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15:43:14 <nortti> "Next up: How to jailbreak your browser"
15:59:31 <nortti> http://crna.cc/magenta.html
16:02:06 <Deewiant> elliott: printf "\x1b[8;24;80t"
16:02:51 <shachaf> elliott: "no"
16:06:00 <elliott> Deewiant: Too late.
16:06:17 <elliott> Deewiant: (Can that make the window floating before doing that?)
16:06:25 <elliott> (I have to manually float it as it stands.)
16:07:06 <Deewiant> Floating? As in tiling window managers? I guess X might have some kind of message for that but I really don't know almost anything about X under the hood.
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16:32:39 <elliott> Deewiant: Yes, as in that.
16:34:18 <elliott> [[
16:34:19 <elliott> Nobel Prize ?
16:34:19 <elliott> Excuse me but, i win a nobel prize if i say that the fibonacci phenomenon is due to rotation of earth "plus" growth factor ???
16:34:19 <elliott> for example... for the spiral of sunflowers, and sea animal shells, just draw a straight line...very slowly...maybe following the sun light... and the rotation of earth make (plus growth factor) it become a spiral... does anybody before me understand it ???
16:34:20 <elliott> thank you.
16:34:22 <elliott> M.G. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:39, 11 June 2012 (UTC)
16:34:24 <elliott> ]]
16:34:27 <elliott> -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Fibonacci_number#Nobel_Prize_.3F
16:34:52 <elliott> Phantom_Hoover: Will M.G. win a Nobel Prize?
16:35:47 <Phantom_Hoover> yes
16:35:57 <Phantom_Hoover> nobel prizes for maths & horticulture
16:43:50 <Taneb> Nobel peas prize
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16:52:24 <elliott> `welcome seg
16:52:25 <elliott> `welcome segorev
16:52:27 <elliott> `welcome segorev
16:52:29 <elliott> oops
16:52:40 <HackEgo> seg: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
16:52:45 <HackEgo> segorev: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
16:52:46 <HackEgo> segorev: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
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18:25:27 <Taneb> I want to play Ratchet and Clank 3 again...
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19:00:23 <elliott> monqy: there's a very special message waiting for you
19:00:27 <elliott> it will make you
19:00:29 <elliott> "so proud"
19:00:31 <monqy> oh
19:00:31 <lambdabot> monqy: You have 4 new messages. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read them.
19:01:04 <monqy> :( / yes i knew / yes i knew / ok
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19:30:11 <Sgeo_> elliott, monqy Phantom_Hoover new album
19:30:23 <Taneb> Taneb already saw
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19:30:41 <Sgeo_> I thought I tried to tab-complete you. Huh.
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19:30:53 <Taneb> Maybe you tried Ngevd?
19:31:34 <Sgeo_> I thought I tried both, but I'm more sure I tried ngevd, so
19:31:55 <Taneb> It's okay :)
19:32:31 <oerjan> Gregor: today's logs seem cut off
19:32:32 <lambdabot> oerjan: You have 5 new messages. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read them.
19:32:53 <oerjan> er sorry, yesterday's
19:34:47 <oerjan> today's don't even exist
19:35:18 <oerjan> @tell Gregor Logs are broken since 2012-06-11
19:35:19 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
19:37:46 <oerjan> @messages
19:37:47 <lambdabot> elliott said 6h 25m 28s ago: Ben Olmstead commented on the Malbolge 99 bottles of beer some years ago.
19:37:47 <lambdabot> elliott said 6h 22m 51s ago: Ha ha, people who trust TIOBE.
19:37:47 <lambdabot> elliott said 6h 22m 20s ago: Using pastebin.com makes me sad, by the way.
19:37:47 <lambdabot> elliott said 6h 22m 15s ago: At least use pastie or something.
19:37:47 <lambdabot> elliott said 6h 22m 1s ago: (Or hpaste; it's not Haskell-exclusive.)
19:38:16 <Sgeo_> TIOBE
19:38:25 <Sgeo_> ?
19:38:37 <elliott> <oerjan> Gregor: today's logs seem cut off
19:38:42 <Sgeo_> Oh, thingy taht tracks poplarity of logs
19:38:44 <elliott> I think I already @told.
19:38:48 <elliott> Use the tunes logs.
19:38:53 <oerjan> i do
19:39:05 <Phantom_Hoover> Sgeo_, I think you several letters.
19:40:23 <oerjan> elliott: i was munging some data that was pasted to sprunge, which doesn't have a web interface, so i just started typing paste into my address line and pastebin.com was the first thing to appear in the suggestions. (probably from something on reddit.)
19:41:10 <oerjan> i considered omploader but wasn't sure if that was just for pictures
19:41:28 <nortti> i use paste.dy.fi but it is finnish
19:41:34 <oerjan> might have used hpaste if that had popped into my mind
19:41:50 <elliott> just use curl, you wimp :P
19:42:12 <oerjan> elliott: what, install a program? how rude.
19:43:38 <oerjan> elliott: also haskell reaching spot 25 surely means _something_, even if TIOBE's an inaccurate measure
19:43:49 <elliott> tiobe just uses google hits or something
19:43:54 <oerjan> well yes
19:44:15 <oerjan> the comment about logo is hilarious :P
19:44:45 <oerjan> but i doubt "haskell programming" shows up much unrelated...
19:45:22 <nortti> where did you find that info?
19:46:51 <oerjan> http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/paperinfo/tpci/index.html
19:47:09 <oerjan> it's not like it's the top google hit for TIOBE or anything...
19:48:04 <nortti> oh. "This site requires JavaScript." what language is number 1?
19:48:09 <oerjan> (the reason i went there was because someone wanted to know what i meant by using arrows to show changes, and i recalled they used it)
19:48:12 <elliott> oerjan: i doubt nortti's computer can use google.
19:48:13 <elliott> see.
19:48:22 <oerjan> elliott: ah.
19:48:29 <nortti> elliott: I can use google
19:48:36 <oerjan> nortti: C, Java, C++, Objective-C
19:48:38 <elliott> lucky you
19:52:03 <oerjan> <elliott> @tell ais523 Oh wait, it's not places, it's points.
19:52:32 <oerjan> if you're looking at my diff, i do realize using -10 to mean going up 10 places is a little confusing
19:52:51 <elliott> oh.
19:53:45 <oerjan> but i assumed people here were smart enough to interpret it >:)
19:54:07 <Taneb> I was going to complain, but then I switched to thinking it made a lot more sense than the alternative
20:04:05 <olsner> hi
20:06:04 <elliott> hi
20:30:36 <Taneb> BYe
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20:31:44 <oonbotti> hi
20:32:53 <elliott> hi
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21:05:59 <boily> hi?
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21:07:19 <nortti> yes
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21:09:46 <boily> then 'hi!'
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22:22:54 <olsner> hi
22:23:10 <elliott> hi
22:23:14 <elliott> no
22:23:15 <elliott> the hi ends here
22:26:06 <olsner> elliott: drawing the line, picard style? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyDbfCbQnH8
22:28:02 <coppro> http://www.google.com/search?q=chuck+norris
22:28:17 <olsner> coppro: chuck norris says "hi"
22:28:18 <elliott> no
22:28:20 <elliott> im not clicking tha tlink
22:30:11 <coppro> olsner: see the box on the right
22:30:12 <coppro> it has facts
22:30:31 <elliott> coppro: you don;t realise how terrible you are!!!
22:30:40 <olsner> coppro: actually, google seems to be unable to complete the secure transaction
22:31:21 <coppro> olsner: :(
22:31:32 <coppro> (also try lionel richie)
22:31:35 <olsner> but the automatic google search that happens when loading fails suggests I may be looking for "google"
22:32:06 <coppro> haha
22:33:30 <olsner> and if I manually google for chuck norris I get sucky localized personalized google that doesn't do anything useful at all
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22:37:59 <olsner> nice, logged out of everything google, now it works perfectly
22:38:08 <olsner> they really like to punish me for having a gmail account
22:57:10 <coppro> were you on google.com on your manual search?
22:57:14 <coppro> the box is only on google.com currently
22:58:17 <coppro> also weird:
22:58:22 <coppro> http://maps.apple.com/
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23:00:27 <olsner> no, that was using the sucky localized personalized google that doesn't do anything useful at all
23:01:02 <olsner> ... because google.com required being logged out of your google account to work at all
23:01:56 <pikhq> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-tbray-http-legally-restricted-status-00 I am fucking depressed that this seems like a good idea.
23:02:04 <olsner> ... but after logging out and retrying on google.com I got the chuck norris box
23:05:01 <olsner> the attempt at humor in that example seemed a bit malplaced
23:06:03 <nortti> yes. it seems like pretty damn good idea
23:06:08 * oerjan got no box
23:06:31 <oerjan> and i've never had a google account
23:06:53 <pikhq> olsner: It's IETF, what do you expect?
23:07:06 <olsner> oerjan: good for you
23:07:08 <oerjan> the menus were in norwegian though, probably the reason
23:07:27 <olsner> yes, you need to find your way to Actual Google first
23:08:06 <oerjan> ...i did use your link.
23:08:49 <oerjan> ah that worked.
23:09:06 * oerjan used the google in english link first
23:09:17 <olsner> google is very keen in force-feeding you your "preferred" language based on incorrect guesses
23:09:32 <oerjan> um the guess is correct enough :P
23:09:45 <oerjan> since i _do_ have norwegian as my top browser choice
23:09:52 <olsner> I don't
23:10:13 <oerjan> no, that would be a teeny bit strange for a swede
23:10:21 <pikhq> olsner: What, you mean national language of your current locale != preferred language?
23:10:25 <pikhq> Blasphemy!
23:10:35 <olsner> pikhq: indeed
23:10:36 <pikhq> Everyone knows everyone in $country speaks $country-ish!
23:11:19 <oerjan> couldn't you set english explicitly in the browser, then?
23:12:48 <olsner> pikhq: at least that is one of the less bad ways of getting it completely wrong :)
23:13:03 <pikhq> True, true.
23:13:30 <pikhq> Though it breaks *horribly* on some countries, and also doesn't work *very* well in most countries.
23:13:58 <pikhq> (pick a language to default to for India. Go on.)
23:14:32 <olsner> a nice example was when all opera users got facebook in indonesian, because opera mini is very popular in indonesia
23:15:17 * Sgeo_ decides that Facebook is very special
23:15:28 <Sgeo_> ...ok, I need to stop being an asshole
23:15:40 <olsner> and when people do it wrong the other way, all opera mini users get pages in norwegian
23:16:45 <pikhq> I'm pretty sure all current browsers support sending what the browser's current language setting is...
23:16:55 <pikhq> Erm, system's
23:16:59 <olsner> oerjan: that language setting doesn't seem to work on google, I checked that it's set to english
23:17:37 <pikhq> Why not just handle that, and default over to an internationalised language selection page?
23:18:39 <oerjan> olsner: now i tried setting it to italian, which gave me english, and resetting to norwegian _still_ gives me english. perhaps it doesn't look at that option at all.
23:19:23 <oerjan> pikhq: IE allows a prioritized list of languages
23:19:32 <olsner> ooh, another nice example of this stuff breaking down...
23:19:38 <olsner> some folks' apache server was set up to automatically forward to the "right" language version of pages, so if your preferred language was anything except *danish* what you got was a localized "congratulations, your web server works!" page
23:19:58 <oerjan> heh
23:20:13 <pikhq> olsner: *wince*
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23:20:48 <olsner> it was from one of dad's work projects ... "it looks like it works in denmark, but no-one in sweden can access it, halp?"
23:23:49 <olsner> hmm, the built-in google search url points to google.se ... I wonder how that happened
23:28:50 <oerjan> i vaguely recall mine points to .co.uk
23:39:28 * pikhq beats the moron that stuck ddrescue in /sbin/
23:41:04 <elliott> aaaa!! ty Gandalf61!! :) mmm i already have a certain idea..:) but i will make some experiment anyway. ty so much for your interest on my topic anyway! thank you. and...if i suppose is due to the earth magnetic field..? kinda like make grow a broccoflower inside a solenoid? i will try.
23:41:05 <elliott> -mmm..nice reading Phyllotaxis..it comes out that golden ratio have something to do with pentagon, and pentagon with dodecahedron, a platonic solid.(and the that-time-believed shape of universe). Bye. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 18:34, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
23:41:57 <oerjan> technically correct, the best kind of correct
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