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00:01:39 <elliott> Thanks shachaf.
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00:08:52 <monqy> portal is a short game yes
00:09:00 <monqy> never played portal 2
00:11:43 <Sgeo> Crap.
00:12:10 <Sgeo> A long time ago, I used a main password on a website that stores passwords in plaintext.
00:12:10 <monqy> portal may take longer if you get stuck on puzzles
00:12:21 <elliott> monqy: i'm bad at puzzles but
00:12:29 <elliott> sometimes i'm not
00:12:32 <elliott> but sometimes i am
00:12:34 <elliott> it ~depends~
00:12:46 <monqy> anyway portal is good & worth playing
00:12:51 <elliott> I think shachaf is away though. :'(
00:12:54 <monqy> i've heard mixed things about portal 2
00:12:59 <elliott> SO I CAN'T PLAY PORTAL.
00:13:08 <elliott> monqy: Is the Half-Life series also worth playing?
00:13:30 <monqy> i've only played hl2. this was a while ago but i think i liked it
00:15:05 <elliott> monqy: If I play them I have to start with HL1.
00:15:07 <elliott> :(
00:15:57 <monqy> I hear hl1 is good
00:16:13 <elliott> PH didn't like it, I think. But then he's PH.
00:16:17 <elliott> Or did he even try it? I forget.
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00:19:56 <elliott> fizzie: Why are you at work at 3 am?
00:19:57 <shachaf> elliott: im away :'(
00:20:01 <elliott> shachaf: hi
00:20:08 <elliott> shachaf: does portal 2 really only take 2 hours
00:20:24 <shachaf> "do you mean Portal 1"
00:20:36 <shachaf> Trick question: There is no such thing.
00:20:46 <elliott> erm
00:20:47 <elliott> by portal 2
00:20:48 <elliott> i mean
00:20:49 <elliott> portal 1
00:20:52 <elliott> shachaf: does portal 1 really only take 2 hours
00:20:58 <shachaf> elliott: Took me longer.
00:21:03 <shachaf> But then I was playing it "with someone else"
00:21:16 <elliott> how long did it `take'
00:21:35 <shachaf> I don't remember.
00:21:52 <elliott> anyway i'm "up for playing portal 1 now"
00:21:57 <elliott> how horrible is steam i;ve never used it
00:22:01 <monqy> horrible
00:22:03 <elliott> i oppose it on ideological grounds but have never used it ha ha ha
00:22:10 <monqy> it's bad
00:22:18 <elliott> :(
00:22:21 <elliott> is it worse on os x
00:22:35 <monqy> i run the windows version in wine so
00:22:37 <monqy> it's probably the worst for me
00:23:06 <elliott> did you know steam is coming to linxueseh
00:23:10 <elliott> `now you know'
00:23:10 <monqy> yes
00:23:12 <monqy> i knew
00:23:13 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: now: not found
00:23:21 <monqy> since i get weird breaky things like the windows moving a bit by themselves
00:23:24 <shachaf> elliott: It's pretty worse. :-(
00:23:38 <monqy> :-(
00:23:39 <shachaf> "pretty worse: worse than pretty bad"
00:23:52 <shachaf> "and pretty bad is pretty bad all on its won"
00:23:54 <shachaf> "own"
00:23:58 <elliott> can i use it to bug people when i;m playing the game "that's all i need & demand from a thing that is going to get between me and games"
00:24:17 <monqy> yes but i just use irc for bug
00:24:22 <shachaf> elliott: The very fact that you're playing a game "bugs people".
00:24:36 <monqy> (it notifies them your playing game)
00:24:39 <shachaf> elliott: You should install Steam to demonstrate your good intentions!
00:24:44 <elliott> shachaf: but can i bug them with
00:24:49 <elliott> ~personal messages~ i don't like impersonal bugging
00:24:54 <elliott> that "hi" needs to be typed by me !
00:24:56 <monqy> you can bug them with that too
00:24:59 <monqy> but
00:24:59 <elliott> ok ill install steam
00:25:06 <elliott> monqy: excellent ph will never rest a day in his life again
00:25:14 <monqy> excellent
00:25:20 <elliott> but what
00:25:31 <elliott> oh is there a limit to how many times you can redownload something from steam
00:25:34 <monqy> but ive nevver used it i just use irc
00:25:51 <elliott> monqy: irc requires switching windows and stuff
00:26:01 <monqy> i use windowed mode!!!
00:26:04 <elliott> at least if steam is anything like the OTHER things i've used it'll properly overlay on top of the game
00:26:05 <monqy> fullscren bothers me
00:26:06 <elliott> monqy: gross
00:26:12 <elliott> games in windowed mode are wrong
00:26:13 <monqy> you're gross!!!
00:26:16 <elliott> think of your immersion monqy!!!
00:26:19 <monqy> you're wrong!!!
00:26:19 <shachaf> elliott: What about:::
00:26:23 <shachaf> "crawl in windowed mode"
00:26:24 <monqy> my immersion is perfectly fine
00:26:24 <elliott> "Two-button mouse strongly recommended"
00:26:27 <shachaf> "monqys-crawl in windowed mode"
00:26:28 <elliott> Oh. Right.
00:26:31 <elliott> shachaf: So, um.
00:26:37 <elliott> Portal uses the mouse, right?
00:26:40 <monqy> yes
00:26:41 <shachaf> Um.
00:26:41 <shachaf> Yes.
00:26:46 <shachaf> "as they say"
00:26:49 <elliott> How great would...
00:26:49 <monqy> it's "first person"
00:26:51 <elliott> Portal with a touchpad be?
00:26:51 <shachaf> "you gotta have a mouse"
00:26:57 <elliott> Just. Theoretically!
00:26:58 <shachaf> "and it gotta have two buttons"
00:27:01 <elliott> I can right click with this thing!
00:27:05 <elliott> I've played Minecraft with this thing!
00:27:08 <monqy> have you ever played a fps except instead of shooting bullets you shoot puzzles
00:27:09 <shachaf> elliott: Just, like, get a mouse, man.
00:27:12 <elliott> It was intensely unpleasant, but...
00:27:16 <elliott> shachaf: It's 1:27 am!
00:27:21 <shachaf> "go to sleep"
00:27:28 <shachaf> monqy: "i just showed him"
00:27:29 <elliott> shachaf: I've already resolved to buy a DualShock 3 thing to play games with.
00:27:46 <monqy> hwats that
00:27:52 <shachaf> elliott: Instead of a dualshock 3 thing
00:27:54 <shachaf> "get a mouse"
00:27:55 <elliott> monqy: playstation 3 controller
00:27:58 <monqy> oh
00:27:59 <elliott> shachaf: nowhere to put a mouse
00:28:11 <shachaf> elliott: "on the touchpad"
00:28:11 <elliott> monqy: (playstation controllers are the best console controllers - elliott religion)
00:28:17 <elliott> shachaf: ew
00:28:20 <shachaf> Can we have an offtopic channel for this conversation?
00:28:20 <elliott> it'd scrape
00:28:22 <elliott> no
00:28:23 <monqy> i prefer mouse for fps "'game pads' are weird"
00:28:25 <elliott> this is the off-topic channel
00:28:29 <shachaf> NO
00:28:31 <elliott> monqy: they are but
00:28:33 <shachaf> THIS CHANNEL = ESOLANGS
00:28:34 <elliott> one purchase is better than two!
00:28:36 <elliott> shachaf: no
00:28:40 <monqy> i just use mouse
00:28:45 <monqy> and key board
00:28:56 <elliott> monqy: im laptop
00:28:57 <elliott> im no place to put laptop down
00:29:05 <elliott> http://ompldr.org/vZThtOQ/Screen%20Shot%202012-06-11%20at%2001.27.49.png simply drag
00:29:05 <monqy> floor
00:29:21 <elliott> monqy: floor is bad mousepad
00:29:27 <monqy> put laptop on floor
00:29:29 <shachaf> elliott: Get an
00:29:30 <monqy> put mouspad on floor
00:29:31 <shachaf> "optical mouse"
00:29:33 <elliott> shachaf: Is steam meant to be a 1x1 pixel window?
00:29:38 <shachaf> elliott: Yes.
00:29:43 <monqy> i dont "get" mac instals they're wierd
00:29:44 <shachaf> elliott: Now you see why people hate Steam so much.
00:29:45 <elliott> shachaf: Optimal mice are still yucky on floor.
00:29:47 <monqy> "i dont use a mac" - monqy
00:29:50 <elliott> Floor is all, like, lumpy.
00:29:55 <shachaf> elliott: Get a LAZER mouse.
00:29:59 <elliott> monqy: applications just run from anywhere
00:30:03 <elliott> and you put them in /Applications because
00:30:05 <monqy> get a "track ball" (laiughter)
00:30:06 <elliott> "why would you put them anywhere else"
00:30:07 <shachaf> "you know it's cool 'cause it's spelled with a zee"
00:30:11 <elliott> I own a trackball!
00:30:13 <shachaf> "not a zed btw, a zee"
00:30:14 <elliott> I used it for a while.
00:30:15 <elliott> It sucked.
00:30:20 <shachaf> elliott: Use a trackball!
00:30:23 <elliott> No.
00:30:29 <elliott> Oh, now it's updating Steam.
00:30:38 <monqy> honestly i'd rather fps with trackball than touchpad
00:30:40 <elliott> Why am I installing this Satanic thing?
00:30:46 <monqy> "monqy opinions"
00:30:56 <monqy> updating is steam's thing, man
00:30:57 <shachaf> monqy: "how much for a monqy opinion"
00:30:58 <elliott> monqy: Well um I'm probably not going to get very far with this touchpad, but.
00:31:10 <shachaf> elliott: No, seriously, don't use a touchpad.
00:31:13 <monqy> honestly i'd rather fps with trackball than "game pad"
00:31:17 <monqy> im bad at sticks
00:31:20 <monqy> i mean
00:31:22 <monqy> camera sticks
00:31:25 <monqy> camera sticks are weird, man
00:31:32 <elliott> Do you think the "elliott" account name is taken?
00:31:32 <shachaf> monqy always gets "camera stuck"
00:31:34 <shachaf> GET IT!!!!!
00:31:34 <monqy> i can't use them to aim!!!
00:31:40 <elliott> monqy: I don't like sticks for camera movement in FPSes either.
00:31:50 <shachaf> elliott: you should get:: "ehird"
00:31:53 <elliott> Steam - working
00:31:54 <elliott> shachaf: Yeah I am.
00:31:59 <elliott> Does Steam spam you?
00:32:18 <shachaf> Only when you try to log in from a new computer.
00:32:23 <elliott> Steam - working
00:32:27 <shachaf> "yay"
00:32:27 <elliott> such an elegant indicator of progress
00:32:30 <elliott> pop up a new window
00:32:32 <elliott> title: Steam - working
00:32:35 <elliott> text: Steam - working
00:32:46 <elliott> Steam requires an answer to a predefined secret question?
00:32:50 <elliott> Why do people like Valve so much?
00:32:51 <elliott> This is horrible.
00:33:01 <elliott> "What is the name of your school?" "Elliott"
00:33:06 <elliott> (Because I *am* school, see?)
00:33:51 <monqy> wow im scvhool too
00:34:11 <elliott> Wow, thanks for echoing my password back at me in plain text, Steam.
00:34:22 <elliott> "Is this still your current email address?" I JUST GAVE IT TO YOU SECONDS AGO
00:34:35 <monqy> it's for double security
00:34:41 <elliott> Okay, I have a Steam account now.
00:34:46 <monqy> congratulations
00:34:52 <elliott> Is this the part where I add "friends" and get "achievements"?
00:35:00 <elliott> Because I have neither of these. IRL, I mean.
00:35:06 <shachaf> "achievement unlocked: unlocked achievement"
00:35:06 <elliott> ":'("
00:35:12 <shachaf> elliott: ":'("
00:35:25 <elliott> Ew, ew, it identifies me by my email address?
00:35:33 <elliott> Wow you can't add friends without games.
00:35:34 <monqy> steam does lots of things
00:35:38 <monqy> waht
00:35:55 <elliott> monqy: How do I make it stop identifying me as [firstpartofmyemailaddress]+*****? The asterisks are covering up "steam" for some reason.
00:36:08 <elliott> Ah, I just have to change my "profile name".
00:36:12 <elliott> This is...
00:36:31 <elliott> The worst piece of software installed on my computer.
00:36:37 <monqy> welcome to the club
00:36:57 <shachaf> "what monqy said"
00:37:00 <monqy> "exclusive"
00:37:02 <monqy> "members only"
00:37:11 <elliott> Wow, scrolling the store is really awful.
00:37:13 <shachaf> elliott: You know how you could make it even worse?
00:37:15 <elliott> Because it's a touchpad, see?
00:37:19 <elliott> But it scrolls in discrete increments in Steam.
00:37:22 <elliott> But it also does smooth scrolling.
00:37:25 <elliott> So it's really disorienting.
00:37:26 <shachaf> HINT:
00:37:30 <shachaf> "run steam under wine"
00:37:37 <monqy> what shachaf said
00:37:49 <monqy> ""
00:38:12 <elliott> http://steamcommunity.com/id/ehird/ ive got my own url im famous now
00:38:19 <shachaf> monqy: "now comes the time when you gift elliott portal 2"
00:38:21 <shachaf> "right??"
00:38:39 <elliott> I like how the background of the library changes each time.
00:38:43 <elliott> By "like" I mean this is awful.
00:38:44 <monqy> i don't even own portal 2 myself
00:39:08 <shachaf> elliott: Do you like "the backdoors installed on your system now"
00:39:11 <shachaf> "free of charge"
00:39:14 <monqy> i got portal when it was free
00:39:17 <elliott> When it says "This user has also played as:", do those entries expire after a while?
00:39:21 <elliott> +***** is so silly.
00:39:31 <elliott> shachaf: You should "gift" me Portal.
00:39:34 <elliott> Then I can become your "friend".
00:40:04 <elliott> I bet monqy can't wait to be my "friend".
00:40:05 <monqy> oh right that's your emmail isnt it
00:40:08 <elliott> I bet it's the only thing he lives for.
00:40:12 <elliott> monqy: It's an awful email. :(
00:40:17 <elliott> I need to change it.
00:40:22 <monqy> i have a few emails
00:40:23 <elliott> But I want a domain to change it to.
00:40:25 <monqy> about half of them are awful
00:40:27 <monqy> the rest are fake
00:40:32 <elliott> Fake?
00:40:34 <monqy> just kidding
00:40:40 <elliott> I think I know one of monqy's emails oh no shachaf added me.
00:40:44 <shachaf> elliott: "done"
00:40:46 <monqy> you probably know uh
00:40:52 <monqy> one of the decent ones
00:40:55 <elliott> shachaf: Go online, silly.
00:41:01 <monqy> i don't think i';ve mentioned any of the bad ones
00:41:04 <elliott> monqy: I don't remember how I found it out.
00:41:04 <shachaf> elliott: "i don't have steam installed ehre"
00:41:10 <elliott> I think I went "aha!" when I found it out, though, so it must have been cunning.
00:41:18 <monqy> uh oh
00:41:25 <monqy> was it awful
00:41:29 <elliott> i don't think so
00:41:30 <elliott> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197989530627 is this you monqy
00:41:33 <shachaf> monqy: "do you know elliott's email address"
00:41:35 <monqy> no
00:41:36 <monqy> thats not me
00:41:38 <elliott> but it says monqy
00:41:40 <monqy> are you searching for me
00:41:42 <elliott> maybe
00:41:43 <monqy> there are many monqys
00:41:50 <monqy> uuugh i have to clean out my friends list and such
00:41:54 <monqy> that things been untouched for years
00:41:59 <monqy> friends list and profile info
00:42:01 <elliott> don't worry i gave up after searching for "monqy"
00:42:04 <monqy> and probably everything else too ok good
00:42:30 <elliott> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011012274 the other result for monqy though
00:42:38 <monqy> im not monqy
00:43:13 <monqy> "Member since: December 28, 2009" wow ive been a long time
00:43:18 <monqy> Last Online: 80 days ago
00:43:25 <monqy> keep it up, me
00:43:32 <shachaf> http://steamcommunity.com/id/mrmistermonkey
00:43:34 <shachaf> "is that you monqy"
00:43:42 <shachaf> "looks like it"
00:43:44 <monqy> you're awufl "did you know that"
00:43:45 <shachaf> "hi monqy"
00:43:52 <monqy> im shame
00:43:57 <monqy> im going to hide and bury mself in hide
00:44:00 <elliott> im comfort
00:44:02 <monqy> turns out i already cleaned up my friends list
00:44:04 <monqy> beat u 2 it
00:44:09 * elliott propels waves of comfort to monqy
00:44:12 <monqy> didnt clean up anything else though oops
00:44:15 <elliott> u r being buffeted by the waves of comfort
00:44:21 <monqy> oh wait i cleaned up my profile pic!
00:44:31 <shachaf> monqy:
00:44:31 <shachaf> Portal
00:44:32 <shachaf> 16.1 hrs on record
00:44:35 <shachaf> :-(
00:44:37 <monqy> :-)
00:44:43 <shachaf> elliott: "it takes":
00:44:45 <shachaf> "16.1 hours"
00:44:47 <shachaf> "to beat portal"
00:44:53 <shachaf> "if ur monqy"
00:44:57 <monqy> i played lots of portal after i beat it !!!!
00:45:09 <shachaf> monqy: "what did you do"
00:45:14 <shachaf> "beat it again????"
00:45:18 <monqy> i think i beat it at least 2 more times after that, one of which was the radios thing
00:45:24 <monqy> and also did advanced chambers and uh
00:45:31 <monqy> probably left it running while not playing
00:45:40 <elliott> monqy: it;s ok some of us are slow at games
00:45:44 <elliott> you don't need to make excuses!!!
00:45:50 <monqy> no i wasnt slow!!!
00:45:53 <monqy> :'(
00:46:11 <monqy> oh i think the first time or two i played it though the achievements didnt work so those are "messed up"
00:46:34 <monqy> and i only played through hl2 once. same deal. but then i played it a bit again i think? so i have some early achievements
00:46:35 <elliott> "too bad I never got any of the achievements" - past monqy
00:46:45 <shachaf> monqy:
00:46:50 <shachaf> "is that a self self portrait"
00:46:55 <shachaf> "i think it is"
00:46:57 <monqy> is what
00:46:58 <monqy> the pear?
00:47:03 <shachaf> "yes"
00:47:04 <monqy> yes
00:47:13 <monqy> it's the very same pear
00:47:17 <monqy> the very same
00:47:26 <monqy> just not a rainbow ghost
00:47:29 <elliott> im not going to add monqy as a friend so he doesn't have to deal with the pain of declining my request "that's what friends are for"
00:47:49 <monqy> i woudlnt decline it !!! id just probably never log onto steam to accept it
00:47:51 <elliott> "VAC Status: In good standing" i don;t even know what this is
00:47:56 <monqy> valve anticheat
00:48:02 <shachaf> "The question remains, Mr. Threepwood, whether or not you can beat a pear"
00:48:04 <elliott> police state !
00:48:20 <elliott> woooow steam is so bad
00:51:27 <elliott> shachaf you gotta gifts me the portals so i can add monqy
00:51:40 <shachaf> elliott: "you can do that anyway"
00:51:45 <elliott> nope
00:51:47 <elliott> you have to add a game first
00:51:53 <elliott> his whole profile is greyed out if i log in
00:51:54 <shachaf> elliott: "hey"
00:51:55 <elliott> and unclickable
00:52:01 <elliott> yours worked because you added me
00:52:02 <shachaf> elliott: "want a team fortress 2 hat instead"
00:52:06 <elliott> no i;d rather dire
00:52:07 <elliott> die
00:52:08 <shachaf> "i hear those are popular"
00:52:15 <elliott> if i play tf2 im not doing hats
00:52:16 <elliott> ever
00:52:17 <elliott> no hats
00:52:18 <elliott> for me
00:52:19 <elliott> ever
00:52:23 <shachaf> elliott: "you can get tf2 for free btw"
00:52:25 <elliott> i know
00:52:29 <elliott> maybe i'll add tf2 since ph keeps telling me to play tf2 with him.
00:52:31 <elliott> monqy: is tf2 good.
00:52:31 <shachaf> And then you'd have a game!
00:52:36 <shachaf> elliott: "no its boring"
00:52:40 <elliott> thanks shachaf
00:52:41 <shachaf> "shachaf facts"
00:52:51 <shachaf> "almost as good as monqy facts"
00:53:24 <elliott> thanks monqy
00:53:27 <monqy> the thing with tf2 is it gets old quick then i have to take a big break
00:53:39 <shachaf> elliott: Wait!!!!
00:53:42 <elliott> monqy: but is it ever fun
00:53:46 <shachaf> elliott: "you can get games from the humble bundles"
00:53:46 <monqy> sometimes
00:53:47 <elliott> i can't add an unfun game as my first profile game
00:53:49 <shachaf> "you get free steam keys"
00:53:55 <elliott> shachaf: no i dont want to play them through steam
00:54:00 <elliott> i want to reduce my steam infection to its minimal point
00:54:02 <shachaf> "but that way you can add monqy"
00:54:04 <elliott> monqy: ok i'll add it then
00:54:06 <elliott> can you delete games later
00:54:15 <elliott> can i erase any knowledge that tf2 was my first-added game from steam
00:54:20 <shachaf> elliott: "no"
00:54:24 <shachaf> "forever known"
00:54:27 <elliott> monqy: is shachaf lies
00:54:36 <shachaf> "also it records how many hours you've played each game"
00:54:38 <elliott> steam fortress 2
00:54:42 <elliott> shachaf: but can't you delete!
00:54:44 <shachaf> "hall of shame"
00:55:19 <elliott> monqy: can;etl; you sdlet;re
00:55:49 <monqy> ????
00:56:01 <elliott> cant you delete games
00:56:03 <elliott> from steem
00:56:10 <shachaf> monqy: elliott is asking whether you can delete games from your Steam game list.
00:56:12 <elliott> shachaf: im not accepting any gift that starts with "Create your own paradox... for the love of pie"
00:56:13 <shachaf> I don't know of a way to do it.
00:56:19 <shachaf> elliott: "too bad"
00:56:43 <monqy> idont know
00:56:54 <elliott> ok i'll add tf2
00:57:00 <elliott> but for future reference
00:57:01 <elliott> i blame monqy
00:57:14 <elliott> ok wow tf2 is
00:57:15 <elliott> big
00:57:18 <elliott> i'll add a smaller game instead
00:57:28 <shachaf> elliott: Like the pieradox game??
00:57:36 <elliott> no i'd have to kill myself
00:57:40 <elliott> if i added that one as my first one
00:57:48 <shachaf> elliott: "were you happy when you saw: gift received"
00:57:56 <shachaf> "pranked :'("
00:57:58 <elliott> actually there was a pang of "oh god"
00:58:18 <elliott> shachaf: you know what would be a gr8 first two games to add
00:58:25 <shachaf> "braid"
00:58:27 <shachaf> "and"
00:58:29 <shachaf> "psychoanuts???"
00:58:31 <elliott> portal
00:58:31 <elliott> &
00:58:32 <elliott> portal 2
00:58:34 <elliott> from shachaf
00:58:36 <elliott> th ebest gifts
00:58:39 <monqy> uuuuuugh why is steam sending me my access code to my old awful email
00:58:42 <monqy> steam i hate you
00:58:54 <shachaf> monqy: What's your awful email?
00:58:54 <elliott> monqy: your old email can't possibly be as bad as mine
00:58:56 <monqy> elliott: i dont think you can detatch steam from your bad email
00:58:58 <monqy> shachaf: i wont tell you
00:59:02 <elliott> monqy: what
00:59:02 <monqy> elliott: i wont tell you
00:59:05 <elliott> i wasnt
00:59:06 <elliott> asking for yrs
00:59:08 <elliott> i was just comfort
00:59:09 <elliott> also
00:59:10 <elliott> why
00:59:11 <monqy> oh
00:59:11 <elliott> maybe if i
00:59:13 <elliott> email gabe
00:59:14 <elliott> he'll detach it for me
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00:59:31 <monqy> i figure becaus: i think i changed the email steam uses, but it didnt chagne? ? ?? ? ????
00:59:46 <elliott> shachaf: anyway can i have
00:59:48 <elliott> protal
00:59:52 <elliott> ;_;
00:59:53 <elliott> - me
01:00:07 <monqy> should have gotten it when it was free!!! like me
01:00:13 <monqy> "a cheap victory"
01:00:57 <shachaf> monqy: "hi every1 im new!!!!!!! *holds up spork* my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol...as u can see im very random!!!!"
01:01:12 <monqy> what
01:01:53 <elliott> shachaf: can i have portal :(
01:01:56 <monqy> shachaf: is that you
01:01:59 <monqy> shachaf: did you quote yourself
01:02:00 <elliott> i installed steam just for you!!!
01:02:09 <shachaf> monqy: "do i look like"
01:02:16 <shachaf> monqy: "a PENGUIN to you"
01:02:30 <elliott> shachaf: did i install steam for nothing :(
01:02:31 <elliott> this is awful !
01:02:41 <monqy> gulls and penguins "the same"
01:03:00 <shachaf> monqy: Am I a gull?
01:03:02 <monqy> stea mis bad at verifiying my special authentication code!!!!
01:03:07 <monqy> that swhat a shcahfaf is right
01:03:14 <monqy> also the same: duck
01:03:22 <shachaf> also the same: monkey
01:03:30 <shachaf> "NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH monqy!!!!!"
01:03:44 <elliott> but seriously
01:04:16 <elliott> monqy: have you logued in
01:04:20 <monqy> noi
01:04:21 <monqy> steam is being
01:04:22 <monqy> awful
01:05:26 <monqy> ok it successed
01:12:04 <zzo38> Why does 6502 lack a command to increment the accumulator?
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01:23:59 <zzo38> In some processors you can even increment an immediate value
01:24:56 <zzo38> (Of course it won't work if the program is stored in ROM; but if it is bank switching with the bank switch address the same as ROM address, then it can be used for that purpose)
01:40:53 <pikhq> Gregor: I declare delight in your voyages.
01:42:01 <pikhq> monqy: That "hi every1 im new!!!!!!!" thing is a 5 year old /b/ post that made the rounds.
01:42:24 <monqy> ah ha
01:42:41 <pikhq> (yes, that was posted on friggin' /b/.)
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01:59:28 <elliott> @ping
01:59:28 <lambdabot> pong
02:01:44 <shachaf> pikhq: It was a joke about elliott.
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02:27:52 <quintopia> @tell elliott new scoring is implemented and afaik functional. i'll let you install it.
02:27:52 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
02:45:12 -!- tswett has set topic: forking | http://codu.org/logs/_esoteric/ | Does anyone here have a recipe for macaroni casserole? tswett is looking for one..
02:45:27 <tswett> To answer the question someone is about to ask me: yes.
02:46:27 <shachaf> tswett: I have a recipe for macaroni casserole here. There's only one copy. Should I put it in the shredder?
02:46:31 <shachaf> Hmm, OK.
02:46:48 <shachaf> Done.
02:50:25 <tswett> Okay, now take it back out of the shredder.
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02:54:24 <shachaf> Can't.
02:55:08 <monqy> paper jam?
02:55:18 <monqy> unjam advised
03:01:45 <shachaf> paper jam = the most delicious kind of jam
03:05:41 -!- quintopia has set topic: forking | http://codu.org/logs/_esoteric/ | This is what the bfjoust hill will look like under the new scoring system: http://sprunge.us/DcIQ.
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03:10:50 <Sgeo> Should I try to use emacs starter kit?
03:13:07 <Sgeo> Argh
03:14:34 <Sgeo> I'm just going to use Lispcabinet
03:34:50 -!- MDude has changed nick to MDoze.
03:39:05 <Sgeo> The clojars website SUCKS
03:41:48 <Sgeo> Sedevacant Catholic vs .... not entirely sure what fight in #jesus is starting.
03:41:57 <Sgeo> Well, fight might be the wrong word
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04:05:15 <elliottasdf> Oh, just as I log back in...
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04:12:34 <pikhq> Sgeo: You must be a glutton for punishment.
04:12:55 <Sgeo> pikhq, the arguing didn't really start
04:13:15 <pikhq> I mean, surely #jesus is evidence that the Judeo-Christian mythos is correct, and #jesus is hell in it? :P
04:15:33 <Sgeo> lol
04:16:10 <Sgeo> `quote <pikhq> I mean, surely #jesus is evidence that the Judeo-Christian mythos is correct, and #jesus is hell in it? :P
04:16:12 <HackEgo> Failed to clone the environment!
04:16:32 <Sgeo> Well, that's nice
04:16:34 * Sgeo prods Gregor
04:16:35 <pikhq> Gregor: HackEgo bork
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05:22:54 <elliott> shachaf: hi
05:22:54 <lambdabot> elliott: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
05:23:04 <elliott> 06:23 <lambdabot> quintopia said 2h 55m 8s ago: new scoring is implemented and afaik functional. i'll let you install it.
05:23:06 <elliott> quintopia: "you"??
05:23:13 <elliott> ...you realise I do not administer EgoBot, right?
05:30:30 <shachaf> elliott: YO YO YO DAWG
05:30:37 <monqy> hi
05:30:38 <shachaf> Finished "the poratl" yet??
05:30:42 <shachaf> "as they say"
05:30:53 <elliott> 06:23 <elliott> ok i palyed up to level 18
05:31:02 <elliott> i saved for there because its 6:30 am
05:31:12 <elliott> tomorrow i will
05:31:13 <elliott> do the rest
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07:00:21 <elliott> @tell quintopia To clarify, I don't run EgoBot and have no ability to instal lanything on it.
07:00:21 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
07:00:25 <elliott> Note to self: read logs tomorrow.
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