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00:00:30 <rdococ> I've heard that Super Mario Maker is Turing Complete, but it's actually a Bounded Storage Machine.
00:08:47 <alercah> so are most "turing complete" languages
00:13:09 <boily> his523, rdochelloc, he\\oren\, hellorcah!
00:13:24 <alercah> bonsoily
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00:34:19 <boily> hppavellon[零].
00:35:54 <rdococ> alercah: Some of them. Many are indeed turing complete (they don't specify a bounded storage space), but all of their implementations are obviously not.
00:38:03 <alercah> right
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01:07:42 <boily> alercah: filed my taxes! yay for Impôt Expert!
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01:36:59 <boily> `wisdom
01:37:01 <HackEgo> moo//Moo is the sound made by a cow as it freezes.
01:39:55 <alercah> boily: yay!
01:40:26 <Zarutian> boily: which country do you file your taxes in?
01:42:32 <sdhand> `wisdom
01:42:33 <HackEgo> canaima//Canaima is a secret Venezuelan project to overrun #esoteric with incomprehensible people who have no idea why they're here.
01:42:51 <sdhand> Why *am* I here
01:43:03 <sdhand> I don't think I'm incomprehensible
01:43:18 <alercah> かなだ
01:44:04 <shachaf> You don't seem very canaima either.
01:44:20 <quintopia> who is sdhand
01:44:33 <sdhand> quintopia: I dunno
01:45:01 <quintopia> `wisdom
01:45:02 <HackEgo> companion cube//There's cake inside it. Tear it apart, rip open your companion, and extract the delicious, delicious cake...
01:45:10 <boily> Zarutellon. Canada, and Québec at the same time, because stupidity.
01:45:34 <shachaf> I still don't know how to pronounce that province.
01:45:38 <shachaf> I always forget.
01:45:40 <boily> alercah: カナダかな…
01:45:51 <quintopia> but once you do national tax, provincial tax is trivial eh
01:45:59 <boily> sdhellond. who are you?
01:46:23 <boily> helloochaf. it's pronounced as it is written, but forget the «u».
01:46:28 <quintopia> someone whose answer to the question we know not
01:46:33 <boily> QUINTHELLOPIA.
01:46:46 <quintopia> COILY
01:46:52 <shachaf> you can't just pop the question as soon as you meet someone
01:46:56 <shachaf> you gotta ease into it, yo
01:47:15 <quintopia> indeed
01:47:20 <boily> I'm not the questioning sdhand yet, just priming them >:D
01:47:39 <quintopia> sdhand how long do you plan on staying?
01:47:45 <sdhand> I've been here before
01:48:15 <quintopia> oh okay that explains that
01:50:12 <sdhand> I've even spoken to boily I think
01:54:06 <quintopia> i spoke to boily before i was cool
01:54:18 <quintopia> like five minutes ago
01:57:15 <sdhand> :O
01:57:37 <boily> ultra-short-term post-modernist hipsterism?
01:58:05 <quintopia> dont forget selfdeprecating
02:00:50 <Zarutian> boily: the efficiency of just having one place to file ones taxes is pretty handy here.
02:01:40 <boily> Zarutian: it's become the same here too. online wizard, you fill in all the numbers, next next next, pay CAD 20.00, then *poof* the cheque is in the mail.
02:02:02 <boily> before that, you had to fill everything by hand, twice. much fun and deep philosophical questions.
02:02:37 <boily> e.g.: for line 330, write the number from line 330.
02:03:53 <quintopia> fill in the return you received in 2018
02:05:49 <quintopia> imagine the time travelers tax form
02:05:56 <Zarutian> boily: here, when you open an bank account you usually give the tax authority read only access to its transaction history. Also the tax authority published an text file format for exporting payroll data from accounting software most employers only have to click export and file it via the online tax portal.
02:06:34 <Zarutian> boily: This means that one usually has only go through the tax filing once to see if the prefilled values are correct and possibly correct them.
02:07:50 <boily> you have that option here too, but it involves multiple accounts across the federal and provincial branches, with expiring access codes and the non-null possibility of phone calls.
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02:10:52 <boily> maybe we should all live in Iceland. not too warm, uses þ, has edible sharks, but it lacks maples.
02:11:08 <boily> Zarutian: want maples?
02:12:09 <Zarutian> boily: naah, just find ways to decrease beurocratic inefficiencies.
02:16:39 <boily> time to dream of an abureautic society...
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03:15:59 <rdococ> a few seconds ago, and this happens to me a lot, I look at the clock, and I think, "ooh, it's pi o'clock"
03:21:50 <izabera> i'm in a hotel, it's 3am and i'm hungry
03:22:04 <izabera> i have a 24h takeaway menu in my hands and i'm tempted to order
03:22:08 <izabera> but i don't wanna look gross
03:22:10 <izabera> what do
03:35:08 <rdococ> whadya wanna order?
03:35:58 <izabera> chicken and curry
03:36:26 <rdococ> idk
03:36:39 <rdococ> create an esoteric takeaway that only serves at 3am and use that?
03:42:42 <oerjan> just chicken out
03:50:19 <rdococ> sound extremely gross so you look relatively good
03:50:36 <izabera> that's creative thinking
03:51:31 <rdococ> how unusual of me
03:51:42 <rdococ> first the slide-rule-based esolang and now this
03:51:48 <rdococ> I'm on a roll
03:55:47 <oerjan> a chicken roll
03:57:33 <rdococ> it's like a sausage roll but it's chicken
03:57:57 <rdococ> hm
03:58:09 <rdococ> there is function-level and value-level
03:58:18 <rdococ> but no class-level
03:58:43 <rdococ> I want to be able to sum classes together
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03:59:52 <oerjan> . o O ( first you have to have 'sum class )
04:00:38 <oerjan> > [sin, cos, tan] --what's this about functions not being values
04:00:40 <lambdabot> [<Double -> Double>,<Double -> Double>,<Double -> Double>]
04:00:47 <rdococ> . o O ( Integer + String )
04:00:53 <rdococ> > sin + cos
04:00:55 <lambdabot> error:
04:00:55 <lambdabot> • No instance for (Typeable a0)
04:00:55 <lambdabot> arising from a use of ‘show_M656750360416715938611619’
04:01:19 <rdococ> . o O ( function class )
04:01:22 <oerjan> that instance was dropped
04:01:40 <oerjan> > liftA2 (+) sin cos
04:01:42 <lambdabot> <Double -> Double>
04:01:56 <rdococ> > liftA2 (/) sin cos
04:01:58 <lambdabot> <Double -> Double>
04:02:25 <rdococ> clearly classes are also values
04:03:06 <rdococ> a class takes an ordered list of values and returns an associative array containing key-value pairs
04:03:15 <rdococ> ofc
04:03:19 <rdococ> we can be more creative
04:03:24 <rdococ> for example
04:03:31 <rdococ> neh
04:03:33 <rdococ> meh
04:04:35 <rdococ> . o O ( infix unary operators )
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06:53:01 <hppavilion[1]> What octopus-related event occurred circa July 12010?
06:53:49 <hppavilion[1]> Ah, Paul the Octopus got 12 out of 14 predictions correct around that time
06:59:54 <oerjan> `unidecode "­",
06:59:55 <HackEgo> ​[U+0020 SPACE] [U+0022 QUOTATION MARK] [U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN] [U+0022 QUOTATION MARK] [U+002C COMMA]
07:00:10 <oerjan> `unidecode ­
07:00:10 <HackEgo> ​[U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN]
07:00:23 <oerjan> `multicode ­
07:00:25 <HackEgo> U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN \ UTF-8: c2 ad UTF-16BE: 00ad Decimal: &#173; \ ­ \ Category: Cf (Other, Format) \ Bidi: BN (Boundary Neutral)
07:01:48 <hppavilion[1]> Hm, that's interesting
07:02:24 <hppavilion[1]> According to Google Trends, Japan ranks at № 39 out of 42 countries in terms of popularity of tentacle erotica
07:02:28 <hppavilion[1]> Curiouser and curiouser
07:02:35 <oerjan> (that's the only non-control character in 128-255 range that's illegal in haskell strings)
07:03:05 <oerjan> (so i guess that's really 160-255 range)
07:04:12 <oerjan> hppavilion[1]: i guess to them it's so last century
07:04:23 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: True
07:06:45 <hppavilion[1]> oerjan: OTOH, the five oldest companies on earth are all in Japan, the earliest of which dates back to 578 (but was absorbed in 2006, so maybe it doesn't count)
07:10:06 <pikhq> To be fair, SOFT HYPHEN is a pretty weird character.
07:10:08 <oerjan> how many of them are tentacle pornography companies
07:10:47 <pikhq> And my local terminal seems to be rendering it unconditionally.
07:11:02 <pikhq> Aaah.
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07:11:40 <pikhq> The idea, in terminals, is it gets rendered whenever it's put in. It's just supposed to be a hyphen indicating the hyphen was automatically inserted.
07:12:10 <pikhq> (and hence can, semantically, be removed during copy/paste operations)
07:12:55 <oerjan> the next problem character that isn't completely stripped is \888
07:13:01 <oerjan> > var "\888"
07:13:02 <lambdabot> ͸
07:13:16 <pikhq> And that's... Not a syntax error?
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07:13:44 <oerjan> why would it be?
07:13:59 <oerjan> `unidecode >
07:13:59 <HackEgo> ​[U+003E GREATER-THAN SIGN]
07:14:08 <pikhq> Because that's a malformed octal character literal?
07:14:09 <oerjan> it seems to be stripped anyhow
07:14:29 <oerjan> haskell character escapes are decimal
07:14:37 <pikhq> I've been doing more C lately.
07:14:43 <pikhq> Okay, that's just odd, then.
07:14:57 <oerjan> although there is a syntax for using octal
07:15:10 <pikhq> \0xxx?
07:15:11 <oerjan> > "\o100"
07:15:13 <lambdabot> "@"
07:15:15 <pikhq> Ah.
07:15:18 <pikhq> It's been a while.
07:15:53 <pikhq> U+0378 (888 in hex) is an unassigned character currently.
07:16:36 <pikhq> It's in the Greek block, though.
07:17:05 <oerjan> oh!
07:17:17 <oerjan> > var "\856"
07:17:19 <lambdabot> ͘
07:17:23 <oerjan> hm nope
07:17:31 <oerjan> or wait
07:17:43 <oerjan> > var "\920"
07:17:45 <lambdabot> Θ
07:17:51 <oerjan> > 920-888
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07:17:53 <lambdabot> 32
07:17:57 <oerjan> ok not that one
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07:19:06 <oerjan> (there's an empty space for "upper case version of end-of-word sigma", but that wasn't it.
07:19:09 <oerjan> )
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08:22:51 <rdococ> nodi
08:23:15 <rdococ> Is anyone interested in a language where constructs like "repeat (3.5) { stuff }" are valid?
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08:24:06 <rdococ> MoALTz, are you interested in a language where constructs like "repeat (3.5) { stuff }" are valid?
08:24:51 <MoALTz> what does the 3.5 stand for? 3 times and then only half of the block of stuff?
08:25:02 <rdococ> not exactly
08:25:29 <rdococ> take "x := 1; repeat(3.5) { x := x * 2; }"
08:25:49 <rdococ> it's valid and outputs 11.3137084989848, which is 2^3.5.
08:27:19 <MoALTz> it certainly sounds different :) although you'd need to figure out how the partial repeat applies to statements more complicated than x := x * 2;
08:28:31 <rdococ> ye
08:28:48 <rdococ> hm
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08:51:06 <rdococ> I have figured out printing mechanics for half-repeats.
08:51:22 <rdococ> It yields in gibberish, but still.
08:51:23 <rdococ> ohi hppavilion[1].
08:51:39 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: Hi
08:51:43 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: I just finished some homework
08:51:47 <hppavilion[1]> I should sleep now
08:52:35 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Ð]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=51797 * Rdococ * (+2082) Performing something half a time has a meaning now
08:53:15 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: Oh, have you heard of Zeno Machines?
08:53:30 <rdococ> hppavilion[1]: I've actually created an esolang based on one.
08:53:35 <rdococ> It was bad, though.
08:53:40 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: Col
08:53:42 <hppavilion[1]> *Cool
08:53:42 <rdococ> I prefer K's approach to real numbers.
08:54:35 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[User:Rdococ]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51798&oldid=51786 * Rdococ * (+91) /* My hopefully better esoteric languages (2017 CE - infinity CE) */ Ð
08:55:50 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: itym 12017 HE - ∞+10000 HE hth
08:56:43 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[User:Rdococ]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51799&oldid=51798 * Rdococ * (+2) /* My hopefully better esoteric languages (2017 CE - infinity CE) */ Because I'm atheist
08:57:03 <rdococ> my hopefully better esoteric languages, 12017 HE - ∞+10000 HE.
08:57:41 <rdococ> of course, HE is based on the christian yearkeeping method, and the highly arbitrary number 10 for a base.
08:59:17 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: K looks vernice
08:59:33 <Nistur> mornin' all
09:00:40 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: Oh, also, "My terrible esoteric programming languages (12,999,999,999 BHE - 12017 HE)"
09:00:52 <hppavilion[1]> (this is the Holocene calendar if you aren't clear)
09:00:56 <rdococ> ik
09:01:17 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[User:Rdococ]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51800&oldid=51799 * Rdococ * (+5) /* My terrible esoteric programming languages (13 billion BCE - 2017 CE) */ Again.
09:01:44 <rdococ> clearly we should be using the rdococ calendar
09:01:51 <rdococ> where this is the year 2981
09:02:48 <Taneb> I think we should base it on who are the consuls of Rome
09:03:11 <rdococ> that sounds ancient.
09:04:22 <Taneb> In the consulship of Sergio Mattarella and Paolo Gentiloni...
09:04:32 <rdococ> Again, sounds ancient.
09:04:41 <Taneb> (using Italy's President and Prime Minister because consuls haven't been a thing for like 1500 years or so)
09:05:12 <rdococ> Depends if they're leap years :P
09:05:12 <rdococ> jk
09:05:22 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Zeno]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51801&oldid=51334 * Hppavilion1 * (+216) Added a conclusion section (if rdococ approves)
09:05:50 <rdococ> hppavilion[1], what about my Zeno interpreter?
09:06:02 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: Yes.
09:06:19 <rdococ> it's written in powerpoint
09:06:20 <rdococ> :P
09:18:34 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: BTW, have you made any time travelley languages yet?
09:18:47 <hppavilion[1]> (particularly any with 2-time?)
09:19:48 <rdococ> well, TwoDucks already exists...
09:20:32 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: True?
09:20:39 <rdococ> ?
09:20:40 <rdococ> I did have the idea of a decentralized computational system in the multiverse which would enable for super-TC computations because of the presumably infinite number of universes
09:21:15 <rdococ> depends if the number of universes is countable or uncountable
09:23:15 <hppavilion[1]> rdococ: Today I proved that any tree with countably many generations where each node must have countably many children has countably many nodes altogether
09:23:22 <hppavilion[1]> (I think)
09:23:36 <hppavilion[1]> And by extension, the number of finite sequences of natural numbers is countable
09:24:07 * rdococ is pretty sure he already knew
09:24:52 <rdococ> in fact, it was an important part of my STC computational class function
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09:27:44 <rdococ> it proved that a "data tree" with a countably infinite number of nodes is at least as powerful as a countably infinite state machine
09:28:02 <rdococ> wait
09:28:03 <rdococ> hold on
09:28:42 <rdococ> nvm
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11:26:42 <rdococ> `? wo
11:26:44 <HackEgo> wo? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
11:27:17 <rdococ> `le//rn wo//wo is the rarely seen word which "won't" is the opposite of.
11:27:21 <HackEgo> Learned 'wo': wo is the rarely seen word which "won't" is the opposite of.
11:37:14 <hkgit03> I won't accept that.
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11:46:23 <boily> `wisdom
11:46:25 <HackEgo> hipchat//hipchat is a chat where you can communicate solely by using meme-emoticons but shouldn't.
11:49:29 <hkgit03> `wisdom
11:49:30 <HackEgo> relevant info//The large-eyed mouse lemur is a nocturnal tree-dweller.
12:04:57 <rdococ> `wisdom
12:04:58 <HackEgo> cube//Cubes come in all sizes, colors, and materials, but only one shape. The companion cube does not speak, however.
12:05:04 <rdococ> `? wo
12:05:05 <HackEgo> wo is the rarely seen word which "won't" is the opposite of.
12:05:09 <rdococ> `? wan
12:05:10 <HackEgo> Wan is the opposite of wan't.
12:05:20 <rdococ> `? can
12:05:21 <HackEgo> Can cans can cans?
12:05:29 <rdococ> `? match
12:05:30 <HackEgo> match? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
12:06:02 <rdococ> `le//rn match//Can a match box? No, but a tin can.
12:06:05 <HackEgo> Learned 'match': Can a match box? No, but a tin can.
12:06:41 <boily> `forget wan
12:06:43 <HackEgo> Forget what?
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12:23:03 <rdococ> ????
12:23:09 <rdococ> `? wa
12:23:10 <HackEgo> wa? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
12:23:13 <rdococ> boily: can can't
12:23:34 <hkgit03> `? ca
12:23:35 <HackEgo> ca? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
12:23:44 <hkgit03> So ca and can should be the same
12:23:52 -!- augur has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
12:23:58 <rdococ> `le//rn ca//ca is another word for can.
12:23:59 <boily> I could, but I won't. I can't want, and it is so.
12:24:00 <HackEgo> Learned 'ca': ca is another word for can.
12:24:03 <boily> `revert
12:24:07 <HackEgo> Done.
12:24:11 <rdococ> `? cola
12:24:12 <HackEgo> cola? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
12:24:36 <rdococ> reminder: don't wisdom when boily's around
12:24:41 <rdococ> otherwise, bam entry removed
12:24:55 <boily> wisdom right, and it'll.
12:24:55 <rdococ> boily must prefer the lack of wisdom; stupidity
12:25:06 <hkgit03> `? wisdom
12:25:07 <HackEgo> wisdom is always factually accurate, except for this entry, and, uh, that other one? It started with, like, an ø?
12:25:16 <rdococ> `? ørjan
12:25:17 <HackEgo> Your pal Ørjan is oerjan's good twin. He's banned in the IRC RFC for being an invalid character. Sometimes he publishes papers without noticing it.
12:25:31 <rdococ> `? øerjan
12:25:32 <HackEgo> ​øerjan? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
12:25:36 <hkgit03> That was even in the wisdomme compilation iirc
12:25:46 <rdococ> `? wisdomme
12:25:47 <HackEgo> wisdomme? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
12:26:05 <boily> rdococ: the PDF, in the topic. I'm the one who compiles it.
12:26:12 <hkgit03> You are?
12:26:21 <hkgit03> Nice to meet you. Great work. I'm a big fan.
12:26:27 <b_jonas> doesn't the PDF basically have ALL the wisdoms?
12:26:38 <b_jonas> with maybe very few exceptions
12:26:48 <b_jonas> and some are reformatted to barely recognizable
12:26:54 <hkgit03> `le//rn wisdomme/wisdomme is the PDF in the topic. boily is the one who compiles it.
12:26:55 <HackEgo> Usage: `le/[/]rn <key>//<wisdom>
12:27:04 <hkgit03> `le//rn wisdomme//wisdomme is the PDF in the topic. boily is the one who compiles it.
12:27:06 <HackEgo> Learned 'wisdomme': wisdomme is the PDF in the topic. boily is the one who compiles it.
12:27:11 <rdococ> `? phở
12:27:12 <HackEgo> Phở là một món ăn truyền thống của Việt Nam, cũng có thể xem là một trong những món ăn đặc trưng nhất cho ẩm thực Việt Nam.
12:27:19 <rdococ> Wow. that is very informative.
12:27:20 <b_jonas> that won't do. the topic can change. put the url straight in the wisdom
12:27:21 <rdococ> `tomfoolery phở
12:27:22 <HackEgo> I must confess, I know not of what you are speaking.
12:27:44 <rdococ> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2023808/wisdom.pdf tells me "Sorry, that file doesn’t live here anymore. It might have been moved or made private."
12:27:50 <hkgit03> `le//rn wisdomme//wisdomme is a PDF that may be in the topic. boily is the one who compiles it.
12:27:51 <rdococ> very wise words, I guess?
12:27:53 <HackEgo> Relearned 'wisdomme': wisdomme is a PDF that may be in the topic. boily is the one who compiles it.
12:28:36 <b_jonas> also
12:28:38 <b_jonas> `? wisdom.pdf
12:28:40 <HackEgo> Nicely formatted wisdoms and quotes book at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2023808/wisdom.pdf
12:29:15 <rdococ> again, dropbox 404
12:29:20 <hkgit03> oh
12:29:20 <boily> beuh.
12:29:35 <boily> will update the link soon là là.
12:29:37 <hkgit03> `le//rn wisdomme//wisdomme is a PDF that may be in the topic. boily is the one who compiles it. See `? wisdom.pdf
12:29:40 <HackEgo> Relearned 'wisdomme': wisdomme is a PDF that may be in the topic. boily is the one who compiles it. See `? wisdom.pdf
12:29:51 -!- boily has quit (Quit: MOUNTAIN CHICKEN).
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13:00:09 <rdococ> btw
13:37:30 <rdococ> yay
13:38:18 <hkgit03> btw what?
13:38:38 <rdococ> nvm
13:38:52 <hkgit03> aww
13:39:46 <rdococ> yay
13:42:27 <hkgit03> kay...
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18:04:19 <\oren\> OOOH DRAMAAAAAAAA
18:04:24 <\oren\> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-5EIsP10nw
18:06:37 <\oren\> One of the most popular kerbal space program youtubers CHEATED
18:06:48 -!- sleffy has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds).
18:07:31 <b_jonas> \oren\: what? isn't that a single-player game?
18:09:30 <int-e> \oren\: ...
18:09:36 <\oren\> b_jonas: right but he posted a video saying "here's a cool craft I built" without disclosing that he actually used cheats
18:10:20 <int-e> well clearly this will doom the game and its community
18:11:19 <int-e> in fact, we should just wipe all copies of KSP from computers world wide and forget it ever existed. it's the only reasonable way forward.
18:17:05 <\oren\> well fuck it maybe I'll make a really cool video and cheat in a less discoverable manner
18:17:34 <\oren\> such as wings with fucked up lift/drag ratios
18:21:32 -!- DHeadshot has joined.
18:29:22 -!- LKoen has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
18:31:47 <Taneb> \oren\, here's an idea
18:32:02 <Taneb> You make your cheats so undiscoverable that not even you are sure whether you've cheated or not
18:32:30 <b_jonas> Taneb: yes, that sometimes happens with eso stuff
18:33:27 -!- Zarutian has quit (Quit: Zarutian).
18:33:42 <Taneb> Speaking of eso stuff, I have a quantum information processing exam tomorrow morning
18:38:09 -!- hppavilion[1] has joined.
18:46:42 <b_jonas> hehe
18:47:28 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
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19:07:13 <\oren\> Flugbeschränkungen über der Kölner Innenstadt
19:07:18 <\oren\> No fly zone imposed over Cologne city because of expected battle between fascists and communists
19:08:38 <b_jonas> \oren\: isn't it because of bad weather?
19:08:50 <\oren\> Alternatif fur duetchland is having a congress in cologne and the communists are going to try to block them
19:13:51 <Taneb> It's difficult trying to do this kind of maths when you have no idea what the correct answer ought to look like
19:15:56 <int-e> . o O ( Taneb: do you want the answer as an particle or as a wave... )
19:16:26 <Taneb> int-e, I'd like it as an enlarged density matrix, I think
19:17:04 <int-e> let's start small, how about [1]
19:17:34 <int-e> somehow I haven't done a QC course.
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21:50:50 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Talk:K]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=51802 * Hppavilion1 * (+284) Coolang.
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21:58:46 -!- sebbu2 has changed nick to sebbu.
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22:57:56 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[String]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51803&oldid=44860 * Hppavilion1 * (+588) Improved a bit
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23:40:17 <boily> `wisdom
23:40:18 <HackEgo> alogl//ALOGL is a logarithmic language.
23:45:36 <quintopia> `wisdom
23:45:37 <HackEgo> reference//reference is dangling, sorry.
23:45:49 <shachaf> `cwlprits alogl
23:45:51 <shachaf> oerjan?
23:46:00 <HackEgo> shachäf
23:46:04 <shachaf> what!
23:46:11 <shachaf> now i'm embarrassed
23:46:12 <shachaf> tdnh
23:46:33 <shachaf> It's a cheap plastic imitation of oerjan.
23:51:25 -!- hppavilion[1] has joined.
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23:52:06 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Call stack]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51804&oldid=46437 * Hppavilion1 * (+35) Proper zedly spelling, some phrasing.
23:55:34 <boily> QUINTHELLOPIA, helloochaf.
23:55:43 -!- AnotherTest has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
23:57:11 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Control Flow]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51805&oldid=46147 * Hppavilion1 * (+127) /* Computed Goto */ I assume I wrote this; I learned about function pointers later, so it was wrong. So wrong.
23:58:05 <\oren\> `widsom
23:58:06 <HackEgo> wanring//Wanrings inidcate whne you are donig soemthing dagnerous, liek usnig opreator prceedence.
23:58:08 <\oren\> `widsom
23:58:09 <HackEgo> pepole who taenb is no/t/elilott, a rabbi, Makr Zukcerberg, Jaems Bodn. Pedning aprpoval: Shgieru Miaymoto.
23:58:11 <\oren\> `widsom
23:58:13 <HackEgo> td/t/Thta dosen't td.t
23:58:19 <\oren\> `widsom
23:58:20 <HackEgo> kitt//Kitt is the signular of kitten.
23:58:24 <\oren\> `widsom
23:58:26 <HackEgo> fasle//fasle is a veyr old stcak-baesd lagnuage. For an auhtentic exeprience, run it on an Amgia. Its' alos not treu.
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