing god brings down the wrath of the previous god on you, so you're pretty much stuck with Ashenzari.)
02:01:37 <ion> Hit ^ to see your boundness.
02:01:52 <NihilistDandy> Damn
02:02:22 <ion> MiBe. Or TrBe. Or somethingBe.
02:02:29 <elliptiott> Seriously, play MiBe or something :P
02:02:34 <NihilistDandy> I'll give it a shot
02:02:52 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Oh yeah, you probably want to press m and adjust your skills.
02:02:59 <ion> You can berserk with a.
02:03:02 <elliptiott> Patashu and ion can advise about the best skills for MiBe.
02:03:08 <Patashu> axes
02:03:09 <Patashu> lots of axes
02:03:13 <elliptiott> Don't use the arrow keys, just use the letters. :p
02:03:17 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Yeah, turn everything btu axes off.
02:03:22 <elliptiott> Press something twice to turn it off.
02:03:31 <Patashu> and swap away from hthat hand axe asap, it's shit
02:03:47 <Patashu> war axe, broad axe, battleaxe and executioner's axe from worst to best
02:03:48 <ion> Switch to manual mode to make sure only axes are trained.
02:04:31 <ion> (But you might want to train fighting and armour as well at least at some point.)
02:04:51 <elliptiott> I hear Fighting got seriously nerfed recently.
02:04:58 <ion> Oh, ok.
02:05:05 <Patashu> don't train fighting until about xl16
02:05:06 <Patashu> imo
02:05:21 <ion> You can move and fight diagonally with yubn.
02:05:31 <Patashu> (or with tab!)
02:05:36 <ion> Moving with hjkl when there’s an enemy diagonally next to you gives them free hits.
02:05:53 <ion> And escaping with hjkl when you want to move diagonally gives them free hits also.
02:06:00 <elliptiott> I bet NihilistDandy is using arrow keys.
02:06:08 <NihilistDandy> Maybe
02:06:15 <elliptiott> Don't do that. You'll die.
02:06:20 <NihilistDandy> Fair enough
02:06:44 <elliptiott> Don't convert to Ashey this time. Trog doesn't like that. :p
02:07:07 <ion> Now hit a. Trog likes it when you burn spellbooks.
02:07:14 <elliptiott> Don't hit a yet.
02:07:16 <elliptiott> He didn't get the book.
02:07:21 <Patashu> you don't have to get it
02:07:22 <ion> No, you’re not supposed to.
02:07:23 <Patashu> it juts has to be in los
02:07:29 <elliptiott> It was out of LOS when I said that, I think.
02:07:40 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Yeah, hit a*.
02:07:41 <elliptiott> Oops.
02:07:42 <elliptiott> Go back to the colon.
02:07:46 <elliptiott> That was teh book.
02:07:49 <elliptiott> Look at the piety meter.
02:07:52 <elliptiott> Then a*
02:07:56 <elliptiott> *the
02:08:00 <elliptiott> f
02:08:08 <NihilistDandy> Nice :D
02:08:16 <elliptiott> Okay, that didn't actually get you a star of piety. But it got you a fraction of one!
02:08:22 <elliptiott> The more piety you get, the more nice abilities you get.
02:08:23 <ion> The leather armour is better than your animal skin.
02:08:46 <ion> d, to drop useless items, but you usually don’t need to drop rotting chunks since they’ll just rot away.
02:10:00 <ion> When in the situation @.X where X is an enemy, don’t move toward her. Let her move toward you. You’ll get the first hit.
02:10:03 <elliptiott> Chain mail.
02:10:05 <elliptiott> Get that chain mail.
02:10:23 <ion> nice
02:10:27 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: (Use . to wait a turn. Also, 5 makes you rest to restore HP, which is useful if you run out of it and there's nothing dangerous around.)
02:10:28 <elliptiott> Ooh, nice.
02:10:32 <elliptiott> You should maybe train armour soon.
02:10:38 <elliptiott> Depending on what your EV's like now.
02:10:45 <elliptiott> Oh, 7.
02:10:47 <elliptiott> That's not so bad.
02:11:00 <ion> You gave it two free hits.
02:11:18 <ion> Don’t go down yet.
02:11:48 <elliptiott> No.
02:11:52 <elliptiott> Ring mail is worse than chain.
02:11:59 <ion> Especially a +4 chain mail. :-P
02:12:08 <NihilistDandy> Scale vs ring?
02:12:14 <Patashu> it goes like this:
02:12:24 <Patashu> skin/robe, leather, ring, scale ,chain, splint, plate, dragon/crystal
02:12:25 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: /msg Henzell ??scale mail
02:12:27 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: /msg Henzell ??ring mail
02:12:30 <elliptiott> More AC is better.
02:12:32 <Patashu> well, not all dragon armours
02:12:34 <Patashu> some are meant for casters
02:12:39 <elliptiott> The lower the EV is the better you have to be at armour to wear it effectively.
02:12:43 <NihilistDandy> Cool
02:13:51 <elliptiott> (Also, see ??butterfly for the most important warning in the game.)
02:14:04 <elliptiott> (And ??butterfly[2], etc. for the next pages.)
02:14:20 <NihilistDandy> Jesus
02:14:47 * elliptiott has now proudly set NihilistDandy up for a life of avoiding butterflies.
02:14:54 <ion> Don’t drop the plate armour.
02:14:55 <NihilistDandy> Forever
02:15:03 <elliptiott> Plate armour is good.
02:15:13 <elliptiott> But you're probably not good enough to use it yet.
02:15:21 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Try Ctrl+F axe<ENTER> to search for axes.
02:15:26 <elliptiott> You might have missed some.
02:15:32 <elliptiott> Okay, nothing.
02:15:37 <ion> And use diagonal movement. :-P
02:15:38 <elliptiott> (It searches everything you've seen.)
02:16:15 <NihilistDandy> ion: I'm acclimating to vi-style :P
02:16:27 <elliptiott> Numpad also works (but I'll laugh at you).
02:16:38 <NihilistDandy> I also don't have a numpad, per se
02:17:05 <elliptiott> Some people use numpad with the top number row.
02:17:16 <NihilistDandy> That sounds like the work of a crazy person
02:17:17 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: If it lists an item, hit its letter and . to travel to it.
02:17:39 <elliptiott> (And if you get interrupted, G<enter> to continue.)
02:18:08 <ion> When in the situation @.X where X is an enemy, don’t move toward her. Let her move toward you. You’ll get the first hit.
02:18:19 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Read those scrolls, man.
02:18:22 <elliptiott> (To identify them.)
02:18:32 <elliptiott> (r<letter> works too, and is quicker.)
02:18:46 <ion> Preferably with a weak enemy in sight, so certain scrolls that affect them are identified.
02:18:51 <elliptiott> Generally you should try and use them on potions (to discover a scroll of identify), or if you know identify then armour or something.
02:19:01 <elliptiott> ion: I don't bother doing that. :p
02:19:13 <ion> And preferably wearing a ring or an amulet, so the scroll that curses them is identified.
02:19:16 <elliptiott> Whoa, what happened to your display there?
02:19:21 <elliptiott> Oh, there you go.
02:19:23 <ion> And preferably wearing something that’s cursed, so the scroll of remove curse is identified.
02:19:26 <elliptiott> Blink is an instant micro-teleport.
02:19:30 <elliptiott> It's useful for running away.
02:19:43 <elliptiott> That's a delayed random teleport.
02:19:59 <elliptiott> Again, r<letter> is the same as i<letter>r, but faster :P
02:20:14 <elliptiott> Ah, a multi-use identify scroll.
02:20:16 <elliptiott> Try it on i.
02:20:20 <elliptiott> Since you tried it and it didn't id itself.
02:20:30 <elliptiott> Good thing, too.
02:20:50 <NihilistDandy> Should I keep id'ing things?
02:20:58 <elliptiott> Pretty much.
02:21:03 <elliptiott> I id scrolls when I pick them up.
02:21:09 <elliptiott> The potions are the most important to id.
02:21:11 <elliptiott> You can read-id scrolls.
02:21:22 <elliptiott> But it's not nice to have to quaff-id potions at random when you're about to die.
02:21:44 <ion> d,<enter> to drop the useless potion.
02:21:55 <elliptiott> I keep my red potions.
02:21:58 <elliptiott> Just in case.
02:22:02 <Patashu> just in case what
02:22:28 <elliptiott> Just in case.
02:22:34 <Patashu> bad potions are only useful to characters who learn the spell 'evaporate'
02:22:37 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Take that helmet and wear it.
02:22:42 <ion> He can’t.
02:22:42 <elliptiott> Avoid the ring until you id it.
02:22:48 <elliptiott> Oh, minotaurs are special? Okay.
02:22:48 <ion> I wouldn’t. :-P
02:22:52 <elliptiott> Well, I wouldn't either.
02:22:58 <elliptiott> I was trying to instil good habits.
02:23:10 <elliptiott> Patashu: Just in case I ever need to be slow, or degenerated, or poisoned.
02:23:21 <NihilistDandy> Umm… shit?
02:23:29 <elliptiott> Ah, Sigmund.
02:23:38 <ion> I’d run away for now and come back when i’m more badass.
02:23:40 <elliptiott> You can either run or try to take him.
02:23:47 <elliptiott> Yeah, probably best to run.
02:23:47 <ion> Oh, i remembered you have berserk.
02:23:52 <elliptiott> Oh, right.
02:23:58 <elliptiott> Still only a hand axe.
02:24:01 <elliptiott> What's your axes skill like?
02:24:15 <NihilistDandy> 4.7?
02:24:21 <elliptiott> Well, you can go for it. But you might die :P
02:24:22 <elliptiott> Be careful, though.
02:24:30 <elliptiott> Walk up to one square next to him slowly in case anything happens.
02:24:32 <ion> Don’t give him free shots.
02:24:48 <elliptiott> Well, actually.
02:24:51 <elliptiott> Leave a space between you and him, like ion says.
02:24:56 <elliptiott> One down again.
02:25:02 <elliptiott> Okay, aa
02:25:03 <ion> Now berserk.
02:25:07 <elliptiott> To go berserk.
02:25:12 <elliptiott> Press .
02:25:13 <ion> Now .
02:25:19 <elliptiott> Ugh.
02:25:22 <elliptiott> Go down one.
02:25:24 <elliptiott> Now just whack him.
02:25:26 <elliptiott> Watch your HP meter.
02:25:32 <elliptiott> Yay.
02:25:34 <NihilistDandy> Nice
02:25:40 <elliptiott> You probably didn't need the berk after all, but...
02:25:46 <elliptiott> Not sure what to increase for minotaurs.
02:25:55 <elliptiott> Ask Patashu. :p
02:25:58 <elliptiott> Or ion, but he's inferior.
02:26:15 <NihilistDandy> ion: What would Patashu say to do?
02:26:22 <NihilistDandy> Patashu: What would ion say to do?
02:26:26 <NihilistDandy> I WILL NEVER SOLVE THIS RIDDLE
02:26:29 <Patashu> I'm not even watching, should I be?
02:26:51 <ion> You might want to gain some intelligence so a cursed ring of Int-9999 doesn’t kill you.
02:27:10 <NihilistDandy> To be fair, a cursed ring of int -5 would kill m
02:27:11 <NihilistDandy> *me
02:27:12 <elliptiott> Patashu: Sure.
02:27:27 <ion> I shouldn’t be watching, i should be doing homowork.
02:27:35 <NihilistDandy> I feel clever.
02:27:36 <elliptiott> ion: That's why I told him to identify rings before wearing them! ;)
02:27:43 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: OK, now rest off with 5.
02:27:49 <elliptiott> Uhh.
02:27:50 <elliptiott> Do you have chunks?
02:27:54 <elliptiott> Oh, you don't.
02:27:59 <elliptiott> Best not to waste permafood.
02:28:01 <elliptiott> You have a corpse right there.
02:28:04 <elliptiott> Anyway, 5 some more.
02:28:06 <ion> Rest until you’re not slow anymore.
02:28:08 <elliptiott> You're slow and exhausted; not very good for combat.
02:28:27 <ion> Being exhausted doesn’t matter much, you just won’t be able to berserk AFAIU.
02:28:27 <NihilistDandy> Should I take Sigmund's shit?
02:28:45 <elliptiott> The scythe isn't the right kind of weapon for you.
02:28:52 <elliptiott> The robe is not interesting if you're going heav armour.
02:28:53 <elliptiott> *heavy
02:29:10 <elliptiott> Oh, what's your armour situation again?
02:29:18 <NihilistDandy> +4 chain
02:29:21 <elliptiott> Right.
02:29:28 <elliptiott> It'll be a while before you'll want to switch to plate, I think.
02:29:32 <elliptiott> Oh, you have high Str.
02:29:40 <elliptiott> Maybe stick the armour skill on for a bit so you can wear the plate.
02:29:44 <elliptiott> OTOH, +4 chain might be better than +0 plate.
02:29:50 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Press b to train axes more, though.
02:30:02 <elliptiott> Also, you can't eat corpses unless you're hungry (or one of the races who don't care about that).
02:30:10 <ion> They seem to have the same AC bonus, actually.
02:30:13 <elliptiott> Yiuf is dangerous sometimes. But usually not.
02:30:31 <ion> With berserk you should be able to handle him.
02:30:38 <elliptiott> Stop being silly.
02:30:47 <NihilistDandy> So berserk, then?
02:30:50 <elliptiott> No.
02:30:54 <elliptiott> Walking hurts you when you'e zerk.
02:30:56 <elliptiott> *you're
02:30:59 <elliptiott> No, I mean -
02:31:02 <elliptiott> well, never mind.
02:31:08 <elliptiott> I meant zerk afterwards.
02:31:10 <elliptiott> Take the cloak.
02:31:16 <elliptiott> And then rest off the poisoning.
02:31:18 <elliptiott> (And wear the cloak.)
02:31:36 <elliptiott> (You can also W to wear rather htan going through i.)
02:31:46 <NihilistDandy> *nod*
02:31:51 <elliptiott> *than
02:31:58 <ion> harcustangent
02:32:16 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Oh, yeah -
02:32:23 <elliptiott> If you're not hungry and have chunks, press p on corpses instead.
02:32:26 <elliptiott> It sacrifices them and makes Trog happy.
02:32:34 <NihilistDandy> Shall do
02:33:03 <ion> Now try the rings that aren’t cursed.
02:33:22 <NihilistDandy> Green is uncursed, right?
02:33:29 <ion> It says it’s uncursed.
02:33:31 <NihilistDandy> Oh, derp
02:33:35 <elliptiott> Nice!
02:33:40 <elliptiott> Now you don't have to bother training intelligence any more.
02:33:41 <elliptiott> Oh, very nice.
02:33:50 <elliptiott> You could wear that plate armour now, see if it has a nice bonus.
02:33:52 <ion> Well, unless you want another ring in its place. :-P
02:34:00 <elliptiott> Oh.
02:34:00 <ion> It’s cursed. It’s probably bad.
02:34:02 <NihilistDandy> Cursed :/
02:34:04 <elliptiott> Yeah.
02:34:07 <elliptiott> Read-test g and m.
02:34:09 <elliptiott> Maybe one of them is uncurse.
02:34:20 <elliptiott> Well, that's not bad. Even if the axe sucks.
02:34:26 <ion> They’ll only uncurse things you’re wearing IIRC.
02:34:31 <NihilistDandy> Damn it
02:34:43 <elliptiott> Ha.
02:34:45 <elliptiott> Oh well.
02:34:47 <ion> It’s okay, now you’ll be able to read-id a scroll of remove curse.
02:34:49 <elliptiott> Uncurse armour scrolls arent uncommon.
02:34:51 <elliptiott> *aren't
02:35:04 <NihilistDandy> So, next level down?
02:35:05 <elliptiott> BTW, you'll want to take off the armour skill after a while.
02:35:06 <elliptiott> Sure.
02:35:09 <elliptiott> You're definitely strong enough.
02:35:28 <ion> I take o said it has explored everything on the previous level?
02:35:37 <NihilistDandy> Correct
02:35:40 <elliptiott> Not sure, but Dungeon:[123] are so boring anyway.
02:35:56 <ion> Except when you find useful loot.
02:37:01 <elliptiott> You should probably id some stuff.
02:37:10 <elliptiott> Oh.
02:37:13 <elliptiott> You don't have the id scrolls yet.
02:37:18 <elliptiott> There's 2 scrolls of id there; autopickup will get htem for you
02:37:18 <elliptiott> *them
02:37:44 <elliptiott> The potions are the priority, but iding the armour would be nice too.
02:37:51 <elliptiott> Try p, since yo have 2.
02:37:52 <elliptiott> *you
02:37:52 <ion> Well, i’d just drop it.
02:37:55 <ion> the armour
02:38:03 <ion> A waste of an id scroll.
02:38:09 <elliptiott> Howso?
02:38:18 <elliptiott> Oh.
02:38:20 <ion> Isn’t it unlikely to be good?
02:38:23 <elliptiott> ion: I meant since the first one was multi-use.
02:38:55 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Ijyb is another unique.
02:38:57 <elliptiott> He's a weakling, though.
02:39:01 <elliptiott> Except when he has spells.
02:39:14 <NihilistDandy> He chop your head off
02:39:28 <Patashu> he's a goblin but with more hp
02:39:30 <Patashu> and randomly has a wand
02:40:05 <elliptiott> That sure is an enchanted crappy axe :D
02:40:14 <NihilistDandy> Aww, yeah~
02:40:25 <ion> A +7 hand axe would “sure” be an enchanted crappy axe. :-P
02:40:56 <elliptiott> Just keep it all through the game.
02:41:16 <elliptiott> (Not a serious suggestion.)
02:41:34 <ion> Do everything elliott suggests.
02:41:38 <ion> (That was a serious suggestion.)
02:42:00 <elliptiott> I only started playing like 11 days ago. :(
02:42:14 <NihilistDandy> Okay, sorry, was moving to another room
02:42:23 <elliptiott> No problem.
02:42:32 <elliptiott> You can't eat kobold.
02:42:36 <elliptiott> Green = can't eat it.
02:42:39 <elliptiott> So sacrifice all those.
02:42:47 <NihilistDandy> I'll keep it in mind
02:42:50 <elliptiott> (I end up chopping kobold anyway because I uncritically c most corpses.)
02:42:51 <NihilistDandy> Get this new shitty axe?
02:42:59 <elliptiott> No.
02:43:02 <elliptiott> That would be even shittier.
02:43:03 <elliptiott> (Most likely.)
02:43:40 <elliptiott> Don't sacrifice when you're hungry, either :P
02:43:44 <elliptiott> Unless you have food stored up.
02:43:50 <NihilistDandy> It was green
02:44:01 <elliptiott> Oh, sorry.
02:44:06 <elliptiott> Crawl's hunger mechanism is annoying.
02:44:15 <NihilistDandy> Yup
02:44:24 <elliptiott> (That's why I play ghouls, so I get HP for it. :p)
02:44:49 <ion> Nooo, offer it to Trog.
02:44:59 <NihilistDandy> Oh, shit. My bad
02:45:16 <elliptiott> Not a big deal.
02:45:21 <elliptiott> (But you want that piety meter full.)
02:45:26 <elliptiott> (Can you even do Hand of Trog right now?)
02:45:29 <elliptiott> (Do a* to see.)
02:45:35 <elliptiott> Oh, you can.
02:45:38 <NihilistDandy> Apparently
02:45:38 <elliptiott> Okay, then.
02:45:43 <elliptiott> (Are you training invocations?)
02:45:49 <NihilistDandy> Not yet
02:45:58 <elliptiott> Might be worth doing that (and perhaps taking off armour.)
02:46:00 <NihilistDandy> Sidenote, have to disconnect quickly. Getting off the wifi and onto wired
02:46:06 <elliptiott> Ctrl+S then.
02:46:35 <NihilistDandy> Are invocations under spell casting, then?
02:46:51 <elliptiott> Oh. No.
02:46:57 <elliptiott> ion: Can you not train invocations with Trog?
02:47:02 <ion> Hit * to show all skills.
02:47:03 <elliptiott> It's been a while since I played a berserker.
02:47:08 <ion> And train armour.
02:47:11 <elliptiott> Hmm, why was it hidden?
02:47:30 <ion> Probably because he hasn’t used it almost at all so far.
02:47:37 <elliptiott> But he's on manual.
02:47:47 <elliptiott> Maybe it's not worth training it.
02:47:49 <ion> That doesn’t affect which skills are shown by default.
02:48:43 <elliptiott> Did he try m again yet?
02:48:46 <elliptiott> I didn't watch for a second.
02:48:55 -!- Nihilist_ has joined.
02:49:00 -!- Sgeo has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
02:49:24 -!- AndroUser has joined.
02:49:59 <AndroUser> Computer dropped me into initramfs's ash after reboot after a nasty kernel panic
02:50:09 -!- AndroUser has changed nick to SgeoN1.
02:50:21 <elliptiott> I thought you were Nihilist_ for a second.
02:50:27 -!- NihilistDandy has quit (Disconnected by services).
02:50:27 -!- Nihilist_ has changed nick to NihilistDandy.
02:50:32 <NihilistDandy> There we go
02:50:45 <NihilistDandy> So, sacrifice or chop?
02:50:47 <SgeoN1> What does this mean?
02:51:25 <elliptiott> SgeoN1: It means your system is fucked.
02:51:31 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Sacrifice, I suppose.
02:51:36 <elliptiott> Don't bother chopping unless you're hungry.
02:51:43 -!- Deewiant has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
02:51:44 <elliptiott> Eep.
02:51:46 <elliptiott> Ogres are kinda nasty.
02:51:49 <elliptiott> They hit hard.
02:51:56 <elliptiott> You can probably berserk it.
02:52:03 <elliptiott> No!
02:52:07 <elliptiott> Never berserk when you're squares away!
02:52:13 <elliptiott> It runs out fast, and even faster if you move.
02:52:19 <NihilistDandy> I was showing my abilities for your benefit
02:52:25 <elliptiott> Oh.
02:52:28 <elliptiott> Sorry, then :)
02:52:32 <NihilistDandy> lol
02:52:34 <elliptiott> OK, berk.
02:52:46 <elliptiott> Oh, that was easy.
02:52:48 <elliptiott> Minotaurs are strong as heck.
02:52:50 <NihilistDandy> Nice
02:52:58 <elliptiott> Go for str.
02:53:01 <elliptiott> You have enough int now.
02:53:36 <NihilistDandy> Down again?
02:53:44 <SgeoN1> Elliott, any chance that hd might not be seated proprrly?
02:53:49 <SgeoN1> Being rhe issue?
02:53:53 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: You're having really bad axe issues.
02:53:58 <elliptiott> SgeoN1: I don't see why, if it can load the initramfs and all.
02:54:00 <SgeoN1> Or would it not even get to here?
02:54:01 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Yeah.
02:54:14 <SgeoN1> Aargh
02:54:32 <SgeoN1> il go use my windows comp
02:54:40 <elliptiott> Gloves are nice.
02:55:07 <NihilistDandy> Nice
02:55:07 <elliptiott> Wow!
02:55:10 <elliptiott> You finish putting on the +0 pair of gloves of Keuschite {rPois Str+3 Int+2
02:55:11 <elliptiott> Stlth++}.
02:55:16 <elliptiott> That's hella good.
02:55:23 <elliptiott> If only they were +4 or something :)
02:56:03 -!- Deewiant has joined.
02:56:23 <elliptiott> Pick up the heal wounds with ,.
02:56:40 <elliptiott> You don't need to worry about non-ranged monsters when they're a few squares away.
02:56:53 <elliptiott> Perhaps read-id that scroll, too.
02:57:08 <elliptiott> (Also, you probably should have rested before going on, but you didn't lose much HP, so it's not a big deal.)
02:57:48 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Orc wizards can be nasty.
02:57:59 <elliptiott> (Orc priests moreso, since they can smite you, which really hurts.)
02:58:03 <elliptiott> That % is a corpse.
02:58:20 <elliptiott> c
02:59:17 <elliptiott> Crimson imps are annoying but not especially dangerous.
02:59:19 <elliptiott> They blink a lot.
02:59:44 <NihilistDandy> So try to smash him before he gets away?
02:59:50 <elliptiott> No.
02:59:54 <elliptiott> Just spam tab and make sure you don't lose much HP.
03:00:04 <elliptiott> (BTW, tab will also move you closer to monsters.)
03:00:13 <elliptiott> So you can just tap it wildly until it dies.
03:00:19 <elliptiott> There you go.
03:00:20 -!- zzo38 has joined.
03:00:28 -!- Deewiant has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
03:00:29 <NihilistDandy> That is a good button to know
03:00:44 <elliptiott> 04:00 <elliptiott> ??o
03:00:44 <elliptiott> 04:00 <Henzell> o[1/2]: This is the second-best button in Crawl. See {tab} for the best one.
03:00:44 <elliptiott> 04:00 <elliptiott> ??tab
03:00:46 <elliptiott> 04:00 <Henzell> tab[1/2]: This is the second-best button in Crawl. See {o} for the best one.
03:01:06 <elliptiott> Oh dear.
03:01:09 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: That's the ghost of another player.
03:01:09 <coppro> I don't get it
03:01:15 <elliptiott> One second.
03:01:24 -!- Deewiant has joined.
03:01:25 <NihilistDandy> elliptiott: That would be why Henzell knew nothing about it :/
03:01:36 <elliptiott> 04:01 <elliptiott> !log surr seam
03:01:36 <elliptiott> 04:01 <Sequell> 7. Surr, XL7 SEAM, T:5113: http://crawl.develz.org/morgues/trunk/Surr/morgue-Surr-20120504-021257.txt
03:01:47 <elliptiott> It's... probably fairly dangerous; I don't know much about elves.
03:01:49 -!- Sgeo has joined.
03:01:51 <elliptiott> Ask Patashu or ion. :p
03:02:01 <NihilistDandy> Patashu: ion: Thoughts on Surr's ghost?
03:02:08 <Patashu> is it a spellcaster
03:02:16 <NihilistDandy> Arcane Marskman
03:02:21 <elliptiott> marskman :D
03:02:32 <NihilistDandy> Surr's ghost (experienced Sludge Elf Arcane Marksman) comes into view.
03:02:40 <Patashu> oh
03:02:41 <Patashu> harmless
03:02:48 <Patashu> (probably)
03:02:49 <NihilistDandy> TAB initiated
03:02:50 <Patashu> (maybe)
03:02:52 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: (Did you not rest before exploring more?)
03:02:53 <NihilistDandy> ...
03:02:57 <elliptiott> Don't tabspam.
03:03:02 <elliptiott> Just... tab pitter-patter.
03:03:06 <NihilistDandy> Fair enough
03:03:11 <Patashu> did he die
03:03:16 <coppro> http://magiclampoon.com/blog/2012/05/03/avacyn-returns-brings-dice/ true story
03:03:16 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Careful.
03:03:28 <NihilistDandy> Not sure if I can damage him
03:03:28 <elliptiott> If you lose any more health it's time to come up with a better plan.
03:03:31 <elliptiott> You can.
03:03:39 <elliptiott> Euhh.
03:03:42 <NihilistDandy> New plan
03:03:47 <elliptiott> Patashu: He's poisoned now.
03:03:57 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: You can quaff curing to stop being poisoned, but you haven't actually lost any more health yet.
03:04:12 <elliptiott> I didn't say do it, but okay. :p
03:04:17 <elliptiott> As I was typing: It might be worth quaffing heal wounds, though, but maybe you should wait until you lose some more HP.
03:04:20 <elliptiott> But oh well.
03:04:25 <ion> Berserk
03:04:33 <elliptiott> Yeah, try berking.
03:04:44 <elliptiott> It doesn't seem to be much of a threat but it has too much HP for its own good.
03:04:45 <ion> No need to.
03:04:49 <NihilistDandy> Done
03:04:59 <elliptiott> All that axes skill is going to waste. :p
03:05:03 <elliptiott> Nuh uh.
03:05:03 <elliptiott> Rest up.
03:05:05 <ion> No, it isn’t.
03:05:18 <elliptiott> OK, now go kill and eat something.
03:05:34 <ion> Don’t step on shafts.
03:06:02 <elliptiott> Phantoms are like crimson imps, but more annoying
03:06:06 <elliptiott> They should be removed.
03:06:32 <elliptiott> Yay.
03:06:39 <elliptiott> ion: Did you see those gloves?
03:06:43 -!- Deewiant has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
03:06:46 <ion> Just saw them. Nice.
03:06:58 <ion> And drop the cursed plate armour. :-)
03:07:31 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Worms can hit hard ...but you have a lot of HP, so it doesn't matter.
03:07:35 <elliptiott> Uhh, maybe eat a meat ration.
03:07:38 -!- Deewiant has joined.
03:07:44 <elliptiott> Though you don't technically have to worry until you get to be starving.
03:07:58 <ion> But you can’t berserk if you’re too hungry.
03:08:11 <NihilistDandy> Ring mail and a trident… whoo
03:08:14 <NihilistDandy> L/
03:08:19 <NihilistDandy> *:/
03:08:37 <elliptiott> You're rolling in the loot.
03:09:04 <elliptiott> FWIW, you're doing pretty impressively for your 4th game.
03:09:12 <elliptiott> (Which will make your inevitably stupid death all the more crushing!)
03:09:18 <NihilistDandy> Just as planned
03:09:29 <NihilistDandy> Aha
03:09:38 <NihilistDandy> Orcish hand axe +1 must be better, yes?
03:09:53 -!- qfr has quit (Changing host).
03:09:53 -!- qfr has joined.
03:10:03 <ion> The (+1) means there’s one more item in that place (hit !a to see it).
03:10:21 <elliptiott> The orcish hand axe is probably not any better, because it is probably +0 and you are not an orc.
03:10:30 <elliptiott> (Even if it was +1, your current axe is +1 too.)
03:10:31 <NihilistDandy> Oh, nevermind
03:11:24 <elliptiott> Perhaps id that ring.
03:11:24 <ion> The race prefix doesn’t mean much if your race doesn’t match it. Dwarven items are more durable against acid, though.
03:11:36 <NihilistDandy> Ecumenical Temple?
03:11:38 <elliptiott> The Temple has a bunch of altars so you can get a god.
03:11:54 <elliptiott> You're with Trog, so (a) you don't need a god and (b) even if you wanted a god more than Trog, you're SOL, because Trog's wrath is nasty.
03:11:54 <ion> You might want to make your first stash in the temple. Monsters don’t spawn there (but they can follow you there).
03:12:08 -!- Deewiant has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
03:12:40 <elliptiott> Make sure to berserk bushes.
03:12:42 <elliptiott> They're deadly.
03:12:50 <ion> ^W0 at the < to make a waypoint at that place.
03:12:56 -!- Deewiant has joined.
03:13:04 <ion> ^G0 to return to it later.
03:13:07 <elliptiott> Er.
03:13:08 <elliptiott> Why?
03:13:09 <elliptiott> You can just GT
03:13:24 <ion> ^G0 will keep working when you move the stash elsewhere.
03:13:35 <elliptiott> He hasn't made a stash yet :P
03:13:41 <NihilistDandy> How do I make a stash?
03:13:49 <NihilistDandy> Just drop stuff?
03:13:53 <ion> yeah
03:14:17 <ion> At the moment you don’t need to since you’re strong and you’re not near the item number limit.
03:14:20 <elliptiott> I'm not sure you have much worthless stuff to drop.
03:14:30 <NihilistDandy> Doesn't look like it
03:14:44 <elliptiott> (D< would also work to get out.)
03:14:57 <elliptiott> Erm.
03:14:58 <ion> But later you’ll have more stuff you can carry at once, or scrolls of enchant blah you’ll want to stash so they won’t get burned etc.
03:14:58 <elliptiott> G<
03:15:21 <ion> Kill the plants to get the stuff under them.
03:15:33 <ion> The ones with stuff under them.
03:15:55 <elliptiott> (You can tell there's stuff under them because of the inversion.)
03:16:03 <elliptiott> Headbutting bushes.
03:16:04 <elliptiott> Hardcore.
03:16:05 <NihilistDandy> So I gathered
03:16:10 <NihilistDandy> Neato
03:16:12 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Wands you can id by zapping at weak things.
03:16:18 <elliptiott> (You don't need spellcasting skill for it.)
03:16:20 <elliptiott> V to evoke.
03:16:24 <elliptiott> (That means zap.)
03:16:32 <elliptiott> I mean, before you enter inventory.
03:16:44 <elliptiott> Huh?
03:16:48 <elliptiott> Capital V.
03:16:53 <ion> Zap at the wall adjacent the K in a way that hits the K.
03:16:54 <NihilistDandy> derp
03:16:55 <elliptiott> . to confirm
03:16:56 <NihilistDandy> My bad
03:16:59 <ion> That will identify wands of digging.
03:17:52 <elliptiott> You can , that meat ration.
03:17:53 <elliptiott> Yeah.
03:17:56 -!- SgeoN1 has quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )).
03:18:03 <elliptiott> Careful now.
03:18:09 <elliptiott> Once you start seeing a lot of red slow down with the tab spam.
03:18:15 <elliptiott> That ) probably has an orc corpse for you.
03:18:20 <elliptiott> Oh.
03:18:27 <elliptiott> Explore a bit more, maybe you'll find something to eat.
03:18:34 <elliptiott> CAREFUL.
03:18:39 <elliptiott> Centaurs are nasty buggers at a distance.
03:18:46 -!- Sgeo has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds).
03:18:47 <elliptiott> Duck n-wards so that it has to run up to you.
03:18:53 <NihilistDandy> And a roomful of shit is terrible, anyway
03:18:54 <elliptiott> And be careful of gnolls.
03:19:07 <elliptiott> Just . a bit to wait.
03:19:09 <ion> Also, you can force multiple enemies to fight you one by one by getting them to a narrow corridor.
03:19:13 -!- Deewiant has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
03:19:22 <elliptiott> Careful!!!
03:19:25 <elliptiott> Gnolls are quite nasty.
03:19:29 <NihilistDandy> Thoughts?
03:19:35 <elliptiott> Go down one.
03:19:38 <ion> Retreat to a narrow corridor.
03:19:41 <elliptiott> Yeah.
03:19:45 <elliptiott> There's nothing faster than you, so press X.
03:19:50 <elliptiott> (Capital.)
03:20:02 <elliptiott> No, X again
03:20:03 <elliptiott> Shift-down
03:20:07 <elliptiott> X
03:20:09 <elliptiott> Shift-j
03:20:13 <elliptiott> wtf?
03:20:14 <ion> One that’s in an explored area and one that you can escape from if needed.
03:20:15 <elliptiott> X
03:20:16 <elliptiott> Capital X
03:20:17 <elliptiott> Then
03:20:18 <elliptiott> When you're *on* the map
03:20:22 -!- Deewiant has joined.
03:20:28 <elliptiott> It's to see where a narrow corridor is.
03:20:32 <elliptiott> Shift-down
03:20:37 <elliptiott> X_X
03:20:38 <elliptiott> What are you doing?
03:20:50 <elliptiott> And again, to scroll the map.
03:21:00 <elliptiott> Right, so you can retrat to that corridor.
03:21:04 <elliptiott> *retreat
03:21:12 <ion> (Centaurs are faster than you, though.)
03:21:15 <elliptiott> Make sure to cut all the corners, or you'll waste turns and get hit.
03:21:19 <elliptiott> ion: Yeah, but the centaur isn't in vision right now.
03:21:25 <elliptiott> And he's being crowded by other stuff, anyway.
03:21:31 <elliptiott> Oh, it is.
03:21:37 <elliptiott> Well, sucks to be him.
03:21:45 <elliptiott> Retreat again.
03:21:48 <elliptiott> They can get to you diagonally..
03:21:49 <ion> Go SW twice and then west.
03:21:50 <elliptiott> That's an OK corridor.
03:21:54 <elliptiott> Eh?
03:21:57 <elliptiott> That horizontal corridor is fine.
03:21:59 <ion> There
03:22:08 <elliptiott> Waste of time, but OK.
03:22:14 <ion> This one you can retreat away from.
03:22:17 <ion> to a known area
03:22:18 <elliptiott> NO
03:22:21 <elliptiott> Don't eat when fighting!
03:22:27 <elliptiott> Starving lasts a while anyway.
03:22:29 <elliptiott> Eating takes like 4 turns.
03:22:39 <elliptiott> Berserk the gnoll, perhaps.
03:22:40 <elliptiott> Stop.
03:22:43 <elliptiott> OK, maybe don't.
03:22:46 <ion> You can’t while starving.
03:22:47 <elliptiott> They just hit fairly hard.
03:22:49 <elliptiott> Oh, right.
03:22:57 <NihilistDandy> Meat or bread?
03:22:57 <elliptiott> Perhaps you can eat their corpses?
03:23:01 <elliptiott> There's a corpse, probably.
03:23:11 <elliptiott> You'll probably need a ration as well, but you can eat all the corpses first
03:23:19 <elliptiott> You don't want the spear.
03:23:29 <elliptiott> OK, eat a meat ration.
03:23:31 <elliptiott> It's more filling than bread IIRC.
03:23:37 <ion> Try the ring and the amulet.
03:23:41 <elliptiott> Stop.
03:23:43 <ion> I thought they are the same. But i’m not sure.
03:23:44 <elliptiott> You're low on health.
03:23:50 <elliptiott> Rest up.
03:23:56 <elliptiott> ion: The ring, really?
03:23:59 <elliptiott> His existing rings are pretty good.
03:24:09 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: BTW, eX also works for iXe, and similarly PX for iXp.
03:24:19 <ion> “Meat weighs 8, is 5000 nutrition. Bread weighs 8, is 4400 nutrition.”
03:24:37 <NihilistDandy> I guess the amulet does nothing
03:24:48 -!- Sgeo has joined.
03:24:53 <elliptiott> Not true.
03:24:58 <ion> It does something, it just didn’t get identified immediately.
03:25:00 <elliptiott> It does something; you just don't know what yet.
03:25:03 -!- Deewiant has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
03:25:03 <elliptiott> You'll need to id it to find out.
03:25:12 <elliptiott> It might be terrible. :)
03:25:13 <NihilistDandy> Wearing it isn't enough?
03:25:30 <NihilistDandy> This'll be fun
03:25:46 <elliptiott> Not really.
03:25:48 <ion> Keep it on, it might still get identified if it affects something noticeably.
03:25:50 -!- Deewiant has joined.
03:25:55 <elliptiott> Gnolls aren't really dangerous; a pack of gnolls is.
03:26:28 <NihilistDandy> That fuckin' imp
03:27:01 <NihilistDandy> Food boutique...
03:27:15 <elliptiott> It's probably overpriced rubbish, but check it out anyway.
03:27:16 <ion> Just hit o, it’ll go there.
03:27:18 <elliptiott> (Autoexplore will for you.)
03:27:48 <ion> I wouldn’t buy anything, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re starving at some point without food and with extra cash.
03:27:57 <elliptiott> Chokos are worthless.
03:28:01 <elliptiott> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forward_(Obama–Biden_campaign_slogan) lol, the article got even tinier
03:28:47 <ion> hah
03:29:07 <NihilistDandy> Henzell suggests that necrophages are not a huge deal? Or are they an enormous deal and Henzell is a master of understatement?
03:29:24 <elliptiott> They're not a huge deal.
03:29:36 <elliptiott> Note that they're yellow; you shouldn't trust the colours, but you can trust them if Henzell backs them up.
03:29:44 <elliptiott> If anything, they tend to underrate.
03:29:48 <elliptiott> Case in point: orc warriors can be quite scary.
03:29:54 <elliptiott> Though probably not with the kind of strength you have.
03:30:04 <elliptiott> Just wait in the corridor.
03:30:09 <elliptiott> With 5.
03:30:14 <elliptiott> Or don't.
03:30:16 <elliptiott> Oh well.
03:30:35 <elliptiott> Maybe berk the warrior if it gives you any trouble.
03:30:52 <elliptiott> Just autoexplore if there's nothing in view.
03:31:00 <ion> noooo
03:31:09 <ion> Don’t fight them all at once
03:31:20 <NihilistDandy> Better to heal, or run and pray?
03:31:36 <elliptiott> Oh, what happened?
03:31:39 <elliptiott> I look away for one minute.
03:31:43 <elliptiott> OK, well, you're getting hit by the warrior's axes.
03:31:48 <elliptiott> That's why you keep one in to a corridor.
03:31:49 <elliptiott> Back up one.
03:31:58 <elliptiott> Hit the orc.
03:32:09 <elliptiott> Ehhh
03:32:10 <elliptiott> Stop.
03:32:13 <elliptiott> Quaff a heal wounds.
03:32:24 <elliptiott> OK, zerk him.
03:32:33 <elliptiott> You could quaff again but ehh.
03:32:47 <elliptiott> Just heal up now and you're fine.
03:33:17 <ion> Eat what you need and offer the rest before resting, so they won’t spoil.
03:33:39 <NihilistDandy> You can offer food?
03:34:19 <ion> corpses
03:34:21 <ion> to Trog
03:34:29 <NihilistDandy> Fair enough.
03:35:08 <ion> Set character_set = unicode in your config for Unicode goodness.
03:35:13 <elliptiott> Don't.
03:35:16 <ion> Do
03:35:21 <elliptiott> It's already Unicodey by default.
03:35:24 <elliptiott> unicode just makes the walls hideous.
03:35:29 <elliptiott> (And the floors.)
03:35:37 <ion> They’re hideous now. :-P
03:35:59 <NihilistDandy> f7u12
03:36:02 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Relax.
03:36:05 <elliptiott> It's behind glass.
03:36:09 <elliptiott> It's Zin's angel.
03:36:18 <NihilistDandy> Oh.
03:36:23 <NihilistDandy> So leave, then?
03:36:26 <elliptiott> Nope.
03:36:29 <ion> Just autoexplore
03:36:30 <elliptiott> You can walk right up to it if you want.
03:36:33 <elliptiott> It's Zin's sales agent.
03:36:37 <NihilistDandy> lol
03:37:14 <NihilistDandy> What's a rambutan?
03:37:25 <NihilistDandy> Or rather, how good/shitty?
03:37:29 <elliptiott> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rambutan
03:37:33 <elliptiott> Just keep it.
03:37:35 <elliptiott> Food is food.
03:37:57 <elliptiott> Yawn.
03:38:03 <elliptiott> You can probably kill ogres like nobody's business now.
03:38:10 <NihilistDandy> And so I can
03:38:14 <elliptiott> What's your skills like?
03:38:25 <NihilistDandy> Like this
03:38:35 <elliptiott> Fair enough. ion might be able to advise about training more.
03:38:45 <NihilistDandy> ion: Thoughts?
03:38:56 <NihilistDandy> Unless you're doing this "homework" nonsense
03:39:13 <ion> In the past i’d have trained fighting as well, but i’m not sure what its effect is now.
03:39:21 <elliptiott> I hear it was seriously nerfed.
03:39:29 <elliptiott> But you could add it, and focus armour too.
03:39:43 <ion> With unarmed combat you’ll get better aux attacks with horns. I don’t know how good they are.
03:39:43 <NihilistDandy> Like that?
03:39:46 <elliptiott> Yeah. Train it up a bit, no harm done.
03:40:02 <NihilistDandy> Which, UC or fighting?
03:40:02 <ion> You probably won’t need the others.
03:40:03 -!- Deewiant has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
03:40:10 <elliptiott> I meant fighting.
03:40:15 <elliptiott> You can do unarmed combat later.
03:40:45 <ion> fighting[1/1]: The Fighting skill gives you a bonus to accuracy and damage in melee, and improves your hit points by ((1+racial_factor/10) * Fighting * XL) / 8 (see {hp}).
03:41:24 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: When kobolds throw stuff, back up like you did.
03:41:30 <elliptiott> Then they have to run to you, and they're weaklings in melee.
03:41:40 <NihilistDandy> Good to know
03:41:42 <Patashu> fighting gives almost no boost to combat
03:41:44 <Patashu> you take it for the extra hp
03:41:47 <ion> Ditto for centaurs. Hide from them until you can get next to them and then melee them.
03:41:56 <Patashu> and it gives almost no extra hp until xl16+
03:41:59 <Patashu> so, don't train it until Later (tm)
03:42:03 <NihilistDandy> Done exploring. Down again?
03:42:04 <ion> alright
03:42:22 <ion> Yeah, down.
03:42:24 <elliptiott> Patashu: Oh, it doesn't?
03:42:28 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Swap your fighting for UC.
03:42:43 <elliptiott> Sky beasts are yawn.
03:42:44 <ion> Perhaps Patashu can tell us how useful UC is for a minotaur.
03:42:49 <elliptiott> Though they can go invisible, which i sannoying.
03:42:49 <ion> I have no idea.
03:42:54 <elliptiott> Not a problem if you get them in a corridor.
03:43:12 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Just keep fighting upwards.
03:43:17 <elliptiott> It's invisible, but it's not going anywhere :)
03:43:33 <elliptiott> Don't bother.
03:43:36 <elliptiott> Eat up.
03:43:43 <elliptiott> The sky beast will be on its way.
03:44:03 <elliptiott> You're nauseous; 5 a bit.
03:44:08 -!- Deewiant has joined.
03:44:30 <elliptiott> Wow, it's a sky beast party.
03:44:58 <elliptiott> Bah.
03:45:00 <elliptiott> Eat a ration.
03:45:17 <elliptiott> Or you'll just end up eating, hungry, eating, hungry, etc.
03:45:30 <elliptiott> Wow, this is like the levl of annoying shit.
03:45:32 <elliptiott> *level
03:46:11 <elliptiott> Is your autopickup still off?
03:46:13 <elliptiott> (Check with Ctrl+A.)
03:46:41 <ion> There should really be a status item for autopickup being off.
03:46:44 <elliptiott> Don't need cards.
03:46:51 <elliptiott> That's if you're going Nemelex, which you aren't, because Trog would get really upset.
03:47:00 <ion> No, he won’t.
03:47:10 <ion> Oh, you meant for switching religions.
03:47:11 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Sacrifice those corpses, btw.
03:47:13 <elliptiott> ion: Right.
03:47:16 <elliptiott> Or don't.
03:47:20 <elliptiott> Well, eat the other chunk.
03:47:27 <elliptiott> Ah, sacrifice those two- sigh.
03:47:34 <NihilistDandy> Aww, shit
03:47:36 <elliptiott> Walk up to the centaur so it can't range you.
03:47:43 <elliptiott> Then kill it, the orcs, get the amulet, money, then run up the upstairs.
03:47:51 <elliptiott> Shit.
03:47:54 <elliptiott> Dude.
03:47:57 <zzo38> You cannot use ranged attacks in that game in only one range?
03:48:00 <elliptiott> If a name comes up on your screen, that's a bit scary :)
03:48:04 <elliptiott> zzo38: You can, but it won't.
03:48:10 <NihilistDandy> So… run?
03:48:12 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: See ??duvessa and ??dowan.
03:48:13 <NihilistDandy> Or berk?
03:48:15 <elliptiott> Nah.
03:48:16 <ion> Don’t run.
03:48:17 <elliptiott> I would go berserk.
03:48:23 <zzo38> elliptiott: Then they need to fix it.
03:48:24 <ion> The orc priest will smite you from distance.
03:48:24 <elliptiott> Hmm.
03:48:28 <elliptiott> Yeah, go bersrek.
03:48:32 <elliptiott> Please.
03:48:39 <elliptiott> And attack l and n
03:48:45 <elliptiott> Be careful.
03:48:48 <ion> And one of the es is a mage, {,s}he’ll probably have some ranged spells, too.
03:48:48 <elliptiott> Dowan will be mad as hell.
03:49:01 <elliptiott> Lucky.
03:49:05 <elliptiott> Well, not really.
03:49:10 <elliptiott> But I'm scared of those two.
03:49:20 <elliptiott> Eat some of them corpses before resint.g
03:49:22 <elliptiott> *resting.
03:49:24 <elliptiott> They'll be rotten now.
03:49:30 <ion> ,, to see the items as a list.
03:50:13 <elliptiott> Nothing worth picking up.
03:50:15 <elliptiott> OK, get the amulet and money and scroll, then eat up some more.
03:50:19 <ion> Except the glowing axe.
03:50:22 <elliptiott> Oh.
03:50:22 <Patashu> have no bigger axes spawned yet?
03:50:24 <elliptiott> Duh.
03:50:29 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Actually, you could probably stay on this level, and then go up once you've explored it all.
03:50:42 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Pick up the amulet and money while waiting for the nausea to end.
03:50:43 <Patashu> what's the "? amulet of inaccuracy?
03:50:44 <elliptiott> And the axe.
03:50:46 <elliptiott> Then wield the axe.
03:50:51 <elliptiott> Patashu: We don't know.
03:50:54 <Patashu> oh
03:51:06 <Patashu> amulet of who-da-fuck-knows
03:51:18 <elliptiott> Dude.
03:51:20 <elliptiott> The " is the amulet.
03:51:21 <elliptiott> Get it.
03:51:26 <ion> ^F. to get a list of everything on this level.
03:51:27 <elliptiott> What are you even doing...,
03:51:34 <NihilistDandy> Am I missing this amulet?
03:51:35 <elliptiott> s/,$//
03:51:36 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Yes.
03:51:37 <elliptiott> It's the blue "
03:51:48 <elliptiott> The scroll is the ?.
03:51:48 <NihilistDandy> Got it
03:51:52 <Patashu> wear test the amulet
03:51:58 <ion> I’d just go up and take care of the unfinished level, though.
03:52:02 <elliptiott> You don't have any curses to remove, though.
03:52:07 <elliptiott> Patashu: He already has an mulet on.
03:52:10 <elliptiott> *an amulet
03:52:13 <Patashu> wear test the new one
03:52:18 <Patashu> cool
03:52:21 <elliptiott> Oh, that's not bad.
03:52:21 <zzo38> Does it have a scroll or potion to add a curse?
03:52:21 <ion> Nice
03:52:22 <elliptiott> Keep that on.
03:52:28 <Patashu> try wielding your new axe
03:52:34 <Patashu> if you hit some things with it
03:52:36 <elliptiott> Wield the axe, go <, then eat a meat ration.
03:52:37 <Patashu> you'll learn its plusses
03:52:46 <ion> Be sure not to remove the amulet of faith, you’ll lose a bunch of piety that way. But you’ll gain piety (and get awesome gifts sooner) wearing it.
03:53:00 <ion> gain piety faster, that is.
03:53:03 <elliptiott> OK, continue exploring happily :)
03:53:18 <zzo38> In ADOM it is possible to curse items if you have a cursed watery potion or a cursed scroll of uncursing, but there isn't any good ways to guaranteed to get those things.
03:53:32 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Next time you see something weak, zap-test those wands.
03:53:41 <NihilistDandy> Shall do
03:53:46 <ion> There are scrolls to curse stuff, yeah.
03:53:48 <Patashu> zzo38: what items would you deliberately curse in adom?
03:53:50 <NihilistDandy> One is lightning
03:54:01 <elliptiott> The wands you don't know :)
03:54:16 <elliptiott> Adders count as weak.
03:54:21 <Patashu> hey, more wands
03:54:22 <NihilistDandy> Whoops
03:54:22 <elliptiott> Wait, since when is your axe cursed?
03:54:23 <NihilistDandy> Forgot
03:54:29 <Patashu> he read a scroll of curse weapon
03:54:31 <NihilistDandy> elliptiott: Read a scroll
03:54:34 <elliptiott> Oh well.
03:54:42 <Patashu> oh hey
03:54:44 <elliptiott> Can you ^Faxe? I'm shocked nothing amazing has turned up.
03:54:44 <Patashu> a an gore
03:54:46 <Patashu> btw
03:54:48 <Patashu> ogres hit very hard
03:54:55 <Patashu> except when they don't
03:54:55 <elliptiott> He knows.
03:54:58 <Patashu> ok
03:55:00 <Patashu> not his first ogre?
03:55:02 <zzo38> Patashu: Potion of exchange is usually better when cursed (if you are using it carefully!), if your character is dark elf then spider bread is better cursed, and sometimes you may curse something so that when you sell it and then purchase it again later, it doesn't cost as much money.
03:55:04 <elliptiott> Third, I think.
03:55:05 <Patashu> it's always the first one that gets you
03:55:14 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Rest up a bit, man.
03:55:33 <elliptiott> Ugh.
03:55:34 <Patashu> oh hey
03:55:37 <ion> Noooo
03:55:38 <elliptiott> Stop, stop, stop.
03:55:42 <elliptiott> Stop!
03:55:42 <ion> Retreat
03:55:43 <elliptiott> STOP!
03:55:43 <Patashu> lawl
03:55:50 <Patashu> how can he stop
03:55:51 <Patashu> he's so diesel
03:55:51 <zzo38> Patashu: Do you believe these things?
03:55:55 <Patashu> zzo38: I do
03:55:58 <NihilistDandy> It's dying...
03:56:03 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: You didn't know that.
03:56:07 <elliptiott> It could have been insanely powerful.
03:56:10 <elliptiott> That's why you check the log first.
03:56:18 <zzo38> And these are not the only reasons to curse things.
03:56:31 <elliptiott> Hit _, you have an (old by now) message from me.
03:56:41 <NihilistDandy> :P
03:57:02 <elliptiott> Ogre party!
03:57:05 <elliptiott> And a book to burn.
03:57:10 <ion> Burn the book when an O is over it.
03:57:17 <elliptiott> Bit late.
03:57:20 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: rest up
03:57:27 <elliptiott> You gotta learn to look at your HP meter before hitting o.
03:57:46 <elliptiott> BTW, Trog's Hand is a useful ability you haven't used yet; it makes your HP regenerate faster and gives you some magic resistance.
03:57:54 <elliptiott> It's useful in slower-burning fights than you'd use berserk with.
03:58:00 <elliptiott> Also, you should probably eat a ration.
03:58:56 <elliptiott> Huh.
03:59:00 <elliptiott> What is that centaur doing with a wand?
03:59:02 <kmc> so this is pretty much #whateverthefuck-dungeon-game now?
03:59:07 <zzo38> But I suppose, there might also be reasons for cursing items when doing some kind of challenge games too
03:59:07 <Patashu> centaurs can have wands randomly
03:59:10 <elliptiott> kmc: For now!
03:59:18 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy started playing after watching me.
03:59:43 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Zap-test those wands on that K.
03:59:47 <NihilistDandy> And I am doing mildly well, with elliott's guidance and occasional screaming
03:59:53 <NihilistDandy> Also patashu and ion
03:59:58 <elliptiott> Hey, you should see my fifth game.
04:00:09 <elliptiott> N.B. I'm still terrible, but I've absorbed others' wisdom.
04:00:21 <elliptiott> That kobold is your friend now.
04:00:25 <NihilistDandy> Nice
04:00:26 <elliptiott> You should probably zap it with the other wand.
04:00:37 <elliptiott> (It won't stay your friend for long and also it's weak as hell, so cruelty is fine..)
04:00:43 <elliptiott> You need to aim it at the kobold this time.
04:00:45 <elliptiott> Since it's your friendd.
04:00:46 <ion> Remember to zap the wall adjacent to the monster in a way that hits the monster to identify wands of digging.
04:01:34 <NihilistDandy> _-_
04:02:05 <elliptiott> _-_
04:02:07 <elliptiott> wat
04:02:20 <NihilistDandy> I worried I had been teleported to another floor
04:02:22 <NihilistDandy> Luckily not
04:02:24 <elliptiott> Oh, no.
04:02:32 <Sgeo> Apples, limes
04:02:33 <elliptiott> Teleport traps are harmless unless there's dangerous stuff on the level.
04:02:43 <Sgeo> What's with Computer Science people and fruit?
04:02:49 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: You're two stars away from full piety, btw.
04:02:57 <NihilistDandy> I'm pretty pumped about it
04:04:00 <NihilistDandy> Orcish Mines. Neat
04:04:05 <NihilistDandy> Bad, though, yes?
04:04:18 <elliptiott> The orcish mines are fun - but.
04:04:25 <elliptiott> General wisdom is to do them after the Lair.
04:04:30 <elliptiott> They contain:
04:04:33 <elliptiott> (a) a shitload of orcs
04:04:37 <elliptiott> (b) a sometimes-scary final level.
04:04:43 <ion> Increasingly bad. The last level of branches tends to be much harder than the ones before it, too.
04:04:45 <elliptiott> And not all orcs are as easy as the three you've encountered.
04:04:46 <NihilistDandy> Fair enough
04:05:02 <NihilistDandy> Fuckin' A
04:05:03 <Patashu> orcish mines can randomly be really hard. the lair can randomly be really hard as well, but when orcish mines is hard you get boulders thrown at you
04:05:05 <elliptiott> You'd want a double-digit XL, at the very least.
04:05:08 <Patashu> when lair is hard you just have to run real fast
04:05:32 <elliptiott> I don't know how dangerous Maurice is.
04:05:35 <elliptiott> I think I've killed him, though.
04:05:57 <elliptiott> Apparently he steals and teleports.
04:06:00 <Patashu> maurice isn't bad
04:06:01 <Patashu> just blinks
04:06:03 <elliptiott> So maybe you should zap confusion at him.
04:06:08 <elliptiott> (After getting closer.)
04:06:22 <elliptiott> ...after getting closer.
04:06:25 <elliptiott> Anyway, he might have high MR.
04:06:38 <elliptiott> Meh.
04:06:45 <elliptiott> Ugh.
04:07:00 <NihilistDandy> Got him
04:07:01 <elliptiott> Not bad.
04:07:19 <NihilistDandy> Runed cloak is good news, though
04:07:21 <elliptiott> Try the cloak.
04:07:24 <elliptiott> Runed isn't necessarily good.
04:07:26 <elliptiott> But it might be good.
04:07:33 <elliptiott> It's the I.
04:07:38 <elliptiott> If you used W, you wouldn't have to mentally filter things ;)
04:07:41 <NihilistDandy> I was checking for curse stuff
04:07:46 <elliptiott> Ah
04:07:49 <NihilistDandy> Might want to uncurse my sword
04:08:03 <NihilistDandy> Or should I save it for more important stuff?
04:08:31 <elliptiott> Sword?
04:08:34 <elliptiott> Why do you have a sword?
04:08:37 <NihilistDandy> Axe :/
04:08:43 <elliptiott> Oh. Don't bother until you have something better.
04:08:50 <elliptiott> Put the runed cloak on.
04:08:53 <NihilistDandy> I'm just a berserker, what kind of intelligence do you want from me? :D
04:08:59 <zzo38> Can Map be made a monad if the keys is monoid? Can it be applicative if the keys is monoid?
04:09:00 <elliptiott> Capital W.
04:09:10 <elliptiott> Good!
04:09:18 <elliptiott> Poison resistance is useful.
04:09:28 <Patashu> cloak of poison resistance? nice
04:09:30 <Patashu> now don't die
04:09:36 <elliptiott> Patashu: Have you seen his gloves?
04:09:43 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Eat that corpse then show Patashu your gloves.
04:09:51 <Patashu> oh, haha
04:09:57 <Patashu> already had it :)
04:09:58 -!- pikhq_ has joined.
04:10:03 <elliptiott> But now he has more!
04:10:11 <Patashu> rpois doesn't stack, unfortunately
04:10:15 -!- pikhq has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
04:10:19 <elliptiott> IT FEELS BETTER THOUGH
04:10:34 <elliptiott> PHOOLUCIUMM
04:10:46 <elliptiott> Have you got any wands to test?
04:10:50 <NihilistDandy> Yeah, one
04:10:54 <elliptiott> Go for it.
04:11:07 <NihilistDandy> Neat
04:11:11 <elliptiott> BTW, since you know a lot of scrolls now, when you go to read-test one, use \ to see which items you know (and - to invert it to see ones you don't know).
04:11:12 -!- shubshub has joined.
04:11:19 <elliptiott> Some of them are nasty, so you can see what it might be.
04:11:25 <zzo38> Does the game have any mode which makes all items to be initially cursed?
04:11:32 <elliptiott> No.
04:11:43 <Patashu> if you like having your entire inventory cursed, you can do an ossuary portal vault
04:11:54 <elliptiott> Cursed and full of shit, no less.
04:12:01 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: It's yours.
04:12:04 <elliptiott> That's what the green background means.
04:12:08 <elliptiott> Pet it and show it love.
04:12:09 <NihilistDandy> Oh, neat
04:12:13 <elliptiott> It's kind of useless though.
04:12:20 <NihilistDandy> Is there a show love button? Or is that humor?
04:12:22 <ion> And make sure it’s next to you when you use stairs.
04:12:31 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: It's humour. Quite different.
04:12:36 <elliptiott> ion: Or just ignore it and let it evaporate.
04:12:40 <NihilistDandy> Ah, ouf course
04:12:42 <ion> It won’t evaporate.
04:12:50 <elliptiott> It won't?
04:12:52 <elliptiott> I thought they did.
04:12:54 <ion> It won’t.
04:12:57 <NihilistDandy> 4 stars
04:13:02 <elliptiott> You dropped one.
04:13:03 <elliptiott> I think.
04:13:08 <elliptiott> Sacrifice more corpses. Except you're hungry.
04:13:12 <elliptiott> This is why I hate Crawl's hunger system.
04:13:14 <pikhq_> Huh. More people live in New York City than live in Norway.
04:13:43 <Patashu> I hate crawl's hunger system too
04:13:46 <NihilistDandy> So, down another level?
04:13:56 <NihilistDandy> Oh, shit
04:13:57 <ion> You haven’t explored this one yet.
04:14:01 <NihilistDandy> Not done exploring, after all
04:14:02 <elliptiott> Wights are kinda yawn.
04:14:12 <zzo38> s/exploring/exploding/
04:14:40 <elliptiott> Patashu: Yeah, I only play things with different hunger mechanics (can eat corpses while not hungry, gets HP from eating, etc.) now.
04:14:47 <elliptiott> For now, at least.
04:14:54 <NihilistDandy> Sky beasts… (╯ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻
04:15:02 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: You have a corridor.
04:15:04 <elliptiott> Back into it and wait.
04:15:13 <elliptiott> Huh.
04:15:17 <elliptiott> Well, never mind.
04:15:17 <ion> You can make sure it goes into a corner and it won’t be able to hide from you.
04:15:20 <elliptiott> Just autoexplore some more.
04:15:50 <elliptiott> Et the corpse and let your abomination chase the beast.
04:16:41 <ion> nihilistdandy: You might want to set easy_eat_chunks = true, easy_eat_gourmand = true, auto_eat_chunks = true.
04:16:51 <elliptiott> Settings are for the weak.
04:16:58 <elliptiott> ion: (That's not a good idea if you worship a corpse-loving God, surely.)
04:17:03 <ion> It is.
04:17:07 <NihilistDandy> Strictly speaking, I have no idea where to do that
04:17:09 <Patashu> elliptiott, they help a lot
04:17:19 <Patashu> it doesn't butcher for you
04:17:20 <Patashu> it eats chunks for you
04:17:27 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: You edit it in the pre-game menu.
04:17:31 <NihilistDandy> Ah
04:17:33 <elliptiott> Patashu: Fair enough.
04:17:33 <ion> My config diffed against the defaults: https://github.com/ion1/crawl-config/compare/master-base...master#files_bucket
04:18:06 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: 05:18 <Henzell> erolcha[2/2]: <Danei> erolcha is your "crawl can and will try to kill you" warning
04:18:07 <NihilistDandy> A unique ogre magess spawned with a random set of spells, which include friendly things like banishment to the Abyss, paralysis, and LCS. Do not underestimate her
04:18:18 <elliptiott> I don't have much Erolcha experience, so ask ion and Patashu.
04:18:21 <NihilistDandy> So… leave?
04:18:31 <NihilistDandy> ion: Patashu: Erolcha halp pls?
04:18:34 <elliptiott> Well, you could run downstairs, but she's probably worth a lot of XP. :p
04:18:39 <elliptiott> But be careful, you could die.
04:18:55 <NihilistDandy> Probably not worth trying the confusion wand
04:18:59 <Patashu> erolcha?
04:19:00 <Patashu> nice
04:19:03 <Patashu> well, first thing to do is
04:19:04 <Patashu> step backwards
04:19:07 <Patashu> next, hand
04:19:20 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: (He means Hand of Trog.)
04:19:22 <Patashu> sting, huh?
04:19:23 <Patashu> hang on
04:19:23 <elliptiott> It's one of your god abilities.
04:19:24 <NihilistDandy> Ah
04:19:31 <Patashu> stone arrow (3d12), sting (d8), blink, b.lightning (3d14), banishment, minor healing.
04:19:34 <Patashu> this is her spellset today
04:19:43 <elliptiott> Banishment, eh?
04:19:45 <Patashu> yup
04:19:46 <Patashu> hence hand
04:19:51 <elliptiott> I wonder if Brothers in Arms would be worth it.
04:19:53 <elliptiott> But yeah, Trog's Hand time.
04:19:54 <Patashu> yes
04:19:55 <ion> Hand affects banishment?
04:19:58 <elliptiott> ion: MR
04:19:59 <Patashu> yeah
04:20:01 <Patashu> gives MR
04:20:02 <ion> Ah
04:20:10 <elliptiott> Brothers in Arms now, perhaps?
04:20:10 -!- shubshub has quit (Quit: R.I.P).
04:20:12 <elliptiott> 36% failure rate, but...
04:20:25 <Patashu> it won't be a very good BIA due to low piety, but it's worth trying
04:20:30 <elliptiott> Make that 41%.
04:20:37 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: (It summons a monster to help you.)
04:20:43 <NihilistDandy> Try it, anyway?
04:20:43 <ion> It costs piety, though, and you’ll want to get gifts. Perhaps berserking is enough.
04:20:59 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Yes, try it.
04:21:04 <elliptiott> You can get piety back easy; you can't undie.
04:21:08 <elliptiott> Try it again.
04:21:15 <Patashu> nice
04:21:16 <elliptiott> Excellent.
04:21:18 <Patashu> now walk towards her slowly
04:21:27 <elliptiott> Zap a wand at her?
04:21:30 <Patashu> yeah
04:21:34 <Patashu> try confusion
04:21:42 <elliptiott> Ha
04:21:42 <Patashu> wow
04:21:45 <Patashu> small abomination tanked her
04:21:51 <Patashu> how is that even possible lol
04:21:51 <Patashu> hang on
04:21:54 <NihilistDandy> That's crazy
04:21:55 <elliptiott> That's... odd.
04:21:58 <elliptiott> At least you have a berserk ogre friend.
04:22:02 <Patashu> oh wow
04:22:05 <Patashu> a small abomination is about as tough as erolcha
04:22:07 <Patashu> except erolcha has spells
04:22:11 <elliptiott> Really?
04:22:12 <NihilistDandy> That's awesome :D
04:22:14 <elliptiott> I thought they were useless.
04:22:16 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Hang on to that guy.
04:22:20 <Patashu> Erolcha (O) | Spd: 10 | Int: normal (items) | HD: 6 | HP: 54 | AC/EV: 3/7 | Dam: 20 | Fl: spellcaster, see invisible | Res: magic(56) | Chunks: contam | XP: 804 | Sp: lots
04:22:20 <ion> Did Erolcha use any spells just now?
04:22:24 <Patashu> small abomination (x) | Spd: 7-15 | Int: plant | HD: 6 | HP: 14-40 | AC/EV: 0/0 | Dam: 23 | Fl: undead, evil | Res: magic(40), poison, drown, rot+++, neg+++, torm | Vul: holy++ | XP: 141.
04:22:27 <NihilistDandy> Just Sting
04:22:28 <Patashu> she casted sting once and that was it
04:22:32 <Patashu> her HD is low so she doesn't cast very often
04:22:33 <NihilistDandy> Patashu: Twice
04:22:34 <Patashu> but when she casts she means business
04:22:37 <NihilistDandy> But still
04:22:38 <NihilistDandy> Nothing
04:22:44 <elliptiott> Well, that was fun.
04:22:53 <elliptiott> Your abomination took the hit, though.
04:22:54 <Patashu> you want to always act as though you have worst case erolcha, anyway
04:23:15 <ion> You might want to rest a bit so your x will heal.
04:23:20 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: If you run into anything tougher than the average monster, and you're in a corridor, swap places with your x.
04:23:26 <elliptiott> So it can -- haven't seen Psyche before.
04:23:29 <elliptiott> -- do some of your fighting for you.
04:23:33 <elliptiott> ion: Do they heal?
04:23:39 <ion> yes
04:23:41 <Patashu> Psyche (@) | Spd: 13 | Int: normal (items) | HD: 5 | HP: 39 | AC/EV: 0/12 | Dam: 7 | Fl: spellcaster | Res: magic(26) | Chunks: contam | XP: 371 | Sp: throw frost (3d6), cantrip, haste, throw flame (3d6), magic dart (3d4), invisibility.
04:23:45 <elliptiott> 05:23 <Henzell> psyche[1/2]: A purple unique magess that is generally unremarkable in both dungeon spawn location and ability, but can still be quite dangerous when she hastes herself and unloads a wand or chaos dagger on you. Or in the 25% of the time that her dagger is distortion.
04:23:49 <Patashu> and I think she's likely ot have a dagger of chaos
04:23:53 <elliptiott> Meh; swap places with the x and wait to see.
04:23:53 <Patashu> oh, or distortion
04:24:05 <elliptiott> You'll see if it's chaos or disto.
04:24:07 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Press .
04:24:09 <elliptiott> To skip
04:24:10 <elliptiott> Not 5
04:24:14 <elliptiott> Eek.
04:24:15 <elliptiott> It's chaos.
04:24:16 <elliptiott> Be careful.
04:24:28 <elliptiott> "Be careful" =/= "run up and melee her", for god's sake.
04:24:28 <Patashu> lucky
04:24:33 <Patashu> haha
04:24:37 <elliptiott> 05:24 <Henzell> chaos brand[1/9]: Imitates other brands, or can heal, polymorph, berserk, haste, invisify, petrify, paralyse, torment, cause miscasts and probably do a lot more to enemies. Added in 0.5, only gifted by Xom, Xom's vault guards, found on Pan lords, or on the uniques Crazy Yiuf (always) or Psyche (sometimes).
04:24:42 <NihilistDandy> She got boxed in by the ant
04:24:50 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Will that help you if you become an ant?
04:24:55 <elliptiott> Or get paralysed?
04:25:00 <NihilistDandy> No. But that will be hilarious
04:25:15 <NihilistDandy> Should I take that dagger?
04:25:19 <NihilistDandy> Or… something?
04:25:26 <elliptiott> Maybe.
04:25:35 <elliptiott> BTW, Trog doesn't care about what corpses you give it, just that you give corpses.
04:25:35 <Patashu> weapons of chaos aren't particularly useful
04:25:43 <Patashu> since you can't use them on anything tough for fear of hasting/zerking them
04:25:44 <elliptiott> Patashu: Will anything else pick it up?
04:25:47 <Patashu> probably
04:25:51 <elliptiott> Right.
04:25:51 <ion> Well, you might pick it up so no-one else gets it on the level, and drop it before going to the next level.
04:25:53 <NihilistDandy> elliptiott: I know, but I figured he liked mages better
04:25:54 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Pick it up just in case.
04:26:01 <elliptiott> You can stash it somewhere if your inventory gets full.
04:26:13 <NihilistDandy> Robe?
04:26:20 <ion> Nope, it’s a light armour.
04:26:25 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Chaos fun: 05:26 <Henzell> chaos brand[4/9]: Gastronok fails to defend himself. You open Gastronok like a pillowcase!!! Gastronok suddenly stops moving! Gastronok is heavily wounded. Gastronok fails to defend himself. You open Gastronok like a pillowcase!!! You kill Gastronok! Gastronok instantly turns into a zombie! Your dagger of chaos parrots the noises around you.
04:26:40 <NihilistDandy> lol
04:26:47 <elliptiott> I love any game message with more than two exclamation marks.
04:26:56 <Patashu> ??pillowcase
04:27:03 <elliptiott> This isn't ##crawl.
04:27:06 <NihilistDandy> What does yellow mean, again?
04:27:13 <elliptiott> 05:27 <Henzell> pillowcase[1/1]: Linley Henzell doesn't know how to open these.
04:27:15 <elliptiott> :D
04:27:17 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Nothing much.
04:27:18 <Patashu> contaminated, but eatable
04:27:23 <elliptiott> Oh, really?
04:27:25 <NihilistDandy> Thought so
04:27:26 <elliptiott> I never knew that!
04:27:28 <Patashu> yes
04:27:29 <Patashu> white = clean
04:27:31 <NihilistDandy> I keep getting nausea all the time :/
04:27:33 -!- atehwa has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
04:27:35 <Patashu> yellow = contaminated (MAY make you nauseous)
04:27:36 <elliptiott> Don't eat that, then :)
04:27:45 <Patashu> green = poisonous (can't eat without rpois)
04:27:45 <elliptiott> But you're hungry, so.
04:27:53 <Patashu> purple = mutagenic (will give you a random mutation instead of nutrition)
04:27:54 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: Oh, right, you can eat greens now.
04:28:01 <Patashu> red = bad (I don't want to know what happens if you try to eat this)
04:28:03 <elliptiott> What's more, you can go down!
04:28:04 <Patashu> green turns white when you have rpois
04:28:07 <NihilistDandy> Done with this level
04:28:15 -!- atehwa has joined.
04:29:17 <ion> When in the situation @.X where X is an enemy, don’t move toward her. Let her move toward you. You’ll get the first hit.
04:29:25 <elliptiott> ion: Do you have that on a macro?
04:29:31 <NihilistDandy> ion: Good point.
04:29:33 <elliptiott> NihilistDandy: That's not better than what you're wearing.
04:29:43 <elliptiott> Your armour is really good.
04:29:50 <ion> elliott: I’m starting to feel like i should. :-P
04:30:02 <NihilistDandy> Red 5 will forever be burned in my memory as the most annoying thing besides a gray I
04:30:06 -!- elliptiott has changed nick to elliott.
04:30:14 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Blue p is a bit more annoying.
04:30:19 <elliott> Like I said, don't bother to think with crimson imps.
04:30:25 <elliott> Just keep whacking tab until it stops existing.
04:30:30 <elliott> Unless something terrible happens.
04:30:30 <NihilistDandy> I suppose that's true. Phantoms suck
04:30:47 <elliott> Did I mention tab can also handle the moving-efficiently-towards-an-enemy for you?
04:30:48 <elliott> Back up.
04:30:52 <Patashu> why is unarmed combat on, btw
04:30:58 <elliott> Patashu: Horns.
04:31:01 <elliott> We asked you whether it was worthwhile.
04:31:08 <Patashu> oh
04:31:09 <Patashu> it really isn't
04:31:13 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Turn off UC. :p
04:31:16 <ion> You headbutt the centaur!
04:31:17 <ion> You kill the centaur!
04:31:18 <Patashu> I'd rather pump axes
04:31:23 <ion> Seemed to work with the centaur rather nicely. :-P
04:31:25 <Patashu> ion: it does that much damage regardless of UC skill
04:31:43 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Yeah, maybe de-focus armour.
04:31:48 <elliott> Your AC/EV is good.
04:31:53 <elliott> Leave it on, but defocus it.
04:31:59 <elliott> (Is there a better term for "focus"?)
04:32:23 <ion> untransmogrify
04:32:39 <NihilistDandy> Nice
04:32:48 <elliott> Do you have anything to identify?
04:32:54 <elliott> Oh, the amulet you're not wearing.
04:33:00 <elliott> And the ring, I... suppose.
04:33:05 <Patashu> use your ID on potions if you have any
04:33:05 <elliott> Oh, and potions.
04:33:08 <elliott> id the potions.
04:33:21 <elliott> Quaff gain intelligence.
04:33:37 <Patashu> man
04:33:39 <Patashu> you're one smart zerker
04:33:43 <elliott> Yeah. :D
04:33:47 <elliott> He could spellcast, were it not for the heavy armour.
04:33:50 <Patashu> obviously you should ditch trog and learn some spells
04:33:50 <NihilistDandy> ME SOOOO SMARRRRT
04:34:00 <Patashu> trog won't mind, honest. he won't send berserk stone giants after you, honest
04:34:09 <elliott> Just spellcast WITH TROG.
04:34:12 <Patashu> hahahaha
04:34:14 <Patashu> trog won't mind!
04:34:15 <ion> yes
04:34:15 <NihilistDandy> Actually, I guess 10 Int is average human intelligence
04:34:22 <elliott> MiBes are badass enough to spellcast even if their gods hate it.
04:34:26 <Patashu> crawl doesn't follow the D&D stat scales
04:34:32 <elliott> You wouldn't let any puny god stop you using magic, right?
04:34:37 <NihilistDandy> CRUSH GOD
04:34:57 <elliott> I like how Trog doesn't mind wands.
04:35:02 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Goliath beetles hit hard.
04:35:03 <elliott> But they're slow.
04:35:06 <elliott> They're really tedious to fight.
04:35:07 <NihilistDandy> Confusion wand
04:35:13 <elliott> Just whack it and stop if it hurts you.
04:35:17 <elliott> Or, yeah.
04:35:22 <Patashu> for goliath bettles
04:35:24 <elliott> Well, that didn't help.
04:35:30 <Patashu> haha
04:35:34 <elliott> What's that potion?
04:35:36 <Patashu> well, when you're not diesel
04:35:44 <Patashu> goliath beetles hit really hard but only act every other turn
04:35:46 <NihilistDandy> SO DIESEL
04:35:50 <Patashu> so you can hit them once, step back, . until they're next to you and repeat
04:35:52 <NihilistDandy> NihilistDandy the Cleaver
04:35:55 <elliott> `quote hack and back
04:35:56 <Patashu> diesel lite
04:35:58 <HackEgo> 839) <Sgeo> hack and back? <Patashu> works on anything much slower than you <monqy> at the cost of: guilt, hating yourself, me sending you the message "hi" <Patashu> am I also forbidden to cast mephitic cloud and cblink <monqy> i will also send you "hi" if you: kite excessively, use mephitic cloud, -yes
04:35:58 <Patashu> ealy game diesel
04:36:36 <elliott> Wyverns are just, like, wyverns, you know?
04:36:52 <elliott> Nice cornering.
04:37:03 <NihilistDandy> lol
04:37:29 <elliott> Stay where you are.
04:37:31 <elliott> Just pick em off one by one.
04:37:36 <elliott> You didn't do the waiting thing.
04:37:38 <elliott> ion: Macro time.
04:37:52 <Patashu> does the orc warrior have a polearm?
04:38:01 <elliott> (Press Ctrl+P to see previous messages)
04:38:09 <Patashu> battleaxe, cool
04:38:13 <Patashu> you'll want that once you pry it from his cold dead hands
04:38:13 <Patashu> :)
04:38:17 <elliott> Yeah, just whack it.
04:38:21 <elliott> Wait, don't advance.
04:38:22 <elliott> Sigh.
04:38:27 <ion> When in the situation @.X where X is an enemy, don’t move toward her. Let her move toward you. You’ll get the first hit.
04:38:28 <Patashu> he's fine
04:38:29 <Patashu> too diesel
04:38:29 <elliott> It's OK, I do it too.
04:38:36 <elliott> Yeah, get that axe.
04:38:41 <Patashu> take the battleaxe; wield the battleaxe
04:38:46 <Patashu> if there's any plate armour wear that too
04:38:48 <elliott> Patashu: Uncurse the current axe first.
04:38:48 <ion> uncurse your hand axe
04:38:51 <NihilistDandy> Currently finding the battleaxe
04:38:54 <elliott> Patashu: Plate armour? Naw.
04:38:59 <elliott> +0 plate is worse than his +4 splint.
04:39:11 <ion> Not splint
04:39:18 <elliott> Eh?
04:39:20 <elliott> Doesn't he have splint?
04:39:37 <elliott> Sacrifice that corpse.
04:39:39 <elliott> Yay.
04:39:40 <ion> I thought it was a +4 scale mail.
04:39:43 <elliott> You got a star of piety.
04:39:49 <elliott> Oh, chain.
04:39:53 <elliott> OK, I guess the plate might be better.
04:39:54 <ion> oh
04:39:57 <Patashu> at ****** he'll start giving you good axes
04:40:00 <elliott> monqy: Stop for a second.
04:40:01 <elliott> Err
04:40:02 <elliott> NihilistDandy:
04:40:06 <elliott> Let me check your current AC/EV to compare before/after.
04:40:12 <Patashu> 18/10
04:40:13 <elliott> AC 18, EV 10.
04:40:16 <elliott> OK, wear the B.
04:40:28 <elliott> heh
04:40:30 <elliott> It's worse.
04:40:32 <Patashu> it's minus one EV but
04:40:34 <Patashu> you'll have more GDR
04:40:36 <Patashu> so imo it's better
04:40:36 <elliott> Fair enough.
04:40:38 <ion> GDR?
04:40:43 <elliott> Maybe focus armour training some more?
04:40:49 <Patashu> fyi
04:40:50 <Patashu> gdr[1/1]: Guaranteed damage reduction versus melee attacks, conferred by body armor. Formula is 14 * sqrt(base AC-2)%. This percentage applies to the maximum potential damage for an attack, not the actual damage rolled. However, GDR will prevent at most AC/2 damage.
04:40:54 <ion> Thanks
04:40:57 <Patashu> also
04:40:59 <Patashu> focus axes only
04:41:01 <Patashu> since you have a battleaxe now
04:41:04 <Patashu> and you need to get it to mindelay
04:41:07 <elliott> Fair enough.
04:41:09 <elliott> Remove armour entirely?
04:41:14 <Patashu> 20 axes for mindelay battleaxe
04:41:15 <Patashu> yeah
04:41:17 <Patashu> focus on axes until 20
04:41:19 <Patashu> then do what you want
04:41:20 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Wield that battlexae.
04:41:26 <elliott> Yay.
04:41:29 <elliott> Go and kill things.
04:41:31 <ion> =isa to make it the letter a.
04:41:39 <elliott> Do what ion said.
04:41:41 <ion> Drop the hand axes.
04:41:52 <zzo38> Let's use foot axes instead, please.
04:41:55 <ion> You can switch between wielding a and b with '
04:42:01 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Do you have any scrolls of enchant armour or whatever?
04:42:04 <elliott> That would be nice right now.
04:42:06 <elliott> Or enchant weapon.
04:42:17 <ion> I’d spare them for even better stuff.
04:42:20 <quintopia> zzo38: axe body spray is far more useful against miasma
04:42:20 <elliott> Shame.
04:42:30 <zzo38> quintopia: OK, then use that instead.
04:42:35 <NihilistDandy> Drop the chain?
04:42:40 <ion> yeah
04:42:43 <Patashu> zzo38: crawl does not have foot axes, but it does have curse toes
04:42:52 <ion> and death cobs
04:42:59 <Patashu> and moths of mundanity
04:43:06 <NihilistDandy> Drop the cursed ring, or identify for possible bittersweet goodness?
04:43:07 <elliott> NihilistDandy: You can find all that stuff later with Ctrl+F.
04:43:12 <elliott> Keep the ring, it's not hurting anything.
04:43:13 <Patashu> it might be useful but cursed
04:43:14 <Patashu> or it might be hunger
04:43:15 <Patashu> keep it around
04:43:44 <elliott> YOU'RE DOOOOOMED
04:43:48 <NihilistDandy> Holy shit, nice ace
04:43:50 <NihilistDandy> *axe
04:43:59 <elliott> Well, hobgoblins are always weaklings. :p
04:44:04 <Patashu> it's okay
04:44:15 <Patashu> when trog starts gifting you'll get a branded battle or exec
04:44:15 <NihilistDandy> +1 is the best weapon I've seen. Give me a break
04:44:21 <NihilistDandy> Sweet
04:44:23 <ion> Just wait until you get an executioner’s axe of venom. :-)
04:44:36 <elliott> Identify non-cursed first
04:44:43 <NihilistDandy> Which one?
04:44:46 <ion> any
04:44:53 <NihilistDandy> lame
04:45:01 <Patashu> ring of teleport isn't completely useless
04:45:01 <elliott> What was it?
04:45:05 <Patashu> you can evoke it for teleport on demand
04:45:08 <elliott> That gives you teleportitis.
04:45:15 <ion> Only when you wear it
04:45:16 <Patashu> it gives you teleportitis AND evoke for teleport
04:45:17 <Patashu> in crawl
04:45:17 <elliott> Right.
04:45:17 <Patashu> yeah
04:45:25 <elliott> But teleportitis is still annoying as a long-term thing :)
04:45:29 <elliott> Yaaaak
04:45:35 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Yaks hit hard but they're boring.
04:45:43 <elliott> They're basically like ogres with horns.
04:45:49 <elliott> Step back.
04:45:50 <elliott> Yeah.
04:45:53 <elliott> You can zerk them.
04:45:58 <elliott> Since they hit hard.
04:46:04 <elliott> Zerking gives you extra HP as well as the strength.
04:46:18 <elliott> Yaks also have hugs corpses!
04:46:18 <Patashu> it multiples your current hp by 1.333... when you use it
04:46:19 <elliott> *huge
04:46:21 <Patashu> so a late zerk is pointless
04:46:25 <elliott> Patashu: It wasn't late.
04:46:28 <Patashu> right
04:46:31 <Patashu> just for future reference
04:46:34 <Patashu> zerk early or don't zerk
04:46:36 <elliott> Eat eat eat.
04:46:58 <NihilistDandy> Good to know
04:47:05 <elliott> Stop.
04:47:11 <Patashu> hydra \o/
04:47:11 <myndzi> |
04:47:11 <myndzi> >\
04:47:13 <elliott> I think axes chop hydrae heads.
04:47:15 <Patashu> yep
04:47:18 <elliott> Which means you'll be left with a more-headed hydra.
04:47:19 <Patashu> anything sharp will do it
04:47:21 <elliott> Which delivers more damage.
04:47:28 <NihilistDandy> Zap?
04:47:28 <Patashu> fun, isn't it
04:47:32 <elliott> I'm not sure what minotaurs should do in this situation.
04:47:34 <elliott> Perhaps brothers in arms.
04:47:35 <Patashu> bia
04:47:35 <ion> Use the wands or/and get reinforcements.
04:47:39 <elliott> Yeah.
04:47:44 <elliott> Do BIA first, since you're right next to it, perhaps.
04:47:47 <Patashu> and hope for something good
04:47:56 <Patashu> that'll do
04:47:57 <NihilistDandy> Nice
04:48:00 <Patashu> it has a club so it won't make more heads
04:48:03 <Patashu> hah
04:48:06 <elliott> lol
04:48:08 <Patashu> well, it's hurt badly now
04:48:10 <Patashu> so that wasn't a waste
04:48:15 <elliott> Try zapping.
04:48:16 <Patashu> you can probably zerk it to death now
04:48:19 <Patashu> or confuse it sure
04:48:24 <Patashu> hmm
04:48:25 <elliott> I was thinking disintegration.
04:48:27 <Patashu> use lightning
04:48:29 <Patashu> or disint
04:48:29 <elliott> Or that.
04:48:31 <Patashu> doesn't matter
04:48:33 <elliott> Disintegration is bloodier.
04:48:39 <Patashu> true
04:48:47 <Patashu> nice
04:48:47 <elliott> Yay!
04:48:56 <Patashu> (those are chunks of hydra you blew across the room)
04:48:56 <elliott> Pre-chunked, too.
04:49:21 <elliott> A roguelike with gibs is the funniest thing.
04:49:38 <elliott> Tabtabtabtabatbaatb
04:50:20 <elliott> Back up, silly.
04:50:39 <elliott> NihilistDandy: How many turns in are you?
04:50:40 <elliott> (% to see.)
04:50:56 <NihilistDandy> 10053
04:50:56 <elliott> Cool.
04:51:00 <elliott> Feels like more.
04:51:47 <elliott> .
04:51:47 <elliott> .
04:51:48 <elliott> .
04:51:49 <elliott> .
04:51:50 <Patashu> you know how jellies work
04:51:51 <elliott> Careful.
04:51:55 <elliott> No.
04:51:57 <elliott> He doesn't.
04:51:59 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Jellies corrode weapons, armour.
04:52:00 <ion> Blast it with a wand from distance.
04:52:02 <elliott> They are annoying as shit.
04:52:06 <elliott> ion: Why did you tell him to drop all his axes?
04:52:13 <elliott> He could use a backup right now.
04:52:13 <Patashu> elliot: it would just eat all the axes
04:52:19 <ion> elliott: BIA, wands
04:52:20 <Patashu> see how it eats things?
04:52:21 <elliott> Patashu: I didn't mean throw.
04:52:22 <Patashu> when it eats it heals
04:52:23 <elliott> I meant melee.
04:52:23 <Patashu> oh
04:52:25 <Patashu> aah
04:52:28 <Patashu> just use wands on it
04:52:30 <Patashu> this is what wands are for imo
04:52:36 <elliott> Disintegration!
04:52:37 <elliott> I love guts.
04:52:45 <elliott> And again.
04:53:03 <elliott> Yay.
04:53:05 <Patashu> cool
04:53:07 <Patashu> for future reference
04:53:12 <Patashu> you should have retreated north instead of south
04:53:15 <Patashu> so you could have -kept- retreating indefinitely
04:53:20 <Patashu> (jellies are slower than you)
04:53:25 <NihilistDandy> Yeah, my bad. Wasn't thinking
04:53:30 <elliott> Enchant weapon!
04:53:37 <elliott> You *could* save it but considering how rare axes are this game...
04:54:03 <Patashu> trog will gift him -plenty- of axes
04:54:03 <ion> He’ll get plenty from Trog in a while.
04:54:03 <Patashu> soon
04:54:09 <Patashu> trog won't be able to fucking stop
04:54:27 <ion> or the other way around
04:54:40 <elliott> You're kinda wasting permafood... but I don't blame you, because Crawl's hunger sucks.
04:54:53 <Patashu> try not to eat permafood
04:54:56 <Patashu> unless it's a fruit, then no one cares
04:54:57 <NihilistDandy> Next level?
04:55:03 <NihilistDandy> I just ate a rambutan
04:55:05 <NihilistDandy> Fruit
04:55:10 <elliott> Yeah, next level.
04:55:12 <ion> Drop the chaos dagger first.
04:55:14 <elliott> You're more than strong enough.
04:55:21 <elliott> You can probably tabspam this lot.
04:55:24 <elliott> ion: Eh, no need.
04:55:33 <elliott> Whoa.
04:55:47 <elliott> CAREFUL
04:55:48 <ion> nooooo
04:55:52 <elliott> STOP
04:55:54 <Patashu> ahaha
04:55:55 <Patashu> what is it
04:55:56 <Patashu> I want to see
04:56:02 <elliott> Wights drained him and there's an ogre.
04:56:08 <ion> and he keeps tabbing :-P
04:56:09 <Patashu> oh wow
04:56:10 <Patashu> look at all the things
04:56:19 <NihilistDandy> So, thoughts?
04:56:21 <elliott> I was the one who told him to tab them. But these wights are vicious. :(
04:56:22 <Patashu> is he standing on the staircase right now?
04:56:24 <elliott> Yes.
04:56:28 <Patashu> fun
04:56:29 <Patashu> hmm
04:56:32 <elliott> But will he survive an ascent?
04:56:35 <Patashu> probably not
04:56:37 <elliott> Perhaps quaff heal wounds and then berserk.
04:56:41 <elliott> (Don't do that right away.)
04:56:41 <elliott> Stop
04:56:43 <elliott> It was
04:56:44 <ion> Drink heal wounds, BIA, berserk?
04:56:45 <elliott> an idea
04:56:47 <elliott> for vetting
04:56:49 <elliott> Yeah, try BIA.
04:56:51 <Patashu> what I would do is
04:56:52 <Patashu> step one sw
04:56:55 <Patashu> so you're in a better position
04:57:02 <elliott> Then BIA. :p
04:57:14 <Patashu> sw again
04:57:21 <elliott> BIA again, perhaps.
04:57:21 <Patashu> hit the wight that's next to you
04:57:24 <Patashu> or that
04:57:26 <elliott> Or that.
04:57:28 <elliott> OK, that's good.
04:57:31 <Patashu> ok, situation's diffused now
04:57:36 <Patashu> *defused?
04:57:39 <elliott> Defused.
04:57:46 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Lesson to be learned here: don't necessarily trust me when I say you might be able to tabspam something :)
04:57:49 <elliott> Go up the upstairs to rest.
04:57:53 <NihilistDandy> lol
04:58:02 <ion> Btw, you can hit ^X to get a list of items in your field of vision.
04:58:16 <NihilistDandy> Good to know
04:58:29 <ion> And ^F.<enter> to get a list of items in the level.
04:58:42 <elliott> NihilistDandy: That's all junk.
04:59:26 <elliott> Relax.
04:59:29 <elliott> Yaks aren't such a big deal.
04:59:33 <elliott> And that's not a chokepoint, anyway.
04:59:33 <Patashu> back up once
04:59:40 <Patashu> yeah, you're being hit by three yaks at once
04:59:40 <elliott> Craeful.
04:59:40 <elliott> Dude.
04:59:43 <Patashu> rofl
04:59:50 <elliott> Why do you not look at the HP meter when it flashes red a billion times?
04:59:56 <Patashu> in this game called 'crawl' monsters can attack diagonally even past walls
04:59:57 <elliott> You don't close your eyes during tabspam :P
05:00:01 <NihilistDandy> I'm an American cowboy
05:00:03 <Patashu> it's incredible. I know.
05:00:11 <elliott> they just reach over and poke you
05:00:28 <ion> Royal Canadian Yaksman
05:00:31 <NihilistDandy> I know they can. I didn't realize getting hurt made you unable to blind fight right away
05:00:37 <elliott> It doesn't.
05:00:41 <elliott> *It doesn't.
05:00:42 <elliott> But it can make you die.
05:00:47 <Patashu> it just turns off tab
05:00:49 <Patashu> so you don't kill yourself
05:00:54 <zzo38> In the game called KING, opponent pieces can move diagonally past walls, and line of sight and thrown rocks work diagonally past walls, but your piece is blocked
05:00:56 <elliott> If those three yaks gored you, you could have died the next turn.
05:00:59 <NihilistDandy> Ah, okay
05:01:24 <elliott> Worker ant zombie is harmless, just kill it and rest up.
05:01:30 <elliott> X zombie is weaker than X.
05:01:46 <elliott> Those shops might be interesting.
05:01:48 <elliott> That one isn't.
05:01:55 <NihilistDandy> Better prices than the last one, but still shit
05:02:09 <Patashu> food shops are for when you eat all the permafood in the game
05:02:13 <Patashu> don't buy food otherwise
05:02:22 <elliott> Careful.
05:02:24 <elliott> You have a corridor.
05:02:25 <elliott> Use it.
05:02:51 <elliott> You slice the wight!!
05:02:51 <NihilistDandy> Nice
05:02:53 <elliott> Try that battleaxe.
05:03:01 <zzo38> Corridors are not to be eaten.
05:03:19 <elliott> lol
05:03:22 <NihilistDandy> Wha wha
05:03:28 <elliott> It's cursed, that just means you can't take it off.
05:03:32 <elliott> Don't bother.
05:03:34 <elliott> Mrh.
05:03:35 <elliott> *Meh.
05:03:39 <elliott> It's probably worse than what you have, so switch back.
05:03:40 <Patashu> it's not even necessarily a bad axe
05:03:49 <elliott> I would have kept the curse until you saw its stats.
05:03:53 <NihilistDandy> I'll wield it until a fight and we'll find out
05:03:57 <NihilistDandy> That work?
05:03:59 <elliott> Sure.
05:04:01 <Patashu> sure
05:04:04 <elliott> Don't get your hopes up, though.
05:04:15 <NihilistDandy> It's a piece of shit, apparently
05:04:18 <Patashu> rofl
05:04:25 <Patashu> it's random whether you find out or not per hit
05:04:29 <Patashu> but no brand, so whatever
05:04:36 <elliott> What was it?
05:04:37 <NihilistDandy> Oh, is it? Also good to know
05:04:37 <elliott> I missed.
05:04:42 <Patashu> he didn't find out
05:04:44 <elliott> Ah.
05:04:51 <elliott> Well, just keep using this one.
05:04:55 <zzo38> In which games, is it possible, if you have scroll of item destruction, to use it to destroy a cursed item which you cannot get rid of, if you drop everything else other than the item you want to destroy and the scroll?
05:04:57 <NihilistDandy> It's still uncurded, so I could keep using it
05:05:03 <NihilistDandy> *uncursed
05:05:23 <elliott> There's no real point.
05:05:25 <elliott> It's probably going to be shit.
05:05:46 <Patashu> wands
05:05:49 <Patashu> wandddssss
05:05:55 <Patashu> hah
05:05:57 <Patashu> in your face elliott
05:05:58 <elliott> Whoah.
05:05:59 <NihilistDandy> Nice
05:06:00 <zzo38> What color of wands?
05:06:06 <Patashu> we don't know yet
05:06:07 <elliott> Octarine.
05:06:15 <Patashu> hmm
05:06:20 <Patashu> ok, nothing really good in there
05:06:39 <Patashu> (really good = haste, heal wounds)
05:07:19 <elliott> Gnolls aren't really scary any more.
05:07:24 <NihilistDandy> Oh, oksy
05:07:25 <NihilistDandy> *okay
05:07:33 <Patashu> gnoll shamans are pretty forgettable
05:07:35 <elliott> Not to say you should tabspam them. But they're not going to do all th-
05:07:38 <elliott> dragons on the other end...
05:07:50 <Patashu> a steam dragon, you mean
05:07:53 <Patashu> steam dragon is like
05:07:54 <Patashu> the runt of dragons
05:07:59 <elliott> Well, yeah.
05:08:02 <elliott> But I want to instill the fear of dragons.
05:08:25 <NihilistDandy> Walk into or no?
05:08:32 <Patashu> if you want
05:08:34 <Patashu> the damage is very low
05:08:34 <elliott> No, that would be kind of dumb and you don't have to.
05:08:35 <Patashu> but it is damage
05:08:44 <Patashu> nice use of the chokepoint as always
05:08:46 <elliott> Zap confusion at that gnoll.
05:08:52 <elliott> It's blocked by deep water.
05:08:55 <NihilistDandy> Patashu: :P
05:08:57 <elliott> 06:08 <Henzell> deep water[1/2]: This most corrosive of solvents will dissolve almost anything that falls in, even artefacts and hapless adventurers. It may be possible to {scramble} free, however. Also known as blue lava.
05:09:07 <elliott> Oh, wait.
05:09:09 <elliott> Confusion won't help.
05:09:13 <elliott> I guess it can just stay there.
05:09:19 <elliott> You could disintegrate it, I suppose.
05:09:22 <elliott> But it'd be for entertainment only.
05:10:14 <elliott> It's not a cprse.
05:10:16 <elliott> It's a chunk.
05:10:17 <elliott> You exploded it.
05:10:23 <elliott> Get that last chunk then rest off a bit.
05:11:40 <elliott> Hey, Trog gifted you.
05:11:47 <NihilistDandy> Noticed
05:11:52 <elliott> invisible orc wizard.
05:11:57 <elliott> See that {?
05:11:59 <elliott> That's where it probably is.
05:12:06 <elliott> Watch your HP.
05:12:13 <elliott> Don't open those two doors, I think it's a vault.
05:12:18 <elliott> Check out Trog's gift though.
05:12:32 <elliott> Not sure where it is, mind.
05:12:35 <elliott> NihilistDandy: No, it's on the floor.
05:12:36 <Patashu> ctrl+f god gift
05:12:38 <ion> ^X
05:12:45 <elliott> Woot
05:12:51 <elliott> Equip that dude
05:12:58 <Patashu> war axe is worse than battleaxe since it's one handed
05:13:01 <elliott> Oh, really?
05:13:04 <Patashu> but 1) you can use it with a shield 2) it might have a neat brand
05:13:05 <Patashu> yeah
05:13:17 <elliott> Oh well, wield it.
05:13:20 <Patashu> it goes hand axe < war axe < broadaxe (one handed) < battleaxe < executioner's axe (two handed)
05:13:22 <Patashu> iirc
05:13:29 -!- azaq23 has quit (Quit: Leaving.).
05:13:33 <elliott> Yay, anti-magic.
05:13:34 <elliott> Dude.
05:13:35 <elliott> Dude.
05:13:38 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Look at your goddamn HP.
05:13:39 <Patashu> haha
05:13:42 <Patashu> he's petrified
05:13:44 <Patashu> he can't do shit
05:13:44 <NihilistDandy> Stone...
05:13:46 <elliott> Why the fuck would you explore with that HP?
05:13:47 <elliott> You're so dead.
05:13:51 <Patashu> rofl
05:13:53 <Patashu> ok
05:13:56 <elliott> Lucky as shit.
05:13:58 <Patashu> so
05:14:00 <Patashu> how anti-magic works is
05:14:00 <NihilistDandy> YOU WERE SAYING?
05:14:02 <Patashu> when you hit dudes with it
05:14:04 <Patashu> they can't cast spells anymore
05:14:07 <NihilistDandy> Sweet
05:14:07 <Patashu> otherwise the battleaxe is better
05:14:11 <elliott> Can you set autoexplore to refuse to operate if you're below 66% HP?
05:14:15 <Patashu> elliott: if only
05:14:32 <Patashu> wtf
05:14:36 <Patashu> ok great
05:14:41 <Patashu> you can't close the door since there's an arrow on it
05:14:46 <ion> Move the battleaxe to position a and the antimagic war axe to position b and you’ll be able to switch between them with '
05:14:55 <elliott> just zap wands at it
05:14:58 <elliott> ion: do you mean `
05:15:07 <elliott> Uhhh
05:15:07 <ion> Stop!
05:15:11 <elliott> Didn't realise your HP was like that
05:15:15 <elliott> Quaff something
05:15:18 <ion> BIA might block his arrows.
05:15:19 <elliott> Heal wounds or curing
05:15:27 <elliott> OK, yeah, BIA.
05:15:36 <Patashu> meta-solution: don't do that in the first place
05:15:38 <ion> elliott: '
05:15:38 <elliott> STOP
05:15:40 <elliott> Trog's hand.
05:15:48 <elliott> You want that regen in a situation like this.
05:15:52 <elliott> (How did that centaur kill an ogre???)
05:15:55 <Patashu> step next to the centaur
05:16:03 <Patashu> now just combat wombat it
05:16:04 <elliott> Maybe berk it ;)
05:16:12 <elliott> (Kidding.)
05:16:14 <elliott> Phew.
05:16:16 <elliott> Rest immediately.
05:16:18 <Patashu> swap back to battleaxe
05:16:20 <itidus20> sounds like the force is strong with nihilist
05:16:25 <Patashu> and don't be dumb around centaurs
05:16:25 <elliott> Do what ion said.
05:16:30 <elliott> Battleaxe to a, war axe to b.
05:16:43 <ion> No, don’t rest. You should autoexplore some more.
05:16:48 <Patashu> clearly
05:16:56 <elliott> Autoexplore with 1 HP.
05:17:03 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Wrong battleaxe, no?
05:17:05 <itidus20> he is still alive after all this sleeping i did
05:17:05 <elliott> You have a better one.
05:17:37 <elliott> Eat the centaur then check out your scrolls.
05:17:42 <elliott> You have some stuff to identify, I think.
05:17:49 <elliott> Ooh.
05:17:51 <elliott> Splint mail.
05:18:00 <ion> It sucks.
05:18:06 <elliott> Well, yeah.
05:18:06 <ion> He already has a plate armour.
05:18:12 <elliott> Oh, he does!
05:18:14 <elliott> OK, drop the splint.
05:18:25 <elliott> Also the rotting gnoll.
05:18:32 <elliott> Do you really not have scrolls of identify?
05:18:32 <ion> It’ll rot away by itself.
05:18:42 <NihilistDandy> Not a one, right now
05:18:54 <elliott> What's that !
05:19:01 <elliott> Yellow.
05:20:12 <NihilistDandy> Henzell offers no guidance on Hippogriffs
05:20:14 <elliott> NihilistDandy: It's not terribly scary.
05:20:16 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Try Gretell.
05:20:20 <elliott> @??hippgriff to it.
05:20:28 <elliott> HP and damage being the most important.
05:21:15 <elliott> You need to diagonal better. :p
05:21:43 <elliott> Still no lair entrance, right?
05:21:49 <elliott> (Ctrl+F lair to see.)
05:21:51 <Patashu> it's not guaranteed until D:13
05:22:07 <elliott> I know, just checking.
05:22:10 <elliott> Ha.
05:22:14 <NihilistDandy> Fuckin' A
05:22:18 <Patashu> it's ok
05:22:19 <Patashu> it's alone
05:22:54 <ion> Also, use the antimagic against shamans etc.
05:23:01 <elliott> Sidenote: Wow, berserkers are much better when they have high HP.
05:23:23 <ion> REALLY?
05:23:23 <NihilistDandy> So, next level?
05:23:30 <elliott> Was that to ion or me?
05:23:43 <elliott> Er.
05:23:44 <elliott> To NihilistDandy or me?
05:23:46 <elliott> But yeah, >.
05:23:54 <ion> to ion
05:24:03 <elliott> :(
05:24:33 <elliott> Oh.
05:24:36 <elliott> NihilistDandy: You know ogres?
05:24:39 <elliott> Hill giants are ogres++.
05:24:39 <elliott> Stop.
05:24:41 <elliott> You fool.
05:24:42 <elliott> What?
05:24:46 <elliott> Uhh, OK.
05:24:48 <ion> When in the situation @.X where X is an enemy, don’t move toward her. Let her move toward you. You’ll get the first hit.
05:24:51 <elliott> Hill giants are meant to hit very hard.
05:24:55 <elliott> But this one dindn't.
05:24:56 <NihilistDandy> Shut up, ion
05:24:57 <elliott> *didn't.
05:24:59 <NihilistDandy> I get it
05:25:02 <NihilistDandy> I'm not doing it
05:25:04 <NihilistDandy> But I get it
05:25:32 <elliott> Probably not worth retreating; they're weaklings.
05:25:42 <elliott> It's time for ion's macro again ;)
05:26:13 <elliott> Maybe berk that guy.
05:26:15 <NihilistDandy> Hanzell suggests little to fear
05:26:27 <elliott> 06:26 <Gretell> Harold (@) | Spd: 10 | Int: normal (items) | HD: 9 | HP: 76 | AC/EV: 0/8 | Dam: 12 | Fl: spellcaster | Res: magic(60) | Chunks: contam | XP: 1238 | Sp: b.fire (3d17), blink.
05:26:29 <elliott> Quite a bit of HP.
05:26:34 <elliott> But yeah.
05:26:40 <elliott> Damn, you're strong.
05:26:49 <elliott> Junk.
05:27:00 <elliott> There's a corpse to sacrifice there.
05:27:23 <NihilistDandy> Damn, so close to a wand of digging
05:28:46 <elliott> wtf was that
05:29:01 <elliott> Running away doesn't stop bad things existing unless you're running somewhere in particular :)
05:29:25 <elliott> Patashu: You should probably watch this.
05:29:36 <elliott> OK, situation defused.
05:29:41 <elliott> And diffused!
05:29:48 <ion> I was just about to say “and diffused”.
05:30:05 <elliott> Thank you for resting :P
05:30:21 <elliott> 06:30 <Gretell> troll (T) | Spd: 10 | Int: normal (doors) | HD: 7 | HP: 25-53 | AC/EV: 3/10 | Dam: 20, 15, 15 | Fl: regen | Res: magic(28) | Chunks: contam | XP: 305.
05:30:27 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Hit kinda nasty, but otherwise harmless.
05:30:27 <Patashu> lol
05:30:29 <elliott> You have messages.
05:30:30 <elliott> Press _.
05:30:42 <NihilistDandy> I don't know who that is...
05:30:45 <elliott> monqy
05:30:45 <ion> You can “reply” with :
05:30:52 <elliott> Yeah, :message<ret>
05:30:58 <elliott> monqy: This is ND's fifth game.
05:31:04 <monqy> are you giving advice
05:31:06 <elliott> Yes.
05:31:15 <elliott> 06:31 <Sequell> 3. NihilistDandy the Grave Robber (L2 GhNe), worshipper of Ashenzari, slain by a worker ant in D:4 on 2012-05-04, with 45 points after 300 turns and 0:05:51.
05:31:16 <NihilistDandy> I thought it was only 4th :P
05:31:17 <monqy> is it good advice
05:31:17 <elliott> Oh, indeed, only the fourth.
05:31:21 <elliott> monqy: Yes.
05:31:28 <ion> monqy: It sucks.
05:31:33 <monqy> great
05:31:36 <monqy> from ghne to mibe?
05:31:42 <monqy> at least, I assume that's mibe
05:31:51 <elliott> !lg nihilistdandy
05:31:56 <elliott> Err
05:32:08 <ion> Why aren’t the ##crawl bots on #esoteric⸘
05:32:12 <elliott> monqy:
05:32:13 <elliott> 06:32 <elliott> !lg nihilistdandy -2
05:32:13 <elliott> 06:32 <Sequell> 2. NihilistDandy the Sneak (L1 VpAs), slain by a gnoll (a +1,+1 spear) in D:1 on 2012-05-04, with 84 points after 200 turns and 0:02:58.
05:32:14 <elliott> 06:32 <elliott> !lg nihilistdandy -3
05:32:16 <elliott> 06:32 <Sequell> 1. NihilistDandy the Grave Robber (L2 GhNe), slain by a goblin (a +0,+0 orcish club) in D:3 (minmay three crescents) on 2012-05-04, with 77 points after 1013 turns and 0:24:08.
05:32:18 <elliott> He just picked randomly to start with. :p
05:32:19 <monqy> vpas too?
05:32:30 <zzo38> ion: Unlike Haskell, they didn't put them there!
05:32:39 <elliott> (Wait, his first game lasted 24 minutes?)
05:32:42 <monqy> anyway I'm gone for a while or so
05:32:48 <elliott> @time monqy
05:32:50 <lambdabot> Local time for monqy is Thu May 3 22:32:49 2012
05:32:51 <monqy> I'll wisdom etc once I get back
05:32:55 <elliott> monqy sure is away a lot today!!!
05:32:58 <monqy> maybe back at 23? maybe later
05:33:00 <elliott> NihilistDandy: monqy has 17 wins, you know.
05:33:01 <monqy> I'm away a lot always
05:33:03 <elliott> That's 16 + 1 wins.
05:33:11 <NihilistDandy> Winning by induction
05:33:15 <elliott> Yes.
05:33:15 <NihilistDandy> How do you win, anyway?
05:33:21 <Patashu> step 1) three runes
05:33:22 <Patashu> step 2) orb
05:33:24 <Patashu> step 3) don't die
05:33:27 <elliott> You get three runes from branches of the dungeon, go down to dungeon level 27,
05:33:29 <Patashu> step 0) get really buff
05:33:34 <elliott> do the 5 Zot levels,
05:33:36 <NihilistDandy> I'm halfway decent at step 3
05:33:37 <elliott> get the Orb of Zot,
05:33:42 <elliott> go back to dungeon level 1,
05:33:45 <elliott> and exit the dungeon.
05:33:57 <elliott> Branches are themed stuff.
05:34:08 <elliott> So far you've just seen the plain dungeon.
05:35:35 <elliott> You don't need to chokepoint or run away from orcs.
05:35:38 <elliott> They're *orcs*.
05:35:52 <NihilistDandy> There could have been bigger things :P
05:36:11 <elliott> Pheaqitzetz.
05:36:12 <Patashu> that's a good point
05:36:12 <NihilistDandy> Enchant weapon?
05:36:15 <Patashu> orcs imply more orcs
05:36:17 <elliott> Sure.
05:36:19 <Patashu> more orcs implies orc warriors
05:36:22 <elliott> Patashu: Orc by induction?
05:36:39 <elliott> There are 0 orcs, and since if there's N orcs, there's N+1 orcs, there are an infinite number of orcs.
05:36:41 <NihilistDandy> ....
05:36:47 <elliott> NihilistDandy: It's not as powerful as it looks.
05:36:54 <elliott> I did tell you to check what unid'd scrolls were left at this point.
05:36:57 <elliott> (Ages ago.)
05:37:13 <NihilistDandy> I don't remember that, nor do I remember how to do it
05:37:29 <Patashu> it's either {, [, ], }, | or \
05:37:29 <Patashu> I forget
05:37:38 <elliott> NihilistDandy: When you go to "r", press \ in the list
05:37:43 <elliott> Then - to negate it, and you'll see unidentified items
05:38:12 <NihilistDandy> I pressed \ and it did no such thing
05:38:25 <elliott> Hmm.
05:38:29 <elliott> Ah, there you guo.
05:38:29 <elliott> *go
05:38:29 <NihilistDandy> It's just \
05:38:31 <elliott> Use - to negate it.
05:38:39 <elliott> Now you see all the scrolls you don't know.
05:38:45 <NihilistDandy> Good stuff
05:39:15 <elliott> Hmm.
05:39:21 <elliott> Patashu: Is that a vault of some kind?
05:39:24 <NihilistDandy> Henzell is not reassuring me
05:39:25 <elliott> Glass, etc.
05:39:27 <elliott> Or is NihilistDandy fucked?
05:39:32 <Patashu> it's behind glass
05:39:35 <Patashu> buuuut
05:39:38 <Patashu> I wouldn't fight it right now
05:39:39 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Stats speak for themselves: 06:39 <Gretell> stone giant (C) | Spd: 10 | Int: normal (starting) | HD: 16 | HP: 69-108 | AC/EV: 12/2 | Dam: 45 | Res: magic(85), drown | Chunks: contam | XP: 2034.
05:39:40 <Patashu> close it and put an exclusion on it
05:39:49 <elliott> Patashu: I mean, is it a display case thing?
05:39:51 <Patashu> also, the stats don't tell you that stone giants hurl boulders
05:39:58 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Close is C.
05:40:05 <Patashu> step away from the wall
05:40:05 <elliott> Close the other door too.
05:40:06 <ion> or ctrl-direction
05:40:08 <elliott> You'll have to kill the rock worm.
05:40:16 <Patashu> step away from the wall
05:40:18 <ion> Lure it out of the wall.
05:40:19 <Patashu> tada
05:40:20 <elliott> Oh.
05:40:24 <Patashu> now put an exclusion on the door
05:40:24 <elliott> I haven't encountered those before.
05:40:29 <NihilistDandy> How do I do that?
05:40:30 <elliott> Patashu: You get to teach him how to use exclusions.
05:40:32 <Patashu> x, east, e, e
05:40:44 <Patashu> there
05:40:45 <ion> e’s effect will be more noticeable with X
05:40:47 <Patashu> now you won't autoexplore into it
05:41:26 <elliott> When did ND become so unstoppable?
05:41:46 <Patashu> good skills
05:41:51 <NihilistDandy> This is reminiscent of the dwarves days
05:41:58 <NihilistDandy> *dwarven
05:42:07 <elliott> Oh, of course.
05:42:11 <Patashu> btw, from now on at level ups raise dex
05:42:14 <Patashu> instead of str or int
05:42:14 <elliott> That must be why you're so smart: you're a master craftsminotaur.
05:42:25 <NihilistDandy> Clearly
05:42:31 <NihilistDandy> Patashu: Shall do
05:42:58 <elliott> Craftsminotaur: best word?
05:43:01 <elliott> Patashu: Some of that int is from a ring, mind.
05:43:26 <Patashu> elliott: there's still not much point raising int as a troglodyte
05:43:32 <elliott> I know.
05:43:34 <Patashu> by the time stat loss is a problem you should have plenty of cures and carry them
05:43:34 <Patashu> ya
05:43:34 <elliott> Just mentioning.
05:43:38 <ion> His starting int was 4.
05:43:45 <elliott> ion: He went to university.
05:44:16 <Patashu> he got a degree in troglodology
05:44:24 <Patashu> and trog accepted him in a trainee position
05:44:35 <elliott> Ohhh, *that's* where "Trog" comes from.
05:44:44 <ion> Troglodology sucks as a palindrome.
05:44:44 <elliott> NihilistDandy: You opened the door
05:44:45 <NihilistDandy> So, in spite of the exclusion, it's driving me into the Giant room
05:44:45 <elliott> ?
05:44:50 <elliott> Press X for bigmap.
05:44:54 <Patashu> it's the best palindrome
05:45:08 <Patashu> troglodog...ort
05:45:08 <elliott> Not sure what's going on. Patashu?
05:45:16 <Patashu> why, what's wrong?
05:45:20 <elliott> 06:44 <NihilistDandy> So, in spite of the exclusion, it's driving me into the Giant room
05:45:34 <Patashu> maybe place exclusions around it too, then
05:45:35 <Patashu> idk
05:45:45 <NihilistDandy> Or cowboy it up and kill the thing
05:45:48 <NihilistDandy> ...
05:45:52 <elliott> That would result in you dying.
05:45:52 <ion> Driving you there? It didn’t open the door yet, did it?
05:45:53 <Patashu> kill a stone giant?
05:45:54 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Remove the door exclusion.
05:45:57 <Patashu> you should probably leave it for later
05:45:57 <elliott> ion: It did.
05:46:00 <ion> oh
05:46:03 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Then put an e on the door while in the X bigmap.
05:46:05 <ion> Interesting.
05:46:06 <elliott> Basically
05:46:08 <elliott> lle
05:46:08 <Patashu> no sense in dying when you can live so easily
05:46:08 <elliott> e
05:46:15 <elliott> Uhhh
05:46:16 <elliott> That's not right
05:46:18 <elliott> e it twice
05:46:22 <elliott> No.
05:46:26 <elliott> l
05:46:29 <elliott> l
05:46:33 <elliott> l
05:46:35 <elliott> e
05:46:39 <elliott> Better.
05:46:43 <elliott> Try it out like that.
05:46:47 <Patashu> cool
05:46:49 <Patashu> now go to the next level
05:46:50 <elliott> OK, G>
05:46:59 <Patashu> oh noes a wight
05:47:05 <elliott> RUUUUUUN
05:47:07 <Patashu> rofl
05:47:07 <Patashu> btw
05:47:11 <Patashu> if you get interrupted
05:47:11 <Patashu> G enter
05:47:13 <Patashu> will resume
05:47:19 <Patashu> cool, a labyrinth
05:47:21 <Patashu> I love mazes, do you
05:47:27 <ion> Do you have a scroll of magic mapping?
05:47:34 <ion> You have a limited time to reach the entrance.
05:47:35 <elliott> He had one.
05:47:42 <ion> Also, do you have food? :-P
05:47:44 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Don't do labrynths.
05:47:50 <ion> Labyrinths are great.
05:47:50 <elliott> monqy hates them and from what I've read I hate them too.
05:47:58 <NihilistDandy> So what do I do?
05:48:02 <elliott> Ignore it and explore on.
05:48:10 <elliott> Imagine a maze that changes, that you can't remember, and that you're stuck in until you reach teh end and fight a monster.
05:48:11 <elliott> *the
05:48:11 <ion> They have some potentially good loot.
05:48:12 <elliott> With nothing else.
05:48:29 <NihilistDandy> Neat
05:48:36 <NihilistDandy> And yes, I have food
05:48:42 <elliott> You don't have nearly enough.
05:48:45 <elliott> Skip it.
05:48:47 <NihilistDandy> But I'll just be pressing o and doing whatever happens
05:48:50 <ion> Oh! You’re a minotaur!
05:48:51 <elliott> Nope.
05:48:52 <elliott> You can't.
05:48:55 <ion> Minotaurs can map the labyrinth.
05:48:58 <elliott> No autoexplore, as I understand it.
05:48:59 <elliott> Oh, they can?
05:49:04 <elliott> How?
05:49:07 <elliott> Do they need magic mapping?
05:49:11 <ion> no
05:49:18 <elliott> So he can just autoexplore it?
05:49:29 <ion> Dunno if autoexplore works, but it shouldn’t forget the map.
05:49:35 <elliott> Hmmm.
05:49:39 <elliott> I would still skip it.
05:49:43 <elliott> But it's immaterial if he doesn't find it, anyway.
05:49:50 <ion> I never skip labyrinths.
05:49:59 <NihilistDandy> Well, we'll see, I suppose
05:50:04 <ion> elliott: You haven’t even tried one. :-P
05:50:10 <elliott> Indeed.
05:50:13 <elliott> But I read a bit about them.
05:50:15 <elliott> That's just as good.
05:50:17 <Patashu> autoexplore does not work in labyrinths
05:50:19 <Patashu> you have to manualexplore them
05:50:23 <Patashu> magic mapping doesn't work either
05:50:24 <elliott> Even if you're a minotaur? Bleh.
05:50:29 <Patashu> labyrinth is basically 'BOY I LOVE MAZES'
05:50:33 <Patashu> but the good thing about labyrinths is
05:50:40 <Patashu> they colour the walls by what euclidean distance they are from the exit
05:50:53 <ion> and the loot
05:50:56 <Patashu> so you can pretty quickly deduce which way yuou need to go
05:50:59 <Patashu> yes, there will be loo
05:51:01 <Patashu> (and a minotaur)
05:51:08 <elliott> How powerful is the minotaur at the end?
05:51:14 <elliott> And does he have enough food even if he can remember the maze?
05:51:18 <Patashu> you're diesel so no problem
05:51:19 <elliott> (And does the maze still change for a minotaur?)
05:51:22 <Patashu> (and if he is a problem you can bia)
05:51:32 <Patashu> well, how much food does he have?
05:51:35 <ion> It does change, but that’s not a real problem.
05:51:36 <elliott> Little.
05:51:39 <elliott> He keeps eating permafood.
05:51:42 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Press e
05:51:43 <ion> Even without mapping
05:51:47 <Patashu> that's plenty
05:51:54 <elliott> OK, fine, do it.
05:52:00 <Patashu> oo, an invisible thing
05:52:00 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Do you have a scroll of magic mapping?
05:52:01 <Patashu> kill it
05:52:04 <elliott> You can't run away from something invisible.
05:52:09 <Patashu> it fled
05:52:15 <Patashu> must have been an unseen horror
05:52:18 <elliott> Is your autopickup still off?
05:52:19 <elliott> Put it back on.
05:52:26 <Patashu> yeah, it's still off
05:52:28 <Patashu> hit ctrl+A
05:52:34 <elliott> Press Ctrl+A and stop wasting time; the labyrnth gate expires.
05:52:37 <elliott> *labyrinth
05:52:40 <elliott> Do you have magic mapping?
05:52:50 <NihilistDandy> No
05:52:53 <NihilistDandy> For fuck's sake, no
05:52:53 <Patashu> kite the basilisk back
05:52:58 <Patashu> in case there are friends in the black part
05:53:00 <elliott> Hmph
05:53:00 <NihilistDandy> I don't know what that means
05:53:01 <Patashu> you want to kill it alone
05:53:02 <ion> When he shoots a cloud at you, step away from it.
05:53:03 <NihilistDandy> Oh, okay
05:53:05 <Patashu> just walk east
05:53:09 <Patashu> ion: that's catoblepases
05:53:13 <Patashu> keep walking east
05:53:14 <ion> oh
05:53:15 <elliott> NihilistDandy: I wrote that message before you replied.
05:53:21 <elliott> (Press _ to get rid of the annoying warning. :p)
05:53:21 <NihilistDandy> Oh, okay
05:53:34 <elliott> luvly
05:53:34 <Patashu> now kill it
05:53:36 <Patashu> cool
05:53:49 <elliott> NihilistDandy: STOP IGNORING _ MESSAGES
05:53:51 <elliott> I hate people who do that.
05:53:52 <elliott> :(
05:54:00 <NihilistDandy> THEN STOP SENDING THEM
05:54:02 <NihilistDandy> I read IRC
05:54:05 <Patashu> I should send a funny message too
05:54:07 <elliott> Cyclopses are like stone golems but less scary.
05:54:08 <elliott> HTH
05:54:18 <Patashu> helpful hint for cyclopes:
05:54:20 <Patashu> treat them like centaurs
05:54:23 <Patashu> HTH
05:54:37 <Patashu> that works
05:54:50 <elliott> hit _
05:54:50 <Patashu> lol
05:54:54 <Patashu> forgot about the cyclops
05:54:57 <Patashu> lol
05:55:10 <elliott> NihilistDandy: that tock clicking
05:55:10 <elliott> means
05:55:13 <elliott> ...
05:55:14 <elliott> tock clicking
05:55:15 <elliott> stop moving
05:55:18 <Patashu> gloves
05:55:19 <Patashu> oh
05:55:19 <elliott> it means the labrynth is running out
05:55:20 <Patashu> you have gloves
05:55:21 <Patashu> nvm
05:55:23 <ion> Don’t waste time, find the labyrinth.
05:55:27 <elliott> he has the best gloves
05:55:31 <elliott> NihilistDandy: don't autoexplore if you want to find it
05:55:34 <elliott> use X to find the most likely places
05:55:45 <elliott> mm
05:55:48 <elliott> dunno :p
05:55:54 <elliott> i'd suspect it's to the right but i don't really know
05:55:56 <ion> It was “long way away”, it won’t be in the immediate vicinity.
05:56:11 <elliott> It's not up there.
05:56:12 <Patashu> there's lair
05:56:13 <Patashu> do that after lab
05:56:22 <elliott> He's not goingg to reach the lab at this rate.
05:56:27 <ion> Perhaps SW?
05:56:28 <elliott> *going
05:56:48 <Patashu> lab's gone
05:56:49 <Patashu> do lair
05:56:59 <elliott> rest for god's sake
05:57:12 <elliott> rest
05:57:13 <elliott> oh my god
05:57:17 <Patashu> unseen horror again
05:57:19 <Patashu> back into a corridor
05:57:20 <Patashu> then reverse
05:57:21 <ion> And offer the corpses to Trog after resting.
05:57:26 <Patashu> nice
05:57:30 <zzo38> I started making something called WizardCard for implementing Magic: the Gathering and other similar things, this is what I have in a parser so far: http://sprunge.us/TJjZ
05:57:33 <elliott> NihilistDandy: Ctrl+F corpse
05:57:53 <elliott> that corpse isn't boring :(
05:58:01 <Patashu> LOL
05:58:01 <elliott> careful
05:58:03 <Patashu> ahahahahaha
05:58:03 <elliott> mimics are
05:58:04 <elliott> stop
05:58:04 <elliott> stop
05:58:05 <elliott> stopst
05:58:06 <Patashu> fake fucking lair
05:58:07 <elliott> sotpstpst
05:58:09 <elliott> s
05:58:10 <Patashu> lol jesus
05:58:11 <elliott> topstpost
05:58:13 <elliott> stsotpst
05:58:15 <elliott> does he
05:58:17 <elliott> never look at his hp
05:58:20 <elliott> god dammit
05:58:26 <Patashu> to be fair
05:58:30 <Patashu> when were mimics this strong
05:58:30 <Patashu> wtf
05:58:31 <elliott> NihilistDandy: this is your lesson in "mimics aren't pushovers"
05:58:31 <NihilistDandy> I'm still reading this
05:58:38 <elliott> Patashu: they are
05:58:40 <Patashu> what
05:58:41 <Patashu> constriction
05:58:42 <Patashu> .
05:58:44 <elliott> dex
05:58:45 <Patashu> I'm never playing trunk
05:58:47 <elliott> careful
05:58:52 <elliott> careful
05:58:53 <elliott> no tab
05:58:54 <elliott> wtf
05:58:55 <elliott> stop
05:58:58 <elliott> you have 28 hp
05:59:00 <elliott> why are you chasing things
05:59:11 <NihilistDandy> There, mom, relax
05:59:12 <elliott> you might be diesel but you're running out of gas!!!
05:59:33 <elliott> your unreasonable luck is depriving you of the helpful learning experiences that are YASDs
05:59:42 <NihilistDandy> Yup :D
06:00:04 <elliott> ok, lair entrance must be on the next level
06:00:08 <elliott> explore out this one then go down to it
06:00:12 <Patashu> it might still be on this level
06:00:13 <elliott> ion: macro time
06:00:14 <Patashu> I think
06:00:17 <Patashu> forget how mimics work
06:00:35 <elliott> kobold room?
06:01:02 <elliott> NihilistDandy: just run up to it and bash them in
06:01:03 <Patashu> why are you using wand zaps on kobolds
06:01:05 <Patashu> bored?
06:01:06 <elliott> dude, you're a minotaur
06:01:11 <NihilistDandy> Patashu: Yup
06:01:11 <elliott> bashing kobolds to death is what you do best
06:01:24 <elliott> NihilistDandy: you'll find the lair a nice change
06:01:28 <Patashu> have you found no boots this game?
06:01:35 <NihilistDandy> Not a one
06:01:40 <Patashu> poor feeties
06:01:44 <Patashu> trolls are like ogres
06:01:52 <elliott> ooh ooh
06:01:53 <elliott> gift
06:01:54 <elliott> gift
06:01:58 <Patashu> is it exec?
06:02:01 -!- zzo38 has left.
06:02:02 <elliott> you could have sacrificed that corpse
06:02:05 <elliott> NihilistDandy: god gifts go on the floor
06:02:06 <elliott> it's right
06:02:08 <elliott> next to you
06:02:10 <elliott> YES
06:02:11 <Patashu> yes
06:02:12 <Patashu> exec axe
06:02:13 <Patashu> wield it
06:02:13 <elliott> wield that motherfucker
06:02:20 <elliott> reassign it to a
06:02:21 <Patashu> cool
06:02:21 <Patashu> now
06:02:23 <Patashu> pump axes to 26
06:02:31 <elliott> Patashu: he's already training axes exclusively
06:02:33 <Patashu> ok
06:02:35 <Patashu> well, pump axes faster
06:02:38 <elliott> oh it's antimagic too awesome
06:02:47 <Patashu> back up
06:02:49 <ion> Some other brands are generally better than antimagic.
06:02:50 <elliott> corridor
06:02:52 <elliott> nn
06:02:53 <Patashu> what
06:02:56 <elliott> lol
06:02:57 <elliott> KoK
06:02:58 <Patashu> back up rofl
06:03:02 <Patashu> also, yes, very funny
06:03:03 <elliott> ahahaha
06:03:04 <elliott> not like that
06:03:07 <elliott> that's just
06:03:10 <Patashu> sure whatever
06:03:11 <Patashu> good enough
06:03:13 <elliott> that's not backing up that's just backing
06:03:16 <elliott> ahahaha how is he still alive
06:03:16 <Patashu> (you can pretend kobolds don't exist at this point)
06:03:23 <Patashu> elliott: we made him too diesel :(
06:03:31 <elliott> NihilistDandy: is that all the corpses
06:03:40 <NihilistDandy> ALL CORPSES
06:03:40 <Patashu> is that a shop
06:03:42 <Patashu> or was it the lab
06:03:44 <ion> Search for what [Enter for "boots", or ? for help]? corpse
06:03:51 <ion> I read: ‘Enter for "boobs"’
06:03:51 <Patashu> that's where the lab WAS
06:03:54 <elliott> Patashu: he's making so many
06:03:57 <elliott> newbie mistakes but
06:04:00 <elliott> he's just too powerful to die to them
06:04:06 <elliott> he reminds me of a week ago except
06:04:07 <NihilistDandy> TOO NOOB TO DIE
06:04:10 <elliott> diesel
06:04:42 <ion> @.X
06:04:42 <lambdabot> Not enough arguments to @.
06:05:08 <NihilistDandy> And now, down again
06:05:19 <elliott> What happened?
06:05:27 <NihilistDandy> Wanted to save, didn't know that also made me quit
06:05:33 <elliott> NihilistDandy: It's a roguelike.
06:05:35 <elliott> You can't save.
06:05:37 <Patashu> rofl
06:05:37 <NihilistDandy> Good point
06:05:39 <elliott> You can suspend and resume.
06:05:42 <Patashu> btw, it autosaves
06:05:45 <Patashu> save = quit basically
06:06:46 <Patashu> lair time
06:06:54 <elliott> explore the whole level first perhaps
06:06:57 <Patashu> sure
06:07:00 <elliott> burn book
06:07:01 <elliott> buuuurn book
06:07:03 <elliott> yesssss
06:07:09 <Patashu> so, here's your lair notice
06:07:11 <elliott> NihilistDandy: any ?id
06:07:12 <elliott> ?
06:07:14 <Patashu> 1) don't do subbranches of lair before all of lair
06:07:18 <NihilistDandy> Tengu
06:07:19 <elliott> NihilistDandy: btw the lair is boring + hydrae
06:07:26 <elliott> oh water
06:07:31 <elliott> just go to the lair water is such a pain
06:07:38 <Patashu> 2) monsters to watch out for: blink frogs (they're faster than you, appear in packs and blink), hydras (obviously), catoblepases (slower than you, when they breathe petrifying gas immediately move to an open tile)
06:07:42 <Patashu> am I missing any?
06:07:44 <Patashu> oh, eels
06:07:46 <Patashu> eels shoot lightning at you
06:07:50 <Patashu> but they can't move out of the water
06:07:53 <monqy> 22:47:50 < elliott> monqy hates them and from what I've read I hate them too.
06:07:56 <monqy> labyrinths are awfu
06:07:56 <monqy> l
06:07:59 <monqy> 22:47:50 < ion> Labyrinths are great.
06:08:01 <monqy> you're awful
06:08:12 <elliott> uhh NihilistDandy
06:08:14 <Patashu> also, the tengu are listed as gray
06:08:18 <Patashu> so you can probably just tab them
06:08:19 <elliott> 07:08 <Gretell> tengu (H) | Spd: 10 | Int: normal (items) | HD: 5 | HP: 16-39 | AC/EV: 2/12 | Dam: 10, 5, 5 | Fl: fly | Res: magic(20) | XP: 130.
06:08:22 <elliott> they're weak as shit
06:08:24 <monqy> 22:33:34 < elliott> do the 5 Zot levels,
06:08:28 <monqy> fsvo "do"
06:08:36 <ion> monqy: no u
06:08:37 <elliott> lair time
06:08:39 <elliott> lair has lots of food
06:08:41 <elliott> since you have rpois
06:08:46 <elliott> just G
06:08:47 <elliott> L
06:08:59 <Patashu> easy, tab it
06:09:01 <elliott> hungry ghosts make you more hungry
06:09:03 <elliott> but
06:09:04 <elliott> so does crawl so
06:09:07 <Patashu> (they really don't)
06:09:09 <Patashu> or if they do
06:09:13 <Patashu> it's negligibly little
06:09:16 <elliott> 07:09 <Henzell> hungry ghost[1/1]: A ghost whose primary attack is to decrease your satiation level, by a quarter of your current satiation - it will rapidly reduce you to very hungry or near starving if its attacks connect. If you don't have ranged attacks and can't hit hard and fast, beware. Also eats corpses on the ground.
06:09:19 <Patashu> it's not like the monsters in shiren that make you incredibly hungry
06:09:25 <elliott> careful
06:09:26 <Patashu> oh, it's that much?
06:09:27 <elliott> careful- ok
06:09:31 <Patashu> I've absolutely never noticed it
06:09:31 <elliott> centaur warriors are
06:09:34 <Patashu> oh, hey a centaur warrior
06:09:36 <elliott> yeah he
06:09:38 <elliott> three shotted it
06:09:41 <monqy> 22:51:14 < elliott> And does he have enough food even if he can remember the maze?
06:09:42 <elliott> he's too
06:09:43 <elliott> strong
06:09:43 <Patashu> well if it was in melee range
06:09:44 <Patashu> it's trivial
06:09:47 <monqy> food doesn't really matter in laby
06:09:57 <monqy> laby is "free loot but you have to do this boring maze"
06:10:02 <elliott> dude
06:10:02 <Patashu> wow
06:10:04 <Patashu> your centaur tactics are
06:10:04 <elliott> what are you doing
06:10:05 <Patashu> -awful-
06:10:07 <Patashu> like the worst
06:10:08 <monqy> oh and some labys have teletraps in their endings
06:10:20 <elliott> monqy: are you watching this i
06:10:20 <Patashu> here's how centaurs work:
06:10:22 <monqy> so you get teleported after finishing the laby
06:10:23 <elliott> have no idea how he's still alive
06:10:24 <Patashu> if they see you they shoot you
06:10:27 <Patashu> if they don't see you they move towards you
06:10:30 <monqy> dpeg is fervent about keeping them like that
06:10:32 <Patashu> if you are next to them they melee you which does almost no damage
06:10:40 <NihilistDandy> Patashu: I am aware of these things
06:10:41 <elliott> monqy: does he have any justification
06:10:45 <monqy> or at least he was, before he excused himself from devteam (that happened, right?)
06:10:46 <Patashu> well, you're bad at centaurs
06:10:46 <NihilistDandy> But I am diesel and give no fucks
06:10:49 <Patashu> great
06:10:51 <NihilistDandy> FOR MY GOD TROG
06:10:52 <elliott> NihilistDandy: you'll die
06:10:53 <Patashu> have fun dying to the first centaur warrior pack you see
06:11:01 <NihilistDandy> FOR TROG
06:11:01 <elliott> NihilistDandy: the tactics that you don't need to bother with now
06:11:05 <elliott> will kill you in 5 turns later on
06:11:10 <NihilistDandy> Yeah, yeah, I know
06:11:11 <elliott> no matter how many jokes you have
06:11:12 <elliott> :P
06:11:24 <elliott> anyway
06:11:26 <elliott> GL go go go
06:11:33 <NihilistDandy> I'm explorin' :P
06:11:36 <Patashu> anyway, centaurs are easy if you
06:11:40 <Patashu> 1) duck behind cover
06:11:43 <elliott> dude
06:11:43 <elliott> Ctrl+P
06:11:44 <elliott> momentous
06:11:45 <elliott> occasion
06:11:46 <Patashu> 2) engage when they're a few tiels or less away
06:11:48 <elliott> Ctrl+P
06:11:59 <elliott> NihilistDandy: ctrl+p
06:12:00 <NihilistDandy> What's Ctrl+p?
06:12:04 <Patashu> try it
06:12:04 <elliott> shows previous messsages
06:12:06 <elliott> *messages
06:12:12 <elliott> You open the centaur like a pillowcase!!!
06:12:12 <monqy> 23:04:10 < elliott> diesel
06:12:12 <Patashu> oh, nice
06:12:13 <Patashu> first !!!
06:12:14 <elliott> you're a real man now
06:12:17 <monqy> wow elliott already says "diesel"?
06:12:21 <elliott> monqy: Patashu started it
06:12:22 <Patashu> I taught him diesel
06:12:23 <Patashu> yw
06:12:24 <elliott> i didnt know it was a thing
06:12:30 <elliott> sorry
06:12:38 <elliott> im just
06:12:43 <Patashu> hey, a hydra
06:12:44 <Patashu> hi
06:12:44 <elliott> too gobsmacked by his still being alive to come up with other wrods
06:12:49 <elliott> you should melee that hydra with your axe :D
06:12:52 <Patashu> good bia roll
06:13:01 <elliott> 127-headed hydra
06:13:04 <Patashu> excellent
06:13:28 <Patashu> back up into a hallway
06:13:32 <monqy> 23:10:41 < elliott> monqy: does he have any justification
06:13:33 <Patashu> it'll follow
06:13:33 <monqy> no
06:13:47 <Patashu> woah
06:13:47 <quintopia> what is bia
06:13:48 <Patashu> rofl
06:13:50 <monqy> but he sure got angry when minmay compared it to putting aliches on d:1
06:13:50 <elliott> 41 hp
06:13:51 <Patashu> brothers in arms
06:13:54 <Patashu> zerk
06:14:02 <Patashu> oh wtf
06:14:04 <elliott> uuuuh
06:14:06 <elliott> stop
06:14:07 <elliott> stop
06:14:07 <Patashu> how did those arrows hit him for so much
06:14:08 <elliott> not berk
06:14:09 <elliott> not berk
06:14:10 <elliott> stop
06:14:12 <elliott> you idiot
06:14:12 <Patashu> don't zerk now
06:14:14 <elliott> no
06:14:20 <elliott> what potions do you have
06:14:31 <elliott> heal wounds
06:14:42 <elliott> and hit _
06:14:45 <Patashu> reverse drinking game: feel like a dumbass every time you drink
06:14:47 <monqy> ok i'm finally caught up
06:14:49 <monqy> what's happening!
06:14:53 <elliott> monqy: "fune"
06:14:53 <Patashu> he's dying to a centaur pack
06:14:56 <monqy> gr8
06:14:58 <quintopia> Patashu: impossible.
06:15:01 <NihilistDandy> Not necessarily dying
06:15:03 <Patashu> he doesn't 'care' about centaurs because he's 'diesel'
06:15:07 <NihilistDandy> Correct
06:15:08 <elliott> so now he's 'dying'
06:15:10 <Patashu> 'yes'
06:15:14 <elliott> he's going to just
06:15:14 <ion> suiciding
06:15:16 <elliott> whack them and somehow survive
06:15:18 <elliott> because
06:15:21 <elliott> the universe hates our advice today
06:15:28 <Patashu> what
06:15:28 <Patashu> why
06:15:28 <ion> nooooooo
06:15:30 <elliott> that was stupid
06:15:31 <elliott> dude
06:15:32 <elliott> centaurs
06:15:33 <elliott> are worse
06:15:38 <elliott> when you're not next to them
06:15:42 <elliott> uhh
06:15:43 <elliott> wait
06:15:44 <elliott> doesn't he have blink
06:15:49 <elliott> NihilistDandy: what scrolls do you have good god
06:15:49 <Patashu> from what
06:15:55 <Patashu> oh, he does
06:16:09 <Patashu> yeah, blink there
06:16:15 <elliott> south
06:16:18 <Patashu> sw
06:16:19 <elliott> b
06:16:20 <elliott> yeah
06:16:24 <Patashu> wait there
06:16:26 <Patashu> rest
06:16:26 <elliott> 5
06:16:29 <elliott> 5
06:16:30 <elliott> ha
06:16:33 <Patashu> cool
06:16:38 <ion> BIA
06:16:38 <Patashu> bia again
06:16:43 <Patashu> (he should have handed before resting, actually)
06:16:51 <monqy> good advice
06:16:51 <elliott> hand
06:16:51 <Patashu> walk behind the ogre
06:16:52 <elliott> hand of trog
06:16:55 <elliott> that too
06:16:56 <monqy> walk behind ogr
06:16:57 <elliott> walk behind ogre then hand
06:16:58 <elliott> no
06:16:58 <monqy> no dont hand
06:16:59 <elliott> stop
06:17:01 <elliott> wrong order
06:17:03 <elliott> ded
06:17:13 <monqy> this is going
06:17:14 <ion> Get one more BIA
06:17:14 <monqy> spectacularly
06:17:17 <Patashu> oh boy
06:17:19 <elliott> ahahaha
06:17:20 <elliott> why
06:17:21 <elliott> did you do that
06:17:24 <elliott> there was no possible reason
06:17:26 <Patashu> wow
06:17:28 <elliott> dude
06:17:29 <elliott> b
06:17:30 <monqy> what are you dOING
06:17:31 <Patashu> finally
06:17:31 <elliott> now
06:17:32 <elliott> b
06:17:34 <elliott> go b
06:17:34 <monqy> n
06:17:38 <monqy> uugh
06:17:41 <elliott> jesus fucking christ
06:17:43 <Patashu> rofl
06:17:43 <monqy> b was the wRONG CHOICE
06:17:44 <ion> Get one more BIA
06:17:44 <elliott> b again
06:17:49 <Patashu> ahahahaha
06:17:49 <elliott> monqy: sorry
06:17:53 <elliott> i just
06:17:56 <elliott> remember the part where
06:17:57 <Patashu> so fucking lucky
06:18:00 <monqy> you could have gotten out of lose quicklier with nu
06:18:03 <elliott> i warned NihilistDandy about how this was going to kill him
06:18:04 <elliott> and then
06:18:06 <NihilistDandy> lol
06:18:08 <elliott> THREE MINUTES LATER
06:18:10 <NihilistDandy> IT DID NOT
06:18:13 <elliott> it did not?
06:18:14 <Patashu> cheer up
06:18:15 <elliott> it's not over yet
06:18:16 <Patashu> he might still die
06:18:18 <elliott> :D
06:18:19 <Patashu> there are a few normal centaurs left
06:18:26 <Patashu> and nd is really bad at crawl
06:18:27 <NihilistDandy> Centaur warrior is dead. Centaurs are made of babies.
06:18:28 <NihilistDandy> :D
06:18:29 <Patashu> so he'll find a way to die to them
06:18:29 <ion> I can’t fathom how he’s still alive.
06:18:31 <NihilistDandy> Sobad at crawl
06:18:31 <elliott> dude
06:18:32 <elliott> nothing
06:18:33 <NihilistDandy> It's insane
06:18:34 <elliott> is made of babies
06:18:36 <elliott> at 21 hp
06:18:37 <ion> with his style of playing
06:18:45 <monqy> nah lots of things are made of babies at 21hp
06:18:49 <elliott> ion: 26 str, +1,+4 antimagic executioner's axe
06:18:56 <elliott> wow
06:19:07 <elliott> i fucking hate you for surviving another situation against all logic
06:19:08 <monqy> d:1 trash for example is made of babies. on d:1 you don't even HAVE 21 hp
06:19:11 <quintopia> i think i need to watch this. someone link me the -cast
06:19:17 <Patashu> monqy: D:1 trash is not trash if you're, e.g., a felid
06:19:18 <elliott> quintopia: telnet crawl.develz.org 345
06:19:19 <monqy> elliott: mibe reasons
06:19:19 <elliott> w
06:19:20 <NihilistDandy> TROG KNOWS NO LOGIC
06:19:23 <Patashu> (I almost died to a hobgoblin)
06:19:24 <elliott> choose nihilistdandy's letter
06:19:34 <monqy> Patashu: d:1 trash isn't always trash on d:1
06:19:37 <monqy> Patashu: it's trash on d:13
06:19:40 <Patashu> oh, yes
06:19:42 <ion> elliott: But he has gone to 1/5 health a number of times and then danced in arrow rain and then survived by miraculous luck.
06:19:45 <elliott> dude
06:19:46 <elliott> DUDE
06:19:48 <monqy> Patashu: unless you get like an orc with disto that you somehow miss
06:19:49 <elliott> HOW HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED
06:20:01 <Patashu> did he even have cover he could get behind that time
06:20:09 <elliott> well
06:20:10 <elliott> good point
06:20:12 <Patashu> he really didn't
06:20:13 <elliott> but he was so cavalier about it!!!
06:20:17 <Patashu> and since centaurs are faster than you
06:20:20 <Patashu> you can't go far for covers
06:20:26 <elliott> Patashu: do you really think he
06:20:26 <Patashu> (yaktaurs you see later will be same speed, otoh)
06:20:30 <Patashu> oh
06:20:30 <elliott> thought out that reasoning in his head
06:20:31 <Patashu> of course not
06:20:31 <elliott> before doing it
06:20:32 <Patashu> I'm just saying
06:20:37 <elliott> NihilistDandy: GL
06:20:42 <elliott> GL immediately before you meet another centaur warrior
06:20:47 <elliott> the lair has no centaurs, only hydrae
06:20:47 <monqy> I didn't see what happened but likely I would just have charged them
06:20:49 <NihilistDandy> Not done exploring and flying in the face of logic
06:20:58 <elliott> we've fed into this delusion too much
06:20:59 <monqy> backing up to cover can be worse than charging in many cases
06:21:03 <elliott> ah, good
06:21:05 <Patashu> mmm, more centaurs
06:21:07 <monqy> yum yum
06:21:10 <elliott> back up
06:21:12 <elliott> thank god
06:21:16 <elliott> ugh
06:21:18 <elliott> you didn't cut that corner
06:21:19 <monqy> now go for the kill
06:21:20 <elliott> i'm crying
06:21:26 <Patashu> move into melee range
06:21:27 <Patashu> rofl
06:21:28 <monqy> bio won't help
06:21:32 <monqy> they're too weak at your piety level
06:21:41 <elliott> NihilistDandy: you realise it burns piety right
06:21:48 <elliott> you have to sacrifice corpses for every bia
06:21:59 <NihilistDandy> elliott: Yeah, but damn it's fun
06:22:03 <Patashu> rofl
06:22:05 <NihilistDandy> I'll have plenty of corpses
06:22:06 <elliott> Patashu: i love how he just runs around with no diagonals in realtime
06:22:08 <elliott> after bia
06:22:12 <elliott> PROBLEM SOLVED
06:22:14 <Patashu> diagonals. what are those.
06:22:14 <Patashu> also
06:22:15 <monqy> just play musu my god
06:22:19 <Patashu> rofl
06:22:22 <Patashu> also also
06:22:24 <quintopia> cyclops sounds bad
06:22:25 <Patashu> watch out for that cyclops
06:22:27 <Patashu> since you have like no hp
06:22:28 <Patashu> also also ALSO
06:22:29 <Patashu> use trog's hand
06:22:36 <ion> I’ve been trying to get ellie to play DESu.
06:22:40 <Patashu> for moar hp
06:22:46 <monqy> musu was a joke, ion
06:22:48 <Patashu> hi cyclops
06:22:53 <elliott> no
06:22:54 <Patashu> wow
06:22:54 <elliott> dude
06:22:54 <elliott> stop
06:22:57 <elliott> you fucking
06:22:58 <elliott> moron
06:23:00 <monqy> ahahahahah what
06:23:01 <elliott> no
06:23:02 <elliott> no
06:23:07 <elliott> you want to blink or something not just
06:23:09 <elliott> oh my god
06:23:09 <elliott> just
06:23:09 <elliott> stop
06:23:11 <elliott> for
06:23:12 <monqy> how did this haPpen
06:23:13 <elliott> a minute
06:23:15 <elliott> no
06:23:17 <elliott> STOP
06:23:19 <elliott> aaaaaaah
06:23:21 <elliott> s/^ //
06:23:22 <monqy> why did yoit's going to hit you with a rock and you will die
06:23:32 <elliott> NihilistDandy: yOU HAVE MESSAGES PRESS _
06:23:42 * ion is laughing out loud
06:23:46 <elliott> how
06:23:48 <elliott> how did you survive that
06:23:50 <monqy> what use is checking messages if it's just squarelos greeting you
06:23:52 <elliott> ion: i've been laughing for the past
06:23:54 <elliott> 3-5 minutes
06:23:55 <elliott> no
06:23:56 <Patashu> c'mon
06:23:56 <elliott> dude
06:23:57 <Patashu> death by rock
06:23:57 <elliott> it throws
06:23:59 <monqy> ahahah did you really thingk it would be a good idea to rest there
06:23:59 <elliott> rocks
06:24:03 <elliott> ahahahahaha
06:24:08 <monqy> get up the stairs
06:24:10 <elliott> god
06:24:11 <elliott> no
06:24:12 <elliott> quaff
06:24:12 <monqy> wrONG WAY
06:24:12 <itidus20> `log [s]trong with nihilist
06:24:13 <Patashu> wow, plowing through thos e blinking scrolls
06:24:13 <elliott> something
06:24:15 <elliott> you idiot
06:24:20 <HackEgo> 2012-05-04.txt:05:16:20: <itidus20> sounds like the force is strong with nihilist
06:24:27 <monqy> no don't go back
06:24:29 <ion> :-D
06:24:29 <elliott> NO
06:24:30 <elliott> STOP
06:24:31 <elliott> STOP FIGHTING
06:24:32 <elliott> WHY
06:24:32 <monqy> aahhahahahahaha
06:24:34 <Patashu> wow, look at that
06:24:35 <monqy> let him die
06:24:35 <elliott> ARE YOU FIGHTING IT
06:24:36 <Patashu> the cyclops found you
06:24:36 <monqy> he deserves it
06:24:39 <Patashu> how can this possibly have happened
06:24:39 <Patashu> .
06:24:45 <NihilistDandy> I want this so much
06:24:46 <elliott> god this is
06:24:47 <Patashu> I mean wow
06:24:48 <elliott> the funniest thing ever
06:24:48 <monqy> a LESSON LEARNT
06:24:50 <elliott> NihilistDandy: quaff
06:24:51 <elliott> or
06:24:52 <elliott> something
06:24:54 <elliott> i don't know
06:24:55 <ion> My cheek muscles hurt for laughing so much.
06:24:56 <elliott> wait
06:24:58 <elliott> maybe he should
06:25:00 <elliott> idk
06:25:04 <elliott> i guess you can quaff curing
06:25:09 <elliott> no tough
06:25:10 <elliott> don't teleport
06:25:12 <Patashu> rofl
06:25:13 <Patashu> read fear
06:25:15 <elliott> you would die the next turn
06:25:19 <elliott> Patashu: would that help at this point
06:25:21 <Patashu> yes
06:25:22 <Patashu> if it works
06:25:23 <elliott> or would it get a kick in first
06:25:23 <NihilistDandy> I wasn't thinking teleport
06:25:24 <elliott> ok
06:25:27 <elliott> NihilistDandy: read fear
06:25:27 <elliott> then
06:25:29 <elliott> quaff curing for god's sake
06:25:37 <ion> Now go straight to <
06:25:38 <monqy> duck behind a wall or something
06:25:41 <elliott> yeah go <
06:25:43 <Patashu> look at how much curing sucks
06:25:46 <elliott> no
06:25:46 <elliott> G<
06:25:51 <elliott> i don't trust you to
06:25:52 <elliott> run by yourself
06:25:52 <monqy> wrong way
06:25:53 <elliott> stoooop
06:25:55 <Patashu> why are you goign that way
06:25:55 <ion> ………………
06:25:56 <Patashu> hahahaha
06:25:58 <monqy> do you have digging
06:26:01 <elliott> no
06:26:04 <NihilistDandy> Sadly, no
06:26:05 <monqy> just turn around
06:26:07 <monqy> and go to the exit normally
06:26:10 <elliott> just
06:26:12 <elliott> hit 5
06:26:14 <monqy> no
06:26:17 <elliott> oops
06:26:18 <ion> :-D
06:26:19 <monqy> why DID YOU HIT 5
06:26:28 <monqy> :--D
06:26:28 <ion> :-D
06:26:30 <ion> :-D
06:26:31 <monqy> :---D
06:26:32 <ion> :-D
06:26:40 <elliott> ok uhhh
06:26:41 <elliott> maybe bia?
06:26:42 <elliott> will it
06:26:43 <elliott> no
06:26:46 <elliott> ummmm
06:26:50 <elliott> he doesn't have any curing potions left right
06:26:50 <elliott> no
06:26:51 <elliott> stop
06:26:52 <elliott> stp
06:26:54 <elliott> stop
06:26:58 <monqy> use X
06:26:58 <elliott> sotp
06:27:00 <elliott> ostp
06:27:02 <elliott> stop
06:27:03 <monqy> then somehow survive
06:27:04 <elliott> stop
06:27:05 <monqy> so you can die to trog wrath
06:27:06 <elliott> stop
06:27:07 <NihilistDandy> I'm not doing anything. Just giving you info
06:27:08 <monqy> that'll be gr8
06:27:08 <elliott> stop
06:27:10 <elliott> stop
06:27:12 <elliott> try fear again
06:27:14 <elliott> yeah i think
06:27:18 <elliott> reading fear is probably your best bet
06:27:21 <elliott> oops
06:27:22 <elliott> wait
06:27:22 <ion> It won’t work again so soon.
06:27:24 <elliott> didn't you have like
06:27:24 <elliott> 5
06:27:25 <monqy> nice fear collection
06:27:30 <ion> AFAIR
06:27:31 <Patashu> hey I'm back
06:27:32 <Patashu> he's not dead yet?
06:27:33 <NihilistDandy> Maybe fog?
06:27:34 <monqy> that was tele, elliott. telliott
06:27:40 <elliott> Patashu: he practically is
06:27:40 <monqy> Patashu: he did bad things
06:27:46 <elliott> he's rested and run into the cyclops again about 5 times
06:27:47 <ion> Maybe fog, he says.
06:27:47 <Patashu> wtf
06:27:48 <NihilistDandy> Such bad things
06:27:53 <elliott> NihilistDandy: just
06:27:54 <elliott> do nothing
06:27:55 <Patashu> also, fog only helps against ranged attacks
06:27:55 <elliott> let us
06:27:56 <elliott> think
06:28:00 <monqy> let the cyclops kill you
06:28:04 <NihilistDandy> Patashu: Good to know
06:28:05 <elliott> monqy: no i
06:28:08 <elliott> want him to die to a rat or something
06:28:09 <monqy> you won't learn if you keep escaping death
06:28:11 <monqy> ok
06:28:19 <elliott> monqy: that's what i said btw
06:28:22 <monqy> i don't know if you will or won't learn if you keep escaping death but
06:28:25 <monqy> i just want you to die
06:28:27 <monqy> at this point
06:28:28 <elliott> NihilistDandy: just
06:28:28 <elliott> press i
06:28:29 <NihilistDandy> lol
06:28:30 <itidus20> this character can live on and become something glorious
06:28:31 <elliott> let us look at your inventory
06:28:39 <elliott> would enslavement work on a cyclops
06:28:41 <NihilistDandy> Ooh, disintegration might work
06:28:43 <elliott> no
06:28:43 <elliott> stop
06:28:43 <Patashu> it would, but MR check first
06:28:46 <Patashu> lol
06:28:54 <monqy> it also might not hit for all the cyclops hp
06:28:56 <ion> ooh, a bread ration might work
06:28:58 <elliott> enslavement might be best because
06:28:59 <NihilistDandy> Okay, well Gretell's not here, so...
06:29:00 <elliott> it won't hit you any more
06:29:04 <monqy> wield the chaos dagger
06:29:07 <Patashu> lmao
06:29:08 <elliott> lol
06:29:09 <monqy> "trust me on this"
06:29:09 <Patashu> 'wield the chaos dagger'
06:29:10 <Patashu> no
06:29:13 <Patashu> lol
06:29:18 <elliott> hey, it COULD work
06:29:18 <monqy> then hit the cyclops
06:29:19 <elliott> anyway
06:29:21 <monqy> you might banish it
06:29:22 <NihilistDandy> Throw the chaos dagger is the correct answer
06:29:25 <monqy> come on it's worth a shot
06:29:26 <elliott> NihilistDandy: zap enslavement at the cyclops
06:29:27 <elliott> it's like
06:29:31 <elliott> not going to work
06:29:32 <Patashu> you know what
06:29:33 <monqy> if you throw it the chaos won't "proc"
06:29:33 <elliott> but nothing else will either
06:29:35 <Patashu> it's probably out of rocks at this point
06:29:39 <elliott> Patashu: ahahaha
06:29:42 <Patashu> Trust Me On This
06:29:44 <elliott> hahahaha
06:29:45 <elliott> wow
06:29:45 <elliott> how
06:29:49 <elliott> did he survive that
06:29:50 <Patashu> gdr
06:29:53 <ion> :-D
06:29:53 <itidus20> `log [s]trong with nihilist
06:29:55 <monqy> ugh just hit it
06:29:55 <elliott> easily resists
06:29:59 <elliott> that means high MR right
06:30:00 <elliott> no
06:30:01 <elliott> stop
06:30:02 <elliott> don't
06:30:02 <elliott> just hit it
06:30:04 <monqy> either you'll kill it soon enough or die
06:30:04 <elliott> stop
06:30:05 <Patashu> it's how close it was to making the check
06:30:05 <HackEgo> 2012-05-04.txt:06:24:20: <HackEgo> 2012-05-04.txt:05:16:20: <itidus20> sounds like the force is strong with nihilist
06:30:05 <Patashu> ahahahaha
06:30:07 <elliott> you
06:30:07 <NihilistDandy> YESSSSS
06:30:07 <Patashu> aposfkofdijgofhjtiuhyjtdy8t
06:30:08 <elliott> what
06:30:09 <Patashu> [rtijogfhiojghiojghiojgho
06:30:10 <elliott> WHAT
06:30:11 <NihilistDandy> hushiudfihuvdgiydvhidfhiudfhiudfhoudf
06:30:12 <elliott> sklndgfm, hljkdhttslrae
06:30:13 <Patashu> congrats I guess
06:30:22 <monqy> finally
06:30:22 <itidus20> that's one in a million, kid
06:30:26 <elliott> ahahahaa
06:30:26 <Patashu> ooh
06:30:26 <ion> I’m sure crawl’s source code has special dice rolls for NihilistDandy.
06:30:28 <Patashu> maybe he'll die to this
06:30:33 <elliott> i was expecting him to
06:30:35 <elliott> start autoexploring again
06:30:36 <elliott> before resting
06:30:38 <Patashu> quick
06:30:40 <monqy> let him fend for himself on this one
06:30:40 <Patashu> let's all stop giving him advice
06:30:42 <Patashu> and see how long he lasts
06:30:43 <elliott> wow he actually
06:30:43 <monqy> yes
06:30:44 <elliott> ducked
06:30:45 <elliott> amazing
06:30:49 <elliott> christ
06:31:02 <elliott> i think he's doing this purposely to upset us by this point
06:31:24 <NihilistDandy> I am actually a crawl master~
06:31:29 <elliott> no
06:31:30 <elliott> rest
06:31:30 <elliott> you
06:31:31 <Patashu> to be fair
06:31:32 <elliott> thank you
06:31:33 <ion> :-D
06:31:34 <Patashu> it is pretty hilarious
06:31:34 <Patashu> also
06:31:36 <Patashu> no more advice
06:31:41 <elliott> im still giving advice but
06:31:41 <Patashu> until he starts being good at crawl spontaneously
06:31:46 <Patashu> but what
06:31:46 <elliott> it'll be advice of me not clawing my skin off
06:31:47 <Patashu> troll advice?
06:31:50 <Patashu> haha
06:31:55 <elliott> Patashu: i have this
06:31:57 <elliott> horrible vision
06:31:59 <elliott> that he's going to win this game
06:32:03 <ion> :-D
06:32:04 <Patashu> that would be funny
06:32:07 <Patashu> but I bet he dies on vaults 8
06:32:17 <elliott> NihilistDandy: lair
06:32:18 <elliott> lair now
06:32:20 <elliott> fucking lair
06:32:21 <elliott> lair
06:32:30 <elliott> no
06:32:31 <elliott> god
06:32:32 <elliott> dammit
06:32:34 <Patashu> rofl
06:32:34 <elliott> bia
06:32:39 <Patashu> he can do the lair whenever he wants, maaaan
06:32:45 <Patashu> bia is going to suck
06:32:46 <Patashu> due to his piety
06:32:50 <Patashu> I'd use wands
06:33:02 <elliott> ahahaha
06:33:18 <elliott> no
06:33:18 <elliott> dude
06:33:19 <elliott> dont
06:33:20 <elliott> ever
06:33:21 <Patashu> let him
06:33:22 <elliott> melee a hydra
06:33:35 <elliott> stop
06:33:37 <elliott> you idiot
06:33:38 <elliott> stop
06:33:46 <NihilistDandy> I didn't mêlée it
06:33:49 <elliott> you did
06:33:52 <ion> you did
06:33:52 <elliott> because it grew another head
06:33:53 <NihilistDandy> That was an attempt at BIA
06:34:01 <elliott> btw
06:34:02 <elliott> eight-headed
06:34:04 <elliott> hits even harder
06:34:05 <elliott> so
06:34:10 <elliott> do you have heal wounds or whatever
06:34:15 <Patashu> drank it all
06:34:16 <quintopia> what is the effect of a hydra growing a head?
06:34:17 <Patashu> read all his blinking
06:34:23 <elliott> quintopia: it gets stronger
06:34:26 <elliott> NihilistDandy: hit _
06:34:26 <Patashu> quintopia: more attacks
06:34:27 <ion> quintopia: It will become even more badass.
06:34:34 <quintopia> does it lose health?
06:34:43 <elliott> monqy: art
06:34:46 <elliott> anyway
06:34:50 <NihilistDandy> Sav'd
06:34:52 <elliott> NihilistDandy: try bia again
06:34:53 <elliott> or
06:34:54 <elliott> die
06:34:56 <elliott> i don't know
06:34:59 <NihilistDandy> DIE IT IS
06:35:02 <elliott> does he even have any options here
06:35:02 * Sgeo plays with Bitlbee
06:35:06 <elliott> no
06:35:06 <elliott> stop
06:35:07 <elliott> sotp
06:35:08 <elliott> stop
06:35:10 <elliott> how
06:35:10 <Patashu> whee
06:35:12 <elliott> stop
06:35:14 <elliott> stop
06:35:15 <monqy> wow are you growing the hydra
06:35:15 <quintopia> what the hell is that picture squarelos sent
06:35:15 <Patashu> cheer up
06:35:16 <monqy> wand it
06:35:16 <elliott> stop
06:35:17 <Patashu> it's almost dead
06:35:17 <monqy> before it heals
06:35:18 <elliott> stop
06:35:20 <elliott> how
06:35:20 <monqy> wand it wand it
06:35:20 <Sgeo> elliott, who are you talking to?
06:35:20 <Patashu> use lightning on it
06:35:22 <elliott> no
06:35:24 <elliott> he cannot survive this
06:35:26 <elliott> disinteg it
06:35:28 <elliott> Sgeo: NihilistDandy
06:35:30 <Sgeo> ok
06:35:32 <monqy> don't disint it
06:35:33 <elliott> again
06:35:34 <elliott> ok
06:35:35 <monqy> lightning it
06:35:35 <elliott> lightning?
06:35:38 <elliott> lightning
06:35:41 <Patashu> disint has an MR check
06:35:42 <elliott> jesus
06:35:43 <Patashu> which is gay
06:35:45 <elliott> fucking christ
06:35:45 <NihilistDandy> lol
06:36:03 <elliott> no
06:36:04 <elliott> blink frog
06:36:05 <elliott> zombies
06:36:05 <elliott> are
06:36:07 <Patashu> haha
06:36:07 <elliott> not
06:36:09 <elliott> you will die
06:36:11 <elliott> next turn
06:36:14 <elliott> stop
06:36:16 <elliott> stop
06:36:17 <elliott> sotp
06:36:19 <elliott> stop
06:36:19 <Patashu> go to the upstairs
06:36:21 <elliott> how
06:36:23 <elliott> stop
06:36:25 <elliott> wraiths are not
06:36:27 <elliott> seriously
06:36:29 <elliott> there's an upstairs right there
06:36:31 <elliott> take it
06:36:50 <Patashu> wow look at that
06:36:52 <Patashu> -magically-
06:36:54 <Patashu> you are out of danger
06:36:58 <Patashu> aren't staircases fucking amazing
06:37:01 <Patashu> (not like brogue's)
06:37:02 <elliott> wait until a centaur warrior comes 'round the corner
06:37:03 <NihilistDandy> lol
06:37:09 <Patashu> eh
06:37:11 <Patashu> if a centaur appears
06:37:12 <Patashu> he can read fog
06:37:14 <Patashu> since he's in a corridor
06:37:17 <elliott> ok
06:37:18 <elliott> lair
06:37:19 <elliott> immediately
06:37:20 <elliott> no
06:37:21 <elliott> i will not accept
06:37:24 <elliott> disagreements
06:37:25 <elliott> GL
06:37:27 <elliott> GL
06:37:29 <elliott> GL
06:37:30 <ion> I expected him to go back down the stairs without resting and then kill the wraith without dying.
06:37:31 <NihilistDandy> I need to find food
06:37:31 <elliott> no!!!!
06:37:33 <elliott> GL
06:37:35 <elliott> ion: :D
06:37:36 <quintopia> eat?
06:37:38 <elliott> NihilistDandy: dude the lair has
06:37:42 <elliott> so many things you can eat
06:37:45 <elliott> it's crawling with minor bugs
06:37:50 <elliott> and the entrance is
06:37:52 <elliott> on this level
06:38:04 <NihilistDandy> Yeesh, fine
06:38:33 <elliott> GL
06:38:48 <elliott> f i n a l l y
06:39:15 <Patashu> so, let's take bets on death cause
06:39:17 <Patashu> 1) hydra
06:39:19 <Patashu> 2) blink frog pack
06:39:22 <Patashu> 3) death yak pack
06:39:24 <Patashu> 4) comedy option
06:39:25 <elliott> green rat
06:39:29 <Patashu> so 4
06:39:31 <elliott> NihilistDandy: enxhant weapon
06:39:32 <elliott> *enchant
06:39:56 <elliott> his EV is 9
06:39:58 <elliott> what happened with that
06:40:02 <elliott> oh he got drained
06:40:05 <elliott> and wasn't training armour
06:40:10 <Patashu> draining lowers your skills?
06:40:15 <elliott> doesn't it? ok
06:40:20 <elliott> NihilistDandy: can you please start taking our advice
06:40:21 <Patashu> god I hope it doesn't
06:40:21 <elliott> more seriouslyn ow
06:40:23 <elliott> *seriously now
06:40:27 <elliott> Patashu: i have no idea, i was just guessing
06:40:46 <NihilistDandy> I've been taking it seriously, I've just also been ignoring some of it for entertainment value
06:40:54 <NihilistDandy> Don't pretend you don't enjoy my exploits :D
06:41:14 <elliott> i wonder if that cloakis better than yours
06:41:16 <elliott> probably not
06:41:19 <Patashu> it was pretty funny when he did absolutely everything wrong
06:41:20 <Patashu> and lived anyway
06:41:27 <Patashu> if he was xl27 it'd be a candidate for great near misses
06:41:51 <ion> Elven cloaks add stealthiness, but that’s irrelevant for your character.
06:41:52 <elliott> Patashu: if these aren't some of the most-watched tvs
06:41:54 <elliott> there is no justice
06:41:59 <elliott> *don't become
06:42:18 <NihilistDandy> Oh, are there people outside this channel watching this shit?
06:42:21 <ion> The TV would need to have this IRC discussion merged to the game.
06:42:27 <NihilistDandy> That may be more hilarious
06:42:29 <elliott> NihilistDandy: no, but moments can be recalled for TV
06:42:31 <elliott> later on
06:42:33 <NihilistDandy> Neato
06:42:36 <quintopia> your meat has gone off i think
06:42:39 <elliott> (it's usually used to laugh at tile players' stupid deaths)
06:42:44 <ion> quintopia: TWSS
06:42:54 <NihilistDandy> Tile players?
06:43:02 <elliott> you have five viewers, so me ion quintopia monqy
06:43:04 <elliott> and Patashu
06:43:09 <elliott> NihilistDandy: people who play with the graphical tilesets
06:43:22 <NihilistDandy> What makes them more prone to stupid deaths?
06:43:34 <elliott> tiles are awful, people who use them are awful
06:44:16 <ion> I bought ten. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MACGYVER-Original-floating-home-used-Richard-Dean-Andersons-home-TV-series-/140738046722?afsrc=1
06:44:27 <Patashu> once you have axes at 26 or 27
06:44:29 <Patashu> turn on armour and fighting
06:44:54 <elliott> i love lair's doors
06:44:56 <elliott> what's with them
06:44:58 <elliott> they just
06:44:59 <elliott> put doors there
06:45:03 <Patashu> lair generates a dungeon map
06:45:06 <Patashu> and then randomly adds noise
06:45:39 <quintopia> J for jelly eh?
06:46:16 <ion> ^F.<enter>
06:46:20 <itidus20> "Due to the incredible response on this auction, we have contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to see if we can create a new category for "Most Views on a Single Item on eBay"."
06:46:51 <elliott> G>
06:47:08 <NihilistDandy> Well, shit
06:47:19 <elliott> <
06:47:29 <elliott> i assign Patashu to blink frog duty
06:47:56 <elliott> NihilistDandy: no point wandering around
06:48:00 <elliott> you can go downstairs, it just requires planning
06:48:10 <elliott> ion: Patashu: monqy:
06:48:19 <monqy> hello
06:48:26 <ion> hi
06:48:47 <elliott> he's going to die, you have to arrange it to be enterataining
06:48:49 <elliott> *entertaining
06:49:08 <NihilistDandy> Though knowing me, I might *not* die in the most hilarious way possible
06:49:52 <elliott> ion: if you don't advice him
06:49:53 <NihilistDandy> Jesus, I've been playing for 4 hours?
06:49:55 <elliott> he'll start doing stupid stuff
06:49:57 <elliott> *advise idk
06:51:22 <ion> he’ll “start doing stupid stuff”?
06:51:28 <elliott> yeah yeah
06:51:29 <elliott> just
06:51:30 <elliott> do something
06:51:33 <NihilistDandy> *stuff*
06:51:55 <ion> Press and hold tab
06:51:58 <elliott> no
06:51:58 <ion> (don’t)
06:52:11 <NihilistDandy> Gonna go ahead and smoke a pipe while you guys confer. My strategy involves BIA and holding tab. Maybe some Hand
06:52:16 <Patashu> oh, blink frogs
06:52:17 <Patashu> read ?tele
06:52:20 <NihilistDandy> Or jerk. Haven't done that in a while
06:52:21 <elliott> Patashu: he's on <
06:52:22 <NihilistDandy> *berk
06:52:25 <Patashu> oh
06:52:26 <Patashu> use the < then
06:52:27 <Patashu> stairdance
06:52:28 <elliott> he did
06:52:30 <elliott> no that's awful
06:52:34 <elliott> sigh
06:52:35 <elliott> fine
06:52:37 <Patashu> what
06:52:38 <ion> That was an awesome Freudian typo.
06:52:40 <elliott> NihilistDandy: press < and kill it
06:52:40 <Patashu> stairdancing is a great idea
06:52:42 <Patashu> now he only has to kill one thing
06:52:45 <Patashu> (or two I guess)
06:52:48 <elliott> ion: i suspect it was intentional
06:53:01 <elliott> sacrifice the other corpse
06:53:03 <elliott> and then rest
06:53:25 <NihilistDandy> cyan ugly thing?
06:53:29 <Patashu> ugly things can appear in lair?
06:53:57 <elliott> that was lucky as shit
06:54:02 <Patashu> rest
06:54:03 <elliott> no
06:54:04 <elliott> dude
06:54:04 <Patashu> lol
06:54:04 <elliott> i
06:54:05 <Patashu> now rest
06:54:07 <elliott> rest
06:54:08 <elliott> rest
06:54:10 <elliott> rest
06:54:13 <Patashu> kill that
06:54:14 <Patashu> and eat it
06:54:21 <elliott> what
06:54:22 <elliott> are you DOING
06:54:22 <Patashu> you can kill it it's OK
06:54:25 <Patashu> lol
06:54:51 <elliott> aand again
06:54:58 <elliott> ok good
06:56:29 <NihilistDandy> Hmm. Not great for mêlée
06:56:41 <Patashu> if it's alone you can tab it
06:56:51 <NihilistDandy> I forgot how aggressive my autocorrect is
06:56:56 <Patashu> wait
06:56:58 <Patashu> your autocorrect -does- that
06:57:02 <NihilistDandy> Yeah
06:57:03 <Patashu> I thought you were just being annoying
06:57:04 <Patashu> hahaha
06:57:16 <NihilistDandy> lol
06:57:19 <NihilistDandy> Sadly, no
06:57:21 <Patashu> (the 'sick' status turns off regen)
06:57:38 <elliott> yake
06:57:41 <elliott> monqy: are you watching this
06:57:46 <elliott> its not to b mise
06:57:46 <Patashu> mmm, yaks
06:57:57 <elliott> i love how you run to
06:57:59 <ion> Still no Trog gifts? I suppose not since you’ve been using BIA so much.
06:58:02 <elliott> things that don't even resemble chokepoints
06:58:04 <ion> I mean, new ones.
06:58:05 <elliott> ion: he's had two...
06:58:06 <elliott> ah
06:58:11 <elliott> yeah he needs to
06:58:15 <elliott> p on all those corpses
06:58:17 <elliott> p all over them
06:58:42 <NihilistDandy> New wand
06:58:49 <ion> Rest
06:58:58 <ion>
06:58:59 <elliott> zap test
06:59:05 <elliott> ion: it's only 84/92 he's been worse
06:59:19 <ion> Against a wall, so it gets id’d if it’s a wand of digging.
07:01:03 <elliott> NihilistDandy: black mambas aren't that dangerous
07:01:09 <elliott> you have rpois; they just hit kinda hard
07:01:10 <Patashu> sure they are
07:01:11 <Patashu> but he's diesel
07:01:28 <NihilistDandy> Whoops
07:01:32 <NihilistDandy> Read the wrong E
07:01:41 <elliott> congrats
07:01:45 <elliott> potions
07:01:46 <elliott> id all those potions
07:01:47 <elliott> and maybe r
07:01:58 <ion> Try r on first.
07:02:05 <ion> if you have a scroll of remove curse.
07:02:30 <Patashu> ID a potion
07:02:33 <elliott> O
07:02:34 <elliott> id O
07:02:38 <Patashu> haha
07:02:43 <elliott> useful
07:02:44 <elliott> quaff 'em
07:02:48 <Patashu> obviously
07:02:50 <elliott> no
07:02:50 <elliott> i
07:02:55 <NihilistDandy> I will so do it
07:02:56 <elliott> ok do it fine
07:02:59 <elliott> why the hell not
07:03:00 <NihilistDandy> Nah
07:03:13 <NihilistDandy> A GIFT
07:03:21 <Patashu> junk
07:03:25 <Patashu> well
07:03:28 <Patashu> unless it's flaming
07:03:28 -!- noseovertail has joined.
07:03:29 <Patashu> then it's a swap
07:03:29 <Patashu> try it
07:03:34 <noseovertail> This is my channel!
07:03:36 <noseovertail> Yea!
07:03:39 <elliott> `welcome noseovertail
07:03:42 <elliott> `@ noseovertail ? esoteric
07:03:44 <noseovertail> Hey elliot!
07:03:45 <ion> meh, anti-magic again
07:03:47 <Patashu> ok
07:03:49 <HackEgo> noseovertail: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page
07:03:51 <Patashu> back to the exec
07:04:01 <HackEgo> noseovertail: This channel is about programming -- for the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.
07:04:02 <noseovertail> o I thought this was esoteric terrance mckenna style
07:04:02 <Patashu> mmm, yaks
07:04:06 <Patashu> now can you swap back to the exec
07:04:08 <noseovertail> LOL thanks
07:04:17 -!- noseovertail has left.
07:04:19 <elliott> No esotericism here.
07:04:20 <Patashu> haha
07:04:21 <elliott> Just anti-magic.
07:04:28 <elliott> I knew that guy was in the wrong place.
07:04:34 <elliott> The excitement of having found the right channel tipped my off.
07:04:35 <elliott> *me
07:04:43 <elliott> Nobody has trouble finding a channel about esoteric programming languages.
07:04:54 <NihilistDandy> Done. Next level.
07:05:00 <elliott> the lair is 8 levels btw
07:05:07 <elliott> you're not going to find a better axe
07:05:44 <Patashu> the only kind of axe you'd want at this point is speed, vampiric, or flaming (for hydras)
07:05:59 <Patashu> or maybe holy wrath but you're not getting that
07:06:58 <elliott> NihilistDandy: what were the two rings
07:07:19 <elliott> junk
07:07:21 <elliott> well
07:07:25 <elliott> not necessarily
07:07:29 <elliott> but not better than what you have
07:08:24 <Patashu> wow
07:08:26 <Patashu> look at all the things
07:08:35 <Patashu> clearly you need to keep hitting the hydra that isn't hurt at all
07:08:43 <elliott> dude
07:08:43 <elliott> stop
07:08:44 <elliott> wtf
07:08:46 <elliott> you're going to die next turn
07:08:47 <elliott> stop
07:08:49 <elliott> sotp moving
07:08:51 <elliott> stop
07:08:52 <Patashu> it's cool
07:08:53 <Patashu> see
07:08:53 <elliott> stop
07:08:55 <elliott> stop
07:08:56 <Patashu> open the map
07:08:57 <elliott> wow
07:09:06 <elliott> no
07:09:07 <elliott> dude
07:09:08 <elliott> stop
07:09:12 <elliott> NihilistDandy: you are going to die
07:09:14 <elliott> if you do not listen to us
07:09:14 <Patashu> btw
07:09:18 <Patashu> use hand to regen faster if you're in danger
07:09:18 <elliott> hit __
07:09:20 <elliott> hit _
07:09:22 <monqy> he's not going to die
07:09:34 <monqy> btw are you training armour and fighting yet
07:09:36 <monqy> you should
07:09:36 <elliott> monqy: he was going to
07:09:43 <Patashu> he's not at mindelay yet
07:09:44 <Patashu> but
07:09:45 <NihilistDandy> You said at 26 or 27
07:09:46 <Patashu> if you want to you can
07:09:54 <elliott> hit _
07:10:00 <Patashu> (I don't know if the 'min delay first' rule still applys for execs)
07:10:02 <NihilistDandy> Who's squarelos?
07:10:09 <monqy> having defenses and hp is important
07:10:14 <itidus20> <noseovertail> This is my channel!
07:10:14 <itidus20> <noseovertail> Yea!
07:10:14 <monqy> obsessing over mindelay is silly
07:10:16 <Patashu> yeah, ok
07:10:18 <Patashu> turn on fighting and armour
07:10:30 <monqy> also: other benefits from Fighting
07:10:33 <monqy> like: damage etc etc
07:10:42 <elliott> is it worth focusing axes
07:10:44 <elliott> when it's so high
07:10:50 <elliott> i'd defocus axes and focus fighting
07:10:51 <monqy> "mindelay"
07:11:08 <elliott> NihilistDandy: ps you're near starving
07:11:12 <monqy> NihilistDandy: what armour are you in
07:12:53 <Patashu> > wait until not nauseous so you can finish your chunks > eat a ration instead???
07:12:54 <lambdabot> <no location info>: parse error (possibly incorrect indentation)
07:12:56 <Patashu> welcome to crawl
07:13:11 <NihilistDandy> Patashu: Nausea's annoying
07:13:21 <Patashu> it is, but you didn't have to eat a ration either
07:13:26 <Patashu> nbd, keep playing
07:13:46 <Patashu> stop
07:13:48 <Patashu> go to the upstairs
07:14:02 <elliott> why does he never notice _
07:14:08 <Patashu> rofl
07:14:09 <elliott> there we go
07:14:15 <Patashu> go up again
07:14:16 <Patashu> what
07:14:17 <Patashu> ok too late
07:14:23 <Patashu> haha
07:14:31 <elliott> just
07:14:34 <elliott> go up and down the stairs
07:14:35 <elliott> at your leisure
07:14:38 <elliott> stop
07:14:38 <Patashu> btw
07:14:42 <Patashu> going up and down the stairs takes 1-2 turns
07:14:44 <Patashu> god
07:14:44 <Patashu> finally
07:14:44 <elliott> there we go
07:14:45 <NihilistDandy> Woof
07:14:49 <NihilistDandy> That was awesome
07:14:54 <elliott> why did you do that
07:14:55 <NihilistDandy> Mostly I just needed to go to bed
07:15:02 <NihilistDandy> It was fun :D
07:15:04 <elliott> monqy: he died
07:15:10 <Patashu> he died deliberately though
07:15:12 <Patashu> so it wasn't as funny
07:15:13 <elliott> NihilistDandy: i predict you will never reach that stage again
07:15:25 <elliott> 08:15 <jeanjacques> who is nihilistdandy?
07:15:29 <elliott> i don't know how to answer this question
07:15:31 <NihilistDandy> elliott: I think you will find that Trog provides for the ones who bring him blood
07:15:50 <elliott> 08:15 <jeanjacques> and why did they stairdance a hydra several times without any plan?
07:16:04 <itidus20> it has already begun
07:16:15 <NihilistDandy> lololol
07:16:17 <NihilistDandy> TROG
07:16:19 <NihilistDandy> TROG
07:16:20 <NihilistDandy> TROG
07:16:21 <NihilistDandy> TROG
07:16:37 <itidus20> couldn't you go to bed without dying?
07:16:38 <elliott> monqy: he's on tv
07:16:47 <NihilistDandy> monqy: Link?
07:16:56 <elliott> NihilistDandy: telnet termcast.develz.org
07:16:57 <elliott> b
07:18:02 <monqy> oh no did you die
07:19:22 <elliott> 08:19 <mikee_> this isn't bad for 5 games
07:19:24 <NihilistDandy> Yeah, but on purpose and to trivial challenges
07:19:24 <elliott> monqy: how can he ever understand
07:22:51 <elliott> Patashu: muck
07:23:16 <NihilistDandy> :D
07:23:24 <elliott> do you even know what muck is
07:26:03 <NihilistDandy> Yes
07:26:22 <elliott> what is it
07:26:30 <NihilistDandy> Assuming we're still talking about text games, that is
07:26:39 <elliott> yes, but probably not what you're thinking of
07:27:00 <elliott> i'm referring to mummy chaos knight
07:27:04 <elliott> Patashu: muck!!!
07:27:08 <NihilistDandy> Oh, lol
07:27:31 <elliott> Patashu: no you're doing it all wrong
07:27:33 <elliott> die and go for muck
07:27:46 <NihilistDandy> Next time I'll play muck
07:27:50 <NihilistDandy> And I will rock it
07:28:02 <elliott> nobody rocks muck
07:28:06 <elliott> not even monqy and all he plays is muck
07:28:13 <monqy> ragdoll rocks muck
07:28:37 <NihilistDandy> Okay, too much talking in that channel
07:28:42 <monqy> Patashu: you are going to disto a gsc and wield it right
07:29:11 <monqy> and never let go
07:30:45 <Patashu> it's tempting
07:30:54 <Patashu> I don't know if I want to win or have fun yet
07:30:58 <elliott> you can do
07:30:59 <elliott> ~both~
07:31:22 <Patashu> oh man
07:31:23 <Patashu> are you serious
07:31:30 <elliott> yes
07:31:31 <Sgeo> elliott, esolangs doesn't use php-cgi does it?
07:31:33 <elliott> win with disto gsc
07:31:34 <Sgeo> Or whatever
07:31:38 <elliott> Sgeo: Why'd you ask?
07:31:38 <Patashu> so, ogres can't use armour, right?
07:31:42 <Patashu> so I should go spell casting hybrid at some point
07:31:44 <Sgeo> elliott, bug, etc.
07:31:54 <elliott> It uses php-fcgi.
07:32:01 <elliott> "nginx+php-fpm are not affected" - so no.
07:32:10 <Sgeo> Ah, ok
07:32:22 <elliott> ?-s dumping source code would be irrelevant, anyway.
07:32:22 <lambdabot> Maybe you meant: . ? @ ask bf do ft id msg pl rc v wn
07:32:31 <elliott> The only exposed files are common MediaWiki stuff.
07:33:50 <pikhq_> Somehow, I think http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_Life is a more usable programming environment than http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BASIC_Programming
07:34:06 <elliott> Patashu: you're meant to dig or sth i think
07:34:37 <elliott> 08:34 <Henzell> Deleted sastopher[1/1]: Orc -> Elf -> Lair -> Swamp -> Snake -> Slime
07:34:39 <elliott> wow what an order
07:35:16 <NihilistDandy> pikhq_: It's probably easier to make a game of pong, anyway
07:35:21 * Sgeo is now interested in zero-player games
07:35:45 <pikhq_> NihilistDandy: I'm not sure that BASIC Programming cart is even TC.
07:35:55 <elliott> Sgeo: aka simulations
07:36:12 <pikhq_> While Game of Life, of course, is. Modulo infinite space, of course.
07:36:21 <NihilistDandy> Awesome
07:36:29 <NihilistDandy> Math wins again
07:36:56 <Patashu> wow, what the hell
07:36:59 <Patashu> I have -five- heal wounds potions
07:37:01 <Patashu> and I'm only on D:3
07:37:03 <NihilistDandy> Nice
07:37:18 <Patashu> 'You can now bend space around yourself.'
07:37:19 <Patashu> is that good
07:37:26 <kmc> that happened to me once
07:37:32 <Patashu> oh, it's blink+dispersal
07:37:33 <Patashu> cool
07:37:51 <elliott> kmc: you should play crawl so all this stuff makes sense to you
07:37:58 <olsner> don't you always bend space around yourself?
07:37:59 <kmc> drugs: like video game powerups for real life
07:38:33 <elliott> Sgeo: now ##crawl know my SECRET IDENTITY!!!
07:38:43 <NihilistDandy> 'You can now bend more space around yourself' just lacks panache.
07:40:16 <Patashu> wow
07:40:18 <Patashu> that bend space sure helped!
07:40:27 <Patashu> ~first heal wounds quaff of the game~
07:40:40 <NihilistDandy> What, that you're a scientist who, in a tragic type-level programming accident, created the most chaotic IRC bot possessed of AI and a taste for text games ever seen?
07:41:04 <NihilistDandy> lambdabot being a close second.
07:41:31 <Sgeo> Does DF count as a text game?
07:41:47 <itidus20> Sgeo: well i was rambling in #gamedev the other day about non-interactive games
07:42:04 <elliott> Yes.
07:42:12 <elliott> Or rather, a glyph game or whatever.
07:42:19 <itidus20> and how flash movies on newgrounds might almost count as games
07:42:45 <itidus20> you guys are already familiar with the nature of my rants though.
07:43:05 <NihilistDandy> That flash is awful and shut up that is the end of the discussion?
07:43:17 <itidus20> nods
07:44:06 <NihilistDandy> What do you imagine it would take to wipe PHP off the programming map?
07:44:34 <elliott> tipex
07:44:41 <NihilistDandy> Other than extermination (fsvo "other")
07:45:20 <NihilistDandy> *Tipp-Ex
07:45:34 <NihilistDandy> Unless you think...YES
07:45:36 <NihilistDandy> Of course
07:45:43 <NihilistDandy> An Israel pop band has been the key all along
07:45:50 <NihilistDandy> *Israeli
07:45:50 <itidus20> humm.. drive it to near extinction
07:46:08 <elliott> *fuckyou
07:46:20 <NihilistDandy> *marryme
07:46:34 <elliott> Teapacks (also known as Tipex) (Hebrew: טיפקס‎) was an Israeli band that formed in 1988 in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. Originally the band was named after the correction fluid Tipp-Ex, but the name was then changed so as not to infringe on the well-known brand.
07:46:48 <NihilistDandy> Oh, fair point
07:47:10 <itidus20> go to guy for tipp-ex
07:47:27 <NihilistDandy> Being European helps with that
07:47:42 <NihilistDandy> We call that whiteout (Wite-Out)
07:48:31 <pikhq_> Yeah, um, that's the first time I've seen "Tipp-Ex".
07:48:48 <Patashu> hey, elliot
07:48:50 <Patashu> want to see how my first ogak died
07:48:51 <Patashu> it was unreal
07:48:55 <elliott> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI_S0tswjWc
07:49:00 <elliott> Patashu: k
07:49:10 <Patashu> I probably played wrong
07:49:11 <Patashu> but it was funny
07:49:19 <NihilistDandy> elliott: I like this song already
07:49:30 <NihilistDandy> They sound a bit like DDT or Gogol Bordello
07:49:49 <NihilistDandy> And a little like Zlad
07:50:20 <Patashu> blonk
07:50:24 <Patashu> mmm, meph
07:50:35 <Patashu> so I hit it a bunch but suck at combat
07:50:39 <Patashu> so I have to guzzle ?heal wounds like a moron
07:50:44 <elliott> NihilistDandy: this song is actually great
07:50:46 <elliott> i mean
07:50:52 <elliott> for eurovision at the least
07:50:58 <NihilistDandy> Yeah, I'm into it
07:51:14 <Patashu> then I realize 'this isn't working'
07:51:17 <elliott> Patashu: your error was using mephitic cloud
07:51:18 <Patashu> so I back up and use the goblin as cover
07:51:23 <Patashu> until the goblin gets confused and stops being my meat shield
07:51:26 <Patashu> and then I just run for the stairs
07:51:27 <Patashu> and then
07:51:28 <Patashu> this happens
07:51:41 <Patashu> fucking game
07:51:46 <Patashu> I laughed, though
07:51:49 <monqy> elliott: shachaf: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13786158/monqy.png
07:51:50 <elliott> rip
07:51:59 <Patashu> I got confused and fell down the stairs
07:52:00 <elliott> monqy: you neglected to misspell your name!!!
07:52:02 <elliott> otherwise gr8 gr8 gr8
07:52:03 <Patashu> yet it still took like 3 turns for it to stop
07:52:09 <monqy> how do i misspell "monqy"
07:52:10 <elliott> is that what you look like
07:52:14 <elliott> monqy: monky
07:52:16 <monqy> oh
07:52:25 <monqy> i also "forgot" to put monqy before the thing
07:52:34 <elliott> its ok you get a special self-portrait
07:52:36 <monqy> maybe my "forgettings" cancel each other out
07:52:46 <elliott> im going to set that as the esolang wiki's background
07:53:13 <NihilistDandy> I'm thinking ghoul next time. I like getting health from consuming corpses
07:53:21 <monqy> & yes that is what i look at
07:53:24 <monqy> especially in real life
07:53:31 <NihilistDandy> That's exactly what I expected
07:53:57 <elliott> monqy: are you a pear
07:54:00 <monqy> yes
07:54:06 <elliott> ah
07:54:16 <elliott> i'm not
07:54:20 <NihilistDandy> We are all pears here. Pear-reviewed esolang discussion
07:56:16 <elliott> monqy: what's crawl
07:56:24 <monqy> i dont know
07:56:32 <elliott> me too
07:57:33 <NihilistDandy> Oh, crawl? You guys should try it! It's a roguelike, but with no rules or strategies, just cowboys
07:59:32 <kmc> console cowboys?
08:00:06 <monqy> elliott: help should i use faith or clarity
08:00:27 <elliott> uhhhh
08:00:29 <monqy> faith means xom acts more but clarity means he won't confuse me (assuming that bug's fixed where xom confuses through clarity) which means less lame deaths
08:00:38 <elliott> do you want to laugh or win
08:00:42 <monqy> D:
08:00:52 <monqy> ostensibly less lame deaths means more laughs
08:01:01 <elliott> go for clarity then
08:02:51 <elliott> @time monqy
08:02:52 <lambdabot> Local time for monqy is Fri May 4 01:02:51 2012
08:02:58 <elliott> monqy: oops
08:03:02 <elliott> deazly
08:06:06 <elliott> monqy: rip
08:07:07 <NihilistDandy> Maybe Xom is what was missing from my last play
08:07:29 <elliott> well
08:07:32 <elliott> xom would make your play more NihilistDandy
08:07:36 <elliott> but i think you need to make it less NihilistDandy instead
08:07:47 <elliott> are you watching squarelos?
08:07:55 <NihilistDandy> No, should I?
08:07:58 <elliott> well
08:08:00 <elliott> it's always an experience
08:08:24 <NihilistDandy> Who the hell is he, anyway?
08:08:28 <elliott> monqy
08:08:29 <NihilistDandy> In channel, that is
08:08:32 <NihilistDandy> Oh, okay
08:08:36 <elliott> this is the second time i've told you that
08:08:54 <elliott> the flashing square thing is his, that's not part of the game itself
08:09:07 <elliott> also he has both autoexplore and a custom autofight script on space and bashes it a lot
08:09:08 <elliott> uh
08:09:10 <elliott> kinda like you actually
08:09:26 <NihilistDandy> I might be in love
08:09:34 <NihilistDandy> He is much faster, of course
08:10:06 <NihilistDandy> I like "squarelos the Poker"
08:10:08 <elliott> monqy: running from sigmund? how could you
08:10:20 <monqy> I was slowed then got confused and then sandwiched with an ogre
08:10:27 <elliott> he just wants to say hi
08:11:45 <elliott> monqy: you should convert to chei
08:12:51 <monqy> why
08:13:04 <elliott> monqy: exactly
08:13:17 <elliott> imagine all the fun of xom and all the slow of chei
08:17:01 <elliott> 09:16 <absolutego> who's on squarelos?
08:17:04 <elliott> i don't understand this question
08:17:07 <elliott> monqy: has anyone but you ever been on squraelos
08:17:10 <elliott> *squarelos
08:17:15 <monqy> yes
08:17:20 <elliott> in the past year
08:17:24 <monqy> yes
08:17:28 <elliott> in the past 6 months
08:17:31 <monqy> i think so
08:17:33 <elliott> in the past 3 months
08:17:34 <monqy> ask blade
08:17:40 <monqy> who isn't online
08:17:42 <elliott> in the past 24 hours
08:17:44 <elliott> in the past 3 minutes
08:18:56 <NihilistDandy> I just got 6 silver javelins from Xom
08:19:12 <elliott> are you really
08:19:13 <elliott> playing muck
08:19:17 <NihilistDandy> Yeah
08:19:20 <NihilistDandy> Doing okay, too
08:19:23 <elliott> monqy: you might want to tell NihilistDandy why muck is a bad idea even if xom
08:19:29 <monqy> NihilistDandy: muck is a bad idea
08:19:41 <monqy> was i even around then
08:19:41 <elliott> i said why not tha
08:19:42 <elliott> *that
08:19:45 <elliott> monqy: i don't remember
08:19:54 <elliott> i chose muck because of you though
08:20:18 <elliott> NihilistDandy: it's this bad: 09:20 <Henzell> muck[1/1]: Win this (without abandoning Xom) and you can win any argument before it starts.
08:21:12 <elliott> what a great grinder strategy
08:21:12 <elliott> i
08:21:13 <elliott> no
08:21:15 <elliott> you're kidding me
08:21:19 <elliott> monqy: watch nihilistdandy
08:21:20 <elliott> he just
08:21:25 <elliott> meleed grinder with 22 hp and died
08:21:32 <elliott> but xom revived him and gave him a crimson imp
08:21:44 <elliott> this is awful he's going to survive again
08:21:45 <NihilistDandy> Shit was so cash
08:21:49 <NihilistDandy> No, I died
08:21:53 <elliott> thank god
08:21:57 <elliott> don't play muck
08:22:01 <NihilistDandy> Being crazy is totally worth it, though
08:22:09 <elliott> you can play ck
08:22:12 <elliott> just don't play mu with it
08:22:28 <NihilistDandy> The lack of hunger is really convenient, though
08:22:34 <elliott> yeah but
08:22:37 <elliott> you also can't quaff potions
08:22:43 <NihilistDandy> Also, short sword
08:22:44 <elliott> which xom makes even worse than it already is
08:22:50 <elliott> spear is the best starting weapon
08:22:51 <elliott> monqy wisdom
08:23:02 <NihilistDandy> Right, short sword is the worst
08:23:19 <elliott> you should open that door
08:23:20 <elliott> no
08:23:21 <elliott> the other one
08:23:25 <elliott> no
08:23:28 <elliott> if youre playing muck
08:23:33 <elliott> then thats the kind of thing youre doing on a regular basis
08:23:51 <elliott> don't you dare fucking survive
08:23:55 <elliott> jesus christ
08:24:00 <NihilistDandy> lol
08:25:11 <elliott> monqy: hi
08:25:26 <monqy> elliott: chaos spear zerked the trol
08:25:51 <NihilistDandy> SID
08:25:56 <elliott> monqy: has anyone won muck with xom
08:25:56 <NihilistDandy> ?
08:26:00 <monqy> elliott: yes
08:26:04 <elliott> NihilistDandy: it doesn't matter
08:26:05 <elliott> you're muck
08:26:11 <elliott> pick anything, you will die the same
08:26:21 <monqy> elliott: contrary to popular belief, i'm not the best player, and i certainly got worse after my hiatus
08:26:29 <elliott> monqy: nonsense
08:26:31 <elliott> you're the best player
08:26:39 <elliott> how else could you dispense such pure wisdom
08:27:13 <NihilistDandy> Oh, and I haven't even touched my skills
08:27:19 <NihilistDandy> This is crazy
08:27:29 <elliott> monqy: for example
08:27:34 <elliott> monqy: has anyone else made their player into a flashing square
08:28:12 <monqy> I don';t think so
08:28:30 <elliott> monqy: exactly
08:29:00 <NihilistDandy> I have a ring of see invisible
08:29:05 <NihilistDandy> This is great news
08:29:12 <monqy> closest would probably be xomscumming (ragdoll), who uses a flashing M
08:29:46 <elliott> i know them because they died to a butterfly
08:29:50 <elliott> (i asked sequell)
08:29:57 <monqy> ah yes, I was around for that
08:30:07 <elliott> was it intentional
08:30:10 <monqy> yes
08:30:18 <elliott> that makes it less cool
08:30:20 <monqy> we had a "dying to things without attacks" party
08:30:21 -!- MoALTz_ has joined.
08:30:35 <monqy> like fungi and toadstools and plants and bushes and butterflies
08:30:46 <elliott> good
08:30:59 <NihilistDandy> Level 4
08:32:24 <NihilistDandy> Is there a scroll with very specific requirements for use? I've used this one near enemies and walls, but it doesn't seem to do anything
08:32:35 <NihilistDandy> Oh, curse jewelry
08:32:37 <NihilistDandy> Sweet
08:32:55 <NihilistDandy> Cursed ring of see invisible :D
08:33:19 -!- MoALTz has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
08:34:30 <monqy> elliott: have you tried smart kobold yet
08:34:33 <elliott> monqy: no should i
08:34:36 <monqy> yes
08:34:40 <elliott> right now?
08:34:42 <monqy> sure
08:34:43 <monqy> i'd say to termcast it but
08:34:46 <monqy> :'(
08:34:51 <elliott> i could
08:34:53 <elliott> stream it
08:34:54 <elliott> if you know of a
08:35:01 <elliott> not-completely-terrible thing for that
08:35:03 <monqy> uhhhhh
08:35:06 <monqy> depends on your standards
08:35:11 <elliott> low
08:35:15 <elliott> well high but
08:35:17 <elliott> i can't expect much
08:35:24 <monqy> i use justin.tv because it's the first thing i found a hacky shell script thingy to stream with
08:35:32 <monqy> where by hacky shell script thingy i mean
08:35:43 <NihilistDandy> elliott: If you were watching a second ago, you'd have shit yourself with rage at my survival
08:35:45 <monqy> what to pass to ffmpeg to make it do streamy
08:36:03 <elliott> monqy: the os x thing is still a problem
08:36:07 <Patashu> turns out ogak is better once you know you can pray over corpses
08:36:12 <elliott> i'll try building it
08:37:19 <NihilistDandy> Level 5
08:37:36 <monqy> yaey
08:38:23 <elliott> Now download libtcod1.5.0 and install into ../lib. You can copy the
08:38:23 <elliott> version in ../../linux/lib to ../lib to get this effect.
08:38:25 <elliott> uugh
08:38:28 -!- sebbu2 has joined.
08:38:39 <elliott> ok let me try wine
08:39:37 <Patashu> wow, this ogak is crazy
08:39:44 <Patashu> I just met two ogres in a row and suffered no problems whatsoever
08:39:46 <Patashu> O_O
08:39:49 <Patashu> he's just suddenly...good???
08:40:11 <elliott> monqy: im compiling wine
08:40:20 <elliott> failing that i'll reboot i think i have a disused linux partition on here
08:41:47 -!- sebbu has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
08:41:59 <elliott> Warning: Clang currently miscompiles some parts of Wine. If you have gcc, you
08:41:59 <elliott> can get a more stable build with:
08:41:59 <elliott> brew install wine --use-gcc
08:42:00 <elliott> oopse
08:43:01 <elliott> monqy: i need squarelos entertainment for all this effort
08:43:09 <monqy> ok
08:46:55 <elliott> monqy: what happened
08:46:58 <monqy> bad
08:47:16 <elliott> rip
08:48:13 <elliott> Srg
08:48:21 <monqy> i didn't notice the water mocasine
08:50:31 <elliott> is smart kobold really hard to play :(
08:50:59 <monqy> depends on what you mean hard, play
08:51:05 <elliott> thanks
08:52:26 <elliott> god this build is so slow
08:52:28 <elliott> @time monqy
08:52:31 <lambdabot> Local time for monqy is Fri May 4 01:52:29 2012
08:52:35 <elliott> happy 01:52:59
08:52:57 <monqy> why couldn't you just get libtcod is there no mac libtcod or something
08:53:38 <elliott> i guess i could i just
08:53:42 <elliott> gave up after seeing it's not in homebrew
08:53:48 <monqy> oh
08:54:26 <elliott> should i just compile it myself
08:54:27 <elliott> ill try it
08:54:43 <elliott> where's the source
08:56:36 <monqy> http://doryen.eptalys.net/libtcod/ oh no wheres the sourc
08:56:50 <monqy> oh theres "svn" oh it's 404
08:57:11 <monqy> https://bitbucket.org/jice/libtcod sourc
08:57:18 <elliott> yeah i found that
08:57:59 <elliott> how do i build libtcod
08:58:08 <elliott> there's cmake crap and stuff here
08:58:09 <monqy> no clue
08:58:13 <elliott> uuugh
08:58:14 <elliott> well
08:58:16 <elliott> wine installed
08:58:17 <monqy> ive only ever just used the binarys
08:58:18 <elliott> lemme try this
08:58:20 <monqy> ok
08:59:19 <monqy> oh hey
08:59:20 <monqy> i
08:59:22 <monqy> found a thing
08:59:45 <elliott> An application has requested X11 to change the resolution of your display. X11 will restore the display to its previous state when the requesting application requests to return to the previous state. Alternatively, you can use the ⌥⌘A key sequence to force X11 to return to the previous state.
08:59:45 <elliott> help
09:00:04 <elliott> monqy: go on
09:00:20 <monqy> i can make my language change every turn i think
09:00:29 <monqy> im going to do it
09:00:30 <elliott> oh
09:00:30 <elliott> howso
09:00:38 <monqy> i discovered: crawl.setopt
09:00:43 <elliott> omg
09:00:43 <elliott> monqy: make it
09:00:46 <elliott> change charset every turn
09:00:48 <elliott> so the walls flahs
09:00:49 <elliott> *flash
09:02:12 * elliott installs cmake oops
09:02:45 -!- elliott has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
09:03:31 -!- elliott has joined.
09:04:54 <monqy> it works
09:04:54 <elliott> monqy: its not work
09:04:56 <elliott> oh does it
09:04:57 <elliott> oh so it does
09:05:05 <elliott> monqy: you should make it never choose the same one twice in a row
09:05:13 <elliott> also you didn't do the charset thing :'( (creibriadoses)
09:05:16 <monqy> :(
09:05:30 <elliott> monqy: wait i have a better idea
09:05:39 <elliott> monqy: make the layout of the stats display change every turn
09:05:54 <monqy> i'm going to make the hud panel change colours
09:07:04 <monqy> wow im going to make so many of my options random
09:07:06 <monqy> it's going to be great
09:07:53 <elliott> just change a random option randomly each tur
09:07:54 <elliott> *turn
09:08:02 <elliott> wait
09:08:02 <elliott> wait
09:08:22 <elliott> monqy: change whether the messages are on top or bottom randomly every 50 turns or so
09:08:30 <monqy> aaaahgh yesss
09:10:02 <elliott> ../dircontrol.h:41: error: ‘NAME_MAX’ was not declared in this scope
09:10:02 <elliott> ugh
09:10:28 <elliott> ../firefly.cpp:65: error: ‘class TCODConsole’ has no member named ‘setBack’
09:10:29 <elliott> ugh
09:10:39 <FireFly> ...
09:10:52 <FireFly> That's the first time I've been highlighted because of a file name, I think
09:11:43 <elliott> monqy: im maybe going to reboot into os x; does the justintv shell script you found support streaming a single window
09:12:19 <monqy> no :( but if you make the streamy portion small and put your window in the top right of your screen it "works just fine"
09:12:34 <monqy> probably there are better shell scripts but i just haven't needed one
09:12:34 <elliott> uugh
09:12:37 <elliott> that's annoying because
09:12:42 <elliott> i want to tab to irc
09:12:45 <elliott> ok i'll keep hacking this source
09:14:49 <elliott> ugh
09:14:51 <elliott> this tcod shit
09:14:53 <elliott> is so shitty
09:14:58 <elliott> the stable release
09:15:00 <elliott> has no build system
09:15:02 <elliott> the hg stuff
09:15:03 <elliott> doesn't work
09:15:19 <monqy> do the binarys do they not work??
09:16:08 <elliott> http://doryen.eptalys.net/libtcod/download/
09:16:11 <elliott> do you see an os x binary here
09:16:18 <elliott> oh whoa there is
09:16:18 <elliott> but
09:16:21 <elliott> it's of too old a version
09:16:39 <monqy> also a beta release
09:16:42 <monqy> "beta"
09:16:47 <elliott> smart kobold wants 1.5.0
09:17:02 <monqy> hows wine
09:17:08 <elliott> it just crashed
09:17:13 <monqy> =/
09:17:16 <elliott> uhhh do i have a virtual machine thing on here
09:17:20 <elliott> nope
09:17:32 <elliott> ill try upgrading x11
09:20:17 <elliott> monqy: ugh this stuff looks like a pain
09:20:19 <elliott> where's your script
09:20:24 <monqy> what script
09:20:30 <monqy> oh
09:20:32 <monqy> that thing
09:21:50 <monqy> where i found it was http://michaelchinen.com/2011/06/27/justin-tv-streaming-in-linux/ but searching for justin tv ffmpeg returns a lot more results which might be better
09:22:10 <elliott> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10050988/haskell-removes-all-occurrences-of-a-given-value-from-within-a-list-of-lists
09:22:13 <elliott> scroll down to the last answer :D
09:22:20 <elliott> monqy: that's what i found too
09:23:23 <elliott> also this deleted one
09:23:23 <elliott> [[
09:23:25 <elliott> Thanks to your class mate I seem to have proof you are cheating on my coursework! Mr Badr expect 0% for your Haskell coursework and we may even remove the marks already attained in your previous coursework. Furthermore this username will be sent to other all the lectures who will check for plagiarism in for their coursework. You have been warned and have been told several times that you must not do this and their will be a severe pena
09:23:26 <elliott> lty! Your autumn modules will be reviewed too!
09:23:28 <elliott> Please Contact the your tutor who will give you advice on this situation.
09:23:30 <elliott> ]]
09:26:55 <elliott> monqy: how did your configuration go
09:26:59 <monqy> uhh
09:27:01 <monqy> configuration??
09:27:17 <elliott> crawl
09:27:19 <monqy> oh
09:27:20 <monqy> it's
09:27:22 <monqy> still going
09:32:29 <monqy> wow changing status caption colour each turn makes it so they each get a different colour that applies when they're updated
09:33:18 <elliott> i want to se
09:33:20 <elliott> *see
09:33:35 <elliott> that's good
09:33:40 <elliott> not quite good enough yet though
09:33:47 <monqy> right i've only just started
09:34:48 <elliott> Error: No available formula for zenity
09:34:48 <elliott> ugh
09:36:06 <elliott> monqy: might have smart kobold running soon
09:36:17 <monqy> yesss!!
09:38:42 <monqy> what else to randomis hm
09:39:22 <elliott> Unhandled exception: unimplemented function msvcp80.dll.??0?$basic_ifstream@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@@std@@QAE@PBDHH@Z called in 32-bit code (0x7b82756c).
09:39:23 <elliott> ugh
09:40:44 <elliott> monqy: ill try linux
09:40:55 -!- elliott has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
09:42:25 -!- elliott has joined.
09:42:30 <elliott> ugh this installation is disused
09:42:31 <elliott> monqy: hi
09:42:47 <monqy> helo
09:43:50 <elliott> ./kobold_bin: error while loading shared libraries: libtcod.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
09:43:53 <elliott> i forget what this error means
09:44:43 <monqy> libtcod.so is in ../lib
09:44:47 <monqy> er
09:44:51 <monqy> well
09:44:53 <monqy> somewhere in there
09:44:54 <elliott> right but
09:44:57 <elliott> i copied it
09:44:57 <elliott> so
09:45:08 <elliott> oh hmm
09:45:15 <monqy> did you copy it onto your loadpath
09:45:21 <elliott> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. works :p
09:47:38 -!- elliott has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
09:47:41 -!- elliott_ has joined.
09:47:48 <elliott_> monqy: it ~sort~of~works~
09:47:58 <elliott_> i start it and little lines of blue light dance at the top of the screen
09:48:00 <elliott_> and the music starts
09:48:01 <elliott_> and they keep dancinga
09:48:04 <elliott_> *dancing
09:48:06 <elliott_> and nothing else happens
09:48:08 <elliott_> and it's fullscreen
09:48:17 <monqy> unfollscren it
09:48:19 <elliott_> how
09:48:23 <monqy> theres a thing
09:48:28 <elliott_> thanks
09:48:42 <monqy> when you start it
09:48:53 <monqy> thers a togl full screen option
09:48:55 <elliott_> no
09:48:57 <elliott_> you don't understand
09:49:03 <elliott_> it does not show anything on my screen apart from the tiny lines of light at the top
09:49:28 <monqy> uhhhh
09:49:32 <monqy> how did that happen
09:49:46 <elliott_> let me check my crystal ball.
09:50:26 <elliott_> does anyone know how to force sdl to be windowed
09:50:32 <elliott_> alternatively
09:50:39 <monqy> you could try wineing it
09:50:40 <elliott_> monqy: what exact keystrokes do i need from it starting to get it windowed
09:50:42 <elliott_> so i could do it blind
09:50:51 <elliott_> no, it doesn't work in wine, i tried on os x
09:50:56 <elliott_> it was an error with an unimplemented function
09:50:56 <elliott_> so
09:51:20 <monqy> jjjj<enter>jjj<enter>
09:52:03 <elliott_> noted
09:52:09 <elliott_> how long do you have to wait before starting it for that to work
09:52:11 <elliott_> loading time and stuff
09:52:19 <elliott_> and does the music take a while to start for you too
09:52:30 <monqy> the music happens once you start playing the game
09:52:46 <elliott_> huh, it suddenly started working
09:52:57 <elliott_> it's a bit small windowed :(
09:53:02 <monqy> :(
09:53:07 <elliott_> i'll lower my resolutionle
09:53:09 <elliott_> *resolution
09:53:10 <elliott_> less to stream too
09:54:03 <elliott_> monqy: link script again?
09:55:34 <monqy> http://michaelchinen.com/2011/06/27/justin-tv-streaming-in-linux/ i had to change it a bit to get it working but
09:55:42 <elliott_> can i have your copy
09:55:43 <elliott_> ive done enough
09:55:44 <elliott_> changing
09:55:45 <elliott_> for one day
09:56:41 <monqy> i changed the qual line to
09:56:45 <monqy> QUAL="ipod320" # one of the many FFMPEG preset
09:56:55 <monqy> since thats a ffmpeg preset for me and "fast" is not
09:57:02 <monqy> and i changed the ffmpeg invokation to
09:57:06 <monqy> ffmpeg -f x11grab -s "$INRES" -r "$FPS" -i :0.0 -f alsa -ac 2 -i hw:0,0 -vol 4096 -vcodec libx264 -vpre "$QUAL" -s "$OUTRES" -acodec libmp3lame -ar 11025 -ab 128k -threads 0 -f flv "rtmp://live.justin.tv/app/$STREAM_KEY flashver=FMLE/3.0\20(compatible;\20FMSc/1.0)"
09:57:14 <monqy> because of i forget why
09:57:24 <monqy> oh right uh
09:57:31 <monqy> thaaaaaaaats a bit broken i think
09:57:40 <monqy> because there's one part that I should have changed
09:57:41 <monqy> but I didn't
09:57:45 <monqy> and II keep forgetting to
09:58:04 <monqy> the -vol thing i think it is
09:58:24 <elliott_> im like 3 seconds away from giving up on this and never playing smart kobold
09:58:28 <monqy> since i've gotten reports of my streams have hilaribad clippy audio
09:58:32 <monqy> :(
09:58:48 <monqy> at least play smart kobold, even if you don't stream it
09:58:52 <elliott_> how bad will the quality be at 960x600 anyway
09:58:58 <elliott_> i doubt you'll be able to see the individual tiles
09:59:00 <monqy> dunno
09:59:32 <elliott_> what target fps???
09:59:32 <elliott_> should i use
09:59:43 <monqy> i just 20 for that
10:00:00 <monqy> (i havent messed with it)
10:00:00 <elliott_> which is the vol thing
10:00:11 <elliott_> oh 4096
10:00:11 <monqy> its one of the ffmepg flags
10:00:13 <elliott_> what should i change that to
10:00:16 <monqy> dunno
10:00:19 <monqy> "havent mesed"
10:00:32 <monqy> im fine with awful clippy audio it's like home to me
10:00:56 <elliott_> please open up http://www.justin.tv/ehird
10:01:22 <monqy> opend
10:01:24 <elliott_> [rtmp @ 0x138d660] Server error: Authentication Failed.
10:01:24 <elliott_> help
10:01:28 <monqy> uhh
10:01:34 <monqy> did you put your stream key in the stream key thing
10:01:43 <elliott_> yes
10:01:57 <monqy> i don't know whats wronge :(
10:02:16 <elliott_> btw i won't be looking at the
10:02:17 <elliott_> chat thing
10:02:21 <elliott_> ~irc~
10:02:25 <monqy> i wont be using it
10:03:19 <elliott_> http://community.justin.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=7479
10:03:23 <elliott_> [[
10:03:24 <elliott_> Long & short of it is simple - FFMpeg is NOT intended for streaming stuff on the Internet. Never was. It's only intended for playing stuff back locally.
10:03:24 <elliott_> Try not using FFMpeg. You'll be amazed at what will happen.....
10:03:24 <elliott_> Cheers
10:03:25 <elliott_> ]]
10:03:27 <elliott_> thanks a lot buddy
10:04:08 <elliott_> oh
10:04:12 <elliott_> you have to cut off the flashver apparently??
10:04:21 <elliott_> that works
10:04:24 <elliott_> monqy: am i broadcasting
10:04:32 <monqy> your thing is flashing
10:04:39 <monqy> but not quite baordcasting yet
10:04:44 <elliott_> [libx264 @ 0x1690400] broken ffmpeg default settings detected
10:04:44 <elliott_> [libx264 @ 0x1690400] use an encoding preset (e.g. -vpre medium)
10:04:45 <elliott_> [libx264 @ 0x1690400] preset usage: -vpre <speed> -vpre <profile>
10:04:45 <elliott_> [libx264 @ 0x1690400] speed presets are listed in x264 --help
10:04:45 <elliott_> [libx264 @ 0x1690400] profile is optional; x264 defaults to high
10:04:47 <monqy> it's like it tried broadcasting but didnt quite make it
10:04:55 <elliott_> aha
10:04:57 <elliott_> now it's working
10:04:59 <elliott_> fast is a preset for me
10:04:59 <monqy> yes
10:05:00 <elliott_> and ipod320 isn't
10:05:03 <monqy> oh
10:05:03 <elliott_> can you see me
10:05:07 <monqy> it's black
10:05:14 <elliott_> are you sure
10:05:15 <monqy> "a start"
10:05:18 <monqy> i'll refresh
10:05:29 <monqy> i refreshed and it's still black
10:05:34 <elliott_> let me test
10:05:36 <monqy> oh
10:05:39 <monqy> there it goes?
10:05:44 <elliott_> great
10:05:52 <elliott_> does it work now?
10:05:55 <monqy> oh wait no
10:05:58 <elliott_> wtf
10:05:59 <monqy> it went offline and showed a pic
10:06:04 <monqy> its offline now
10:06:15 <elliott_> what pic? my computer or just
10:06:16 <monqy> "oops"
10:06:16 <elliott_> "any pice"
10:06:22 <monqy> your computr
10:06:22 <elliott_> maybe the bitrate is too high
10:06:24 <elliott_> ok
10:06:34 <elliott_> i'll lower the audio bitrate
10:06:48 <monqy> live again
10:06:49 -!- cheater_ has joined.
10:06:51 <monqy> black
10:06:59 <elliott_> "drop=18"
10:07:02 <elliott_> perhaps that has something to do with it
10:07:09 <elliott_> "drop=19"
10:07:28 <monqy> is it dropping all of your frams
10:07:28 <elliott_> let me try a lower fps
10:07:38 <elliott_> ok try now
10:07:38 <elliott_> its
10:07:39 <elliott_> 8 fps
10:07:41 <elliott_> anything can manage 8 fps
10:07:52 <elliott_> drop=9 lol
10:07:55 <monqy> it's still blakce
10:08:15 <kmc> whatever game you were playing before, i'm pretty sure ffmpeg is a worse game
10:09:00 <elliott_> lemme try and watch my own
10:09:15 <elliott_> ad
10:09:16 <elliott_> gr8
10:09:28 <itidus20> i didn't realize crawl had audio
10:09:34 <elliott_> it doesn't
10:09:37 <itidus20> whoa.
10:09:41 <monqy> it does if you make it
10:10:01 <itidus20> you guys always take things to the next level
10:10:01 -!- elliott_ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
10:10:10 -!- cheater has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
10:10:52 -!- elliott_ has joined.
10:11:00 <elliott_> hmph
10:11:34 <monqy> :(
10:12:04 <elliott_> can VLC do audio
10:12:10 <monqy> no clue
10:13:02 <itidus20> it can play audio files. i dunno anything about streaming thouhg
10:13:27 <elliott_> monqy: maybe it's working now??
10:13:39 <monqy> its; black
10:13:48 <elliott_> well
10:13:52 <elliott_> the bitrate is like 273 kb/s
10:13:56 <elliott_> and my upload is like
10:13:58 <elliott_> less than that
10:14:39 <elliott_> monqy: now???
10:14:40 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
10:16:09 <elliott_> what about now i set the resolution to something ridiculously low
10:16:21 <monqy> oh it looks on
10:16:31 <monqy> yeah it's
10:16:34 <monqy> going alright
10:16:35 <elliott_> it should be a hideously distorted view of my screen
10:16:38 <elliott_> screenshot
10:16:42 <elliott_> i can
10:16:44 <elliott_> adjust the resolution and stuff
10:17:06 <Phantom_Hoover> Oh fucking great, I have aura over half my field of vision.
10:17:06 <lambdabot> Phantom_Hoover: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
10:17:07 <elliott_> (that was a request for a screenshot)
10:17:28 <Phantom_Hoover> ...and my keyboard has forgotten that it's a UK one.
10:17:29 <monqy> im screnshot
10:17:36 <elliott_> i too am screnshot
10:18:09 <elliott_> that's a quality bitrate
10:18:11 <itidus20> aura as in that stuff i see sometimes when i get low blood sugar
10:18:18 <itidus20> or aura as in a video game effect :P
10:18:20 <monqy> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13786158/notsobad.png
10:18:35 <itidus20> obviously the answer isnt important to me
10:18:36 <elliott_> haha nice it just
10:18:39 <elliott_> chopped off part of my screen
10:18:40 -!- Sgeo has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds).
10:18:53 <elliott_> lemme try and start the game
10:18:55 <elliott_> see how terrible it looks
10:19:29 <elliott_> how does it look & what's the fps like
10:19:56 <monqy> fps is good enough and i can see it "good enough"
10:20:04 <elliott_> what about the AUDIOE
10:20:11 <monqy> it works
10:20:19 <elliott_> is it clip
10:20:46 <monqy> no it's on the quiet side and only in my right ear phone
10:20:48 <elliott_> ill tweak the settings slightly just to make them less completely terrible
10:22:51 <elliott_> monqy: restarted
10:23:05 <monqy> ites black
10:23:09 <elliott_> give it a minute to starte
10:23:15 <monqy> ok
10:23:19 <elliott_> i can lower the bitrate if it doesn't
10:23:42 <elliott_> oh it
10:23:43 <elliott_> stopped
10:23:47 <elliott_> monqy: try now
10:23:55 <monqy> blak
10:24:04 <elliott_> another ten seconds
10:24:15 <monqy> blaak
10:24:19 <elliott_> ok fine
10:25:02 <monqy> it's going
10:25:10 <elliott_> woot
10:25:16 <elliott_> screenshot?
10:25:37 <elliott_> also can you toggle fullscreen ingame
10:25:53 <elliott_> because if so i'll probably do that because of
10:26:01 <elliott_> ~the quality issues~
10:26:05 <elliott_> *the ~quality
10:26:26 <monqy> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13786158/takeii.png
10:26:28 <elliott_> @time monqy
10:26:29 <lambdabot> Local time for monqy is Fri May 4 03:26:28 2012
10:26:31 <elliott_> s/ $//
10:26:40 <elliott_> wow it's worse somehow
10:26:40 <monqy> you can togole with escap menu i think
10:26:47 <elliott_> lemme try that
10:27:20 <elliott_> how did that go
10:27:47 <monqy> it was just like nonfullscreeen except in the upper lefthand corner
10:27:57 <monqy> no biggening
10:28:00 <monqy> or anything like that
10:28:09 <elliott_> oh
10:28:13 <elliott_> weird
10:28:17 <elliott_> i'll just leave it unfullscreened then
10:28:17 <elliott_> are you able to like
10:28:18 <elliott_> read the text
10:28:24 <monqy> some of it
10:28:27 <elliott_> good enough
10:28:34 <elliott_> ok, brb one second and then let's get started
10:28:37 <monqy> ok
10:28:47 <elliott_> monqy: you're in charge of linking Phantom_Hoover to the stream
10:28:54 <Phantom_Hoover> oh
10:29:03 <monqy> Phantom_Hoover: http://www.justin.tv/ehird
10:29:30 <Phantom_Hoover> all i see is
10:29:30 <Phantom_Hoover> lag
10:29:39 <Phantom_Hoover> lots
10:29:40 <monqy> theres lots of that
10:29:40 <Phantom_Hoover> of lg
10:29:43 <ion> I AM ON TELEVISION
10:29:43 <elliott_> lag howso
10:29:44 <Phantom_Hoover> too
10:29:51 <elliott_> ok who's
10:29:51 <elliott_> ready
10:29:52 <elliott_> way
10:29:52 <elliott_> wait
10:29:55 <elliott_> lemme up the font size on this irc
10:29:57 <Phantom_Hoover> Well I *still* haven't said anything beyond 'oh' in the stream.
10:29:59 <Phantom_Hoover> Oh wait
10:30:03 <Phantom_Hoover> Just now I did.
10:30:11 <elliott_> now you can all see stuff
10:30:15 <elliott_> hopefully
10:30:19 <monqy> not yet
10:30:19 <elliott_> ok is everybody sitting comfortably
10:30:25 <monqy> it hasn't laagged to this side yet
10:30:29 <monqy> ok there it goes
10:30:29 <elliott_> what
10:30:31 <elliott_> how laggy is it exactly
10:30:39 <monqy> pretty laggy
10:30:41 <monqy> but it's ok
10:30:46 <Phantom_Hoover> Hello mum!
10:31:04 <elliott_> here we go!!!
10:31:14 <elliott_> monqy: you'll have to remind me of the keys as i go
10:31:39 <monqy> the keys are pretty simple
10:31:43 <ion> What’s that game?
10:31:47 <Phantom_Hoover> is thi9s crawl
10:31:47 <monqy> smart kobold
10:31:51 <elliott_> smart kobold
10:31:56 <Phantom_Hoover> whats music
10:32:01 <monqy> smart kobold
10:32:29 <Phantom_Hoover> cant read
10:32:30 <Phantom_Hoover> words
10:32:33 <elliott_> whAT
10:32:43 <elliott_> monqy: can i eat corpses
10:32:52 <monqy> i don't think so
10:33:33 <elliott_> i have no clue what the fuck is going on
10:33:40 <elliott_> where's my hp
10:33:47 <monqy> also you should search a lot but searching is pretty tolerable since it shows you where yous earch and searching is guaranteed to find traps and then the treaps are remove after searching
10:33:51 <monqy> the blue stuff is your hp
10:33:59 <elliott_> oh
10:34:01 <elliott_> that's
10:34:03 <elliott_> the stupidest hp display i've ever seen
10:34:28 <Phantom_Hoover> wait
10:34:37 <Phantom_Hoover> the blue tinkly stuff is hp
10:34:43 <monqy> yes
10:34:54 <elliott_> help
10:34:58 <monqy> when you lose hp it turns brown and falls
10:35:03 <elliott_> help
10:35:12 <monqy> ellitt if you press s multiple times your search radius grows
10:35:15 <ion> There’s about 45 seconds of lag.
10:35:19 <Phantom_Hoover> wtf is this game
10:35:24 <monqy> smart kobold
10:35:28 <elliott_> monqy: are you responding to all my old searches
10:35:32 <elliott_> this lag is
10:35:33 <monqy> yes
10:35:35 <elliott_> not tenable
10:35:38 <Phantom_Hoover> dude smart kobolds make
10:35:38 <elliott_> come on
10:35:39 <Phantom_Hoover> no sense
10:35:42 <elliott_> i have to tweak the settings
10:35:57 <elliott_> oh shit the bitrate went up!!
10:35:58 <elliott_> look im just going to
10:36:00 <elliott_> lower the fps
10:36:21 <monqy> will 2fps make it unlaged
10:36:24 <elliott_> i tried 5
10:36:32 <elliott_> actually i'll try 3
10:36:46 <ion> How crappy is your upstream bandwidth?
10:36:49 <elliott_> ion: really crappy
10:36:55 <elliott_> like 60 Kio/s max crappy
10:36:58 <elliott_> ok how is it now
10:37:14 <elliott_> god it really doesn't feel like the future over here
10:37:19 <elliott_> monqy:
10:37:21 <ion> You’re using H.264, right?
10:37:24 <elliott_> yes but
10:37:27 <monqy> approx. as crappy?
10:37:31 <elliott_> monqy: seriously?
10:37:31 <elliott_> ugh
10:37:54 <monqy> well
10:37:59 <monqy> crappier now that the fps is lower
10:38:05 <elliott_> but no less laggy?
10:38:15 <elliott_> ugh
10:38:16 <elliott_> monqy
10:38:18 <elliott_> look up presets for me
10:38:21 <elliott_> find one crappier than "fast"
10:39:08 <monqy> they should be in your PREFIX/share/ffmpeg directory
10:39:22 <elliott_> help
10:39:25 <elliott_> which one's crappier
10:39:30 <monqy> i dont know
10:39:43 <monqy> you could find your copy of fast and make a copy of it with crappier everywher
10:40:09 <elliott_> let's see if ultrafast is better or worse
10:40:21 <elliott_> how's it
10:40:29 <monqy> not up yet
10:40:58 <elliott_> monqy: still not up?
10:41:00 <Gregor> What the eff are you doing???
10:41:05 <monqy> hi
10:41:07 <elliott_> hi
10:41:15 <monqy> its "off line":
10:42:05 <elliott_> ok im
10:42:06 <elliott_> trying another thing
10:42:20 <elliott_> oh that made it worse
10:42:20 <monqy> oh there it goes
10:42:23 <monqy> "upe"
10:42:25 <elliott_> how laggy now
10:42:29 <monqy> uhhh
10:42:29 <elliott_> i think probably more
10:42:33 <elliott_> but i can probably fix that
10:42:51 <monqy> about a while laggy
10:42:54 <elliott_> gr8
10:43:38 <elliott_> this is kind of hopeless
10:43:53 <elliott_> last resort
10:43:55 <elliott_> ive lowered my resolution
10:45:00 <elliott_> ok there is
10:45:05 <elliott_> literally no way the quality can get shittier
10:45:09 <elliott_> if this is laggy