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00:07:06 <Sgeo> Humble Bundle weekly sale has Multimedia Fusion 2
00:07:18 <Sgeo> Isn't that known for being the piece of garbage that IWBTG was created with?
00:07:32 <int-e> funny. starting three weeks ago I had a couple of failed logins to my github account. that's when I took over lambdabot...
00:10:02 <olsner> fungot: was it you?
00:10:02 <fungot> olsner: until then: c for me.
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00:17:40 * int-e twiddles his thumbs.
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00:19:30 <int-e> > vcat $ text . return <$> ['a'..'c']
00:19:37 <lambdabot> a
00:19:44 <lambdabot> b
00:20:27 <int-e> heh.
00:20:35 <int-e> > 1
00:20:36 <lambdabot> 1
00:20:40 <int-e> > vcat $ text . return <$> ['a'..'c']
00:20:41 <lambdabot> a
00:20:41 <lambdabot> b
00:20:41 <lambdabot> c
00:21:33 <int-e> @check \x y -> (x>1) ==> (x**y > (y::Double))
00:21:34 <lambdabot> +++ OK, passed 100 tests.
00:21:36 <int-e> @check \x y -> (x>1) ==> (x**y > (y::Double))
00:21:38 <lambdabot> +++ OK, passed 100 tests.
00:21:40 <int-e> @check \x y -> (x>1) ==> (x**y > (y::Double))
00:21:41 <lambdabot> +++ OK, passed 100 tests.
00:21:49 <int-e> @check \x y -> (x>1) ==> (x**y > (y::Double))
00:21:50 <lambdabot> *** Failed! Falsifiable (after 1 test and 1 shrink):
00:21:50 <lambdabot> 1.1008359605244717 7.0
00:23:37 <int-e> @check \a b c d -> or [a,b,c,d]
00:23:38 <lambdabot> *** Failed! Falsifiable (after 20 tests):
00:23:38 <lambdabot> False False False False
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00:31:00 <oerjan> int-e++
00:32:01 <int-e> > text "" -- I don't think that I will ever fix that one though.
00:32:02 <lambdabot> Terminated
00:32:29 <oerjan> aww
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00:42:01 <quintopia> could functional languages be said to be like unto concatenative languages where composition takes the place of concatenation?
00:42:33 <Phantom_Hoover> isn't the definition of concatenative languages that composition = concatenation?
00:42:46 <quintopia> MAYBE
00:44:07 <quintopia> so is there a way to describe the set of all languages where one can directly connect two programs together and know the resulting program will be a working program that does the two things the original two did in order?
00:44:40 <quintopia> "connect" being a language-dependent concept
00:45:15 <Phantom_Hoover> this is rather the point, a language is concatenative if its concept of 'connection' is just composition
00:46:19 <quintopia> no?
00:46:34 <Phantom_Hoover> yes?
00:46:39 <quintopia> a language is concatenative if its concept of 'connection' is concatenation
00:47:13 <quintopia> it seems to be pure functional if its concept of 'connection' is composition (with concatenative languages being a special case)
00:47:40 <Phantom_Hoover> what does 'connection' even mean if not 'concatenation modulo trivial syntax differences'
00:48:46 <quintopia> Phantom_Hoover: piping stdout to stdout requires nontrivial syntax change to formulate it as a concatenation
00:48:55 <quintopia> *to stdin
00:49:51 <Phantom_Hoover> that... seems to have nothing to do with what i asked and makes little sense besides
00:51:02 <quintopia> it's an example of a way to connect programs without concatenating them
00:52:00 <quintopia> isn't there some language whose data model is streams which are transformed?
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00:53:36 <quintopia> either way i don't see any proof of your claim that concatenation is the only way programs can meaningfully be connected in sequence
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00:56:57 <Phantom_Hoover> what are you even
00:57:09 <Sgeo> YouTube ads just decided I speak another language
00:57:11 <Phantom_Hoover> concatenation is a syntactic construct, not a semantic one
01:01:57 <Sgeo> Should be possible to fake a keyword-like vararg system without typeclasses in Haskell, I think
01:02:06 <Bike> are your previous messages related
01:02:44 <Sgeo> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
01:02:59 <Sgeo> (Sorry, was just trying to avoid a message actually related to anything)
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01:06:10 <doesthiswork> Phantom_Hoover: there are visual languages where the 'connections' are drawn as links it could be quite annoying to translate that syntax into concatenation (i don't know how trivial you mean by trivial)
01:07:29 <Phantom_Hoover> yes; those languages just don't have any syntactic construct corresponding to 'concatenation'
01:07:59 <Phantom_Hoover> this is why quintopia's entire idea here seems very confused
01:08:10 <doesthiswork> I'm not sure what going on because both what you and quintopia say makes perfect sense
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01:11:39 <doesthiswork> "<Phantom_Hoover> what does 'connection' even mean if not 'concatenation modulo trivial syntax differences'" seems to be asking for connections that are expressed through other syntactic ways than concatenation/juxtiposition
01:14:43 <doesthiswork> so quintopia offered pipes as a syntactically different way of connecting functions
01:14:48 <Phantom_Hoover> well the term itself was so vague i was trying to work out if quintopia was talking about something weird and specific
01:16:23 <Phantom_Hoover> you mean semantically different; the confusion between that and syntactically different is i think the confusion that has lead to this whole conversation
01:17:08 <Phantom_Hoover> you could easily have a language where concatenation simply piped input
01:18:16 <doesthiswork> why do I mean semantically different?
01:18:49 <Phantom_Hoover> because the only syntactic difference between piping and concatenation is that one of them uses a space and the other one uses a |
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01:29:39 <quintopia> doesthiswork: thanks for your support. PH's responses there seemed nuts to me too.
01:30:05 <quintopia> not the content, but the expressed confusion and emotion
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01:36:10 <oerjan> possibly relevant wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sayre's_law
01:36:20 <doesthiswork> he thought that by "cocept of connection" you meant what the wires mean, while I think you meant "how you indicate where the wires go"
01:39:25 <doesthiswork> it hurts my head to read the exchange with two slightly different meanings at once
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01:44:09 <quintopia> doesthiswork: interesting interpretation
01:47:08 <doesthiswork> I might have interchanged the views I believed you each to have,
01:48:42 <quintopia> i'm not even sure which i meant
01:49:48 <quintopia> but it's clear to me that with piping you are, in a sense, connecting a printf to a read, both of which might appear in the middle of the programs, which doesn't make sense as concatenation either semantically or syntactically
01:50:35 <quintopia> however, if every instruction in a language was of the form "read-eval-print" then that language would probably be concatenative
01:52:38 <doesthiswork> so quasiquote and lambda calculus both work by substitution, are really the same thing?
01:53:43 <oerjan> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/pipes yo
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01:54:48 <quintopia> i'm not sure i understand quasiquote
01:55:05 <oerjan> quasiquote is a macro
01:55:43 <quintopia> like it creates an environment that creates behavior like #define would in C?
01:55:50 <oerjan> afair it doesn't introduce any bindings
01:56:16 <quintopia> oh
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01:56:27 <int-e> ?? are we rediscovering combinatory logic?
01:56:28 <lambdabot> Plugin `compose' failed with: Unknown command: ""
01:56:40 <quintopia> it's a macro that turns piping syntax into composition syntax?
01:56:42 <int-e> @botsnack
01:56:42 <lambdabot> :)
01:56:55 <oerjan> `(this is a ,test) expands to something like (cons 'this (cons 'is (cons 'a test)))
01:56:56 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: (this: not found
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01:57:20 <oerjan> (`whatever is an abbreviation for (quasiquote whatever)
01:57:21 <oerjan> )
01:57:42 <quintopia> okay
01:57:57 <oerjan> like 'a abbrebiates (quote a)
01:58:08 <oerjan> *v
01:58:53 <quintopia> are you writing lisp code
01:59:09 <quintopia> because the quasiquote thing i was looking at was a thing for haskell
01:59:11 <doesthiswork> it allows you to quote some stuff and leave holes for values to be substituted in
01:59:17 <oerjan> oh. it's a macro in scheme.
01:59:47 <oerjan> i assumed that was what doesthiswork is referring to.
01:59:49 <quintopia> hmm that seems vaguely useful
01:59:56 <doesthiswork> oerjan: yes
01:59:58 <oerjan> yep it is
02:00:45 <oerjan> the ones in haskell are also sort of macros, since they use template haskell. but they do something different.
02:01:37 <oerjan> [x|whatever...|] passes the _string_ "whatever..." to the function x, which can then return arbitrary haskell templates.
02:02:11 <kmc> yeah it's a confusing (mis)use of the term "quasiquote"
02:02:25 <kmc> the normal TH quotes [| ... |] already have the behavior of Scheme's quasiquote
02:02:32 <kmc> which is to say, you can splice inside them
02:02:49 <Sgeo> kmc: but you can't put [| |] inside [| |]
02:02:54 <oerjan> and you define many quasiquote functions, which allows you to parse essentially arbitrary syntax inside the | ... |], except you cannot put |] in there.
02:02:59 <Bike> a quasi quasi quote
02:03:15 <kmc> Sgeo: yeah what's with that? is TH itself not part of the Haskell AST which TH operates on?
02:03:39 <kmc> was it just deemed un-useful due to the rigid 2-stage implementation of TH in GHC?
02:04:30 <Sgeo> re other quasiquoters not handling |], the way Factor syntax words handle end of input isn't with special token, but... just finishing its take-in of input, I think
02:06:29 <kmc> scheme also has the splicing variant of unquote... if you (define test '(a b c)) then `(x y ,test) => (x y (a b c)) but `(x y ,@test) => (x y a b c)
02:07:58 <int-e> hmm. ((lambda (x) `(,x ',x)) '(lambda (x) `(,x ',x)))
02:08:08 <Bike> yes, a fun quine.
02:08:13 <kmc> good shit
02:08:32 <doesthiswork> and "do nothing at this stage" is ,@'(test)
02:08:47 <kmc> :D
02:08:56 <Bike> if you hate joy and do like srfis you can do (#1=(lambda (x) `(,x ',x)) '#1#)
02:09:26 <quintopia> int-e: what's the name of that combinator again
02:09:41 <int-e> gcl turns that into ((LAMBDA (X) (LIST X (LIST 'QUOTE X))) '(LAMBDA (X) (LIST X (LIST 'QUOTE X)))) :-/
02:09:58 <Bike> well hey that's still a quine
02:10:00 <int-e> quintopia: huh?
02:10:26 <int-e> Bike: yes, but it looks kind of boring :)
02:10:28 <doesthiswork> Y
02:10:33 <doesthiswork> woops
02:10:40 <Bike> shrug, it's what the quasiquoting means anyway
02:10:45 <quintopia> oh right
02:10:48 <quintopia> y
02:10:50 <quintopia> duh
02:10:54 <int-e> quintopia: Omega = omega omega, where omega = \x . x x?
02:11:20 <Sgeo> My Braintrust implementation should probably have been written in Scheme... maybe
02:11:33 <Bike> this piece of ice on my window is almost penis shaped
02:11:54 <doesthiswork> jack frost wants you to know how he feels
02:12:05 <Sgeo> https://gist.github.com/Sgeo/fe54715fc61d1d98f4cc
02:12:07 <int-e> anyway, I'm way past bedtime. good night
02:12:19 <Sgeo> look at that huge primSource line :/
02:12:20 <Bike> now performing ampallang
02:12:48 <Bike> Sgeo: hah that's some good shit
02:13:37 <Sgeo> I should try rewriting with lens at some point
02:13:44 <Sgeo> But I'm still stuck with a huge-ass line
02:14:08 <Bike> ampallang complete
02:15:11 <Sgeo> ampallang?
02:15:32 <Bike> semi secret language invented by amputees
02:29:07 <kmc> oof http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ampallang is not that, and is also quite NSFW
02:35:21 <zzo38> I think that in a Famicom program you could store compressed level data (especially if it includes variable-length pieces) in CHR ROM rather than PRG ROM (as long as you don't need to display anything during loading), and it would make it much faster since you don't need all fancy programming for 16-bit address increments and that other kind of stuff.
02:38:06 <doesthiswork> kmc: that section of wikipedia is quite informative
02:38:39 <kmc> why can't you display anything during loading then?
02:38:53 <kmc> and why don't you need fancy programming
02:39:13 * kmc looks up how CHR ROM works
02:40:21 <zzo38> kmc: CHR ROM (and CHR RAM) must be accessed only by the PPU, and while it is displaying anything it will be busy so you will be unable to access CHR ROM/CHR RAM.
02:40:27 <kmc> ah
02:40:37 <zzo38> The PPU has automatic address increment so you don't need to implement it yourself.
02:40:41 <kmc> ooh
02:44:43 <zzo38> When you read/write $2007 (the PPUDATA port), it will read/write the associated CHR ROM/RAM and then automatically increment the address. There is a flag you can set to tell it to add 1 or to add 32.
02:52:01 <Bike> oh i should make a blitter shouldn't i
02:53:25 <kmc> what for
02:53:36 <Bike> why not
02:55:19 <Bike> though i don't think the fpga ram has bit addressing
02:57:38 <Bike> oh, that reminds me, if i have a discrete probability distribution, represented as an array of floats between 0 and 1, is there a good branchless way to pick one randomly
02:57:51 <Bike> or will any microoptimization i do be eaten by the process of random number generation anyway
03:00:48 <kmc> i vaguely think shachaf knows something about that
03:01:01 <kmc> i guess the obvious branchy way is to store a cumulative distribution and binary-search it?
03:02:00 <Bike> yeah
03:02:11 <Bike> i might be overthinking this since it's unlikely there will be more than five options for me
03:02:22 <kmc> if you are okay with accuracy down to 1/n then you can store an n-element array of outcomes w/ duplicates and pick one randomly
03:04:26 <Bike> it's quite likely some of the probabilities are on the order of 1/1000000, eheh
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03:53:58 <zzo38> Is there the possibility to work Washizu-style partnerships in games other than mahjong?
03:54:20 <ion> Perhaps in Super Mario Bros.
03:57:37 <kmc> what style of partnership is that
03:59:28 <zzo38> In Washizu mahjong, each team has one "leader" and one "supporter". The supporter's turn comes immediately after that team's leader's turn, and only the leader's score at the end counts (although since this is mahjong, the supporter's scores are still used to calculate who gets bonuses for first place, second place, etc)
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04:23:35 <ion> Anyone feel like shutting down a data center? http://saidescanso.uv.es/
04:24:28 <Bike> why would i want to do that
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05:06:27 <Zerker> please tell me that has some kind of authentication in place
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07:09:09 <Jafet> Unfortunately, it does.
07:12:38 <zzo38> I have implemented multiplication of two 16-bit signed numbers to a 16-bit result by making a table for multiplying 4-bit numbers and then splitting the inputs into nybbles and doing ten table lookups and shifting and adding the results. Is this OK, or are there faster ways (that don't involve lookup tables larger than 16K)?
07:12:56 <shachaf> `relcome Jafet
07:12:59 <HackEgo> Jafet: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
07:17:41 <lifthrasiir> zzo38, (a*16+b) * (c*16+d) = (a*c)*256 + (a*d)*16 + (b*c)*16 + b*d?
07:18:08 <zzo38> lifthrasiir: Yes, like that, is what I mean.
07:18:13 <lifthrasiir> obvious optimizations include making three copies of tables for a*b, a*b*16 and a*b*256.
07:18:32 <lifthrasiir> (whether it does optimize things or not is another story though)
07:18:47 <zzo38> The CPU is 8-bit data though, not 16-bits.
07:19:59 <Jafet> Bike: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alias_method
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07:21:44 <lifthrasiir> zzo38, another possibility includes using a variant of Karatsuba multiplication, i.e. (a*16+b) * (c*16+d) = (a*c)*256 + ((a+b)*(c+d) - a*c - b*d)*16 + (b*d).
07:22:07 <lifthrasiir> if accessing the multiplication table is slow enough it will work
07:24:04 <lifthrasiir> though I suspect accessing the table is not that slow
07:28:54 <zzo38> I don't think it is that slow either.
07:29:15 <zzo38> Anyways (a+b)*(c+d) might result in overflow
07:34:59 <zzo38> Isn't it?
07:36:55 <zzo38> Also, unlike what you have, since they are sixteen-bit numbers, there will be sixteen multiplications, although six of them are omitted since they would be shifted beyond the range of the result, so only ten multiplication lookups are done.
07:38:59 <kmc> awesome, karatsuba (when a 23 year old student) invented his algo less than a week after hearing kolmogorov conjecture it was impossible
07:39:30 <kmc> then kolmogorov published it without karatsuba's knowledge but put karatsuba's name on it?
07:42:44 <lifthrasiir> zzo38, hmm, you are right, it will require a bit larger table with at least 10-bit elements.
07:45:26 <zzo38> Although maybe it will help to have another table for the low 4-bits of the result shifted left by 4, and another for the high 4-bits of the result shifted right by 4.
07:47:57 <myname> i like how he is spelled "karazuba" in the german wikipedia but the algorithm is still spelled "karatsuba"
07:52:28 <zzo38> Doing this results in three tables, and eliminates a lot of ASL and ROL instructions, and saves having to initialize two bytes of RAM, and probably saves approx. fifty cycles.
07:52:46 <zzo38> Is there anything else that can be done though?
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09:04:09 <Sgeo> "The International Monetary Fund IMF is compensating all the scam victims $1.9USD each, and your email address was found in the scam victim's list. This Western Union office has been mandated by the IMF to transfer your compensation to you via Western Union Transfer."
09:04:47 <Sgeo> A whole $1.9 !
09:05:09 <mroman_> Wow
09:05:12 <shachaf> 1.9 USD-dollars
09:05:17 <mroman_> You must be rich now or something
09:05:26 -!- nisstyre has quit (Quit: Leaving).
09:05:56 <mroman_> You much did they scam you for ;)
09:06:47 <Jafet> Presumably $1.9 is the take averaged over the mailing list.
09:07:20 <Jafet> That's actually two days' salary, so it's not bad.
09:07:43 -!- muskrat has joined.
09:08:09 <mroman_> What?
09:08:14 <mroman_> Salary for what?
09:08:37 <mroman_> And for two days
09:08:52 <Jafet> Well, I keep hearing about people who live on less than $1 a day.
09:08:58 <mroman_> If you trick someone into paying you a bus trip you'll get three times that much in half an hour
09:09:39 <mroman_> Jafet: Yeah
09:09:59 <mroman_> But I'm pretty sure you can get more than 1$ by asking people for money on the street
09:11:00 <mroman_> Don't you guys have uhm
09:11:10 <mroman_> some social system that pays money to people without income?
09:11:27 <mroman_> unemployent compensation?
09:11:31 <mroman_> *ment
09:11:33 <Jafet> That might not work if the other people on the street have less than $1.
09:11:50 <mroman_> Hu
09:12:28 <mroman_> I imagined the US as a rich country
09:12:36 <mroman_> that sounds like an underdevelopped country
09:13:24 <kmc> it's a land of contrasts
09:13:27 <kmc> like every other fucking place
09:14:04 <mroman_> True
09:14:40 <Jafet> Underdeveloped countries, like Arkansas?
09:14:51 <mroman_> but there are federal organisations and systems that should prevent such things
09:15:07 <mroman_> If I were unemployed I would be entitled to an unemployment compensation
09:15:14 <mroman_> It's not much
09:15:24 <mroman_> but it's still way way way way more than 1$ a day
09:16:32 <mroman_> It's not enough to own a car, go on vaccation etc.
09:16:37 <mroman_> but still
09:17:33 <kmc> we have that too
09:17:42 <kmc> it's organized on a state-by-state basis but partly funded by the federal govt, I think
09:18:12 <mroman_> Everybody who works pays a tax for does who can't work
09:18:18 <mroman_> *those
09:20:51 <mroman_> kmc: Then how come that people have to live for 1$ a day
09:21:19 <mroman_> Except they don't work on purpose, then you loose your unemployment compensation
09:21:31 <kmc> unemployment benefits can end in various ways, yeah
09:21:43 <kmc> and there are lots of other programs like welfare and food stamps (or whatever those are called now)
09:21:49 <kmc> but there may also be reasons why people don't end up on them
09:22:09 <mroman_> I'm however not sure what happens you have to pay for some expensive medical treatment
09:22:19 <mroman_> which is not covered by health insurance
09:22:42 <mroman_> I'm not sure if the government here would pay that
09:22:44 <kmc> you dodge bill collectors for the rest of your life, basically
09:22:52 <kmc> maybe declare bankruptcy
09:23:14 <Fiora> I think bankruptcy is typical
09:23:17 <mroman_> Yeah
09:23:20 <Fiora> I think like half of bankrupcties are because of medical issues
09:23:29 <kmc> or you just don't get the treatment because the doctors know they won't get paid
09:23:32 <kmc> and then you die
09:23:46 <kmc> gee it's almost like this fucked up system is a huge drain on the national economy
09:23:58 <kmc> and therefore even the most cold-hearted among us should support reforming it
09:24:00 <kmc> oh well
09:24:45 <mroman_> My opininon is, that the government should have some kind of fund which allows even unemployed people to live a decent life
09:25:02 <mroman_> It won't be an easy/luxorious life whatever
09:25:05 <mroman_> but still somewhat decent
09:25:10 <kmc> i agree
09:25:12 <kmc> basic income
10:05:07 -!- Bossbear has joined.
10:05:12 <Bossbear> hi
10:05:20 <kmc> `relcome Bossbear
10:05:25 <HackEgo> Bossbear: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
10:05:27 <Bossbear> D^5=mc^2
10:05:33 <kmc> if you say so
10:05:50 <Bossbear> what is so esoteric
10:05:51 <Phantom_Hoover> (where D is the fifth root of E)
10:05:56 <Bossbear> yes
10:06:13 <Jafet> Squared is the best MC
10:06:14 <Bossbear> calculate d for the sun and you get just past neptune
10:06:21 <Bossbear> D^2 gets to the heliosphere
10:06:44 <Bossbear> call albert, i have an improvement
10:07:19 <kmc> Bossbear: set controls for the heart of the sun
10:07:38 <Bossbear> is that the heart of the sunrise?
10:07:56 -!- kmc has set topic: NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR REACH | Set the controls for the heart of the sun | https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2023808/wisdom.pdf http://codu.org/logs/_esoteric/ http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/esoteric/.
10:08:33 <Bossbear> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDqG9agd5wc
10:09:29 <Bossbear> want more esoteric equations?
10:09:38 <kmc> not really
10:09:38 <Phantom_Hoover> yes
10:09:42 <kmc> damn you PH
10:09:45 <Phantom_Hoover> what's the determinant of the matrix of solidity
10:09:57 <kmc> You've laid some kind of trap!
10:10:12 <Bossbear> phi + phihat =1 and phi x ohihat = -1
10:10:22 <Bossbear> phi is velocity and phi is time
10:10:35 <Bossbear> o shows the limits of form
10:10:41 <Bossbear> nothing is a myth
10:10:51 <Bossbear> 1 refers to balance between infnite series
10:11:01 <elliott> can you stop
10:11:06 <Bossbear> all equations come from 2 waves
10:11:11 <Bossbear> time and velocity
10:11:21 <Bossbear> want more?
10:11:25 <Phantom_Hoover> no
10:11:36 <Bossbear> i just defined relaity for you
10:12:21 <Bossbear> you are a transcedent form into an emergent system, there is no random in the preexcsting system since rality is math
10:12:28 -!- ChanServ has set channel mode: +o elliott.
10:12:35 -!- elliott has kicked Bossbear no.
10:12:36 -!- Bossbear has joined.
10:12:38 <Phantom_Hoover> why can you not spell reality
10:12:42 -!- elliott has kicked Bossbear don't use autorejoin.
10:12:42 -!- Bossbear has joined.
10:12:45 <Bossbear> random occurs when a foreign mathematical form is introduced
10:12:57 -!- elliott has set channel mode: +b *!*bossbear@*.dllstx.fios.verizon.net.
10:12:57 -!- elliott has kicked Bossbear using autorejoin after I told you not to.
10:12:58 -!- elliott has set channel mode: -o elliott.
10:13:06 <myname> lol
10:13:07 <kmc> aw i didn't get a chance to try to buy shrooms from them
10:15:37 <elliott> I wouldn't have kicked them if their equations amused me more
10:15:46 <elliott> just saying
10:16:28 <myname> perfectly valid
10:17:28 <kmc> good
10:17:58 <Sgeo> I have to be awake and competent in an hour and a half
10:18:02 <Sgeo> Myabe I shouldn't go to sleep now
10:18:22 <Phantom_Hoover> you seem neither competent nor entirely awake as it is
10:18:41 <elliott> Phantom_Hoover: ok come on, that was uncalled for
10:19:04 <Phantom_Hoover> i meant the fact he typoed 'maybe', not his general state
10:20:53 -!- Sorella has joined.
10:21:28 -!- Sorella has quit (Changing host).
10:21:28 -!- Sorella has joined.
10:34:27 <Sgeo> Why are seasons considered to start at what is arguably their most extreme point?
10:36:08 <Phantom_Hoover> what... do you mean
10:36:46 <Phantom_Hoover> in terms of the solar cycle they don't: the equinoxes and solstices are all in the middle of seasons
10:37:29 <b_jonas> Sgeo: because Earth acts as a buffer so weather (temperature and flora) has a delay relative to the sun
10:37:43 <Sgeo> Googled "When does winter start": Saturday, December 21. Pretty sure that's the winter solstice.
10:37:46 <Sgeo> b_jonas: hmm
10:38:34 <elliott> "But it should not be confused with "the first day of winter" or "the start of winter" (Lidong in the East Asian calendars)."
10:38:54 <fizzie> "In astronomical reckoning, the solstices and equinoxes ought to be the middle of the respective seasons, but, because of thermal lag, regions with a continental climate which predominate in the Northern hemisphere often consider these four dates to be the start of the seasons as in the diagram, with the cross-quarter days considered seasonal midpoints." Huh, news to me.
10:39:16 <fizzie> (Maybe we don't have a continental-enough climate?)
10:39:46 <Phantom_Hoover> i think we've all learnt that seasons are incredibly arbitrary and not to be trusted
10:39:56 <b_jonas> int-e: that's even more scary
10:40:03 <b_jonas> it generates the rules automatically? wow
10:40:42 <b_jonas> I'll definitely look at it
10:51:04 <b_jonas> int-e: as for eliminating leading zeros, I just use wrappers around the (0:) and (1:) constructors in my impl of binary
10:51:58 <kmc> i think we've all learnt that time is not to be trusted
10:52:11 <kmc> learnt and learn'd
11:02:31 -!- carado has joined.
11:05:53 <quintopia> `relcome carado
11:05:55 <HackEgo> carado: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
11:06:15 <carado> thanks o/
11:08:02 -!- SingingBoyo has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
11:18:30 -!- Frooxius has joined.
11:18:54 <int-e> b_jonas: yes, I could handle leading zeros in the implementation of 'n', but I have other plans :)
11:32:27 <b_jonas> int-e: what does the zeckendorf subtraction you generated do on an underflow? loop infinitely?
11:33:43 -!- nooodl has joined.
11:34:50 <int-e> b_jonas: Yes. I was happy with a partial function (actually it shouldn't be hard to detect that situation anyway, but I have not given it much thought.)
11:37:42 <Phantom_Hoover> challenge: find a way of justifying cos as the category-theoretic dual of sin
11:38:41 <int-e> b_jonas: and in fact this is related to handling leading zeros properly; right now, whenever the remaining input is an empty list, but there are still carries to deal with, it just replaces it by [0].
11:38:59 <int-e> b_jonas: so indeed it will loop forever.
12:07:45 <Bike> Jafet: oh, thanks!
12:21:49 -!- Sgeo has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
12:29:48 -!- aloril has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
12:43:14 -!- aloril has joined.
12:59:45 <b_jonas> int-e: ok. I guess a complete suite could have comparison functions.
13:00:50 -!- boily has joined.
13:00:53 -!- boily has quit (Client Quit).
13:01:10 -!- boily has joined.
13:01:19 -!- metasepia has joined.
13:01:37 <boily> ~metar CYUL
13:01:37 <metasepia> CYUL 091242Z 07014KT 3/4SM R06L/P6000FT/D R06R/P6000FT/D -SN BKN004 OVC012 M05/M07 A3013 RMK SF5ST3 PRESFR SLP205
13:01:44 <boily> good -SN morning!
13:01:58 <fizzie> ~metar EFHK
13:02:28 <fizzie> Good apparently nonexistent afternoon.
13:02:57 <fizzie> ~metar EFRO
13:03:12 <fizzie> I guess Finland was all a figment of someone's imagination.
13:04:06 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
13:04:06 <metasepia> EFRO 091250Z VRB01KT 9999 1200SW BCFG NSC M21/M23 Q1023
13:04:31 <fizzie> Oh.
13:04:57 <fizzie> It's just the Helsinki airport that has disappeared, then.
13:05:44 <fizzie> (Also: BCFG is probably some kind of a context-free grammar.)
13:09:10 <boily> Rejoice! The Tyranny of the Helsinki Hallucination has Ended!
13:09:49 <boily> (apparently BCFG is patchy fog ← http://www.wdisf.com/BCFG-stands-for-patchy-fog-metar-code.htm)
13:10:24 <fizzie> Of course, it must be short for batchy fog.
13:10:28 <int-e> ~metar --help
13:10:28 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
13:11:05 <boily> int-e: no search yet. will appear in the Most Vaporous New Version of Metasepia.
13:11:22 <boily> (meanwhile, you can file an issue on github → https://github.com/pfcuttle/metasepia)
13:12:08 <boily> ~metar LOWW
13:12:09 <metasepia> LOWW 091250Z 29022KT 9999 -RA FEW025 BKN045 07/04 Q1023 NOSIG
13:15:13 <fizzie> There's low, and then there's LOWW.
13:15:44 <lexande> loww basis theorem
13:16:12 <boily> hellexandello.
13:17:17 <lexande> gooddoily
13:17:47 <int-e> ~metar INN
13:17:47 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
13:18:09 <int-e> ~metar LOWI
13:18:09 <metasepia> LOWI 091250Z 26004KT 9999 FEW120 BKN300 02/M04 Q1031 NOSIG
13:18:56 <boily> meh. I guessed the wrong end of the country.
13:19:11 <fizzie> I guess IATA code lookup is also pending on the Vaporous Version too?
13:20:11 <boily> it was requested, memorized, guiltened, and thought about. now that I have the Mega Database of Everything, that will be an easy task.
13:20:34 <boily> (also, ocharles wrote a convincing article on the persisten lib.)
13:23:30 <int-e> Ok. I think I managed to decipher that. :)
13:25:52 -!- Sorella has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
13:28:48 -!- Sorella has joined.
13:29:23 -!- Sorella has quit (Changing host).
13:29:23 -!- Sorella has joined.
13:38:14 -!- muskrat has quit (Quit: Leaving).
13:39:36 -!- qlkzy_ has joined.
13:40:28 <boily> `relcom qlkzy_
13:40:29 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: relcom: not found
13:40:34 <boily> `relcome qlkzy_
13:40:37 <HackEgo> qlkzy_: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
13:55:32 -!- qlkzy_ has changed nick to qlkzy.
14:02:16 -!- Slereah has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
14:24:32 -!- `^_^v has joined.
14:30:47 -!- Timwi has joined.
14:30:58 <Timwi> Good day everyone
14:31:30 <boily> good morning!
14:31:44 <Taneb> Mornin;
14:32:08 <Timwi> What’s up? Anything exciting going on in here? :)
14:32:47 <boily> welcome, to #esoteric. anything is possible on #esoteric. ♪
14:32:54 <boily> (sung to the voice of zombo.com)
14:33:51 -!- conehead has joined.
14:34:31 <Timwi> I take that as a ‘nothing’ :-D
14:35:28 <boily> mornings (EST) are usually very calm. you could peruse the PDF available in the /topic. when Excitenment begins, you'll know :D
14:36:12 <boily> kmc: pink floyd listener?
14:36:56 -!- mrhmouse has joined.
14:37:14 <Timwi> found a grammar boo-boo in the PDF
14:37:46 <boily> Timwi: where?
14:38:14 <Timwi> page 5, “vizitu la Viki-o” should be “vizitu la vikion”, or at the very least “vizitu la Viki-on” (i.e., accusative) :-p
14:39:04 <boily> I'll be correcting that right away!
14:39:35 <Timwi> Egad, I just made a contribution :-p
14:42:04 <boily> updated to the latest HackEgo revision, along with your grammar fix.
14:43:35 <int-e> `bot
14:43:36 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: bot: not found
14:44:46 <Timwi> This PDF is ...
14:44:49 <Timwi> ... weird to say the least...
14:45:05 <int-e> wisdom takes a while to appreciate
14:45:19 * boily chuckles to himself ^^
14:46:35 <Timwi> You guys are strange
14:47:14 <int-e> Phew, I'm still not mentioned in there :)
14:47:59 <int-e> Timwi: But in any case, thanks for the compliment.
14:48:04 <boily> int-e: don't worry, the moment will come. muah ah ah.
14:49:23 <Timwi> int-e: yw
14:51:21 <Timwi> Endofunctors ← I totally read that as “end of unctors”
14:52:30 <b_jonas> I think I could improve the game of life obfu by delaying the second part of the calculation by one cycle.
14:52:42 <b_jonas> Then I could get away with just one pack and one unpack in the loop.
14:52:46 <b_jonas> In http://www.perlmonks.com/?node_id=1008395 that is
14:53:12 <b_jonas> I should try that at some point
14:53:34 <b_jonas> only then the unpack template would be quite long
14:58:26 <Timwi> Where does all that stuff in the PDF come from?
14:59:15 <fizzie> `? wisdom
14:59:17 <HackEgo> wisdom is always factually accurate, except for this entry, and uh that other one? it started with like, an ø?
14:59:23 <fizzie> I guess it's mostly that? And quotes.
15:01:05 <boily> it's mostly that, quotes, and a little bit of personal creativity.
15:38:45 -!- yorick has joined.
15:42:33 <lexande> `? endofunctors
15:42:35 <HackEgo> Endofunctors are just endomorphisms in the category of categories.
15:42:41 <lexande> `? oerjan
15:42:43 <HackEgo> Your evil overlord oerjan is a lazy expert in future computation. Also a lying Norwegian who hates Roald Dahl.
15:43:04 <lexande> `? ø
15:43:06 <HackEgo> ​ø is not going anywhere.
15:44:22 -!- Slereah has joined.
15:54:36 <Timwi> `? lexande
15:54:38 <HackEgo> lexande? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
15:54:58 <Timwi> There is no lexande
15:55:14 <lexande> there isn't? whoops
15:55:24 -!- lexande has left.
15:56:12 <Bike> rip
15:59:42 <boily> woohoo! I got my lockpicking kit!
15:59:54 <Taneb> :O
15:59:59 <Timwi> Are you officially a locksmith now?
16:00:13 <boily> far from it. I kinda suck at picking, but it's fun!
16:09:43 <Timwi> I suck at picking too, except on people
16:19:58 -!- MindlessDrone has joined.
16:22:32 -!- oerjan has joined.
16:22:41 -!- FreeFull has joined.
16:23:57 -!- MindlessDrone has quit (Read error: Operation timed out).
16:24:18 -!- Mindless1 has joined.
16:25:46 -!- yorick has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
16:28:10 -!- MindlessDrone has joined.
16:28:47 -!- yorick has joined.
16:30:53 -!- Mindless1 has quit (Read error: Operation timed out).
16:34:19 <oerjan> i don't think our ship can take that, kmc
16:37:44 -!- Sprocklem has joined.
16:38:18 <oerjan> what is it with clients having autorejoin after kick anyway, it's like an option to refuse getting a hint
16:40:11 * oerjan sees no option for it in irssi, although obviously it can be scripted.
16:40:51 <FireFly> Timhi
16:40:53 <Bike> in most of the channels i'm on getting kicked is a joke.
16:41:15 <b_jonas> oerjan: I donát think irssi does that automatically
16:41:26 <oerjan> ah the irssi faq: "That's evil and you shouldn't do it."
16:41:28 <b_jonas> well, maybe if the channel is set to autojoin?
16:41:31 <FireFly> Bike: which is terrible
16:41:36 <b_jonas> let me try
16:41:39 <FireFly> or I guess I should say unfortunate
16:41:42 <Bike> you're terrible.
16:42:27 <b_jonas> hmm no good, I can't try on any channel where I'm autojoined
16:42:28 <int-e> irssi is scriptable. http://scripts.irssi.org/scripts/autorejoin.pl
16:43:15 <b_jonas> well, if someone does that, ban then kick him
16:45:11 <oerjan> http://scripts.irssi.org/html/autorejoin.pl.html with formatting
16:47:03 <Timwi> <FireFly> Timhi ← ?
16:47:14 <oerjan> Bike: probably if there were such an option, it should take a channel list.
16:47:19 <Bike> also in my experience if someone's getting kicked seriously they're either (a) new to irc and don't have an autorejoin or (b) they know they pissed off the op who they probably know so they chill
16:48:07 <FireFly> Timwi: aka "Timwi: hi"
16:48:22 <shachaf> Himwi
16:48:41 <Timwi> HireFly :)
16:48:46 <Timwi> HiyaFly :)
16:49:46 <oerjan> "If you're joined to channels who kick people for fun, try changing channels or something."
16:49:57 <FireFly> Good suggestion
16:50:12 <oerjan> oh the irssi script _does_ take a channel list.
16:50:37 <shachaf> oerjan: you kicked me for fun once
16:50:37 <Bike> hm i don't remember if i have autorejoin on, actually. oerjan can we find out
16:51:02 <oerjan> shachaf: AND I REGRETTED IT. i think, it's a bit vague.
16:51:10 <shachaf> it was for the dahl thing
16:51:14 <oerjan> *sigh*
16:51:14 <shachaf> p. sure you didn't regret it
16:51:18 -!- ChanServ has set channel mode: +o oerjan.
16:51:24 -!- oerjan has kicked Bike O KAY.
16:51:28 -!- oerjan has set channel mode: -o oerjan.
16:51:30 <boily> dahl is good. I had some yesterday, along with way too much indian food.
16:51:33 <shachaf> can you op me while you're at it
16:51:38 <oerjan> TOO LATE
16:51:44 <boily> can I be voiced? I miss being voiced.
16:51:59 <int-e> do re mi fa so la ti do!
16:52:06 <shachaf> no, boily, 'I' is a vowel
16:52:07 <Timwi> Peing foiced is oferratet
16:52:24 -!- ChanServ has set channel mode: +v boily.
16:52:35 <boily> shachaf: you vile punster.
16:52:47 <boily> meanwhile, HEAR THE VOICE OF CANADA! :D
16:52:59 <Timwi> Oooh maplevoice
16:52:59 <boily> `thanks oerjan
16:53:00 <HackEgo> Thanks, oerjan. Thoerjan.
16:53:21 -!- Bike has joined.
16:53:46 <boily> int-e: do ré mi fa sol la si do.
16:53:56 <oerjan> boily: wait what's this dahl you're speaking of. here in trondheim we have dahls.
16:54:31 <Timwi> In England they have dahlings
16:54:50 * oerjan swats Timwi -----###
16:54:52 <boily> oerjan: “It also refers to the thick stew prepared from these pulses” ← https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dal
16:55:25 * Timwi splats
16:55:41 <oerjan> boily: ic. hopeless to google for a norwegian btw.
16:55:46 <boily> Timwi: let me ask you the The Question: what are your approximate coördinates and body weigh?
16:55:59 <Timwi> 47 and anywhere but USA
16:56:08 <oerjan> boily: oh wait it's actually the third hit if i spell it without a h.
16:56:15 <boily> already, Timwi feels like a regular of the chännel. I am disturbed.
16:56:30 <Timwi> You gave me the wrong stuff to read :/
16:56:36 <Timwi> I’m going to be sounding like that for the rest of today
16:56:48 * boily evil-laughs
16:56:55 <int-e> ruddy welcome Timwi
16:56:56 <ruddy> ​the joke is that already, timwi feels like
16:57:40 <oerjan> boily: Timwi _has_ been around before.
16:57:53 <Timwi> I wondered if anyone remembered :-p
16:58:12 <oerjan> Timwi: in fact i seem to have noticed you a lot on the net recently.
16:58:20 <Timwi> ‘on the net’?
16:58:24 <oerjan> like, learning haskell and stuff.
16:58:25 <Timwi> Where else on the net have I been visible? :)
16:58:33 <Timwi> WTF creepey
16:58:40 <Timwi> s/ey/y/
17:08:22 -!- Timwi has quit.
17:10:09 -!- bitlion has joined.
17:16:44 -!- doesthiswork has joined.
17:17:07 -!- Sprocklem has quit (Quit: Leaving).
17:17:50 -!- bitlion has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
17:18:36 -!- bitlion has joined.
17:20:50 -!- Sprocklem has joined.
17:26:55 <oerjan> <fizzie> I guess Finland was all a figment of someone's imagination. <-- now don't be too hasty, remember the bot is at canada hth
17:32:09 <mroman_> oerjan stalks Haskellers .
17:32:41 <oerjan> boo!
17:33:11 <oerjan> those on stack overflow and reddit, anyway.
17:33:12 <mroman_> You stalk Boo-ers too?
17:33:39 -!- Sprocklem has quit (Quit: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de).
17:33:42 <mroman_> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boo_(programming_language))
17:33:49 <oerjan> i figured that.
17:34:01 <oerjan> although i never learned it.
17:35:06 <FreeFull> Use <> for wrapping URLs
17:35:17 <FreeFull> Like this: <http://www.example.com/>
17:35:20 <b_jonas> FreeFull++
17:35:36 <b_jonas> though I prefer double quotes, but angle quotes are ok as well
17:37:24 <oerjan> `run ls wisdom/*welcome*
17:37:26 <HackEgo> wisdom/welcome \ wisdom/welcome.bork \ wisdom/welcome.es
17:37:46 <oerjan> `run grep vizitu wisdom/*
17:37:49 <HackEgo> wisdom/bonvenon:Bonvenon al la internacia centro por la desegno kaj ellaso de esoteraj programlingvoj! Por pli da informado, vizitu la Viki-on: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page. (Por la alia speco de esotero, iru al #esoteric sur irc.dal.net.)
17:37:59 <oerjan> good, good
17:40:44 <FreeFull> b_jonas: I think angle quotes are part of some RFC involving URLs
17:40:53 -!- oerjan has quit (Quit: Etc. pp.).
17:55:22 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
18:09:43 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
18:10:09 -!- augur has joined.
18:13:46 -!- Sprocklem has joined.
18:14:18 <shachaf> oerjan: how do you pronounce 'r'
18:14:29 -!- augur has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds).
18:21:03 <boily> damned weather. now it's raining.
18:21:09 <boily> ~metar CYUL
18:21:09 <metasepia> CYUL 091800Z 15015KT 1 1/2SM -SN OVC020 M00/M03 A2985 RMK NS8 SLP108
18:21:27 <boily> hm. still -SNing over at Dorval. probably going to update in 10 minutes or so.
18:21:42 <Taneb> ~metar EGNT
18:21:43 <metasepia> EGNT 091750Z 21006KT 130V250 9999 BKN025 09/06 Q1023
18:22:03 <Taneb> I forget how to interpret that
18:24:53 <boily> report issued at 5:50pm UTC, south to west winds at 6 knots (~15 km/h), ground visibility OK, temperature is 9 °C with dew point at 6 °C, sea level air pressure at 1023 hPa.
18:26:18 <fizzie> ~metar EFHK
18:26:19 <metasepia> EFHK 091820Z 01003KT 9999 FEW030 M11/M13 Q1026 NOSIG
18:26:24 <fizzie> The airport, it is back.
18:26:36 <fizzie> (Also cold-ish.)
18:28:12 <boily> welcome back to the Real World!
18:28:28 <boily> (meanwhile, our METAR show a temperature of minus zero degrees!)
18:28:44 <fizzie> The temperature of cow.
18:29:25 <boily> cow?
18:29:30 <boily> oh.
18:29:38 * boily facepalms
18:30:57 <mrhmouse> `? cow
18:30:59 <HackEgo> cow? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
18:33:05 <boily> `run echo 'A cow is an animal best served at minus zero degrees.' >wisdom/cow
18:33:09 <HackEgo> No output.
18:34:51 <kmc> 1023 hellapascals
18:47:15 -!- myname has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
18:48:57 <Bike> nerdpeeps if you could avoid blithely reducing the entirety of human thought to "the nervous system" that would be great. thanks in advance
18:49:37 <olsner> Bike: that's just your nervous system speaking
18:52:30 <boily> what's a nerdpeep?
18:52:56 <Bike> a peep who is a nerd
18:53:00 <Bike> congrats on your voice btw
18:54:27 -!- augur has joined.
18:54:40 -!- myname has joined.
18:55:43 <boily> Bike: I embrace my role as the official representative at Canada.
18:56:43 <Bike> good good
18:58:11 -!- petruciocoi has joined.
18:58:12 -!- petruciocoi has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
19:00:20 <Bike> wait what are you representing
19:00:57 -!- augur has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
19:01:19 -!- augur has joined.
19:01:25 <boily> anything that can be at Canada, except Harper.
19:06:20 <boily> I also represent sending maply stuff over at other esötericians.
19:06:40 <Bike> can you get me some natural maple syrup
19:07:07 -!- SingingBoyo has joined.
19:08:25 <boily> Bike: I can. (pun very much intended.)
19:10:45 -!- doesthiswork has quit (Quit: Leaving.).
19:13:43 -!- SingingBoyo has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
19:14:34 <Bike> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B3G8UGQ
19:15:18 <int-e> http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/331083855347
19:15:50 <boily> Bike: this is wrong. this is so very, very wrong.
19:16:00 <Bike> int-e: see, i can see people wanting that.
19:16:57 <int-e> So can I. It's a perfect gift in some circumstances where one might want to send a message.
19:17:42 <int-e> I suppose there is also a scientific interest in such fossils, but I don't see it.
19:18:13 <boily> for every weird thing, there'll be a scientist studying it. or at least a modern art critic discussing it.
19:18:36 <int-e> Sending messages ... you don't even have to give it away. "I love to look at this specimen, it reminds me of you."
19:20:39 <Bike> you don't see why a scientist would want to study poop?
19:23:55 <b_jonas> FreeFull: both double quotes and angle quotes I think
19:24:15 <int-e> Bike: Hmm. Put like that, yes I would. I don't see him or her shelving out money for it though, or put it on display in a collection.
19:24:19 * int-e shrugs
19:24:45 <b_jonas> FreeFull: more imporatntly, they both double quotes and angle brackets can't be part of urls, whereas square brackets and parenthesis and dots and commas are so those shouldn't delimit urls
19:24:49 <int-e> To each his/her own.
19:24:55 <Bike> well, they might have to pay for it because they need a sample and the only one who's got it is selling on ebay :/
19:25:11 <Bike> display's a bit weird though yeah, usually displayed trace fossils are footprints and stuff
19:26:02 <mroman_> Well then I guess I use spaces for urls
19:26:36 <b_jonas> FreeFull: specifically http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2396.html under "E. Recommendations for Delimiting URI in Context
19:26:39 <b_jonas> "
19:27:12 <boily> ~yi
19:27:12 <metasepia> Your divination: "Parting" to "Skinning"
19:27:20 <b_jonas> FreeFull: also http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc3986.html
19:27:36 <FreeFull> Whitespace is probably the most commonly used delimiter
19:28:17 <Bike> as evidenced by this conversation.
19:29:13 -!- nisstyre has joined.
19:29:15 <boily> i◇reject◇whitespace◇and◇substitute◇my◇own.
19:29:57 <int-e> %20%A0
19:30:51 <boily> `unidecode  
19:30:53 <HackEgo> ​[U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE]
19:31:02 <kmc> `unidecode ◇
19:31:04 <HackEgo> ​[U+25C7 WHITE DIAMOND]
19:31:05 <b_jonas> int-e: I've downloaded the zeckendorf code and will test it some time later
19:31:19 <b_jonas> as in test automatically that it gives correct results
19:31:40 <int-e> b_jonas: note that I patched haskell-src-exts-qq
19:31:48 <int-e> b_jonas: (also on github)
19:31:50 <b_jonas> patched what?
19:31:55 <b_jonas> what's that
19:32:18 <int-e> a quasi-quoter for haskell-src-exts
19:32:36 <b_jonas> I need that only for the template haskell part, not for the simps.hs, right?
19:32:59 <int-e> allows me to write [hs| x |] for var (Ident "x"), for example. And it pays of rather quickly.
19:33:19 <b_jonas> int-e: maybe mention that in the readme then
19:36:39 <int-e> [dec| __fun__ = $(ci) where n f c = f . (c:) |] is short for
19:36:42 <int-e> PatBind (SrcLoc {srcFilename = "<unknown>.hs", srcLine = 1, srcColumn = 2}) (PVar (Ident fun)) Nothing (UnGuardedRhs ci) (BDecls [FunBind [Match (SrcLoc {srcFilename = "<unknown>.hs", srcLine = 1, srcColumn = 17}) (Ident "n") [PVar (Ident "f"),PVar (Ident "c")] Nothing (UnGuardedRhs (InfixApp (Var (UnQual (Ident "f"))) (QVarOp (UnQual (Symbol "."))) (LeftSection (Var (UnQual (Ident "c"))) (QConOp (Special Cons))))) (BDecls...
19:36:48 <int-e> ...[])]])
19:38:01 <b_jonas> so your patch adds a quasiquote for patterns?
19:38:07 <int-e> yes.
19:38:14 <b_jonas> I see
19:39:44 <int-e> (and yes, I should mention it in the readme; then again, I hope mboes looks at the github tickets from time to time.)
19:48:58 <boily> random translation question: are there any good .po editors out there except poedit?
19:50:57 <int-e> on an unrelated note, I love the phrase "time-honored atrocity". http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2013-12-07
20:06:14 -!- doesthiswork has joined.
20:06:29 -!- Sprocklem has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds).
20:06:38 <boily> doesthelloswork.
20:08:27 -!- bitlion has left.
20:08:28 <doesthiswork> helloboily
20:11:16 <boily> doesthiswork: apparently, you live in the middle of the atlantic ocean.
20:11:44 <boily> or, I am confused by google maps, and in fact you are in Guiné-Bissau.
20:12:18 <Bike> that's quite a confusion
20:13:09 -!- Sprocklem has joined.
20:13:21 <doesthiswork> I'm in moscow at the moment
20:14:09 <doesthiswork> and when I look up my ip the internet agrees
20:14:16 <boily> ~metar UUEE
20:14:16 <metasepia> UUEE 092000Z 33006MPS 7000 -SN DRSN OVC012 M11/M13 Q1011 75520245 25520245 NOSIG
20:14:40 <boily> ~metar UUDD
20:14:40 <metasepia> UUDD 092000Z 36005MPS 1800 SN BKN031 OVC100 M09/M11 Q1010 32590392 TEMPO 1500 SHSN SCT015CB
20:21:37 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
20:21:45 <myname> okay
20:21:57 <myname> http://esolangs.org/wiki/RubE_On_Conveyor_Belts is listed in category "implemented"
20:22:06 <myname> where do i find said implementation?
20:22:49 <shachaf> kmc: should cabal's https library implement its own tls thing in pure haskell
20:23:05 -!- doesthiswork_ has joined.
20:23:57 -!- ^v has joined.
20:24:46 <boily> `ello ^v
20:24:48 <HackEgo> ​^vello
20:24:54 <boily> ^vello
20:25:01 <nooodl> `ello is surprisingly flawless
20:25:03 <HackEgo> is surprisingly flawlessello
20:25:08 <int-e> ruddy!
20:25:09 <ruddy> ​int-e! int-e!
20:25:13 <boily> fungot: hello?
20:25:13 <fungot> boily: makes a heck of a time
20:25:15 -!- doesthiswork has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
20:25:20 <boily> fungot: of course.
20:25:20 <fungot> boily: it works! ha ha ha ha
20:25:23 <boily> ...
20:25:27 <int-e> haha
20:25:38 <int-e> ruddy welcome fungot
20:25:38 <fungot> int-e: from the file. if an arbitrary predicate applies to two objects, using currying to read the nicely structured data in them, naughty dog has several games involving scheme, texmacs uses scheme as an os
20:25:39 <ruddy> ​you are welcome
20:25:45 * boily stands clearly clear, far far away from fungot. “YOUR SENTIENCE WON'T GET ME HERE!”
20:25:45 <fungot> boily: so in a cup of hot chocolate. back in the day, conducted in the late eighties and early fnord
20:26:01 <int-e> wow, fungot almost made sense.
20:26:01 <fungot> int-e: fnord might not be
20:26:07 <shachaf> fungot always makes sense
20:26:07 <fungot> shachaf: hi there metaperl. do you feel about that
20:26:14 <shachaf> i do, fungot. i do
20:26:14 <fungot> shachaf: five legs? where'd you go to a more abstract idea. the ' take' procedure does exactly that...
20:26:16 <int-e> The naughty dog spoiled it though.
20:27:10 <boily> shachaf is a mutant!
20:27:32 <shachaf> fungot is a mutant. boily is a mutant. ruddy is a mutant.
20:27:33 <fungot> shachaf: or better: hidden ones. like fnord or winblows. lots of changes
20:27:35 <ruddy> ​shachaf welcome ruddy
20:27:42 <shachaf> ruddy: you're welcome
20:27:42 <ruddy> ​welcome back
20:27:56 <boily> shachaf: talk for yourself, five-leg boy.
20:28:12 <mrhmouse> ruddy is a mutant?
20:28:14 <ruddy> ​mrhmouse
20:28:21 <mrhmouse> yes, ruddy?
20:28:21 <ruddy> ​mrhmouse?
20:29:14 -!- ais523 has joined.
20:29:32 <int-e> ruddy's repertoire is diminishing.
20:29:33 <ruddy> ​like, int-e's work??
20:29:44 -!- zzo38 has joined.
20:30:15 <int-e> No, ruddy, I had nothing to do with that.
20:30:17 <ruddy> ​nothing
20:30:26 <int-e> Exactly.
20:30:37 <mrhmouse> I can probably fix that. ruddy, this may sting a bit...
20:30:40 <ruddy> ​saw that.
20:31:15 <shachaf> ruddy: you're boring
20:31:15 <ruddy> ​how boring ... “green boring sponge”???
20:31:33 <int-e> ruddy!
20:31:33 <ruddy> ​int-e!
20:32:06 <FireFly> ruddy: yes, as boring as a green boring sponge.
20:32:07 <ruddy> ​how boring ... “green boring sponge”???
20:32:19 <FireFly> ruddy: I said yes, damn it
20:32:20 <ruddy> ​damn you ph damn straight, FireFly
20:32:35 <int-e> ruddy, be nice to FireFly.
20:32:37 <ruddy> ​nice nice
20:32:49 <mrhmouse> shh ruddy.. shh
20:32:49 <ruddy> ​close enough, mrhmouse..
20:32:52 -!- ruddy has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
20:33:17 -!- ruddy has joined.
20:33:20 <int-e> ruddy, dance and sing for us, please
20:33:21 <ruddy> ​yes, ruddy taught int-e to sing i think
20:33:31 <int-e> haha
20:33:38 <olsner> fungot: do you like ruddy?
20:33:38 <fungot> olsner: now i am using it in a fontified buffer, and don't use erc ( so you could also look like fnord
20:33:39 <ruddy> ​olsner? olsner?
20:33:48 <int-e> 20:27:29 <mrhmouse> kmc: yes, boily taught ruddy to sing I think
20:33:50 <ruddy> ​the 29 sing me a song ruddy sgeo
20:34:04 <mrhmouse> Hmm. Doesn't seem to have fixed the problem. ruddy: what do you think?
20:34:08 <ruddy> ​those
20:34:12 <int-e> ruddy!
20:34:12 <ruddy> ​int-e! int-e!
20:34:14 <mrhmouse> Yeah, no.
20:34:16 -!- ruddy has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
20:35:14 -!- ruddy has joined.
20:35:16 <mrhmouse> Let's try this again. ruddy: how do you feel?
20:35:18 <ruddy> ​ucs-2 build let's see
20:35:27 <shachaf> ruddy!
20:35:28 <ruddy> ​shachaf!
20:35:32 <FireFly> ruddy: you want to use ucs-2 instead?
20:35:33 <ruddy> ​imo can it's
20:35:44 <int-e> ruddy, dance and sing for us, please
20:35:45 <ruddy> ​sing me yes, please
20:35:48 <FireFly> ruddy: what's that supposed to mean=!
20:35:49 <ruddy> ​it's isn't what's
20:36:03 <mrhmouse> Oh well. I'll just leave ruddy in its current state until a replacement can be manufactured.
20:36:06 <int-e> did you take a green sponge bath, ruddy?
20:36:08 <ruddy> ​as does
20:36:09 <ruddy> ​yes, int-e?
20:36:18 <FireFly> ruddy: did you hear that you're going to get REPLACED?
20:36:21 <ruddy> ​you
20:36:27 <kmc> sent to the island of misfit toys
20:36:28 <FireFly> I am, too? damn
20:37:01 <FireFly> ruddy: is there anything wrong with me?
20:37:03 <ruddy> ​me? ask are you why speaking
20:37:06 <kmc> ruddy: sing to me, erbarme dich
20:37:07 <ruddy> ​@ask kmc kmc, dance yes, ruddy yes,
20:37:14 <boily> ~duck erbarme
20:37:14 <metasepia> das &lt; Erbarmens &gt; Sie hatte Erbarmen mit ihm., Er kannte kein Erbarmen mehr.
20:37:18 <boily> ...
20:37:36 <boily> I definitely have a problem with bots. is it because of my aura? my karma? my at canada?
20:37:38 <kmc> das &lt;
20:37:46 <int-e> ruddy will be discarded like an old rag
20:37:47 <ruddy> ​oerjan how
20:37:51 -!- ruddy has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
20:37:55 <kmc> How To Oerjan
20:38:04 <FireFly> fungot: you're more fun
20:38:04 <fungot> FireFly: sounds like a bug in the randomness of sarahbot." ie. to know it
20:38:05 <kmc> 100 times a day: Malarky or effective way?
20:38:07 -!- ruddy has joined.
20:38:08 <int-e> wow, how did it come up with "oerjan" in that context?
20:38:26 <FireFly> fungot: no, nothing is buggy with you. You're perfectly fine the way you are.
20:38:26 <fungot> FireFly: file systems and operations on them... that makes things easier.
20:38:34 <FireFly> Yes. yes it does.
20:38:58 <mrhmouse> int-e: chance :) That's something to fix in future versions of ruddy
20:38:58 <FireFly> int-e: I think it just randoms a nick or something
20:39:00 <boily> @tell oerjan how do you oerjan?
20:39:01 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
20:39:01 -!- ruddy has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
20:39:07 <int-e> fungot: fine, fine, fine you are, says FireFly
20:39:07 <fungot> int-e: supposing you're right there. but my first computers were always discarded heh
20:39:28 <FireFly> whyyyy
20:39:34 <FireFly> fungot: is it fizzie's fault?
20:39:34 <fungot> FireFly: first of all, you should
20:40:01 <mrhmouse> FireFly: it is a random nick, but it should pull from the invoker's name and the bot's name first
20:40:03 <int-e> Is FireFly a PyroManiac?
20:40:24 <FireFly> Not to my knowledge
20:40:29 -!- ruddy has joined.
20:40:30 <shachaf> is FireFly also a bot that talks when its name is mentioned
20:40:33 <mrhmouse> Sorry for the joinspam with ruddy..
20:40:35 <ruddy> ​sorry sorry sorry :p also sorry
20:40:38 <ais523> I thought FireFly was a person
20:40:43 <FireFly> ._.
20:40:58 <int-e> ais523: believe it or not I don't only mock bots :)
20:41:22 <kmc> fungot: sing to me
20:41:23 <fungot> kmc: done:).
20:41:27 <kmc> fungot: WONTFIX
20:41:28 <fungot> kmc: mohkale being fair: fnord mohkale siellä oli fnord fnord fnord 99%cpu ( 0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k the best anime.
20:41:39 <kmc> (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k: the best anime.
20:41:41 <FireFly> Interesting lyrics
20:41:48 <int-e> fungot: Segmentation fault.
20:41:48 <fungot> int-e: that's how it was implemented in smalltalk ( kinda fnord) there'll be in brainfuck. here's the first failure
20:42:06 <FireFly> very fnord, I'd say
20:42:22 <boily> fungot: allô toi.
20:42:22 <fungot> boily: sleep? what's that? is 50% a good thing if the header file says it returns " unspecified", following the r5rs model. it's a crying shame.
20:45:36 -!- Deewiant has quit (Quit: Viivan loppu.).
20:49:41 -!- Sprocklem has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds).
20:52:51 <kmc> clumps of fnord
20:53:28 -!- Deewiant has joined.
20:53:31 <kmc> fungot: puhutko suomea?
20:53:31 <fungot> kmc: the point is that the choice be arbitrary is a requisite skill for anything in particular
20:53:59 <kmc> if finnish is so great then why isn't it written using hangul
20:54:13 <shachaf> if hangul is so great why isn't it used to write finnish
20:54:24 <olsner> fungot: do you know hangul or finnish?
20:54:24 <fungot> olsner: undefined variable ' eval?'. detecting circular lists is probably unneccesary elsewhere.)
20:54:53 <Bike> fungot: what the living fuck is a light chain
20:54:53 <fungot> Bike: somewhere there. probably not what you meant." god.
20:55:03 <Bike> i feel ya
20:55:09 <boily> holy fungot.
20:55:09 <fungot> boily: it looks like arch++ that isn't vaporware. but mainly we make fun of java. tons of interesting esolangs come from gimmicks. it doesn't seem to be
20:57:25 <int-e> fungot's been trained well
20:57:26 <fungot> int-e: what exactly do they count as skyscrapers. heap management would have to say
20:57:39 <int-e> skyscraper heap management. yay!
20:58:46 <int-e> (if your garbage is piling up as high as a skyscraper, then your garbage collector is doing a bad job.)
21:00:05 -!- lushgreen has joined.
21:00:44 <boily> `relcome lushgreen
21:00:47 <HackEgo> lushgreen: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
21:01:00 <Phantom_Hoover> god i love it when people blame bitcoin's failings on speculators
21:01:56 <boily> some day, I'll acquire bitcoins.
21:02:16 <ais523> I'm not sure if I ever will
21:02:26 <mrhmouse> I should have acquired bitcoins long ago when they were worthless..
21:02:29 <ais523> I'd probably use them if they really took off, but not otherwise
21:02:34 <Bike> some day, i will be acquired by a sapient blockchain
21:02:53 <boily> fungot: are you a sapient blockchain? do you plan to be one?
21:02:54 <fungot> boily: will go nuke some ' fnord for fnord? i think code goes to parsing " 2x 2" as " fnord")
21:03:01 <Bike> as foretold by the prophet yudkowsky
21:03:36 <boily> it is 2100. war is beginning. the fnords will be nuked, with funds from bitcoins.
21:03:55 <Bike> fungot: thoughts on yaoi
21:03:55 <fungot> Bike: except you need to get some opinions.)
21:03:58 <Bike> i do
21:04:33 <int-e> I wonder what fungot has to say about bitcoins. Or ruddy.
21:04:34 <fungot> int-e: and my network connection!
21:04:37 <ruddy> ​it i wonder say okay, int-e. okay, int-e. holy okay, int-e.
21:04:50 <int-e> ruddy, bitcoin
21:04:50 <ruddy> ​int-e, dammit int-e, you? int-e, indeed
21:04:55 <int-e> sigh
21:04:59 <olsner> boily: the fnords will be nuked with fungots from bitcoins?
21:04:59 <fungot> olsner: i could be
21:05:08 <int-e> Phantom_Hoover: which failings?
21:06:08 <boily> olsner: something like that. I think. I believe the Bot knows what he's doing, so all be fine in the long run. perhaps. hth.
21:06:15 <boily> s/all be/all will be/
21:06:49 <mrhmouse> int-e: I think it's gone
21:06:54 <int-e> The thing is designed to be hoarded. You can call that speculation if you like, but it all comes down to there being a very limited supply of new bitcoins.
21:07:20 <kmc> shachaf: how goes it
21:07:54 -!- MindlessDrone has quit (Quit: MindlessDrone).
21:08:23 <ais523> actually, the thing that's mindblowing for me is just how many people must be mining
21:08:36 <int-e> hah, you don't even need your own mining "rigs" anymore? http://www.butterflylabs.com/landing/slanding.php
21:08:40 <Bike> int-e: being designed to be hoarded strikes me as a flaw
21:08:44 <ais523> the block reward is 25BTC, every 10 minutes
21:08:54 <ais523> that's like $150000 every hour
21:09:04 <ais523> at pre-crash prices
21:09:12 <int-e> Bike: sure.
21:09:13 <ais523> did it stop crashing, btw, or is it still falling?
21:09:29 <Bike> it crashed again?
21:10:13 <ais523> it fell by like 50% a couple of days ago
21:10:16 <ais523> I haven't checked since
21:10:24 <Bike> well, it doesn't look like it's crashing right now
21:10:36 <lushgreen> hackego, boily: hello
21:10:37 <Bike> according to the 30d graph on bitcoinity anyway
21:10:46 <boily> “14:2. the ghouls, whose utter strangeness and their backsliding, I will love him, and have redeemed them, yet thou never gavest me a people”
21:11:01 <int-e> at 6000TH/s network speed that's 0.25 cents per hour, per GH/s.
21:11:52 <kmc> how does hosted mining make any sense
21:12:05 <int-e> kmc: it makes perfect sense for the hoster :)
21:12:11 <Bike> i don't get it
21:12:19 <kmc> int-e: explain?
21:12:25 <int-e> steady, real money, income
21:12:39 <kmc> I think it's actually because they offload the liquidity risk
21:12:40 <kmc> right
21:12:43 <kmc> and people are bad at pricing that
21:13:06 <int-e> besides you can bet that they use whatever spare capacity they have for themselves
21:13:22 <Bike> what's liquidity again
21:13:26 <int-e> and then there is a huge potential trust issue. :)
21:13:27 <shachaf> hi kmc
21:13:35 <kmc> Bike: whether you can find someone willing to trade with you
21:14:36 -!- muskrat has joined.
21:14:39 <kmc> I guess there's the exchange rate exposure as well
21:14:41 <Bike> so is liquidity risk instability in bitcoin trading prices
21:15:00 <kmc> Bike: I was thinking more like the risk that the exchanges stop operating due to regulatory nonsense or DDoS
21:15:11 <Bike> oh
21:15:21 <kmc> aiui doing USD transactions through MtGox as a US citizen is somewhat nontrivial now?
21:15:25 <ais523> Bike: liquidity's basically, if you want to exchange X of a commodity for something else (in either direction), how long will it take you / how much extra will you need to pay to convince someone to make the trade
21:15:45 <ais523> like, in a very illiquid commodity, you might need to accept very one-sided deals to obtain or get rid of it
21:15:52 <kmc> I wonder if you can derive an implied volatility for BTC/USD from the hosted mining price
21:15:59 <Bike> makes sense ais
21:16:00 <ais523> in a very liquid commodity, you can basically change it to other very liquid commodities and back again with no commision
21:16:08 <ais523> *commission
21:16:09 <ais523> whenever you want
21:16:13 <kmc> though it also depends on the network hash rate *and* the difficulty factor, and the latter is weird in financial terms because it changes in discrete jumps
21:16:25 <kmc> maybe some of those cards are actually running Monte Carlo bitcoin derivatives market simulations ;)
21:16:26 <int-e> right. the market price for btc may be $1k because there is one party willing to buy a single bitcoin for that price; if you have 1k of them that won't help you much.
21:17:31 <lushgreen> boily: thats for the crazies amongst us right?
21:17:44 <kmc> another theory is that they have unusually cheap electricity in their datacenter and this is a roundabout way of selling it
21:18:09 <kmc> my friend has free electricity at her apartment and so colocates mining ASICs for a 10% cut :)
21:18:29 <int-e> ...
21:19:17 <mrhmouse> kmc: how does one obtain this "free electricity"?
21:19:21 <boily> lushgreen: there are no crazies here, only mad people.
21:19:25 <boily> `? mad
21:19:27 <HackEgo> ​"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad." "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice. "You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."
21:19:31 <boily> `? everyone
21:19:33 <HackEgo> Everyone in here is mad.
21:19:39 <kmc> mrhmouse: market failure
21:19:59 <Bike> i prefer 'epistemologically distinct', boily
21:20:07 <zzo38> Yes, I suppose so, as that quotation from Alice in Wonderland shows us.
21:20:30 <boily> Bike: nomenclature is hard. let's go esolanging!
21:20:33 <kmc> oh ALSO they are selling year long contracts
21:20:59 <boily> hezzo38.
21:21:19 <kmc> so if the price of BTC drops or the difficulty goes way up, they win big
21:24:12 -!- lushgreen has left.
21:25:04 <Bike> "Other professional activities: [...] I once held a chair in the Physics Department at the University of Oxford, while the professor stood on it to get a book down from a high shelf."
21:25:36 <mrhmouse> Bike: twice now you've caused me to snicker in public
21:26:02 <Bike> why do academics have such weird hobbies
21:26:06 <Bike> this guy lists 'harpsichording'
21:26:19 <mrhmouse> Bike: harpsichords are cool.
21:26:39 <Bike> they are but man could you pick a snootier hobby if you tried
21:26:47 <boily> if only I could pick a harpsichord...
21:27:27 <olsner> anyone can pick a harpshichord
21:27:40 <olsner> `thanks harpsichord
21:27:41 <HackEgo> Thanks, harpsichord. Tharpsichord.
21:27:53 <mrhmouse> Bike: electric kazoo?
21:28:01 * boily laughs stupidly. “Tharpsichord. He he he!”
21:28:04 <int-e> Wait a second. At $1k/btc, and 6TH/s network speed, a GH/s will give you an expected 365 * 24 * 6 / 6e6 * $1000 a year, or $8.76. They sell that for $10.83 a year. Clever :)
21:28:06 <shachaf> `ello harpsichord
21:28:08 <HackEgo> harpsichellord
21:28:13 <shachaf> `ello cello
21:28:14 <HackEgo> cellello
21:28:23 <Bike> 'etymology of the word network' shit i'm going to be thinking about this all day now
21:29:15 <int-e> (The network speed and its growth is crazy.)
21:29:17 <boily> net work, as opposed to gross work.
21:29:42 -!- boily has quit (Quit: OPEN CHICKEN!).
21:29:45 -!- metasepia has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
21:31:03 <Bike> byoily
21:31:12 <shachaf> `yo Bike
21:31:13 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: yo: not found
21:31:26 <kmc> yike
21:31:31 <shachaf> gadzooks
21:31:34 <shachaf> hm
21:31:35 <shachaf> gadzook
21:31:57 <kmc> Bike: i only play harpsichord while sailing my yacht
21:32:46 <Bike> basically
21:34:07 <Bike> "We are at a very lively technology park, and you would have at least daily meetings with me and very good computing facilities (i.e. linux)."
21:34:31 <olsner> who's "me"?
21:34:32 <shachaf> wow, that's p. good
21:34:44 <Bike> this math nerd i'm stalking atm
21:35:26 <kmc> such linux
21:37:02 <Bike> hm the list of MSc projects looks halfway between that and a job listing
21:37:34 <Bike> "C++ programming is needed (as operator overloading is necessary)."
21:38:20 <shachaf> the joke is that you get to be the operator
21:38:24 -!- nisstyre has quit (Quit: Leaving).
21:38:55 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
21:44:35 <ais523> the use of Linux on its own does not make a computing facility very good
21:47:03 <Bike> yeah i quoted it for a laff
21:50:57 <quintopia> hoily!
21:51:00 <kmc> ask them which distro
21:51:29 <quintopia> they use gentoo ofc
21:51:40 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
21:51:50 <Bike> i'll check the website, maybe there's something amusing
21:52:04 <Bike> i have no idea what the company does besides 'innovation'
21:52:13 <kmc> lol
21:52:47 <Bike> Major theme areas are; Future of the Internet and network transformation. Mobility and convergence [..]
21:53:45 <quintopia> maybe they are working on trade secrets, like how to unlock our matrix of solidity
21:53:50 <Bike> has anyone who's not an old person used the term 'young people'
21:54:04 <quintopia> Bike: am i an old person
21:54:24 <Bike> i don't know
21:54:34 <Bike> http://www.btplc.com/Innovation/Innovationnews/historyoffibre/history-of-fibre-story.jpg beard
21:54:40 <kmc> i do it but i'm probably an old person now
21:54:50 <kmc> omgbeard
21:55:56 <Bike> i guess the parent company is a telecom
21:56:01 <quintopia> it always looks silly when they shave their mustaches and grow their beards
21:56:17 * kmc has tried it both ways and likes beard, no mustache better
21:56:32 <kmc> but these days i have neither
21:56:46 <Bike> you're not quite as 19th century as that dude anyway
22:09:20 <fizzie> `thanks theremin
22:09:21 <HackEgo> Thanks, theremin. Theremin.
22:09:24 <fizzie> That was kind of boring.
22:09:33 <kmc> `thanks Hanks
22:09:34 <HackEgo> Thanks, Hanks. Thanks.
22:09:58 <fizzie> `thanks tanks
22:09:59 <HackEgo> Thanks, tanks. Thanks.
22:11:56 <fizzie> Re "what the company does besides 'innovation'", Adobe has a Disruptive Innovation Group, I saw a forwarded ad of them.
22:12:14 <fizzie> It's not entirely clear what they do, besides presumably innovation that happens to be disruptive.
22:12:37 -!- nisstyre has joined.
22:12:59 <fizzie> "-- a small team of engineers and entrepreneurs who develop new products with our research --"
22:15:30 <ion> `quote ꙮ
22:15:31 <HackEgo> No output.
22:15:45 <ion> Hmm. Where was the poem with ꙮ?
22:16:04 <Bike> the lion eating poet in the square den?
22:17:57 <shachaf> A Swede who was in #esoteric / Thought his rhymes were a little generic. / "I might use, in my prose, / ꙮs, / But my poetry's alphanumeric."
22:18:18 <Phantom_Hoover> `addquote <shachaf> A Swede who was in #esoteric / Thought his rhymes were a little generic. / "I might use, in my prose, / ꙮs, / But my poetry's alphanumeric."
22:18:22 <HackEgo> 1143) <shachaf> A Swede who was in #esoteric / Thought his rhymes were a little generic. / "I might use, in my prose, / ꙮs, / But my poetry's alphanumeric."
22:18:23 <olsner> sweet
22:18:42 <Phantom_Hoover> wait shit has xchat encodingfucked the ꙮ there
22:20:37 <FireFly> it renders correctly here anyway
22:21:45 <pikhq> Be pretty weird if it did.
22:22:09 <pikhq> IIRC Xchat's brain-damage is "Windows-1252 if it fits, otherwise UTF-8".
22:23:03 <Phantom_Hoover> why is that thing the default for heaven's sake
22:23:16 <Phantom_Hoover> i googled it and it was added experimentally in 2006!
22:23:36 <olsner> I guess it worked too well
22:23:45 <ais523> pikhq: isn't pretty much any sequence of octets valid Windows-1252, though?
22:24:02 <zzo38> That is no good encoding, since it is conflicting.
22:24:27 <zzo38> (If you are only using ASCII then it doesn't matter, though)
22:24:34 <olsner> I think it sends latin1 (or cp1252) if possible, but decodes as utf8 if possible
22:24:39 <fizzie> ais523: I think that was for output.
22:24:50 <ais523> oh right
22:25:14 <fizzie> Anyway, I remember it being configurable, just kinda awkward.
22:25:16 <zzo38> olsner: And it is conflicting.
22:25:39 <pikhq> Pretty brain-damaged.
22:35:51 -!- aloril has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
22:39:07 <shachaf> olsner: oh, that was about you, wasn't it
22:39:39 <olsner> hmm, I may have prompted you to write it
22:39:43 <olsner> not sure how much about me it is
22:40:09 -!- ais523 has quit.
22:40:12 <shachaf> i think Taneb and i both wrote limericks
22:40:59 <shachaf> http://tunes.org/~nef//logs/esoteric/13.06.05 confirms it
22:42:46 <Taneb> There was a man from CA, Who alleged that I one day, Wrote peculiar rhymes, Each with five lines, That kept some boredom at bay.
22:43:17 <Taneb> Hang on, what's the context
22:43:18 <shachaf> is anyone here from CA
22:43:38 <quintopia> if you interpret it as canada, yes
22:44:16 <quintopia> hmm where did boily go
22:46:08 <olsner> he went OPEN CHICKEN! according to his exit message
22:46:51 -!- impomatic has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
22:48:57 <olsner> fungot: do you sometimes go open chicken too?
22:48:58 <fungot> olsner: a resource file would optimally be cross-platform too. :) in fact, utf-16.
22:49:02 -!- SingingBoyo has joined.
22:53:15 -!- oerjan has joined.
22:55:00 <oerjan> shachaf: as a flap with maybe a hint of trilling
22:55:16 <oerjan> @messages-bout
22:55:17 <lambdabot> boily said 2h 16m 16s ago: how do you oerjan?
22:55:34 <shachaf> oerjan: is it the front or back of your tongue that's making the sound
22:56:19 <oerjan> front
22:56:26 -!- aloril has joined.
22:57:19 <oerjan> something alveolar/dental never can quite remember the subtle distinctions there
22:57:43 <shachaf> do some norwegians do an uvular trill or something like that
22:57:49 <oerjan> yes, in the southwest.
22:57:50 <shachaf> or the french thing, whatever that's called
22:58:09 <shachaf> ok
22:58:09 <oerjan> our prime minister would be a prime example.
22:58:10 <FireFly> is this /r/?
22:58:39 <oerjan> (she's from bergen, which have been where this entered norway)
22:58:43 <oerjan> *may have
22:59:08 <oerjan> FireFly: it's essentially the same as in swedish.
22:59:24 <shachaf> kmc: what does . at the beginning of a tweet mean
22:59:27 <oerjan> as in, i cannot notice a difference.
22:59:39 <zzo38> Now this multiplication uses three tables, and it has 959 bytes and 286 cycles (it doesn't vary, since there is no branching involved).
22:59:44 <oerjan> including skåne r ~ bergen r
23:00:41 <kmc> shachaf: if you start a tweet with @username then it's only visible to people who follow both of you
23:01:16 <oerjan> oslo, trondheim, and up north where i'm from all use the trilled one, which is like the common swedish one afaik
23:03:13 <shachaf> kmc: oh
23:03:17 <shachaf> imo weird
23:03:29 <kmc> sometimes i use → instead of . to be cool
23:04:26 <oerjan> shachaf: incidentally the pronunciation i get from google translate is essentially correct wrt each phoneme afaict, but the overall accent is slightly wrong (close to how my name would be pronounced in oslo, but slightly wrong even for that.)
23:05:51 <oerjan> while this that elliott linked me to the other day would be a typical southwest pronunciation http://www.forvo.com/word/%C3%B8rjan/
23:06:09 <olsner> kmc: hmm, how did you figure that out?
23:06:38 <kmc> which?
23:06:53 <oerjan> hm i notice he marked his position on the map there, more south than west.
23:07:13 <Taneb> `insanetemp 0
23:07:14 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: insanetemp: not found
23:07:28 <oerjan> "My Norwegian accent is from the south of Norway and is not very different from the standard Norwegian except for the -r (which is southern and is called "voiced uvular fricative" in English)."
23:11:08 <shachaf> oh, uvular fricative, that was it
23:13:59 <oerjan> i suppose uvular trill is only for very special people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFtGfyruroU
23:14:37 -!- olsner has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds).
23:16:57 -!- Taneb has quit (Quit: Leaving).
23:19:03 <oerjan> "In Western Europe, a uvular trill pronunciation of rhotic consonants spread from northern French[citation needed] to several dialects and registers of Basque,[2] Catalan, Danish, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Judaeo-Spanish, Norwegian, Occitan, Portuguese and Swedish. However, not all of these remain a uvular trill today."
23:22:02 -!- mrhmouse has quit (Quit: Leaving.).
23:26:17 <zzo38> Currently the Unhuman Alliance Antechamber and Unhuman Alliance Main Hall lack descriptions in the ifMUD. Do you have suggestions for those descriptions?
23:27:18 <zzo38> (Currently it just says "You see nothing special.")
23:27:58 -!- olsner has joined.
23:32:44 -!- choupy has joined.
23:32:46 <choupy> hi guys,
23:32:57 <choupy> im looking for a very reliable brainfuck interpreter
23:32:59 <choupy> any ideas?
23:33:52 <zzo38> What programs are you intending to run on it?
23:34:15 <choupy> im participating in some kind of CTF and i must execute a brainfuck program i found somewhere
23:34:28 <choupy> it's probably going to output a lot of stuff
23:35:59 <nooodl> try brainfuck.tk
23:36:20 <choupy> that thing is way too big for a web-based solution imo
23:36:41 <nooodl> how big's the code?
23:36:58 <choupy> 456489 lines
23:37:01 <nooodl> whoa
23:37:06 <choupy> most lines are 2 chars long afaict
23:37:44 <nooodl> oh. i was expecting the scariest brainfuck program ever
23:38:02 <choupy> 20389141 chars total
23:38:51 <nooodl> here's some implementations with benchmarks http://sree.kotay.com/2013/02/implementing-brainfuck.html
23:39:01 <choupy> thanks mate ill have a look
23:43:10 <doesthiswork_> that would take hours to read
23:43:21 <doesthiswork_> (the program not benchmarks)
23:43:33 <choupy> yeah im not planning on reading it :D
23:45:00 <pikhq> nooodl: Any source?
23:45:23 <choupy> found happiness on nooodl's link, thanks again
23:45:53 <nooodl> it was just linked on the esolang wiki's brainfuck page
23:46:41 <int-e> zzo38: anyway, thanks. it's funny to see a mud that was pretty much conceived as an elaborated chatroom rather than evolving into one.
23:47:05 -!- ter2 has joined.
23:48:18 <zzo38> int-e: Well there still are several places in there; some people do nothing other than communication but others also create various locations and objects and program stuff too. In fact there are 2011 locations in ifMUD so far.
23:48:34 <zzo38> And anyone with an account can add some more.
23:48:41 -!- tertu3 has joined.
23:50:00 -!- tertu has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
23:50:05 <int-e> zzo38: Yes, I got that. What I meant is that in the couple of muds that I know people eventually grow bored of playing the game, and just stick around for company.
23:50:10 <zzo38> Unhuman Alliance is one of the areas in my apartment (11011; go south and enter Edifice Towers and then go upstairs to the top floor to the east hallway, there is the entrance to my apartment). There are several other things there too.
23:51:33 -!- ter2 has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds).
23:51:38 <zzo38> There are a lot of channels for communication, and these are accessible anywhere so you don't need to be in the lounge or any other specific place to communicate.
23:52:44 <doesthiswork_> what is #esoteric-chess-variants?
23:53:07 <zzo38> You can get bored, although there are still channels and anyone can add stuff themself rather than having to only use what is already there, so it is much more open.
23:56:44 -!- Lymia has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
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