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00:15:10 <quintopia> 1mpr0mp2
00:15:27 <quintopia> i mean
00:15:28 <quintopia> uh
00:15:37 <quintopia> if you like writing lots of HDL code
00:20:56 <zzo38> The only HDL codes I have written are FamicomHDL, although I have read Verilog codes for the Amber processor core and for other things.
00:22:14 <kmc> what's FamicomHDL?
00:22:34 <zzo38> Hardware description for Famicom cartridges
00:22:51 <zzo38> It is actually a library in Haskell
00:23:14 <shachaf> 16:22 <jrajav> Ohh xkcd
00:23:15 <shachaf> 16:22 <jrajav> The monty python of nerds
00:23:15 <shachaf> 16:22 <jrajav> :P
00:24:30 <kmc> isn't that monty python
00:24:36 <kmc> also http://xkcd.com/16/
00:24:39 <zzo38> nrom = do { prgrom <- makeROM 0; chrrom <- makeROM 16384; connects $ zip cpuAddress (take 14 $ addressPins prgrom); connects $ zip cpuData (dataPins prgrom); connects $ zip ppuAddress (take 13 $ addressPins chrrom); ... and so on.
00:24:50 <kmc> cool
00:25:30 <elliott> war and peace, truly the crime and punishment of 19th-century russian novels
00:25:34 <elliott> btw i have read neither of those
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00:26:41 <zzo38> Even though NROM is the simplest mapper (well, almost; there is a simpler one that has neither CHR ROM nor CHR RAM), you still need ten lines of code to program it.
00:27:51 <zzo38> And of course you also need to import (or define) functions such as makeROM, connects, cpuAddress, etc
00:28:59 <zzo38> There are other hardware description languages, I do not know a lot about them. I know a few things of Verilog since I have read the codes to implement the Amber processor core.
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01:13:31 <elliott> kmc: do you know anything about linux networking
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01:22:44 <kmc> yes
01:22:51 <kmc> that is a pretty vague question though
01:23:00 <kmc> whatcha whatcha whatcha want
01:25:56 <elliott> well i thought i figured out what i wanted
01:25:58 <elliott> but then i became less sure
01:26:03 <elliott> i realise it is vague
01:26:21 <elliott> what i am wondering is how the hell do you communicate with tcp_diag from wizmode
01:26:38 <elliott> kernel docs for /proc/net/tcp{,6} say that they are deprecated in favour of tcp_diag
01:26:45 <elliott> but i have no idea how to use it and google is no help
01:26:50 <elliott> maybe i should read the docs or something
01:27:10 <elliott> ps what i am trying to do is figure out the UID of the owner of a TCP connection
01:27:37 <kmc> i have no idea what that is
01:28:06 <elliott> define that
01:28:14 <kmc> tcp_diag or wizmode
01:28:25 <elliott> er
01:28:28 <elliott> s/wizmode/user mode/
01:28:37 <elliott> by which i mean
01:28:38 <elliott> userspace
01:28:59 <kmc> netstat -p will give you PIDs
01:29:25 <elliott> right i guess that works
01:29:27 <elliott> i am trying to do it programmatically
01:29:30 <elliott> maybe i will look at netstat's source
01:29:44 <kmc> or lsof
01:29:49 <kmc> they are probably terrifying though
01:29:58 <elliott> probably
01:29:58 <kmc> sometimes when i want to see how a program does its magic, i use strace
01:30:06 <elliott> i hear something about tcp_diag using netlink sockets
01:30:08 <elliott> which uhhhhhh
01:30:10 <shachaf> strace++ kmc++
01:30:11 <kmc> buhhhhh
01:30:11 <elliott> i don't know how to use netlink sockets
01:30:14 <kmc> run away
01:30:18 <elliott> i barely even know what netlink sockets are!
01:30:20 <elliott> i don't wantto know
01:30:27 <kmc> a trainwreck
01:30:28 <elliott> s/wantto/want to/
01:30:29 <kmc> is what
01:31:05 <shachaf> strace: greater program or greatest program
01:31:25 <kmc> the linux developers decided that there aren't enough ways for userspace to communicate with the kernel (you know, every system call and every file in procfs or sysfs or debugfs) and so there should be a special socket type for communicating with the kernel as well
01:31:57 <kmc> oh i forgot "every device file" and "every ioctl on every device file"
01:32:32 <kmc> they couldn't even be like "here's a UNIX socket with the kernel on the other end"
01:32:38 <elliott> kmc: okay well this sounds like a distinct regression from /proc/net/tcp, yes
01:32:42 <kmc> it has to be a new socket type which behaves mostly like UNIX sockets
01:32:44 <shachaf> «Netlink was designed for and is used to transfer miscellaneous networking information between the Linux kernel space and user space processes.»
01:32:45 <kmc> but not quite
01:32:54 <shachaf> Miscellaneous networking information.
01:33:00 <shachaf> That's pretty useful.
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01:35:38 <elliott> kmc: hm
01:35:40 <elliott> what package is netstat in
01:35:46 <elliott> i don't have it here
01:38:58 <shachaf> Debian net-tools
01:40:50 <elliott> kmc: "net-tools are deprecated and you should be using iproute2 instead: http://www.archlinux.org/news/deprecation-of-net-tools/" "So I think I have to use ss instead of netstat now. Thanks!"
01:40:51 <elliott> joy
01:42:39 <elliott> "This April marked the ten year anniversary of the last net-tools release."
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01:46:09 <kmc> let's rewrite everything again because it's shit
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01:46:22 <elliott> okay so ss uses netlink
01:46:28 <elliott> kill me now
01:46:41 <kmc> you already said that once
01:46:47 <kmc> am i obliged to kill you twice now
01:46:49 <elliott> yes
01:47:10 <kmc> will that make you into a zombie
01:47:15 <elliott> yes
01:47:15 <elliott> sendmsg(3, {msg_name(12)={sa_family=AF_NETLINK, pid=0, groups=00000000}, msg_iov(1)=[{"L\0\0\0\22\0\1\3@\342\1\0\0\0\0\0\2\0\0\0\0\0\0\0
01:47:15 <elliott> \0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0"..., 76}], msg_controllen=0, msg_flags=0}, 0) = 76
01:47:21 <elliott> kmc: so tell me about using netlink
01:50:11 <ais523> hmm, I reckon that in messages that are clearly mostly out of the ASCII range
01:50:23 <ais523> debuggers should escape every character, rather than just unprintable characters
01:50:32 <ais523> because it almost certainly isn't ASCII, and consistent presentation is useful
01:51:15 <coppro> I like the approach of "display as a string if it contains no unprintable characters, as a list of numbers otherwise
01:51:39 <ais523> well if you have a long run of printable characters
01:51:41 <ais523> you want to display as text
01:51:46 <ais523> in case it's binary data with embedded text
01:52:31 <coppro> make it an option
01:53:39 <ais523> but I don't like options very much, and in that case it'd slow me down to have to set it
01:53:59 <ais523> there's enough information for the computer to work it out automatically in this case
01:54:05 <ais523> so I shouldn't have to tell it what to do
01:54:34 <coppro> next you're going to tell me you're working on boehm GC
01:55:11 <ais523> no, I'm not, is there something wrong with it that I'd need to fix?
01:55:41 <coppro> no :P
01:55:52 <coppro> just the "it looks like a duck, so it's a duck" argument is similar
01:56:20 <ais523> I don't get it
01:56:31 <ais523> oh, you mean how it looks for things that might be pointers
02:01:14 <kmc> ais523: i think strace has that option
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02:27:06 <elliott> okay seriously
02:27:08 <elliott> how do you use netlink
02:27:14 <elliott> i guess i want NETLINK_TCPDIAG
02:27:19 <elliott> i wonder if there's any docs
02:28:16 <elliott> http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/shemminger/iproute2.git;a=blob;f=misc/ss.c;h=a0ab2e97cb8aea3f684d07b38df1cdc278c57bbe;hb=HEAD time to read this mess
02:28:52 <elliott> oh jesus
02:30:00 <elliott> ais523: hi
02:31:02 <kmc> if you want to read 3000 lines of uncommented C code then I recommend you read Ksplice instead, it's a lot more interesting
02:32:04 <elliott> kmc: but does it solve my problem
02:32:08 <kmc> smoking salvia is like that TNG episode "The Inner Light" except that the dead civilization that possesses Picard is a race of ten-dimensional hexagons
02:36:43 <monqy> good answer
02:42:21 <elliott> IMO kmc should write this code for me
02:44:26 <kmc> as your attorney i advise you to take a hit of some 20x salvia
02:44:40 <kmc> perhaps it will fix your netlink sockets
02:45:02 <elliott> ok
02:45:11 <elliott> i hear salvia is awful though
02:45:30 <copumpkin> I hear people react very differently to it
02:45:37 <copumpkin> I tried sucking on the leaves for a bit and it was disgusting
02:45:41 <kmc> it's pretty terrifying
02:45:41 <copumpkin> and I had to spit them out
02:45:48 <kmc> n.b. you should not heed my legal advice
02:45:53 <kmc> i am not a real attorney
02:46:03 <shachaf> gasp
02:46:10 <kmc> even though i do use latin abbreviations like "n.b."
02:46:32 <copumpkin> you should spell them all out
02:46:36 <kmc> nota bene!
02:47:05 <copumpkin> sounds good
02:47:15 <elliott> kmc: none of your advice so far has been legal though
02:47:18 <shachaf> kmc: Did you know the Hebrew letters for "P. S." are N B?
02:47:19 <elliott> drugs are illegal!
02:47:36 <shachaf> As in נ"ב
02:47:42 <copumpkin> shachaf: that sounds confusing. They should've designed hebrew better
02:47:48 <elliott> actually is salvia still legal
02:47:58 <copumpkin> yes, last I looked
02:48:06 <shachaf> I'm pretty sure sage is legal.
02:48:08 <copumpkin> I bought a tube of it in boston a couple of years ago
02:48:17 <copumpkin> shachaf: there are many varieties of salvia *
02:48:22 <copumpkin> :P
02:48:32 <shachaf> Yes.
02:48:45 <shachaf> As long as any of them are legal, you can say that salvia is legal.
02:49:36 <kmc> yeah always amused by people who go to home depot and buy the first plant that says "salvia" on the label and try to smoke it
02:49:55 <kmc> i should grow some herbs
02:49:59 <kmc> best way to have fresh herbs
02:50:08 <shachaf> Why would you smoke drugs?
02:50:09 <copumpkin> smoke some parsley
02:50:10 <kmc> oh and the oyster mushrooms may not be doomed after all
02:50:13 <shachaf> Smoking is disgusting.
03:00:06 <elliott> http://www.spinics.net/lists/netdev/msg214494.html
03:00:07 <elliott> okay
03:00:10 <elliott> so tcpdiag is itself deprecated
03:00:13 <elliott> and sockdiag is the latest thing
03:00:24 <kmc> hahahahahahaha
03:00:33 <kmc> <kmc> let's rewrite everything again because it's shit
03:00:40 <Bike> you sure you don't want to try smoking?
03:01:03 <elliott> kmc: the only thing that isn't shit is @
03:01:31 <kmc> because @ is the fixed point of the "let's rewrite everything again because it's shit" operator
03:01:40 <kmc> the... greatest fixed point
03:02:08 <shachaf> Greatest in what ordering?
03:02:14 <kmc> the greatest ordering
03:02:43 <shachaf> Can't argue with that.
03:06:25 <kmc> obviously not
03:18:44 -!- function has changed nick to trout.
03:25:14 <kmc> apparently romney's victory rally is in Boston
03:41:46 <copumpkin> o.O
03:42:04 <pikhq> Well he *was* Governor of the state.
03:42:06 <kmc> you have to have a victory rally
03:42:09 <kmc> even if you're going to lose
03:42:14 <copumpkin> well, I hope I won't get to use those rotten eggs I had saved up for a rainy day
03:42:19 <copumpkin> oh really?
03:44:00 <elliott> @ping
03:44:01 <lambdabot> pong
03:46:54 <kmc> @ding
03:46:54 <lambdabot> pong
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04:04:58 <shachaf> elliott: Do you feel like fixing a bug in lens?
04:05:03 <shachaf> I bet you do.
04:05:54 <elliott> what is the bug
04:06:25 <shachaf> https://github.com/ekmett/lens/issues/80
04:07:01 <shachaf> [19:42] shachaf will look into it later.
04:07:06 <shachaf> This is me looking into it.
04:07:34 <elliott> it could use Bazaar
04:07:35 <elliott> do that
04:07:58 <shachaf> Why don't you do it?
04:08:53 <elliott> i don't have commit rights
04:09:07 <shachaf> I'll commit it for you!
04:09:12 <shachaf> Fine, I'll do it.
04:09:20 <shachaf> I don't quite like the holesOf solution.
04:11:22 <elliott> I forget how sizeof works.
04:11:24 <elliott> When does it require sizeof?
04:11:25 <elliott> er.
04:11:27 <elliott> When does it require parens?
04:11:31 <elliott> Is "sizeof value" OK?
04:11:38 <shachaf> C?
04:11:42 <elliott> Or does it need to be "sizeof(value)"? And is that actually "sizeof (value)"?
04:11:44 <elliott> Yes, C.
04:11:49 <shachaf> It's "sizeof value"
04:11:55 <shachaf> sizeof isn't a function or function-alike.
04:12:02 <elliott> ISTR you need parens sometimes.
04:12:07 <shachaf> Yes, for types.
04:12:14 <shachaf> You can think of it as the sizeof the cast, I guess.
04:12:17 <shachaf> "sizeof (int)"
04:12:21 <shachaf> Or something, I don't know.
04:12:33 <shachaf> Anyway values don't need parentheses.
04:13:53 <kmc> C syntax is pretty wacky
04:14:05 <kmc> there isn't that much of it, but there are some strange bits
04:14:16 <kmc> "declaration follows use" is just dumb
04:15:55 <elliott> kmc: Is it portable to do struct { struct nlmsghdr blah; struct my_actual_request req; }? And then use &thatstruct in an iovec.
04:16:02 <elliott> Like, can't padding mess that up?
04:16:09 <elliott> Or does Linux guarantee it's OK?
04:16:26 <shachaf> elliott: what are you doing !!
04:17:49 <kmc> hey this lens library has some pretty nice documentation
04:18:06 <comex> elliott: if you want to be sure, use __attribute__((packed))
04:18:26 <kmc> yeah that
04:18:59 <kmc> almost certainly not needed, but if nothing else, it documents that you have made this assumption
04:19:01 <zzo38> Can the TOGA computer be implemented using a 74163 IC?
04:20:18 <comex> kmc: it could be needed if the struct starts with a 64-bit integer
04:20:28 <comex> er, maybe not
04:20:40 <comex> only because nlmsghdr happens to be aligned though
04:20:44 <kmc> i'm just suspecting that nlmsghdr... yeah
04:20:55 <kmc> for more or less these reasons
04:21:00 <comex> actually, I guess nlmsghdr itself would be declared packed in that case
04:21:09 <comex> well, it wouldn't make a difference
04:21:16 * comex shuts up
04:22:22 <kmc> suspecting that its size is a multiple of the largest alignment gcc will force on struct fields
04:22:25 <kmc> but not sure
04:22:30 <kmc> anyway yeah use 'packed'
04:24:39 <shachaf> Oh, are you reading the lens documentation?
04:24:49 <kmc> yes
04:24:51 <kmc> on github
04:25:08 <shachaf> People say it needs a lot more documentation.
04:25:23 <kmc> oh
04:25:41 <shachaf> One day I'll know all the lens operators.
04:25:41 <kmc> well it has more than "here are the functions and their extremely polymorphic types"
04:26:08 <shachaf> Most places it has "here are the functions and five different specializations of their extremely polymorphic types"
04:26:20 <shachaf> Also it uses doctest!
04:26:20 <elliott> <comex> elliott: if you want to be sure, use __attribute__((packed))
04:26:22 <elliott> comex: that's so unportable :(
04:26:25 <shachaf> I thought that was a Python-only thing.
04:26:28 <kmc> there's doctest for haskell now?
04:26:29 <kmc> cool
04:26:44 <kmc> elliott: eh, it works on GCC and every compiler that imitates GCC
04:26:48 <elliott> comex: I guess the struct is guaranteed to work iff nlmsghdr works though
04:26:53 <shachaf> So those example are actual tests.
04:26:58 <kmc> which is all the compilers you might use on Linux really
04:27:02 <elliott> so I suppose I will skip doing the whole copying-memory nonsense to do it "properly"
04:27:55 <comex> elliott: pragma pack is more portable, i believe, in case you somehow need to compile it with MSVC
04:28:03 <zzo38> I would like to see an implementation of Checkout in some hardware description language. (Possibly also make a compiler to make a binary, which this implemented hardware then runs.)
04:29:17 <elliott> comex: MSVC for linux
04:29:26 <elliott> "a good idea"
04:30:12 <monqy> did someone say a good idea
04:30:15 <monqy> i love good ideas
04:30:31 <shachaf> monqy: do you collect them
04:30:45 <monqy> yes
04:30:49 <quintopia> monqy: make it sadder
04:30:52 <monqy> i feed them well and also let them drink
04:31:49 <kmc> more like MICRO$HAFT VENEREAL COCKS
04:32:19 <shachaf> good one kmc
04:32:29 <kmc> thachaf
04:32:29 <shachaf> the best one ??
04:32:33 <kmc> "yes"
04:32:53 <elliott> __u8 pad;
04:33:00 <elliott> high tech padding from linux kernel headers industry
04:33:30 <elliott> /* Bytecode is sequence of 4 byte commands followed by variable arguments.
04:33:30 <elliott> * All the commands identified by "code" are conditional jumps forward:
04:33:30 <elliott> * to offset cc+"yes" or to offset cc+"no". "yes" is supposed to be
04:33:30 <elliott> * length of the command and its arguments.
04:33:30 <elliott> */
04:33:32 <elliott> oh good grief
04:33:43 <kmc> what is this
04:33:49 <kmc> bytecode for what
04:33:53 <elliott> bytecode
04:33:58 <elliott> for
04:33:58 <kmc> the code of bytes
04:33:59 <elliott> inet_diag
04:34:05 <kmc> why does this involve bytecode
04:34:43 <shachaf> Should I read _Purely Functional Data Structures_?
04:34:46 <kmc> yeah
04:34:57 <shachaf> It looks good.
04:35:01 <kmc> it feels good
04:35:15 <shachaf> theegan
04:37:47 <monqy> why does that involve bytecode...
04:38:10 <elliott> monqy: depends what `that' is
04:38:19 <monqy> whatever involves bytecode
04:38:29 <shachaf> why does bytecode involve bytecode
04:38:32 <kmc> in the grim linux of the far future there is only bytecode
04:39:14 <monqy> the children of the generation of the future: they're just bytecode??? humankind is dead.
04:39:48 <elliott> monqy: im already bytecode
04:40:27 <monqy> hows it like being subhuman
04:41:22 <elliott> monqy: superhuman
04:42:22 <monqy> hows it like being wrong
04:42:56 <elliott> monqy: how's it like being racist against bytecode :/
04:43:25 <shachaf> racist against every kind of code
04:43:27 <shachaf> except unicode
04:56:19 <elliott> kmc: okay apparently I actually have to send bytecode over netlink to find out the pid that owns a socket
04:56:38 <elliott> so
04:56:39 <elliott> that's a thing
04:57:20 <kmc> shachaf++
04:58:08 <kmc> stupid future
05:01:38 <elliott> this request code is going to be like
05:01:40 <elliott> 60 lines
05:01:49 <elliott> and that doesn't even count parsing the response
05:02:35 <monqy> what are you even doign
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05:04:49 <elliott> monqy: you dont want to know..........
05:05:30 <zzo38> Is ais523 on?
05:06:36 * pikhq feels too awesome
05:09:31 <elliott> zzo38: yes
05:09:32 <elliott> ais523: sorry
05:09:41 <elliott> kmc: q
05:09:42 <elliott> monqy: p
05:09:50 * pikhq feels far too awesome
05:10:35 <monqy> that's a dangerous feeling
05:10:44 <monqy> elliott: ?
05:10:47 <pikhq> Potentially
05:11:21 <coppro> pikhq: oh?
05:11:28 <coppro> I love that feeling
05:11:31 <coppro> what did you accomplish?
05:11:39 <pikhq> Girlfriend get
05:11:39 <elliott> monqy: yes.
05:12:29 <copumpkin> lol
05:13:21 <coppro> pikhq: congrats!
05:14:11 <pikhq> Perhaps a tiny bit weird; hard to be happy at people IRL 'bout it. Thus, here.
05:14:21 <coppro> nah, makes sense
05:14:35 <coppro> people get upset that you're gloating if you do it IRL
05:15:02 <elliott> q
05:15:40 <monqy> hi
05:23:39 <pikhq> coppro: Bah
05:24:32 <coppro> ?
06:13:16 <shachaf> It is time to take out the trash, and we need to stop supporting pay basis distros such as communist Redhat. They are charging us for the stuff thats spose to be free.
06:13:59 <pikhq> We need only juche distros.
06:14:52 <coppro> shachaf: please tell me you are not serious
06:15:36 <shachaf> I'm completely serious, coppro
06:15:51 <shachaf> I know that most of you would rather run Windows than Redhat. This is my opinion again, but personally Redhat runs like crap even on newer systems. Stock package management and static binaries may save time, but in the long run they lower your peak perormance and also make the system unstable, and as useless as a used condom. Even recompiling the kernel on Redhat causes problmes. Their modern init scripts interfere with some newer kernel ...
06:15:57 <shachaf> ... operations. It takes as much time to get Redhat working right as Gentoo.
06:16:05 <kmc> oh
06:16:06 <kmc> now it makes sense
06:16:10 <Bike> is this funroll-loops
06:16:50 <shachaf> yes
06:16:56 <kmc> goddamn freeloading redhat, always taking our stuff and never giving back
06:17:43 <kmc> i'd just like to say, there are so many uses for a used condom
06:24:01 -!- Sgeo has joined.
06:28:09 <zzo38> There is the chess variant "Chaotic Chess", which is not really quite as chaotic as they say it is. Each piece, after move, change into another kind of piece of your choice, subject to restriction cannot change into the pair Pawn-King, Knight-Queen, Bishop-Rook. Win if your opponent has no king.
06:33:25 -!- FreeFull has quit (Quit: Bye).
06:38:38 -!- augur has joined.
06:56:20 * Sgeo noticies the elixir language
07:02:17 <monqy> hi whats that
07:05:39 <Sgeo> http://elixir-lang.org
07:05:49 <shachaf> hi :')
07:06:01 <Sgeo> Language that runs on the Erlang VM. Syntax looks vaguely Rubyish, but it has macros
07:06:19 <elliott> Sgeo: is it better than clojure? is it better than tcl
07:06:23 <elliott> is it better than erlang
07:06:24 <elliott> is it better than factor
07:06:30 <elliott> is it better than common lisp
07:06:54 <shachaf> is it better than....
07:06:55 <shachaf> @
07:07:04 <shachaf> lambdabot: @
07:07:04 <lambdabot> Maybe you meant: . ? @ activity activity-full admin all-dicts arr ask b52s babel bf bid botsnack brain bug check choice-add choose clear-messages compose devils dice dict dict-help djinn djinn-add
07:07:04 <lambdabot> djinn-clr djinn-del djinn-env djinn-names djinn-ver do docs dummy easton echo elements elite eval fact fact-cons fact-delete fact-set fact-snoc fact-update faq farber flush foldoc forget fortune
07:07:04 <lambdabot> fptools free freshname ft gazetteer get-shapr ghc girl19 google googleit gsite gwiki hackage help hitchcock hoogle hoogle+ id ignore index instances instances-importing irc-connect jargon join karma
07:07:04 <lambdabot> karma+ karma- karma-all keal kind learn leave let list listall listchans listmodules listservers localtime localtime-reply lojban map messages messages? more msg nazi-off nazi-on nixon oeis offline
07:07:04 <lambdabot> oldwiki palomer part paste ping pl pl-resume pointful pointless pointy poll-add poll-close poll-list poll-remove poll-result poll-show pretty print-notices protontorpedo purge-notices quit quote rc
07:07:06 <lambdabot> read reconnect remember repoint run shootout show slap smack source spell spell-all src tell thank you thanks thx ticker time todo todo-add todo-delete topic-cons topic-init topic-null topic-snoc
07:07:08 <lambdabot> topic-tail topic-tell type undefine undo unlambda unmtl unpf unpl unpointless uptime url v vera version vote web1913 what where where+ wiki wn world02 yarr yhjulwwiefzojcbxybbruweejw yow
07:07:28 <Bike> @yhjulwwiefzojcbxybbruweejw
07:07:28 <lambdabot> "\"\\\"\\\\\\\"\\\\\\"
07:07:28 <Jafet> @yow
07:07:28 <lambdabot> Couldn't find fortune file
07:07:30 <Sgeo> I've always been curious about Erlang's approach to things, but the syntax does bother me, although I think the final straw was when the online book I was reading said that hot-swapping was a thing to try to avoid and is difficult
07:07:48 <Bike> well, that was enlightening.
07:07:49 <Sgeo> I think my only use-case for hot-swapping is to make development faster.
07:08:16 <Sgeo> @get-shapr
07:08:16 <lambdabot> shapr!!
07:08:24 <elliott> can we not do the lambdabot: @ thing
07:08:48 <shachaf> these bots are made for spammin'
07:08:57 <monqy> isn't erlang syntax just prolog syntax taken too far
07:09:10 <shachaf> oh no
07:09:14 <shachaf> how far is too far
07:09:15 <elliott> can it be vaguely more productive spam than lambdabot: @
07:09:18 <elliott> because that is really annoying
07:09:21 <elliott> thanks
07:09:21 <Sgeo> I'm going to venture a guess that Elixir is better syntax-wise than Ruby
07:09:32 <monqy> whoa, wild guess man
07:09:35 <shachaf> Sgeo: are you a venture capitalist
07:12:57 <monqy> Sgeo: what makes you say that. are you going to learn elixir now. what makes you like elixir.
07:13:15 <shachaf> is elixir the new clojure.
07:14:50 <monqy> exciting world of new languages and doing(?) things(??) with(????) them(???????)
07:15:48 <elliott> doing things with, n. telling #esoteric all about
07:15:51 <elliott> wait
07:15:53 <elliott> that's not a noun
07:15:53 <shachaf> that's a lot of question marks monqy
07:15:54 <elliott> fuck dictionaries
07:15:58 <shachaf> don't use up your lifetime supplies
07:16:26 <monqy> watching from a distance, community involvement(???)
07:16:54 <monqy> is there an elixir reddit you can teach about how elixir works
07:16:55 <fizzie> "lambdabot: @" "Maybe you meant: @" Yeah, maybe.
07:17:16 <fizzie> Elixir restores both your HP and MP to full.
07:27:46 -!- ais523 has quit.
07:40:56 <Sgeo> ...
07:41:04 <Sgeo> I think Elixir's "records" are mutable.
07:41:05 -!- lambdabot has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
07:41:23 <elliott> oh gosh
07:41:27 <elliott> mutable state in 2012?? how unfashionable
07:41:36 <fizzie> A Megalixir will restore *every party member's HP/MP*, if you can believe it.
07:41:43 <monqy> and calling them records?????
07:41:52 <monqy> come on, elixir
07:42:01 <Sgeo> Don't care what they're called, just about their mutability.
07:42:11 <Sgeo> Isn't Erlang supposed to use immutable stuff?
07:43:11 <coppro> Sgeo: you are confusing values with variable
07:43:14 <coppro> *variables
07:43:19 <coppro> Erlang does not have mutable variables
07:43:27 <Sgeo> "Keep in mind that records (as any other data structure) in Elixir are immutable. "
07:43:43 <coppro> Haskell does not have mutable variables either
07:44:14 <elliott> yes it does
07:44:54 <Sgeo> Oh, I understand. They're immutable.
07:45:40 -!- lambdabot has joined.
07:51:51 <Sgeo> Elixir has an interesting approach to macro hygiene, but I need to think about it for a while.
07:57:15 <monqy> what is it, what's there to think about, what's interesting about it
08:05:31 -!- epicmonkey has joined.
08:26:54 <Sgeo> In Lispy terms, a symbol in a quasiquote is distinct from a symbol received as an argument
08:30:34 -!- epicmonkey has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
08:47:53 <monqy> ok
09:00:36 -!- Bike has quit (Quit: sleep).
09:07:09 -!- zzo38 has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
09:07:51 -!- atriq has joined.
09:09:16 <atriq> elliott, in Brogue, is it possible to give allies instructions?
09:10:17 <elliott> atriq: no but you can swap with them which is helpful... the closest thing is that when they're ready to learn a new ability you can herd them to the tile where a monster recently died and they'll learn from that one
09:10:32 <elliott> (but they find such a square without your assistance anyway, it just lets you pick which one sometimes)
09:10:43 <elliott> allies take care of themselves fairly well generally
09:11:10 <atriq> So I can't say "Oi, friendly monkey! Go round there so that monkey that nicked my enhancement scroll can't escape!"
09:11:31 <elliott> nope
09:11:35 <elliott> do you want a tip for dealing with monkeys
09:11:41 <atriq> Yes
09:11:42 <elliott> it is incredibly complex
09:11:43 <atriq> That would be nice
09:11:44 <elliott> here is the tip
09:11:46 <elliott> throw darts at them until they die
09:11:51 <elliott> chasing them is pointless
09:12:00 <atriq> What if they steal your darts
09:12:05 <elliott> oh sometimes they steal your darts but you can just drop your darts before they steal and then pick up the darts afterwards. i don't do that
09:12:10 <elliott> if monkeys steal my darts what i do is i quit and start again
09:12:17 <elliott> life's too short
09:12:52 <atriq> Can you give me a tip about bloats
09:12:55 <elliott> here is a free bonus tip about acid amounds: unequip your armour and weapon to fight them and then put it back on afterwards
09:12:59 <elliott> atriq: which kind
09:13:06 <atriq> plain ones
09:13:07 <atriq> And pit ones
09:13:09 <elliott> the normal kind you can just pop and then walk out of the cloud and rest until it goes away
09:13:14 <atriq> And any other ones I haven't seen
09:13:17 <elliott> other kinds you want to use darts
09:13:35 <elliott> darts are useful with regular bloats too actually, since if one is close to other monsters you can kill it and the gas will hurt all the other dudes
09:13:46 <Jafet> Is this nethack
09:13:52 <elliott> it's brogue
09:13:54 <Jafet> With all the names changed around
09:13:55 <elliott> "basically the same"
09:14:09 <monqy> it's nethack but we just call it brogue because we're speaking in code
09:14:13 <shachaf> elliott: did you fix lens
09:14:14 <elliott> atriq: ps by acid amounds i mean acid mounds
09:14:17 <elliott> shachaf: no
09:14:19 <atriq> I got that
09:14:28 <shachaf> monqy: "want a fun project"
09:14:33 <monqy> no
09:14:36 <monqy> i hate fun
09:14:37 <shachaf> me neither :'(
09:14:43 <shachaf> who can i give this fun project to !
09:14:47 <monqy> Sgeo
09:14:56 <shachaf> Sgeo: want a fun project
09:15:42 <shachaf> <Sgeo> no comment
09:15:48 <shachaf> </Sgeo>
09:16:07 <atriq> elliott, can you give me a hint about pink jellies
09:16:35 <Sgeo> What project, and why do I have a feeling it will be lens related?
09:16:45 <shachaf> Sgeo: the project is:
09:16:47 <shachaf> fix lens
09:17:00 <shachaf> Actually there are two projects.
09:17:03 <shachaf> One is to fix bug #80
09:17:11 <shachaf> https://github.com/ekmett/lens/issues/80
09:17:28 <atriq> shachaf, I would but I'm fixing semigroupoids
09:17:36 <shachaf> atriq: What is there to fix?
09:17:38 <monqy> atriq: you can fight them in corridors or backed up into a dead end or something. the idea is that you can only be adjacent to 2 or 1 or so. another tech is to position the jelly so its spawns are more likely to end up behind it instead of behind you
09:17:42 <elliott> <atriq> elliott, can you give me a hint about pink jellies
09:17:47 <elliott> atriq: the easiest way is: get to a door
09:17:48 <elliott> stand in the door
09:17:55 <shachaf> "semigroupoids: the simplest thing in the world?"
09:17:59 <atriq> shachaf, Documentation for Data.Functor.Extend
09:18:01 <elliott> hit the jelly until it spawns behind you, then kill that spawn and continue hitting the original one
09:18:07 <elliott> atriq: you can do it without a corner like this but it's really the easiest
09:18:17 <elliott> since jellies can spawn in three spaces (to the sides of the corner)
09:18:21 <elliott> but they can't hit you diagonally around a corner
09:18:22 <elliott> so you're safe from them
09:18:29 <elliott> you can only get hit by two at once because of how corners work
09:18:46 * Sgeo has no idea what Bazaar is
09:18:52 <elliott> atriq: basically though just fight them not in the open
09:19:01 <atriq> That is a good tip
09:19:20 <monqy> atriq: more tip: if you light them on fire and then they split their splits will be on fire too
09:19:32 <elliott> i have a goblin conjurer tip too if you haven't figured those out yet!!
09:19:35 <elliott> i'm full of brogue tips
09:19:44 <monqy> atriq: more tip: if you discord them and split their splits will be discorded and kill each other
09:19:56 <atriq> Ooh
09:20:01 <atriq> elliott, hit me
09:20:02 <elliott> the most common thing: finding discord while you have jelly problems
09:20:10 <monqy> acidic jelly
09:20:25 <monqy> elliott: is this the tip where you back up into a cirroidor so it summons stuff behind itself thus trapping itself
09:20:27 <elliott> atriq: if you chase them before they summon then they won't summon they'll just run away from you. so if you chase them into a corridor (not open space) like this .@.g.
09:20:35 <elliott> atriq: and press z (to skip turns) until it summons
09:20:39 <elliott> then some of the blades will go in front of it
09:20:41 <elliott> and some will go behind it
09:20:43 <elliott> so you can kill the one in front of it
09:20:48 <atriq> Ooh cool
09:20:49 <elliott> and it won't be able to run because it'll have its blades behidn it
09:20:50 <elliott> *behind
09:20:51 <elliott> so you can kill it
09:21:02 <monqy> i take that as a "yes"
09:21:04 <elliott> monqy: no it's an entirely different tip
09:22:12 <shachaf> can i have a tip
09:22:27 <shachaf> like "shut up if you know what's good for you"
09:22:55 <monqy> Happiness is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.
09:24:35 <shachaf> Death is not *anything*... Death is... Not. It's the absence of presence, nothing more. the endless time of never coming back.
09:25:55 <elliott> monqy: have you noticed fewer runic stuff than before in 1.7 btw
09:25:57 <elliott> i have
09:26:05 <monqy> It's Never Too Late For Good Things To Happen!
09:26:16 <monqy> uhh i only played 1.7 ....twice?
09:27:08 <elliott> monqy: should play it some more!!! "it's harder than 1.6.4"
09:27:45 -!- nooga has joined.
09:27:52 <monqy> maybe i will!!!
09:30:33 <Jafet> I thought Death was like http://www.vamp.org/Gothic/Images/images/death2.gif
09:31:21 <shachaf> Jafet: Do you suppose Death could be a boat?
09:32:07 <shachaf> Guildenstern: No, no, no... death is not. Death isn't. Take my meaning? Death is the ultimate negative. Not-being. You can't not be on a boat.
09:32:10 <shachaf> Rosencrantz: I've frequently not been on boats.
09:32:13 <shachaf> Guildenstern: No, no... what you've been is not on boats.
09:33:43 <shachaf> Rosencrantz: Did you ever think of yourself as actually dead, lying in a box with a lid on it?
09:33:46 <shachaf> Guildenstern: No.
09:33:48 <shachaf> Rosencrantz: Nor do I, really. It's silly to be depressed by it. I mean, one thinks of it like being alive in a box. One keeps forgetting to take into account the fact that one is dead, which should make all the difference, shouldn't it? I mean, you'd never know you were in a box, would you? It would be just like you were asleep in a box. Not that I'd like to sleep in a box, mind you. Not without any air. You'd wake up dead, for a start, and ...
09:33:54 <shachaf> ... then where would you be? In a box. That's the bit I don't like, frankly. That's why I don't think of it. Because you'd be helpless, wouldn't you? Stuffed in a box like that. I mean, you'd be in there forever, even taking into account the fact that you're dead. It isn't a pleasant thought. Especially if you're dead, really. Ask yourself, if I asked you straight off, "I'm going to stuff you in this box. Now, would you rather be alive or ...
09:34:00 <shachaf> ... dead?" Naturally, you'd prefer to be alive. Life in a box is better than no life at all, I expect. You'd have a chance, at least. You could lie there thinking, "Well. At least I'm not dead. In a minute somebody is going to bang on the lid, and tell me to come out." [bangs on lid] "Hey, you! What's your name? Come out of there!"
09:34:05 <shachaf> [long pause]
09:34:08 <shachaf> Guildenstern: I think I'm going to kill you.
09:34:10 <shachaf> elliott: "is that what you feel like sometimes"
09:34:14 <monqy> Listen to yourself more often
09:34:35 <monqy> Your way of doing what other people do their way is what makes you special.
09:35:11 <shachaf> Whose way?
09:35:45 <monqy> You are contemplating some action which will bring credit upon you
09:36:51 <shachaf> monqy$ fortune
09:37:37 <shachaf> THATS DISGUSTING
09:37:45 <monqy> Wow! A secret message from you teeth!
09:38:01 <shachaf> monqy$ for i in `seq 1 5`; do fortune; done
09:38:27 <monqy> no
09:38:35 <shachaf> `quote
09:38:35 <shachaf> `quote
09:38:36 <shachaf> `quote
09:38:36 <shachaf> `quote
09:38:36 <shachaf> `quote
09:38:56 <HackEgo> 126) <ais523> reading playboy for the articles actually seems plausible nowadays <ais523> after all, there's porn all over the internet, why would you /pay/ for it
09:39:30 <HackEgo> 155) <alise> Why do you use random acronyms you know we don't know the expansions of? <pikhq> alise: TLAAW
09:39:32 <HackEgo> 779) <Edwin Brady> Just seen this comment on reddit: "Parallel programming has been a solved problem for decades." I might have to stop reading the internet.
09:39:34 <HackEgo> 767) <Sgeo> "Sgeo: how refreshing to see you talk about something other than whatever the heck homestuck is"
09:39:35 <HackEgo> 174) <oklopol> there's a rather clear separation into the 99% of esolangs that are fun syntax ideas, and the 3% that someone actually put some thought into.
09:42:37 -!- hagb4rd has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
09:43:29 -!- epicmonkey has joined.
09:51:57 -!- DHeadshot has joined.
09:59:36 <atriq> I don't like 779
09:59:42 <atriq> Or 767
09:59:45 <atriq> 155 is good
10:00:51 <elliott> 767 is unimpeachable & i like 799
10:00:53 <elliott> i dislike 155
10:00:55 <elliott> let us fight to the death
10:01:04 <atriq> Nah, it's cold outside
10:01:12 <elliott> agreed
10:01:12 <Sgeo> 799 wasn't even shown
10:01:16 <elliott> its cold inside too
10:01:19 <elliott> 779
10:01:22 <elliott> `quote 799
10:01:26 <HackEgo> 799) <zzo38> A lot of things happened; not only me, but also you
10:01:32 <elliott> 799 is good too
10:02:20 -!- ais523 has joined.
10:02:20 <monqy> i like 767 and 799
10:02:28 <monqy> 155 isn't so great
10:02:52 <atriq> monqy, stop sucking up to elliott
10:02:57 <monqy> im not!!!!
10:03:07 <monqy> lets find a quote we disagree on
10:03:08 <monqy> `quote
10:03:11 <HackEgo> 729) <Phantom_Hoover> I had a dream last night where I got hit by a van but the van had a brain uploader in it and I was uploaded and I angsted because I was stuck spending eternity with singularitarians?
10:03:21 <monqy> this is a good quote
10:03:33 <atriq> Indeed it is
10:04:35 <shachaf> I say 767
10:04:42 <elliott> `quote
10:04:45 <HackEgo> 591) <monqy> i agree with elliott
10:04:45 <elliott> `quote
10:04:46 <elliott> `quote
10:04:47 <elliott> `quote
10:04:47 <elliott> `quote
10:04:51 <monqy> `delquote 591
10:04:55 <HackEgo> 481) <Phantom_Hoover> OK, Taneb's been taken by a mood and he needs raw emeralds. <Phantom_Hoover> It's been fun knowing him.
10:05:05 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <monqy> i agree with elliott
10:05:15 <elliott> monqy: what if there's an even worse one
10:05:23 <monqy> can delete it too
10:05:28 <HackEgo> 442) <Taneb> Look, I often walk my dog through a field with cows in it. And I punched myself in the face once.
10:05:29 <elliott> thats cheating
10:05:29 <HackEgo> 270) <oklopol> okay see in my head it went, you send from your other number smth like "i'd certainly like to see you in those pink panties again" and she's like "WHAT?!? Sgeo took a pic?!?!?! that FUCKING PIG"
10:05:31 <HackEgo> 351) <ZOMGMODULES> scripting language. whole program analysis. together at last
10:05:41 <elliott> i love zomgmodules
10:06:14 <elliott> `quote
10:06:14 <elliott> `quote
10:06:15 <elliott> `quote
10:06:15 <elliott> `quote
10:06:15 <elliott> `quote
10:06:32 <HackEgo> 82) <dtsund> For those who don't know: INTERCAL is basically the I Wanna Be The Guy of programming languages. Not useful for anything serious, but pretty funny when viewed from the outside.
10:06:55 <atriq> What would be the Endless Forest of video games
10:07:03 <atriq> Endless Forest, probably
10:07:05 <elliott> what would be the pacman of video games
10:07:06 <HackEgo> 844) <zzo38> Do you think " `addquote [with no context] < zzo38> Do you think psychology is worse, or not?" is worse, or not?
10:07:10 <HackEgo> 650) <shachaf> VMS Mosaic? <shachaf> I hope that's not Mosaic ported to VMS. <shachaf> Hmm. It's Mosaic ported to VMS.
10:07:10 <HackEgo> 625) <Phantom_Hoover> You know what annoys me about Deep Space 9. <Phantom_Hoover> It wasn't in deep space. <Phantom_Hoover> It was orbiting Bajor.
10:07:13 <HackEgo> 583) <myndzi> lol :(
10:07:20 <atriq> I meant, what would be the Endless Forest of programming languages
10:07:40 <monqy> what would be the pacman of programming languages
10:07:45 <elliott> pacman
10:07:49 <elliott> monqy: do you have `a vote'
10:08:00 <monqy> hm
10:08:23 <monqy> 625 or 583 probably
10:08:33 <Sgeo> What would be the Artwar of programming languages?
10:08:58 <shachaf> 650
10:09:05 <elliott> `quote
10:09:05 <elliott> `quote
10:09:06 <elliott> `quote
10:09:06 <elliott> `quote
10:09:06 <elliott> `quote
10:09:14 <shachaf> I SAID 650
10:09:21 <HackEgo> 444) <NihilistDandy> The Russian's emblem was the hammer and sickle, not the fist and other fist
10:09:34 <Sgeo> I have said lol :( many a time myself
10:09:39 <elliott> youre not myndzi
10:09:51 <HackEgo> 351) <ZOMGMODULES> scripting language. whole program analysis. together at last
10:09:53 <Sgeo> May not have said it in here
10:09:54 <HackEgo> 409) <ais523> Phantom_Hoover: nope, I removed . from the current directory
10:09:59 <HackEgo> 473) <oerjan> i try to be a hermit but it's hard with all these housemates.
10:10:01 <HackEgo> 49) <GregorR> ??? <GregorR> Are the cocks actually just implanted dildos? <GregorR> Or are there monster dildos and cocks? <GregorR> Or are both the dildos and cocks monster?
10:10:04 <monqy> one time a guy said lol D: and it was pretty great :-)
10:10:12 <elliott> (-:
10:10:27 <elliott> `quote
10:10:27 <elliott> `quote
10:10:28 <elliott> `quote
10:10:28 <elliott> `quote
10:10:28 <elliott> `quote
10:10:34 <elliott> (-:-)
10:10:38 <elliott> they share eyes
10:10:42 <HackEgo> 607) <fizzie dictionary> An 'ad hobbitem' fallacy is when you try to undermine someone's credibility by referring to how hairy his/her feets are.
10:11:13 <HackEgo> 518) <fizzie> That's the stupidest thing I've heard all morning. (Though I did wake up five minutes ago, so I haven't had a chance to hear very much.) <fizzie> The "Why are you still asleep? I told the cat to wake you up." comment does come pretty close, though.
10:11:14 <HackEgo> 121) <Mathnerd314> Gregor-P: I don't think lambda calculus is powerful enough
10:11:20 <HackEgo> 788) <Taneb> l is it real <Taneb> I am [...] <Taneb> because of how on earth would I do that [...] <Taneb> I dont even no idea what I'm saying
10:11:21 <HackEgo> 1) <Aftran> I used computational linguistics to kill her.
10:11:32 <elliott> i love 518
10:11:35 <elliott> do you love 518 monqy
10:11:59 -!- augur_ has joined.
10:12:25 <monqy> its pretty ok thumbs up
10:12:28 -!- augur has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
10:12:34 <monqy> i dont get 1
10:13:43 <elliott> i dont either but its always been #1
10:13:45 <elliott> so it can never be deleted
10:13:46 <elliott> ever
10:14:04 <monqy> `quote
10:14:08 <HackEgo> 672) <Sgeo> I guess only gay people fuck?
10:14:08 <elliott> monqy: how about 788
10:14:15 <elliott> `delquote 788
10:14:20 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <Taneb> l is it real <Taneb> I am [...] <Taneb> because of how on earth would I do that [...] <Taneb> I dont even no idea what I'm saying
10:14:20 <monqy> `quote
10:14:24 <elliott> `quote
10:14:25 <elliott> `quote
10:14:25 <elliott> `quote
10:14:35 <HackEgo> 809) <Ngevd> And I may soon lack both a head and a wall
10:14:37 <HackEgo> 533) <Sgeo> Maybe I should try to learn Scala instead of Ruby <elliott> I will boil your veins. <Sgeo> Which is less bad? <elliott> Probably Scala, but I don't want you learning languages.
10:14:45 <elliott> 533 is bad imho
10:14:52 <monqy> 533 is "real good"
10:14:58 <HackEgo> 499) <zzo38> What is miff-muffered moof? <itidus20> that's a tough question
10:14:59 <HackEgo> 33) <ehird> is there a problem with it being carbonized :D <augur> yes: carbonized coffee bean is known more commonly as "charcoal"
10:15:07 <elliott> monqy: what does "real good" mean
10:15:15 <elliott> i like 499
10:15:18 <elliott> i like 33 a bit too
10:15:24 <elliott> i like 809 a bit but i don't know why
10:15:29 <Sgeo> miff-muffered moof sounds like a setup to something, but itidus screws it up.
10:15:38 <elliott> can't delete 672 of course
10:17:41 <monqy> `addquote <HackEgo> 499) <zzo38> What is miff-muffered moof? <itidus20> that's a tough question [...] <Sgeo> miff-muffered moof sounds like a setup to something, but itidus screws it up.
10:17:45 <HackEgo> 873) <HackEgo> 499) <zzo38> What is miff-muffered moof? <itidus20> that's a tough question [...] <Sgeo> miff-muffered moof sounds like a setup to something, but itidus screws it up.
10:18:02 <elliott> "adding a quote: just as good as deleting a quote?"
10:18:07 <monqy> yes
10:18:09 <elliott> `quote
10:18:09 <atriq> "who knows"
10:18:10 <elliott> `quote
10:18:10 <elliott> `quote
10:18:10 <elliott> `quote
10:18:11 <elliott> `quote
10:18:14 <atriq> "monqy, evidently"
10:18:25 <HackEgo> 682) <itidus22> if the halting problem was solved, as a placebo.. would it benefit people?
10:18:45 <monqy> 682 is good
10:18:55 <HackEgo> 386) <elliott_> I'm not even going to try and understand what you're proposing. <oerjan> i understand it perfectly. it's completely nuts.
10:18:56 <HackEgo> 171) <ais523> syntax is the least important part of a programming language <ais523> other than Python
10:19:11 <HackEgo> 541) <Phantom_Hoover> I'm sacrificing the animals, then I'm going to bed.
10:19:11 <HackEgo> 871) <kmc> typed racket: anyone using a model m keyboard
10:19:25 <elliott> all of those are good.................................
10:19:31 <monqy> `quote
10:19:38 <HackEgo> 625) <Phantom_Hoover> You know what annoys me about Deep Space 9. <Phantom_Hoover> It wasn't in deep space. <Phantom_Hoover> It was orbiting Bajor.
10:19:40 <monqy> maybe this one will be bad
10:19:42 <elliott> `quote
10:19:42 <elliott> `quote
10:19:42 <elliott> `quote
10:19:43 <elliott> `quote
10:19:49 <elliott> gotta have the 5
10:19:55 <HackEgo> 64) <fax> im the worst person in the world
10:20:07 <monqy> i forget who fax is so i dont get 64
10:20:19 <monqy> did i ever know who fax is ?
10:20:21 <HackEgo> 671) <Phantom_Hoover> The reason the cute animals collection includes pictures of intestines is that cute animals have to have intestines.
10:20:21 <HackEgo> 470) <monqy> beautiful summer / fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck / fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
10:20:22 <Sgeo> MissPiggy or I think?
10:20:24 <HackEgo> 825) <itidus21> . o O ( (watches on from a distance) I just can't think that abstractly... or I don't want to. I'm more, there are 2 trains heading in opposite directions: what year were they built? How many windows do they have? Is anyone train surfing on them? Is Ringo Starr narrating this problem? ) [...] <itidus21> Do they serve french toast in the dining carriage?
10:20:29 <elliott> monqy: MissPiggy quantumEd soupdragon j-invariant crystal-cola
10:20:31 <elliott> the list goes on
10:20:43 <monqy> i knew about fax being crystal-cola and i knew about j-invariant too but
10:20:54 <monqy> i forget about all of these people other than them being the worst person in the world
10:20:58 <elliott> well i don't think it's possible to know fax and then forget about fax
10:21:02 <elliott> so probably you never did
10:21:07 <monqy> i never knew fax
10:21:08 <shachaf> monqy: am i fax
10:21:10 <monqy> i just knew about fax
10:21:12 <elliott> 671 is good, 470 is good
10:21:16 <elliott> 825 is good
10:21:17 <monqy> i saw a few crystal-cola quotes
10:21:25 <elliott> 64 is traditional. good? maybe. but traditional
10:21:36 <monqy> hm ok
10:21:39 * Sgeo gets 470
10:21:47 <monqy> congratulations
10:22:00 <elliott> `quote
10:22:01 <elliott> `quote
10:22:01 <elliott> `quote
10:22:01 <elliott> `quote
10:22:02 <elliott> `quote
10:22:04 <monqy> having to dig hard to find bad quotes is a sign of a good qdb !
10:22:19 <HackEgo> 55) <apollo> So... copyright doesn't really apply to God.
10:22:50 <HackEgo> 761) <fizzie> fungot: Feeling scrambled after all that? <fungot> fizzie: but it's much like new zealand, in my stone-age country, we still like you even if you're only using the new fnord
10:22:52 <atriq> 470 isn't a haiku :(
10:22:56 <HackEgo> 757) <Taneb> I swear my dreams are becoming increasingly rave + computer science oriented
10:23:06 <HackEgo> 564) <monqy> one time I tried cpp programming ​ <monqy> it was hellish ​ <monqy> maybe I should try again
10:23:07 <HackEgo> 613) <Phantom__Hoover> Also you steal Berwick from us and then say you don't want it? <Ngevd> You stole it from us first!
10:23:07 <atriq> Heh, I remember that
10:23:23 <elliott> hm
10:23:35 <atriq> I never did like 613
10:23:58 <monqy> i don;t know enough about your history to get 613
10:24:46 <elliott> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berwick-upon-Tweed#Struggles_for_control_of_Berwick
10:24:57 <elliott> the main important part is that nobody actually cares about berwick
10:25:01 <elliott> probably not even people who live in berwick??
10:25:09 <shachaf> what about me
10:25:13 <shachaf> i care about berwick
10:25:15 <atriq> The UK Betty Crocker factory is in Berwick
10:25:17 <elliott> `quote
10:25:18 <elliott> `quote
10:25:18 <elliott> `quote
10:25:18 <elliott> `quote
10:25:18 <elliott> `quote
10:25:35 <HackEgo> 604) <oklopol> so you are doing for compilers what imperative programming did for functional programming
10:26:07 <HackEgo> 201) <l4rk> your premise to falsify "false" is false
10:26:11 <HackEgo> 315) <oklopol> i understand that people had to use twitter and facebook before irc was invented, but now they just feel like ancient history
10:26:12 <HackEgo> 580) <Gregor> Hulu's movie selection is like MST3K without the MST3K characters.
10:26:15 <HackEgo> 459) <itidus20> It's ok guys. I am doing what I can to keep my psyche and ego surviving. All the while the threat of ww3 looms, the mortality of family and friends(loved ones?) and sooner or llater my own mortality.
10:26:26 <elliott> 459 is beautiful
10:26:54 <atriq> Is itidus still alive
10:27:12 <elliott> yes
10:27:14 <elliott> `quote
10:27:15 <elliott> `quote
10:27:15 <elliott> `quote
10:27:15 <elliott> `quote
10:27:16 <elliott> `quote
10:27:22 <elliott> monqy: how about 201 from that previous set?
10:27:23 <elliott> it's not that good
10:27:35 <HackEgo> 153) <cpressey> < ais523> then running repeatedly until you get the right sequence of random numbers < ais523> and just completely ignoring the input <-- some people live their entire lives this way, i reckon
10:27:48 <monqy> `delquote 201
10:28:11 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <l4rk> your premise to falsify "false" is false
10:28:15 <HackEgo> 104) <fungot> alise: why internet is like wtf
10:28:22 <HackEgo> 97) * Warrigal refuses to say goodbye to Quas NaArt, as he is coming closer, not going farther.
10:28:24 <fizzie> fungot: Is internet like wtf?
10:28:25 <fungot> fizzie: i suppose directions are given in the fnord, myself.
10:28:30 <HackEgo> 458) <monqy> itidus20: i saw a dancing cgi skeleton named malaria. i danced and played with him.
10:28:31 <HackEgo> 467) <Phantom_Hoover> Sgeo_, the origin of suffering is desire for e-book readers.
10:29:03 <elliott> any votes
10:29:20 <atriq> 467
10:29:32 <elliott> monqy?
10:29:46 <atriq> Advantages of e-book readers: take up less space
10:29:53 <atriq> Disadvantages: bookcases look cool
10:30:19 <monqy> i dont know quas naart or warrigal so i dont get 97. the best part of 467 is imagining the context. it's addressed to sgeo. what could have happened there
10:30:20 <fizzie> atriq: You can just have a bookcase full of e-book readers.
10:30:27 <atriq> Perfect
10:31:20 <elliott> monqy: the "97 story" is quas naart was travelling somewhere but it was technically geographically closer to warrigal (you actually do know warrigal) so he didn't say bye when he left on irc
10:31:24 <elliott> it's not the best quote
10:32:17 <monqy> `delquote 97
10:32:21 <HackEgo> ​*poof* * Warrigal refuses to say goodbye to Quas NaArt, as he is coming closer, not going farther.
10:32:24 <monqy> "unimpressed"
10:32:28 <elliott> `quote
10:32:28 <monqy> `quote
10:32:28 <monqy> `quote
10:32:28 <elliott> `quote
10:32:28 <elliott> `quote
10:32:28 <monqy> `quote
10:32:29 <elliott> `quote
10:32:29 <monqy> `quote
10:32:30 <monqy> HELP
10:32:30 <elliott> ooooops
10:32:36 <elliott> ok i invalidate this run of quotes
10:32:41 <monqy> it's too late
10:32:46 <elliott> oh no
10:32:55 <HackEgo> 495) <itidus20> well, you have bested me <zzo38> itidus20: Yes.
10:33:05 <monqy> "with any luck they're all good"
10:33:27 <elliott> rip HackEgo
10:34:18 <HackEgo> 89) <Warrigal> Making a small shrine to Lawlabee in my basement is something I should get around to at some point.
10:34:19 <HackEgo> 755) <Taneb> I swear my dreams are becoming increasingly rave + computer science oriented
10:34:21 <HackEgo> 828) < oklopol> oh god another crazy haskell understander < oklopol> i have to leave
10:34:23 <HackEgo> 720) <fizzie> [...] "paikankin päällä" sounds just fine
10:34:24 <HackEgo> 627) <Pavitra> That was me being *nice*. I could have made the request by word of mouth to my My Little Pony toys and it would count.
10:34:26 <HackEgo> 525) <monqy> game where you flip a coin but it's really really big
10:34:26 <HackEgo> 557) <Patashu> dangit I need someone who knows the answers to my problems instantly and is always around for me! <Patashu> I need.....an adult ;_;
10:35:12 <elliott> monqy: let me know when it's over.....
10:35:13 <elliott> or is that it
10:35:20 <monqy> i think it is
10:35:39 <elliott> 720 is "quite bad" imho
10:36:16 <monqy> i also dont get 627 or 89 or
10:36:35 <monqy> 557 isnt so great
10:37:06 <elliott> 89 isn't so great either
10:37:12 <elliott> 627 is referencing some agora thing i think??? ais523????
10:37:18 <elliott> i quite like 557 personally
10:37:27 <elliott> `delquote 720
10:37:36 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <fizzie> [...] "paikankin päällä" sounds just fine
10:37:38 <elliott> monqy: are you going to do it or me.......
10:37:41 <elliott> i dont want "a repeat"
10:38:07 <monqy> `quote
10:38:07 <monqy> `quote
10:38:08 <monqy> `quote
10:38:08 <monqy> `quote
10:38:08 <monqy> `quote
10:38:23 <HackEgo> 47) <oklopol> GregorR: are you talking about ehird's virginity or your soda beer?
10:38:42 <monqy> i dont get 47 can you explain it
10:38:46 <elliott> its
10:38:47 <elliott>
10:38:50 <elliott> a long story
10:39:06 <atriq> `quote fall in love
10:39:08 <monqy> is this an "old esoteric" thing
10:39:13 <HackEgo> 446) <Taneb> So... God has jizzed on everything? <oklopol> have you even READ the bible?
10:39:18 <HackEgo> 263) <elliott> 320 quotes and still not a funny one yet!
10:39:20 <HackEgo> 432) <NihilistDandy> MY CONTINUITY <NihilistDandy> MY FANFICTION <NihilistDandy> RUINED
10:39:20 <HackEgo> 600) <Ngevd> Dammit, Gregor, this is not the time to fall in love \ 621) <HackEgo> 678) <Ngevd> Dammit, Gregor, this is not the time to fall in love <HackEgo> 187) <alise> Gregor: You should never have got her pregnant. <Gregor> what whaaaaaaaaaaaat
10:39:24 <HackEgo> 732) <ais523> oh right: Frooxius, you wouldn't happen to live in Hexham, would you? <Frooxius> No, sorry. <ais523> phew <Ngevd> How about Finland? <Frooxius> Why would I live there? <fizzie> That's a *very* good question. <fizzie> Why would anyone?
10:39:46 <elliott> 732 is good
10:39:59 <atriq> Ignore 600 and 621 they were a separate quotegetting
10:40:41 <elliott> monqy: this batch isn't so good on the whole imho
10:40:49 <elliott> idk which should be deleted though
10:41:09 <shachaf> `quote 1
10:41:12 <HackEgo> 1) <Aftran> I used computational linguistics to kill her.
10:41:13 <monqy> 732 is the only only one i really like
10:41:16 <monqy> out of those
10:41:17 <shachaf> that one is terrible
10:41:19 <shachaf> i say 1
10:41:53 <shachaf> elliott: Did you see the thing in #haskell about lazy binary numbers?
10:42:15 <elliott> no
10:42:57 <elliott> `quote
10:42:58 <elliott> `quote
10:42:58 <elliott> `quote
10:42:59 <elliott> `quote
10:42:59 <elliott> `quote
10:43:03 <shachaf> `quote
10:43:13 <HackEgo> 160) <Vorpal> dc -e '[a=]P?[b=]P?[dSarLa%d0<a]dsax+[GCD:]Pp' # easier-to-read version
10:43:18 <HackEgo> 606) [in the context of Open University] <Ngevd> "Unlike other operating systems, Linux operating systems use Linux"
10:43:34 <shachaf> elliott: The question was whether you could have any representation of natural numbers other than Z | S N that let you do things like length foo >= n
10:43:38 <elliott> imo 606 would be improved without the [] context
10:43:52 <HackEgo> 852) <zzo38> Because, if it is all wrong, then I should fix it please
10:43:53 <elliott> shachaf: sure, just define it as binary
10:44:01 <HackEgo> 477) <fungot> Phantom_Hoover: it is a hate so pure and... pumpkin seeds?
10:44:01 <HackEgo> 792) * elliott is back not for killing purposes but here to kill people.
10:44:03 <atriq> Hold on a second
10:44:03 <HackEgo> 509) <Taneb> Maybe if you try diplomacy. <Taneb> Pointy steel diplomacy
10:44:04 <monqy> `addquote <Ngevd> "Unlike other operating systems, Linux operating systems use Linux"
10:44:07 <monqy> `delquote 606
10:44:09 <HackEgo> 871) <Ngevd> "Unlike other operating systems, Linux operating systems use Linux"
10:44:12 <HackEgo> ​*poof* [in the context of Open University] <Ngevd> "Unlike other operating systems, Linux operating systems use Linux"
10:44:15 <elliott> monqy: nnnno monqy....
10:44:18 <elliott> thats not how you edit quotes
10:44:19 <monqy> ITS TOO LATE
10:44:21 <elliott> nop
10:44:24 <monqy> i know how to edit quotes
10:44:27 <elliott> `help
10:44:27 <monqy> but
10:44:29 <HackEgo> Runs arbitrary code in GNU/Linux. Type "`<command>", or "`run <command>" for full shell commands. "`fetch <URL>" downloads files. Files saved to $PWD are persistent, and $PWD/bin is in $PATH. $PWD is a mercurial repository, "`revert <rev>" can be used to revert to a revision. See http://codu.org/projects/hackbot/fshg/
10:44:29 <monqy> i didnt wnat to
10:44:43 <monqy> does it really matter???
10:44:45 <elliott> `revert 827
10:44:48 <HackEgo> Done.
10:44:49 <elliott> the rules must be enforced monqy
10:44:51 <monqy> : |
10:44:52 <elliott> atriq: btw what are we holding for
10:45:04 <atriq> Homestuck thoughts
10:45:05 <elliott> `run sed -i 's/.in the context of Open University. //' quotes
10:45:08 <HackEgo> No output.
10:45:22 <elliott> `quote
10:45:22 <elliott> `quote
10:45:22 <elliott> `quote
10:45:23 <elliott> `quote
10:45:23 <elliott> `quote
10:45:37 <HackEgo> 131) <ais523> cpressey: I have actually done a waterfall-model project that almost worked <cpressey> That's where you have a flexible kayak that bobs and weaves between the rocks as it plummets off the cliff
10:46:10 <HackEgo> 772) <monqy> Sgeo: I used to have strict requirements for when I said hi but then everyone started saying hi and it all got weird
10:46:15 <HackEgo> 205) * oerjan considered buying lutefisk, but apparently it cannot be prepared in microwave </bachelor frog>
10:46:17 <HackEgo> 827) < oklopol> oh god another crazy haskell understander < oklopol> i have to leave
10:46:19 <HackEgo> 233) <locks> who's walter bright and why is he so bright <nddrylliog> locks: he's to D what I'm to ooc <nddrylliog> locks: guilty
10:46:55 <monqy> 205...............................................
10:47:24 <Sgeo> Isn't nddrylliog that ooc person?
10:47:34 <Sgeo> Very out of character...
10:47:36 <monqy> no that's not-nddrylliog
10:48:11 <elliott> how is that out of character
10:48:24 <elliott> approximately half of our nddrylliog experiences have consisted of him snarking about ooc
10:48:29 <monqy> no elliott
10:48:29 <monqy> it's
10:48:34 <monqy> either an misinterpreation
10:48:40 <monqy> or the worsT JOKE OF THE ENTURY
10:48:44 <monqy> sgeo 'fess up
10:48:49 <elliott> oh
10:48:56 <elliott> is the joke
10:48:58 <elliott> the letters ooc
10:49:00 <monqy> yes
10:49:03 <elliott> i
10:49:04 <Sgeo> yes
10:49:10 <elliott> Sgeo: i think you should leave for a while
10:49:15 <elliott> and think about what you have done
10:49:31 <elliott> maybe god will forgive you
10:50:20 <elliott> monqy: im just going to
10:50:23 <elliott> do this some more
10:50:24 <elliott> to break the silence
10:50:25 <elliott> `quote
10:50:25 <elliott> `quote
10:50:26 <elliott> `quote
10:50:27 <elliott> `quote
10:50:27 <elliott> `quote
10:50:42 <HackEgo> 10) <reddit user "othermatt"> So what you're saying is that I shouldn't lick my iPhone but instead I should rub it on my eyes first and then lick my eyeballs?
10:51:09 <HackEgo> 74) <Sgeo|web> Where's the link to the log? <lament> THERE'S NO LOG. YOUR REQUEST IS SUSPICIOUS AND HAS BEEN LOGGED.
10:51:16 <HackEgo> 670) <Sgeo> I guess only gay people fuck?
10:51:20 <HackEgo> 415) <Sgeo> Dear eHow: Please don't assume that my toilet works like that <Sgeo> Or, at least, my toilet looks different
10:51:21 <HackEgo> 608) <monqy> never ever do bacon floats or i will hunt you down and kill you augh my leg
10:51:43 <shachaf> it's an omen
10:51:55 <monqy> 608 is bad
10:52:10 <Sgeo> 415 isn't that great
10:52:11 <atriq> I like 74
10:52:12 <elliott> 415 is perfect obviously
10:52:14 <elliott> no
10:52:16 <elliott> it really is Sgeo
10:52:22 <monqy> 415 is very good
10:52:26 <elliott> you can't ever possibly understand how perfect 415 is
10:52:30 <elliott> it transcends knowledge
10:52:32 <monqy> 415 is also perfect
10:52:39 <elliott> monqy: did you mean to put another number there
10:52:40 <Sgeo> It seems like a perfectly reasonable comment.
10:52:55 <monqy> elliott: also in the sense of "it's very good and also perfect"
10:53:20 <elliott> anyway how about 74
10:53:23 <elliott> it's not very good
10:53:29 <monqy> i dont like it but taneb does
10:53:47 <monqy> what's the context to 10
10:54:06 <elliott> google doesnt know
10:54:07 <elliott> its a mystry
10:54:19 <elliott> its a bit traditional tho
10:54:24 <elliott> not sure you can delete quote 10...
10:54:27 <Sgeo> Clearly the best way to find out is to look through every comment /u/othermatt made
10:54:29 <elliott> 670 isn't that good
10:54:44 <monqy> how about a compromise and we delete 608
10:54:53 <Sgeo> I'm almost certain it was in the context of it being a bad joke
10:55:26 <elliott> monqy: i quite like 608 because it is tortured
10:55:36 <elliott> tortured by bacon floats. tortured by leg
10:55:46 <elliott> tortured, in the end, by life itself
10:55:56 <monqy> :'
10:56:00 <Sgeo> Other things I am almost certain of: The Sun is large relative to the Earth.
10:56:19 * Sgeo doesn't like the word certain bare.
10:56:34 <monqy> : )
10:56:44 <atriq> http://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/8vg4u/bill_nye_explains_the_iphone_3gss_oleophobic/c0akggi?context=3
10:56:45 <atriq> Found it
10:57:17 <atriq> Pretend I didn't
10:57:21 <atriq> It was better as a mystery
10:57:35 <elliott> Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.reddit.com
10:57:37 <elliott> mystry preserved
10:58:53 <shachaf> `quote 2
10:58:57 <HackEgo> 2) <Slereah> EgoBot just opened a chat session with me to say "bork bork bork"
10:59:03 <shachaf> bad quote
10:59:06 <Sgeo> `quote 1
10:59:06 <shachaf> i say: delete
10:59:09 <HackEgo> 1) <Aftran> I used computational linguistics to kill her.
10:59:12 <shachaf> `quote 0
10:59:16 <HackEgo> 10) <reddit user "othermatt"> So what you're saying is that I shouldn't lick my iPhone but instead I should rub it on my eyes first and then lick my eyeballs? \ 20) IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: <bsmntbombdood> there is plenty of room to get head twice at once \ 30) <zzo38> I am not on the moon. \ 40) <fizzie> Seconds. 30 of them. Did I forget the word? \ 50) <apollo> Maternal instincts? <apollo> Don't you just leave
11:00:33 <elliott> `quote
11:00:33 <elliott> `quote
11:00:34 <elliott> `quote
11:00:34 <elliott> `quote
11:00:34 <elliott> `quote
11:00:49 -!- DHeadshot has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
11:00:56 <HackEgo> 332) <elliott> AV is better than first-past-the-post, like every voting system apart from the Random Elephant Stomping method
11:01:29 <HackEgo> 540) <Phantom_Hoover> Yeah, Bashir, just sit there drinking, rather than diagnosing the carpenter mauled in that tragic bonobo accident.
11:01:34 <HackEgo> 739) <fizzie> Two gigabytes is not really much to download. <Gregor> THAT'S LIKE THREE EPISODES OF MY LITTLE PONY
11:01:38 <HackEgo> 692) <fungot> fizzie: is a 98% reduction in the waterpark intensity, right, so i'd imagine!
11:01:39 <HackEgo> 482) <Phantom_Hoover> You realise the micromanagement it took to make quintopia encrust my silver throne with emeralds rather than a jug?
11:02:33 <elliott> monqy: 739?
11:02:39 -!- hagb4rd has joined.
11:03:03 <monqy> is the joke that Gregor likes my little pony
11:03:19 <elliott> monqy: this is the #esoteric qdb. why are you assuming there's a *joke*
11:03:27 <Sgeo> Do cartoons compress better than live action TV shows?
11:03:36 <monqy> `delquote 739
11:03:46 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <fizzie> Two gigabytes is not really much to download. <Gregor> THAT'S LIKE THREE EPISODES OF MY LITTLE PONY
11:03:52 <elliott> Sgeo: most animation is simple so.... yes
11:04:04 <elliott> `quote
11:04:04 <elliott> `quote
11:04:04 <elliott> `quote
11:04:05 <elliott> `quote
11:04:05 <elliott> `quote
11:04:28 <HackEgo> 267) <zzo38> Why do you want to have sex in everything? I don't want.
11:05:19 <HackEgo> 55) <apollo> So... copyright doesn't really apply to God.
11:05:19 <HackEgo> 620) <Ngevd> "Facekicker" Hird is a member of the Hird family <Phantom_Hoover> Ngevd, world-renowned detective.
11:05:23 <HackEgo> 581) <myndzi> lol :(
11:05:28 <HackEgo> 103) <fungot> alise: why internet is like wtf
11:05:34 <elliott> monqy: heeeelp they're repeating
11:05:36 <elliott> `qc
11:05:41 <HackEgo> 869 quotes
11:06:21 <monqy> but how many of them are worth keeping
11:06:27 <monqy> dare we raise the bar??????
11:06:33 <monqy> `quote
11:06:34 <monqy> `quote
11:06:34 <monqy> `quote
11:06:34 <monqy> `quote
11:06:37 <monqy> `quote
11:06:52 <HackEgo> 476) <fungot> elliott: an old colonel lost, but a new brother gained. together they will ascend, each time you must be adventurin'.
11:06:57 <monqy> i guess it depends on what kind of a bar we're talking about
11:07:00 <HackEgo> 591) <fungot> fizzie: it doesn't *use* raw cgi. to my deep fnord i'm only fnord of the job description. it's badly fnord also.
11:07:02 <monqy> if it's a limbo we should be lowering it
11:07:29 <elliott> monqy: two fungot off the bat. how can you apply bars to fungot
11:07:30 <fungot> elliott: ( then again, maybe not
11:07:32 <HackEgo> 401) <oerjan> as i was filled with zzo38 mystery at the moment i saw <zzo38> quintopia: I am at Canada.
11:07:32 <HackEgo> 700) <Phantom_Hoover> Phantom_Hoover OF YOURE. <Phantom_Hoover> Oops.
11:07:35 <HackEgo> 217) <elliott> Getting bad programmers to like something is a failure.
11:07:41 <shachaf> ^style elliott
11:07:42 <fungot> Not found.
11:07:45 <shachaf> fungot
11:07:45 <fungot> shachaf: i have the previous edition of eopl. it was written
11:07:46 <shachaf> fungot
11:07:47 <fungot> shachaf: ( x:_;! x:(class)=f! x+1,! x+2 this must be a way around it? d: to change to
11:07:47 <shachaf> fungot
11:07:48 <fungot> shachaf: do the cpsify fnord macros make more sense to at least the feeling is similar. the main problem is percolating in the background
11:07:48 <shachaf> fungot
11:07:49 <fungot> shachaf: r2q2 pasted " mccarthy email" at http://paste.lisp.org/ display/ fnord anyone help me?
11:07:49 <shachaf> fungot
11:08:21 <monqy> whats 217
11:08:32 <atriq> Help
11:08:41 <Sgeo> ^style
11:08:42 <fungot> Available: agora alice c64 ct darwin discworld europarl ff7 fisher fungot homestuck ic irc* iwcs jargon lovecraft nethack pa qwantz sms speeches ss wp youtube
11:08:45 <elliott> monqy: i think that was me trying to convince Sgeo that trying to design his language so that it's popular rather than good as bad
11:08:46 <elliott> or something
11:08:52 <elliott> *is bad
11:09:40 <monqy> a worthy cause
11:10:46 <elliott> `delquote 700
11:10:48 <elliott> monqy: bar raised
11:10:51 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <Phantom_Hoover> Phantom_Hoover OF YOURE. <Phantom_Hoover> Oops.
11:11:10 <elliott> i kind of liked 700 even
11:11:12 <elliott> `quote
11:11:12 <elliott> `quote
11:11:12 <elliott> `quote
11:11:12 <elliott> `quote
11:11:13 <elliott> `quote
11:11:30 <HackEgo> 68) <coppro> SF.net porn :/ <ehird> Oh yeah, baby, gimme that... bloated download page?
11:12:11 <HackEgo> 726) <Phantom_Hoover> oh jesus my mother is trying to ship bear grylls with miranda hart aerio;jghaeirugha
11:12:11 <HackEgo> 772) <Taneb> I saw a Finnair plane today <ion> In a smoking rubble? <Taneb> Close. <Taneb> Heathrow Airport
11:12:20 <HackEgo> 70) <AnMaster> I'm 100% of what sort of magic was involved in it
11:12:20 <HackEgo> 801) <olsner> they call finnish human-readable?
11:12:46 <elliott> monqy gets the decision. nb 70 is traditional because anmaster tried to delete it like 100 times after it got added
11:12:50 <elliott> (iirc)
11:13:04 <atriq> Is AnMaster Vorpal?
11:13:05 <elliott> yes
11:13:12 <atriq> I'm pretty sure AnMaster is not markov
11:13:22 <atriq> fungot told me
11:13:23 <fungot> atriq: the way you can
11:14:14 <monqy> elliott: hmmmmmmmmmmm i dont like any of them but they're the sort of things you have to learn to tolerate in life
11:14:20 <atriq> On another note, Tumblr post genealogy is hard
11:14:38 <elliott> monqy: i think 772 is quite good. maybe it's better if you know heathrow airport
11:14:47 <monqy> i don;t know heathrow airport
11:14:59 <elliott> monqy: it's a really big really busy airport
11:15:04 <monqy> so to me it just falls into that sort of "joke template"
11:15:10 <elliott> ye
11:15:16 <elliott> i dont like 68 but thats because ehird is in it
11:15:20 <elliott> 801 is olsner so it gets a free pass
11:15:21 <elliott> `quote
11:15:22 <elliott> `quote
11:15:22 <elliott> `quote
11:15:23 <elliott> `quote
11:15:23 <elliott> `quote
11:15:24 <atriq> Oh no Wikipedia is doing a fundraiser again
11:15:27 <monqy> `delquote 68
11:15:46 <monqy> "agreement enough for me"
11:15:46 <HackEgo> 136) <alise> So basically we're having an awful lot of very dangerous intercourse. <alise> Involving open wounds. <coppro> I'm going to take a shower
11:15:58 <monqy> what;s up with 136
11:15:59 <elliott> wow i dont remember 136
11:16:01 <elliott> but its bad!
11:16:03 <elliott> lets delte it
11:16:05 <elliott> `delquote 136
11:16:10 <atriq> Who is alise
11:16:12 <atriq> Am I alise
11:16:14 <elliott> atriq: monqy
11:16:21 <monqy> atriq: it's not me
11:16:27 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <alise> So basically we're having an awful lot of very dangerous intercourse. <alise> Involving open wounds. <coppro> I'm going to take a shower
11:16:30 <atriq> I think I'm alise
11:16:30 <monqy> elliott: did you really never tell taneb all of your alts!!!
11:16:33 <elliott> it's actually chickenzilla
11:16:33 <atriq> No wait, I'm atriq
11:16:34 <shachaf> ^rot13 alise
11:16:35 <fungot> nyvfr
11:16:38 <monqy> "i thought everyone knew them"
11:16:47 <elliott> atriq: i admit it im secretly estoppel
11:16:47 <HackEgo> 6) <Quas_NaArt> His body should be given to science. <GKennethR> He's alive :P <GreenReaper> Even so.
11:16:51 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <coppro> SF.net porn :/ <ehird> Oh yeah, baby, gimme that... bloated download page?
11:16:54 <HackEgo> 846) <zzo38> Yes you are correct you must be mad or you wouldn't have come here. No escape either, sorry.
11:16:54 <HackEgo> 673) <fizzie> Do you want me to live dangerously and just stick it in the bot without testing it? <elliott> fizzie: Yes. <elliott> There is pretty much no way it won't be amazing.
11:16:54 <HackEgo> 526) <NihilistDandy> Also Perl, but I don't really consider that a programming language so much as a really heavy implementatino of awk
11:16:55 <shachaf> monqy: what are your alts
11:16:59 <monqy> shachaf: monqy
11:17:02 <elliott> squarelos
11:17:03 <shachaf> what else
11:17:15 <shachaf> `quote squarelos
11:17:16 <monqy> squarelos is an anonymous collective
11:17:20 <elliott> `quote
11:17:20 <elliott> `quote
11:17:21 <elliott> `quote
11:17:21 <elliott> `quote
11:17:21 <elliott> `quote
11:17:32 <HackEgo> No output.
11:17:37 <shachaf> ais523: Can you stop this botspam?
11:17:44 <shachaf> I'm trying to have a productive discussion.
11:18:11 <HackEgo> 87) <songhead95> think of all the starving kids in china who don't have rotting sea life to eat
11:18:17 <shachaf> elliott: Do you know anything about Idris?
11:18:30 <HackEgo> 181) <Phantom_Hoover> [...] I'm just widening the shaft to be 4x2 or so.
11:18:32 <HackEgo> 266) <oklopol> okay see in my head it went, you send from your other number smth like "i'd certainly like to see you in those pink panties again" and she's like "WHAT?!? Sgeo took a pic?!?!?! that FUCKING PIG"
11:18:33 <HackEgo> 507) <Taneb> Maybe if you try diplomacy. <Taneb> Pointy steel diplomacy
11:18:34 <HackEgo> 23) <ehird> so i can only conclude that it is flawed, or the world is utterly bonkers
11:18:58 <monqy> whats 181
11:19:05 <elliott> i think the joke is "shaft"
11:19:09 <monqy> `delquote 181
11:19:10 <elliott> but it's actually "minecraft"
11:19:18 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <Phantom_Hoover> [...] I'm just widening the shaft to be 4x2 or so.
11:19:23 <elliott> `quote
11:19:23 <elliott> `quote
11:19:23 <elliott> `quote
11:19:23 <elliott> `quote
11:19:24 <elliott> `quote
11:19:33 <elliott> truly this is the greatest quote crusade the world has ever known
11:19:38 <HackEgo> 206) <Sgeo> Is there a name for something where I'm more attracted to someone if I know they've had a rough past? <variable> Sgeo, "Little Shop of Horrors"
11:19:39 <shachaf> @quote
11:19:39 <lambdabot> thewhitenoise says: I was just trying to figure out how to accurately convey a trollface in text
11:19:40 <shachaf> @quote
11:19:40 <lambdabot> islands says: spoiling the sanctity of christmashood innocence
11:19:40 <shachaf> @quote
11:19:41 <lambdabot> wikipedia says: The principle of parametricity dictates that functions with similar types have similar properties.
11:19:41 <shachaf> @quote
11:19:41 <shachaf> @quote
11:19:41 <lambdabot> pfpl says: practical foundations of programming languages http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rwh/plbook/book.pdf
11:19:42 <lambdabot> ksf says: did you ever notice that OO-fix is actually the same order as default lojban?
11:20:08 <shachaf> i say islands or wikipedia
11:20:09 <HackEgo> 95) <AnMaster> fungot!*@* added to ignore list. <fungot> AnMaster: i'd find that a bit annoying to wait for an ack.
11:20:10 <HackEgo> 174) <Sgeo> HOT SEXY SEX BITS
11:20:19 <HackEgo> 304) <Sgeo_> I think she either likes me, is neutral towards me, or dislikes me
11:20:22 <HackEgo> 535) <Phantom_Hoover> The fact that the elves will be happy with this will hopefully be counteracted by the fact that I plan to drop them into the magma cistern.
11:20:33 <elliott> monqy: any input
11:20:35 <elliott> lots of sgeo this time round
11:21:01 <monqy> the sgeo quotes are all good. i dont know anything about little shop of horrors (uncultured??) but the sgeo makes up for it.
11:21:40 <shachaf> @quote
11:21:40 <lambdabot> Data.Numbers.Primes says: The number 6 is a good value to pass to this function.
11:21:41 <shachaf> @quote
11:21:41 <lambdabot> me says: trololololo
11:21:41 <shachaf> @quote
11:21:41 <lambdabot> sioraiocht says: was dons PhD in writing random haskell libraries?
11:21:42 <shachaf> @quote
11:21:42 <lambdabot> chrisdone says: booting up IE6 is like calling Igor from the basement, and listening to him hobbling up the stairs breathing heavily, somehow affecting a lisp even with heavy breathing
11:21:42 <shachaf> @quote
11:21:43 <lambdabot> cowardlydragon says: [from a reddit comment thread] Don't get me started on monad. What is that, a man with a single testicle?
11:22:04 <shachaf> @forget me trololololo
11:22:04 <lambdabot> Done.
11:23:28 <elliott> `quote
11:23:28 <elliott> `quote
11:23:28 <elliott> `quote
11:23:28 <elliott> `quote
11:23:29 <elliott> `quote
11:23:42 <HackEgo> 441) <elliott> God, I sure do hate Apple and their header files that only include the functions they're specified to.
11:24:10 <HackEgo> 335) <augur> oerjan you're swedish, right?
11:24:23 <HackEgo> 656) <QuickDirtyOS> Linux is like the most quirky of all Forths, it has its own OS
11:24:24 <HackEgo> 861) <zzo38> Confucius say too much. -- Recent Chinese Proverb
11:24:59 <elliott> monqy: what do you think. i have one in mind but i'm curious if it's the one you have in mind
11:25:07 <shachaf> @brain
11:25:08 <lambdabot> Uh, I think so Brain, but this time, you wear the tutu.
11:25:30 <shachaf> @brain
11:25:31 <lambdabot> Well, I think so, Brain, but pantyhose are so uncomfortable in the summertime.
11:25:34 <shachaf> @quote
11:25:34 <lambdabot> <copumpkin> says: I love: Warning: Due to a known bug, the default Linux document viewer evince prints N*N copies of a PDF file when N copies requested. As a workaround, use Adobe Reader acroread
11:25:34 <shachaf> @quote
11:25:34 <lambdabot> for printing multiple copies of PDF documents, or use the fact that every natural number is a sum of at most four squares.
11:25:34 <shachaf> @quote
11:25:34 <lambdabot> metaperl says: I never thought anyone could be on IRC as much as you and look that good
11:25:35 <shachaf> @quote
11:25:35 <lambdabot> swix says: seriously though, this thing is too concise, it's scary, given what it does
11:25:35 <shachaf> @quote
11:25:35 <lambdabot> danderson says: the path to [Haskell] enlightenment is long, but the previous pilgrims have opened nice little pubs along the way, so it's a pleasant trip
11:25:36 <lambdabot> earthy says: the haskell standard prelude is ... a treasure trove. ;) but it does require breaking your mind and reassembling the pieces to unlock the trove
11:25:52 <elliott> shachaf: can you stop, thanks
11:26:14 <shachaf> elliott: if you stop
11:26:21 <fizzie> Once you pop, you can't stop.
11:26:31 <shachaf> fizzie: Good point.
11:26:35 <elliott> shachaf: i rate the chances you'll actually say something relevant about esolangs if i stop 0, and one of these botspams is a channel tradition
11:26:36 <elliott> so
11:26:38 <elliott> `quote
11:26:38 <elliott> `quote
11:26:39 <elliott> `quote
11:26:41 <elliott> `quote
11:26:43 <elliott> `quote
11:26:45 <elliott> `delquote 656
11:26:56 <HackEgo> 741) <kmc> has there been any work towards designing programming languages specifically for stoned people
11:27:46 <HackEgo> 841) * oerjan makes a brainfuck derivative for quoting xkcds
11:27:49 <HackEgo> 256) <fizzie> Phantom_Hoover: I have just one tvtropes page open in elinks, but my tvtropes.txt "queue" has 38 tvtropes.org URLs waiting for processing.
11:27:51 <HackEgo> 778) <Taneb> voice changer to remove ads from transit as well as intended
11:27:51 <HackEgo> 448) <ais523> 99% OF USES OF STRDUP ARE ILLEGAL!
11:27:53 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <QuickDirtyOS> Linux is like the most quirky of all Forths, it has its own OS
11:28:27 <elliott> i wonder what 448 is about
11:28:29 <elliott> ais523: do you remember
11:30:14 -!- monqy has quit (Quit: hello).
11:30:59 <elliott> `delquote 778
11:31:07 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <Taneb> the killers dancer in my c***
11:31:37 <fizzie> The numbering strikes again.
11:33:19 <elliott> `revert
11:33:22 <HackEgo> Done.
11:33:23 <elliott> `quote voice changer to remove
11:33:26 <HackEgo> 777) <Taneb> voice changer to remove ads from transit as well as intended
11:33:29 <elliott> `delquote 777
11:33:33 <HackEgo> ​*poof* <Taneb> voice changer to remove ads from transit as well as intended
11:35:24 <shachaf> @quote
11:35:24 <lambdabot> VerityStob says: Lisp is still #1 for key algorithmic techniques such as recursion and condescension.
11:35:24 <shachaf> @quote
11:35:24 <shachaf> @quote
11:35:24 <lambdabot> Lajla says: Also, I just don't like how - works in standard lisp.
11:35:25 <shachaf> @quote
11:35:25 <lambdabot> hakko says: most programmers have a lot of religious issues about their work, yes.
11:35:25 <shachaf> @quote
11:35:25 <lambdabot> dLog says: Why would you punctuate a "sentence" that consists solely of lol.
11:35:25 <lambdabot> IceDane says: [on escaping an imperative mindset]: <kmc> i recommend heavy drinking <IceDane> I've tried that. I just have fun and wake up and feel like shit the day after. but still think in loops.
11:36:01 <shachaf> @forget Lajla Also, I just don't like how - works in standard lisp.
11:36:01 <lambdabot> Done.
11:36:04 <elliott> so i actually stopped for unrelated reasons but then you didn't stop
11:36:06 <elliott> interesting!
11:36:23 <shachaf> elliott: Did you?
11:36:33 <shachaf> I just switched back into this channel and saw that you were still going.
11:37:09 <elliott> `quote
11:37:09 <elliott> `quote
11:37:09 <elliott> `quote
11:37:09 <elliott> `quote
11:37:10 <elliott> `quote
11:37:11 <elliott> hate to disappoint
11:37:20 <HackEgo> 530) <Phantom_Hoover> FFS, building a perpetual motion machine should not be this hard.
11:37:27 <shachaf> elliott: I KNEW IT
11:37:48 <HackEgo> 651) <Vorpal> elliott: well how will you represent "The dog jumped over the lazy dog" then?
11:37:52 <HackEgo> 724) <Vorpal> <ais523> northern ireland is quite a way to drag someone from scotland <-- not really. I just checked in google earth <ais523> Vorpal: but dragging people across water's a bit tricky
11:38:00 <HackEgo> 564) [from 2009] <fizzie> That's confusing. I have been indoctrinated to believe W|A, but on the other hand it's hard to unbelieve a book with such a ridiculously impressive name as "Handbook of physical testing of paper, Volume 2".
11:38:01 <HackEgo> 499) <elliott> I MIGHT BECOME GHOST
11:38:59 <elliott> fizzie: did you ever read the handbook of physical testing of paper, volume 2
11:41:19 <Jafet> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m58qz9jVVa1qjb4aeo1_500.jpg
11:42:21 -!- mean has joined.
11:44:40 <atriq> `welcome mean
11:44:44 <HackEgo> mean: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
11:45:02 -!- ais523 has quit.
11:45:13 <mean> jaja
11:45:21 <mean> what can you make of this
11:45:28 <mean> http://goo.gl/4A8ql
11:45:28 <fizzie> elliott: I only saw the Google book scan preview thing of it, I think.
11:45:39 <fizzie> You can buy it for just $259.95 in Amazon, I see.
11:45:43 <atriq> mean, unobfuscated link?
11:46:00 <fizzie> Or $213.85 for the Kindle Edition.
11:46:24 <fizzie> (But why would you get a paperless edition of the Handbook of Physical Testing of Paper, Volume 2?)
11:47:15 <fizzie> "There are no customer reviews yet."
11:47:35 <Deewiant> If you didn't you'd end up testing the paper it came on, finding that it's hopelessly sub-par, and destroying it in frustration
11:48:14 <shachaf> elliott: Oops. :-(
11:48:17 <shachaf> http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/7364
11:48:20 <fizzie> Volume 1: Contains basic principles and the latest techniques in paper and paperboard testing. Fosters an understanding of theory and mechanical testing parameters to evaluate results and make improvements. Emphasizes new procedures utilizing advanced microscopy equipment.
11:48:25 <fizzie> Volume 2: Divided into five parts, it highlights assays for paper interactions with light, moisture, electricity, and heat. Topics expanded upon include laboratory testing procedures; microscopy analysis and paper surface properties; liquid and gas penetration; electrical and thermal interactions; and methods of surface characterization.
11:48:40 <fizzie> Some of those testing methods sound like they wouldn't leave much of the book.
11:51:55 -!- mean has quit.
11:54:02 <Jafet> I wonder how much voltage is required to get an arc through paper.
11:55:04 <fizzie> It probably depends: on the paper.
12:09:48 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
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12:11:00 <atriq> Okay, the Conservative party really wants me to vote for them
12:11:37 <atriq> I've got a birthday card from Guy Opperman
12:13:04 -!- ais523 has joined.
12:14:20 <atriq> ais523, help
12:14:25 <atriq> The tories are after me
12:15:53 <Jafet> Wear a whig
12:16:40 <atriq> I think I'll read the Tory Manifesto then ring this guy about everything I disagree with
12:18:01 <atriq> Ugh, the website is in ASPX
12:18:17 <atriq> I just want to download a PDF of the manifesto
12:23:08 <shachaf> Did Google change their map color scheme recently?
12:27:00 -!- ais523 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
12:27:14 -!- ais523 has joined.
12:48:36 <fizzie> It looks different. More terrainy.
12:48:57 <fizzie> At least at some zoom levels.
12:49:56 <fizzie> "We detected that your computer does not meet the system performance requirements for MapsGL." :(
12:50:13 -!- impomatic has joined.
12:54:13 -!- Arc_Koen has joined.
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13:01:38 -!- elliott_ has changed nick to elliott.
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13:09:41 -!- ais523_ has changed nick to ais523.
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14:03:37 <ion> This looks interesting. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cig/star-citizen
14:03:39 -!- ais523_ has joined.
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14:05:30 -!- augur_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
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14:07:44 <atriq> Well, I just got Turkey's 2012 entry to the Eurovision Song Contest stuck in someone's head
14:10:36 <elliott> hi
14:22:11 -!- ogrom has joined.
14:27:05 -!- impomatic has quit (Quit: http://retroprogramming.com).
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14:53:49 <ion> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/9653497/British-have-invaded-nine-out-of-ten-countries-so-look-out-Luxembourg.html
14:55:59 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
14:59:06 <ion> The first F1 clip i liked ever. http://youtu.be/7Wr2C7Niak8
14:59:30 -!- copumpkin has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.).
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15:02:18 <atriq> Help
15:02:27 <atriq> I've just affected a serious Haskell package
15:03:19 <atriq> https://github.com/ekmett/semigroupoids/network
15:03:36 <coppro> affected?
15:03:40 <atriq> Yes
15:03:57 <coppro> why is this a 'help'?
15:04:08 <atriq> I'm growin up
15:04:11 <atriq> *g
15:04:24 <atriq> I'm 18 and I've had a positive influence on the community
15:04:35 -!- ais523 has joined.
15:05:46 <ais523_> huh, my computer's getting better at spontaneously reconnecting
15:05:46 <coppro> haha
15:06:14 <ais523_> or at least, the wireless routers here are being buggy in a different way from before
15:06:24 <ais523_> (/me is continuing the traditional distinction between ais523 and ais253_)
15:06:27 <ais523_> *ais523_
15:06:49 <ais523_> (which is, that ais523 is my laptop, and ais523_ a public terminal)
15:10:02 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
15:20:26 -!- copumpkin has joined.
15:30:18 <atriq> My friends are getting me to listen to Bastille
15:30:38 <atriq> The video to Flaws seems to be "Don't abandon your friends just because they cosplay Kurloz Makara from Homestuck"
15:30:49 <atriq> "They're still probably okay people"
15:36:16 <coppro> I would be worried
15:36:32 <coppro> both that they cosplay Kurloz specifically and that they got a costume together that quickly
15:37:12 <atriq> I know at least two Kurloz cosplayers
15:37:52 -!- sivoais has joined.
15:38:22 <coppro> wow
15:38:54 <atriq> http://sphotos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/599070_10151304813401241_206750056_n.jpg
15:38:59 <atriq> For instance him
15:40:00 <coppro> yup, that's a kurloz cosplayer
15:40:12 <atriq> The one on the left
15:45:19 <coppro> obviously
15:46:36 <Phantom_Hoover> who is the one on the left actually meant to be
15:48:28 <atriq> I have no idea
15:48:38 <atriq> Something anime I'd presume
15:48:41 <atriq> Or maybe comics
15:48:44 <atriq> Or maybe anything
15:48:47 <atriq> That was taken at MCM
15:48:52 <atriq> In London
15:59:46 -!- impomatic has joined.
16:03:42 <tswett> Sgeo: hey, would you like to give me all of your Sgeo trading cards?
16:03:53 <elliott> Sgeo: give them to comex
16:04:24 <Sgeo> Wait what?
16:04:25 <coppro> no, give them to elliott
16:04:46 <ais523_> Sgeo: I'm willing to trade an ais523 card for a Sgeo card (this is a better deal for you than the other ones that have been suggested)
16:05:06 <ais523_> (and I'm suggesting it because it's also a better deal for me than the other ones that have been suggested)
16:05:17 <Sgeo> I haven't even heard of cards until 11:03
16:05:25 <Sgeo> Do I have to do this now, or can it wait?
16:05:32 <Sgeo> I kind of overslept and missed class
16:05:33 <ais523_> it can wait
16:05:34 <atriq> I'm willing to trade THE COMPLETE SET of Taneb cards for an Sgeo card
16:05:47 <atriq> Including the very obscure FlatFish card
16:05:49 <ais523_> atriq: isn't that a complete null set?
16:06:18 -!- sivoais has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
16:07:54 <atriq> No
16:07:54 -!- ais523_ has quit (Quit: Page closed).
16:10:21 <Sgeo> Just read the proposal in question
16:10:54 <Sgeo> Oh, ok, it is a contest not a rule change, didn't read the whole thread
16:13:13 -!- sivoais has joined.
16:17:57 -!- elliott has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
16:20:38 -!- impomatic has quit (Quit: impomatic).
16:30:01 -!- atriq has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
16:30:51 <ais523> oh, can I rant: if you're given a mark scheme to mark by that contains the same marking point twice
16:31:04 <ais523> the correct thing to do is to find the person who wrote it and tell them there's a mistake
16:31:35 <ais523> the incorrect thing to do is to combine the max marks for that marking point into a higher max mark, mark to that max mark, and then split them back between the marking points
16:32:10 <Phantom_Hoover> you lost me at 'marking point'
16:39:40 -!- boily has quit (Quit: Poulet!).
16:39:48 -!- boily has joined.
16:41:33 <ion> multiple critical vulnerabilities in sophos products http://lists.grok.org.uk/pipermail/full-disclosure/2012-November/088813.html
16:43:19 <kmc> "Sophos products should only ever be considered for low-value non-critical systems and never deployed on networks or environments where a complete compromise by adversaries would be inconvenient."
16:43:19 -!- Bike has joined.
16:43:23 <kmc> nice
16:49:05 -!- FreeFull has joined.
16:49:53 <kmc> wow
16:50:13 <kmc> they disable the OS's ASLR implementation so they can use their own shitty ASLR implementation
16:50:23 <kmc> which works by loading their code at a fixed offset...
16:52:57 <kmc> their antivirus scanner also introduces an XSS vulnerability to every website on the Internet
16:56:03 <copumpkin> wat
16:57:20 <Jafet> "sophail.pdf"
16:58:50 <kmc> oh and it runs as root of course
17:00:19 <Jafet> "// Incorrect attempt at checking for integer overflow, as the overflow occurs before the test."
17:01:46 -!- ais523 has quit.
17:01:47 -!- epicmonkey has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
17:01:58 -!- ais523 has joined.
17:15:04 -!- oklopol has joined.
17:16:33 -!- atriq has joined.
17:27:31 -!- atriq has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds).
17:30:16 -!- ogrom has joined.
17:30:23 -!- ogrom has quit (Client Quit).
17:31:16 -!- atriq has joined.
17:45:01 -!- nooodl_ has joined.
17:46:47 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
17:55:25 <ais523> wow, that problem was bizarre to debug
17:55:30 <ais523> and the solution is a bit hacky
17:55:51 <ais523> problem: sandboxed program is failing due to illegal call to munmap (this was quite hard to determine in the first place)
17:55:58 <ais523> solution: set MALLOC_MMAP_MAX_ to 0
17:58:08 <nooodl_> sandboxed?
18:00:14 -!- atriq has quit (Quit: dinner).
18:01:16 <ais523> nooodl_: it's prctl sandboxing
18:01:30 <ais523> basically it's not allowed to make any syscalls but read, write, sigreturn, _exit (with the underscore)
18:01:56 <ais523> and although munmap seems reasonably harmless as syscalls go, that one isn't allowed either, on the principle that the less allowed the better
18:04:15 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
18:04:31 <ais523> also, silly things discovered reading mallopt's man page: glibc malloc internally uses quarter-of-a-pointer units for measurement in some cases
18:06:42 <FreeFull> Assuming 32-bit, that's a byte
18:08:10 <kmc> why was it hard to determine why it was failing?
18:08:35 -!- epicmonkey has joined.
18:18:39 -!- zzo38 has joined.
18:20:16 <quintopia> hi zzo38
18:20:43 <quintopia> do you like projects? i have a small project for you
18:21:02 <Phantom_Hoover> i just watched a video where someone describes fpses as turing-complete simulations
18:21:15 <zzo38> What project?
18:21:22 <quintopia> that kind of statement requires proof!
18:21:33 <quintopia> zzo38: a random NPC generator for D&D
18:21:35 <Phantom_Hoover> zzo38, eodermdrome interpreter
18:21:53 <Phantom_Hoover> an eodermdrome interpreter that runs a random npc generator
18:22:18 <quintopia> yes that
18:22:47 <oklopol> hehe munmap
18:23:22 <oklopol> turing complete simulations?
18:24:05 <kmc> FreeFull: you have quite the knack for stating the obvious
18:24:31 <Phantom_Hoover> oklopol, turing complete simulations of bullets
18:24:36 <Phantom_Hoover> also mario apparently counts
18:24:41 <oklopol> there was a paper on arxiv some weeks or days or something ago where they spent proved that a problem's decidable. there are something like 100 different inputs.
18:25:10 <oklopol> turing complete simulations of bullets? mario has that?
18:25:18 <zzo38> quintopia: Yes, well, actually I was intending to make some random NPC generator for D&D too.
18:25:27 <Phantom_Hoover> i guess
18:25:45 <zzo38> You could use FurryScript for some of these functions too.
18:26:10 <Phantom_Hoover> maybe the bullet bills are actually the head and the world is a turing machine
18:26:22 <ais523> <FreeFull> Assuming 32-bit, that's a byte ← I think the whole point is that it adapts for bitwidth
18:27:08 <ais523> <kmc> why was it hard to determine why it was failing? ← because any attempt to invoke a syscall causes a SIGKILL immediately before the syscall would happen, meaning it can't be observed by debuggers; the fact is logged but the log is only accessible by root, and I didn't have root on the machine
18:27:25 <ais523> (the eventual method of determining the problem was to copy everything onto a machine where I did have root, and run it there)
18:27:45 <kmc> oh that sucks
18:27:49 <kmc> so you can't see the failure in strace
18:28:22 <kmc> in that situation i might resort to putting a breakpoint on every glibc syscall wrapper (assuming those are being used)
18:30:08 <zzo38> ais523: Do you know how to implement Checkout with hardware description language?
18:32:08 <zzo38> quintopia: It could be, have list of creature types with level adjustment, racial HD, ability score adjustment, and what further feature need randomly defined, when input range of level and further constraint and it will make it up at random. I could add feature in FurryScript for external constraint and this kind of things, might be useful for other purposes too.
18:33:39 <quintopia> zzo38: there's this one that does character sheet with a little bit of fluff: http://chaoticshiny.com/full4e.php
18:33:50 <zzo38> I use 3.5E
18:33:51 <quintopia> but what i want is a complete personality specification
18:34:04 <quintopia> a similar one for 3.5 exists
18:34:08 <zzo38> I don't know all of personality specification either, but you can try something.
18:34:42 <quintopia> i would want something that works for any edition, because it's...hmmm
18:34:43 <ais523> <kmc> so you can't see the failure in strace ← yeah, that's the first thing I tried, but it doesn't work
18:35:16 <zzo38> quintopia: For personality description, should work for anything, even if not D&D. You could try working something with FurryScript, perhaps, ask for help if you want.
18:35:24 <zzo38> I don't know a lot about personality description, sorry.
18:36:42 <zzo38> Still, constraint would be useful, for example if you want to constrain the Strength score to greater than ten, or if you want no goblins, or if you want to generate a pair with opposite alignments or no shared skills or whatever.
18:37:01 <quintopia> i want only goblins :P
18:37:09 <zzo38> Well, you could have that too, then.
18:37:10 <quintopia> a constraint system i'd like to see it
18:37:24 <quintopia> "more loyal" or "more paranoid" or "more greedy"
18:37:40 <quintopia> and then it tells how they react to certain thins
18:37:45 <zzo38> I was just giving examples; of course if you want only goblins you could do that too and probably simplify it greatly since you need not indicate ability score adjustment for all other kind of creatures too.
18:38:42 <zzo38> quintopia: I am not so good at those things though. Constraint I could do, but not like "more loyal" and so on; I don't know a lot about the personality specification, as I have said.
18:39:51 <zzo38> (Currently, FurryScript only supports constraint for no duplicates built-in, although others can be implemented using combination of other built-in commands; the BAD and HOR commands are meant for helping with this too.)
18:39:57 <quintopia> something like this would be perfect if it were fantasy oriented: http://selfpublishingteam.com/chargen/ya/ya_show.php?key=3i4qiugb3q&name=
18:40:29 <quintopia> is there a fully specified document for furryscript
18:40:50 <zzo38> quintopia: Only the document on Esolang wiki, and the source codes.
18:41:06 <zzo38> If you have specific questions though, and I find that something is missing in the document, we can add it.
18:42:18 -!- Phantom__Hoover has joined.
18:43:49 <zzo38> That generator you linked to seems simple enough to do something like that with FurryScript.
18:45:41 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds).
18:45:57 <zzo38> ais523: Did you read my latest comment here? http://esolangs.org/wiki/Talk:Checkout
18:49:16 <zzo38> So if you know better about personality specification then you could try.
18:49:58 <ais523> zzo38: I really don't have time to be writing extensive hardware programs nowadays
18:50:03 <ais523> unless I'm paid to do so
18:51:42 <zzo38> Even if you don't do, if someone does, or you or someone write a few things, or to help with such things at least
18:54:31 -!- boily has quit (Quit: Poulet!).
18:54:39 -!- boily has joined.
18:56:35 -!- jiella has joined.
19:00:48 <zzo38> quintopia: Another thing you could try is astrology. (The input doesn't matter, but you might enter their birth date/time/location if you know it; Astrolog does not have a function to select these things at random, but it does allow you to seek forward/backward at specified intervals.)
19:02:07 <quintopia> is there a linux binary?
19:02:52 <zzo38> Of what? Astrolog? I believe so; if not, the source can be compiled into Linux. (If you mean FurryScript, you only need PHP)
19:03:21 -!- Vorpal has joined.
19:04:27 <quintopia> i found a unix x11 shell archive, which seems like an awful lot of effort to use
19:05:27 <zzo38> You think a shell archive is a lot of effort to use?
19:05:28 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
19:06:02 -!- ais523 has quit.
19:06:56 <zzo38> Just make a directory and then execute the shell archive, and then compile it.
19:06:58 <quintopia> relatively speaking
19:07:04 <zzo38> Hopefully that should work.
19:10:12 <Sgeo> How is a running Erlang system, with processes that store state and receive messages asking them to mutate, different from a typical OO system with amutable objects?
19:10:23 <Sgeo> *mutable objects
19:10:44 <zzo38> quintopia: Well, does it work? Have you tried that? Have you tried FurryScript too? Have you tried anything else?
19:10:50 <kmc> iirc the earliest conceptions of OOP were based heavily on message passing
19:11:35 <quintopia> no
19:13:20 <kmc> i blame C++ for moving away from that
19:13:44 <Bike> smalltalk was, I think the things before it weren't so much
19:14:19 <kmc> in C++ and Java and such, you have have public data fields, which aren't like message passing
19:14:26 <kmc> but if you avoid those (with good reason) then it is still pretty similar
19:16:05 -!- atriq has joined.
19:16:56 <atriq> Sad
19:17:00 <atriq> :(
19:17:31 <atriq> fungot, :(
19:17:32 <fungot> atriq: he is the creator of this bot. it needs to be totally disconnected if all connected components of x are points. a closed set of evidence to draw from the srfis, but it
19:17:42 <kmc> why sad atriq?
19:17:48 <FreeFull> fungot
19:17:48 <fungot> FreeFull: you need broadband to get a
19:18:08 <atriq> kmc, because I've annoyed someone to the point where they've completely abandoned me
19:18:14 <atriq> And I'm very sorry and don't know how to fix
19:18:14 <kmc> :(
19:18:25 <FreeFull> atriq: time machine
19:18:46 <atriq> Man, I would fix so many things if I had a time machine
19:20:18 <shachaf> TWIST: atriq = #haskell, someone = kmc
19:20:35 <kmc> oh no
19:20:37 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
19:20:41 <atriq> kmc, I'm sorry
19:20:43 <atriq> Please come back
19:21:08 <kmc> a person who is an IRC channel?!?
19:21:12 -!- augur has joined.
19:21:44 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
19:22:22 <atriq> Yes
19:22:32 <atriq> I am literally the incarnation of #haskell
19:22:48 <atriq> This is why I'm not that much good at Haskell, but it's pretty much the only language I use
19:22:54 <kmc> haha
19:22:54 -!- Phantom__Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
19:23:43 -!- Phantom__Hoover has joined.
19:27:09 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds).
19:29:30 <atriq> ...and why I am really weird but also oddly popular?
19:29:51 <atriq> This explains a lot
19:29:58 <atriq> Phantom__Hoover, help I'm an IRC channel
19:30:20 -!- Phantom__Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds).
19:30:23 <shachaf> Isn't Phantom__Hoover #esoteric?
19:30:42 <atriq> We should be friends
19:34:37 <olsner> shachaf: are you sure kmc is someone?
19:45:45 <Sgeo> WTF there exists in the US a third-party that supports the Electoral College
19:45:54 <ion> http://dvice.com/archives/2012/10/ethiopian-kids.php
19:47:19 <atriq> Well, apologizing is generally a good idea
19:47:24 <atriq> As is correct spelling
19:48:35 <Sgeo> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Popular_Vote_Interstate_Compact
20:13:46 -!- augur has joined.
20:13:58 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
20:20:51 <zzo38> quintopia: I would like to know what you would like see if anything I suggested works for you; if not, tell me what is missing? I don't know enough about personality specification to do entirely by myself so I need your help too, please.
20:26:09 -!- epicmonkey has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
20:42:02 <quintopia> zzo38: i read the furryscript spec but its not readily obvious how one should use it
20:42:10 <quintopia> zzo38: link a long example?
20:44:02 <zzo38> quintopia: http://zzo38computer.org/furry/scripts/ Look in this directory for some examples.
20:46:11 -!- Sgeo has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
20:46:32 <zzo38> "tv_plot.txt" is a simple example. "furrygenerator_7thsanc.txt" is a more complicated example.
20:48:15 <quintopia> lifepath.txt seems rather like a character generator. i think it could be adapted.
20:48:32 <quintopia> i still don't quite understand what every part of the file is doing but i could study it.
20:48:46 <zzo38> Yes, you can make something based on that one. If there is some part you do not understand, you can ask about it specifically.
20:50:02 <quintopia> time. i need time to figure it out.
20:52:21 <zzo38> OK. But you can still ask if you have mroe questions/comments/suggestions/complaints, on the IRC or on the wiki.
20:54:44 -!- augur has joined.
21:36:30 -!- Vorpal has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds).
21:39:55 -!- glogbackup has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
21:53:58 -!- jiella has quit (Quit: Leaving.).
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22:21:45 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
22:30:07 <zzo38> I added a dice command in FurryScript.
22:31:13 <ion> Vg rira unf n gevooyr. :-D “Dodds Serta Trek” http://youtu.be/cip0TY91sjI
22:33:20 <zzo38> They now accept things such as <4d6dl> DIC meaning four six-sided dice, and drop the lowest one, like used to generate random ability scores.
22:37:34 -!- boily has quit (Quit: Poulet!).
22:42:23 <kmc> i wonder how to take an arbitrary discrete probability distribution and come up with a dice expression for it
22:45:55 <kmc> http://phpjs.org/ just what i always wanted
22:46:15 <Bike> if you can do that with solomonoff's that would be a hell of a thing
22:47:17 <Bike> huh, php has bc in it. why?
22:47:53 <kmc> why not
22:48:12 <Bike> right. I supose that explains that "get gz header and strip html out of it" function too.
22:50:16 <zzo38> PHP has a lot of things in it
22:50:45 <zzo38> kmc: I don't know how to take an arbitrary discrete probability distribution and come up with a dice expression for it. However, FurryScript can work without dice expressions, too.
22:50:56 <zzo38> What example of some probability distribution do you mean?
22:51:08 <olsner> about probability distributions, there was an interesting discussion in #haskell-blah the other day about coin flips and huffman trees
22:52:25 <olsner> but I dunno how that relates to dice expressions since I don't know what those are
22:53:00 <zzo38> Something like 4d6 if you want four six-sided dice added together.
22:54:25 <olsner> I suspect dice might be like arithmetic/range coding
22:57:27 <zzo38> Well, I suppose you can Huffman code the probabilities of different dice totals, although I am unsure why such a things would be useful.
22:59:31 <olsner> I think the point was to get specific probability distributions .. and huffman goes nicely with coin flips because it's binary
23:00:16 <zzo38> quintopia: If you get working FurryScript program for what you are making, I would request (but not require) that you send me the file I could include it in the archive of available scripts of FurryScript.
23:03:25 <zzo38> olsner: Do you mean you want to toss a coin to generate the data and then uncompress it by Huffman?
23:03:36 <olsner> (but huffman only works for probabilities that are all multiples of 2^-n)
23:04:02 <olsner> nah, it's not that I *want* to, just that you can
23:04:33 <zzo38> I suppose you could use a generalize kind of Huffman which uses other base, than base 2 only. Possibly even change base at different points.
23:04:58 <olsner> yes, I think that gives you something similar to range encoding
23:05:27 <zzo38> If you allow it to be unlimited, you could use coin toss for 2/3 probability.
23:05:43 <zzo38> One way to do this is the way the DIGGER card works in Pokemon card.
23:06:20 <zzo38> Starting with you, you and opponent take turns toss a coin, until one player gets tails. Whoever gets tail add 1 damage to their own active Pokemon card.
23:06:34 -!- augur_ has joined.
23:06:34 -!- augur has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
23:08:14 <zzo38> I have calculated the probability to hit your own card 2/3
23:08:48 -!- copumpkin has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.).
23:10:42 <olsner> oh, *you* start tossing? then that makes sense
23:11:19 <olsner> a bit evil for all the players who wouldn't realize that the card is more likely to hurt yourself than your opponent
23:12:25 <zzo38> Well, in some cases the chance that it will hit opponent is useful, and in some cases it is more useful to make it to hit yourself anyways.
23:16:03 -!- augur_ has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds).
23:21:24 <zzo38> For example, some cards have a RAGE attack which does damage according to the amount of your own damage, so in case it does one less damage than needed to knock out opponent's card, then if you use DIGGER card it is beneficial regardless of the result of coin toss.
23:34:43 -!- copumpkin has joined.
23:49:42 -!- nooodl_ has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds).
23:52:08 <shachaf> @tell elliott `o` may not be associative, but normal Haskell (.) doesn't have an identity.
23:52:08 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
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