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00:57:03 <nakilon> what the heck
00:58:03 <nakilon> instead of the vaccination and proper treatment in Ukraine after I come from another country I'm supposed to install the mobile app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ua.gov.diia.quarantine&hl=ru&gl=US that regularly checks my geolocation and asks me to make selfies
00:58:50 <nakilon> like a prison for 2 weeks after border crossing
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01:27:51 <keegan> australia is doing that too
01:29:23 <keegan> they also got rid of electronic privacy https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/australia-surveillance-bill/
01:30:28 <keegan> police can hack your devices and add/remove/modify data without a judicial warrant
01:33:07 <keegan> https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/09/pandemic-australia-still-liberal-democracy/619940/
01:36:14 <keegan> the idea that govt can suspend freedom of movement for years whenever there's a disease going around is a bit terrifying, even if it really does save lives
01:37:01 <keegan> i'm glad we never reached that level of police state in the USA
01:37:26 <keegan> I wish people would have worn masks and taken basic precautions but whatever
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02:39:30 <b_jonas> you know how you can stroke a pet dog to display affection to it? the English verb "stroke" for this still sounds wrong to me. it sounds like "strike" and "choke", which you'd do to a dog that you don't like, and also "stroke" the noun which means a medical condition when the blood circulation in your brain goes wrong
02:40:53 <b_jonas> or maybe you can only *pet* a dog, and *stroke* a cat?
02:41:31 <fizzie> That sounds plausible. But you can scratch either.
02:41:55 <b_jonas> can you stroke a human?
02:42:10 <fizzie> Not on a PG13 channel.
03:09:24 <fizzie> Bah. I've got a homegrown status bar (had a bad case of NIH), and while it does recognize whenever the monitor configuration changes, sometimes it gets confused by the ordering, and then the XMonad workspace name indicators will get swapped, with monitor A's status bar showing the info for monitor B and vice versa.
03:28:37 <shachaf> I seem to remember that the APIs for these things were a mess.
03:29:00 <b_jonas> "the APIs for these things were a mess." => very likely
03:29:29 <shachaf> Oh man, I don't even have multiple monitors, and my xrandr code is still way complicated.
03:29:47 <shachaf> I think all I wanted was accurate DPI information or something.
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03:33:28 <fizzie> started trying to use Xpra, and the DPI is all out of whack.
03:34:28 <fizzie> It uses the physical size of one monitor (25" 16:9), but the logical size of the whole desktop (2x 2560x1440) somehow.
03:34:51 <fizzie> Even when given an explicit --dpi flag on both sides.
03:35:31 <fizzie> So you get like a NxM DPI figure where N = M/2.
03:35:47 <fizzie> Or the other way around maybe.
03:39:38 <zzo38> I also have my own status bar but I don't have multiple monitors so I don't have that problem (and don't know how to fix it either)
03:40:38 <fizzie> FWIW my bar's a GTK thing, so the APIs are pretty streamlined.
04:07:29 <nakilon> keegan not sure if you should beware of police but I worked in idwell -- Austrian company that provides a web portal for landlords and dwellers
04:09:35 <nakilon> company registered in Austria but the product is outsourced to a team in Moscow, and the security was to "big" that when repos access token to was exposed to hackers who hacker our build server I told the boss to revoke/regenerate it but multiple time but he didn't bother to
04:09:47 <nakilon> *who hacked
04:10:01 <nakilon> *it multiple times but
04:10:30 <nakilon> *was so "big"
04:10:33 <nakilon> damn, too many typos
04:10:43 <nakilon> I need a sleep
04:11:15 <nakilon> also the repo had db password or salt
04:11:33 <nakilon> I don't remember exactly -- some secrets that are generated at start in django
04:12:25 <nakilon> was also funny how when I noticed that and told that it shouldn't be in repo they said "mehm you are rubyist, what can you know"
04:12:34 <nakilon> why did I even care...
04:13:03 <nakilon> last 2-3 years really give me lots of hints to stop caring about people
04:13:21 <nakilon> and companies I work at
04:14:16 <nakilon> oh you said australia, not austria, lol
04:14:21 <nakilon> yes, I need a sleep
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12:41:49 <fizzie> Hmm. It would seem to work. And so does the AbuseFilter test page again too.
12:41:52 <fizzie> oerjan: ^
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13:30:21 <int-e> `? device
13:30:24 <HackEso> A device is a browser session. Please verify your device.
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16:45:27 <fizzie> Ugh. Now the same monitor is both DP-2.1 and DP-4. :/
16:46:27 <fizzie> I have this setup where, for the work laptop, I connect one monitor using USB-C, and then (to avoid having to plug in two cables) the other one uses DisplayPort multi-stream transport. So the newer monitor with USB-C on it has been set up to support that.
16:47:26 <fizzie> For the desktop, there's no need to ever plug or unplug anything, so I've just had the newer monitor connected over HDMI, and the older monitor directly over DisplayPort (as DP-4).
16:48:59 <fizzie> But the GPU has just one HDMI hole, and now I needed that for something else. It's got 2 or 3 DisplayPort outputs, though, so I switched the new monitor from HDMI to DP. But since it's got that multi-stream thing configured, it's now showing up as two displays. So now DP-2.8 is the new monitor, DP-2.1 is the old monitor through the new one, and DP-4 is the old monitor directly.
16:49:36 <fizzie> I don't think the new monitor is sophisticated enough to be configured in "offer DisplayPort MST through USB-C but not through regular DisplayPort" mode though.
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16:51:42 <fizzie> Well, I guess I can just not use DP-2.1. And hope that no automation tries to spread the desktop over all "three" screens.
16:52:55 <b_jonas> I use only one monitors, but I do plug a lot of cables when I bring the work machine home
16:54:00 <b_jonas> I plug in the power, monitor on HDMI, headphones, mouse receiver, and I keep plugging the keyboard on and off betwen the work and play machines
16:55:56 <fizzie> I've got the laptop's USB things routed through the monitor too. But only for the laptop, so I do need to also swap one USB hub between two extension leads, and press a button on the mouse to switch channels. I just don't need to physically plug more than one thing into the laptop.
16:57:59 <fizzie> Hmm, I wonder if the monitor could also do a thing like "when picture input is from USB-C, offer USB peripherals over that cable; otherwise offer them through the USB-B uplink port to the desktop". Or if it does that by default.
16:58:25 <fizzie> There's nothing in the menus. I've seen one monitor where you could map peripherals conditionally based on which input is selected though.
16:59:27 <fizzie> Also, even if it supported that, I'd end up with the extra USB wired ethernet dongle moving over to the desktop when I switch inputs, which would be a little odd.
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17:28:19 <int-e> hmmm "HDMI hole"
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17:50:46 <fizzie> Technical term.
17:55:19 <Corbin> It's like the PHY/NIC distinction in Ethernet controllers; an HDMI "sink" or "source" is the software which has configured the hole to behave in a certain way.
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23:28:18 <zzo38> I want to connect the video alone; I don't want all of this HDCP, MST, USB, etc with it too.
23:38:52 <zzo38> Are there still some? I have currently VGA, although I would think digital may be better if it can avoid these other problem
23:40:18 <Hooloovoo> I mean, DVI is a fairly direct translation of VGA into a digital signal
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23:40:44 <Hooloovoo> HDMI extends DVI with higher resolution and a different connector
23:43:50 <zzo38> Yes, although HDMI add many of these other undesirable stuff and also requires a payment, I think
23:44:37 <Hooloovoo> iirc early hdmi is fairly free, but later versions include hdcp. might be misremembering
23:45:23 <zzo38> Also I think most of them (including HDMI) will requires a new specification for a higher resolution or frame rate. (Electrical specification will of course need extended to support faster rates, although the data format shouldn't need to be extended)
23:45:54 <Hooloovoo> on my main desktop, I have 4 monitors connected through DVI - connecting over HDMI or displayport result in weird bugs, though I suspect that's more due to poor monitor design than the interfaces themselves
23:48:00 <zzo38> It could be, although weird bugs will be more likely if the specification is more confusing (although even if it isn't, someone can always implement it badly anyways; it is inevitable)
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23:51:58 <esolangs> [[OREO]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=88304&oldid=74332 * Kaveh Yousefi * (+771) Amended some orthographic mistakes, improved code formatting, and modified the example code to print Hello, world! instead of HELLOOWORLD!.
23:51:59 <Hooloovoo> "doesn't turn on when displayport is connected" (which only happens with one monitor?) seems like an oversight somewhere. the monitor also misrepresents color modes over hdmi
23:56:20 <zzo38> I think there are advantages to having the signal purely one way, too
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23:57:06 <Hooloovoo> hmm, I'm not sure if there's any digital modes that support that
23:57:34 <esolangs> [[OREO]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=88305&oldid=88304 * Kaveh Yousefi * (+1468) Added a section with a Common Lisp implementation of an interpreter, and a second section linking to a more sophisticated version of mine.
23:58:06 <Hooloovoo> DVI has identity (iirc SPI or i2c) functions like the later vga spec - it might be possible to skip those but I've never tried it
23:58:25 <zzo38> I invented one (at least the data format, not the electrical specification; I don't know how to design electrical specifications) but it is not implemented.
23:58:39 <zzo38> I know there are some disadvantages too, but I think that it is generally an advantage
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