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00:03:46 <zzo38> OIL doesn't look to be quite the kind of things I needed
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00:07:45 <zzo38> I want to compile a tree pattern with capturing into SQL and then have it to execute a SQL program if it matches, placing the output of the program in place of the original expression which was matched.
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01:29:32 <zzo38> Do peephole optimizers normally use inner blocks or anything similar?
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07:53:51 <Bike> Oh my.
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07:58:14 <fizzie> Bike: "Subject: [MATLAB Webinars] Upcoming Academic Sessions" "Raspberry Pi Programming using Simulink" are you excited yet?
07:58:24 <Bike> so excite
07:58:30 <Bike> i've been debating the effort a numpy port would take
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07:59:08 <fizzie> Also on the menu: "Connecting Hardware to MATLAB and Simulink" and "Mobile Robot Simulation for Collision Avoidance with Simulink". There's some kind of a THEME here.
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08:09:17 <Jafet> Now all we need is a port of labview
08:11:26 <Bike> >_<
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08:15:34 <zzo38> Does Raspberry Pi include libraries for accessing GPIO ports in all of the programming languages it includes?
08:16:41 <zzo38> I know Mathematica has it, but I don't know if it includes libraries or examples or anything to deal with it in C.
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08:26:02 <fizzie> I don't even remember if it includes an "official" OS that could include languages.
08:27:12 <fizzie> I run the "Raspbian" variant of Debian on mine, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least one programming language implementation in the repositories where you can't get at the GPIO.
08:27:34 <fizzie> There's a C library, though.
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09:46:19 <Taneb> Mornin'
09:50:21 <oerjan> good ante meridiem
09:52:13 <fizzie> Just barely.
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09:52:59 <oerjan> crazy finns.
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10:52:22 <coppro> U+2661 SIDEWAYS LESS THAN THREE SYMBOL
10:55:38 <ion> U+006D LATIN SMALL LIGATURE RN
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11:05:40 <fizzie> `run unidecode $(unicode 2661 6d)
11:05:41 <HackEgo> ​[U+2661 WHITE HEART SUIT] [U+006D LATIN SMALL LETTER M]
11:05:43 <fizzie> You liars.
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11:25:54 <boily> hellooodl.
11:30:34 <boily> @missiges-loud
11:30:34 <lambdabot> int-e said 21h 1m 42s ago: I lament the lack of lambdabot messages.
11:30:55 <boily> @massages-loud
11:30:55 <lambdabot> You don't have any messages
11:30:55 <boily> uhm.
11:31:46 <boily> int-e: it is a problem I can relate to.
11:34:05 <boily> @tell int-e I wonder if lambdie accepts colours. Have an orange message!
11:34:05 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
11:35:08 <fizzie> @tell fungot Psst, please start surreptitiously writing lambdabot messages in private to people doing the lamenting.
11:35:08 <fungot> fizzie: " what a fnord such a dear, quiet thing." the three stanzas fnord describe " my first," she said.
11:35:08 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
11:36:38 <boily> somehow, the thought of fungot telling me “oh dear, what a fnord” helps me feel better.
11:36:38 <fungot> boily: 9. some judges are unjust."' she stood and listened very gravely for a few moments, the orator fnord, fnord,
11:40:12 <coppro> ion: I approve
11:40:29 <oerjan> ^echo @ask lambdabot are you ignoring me?
11:40:30 <fungot> @ask lambdabot are you ignoring me? @ask lambdabot are you ignoring me?
11:40:30 <lambdabot> Nice try ;)
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11:42:23 <oerjan> ~metar ENVA
11:42:23 <metasepia> ENVA 071120Z 13011KT CAVOK 09/01 Q0998 NOSIG RMK WIND 670FT 17018KT
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11:43:15 <ion> ~metar TFTP
11:43:16 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:43:30 <boily> ^echo ~echo @tell oerjan circum-peri-unoptimized bot chain @tell!
11:43:31 <fungot> ~echo @tell oerjan circum-peri-unoptimized bot chain @tell! ~echo @tell oerjan circum-peri-unoptimized bot chain @tell!
11:43:31 <metasepia> @tell oerjan circum-peri-unoptimized bot chain @tell! ~echo @tell oerjan circum-peri-unoptimized bot chain @tell!
11:43:31 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
11:43:40 <boily> ~metar CYUL
11:43:40 <metasepia> CYUL 071100Z 35002KT 15SM FEW240 M17/M21 A3028 RMK CI1 CI TR SLP255
11:44:04 <boily> ah! only -17 today. I hope at last my beard won't be freezing over when waiting for the bus.
11:44:07 <ion> ^echo ~echo @echo This is why NOTICE was invented
11:44:07 <fungot> ~echo @echo This is why NOTICE was invented ~echo @echo This is why NOTICE was invented
11:44:08 <metasepia> @echo This is why NOTICE was invented ~echo @echo This is why NOTICE was invented
11:44:08 <lambdabot> echo; msg:IrcMessage {ircMsgServer = "freenode", ircMsgLBName = "lambdabot", ircMsgPrefix = "metasepia!~metasepia@", ircMsgCommand = "PRIVMSG", ircMsgParams = ["#esoteric",":@echo This is why NOTICE was invented ~echo @echo This is why NOTICE was invented"]} target:#esoteric rest:"This is why NOTICE was invented ~echo @echo This is
11:44:08 <lambdabot> why NOTICE was invented"
11:44:19 <oerjan> @messages-mould
11:44:20 <lambdabot> metasepia said 48s ago: circum-peri-unoptimized bot chain @tell! ~echo @tell oerjan circum-peri-unoptimized bot chain @tell!
11:45:17 <fizzie> ~metar HTTP
11:45:18 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:45:22 <fizzie> Aw.
11:45:43 <ion> ~metar EFTP
11:45:44 <metasepia> EFTP 071120Z 19011KT 9999 FEW019 BKN055 05/02 Q1017
11:45:53 <ion> That’s what i was thinking of. I think
11:46:11 <oerjan> ~metar SMTP
11:46:12 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:46:31 <fizzie> ~metar IMAP
11:46:32 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:46:34 <oerjan> ~metar BCPL
11:46:35 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:47:07 <fizzie> ~metar SNMP
11:47:07 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:47:12 <fizzie> ~metar LDAP
11:47:12 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:47:17 <fizzie> Sooner or later it'll have to work.
11:47:22 <fizzie> ~metar RTSP
11:47:23 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:47:24 <oerjan> you'd think
11:47:28 <fizzie> ~metar UUCP
11:47:28 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:47:46 <fizzie> ~metar MDNS
11:47:47 <metasepia> --- Station not found!
11:48:04 <fizzie> ~metar DAAP
11:48:04 <metasepia> DAAP 071100Z 33010KT 9999 FEW040 15/04 Q1019
11:48:06 <fizzie> Hah.
11:48:13 <boily> ~duck DAAP
11:48:13 <metasepia> DAAP The Apple protocol that shares iTunes playlists with users across a network via their computers or media hubs.
11:48:26 <fizzie> Digital Audio Access Protocol, I think.
11:48:34 <boily> ~duck takhamalt airport
11:48:34 <metasepia> Takhamalt Airport also known as Illizi Airport, is an airport near Illizi, Algeria.
11:49:27 <boily> ~duck tampere-pirkkala airport
11:49:27 <metasepia> --- No relevant information
11:49:52 <boily> so ~duck manages to get infos on an algerian airport, but not a finnish one.
11:49:57 <fizzie> I don't think I've ever been at Tampere-Pirkkala.
11:50:04 <fizzie> Flying to Tampere seems really useless.
11:50:34 <fizzie> It's like 90 minutes by train.
11:50:49 <boily> our trains suck :(
11:51:45 <oerjan> vacuum trains
11:51:46 <fizzie> Well, okay, it's 1:46 for InterCity; the 1:30 time is for Pendolino.
11:51:55 <fizzie> Still, less than two hours.
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11:52:43 <fizzie> Though apparently there exist direct Tampere-Budapest, Tampere-Bremen and Tampere-London flights, in addition to Tampere-Helsinki.
11:53:46 <boily> oerjan: shipping people in vacuum tubes would be a direct improvement over what we have.
11:54:03 <fizzie> 35 minutes to fly from Helsinki to Tampere. And then add at least one hour for getting to/from the airport, security checks, boarding and just general being-on-time-in-case-of-queues.
11:54:25 <oerjan> i take it canadian trains are not very safe.
11:54:26 <fizzie> You can't even get to the city from Helsinki-Vantaa airport by rail yet.
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11:59:08 <boily> oerjan: for the very few that we have, they are safe.
11:59:51 <oerjan> good, good
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12:40:51 <fizzie> "By becoming an IEEE Member, you agree to -- b. Support the enhancement of IEEE principles, objectives and activities; and --"
12:40:56 <fizzie> It's all so terribly vague.
12:41:24 <fizzie> (It's cheaper to join for one year and get a conference price discount than not join and pay full price for a conference trip.)
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12:42:56 <oerjan> just 1/3 the usual price + your firstborn
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12:53:49 <atriq> `unicode INVISIBLE TIMES
12:53:49 <HackEgo> ​⁢
12:53:57 <atriq> `unicode INVISIBLE PLUS
12:53:58 <HackEgo> ​⁤
12:54:04 <atriq> `unicode FUNCTION APPLICATION
12:54:05 <HackEgo> ​⁡
12:54:19 <atriq> `unidecode ​⁡
12:54:46 <fizzie> oerjan: How does that work if I never have any children, though?
12:55:24 <fizzie> `run unidecode $(unicode 'INVISIBLE TIMES' 'INVISIBLE PLUS' 'FUNCTION APPLICATION') # let's try the round-trip
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12:55:50 <fizzie> In related news, I finally fixed `unicode to accept also hex in addition to character names.
12:56:00 <oerjan> fizzie: they're counting on people like that getting rarer with time hth
12:56:38 <fizzie> `unicode 2603
12:56:39 <HackEgo> ​☃
12:57:23 <oerjan> you hexed `unicode, ok
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13:27:09 <myname> why the hell are there invisible operators?
13:27:42 <fizzie> So that you can say something that looks like "ab" but unambiguously means the product of a and b.
13:31:15 <fizzie> Trenitalia's ticket search form has this unexplained "Find best price [ ]" checkbox that I can't figure out what it does, exactly.
13:31:32 <fizzie> Unchecked by default.
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13:34:46 <fizzie> If I check it, there are no results; if I don't, I get lots of results but they all say "The travel solution is not sellable for the selected segment" in the price column.
13:34:57 <fizzie> I don't think this was this difficult the last time.
13:36:34 <fizzie> Apparently it's because the solutions involve a regional train, and they don't sell tickets for those over the Internet.
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18:31:01 <oerjan> eep there i pressed ctrl-F5 instead of fn-F5 again
18:31:16 <oerjan> no real harm, but still...
18:31:51 <oerjan> (the former, as you probably know, reloads the web page. on my laptop the latter turns down brightness.)
18:34:22 -!- jhj has changed nick to trn.
18:43:03 <Guest55323> i just use 'r' to reload the page
18:43:11 <Guest55323> or 'R'
18:43:15 <Guest55323> shit my nick
18:43:30 -!- Guest55323 has changed nick to quintopia.
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18:49:09 <quintopia> does irssi have a key that instantly scrolls you to the newest line of a channel that you've accidentally left scrolled up?
18:51:38 <oerjan> the end key does that for me, i'm not sure if i made an explicit binding for it (i did it for either home/end or ^A/^E)
18:52:22 <Melvar> ?
18:52:27 <quintopia> i don't have an end key on my phone
18:52:36 <Melvar> You need End to jump to the end of the line you’re editing.
18:52:42 <quintopia> what command should i bind?
18:53:02 <oerjan> Melvar: i set ^E to do that instead
18:53:05 <quintopia> Melvar: down-up does that i think
18:53:23 <elliott> quintopia means pgup/pgdn, I think.
18:53:29 <elliott> not in-line editing.
18:53:36 <oerjan> quintopia: scroll_end
18:53:42 <quintopia> okay thx
18:54:38 <quintopia> now i just gotta find a key to bind...i don't have many left on this small keyboard
18:55:06 <oerjan> you can bind some combination i assume
18:56:41 <quintopia> of course. not many of those left either
18:56:44 <oerjan> Melvar: or possibly, ^E and end already both do that by default, and i set end to do the other thing instead.
18:56:52 <oerjan> it was something silly like that.
18:57:21 <fizzie> oerjan: End doesn't seem to do it here.
18:57:34 <fizzie> (And neither does ^E.)
18:57:42 <oerjan> hm
18:57:49 <oerjan> maybe one of them was unset, then.
18:57:53 <Melvar> quintopia: Are you lacking modifiers?
18:58:01 <fizzie> Oh, sorry, I misread that.
18:58:09 <fizzie> Yeah, both End and ^E do end-of-line.
18:58:19 <fizzie> (And neither do scroll_end.)
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18:59:00 <oerjan> yeah i think there is no default binding that does scroll_end
18:59:22 <fizzie> According to /bind, "chome" and "cend" are bound to scroll_start/scroll_end, but I have no idea what those are.
18:59:32 <fizzie> (It's clearly not ctrl-home and ctrl-end.)
18:59:45 <oerjan> which meant it was obvious to pick one of the redundant ones to change
18:59:54 <oerjan> huh
19:00:42 <oerjan> fizzie: oh indeed they do, maybe it was added in a later irssi version.
19:01:03 <fizzie> cleft and cright are bound to backward_word and forward_word, and I get those behaviors with shift-left/right, but I don't seem to get scroll_end with any modifier applied to the end key.
19:01:24 <quintopia> Melvar: nah. i can do M and C. i've got most of the M ones bound. i'll just find some C one that screen doesn't need
19:01:26 * Melvar has End on Level5shift+o , so easier than Ctrl+e .
19:03:23 <ion> I ended up in a stalemate with the FTL boss. Neither of us has weapons.
19:04:34 <oerjan> Melvar: well i rarely use End anywhere else except in the browser, where it usually means go to bottom of page, so it was more mnemonic for me.
19:04:44 <quintopia> ooh i can just bind F- keys
19:05:22 <quintopia> F4 (since that's the number with $ on it...good mnemonic)
19:06:27 <oerjan> if i do any serious editing, i use vim and there i'm used to $, although End would work too.
19:06:31 -!- bumprod has joined.
19:06:54 <quintopia> or not
19:07:13 <quintopia> C-4 will work
19:07:36 <oerjan> quintopia: you'd want G if you are going for vim mnemonic for that :P
19:10:46 -!- Slereahphone has quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi).
19:12:10 -!- Slereahphone has joined.
19:12:34 <quintopia> i can never remember G. just now i was editing the config in vim and thinking 'hmm all this scrolling down...i sure wish i could remember what the shortcut was to scroll to the bottom...'
19:13:13 <quintopia> annnnnd i put an error in the config damn
19:14:56 <quintopia> damn it doesn't work
19:14:56 <oerjan> i use G all the time because "+yG at the top is the simplest way to copy the whole window out of vim
19:15:23 <quintopia> i don't vim edit often enough to be proficient
19:15:38 <oerjan> ok
19:15:54 <Melvar> oerjan: $ is Level3shift+ö , which is definitely harder to reach than Level5shift+o , so I mostly use the latter in vim.
19:16:45 <oerjan> what keyboard is that
19:17:09 <Melvar> Neo2.
19:18:19 <quintopia> i have no idea what this phone is doing keywise
19:18:26 <quintopia> give up?
19:18:28 <oerjan> oh a german keyboard layout
19:20:02 <oerjan> and i also tend to use VG: instead of :.,$ for doing an ex command till end of file
19:22:03 <olsner_> I usually go via visual mode too, haven't gotten the hang of the syntax for ranges in ex (yet?)
19:22:08 <oerjan> and dG and yG get some use when i'm duplicating stuff at the end
19:22:27 <oerjan> so G is quite useful.
19:23:04 <oerjan> visual mode also makes it easy to adjust the selection a little
19:23:15 <olsner_> you can have lots of fun with g in vim ... gggqG is probably my favorite
19:23:43 <oerjan> that formats the whole window, iirc
19:24:02 <oerjan> i tend to use gq only on a few lines at the time
19:24:23 <olsner_> yep, never actually *use* that sequence because reformatting tends to change stuff I don't intend to change
19:24:25 <olsner_> just like it a lot
19:25:23 <oerjan> i have a tendency to use Jgqq
19:25:42 <olsner_> hmm, does that do the same as gqj?
19:25:52 <oerjan> hm..
19:26:02 -!- olsner_ has changed nick to olsner.
19:26:07 <oerjan> i suppose
19:26:27 <oerjan> except, if the second line contains some indentation that gq won't change
19:26:51 * Melvar is a vim heretic: uses level5shift+iale = ←↓↑→ instead of hjkl, because hjkl are scattered around in inconvenient places.
19:27:11 <olsner> gqj merges the lines if the first line is shorter than the wrapping width, at least in my config
19:27:51 <FireFly> I like hjkl's position on dvorak
19:27:56 <zzo38> I notice ISO 646 does not have German quotation marks.
19:28:48 <zzo38> Therefore it makes it more difficult converting ISO 646 to Z-machine characters.
19:30:29 <oerjan> Melvar: i use arrows even with qwerty
19:31:04 -!- Slereahphone has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
19:31:32 -!- Slereahphone has joined.
19:31:54 <zzo38> oerjan: I do it both ways, using arrow keys when not in command mode
19:34:23 -!- nisstyre has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
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19:40:06 <oerjan> new blog post about "why we should believe P != NP" http://www.scottaaronson.com/blog/?p=1720 i just got to a couple nice examples of how thin yet sharp the boundary between P and NP-complete problems can be
19:44:30 <elliott> is it bad if I want P = NP because it sounds more interesting? :(
19:44:49 <oerjan> no, but you may be out of luck
19:46:31 <elliott> motl sure is an interesting personality.
19:46:48 -!- `^_^v has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep).
19:58:14 -!- zzo38 has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
20:03:02 <oerjan> i think aaronson's frog analogy is getting out of hand
20:10:40 -!- spiette has quit (Quit: :qa!).
20:23:44 <int-e> P = NP would make the world of complexity classes much less interesting.
20:28:41 <Bike> more interesting? i like crypto, personally
20:36:32 -!- `^_^v has joined.
20:37:48 <fizzie> I liked the bit that went "-- computer scientists are just not very smart—certainly not as smart as real scientists --".
20:39:18 -!- zzo38 has joined.
20:39:27 <oerjan> fizzie: one might suspect that to be a highly watered down luboš motl statement.
20:48:23 -!- Slereahphone has quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi).
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21:01:33 <quintopia> oh i see why my new key binding wasn't working
21:01:43 <quintopia> Irssi: Unknown command: scroll_end
21:08:04 <oerjan> @src some
21:08:04 <lambdabot> some v = some_v
21:08:05 <lambdabot> where many_v = some_v <|> pure []
21:08:05 <lambdabot> some_v = (:) <$> v <*> many_v
21:08:35 <oerjan> @src many
21:08:35 <lambdabot> Source not found. My mind is going. I can feel it.
21:08:40 <oerjan> :t many
21:08:41 <lambdabot> Alternative f => f a -> f [a]
21:09:02 <oerjan> hm they're not defined directly in terms of each other any longer?
21:09:25 <oerjan> i guess that helps sharing.
21:09:40 <oerjan> but not my attempt to provide an example on reddit.
21:09:47 -!- bumprod has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
21:10:17 <oerjan> quintopia: well scroll_end is presumably more like a key designation than a command
21:11:01 <fizzie> There's a technical term for it, but I forget what it is.
21:11:03 <fizzie> "Action"?
21:11:19 <fizzie> "Bind some action to specified keystroke" yes, I think that's it.
21:12:08 <oerjan> quintopia: i think you just need to leave off the / ?
21:14:36 <fizzie> Those "you've last seen things this far" lines are something I'd kind of like to get; I'm sure there's an app... I mean, a script for that.
21:17:27 <oerjan> heh yeah, i keep leaving windows slightly backscrolled just to simulate it
21:18:18 <oerjan> which gets a little awkward when combined with an occasional bug in the code to add "More" to the window's status line
21:18:22 <quintopia> oerjan: i need to know the name of the command to bind the key
21:18:41 <oerjan> quintopia: /bind whateveryourkey scroll_end
21:18:44 <oerjan> i thought
21:18:51 <quintopia> it's not called scroll_end
21:18:57 <oerjan> hum
21:19:03 <quintopia> maybe scroll_end is added in a more recent version?
21:19:28 <quintopia> i'm using 0.8.15
21:19:36 <fizzie> You can check with "/bind -list".
21:19:39 <oerjan> i'm sure it's been many years since i added it
21:20:00 <quintopia> ...it's called scroll_end on that list
21:20:05 <fizzie> So there you go.
21:20:14 <fizzie> Of ypi
21:20:17 <fizzie> Whoops.
21:20:18 <quintopia> but then why is irssi telling me it's an unknown command
21:20:23 <fizzie> Because it's not a command.
21:20:27 <fizzie> You bind actions, not commands.
21:20:38 <fizzie> Or, well, you can also bind commands, if you start them with the /.
21:20:40 <oerjan> quintopia: 0.8.15 here too
21:20:48 <fizzie> But if you bind something like oerjan says, with no /, then you're binding an action.
21:20:59 <quintopia> so i should call it an action rather than a command
21:20:59 <quintopia> ok
21:24:30 <fizzie> (Technically, I think "/bind X /foo" is equivalent to "/bind X command foo", which is using the action called "command" that runs a command.)
21:28:29 <quintopia> okay now my phone won't even send the same keycode for ^4 it was sending befor
21:28:34 <quintopia> it just sends 4
21:28:40 <quintopia> wtf
21:29:14 <oerjan> tricky
21:29:43 <quintopia> i'll just bind M- instead...crazy?
21:31:25 <quintopia> works. good enough.
21:33:19 -!- augur has quit (Quit: Leaving...).
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21:46:59 <int-e> if only this were true ... "Note that the lid switch is ignored if the system is inserted in a docking station, or if more than one display is connected."
21:47:07 -!- augur has joined.
21:47:12 -!- idris-ircslave has joined.
21:55:26 <int-e> Oh, that's a very recent change, not yet released. Pity. In the meantime ... it sucks.
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