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00:53:34 <KinuTheDragon> hi
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01:01:46 <fizzie> Bye.
01:02:51 <Corbin> Curses, was AFK. Can't believe I let this happen~
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01:46:07 <Melvar> There is fun natlang talk in here every now and then. Would it be okay if I shared funfacts on this topic?
01:48:59 <Corbin> Yeah, probably.
01:52:36 <Melvar> Okay. In Tagalog, “Bababa ba?” – “Bababa.” is a coherent conversation. “baba” is a verb root meaning “descend”. To put it into the contemplative aspect, actor focus form, you reduplicate the first syllable to make “bababa” “will descend”. Furthermore, “ba” is a polar question particle.
01:53:01 <Melvar> So, “Going down?” – “Going down.”
01:57:44 <fizzie> There's a similar Finnish example that often gets trotted out, though I find it pretty contrived.
01:57:49 <fizzie> It goes: "Kokoo koko kokko kokoon. Koko kokkoko kokoon? Koko kokko kokoon."
01:59:31 <fizzie> Translates roughly as: "Gather up the whole bonfire. What, the whole bonfire together? [Yes,] the whole bonfire together."
02:00:14 <fizzie> (There's several variants, some even more implausible.)
02:02:35 <Melvar> In the case of my example, my understanding is that at least the question may well be heard on an elevator over there, though the answer is more likely to go “opo” (“yes”, politely).
02:10:06 <fizzie> For the Finnish one, I think the closest it gets to real-world use would be that probably the "koko kokko" (whole bonfire) fragment happens occasionally. We do like a bonfire, especially around midsummer eve. And maybe someone's even added the -ko interrogative suffix to the noun sometime, at least on its own.
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02:43:36 <Melvar> fizzie: I suspect that some parts of that are related. See perhaps German “sammeln”:“gather”, “gesamt-”:“whole, entire”, “zusammen”:“together” (also English “gather” and “together”) which share a root.
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03:52:25 <nakilon> reminds me
03:53:59 <nakilon> nvm
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08:35:42 <river> https://twitter.com/thorimur/status/1441145008376070144 i guess this is kind of eso
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12:17:38 <river> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluidics
12:34:18 <esolangs> [[Register]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=88269 * WhyNot? * (+117) Created page with "Register is a language designed to be as close to the programming language of basic computers. Created by [[WhyNot?]]"
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13:51:27 <nakilon> when you have a trouble with a protocol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foT9rsHmS24
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13:56:53 <int-e> What if I have trouble with HTTP and TLS
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14:47:34 <nakilon> int-e kill it
14:47:51 <nakilon> I guses
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21:32:53 <nakilon> looks like I'm finally fucked up and gonna be deported to the most contagious country in Europe
21:34:44 <Corbin> Being in the USA gives me a funny vision of the EU. Like, what contagions could there be? Healthcare? Trains? Football? Dance music? Pasta?
21:35:32 <nakilon> Ukraine is probablythe least vaccinated country
21:35:49 <nakilon> because of 1. being officially the poorest in Europe
21:36:07 <nakilon> and 2. refused to buy Russian Sputnik-V, because "fucknig Russians"
21:36:55 <Corbin> Ah. That sounds frustrating and unfortunate. I wish that they could take our extra vaccines; we have idiots here who refuse to take it.
21:36:59 <nakilon> that is the government's nationalistic position since the first orange revolution
21:37:43 <nakilon> the worst helathcare since then, they are even disbandind psychiatric clinics
21:39:07 <nakilon> also my region of Ukraine is the most affected with Tuberculosis
21:39:31 <nakilon> pretty sure already closed the local tubdispanser
21:39:54 <Corbin> TB is scary.
21:40:26 <Corbin> ...Huh, why do folks call it "TB"? Weird abbreviation.
21:40:32 <nakilon> literally the worst country to get to nowadays
21:41:00 <nakilon> idk, we short it as tubik unofficially probably
21:42:27 <nakilon> 90s were the time of Ukraine going to hell because of collapse, losing ethnic traditions due to the same reason, and stopping almost all the industry due to that also
21:44:10 <nakilon> so the tuber., drugs, alcoholism, poverty -- it was all in one motion
21:45:06 <nakilon> the only job parent had was fishing in local river, that fish also was the main in the ration
21:45:43 <nakilon> tried to sell it on market to change to some other food
21:46:36 <nakilon> only in 2000s some businessmen started creating vacancies in replace of the soviet industry so dad got some job
21:48:03 <keegan> a lot of european countries still have more covid deaths per capita than the USA
21:48:14 <keegan> although ukraine is pretty low
21:48:22 <keegan> assuming the numbers here are to be trusted https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
21:48:44 <nakilon> bought computer, etc., and boom! Yushenko sponsored by US got the power, gathered the corrupted team, who fucked up the economy again; Yulia Timoshenko did some maсhinationsб gas became expensive while own resources were not digged out
21:49:04 <keegan> nakilon: where are you being deported from
21:49:18 <nakilon> Ukraine data is too fake even compared to Russian data that is lowered by x5
21:49:27 <nakilon> from Moscow
21:52:04 <nakilon> Russia is all computerized so you can fake only on the stage of diagnosis and such; Ukraine is pretty much the stone age, you can say they can't even count own citizens
21:52:42 <nakilon> they actually refuse to count because it's important to hide the rate and direction of emigration
21:53:09 <nakilon> I hate that I'm fucked up beacuse of others; those who could not stay at fucking home and/or wear masks
21:53:27 <nakilon> being the most caring about the health of the society you get nothing in return
21:54:02 <nakilon> holding door in front of weaker people, helping them online, telling when they drop something on street, etc. -- fuck this shit
21:54:11 <nakilon> people do not care of each other
21:54:57 <keegan> yeah
21:55:02 <keegan> i'm pretty frustrated too
21:55:16 <keegan> so many people in the US refuse to get vaccinated even though it's easy and free
21:55:24 <keegan> then they take up hospital spots, then they die
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21:55:30 <nakilon> only two borrowed me money this summer and now if I lose the ability to get decent income Idk how long I'll return it
21:56:47 <nakilon> probably "borrow" is the opposite word
21:56:56 <nakilon> lend
21:57:03 <keegan> yeah
21:57:44 <keegan> conjugated there as "lent"
21:57:50 <nakilon> just few days ago finally found one company that has not a full time job for me; but again, if I get deported they'll not able to continue paying
21:57:52 <keegan> or "loaned" would work too
21:58:28 <nakilon> "part-time"? fuck my english
21:58:45 <Hooloovoo> yeah, part-time
21:59:22 <Hooloovoo> you're understandable, which is what really matters
21:59:26 <Hooloovoo> :)
21:59:52 <Corbin> Your English is better than my Russian!
22:00:34 <nakilon> sounds good lol
22:06:01 <nakilon> damn I won't even have a shower, lol, only a summer shower but it's autumn
22:08:10 <nakilon> lol https://svspb.net/novosti/stoimosti-gaza/
22:08:52 <nakilon> last two columnds -- amount of natural gas to buy for average income and the price per 1000m^3
22:09:42 <nakilon> Ukraine/Russian ratioas are 7/1 and 4/1
22:14:12 <nakilon> https://www.statista.com/statistics/274326/big-mac-index-global-prices-for-a-big-mac/
22:17:37 <esolangs> [[When the Imposter is Sus]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=88287 * Maikeru51 * (+280) A stub to be updated later on!
22:19:04 <esolangs> [[When the Imposter is Sus]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=88288&oldid=88287 * Maikeru51 * (+10) Fixed the links
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22:22:20 <esolangs> [[When the Imposter is Sus]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=88289&oldid=88288 * Maikeru51 * (-18) Fixed the links... Again.
22:22:39 <esolangs> [[When the Imposter is Sus]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=88290&oldid=88289 * Maikeru51 * (-6)
22:33:51 <nakilon> the stupidest thing is how I got into this situation
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22:34:18 <nakilon> I gave money to my mother because she wanted to buy a flat very much -- she bought and does not even live in it
22:34:37 <nakilon> and I miscalculated if I'll be fine with the rest I had
22:35:07 <nakilon> because then I needed money to legalise myself for another year
22:36:09 <nakilon> what is even more stupid -- she bought it in Russia
22:36:52 <nakilon> so my money went to buy a flat in Russia and resulted in me being unable to continue be in it
22:44:21 <nakilon> dude speaks esoteric language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COhSs7o1XLU
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