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00:01:02 <\oren\> although, what woud happen if I put finely ground tea in a espresso machine?
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00:09:48 <boily> good coffee is either sourj or French press. a good espresso must be drank within ten seconds of being brewed.
00:09:56 <oerjan> helloily!
00:10:07 <boily> \oren\: you should try Hong Kong style milk tea. very potent.
00:10:08 <oerjan> shachaf: what's a back principal twh
00:10:12 <boily> hellørjan!
00:10:18 <shachaf> `? oerjan
00:10:19 <HackEgo> Your omnipheasant back principal witty arrant darth oerjan the indecisive is a hazy expert in merry compaction. Also a Glaneep who disses Roald Dahl. He could never render the word "amortized" so he put it here for connivance. His arch-nemesis is Betty Crocker. He twice punned without noticing it.
00:10:37 <shachaf> oerjan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerioporus_squamosus hth
00:11:26 <boily> \oren\: I also poured coffee in yerba mate once. very dangerous.
00:13:28 <oerjan> i guess i must be distantly related to fungot.
00:13:29 <fungot> oerjan: some nets have means for tracking users across netsplit reconnects :( putty doesn't like that openbsd. openbsd users probably participate in the feeble srfi 43 discussion from someone other than me like to sit on
00:15:40 <\oren\> `quote yerba
00:15:41 <HackEgo> No output.
00:15:47 <\oren\> `quote mate
00:15:48 <HackEgo> 43) <apollo> Maternal instincts? <apollo> Don't you just leave the thing in a box until it starts crying, and then shake it until it stops? \ 319) <elliott> oerjan: but hypothetically, assume a Christian spontaneously materialised during the apocalypse \ 431) <oerjan> i try to be a hermit but it's hard with all these housemates. \ 442) <NihilistDa
00:16:36 <\oren\> `quote dangerous
00:16:37 <HackEgo> 543) <fizzie> It's just electricity, how dangerous could it be? \ 620) <fizzie> Do you want me to live dangerously and just stick it in the bot without testing it? <elliott> fizzie: Yes. <elliott> There is pretty much no way it won't be amazing. \ 820) <Fiora> usb sushi is dangerous. I think I would try to eat it
00:17:39 <\oren\> `quote netsplit
00:17:39 <HackEgo> No output.
00:17:49 <\oren\> `quote connection
00:17:49 <HackEgo> 661) <ais523> `delquote 419 * HackEgo has quit (Remote host closed the connection) * EgoBot has quit (Remote host closed the connection) * glogbot has quit (Remote host closed the connection) \ 1296) <shachaf> please make a connection between L1, L2, L3 norm and L1, L2, L3 cache twh <Jafet> shachaf: modern caches actually use the L∞ metric (t
00:18:15 <shachaf> `quote 1296
00:18:16 <HackEgo> 1296) <shachaf> please make a connection between L1, L2, L3 norm and L1, L2, L3 cache twh <Jafet> shachaf: modern caches actually use the L∞ metric (they can go eight ways)
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01:17:52 <\oren\> argh, we could have had these awesome german words but instead we have "dwarf planet" and "planemo"
01:17:56 <\oren\> with a proposed classification scheme labeling all sub-stellar objects in hydrostatic equilibrium as "planets" and subclassifying them into "überplanets" and "unterplanets"
01:18:20 <\oren\> pluto isn't a dwarf planet it is a filthy unterplanet
01:19:18 <\oren\> thwe moon is also an unterplanet
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01:23:23 <boily> the moon is a moon hth
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01:30:42 <oerjan> are you sure it's not a space station
01:30:53 <shachaf> `? the moon
01:31:00 <shachaf> `? moon
01:31:10 <HackEgo> the moon? ¯\(°​_o)/¯
01:31:10 <HackEgo> moon is often named the following: moonythedwarf moonythehuman moonheart08 moony moon__ computing and luxon, making porthellos and @tells a real pain
01:31:51 <shachaf> do the events of dwarf fortress take place on a dwarf planet? twh
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01:52:53 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[User talk:Zzo38/Programming languages with unusual features]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51940&oldid=51929 * Zzo38 * (+1601)
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02:12:36 <zzo38> Hello
02:15:17 <quintopia> zzello38
02:15:41 <quintopia> bonne nuily
02:19:29 <oerjan> `` grep -l -i -r byte bin
02:19:37 <HackEgo> bin/len.pl \ bin/udcli \ bin/emmental \ bin/dao \ bin/macro \ bin/multicode \ bin/jq \ bin/searchlog \ bin/gs2.py \ bin/7za \ bin/lua \ bin/tclkit \ bin/len \ bin/units
02:19:49 <oerjan> `len ⁹
02:19:51 <HackEgo> 1 codepoint \ 3 UTF-8 bytes
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02:36:22 <boily> bonnuitopia!
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02:42:11 <boily> oh. rain.
02:42:14 <boily> @metar CYUL
02:42:14 <lambdabot> CYUL 190100Z 22014KT 15SM FEW050CB SCT100 SCT240 25/14 A2959 RMK CB1AC2CI1 DIST LTNG NW SLP022 DENSITY ALT 1600FT
02:42:37 <boily> time to unwindow...
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02:51:55 <Destructible> how are you, guys?
02:53:52 <zzo38> I am OK
02:53:59 <Destructible> nice
02:54:40 <Destructible> I'm here because I got kicked from the nineteenth byte for using emojis and then getting annoyed about being kicked
02:54:54 <Destructible> >:(
03:05:28 <zzo38> I thought of idea if a PNG encoder can have three parts all working together, rather than as separate units: DEFLATE, filter selection, and optionally lossy coding.
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03:21:27 <oerjan> . o O ( so what we must do to get PPCGers here is to get them kicked. check. )
03:24:39 <somebody> wait what
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03:25:06 <oerjan> the nineteenth byte is PPCG's main chat IIUC.
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03:25:22 <ASCII-only> yeah it is (sorry just joined i can't see history)
03:25:40 <oerjan> VEE HAFF LOGS
03:26:05 <ASCII-only> *looks up*
03:26:21 <ASCII-only> oh yeah sorry i think i need to get my eyes checked :P
03:27:12 <oerjan> i'm already too addicted if i'm not going to start chatting there as well.
03:27:28 <ASCII-only> ok so are golflangs relevant here
03:28:08 <oerjan> they are pretty eso, although not necessarily my favorite kind of eso.
03:28:24 <oerjan> so they're definitely on topic.
03:28:52 <oerjan> and people here have made them.
03:29:23 <oerjan> (also this place is not big on on-topicness.)
03:29:37 <izabera> speaking of which
03:29:46 <izabera> i think i just found a bug in gnu grep
03:29:59 <oerjan> seriously, has PPCG started moving a lot faster in recent days? or am i just looking at too many of the posts.
03:30:01 <ASCII-only> wall TNB is not that big on on-topicness either
03:30:04 <izabera> `` grep -oP '\b.*?06.*?\b' <<< 'meow meow foo bar06baz bat meow'
03:30:05 <HackEgo> meow meow foo bar06baz
03:30:09 <ASCII-only> oerjan: the latter :P
03:30:14 <oerjan> OKAY
03:30:15 <izabera> that's wrong, right?
03:30:18 <ASCII-only> it was a lot faster when it was trying to graduate
03:30:32 <oerjan> ah
03:30:47 <oerjan> well, i've only been there for a few months.
03:31:01 <ASCII-only> everyone was setting themselves daily challenge writing quotas and whatnot
03:31:23 <oerjan> i haven't written a challenge yet, i'm an answer kind of guy.
03:31:34 <ASCII-only> oerjan: wait really? what username are you using
03:31:36 <oerjan> (also mostly a haskell kind of guy)
03:31:42 <oerjan> Ørjan Johansen
03:33:20 <oerjan> oh my comment about must have been confusing, there was someone here just before who _had_ been kicked from there and so came here.
03:33:34 <oerjan> *about kicking
03:33:49 <oerjan> i _swear_ i type words that disappear when i press enter
03:35:26 <zzo38> Is there algorithm to reduce a picture to a specified palette in a way that takes compression into account?
03:36:18 <ASCII-only> takes compression into account?
03:37:32 <oerjan> izabera: what's wrong about it?
03:38:09 <izabera> `` echo hi mom foo x bar | grep -oP '.*?x'
03:38:09 <HackEgo> hi mom foo x
03:38:29 <izabera> that should print x
03:38:43 <zzo38> Yes, for example so that backreferences are more likely to match and whatever
03:39:40 <oerjan> izabera: it finds the match that starts as early as possible, that's what i would expect.
03:39:42 <ASCII-only> izabera: well pcre, js, python and golang all print "hi mom foo x"
03:39:52 <izabera> what?
03:40:05 <izabera> i didn't try other languages yet
03:40:25 <oerjan> the *? only applies after you've already chosen the starting point
03:40:26 <ASCII-only> what i'm saying is that this is the behavior in all regex-like engines mnot just grep
03:40:45 <izabera> that's awful
03:40:52 <oerjan> but logical.
03:40:59 <izabera> no it's not
03:41:04 <izabera> it's stupid and retarded
03:41:29 <oerjan> how would you expect it to do anything else?
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03:42:29 <ASCII-only> izabera: if you don't like it then go write your own regex engine
03:42:33 <izabera> idk, in that case one could simply walk backwards i guess
03:42:36 <ASCII-only> regex matches from left to right
03:42:59 <ASCII-only> izabera: yeah but it's slower and you could rearrange it to do what you want
03:43:41 <oerjan> izabera: what would you want to happen with "hi mom foo x hi mom bar x baz"?
03:43:52 <oerjan> um
03:44:09 <oerjan> that's a bit inconclusive
03:44:35 <oerjan> make that "hi mom foo x hi mom bar y baz" and change x to [xy]
03:45:00 <izabera> so this doesn't actually extract html tags correctly at all <.*?title.*?>.*?<.*?/.*?title.*?>
03:45:33 <ASCII-only> wait what do you want .*?title.*? for
03:45:40 <izabera> that's not the point
03:45:56 <izabera> <title>.*?</title>
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03:46:06 <ASCII-only> both do the same thing
03:46:16 <zzo38> PCRE supports callouts which you can do many thing. I have made a SQLite extension that uses PCRE with callouts. For example, it can be use for figuring out the color identity of a Magic: the Gathering card.
03:46:20 <ASCII-only> except the first one accepts characters in more places
03:46:43 <ASCII-only> izabera: https://regex101.com/r/E63lVM/1
03:47:16 <izabera> <meow><title>foobar</title>
03:48:27 <ASCII-only> wait yeah it doesn't
03:48:35 <ASCII-only> but why use the first one at all
03:50:03 <ASCII-only> https://regex101.com/r/E63lVM/3
03:56:15 <ASCII-only> ok about the wisdom pdf i think there is an error, piet isn't a colourful programming language, colorforth is
03:56:42 <ASCII-only> also cool how did funciton make into the book
03:57:54 <ASCII-only> also you forgot prolog :P
03:58:21 <izabera> always wanted to ask: do you need like a special editor to write colorforth?
03:58:28 <ASCII-only> yeah
03:59:43 <zzo38> How good do you think might be an algorithm (for PNG encoding) like: [1] Decide filters. [2] Make up Huffman tree for the data with decided filters. [3] Make up LZ77 for best compression, redeciding filters and making up the new Huffman tree. [4] Encode using the new filters and Huffman tree.
04:00:21 <zzo38> Optionally apply lossy encoding during the fourth step if such option is enabled.
04:02:04 <oerjan> ASCII-only: you are mistaken, piet is definitely colorful hth
04:02:33 <ASCII-only> well yeah but colorforth deserves its spot
04:02:34 <ASCII-only> imo
04:03:14 <oerjan> well the wisdom is not really a language list, even if it contains some.
04:03:19 <oerjan> `? piet
04:03:21 <HackEgo> Piet is a really colourful programming language.
04:03:31 <ASCII-only> or just replace it with <s>braincopter</s> <s>brainloller</s> something else
04:03:54 <ASCII-only> also i'm wondering what kind of chatbot fungot is
04:03:55 <fungot> ASCII-only: gnirtslen strikes me as intellectual dishonest. you would pass fnord to csc.
04:04:09 <oerjan> ^source
04:04:09 <fungot> https://github.com/fis/fungot/blob/master/fungot.b98
04:04:12 <oerjan> hth
04:04:39 <oerjan> ^style lovecraft
04:04:39 <fungot> Selected style: lovecraft (H. P. Lovecraft's writings)
04:04:50 <oerjan> fungot: is everything all right with the world?
04:04:50 <fungot> oerjan: west and i did not do so.
04:05:01 <oerjan> fungot: you're not even trying!
04:05:02 <fungot> oerjan: so at length the light streamed on again, flooding the marine valley below me.
04:10:58 <ASCII-only> #esoteric needs a markov chain chatbot as well
04:12:48 <ASCII-only> markov chain chatbots are the best: https://chat.stackexchange.com/users/190995/marky-markov?tab=recent
04:13:31 <oerjan> fungot _is_ a markov chain chatbot
04:13:32 <fungot> oerjan: " then he told me his story; and when i heard the poor musicians feeble effort to rise from the floor by this part of new york and the upper end of the old papers spread beneath the stones of the city with the greatest reluctance, and did not see what he had read much of things as they are with their hundred gates and two hundred turrets, the clustered towers within, all tell a gloomy tale of fallen grandeur. as the hin
04:14:03 <oerjan> except it has variable context length, and several predefined styles
04:14:50 <oerjan> ^style europarl
04:14:50 <fungot> Selected style: europarl (European Parliament speeches during approx. 1996-2006)
04:15:04 <ASCII-only> ^style
04:15:04 <fungot> Available: agora alice c64 ct darwin discworld enron europarl* ff7 fisher fungot homestuck ic irc iwcs jargon lovecraft nethack oots pa qwantz sms speeches ss wp youtube
04:15:12 <oerjan> fungot: you're in britain now, how is that brexit going?
04:15:13 <fungot> oerjan: madam president, there are amendments nos 1, 3, 4 and 7 were adopted, we have not wanted or known how to manage and allocate the ecsc reserves, taking account of an informal nature.
04:15:45 <oerjan> i say it's avoiding the question.
04:17:15 <ASCII-only> ^style irc
04:17:15 <fungot> Selected style: irc (IRC logs of freenode/#esoteric, freenode/#scheme and ircnet/#douglasadams)
04:17:27 <ASCII-only> fungot: what is your favourite esolang
04:17:28 <fungot> ASCII-only: of course it would also be useless. what is it in the us however, and rabbit was intended to lead one to believe that large gathering of people classified as ' nice' storm over here is what happens when you try to
04:18:16 <ASCII-only> fungot why did you cut off mid-sentence
04:18:16 <fungot> ASCII-only: instead of writing portable code that _can_ handle utf-8. i was. but riastradh knows what scheme i'm using
04:18:38 <oerjan> fungot's babbling does have some subtle bugs.
04:18:38 <fungot> oerjan: i killed the window at people?!) the lifetime of the scheme community is younger than python the pretty good cl compiler, of all things
04:20:53 <ASCII-only> fungot how could you kill the window
04:20:53 <fungot> ASCII-only: i should really get to work right. it defines an anonymous function
04:23:40 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Drift]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51941&oldid=51845 * Hsorenson * (-67) Removed Turing complete claims since I have yet to properly prove it.
04:29:22 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Charcoal]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51942&oldid=51938 * Somebody1234 * (+320)
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05:18:28 <zzo38> On the first scanline of a PNG picture, I think that filter type 2 will be same as filter type 0. Will any program take this into account when encoding?
05:38:45 <zzo38> (It is unlikely to make it better, but maybe there might be a few rare cases where it might help)
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05:58:16 <adu> hppavillion?
05:59:01 <zzo38> Now I wrote a program to make a list of the chunks in a PNG file.
05:59:52 <zzo38> http://sprunge.us/ZaGE
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06:23:19 <zzo38> Do you like this?
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13:03:50 <Phantom_Hoover> i didn't realise idris was strict until earlier today
13:03:55 <Phantom_Hoover> 'the next haskell will be strict' all right
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16:32:46 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Language list]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51943&oldid=51927 * RomanGraef * (+16)
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16:47:19 <\oren\> Rape charges dropped against Julian Assange in Sweden.
16:47:21 <\oren\> https://www.rt.com/uk/388924-assange-press-conference-embassy/
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17:00:33 <kerbal> The interpreter for the Integ esoteric programming language now supports Unix and Mac.
17:00:41 <kerbal> Get the interpreter here: https://github.com/kerbin111/Integ
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18:19:45 <\oren\> Alexa, buy a kilo of butter. Confirm purchase. This message brought to you by the butter producers association of america.
18:21:46 <quintopia> have they not added a confirmation passphrase patch yet?
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18:26:23 <\oren\> there's a four digit pin capability, but you'd have to change it every time...
18:26:45 <\oren\> there should be a confirmation text system
18:26:58 <shachaf> To prevent commercials from buying butter?
18:27:35 <\oren\> saying your password out loud would work for commercials, but not for, for example kids
18:28:38 <zzo38> They should to allow to make your password longer than four digits; four digits is too short
18:29:44 <zzo38> I think there are a lot of problem with the voice controls though you might as well disable it (or at least disable some functions with voice command anyways)
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18:30:23 <zzo38> Although there are ways to fix it anyways, such as to ask question with different answers each time.
18:31:05 <zzo38> But then they are just going to invent voice-activated commercials.....?
18:45:19 <quintopia> alexa wouldnt work without voice. it has no other interface...or does it?t
18:48:02 <zzo38> There still is the way to fix it even if it is only voice, as I mention
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19:09:30 <izabera> http://bigkneelover.deviantart.com/
19:16:12 <int-e> why does every piece of shitty javascript these days need cookies to work...
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19:32:49 <quintopia> heh
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19:41:49 <Phantom_Hoover> izabera, why would you do this
19:51:23 <\oren\> Phantom_Hoover: do what
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20:05:48 <Phantom_Hoover> \oren\, its not for your young mind to see
20:13:17 <\oren\> lol, I was a regular on /b/ in middle school lol
20:13:31 <\oren\> BOOM BOOM CRASH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1gwniVmQ6A
20:30:16 <\oren\> That's the sound of the corporate police breaking down your door to seize your hard disks
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21:47:19 <moony> i just had a fun question: is AE2 (the minecraft mod) turing complete
21:49:11 <Slereah> Isn't Minecraft already Turing complete
21:49:18 <Slereah> You can implement logical gates
21:49:32 <moony> yea, im talking about a subset mod
21:50:33 -!- tromp has joined.
21:53:45 <moony> i know the dispensers+doors+woodenbuttons+redstone dust subset is turing complete (Doors can be used as a NOT gate)
21:54:12 <moony> altho, it would be somewhat fuzzy logic, due to dispenser randomization
21:54:33 <moony> oh, forgot any nonconductive block in that list
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22:12:52 <FireFly> I man you can do a not gate with just redstone (assuming you include redstone torches in that)
22:13:04 -!- jaboja has joined.
22:13:18 <FireFly> pretty sure redstone dust, redstone torch, <any solid block>, air is all you need for TCness, ignoring space constraints
22:17:43 <\oren\> https://youtu.be/uN6i3W07ohk?t=13m30s <-- Oh god, dat tokyo metro computerized voice
22:25:32 <\oren\> Did they just get on the nearest JR Rail train and record the announcements? I mean, sure it's cool but I bet it sounds less cool when you've heard that voice every day on your morning and evening commutes
22:31:53 <kerbal> What languages are the voice speaking? English and Japanese?
22:32:21 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
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22:33:08 <\oren\> kerbal: yeah
22:33:39 <\oren\> all the trains in Tokyo have announcements at each stop in English and Japanese
22:36:06 <kerbal> ah
22:36:09 <FireFly> Hm
22:36:23 <kerbal> ok
22:36:30 <FireFly> I can't remember if all of ours do too, or only some.. I think all
22:37:01 <\oren\> In Toronto, we have announcements in English and French
22:37:03 -!- augur has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
22:37:44 <fizzie> King's Cross underground station's announcements come from an obvious text-to-speech synthesizer system.
22:37:49 <\oren\> I think the streetcars are only in english
22:38:11 <kerbal> fizzie: Why text-to-speech? Why not pre-recorded or live?
22:38:29 <fizzie> kerbal: I've wondered. Maybe they think it makes it easier to change the messages.
22:38:37 <kerbal> That makes sense
22:38:40 <fizzie> They did recently alter the wording of one of them, at least.
22:39:23 <fizzie> It used to say "use the same card to touch in and out to get the best fare", now it is "use the same [unintelligible, something longer] to touch in and out".
22:40:13 <fizzie> It might be trying to say something about smartphones, the machines accept Apple Pay and Android Pay.
22:41:08 <\oren\> the subways say "Please stand clear of the doors" a lot
22:41:29 <fizzie> On Victoria Station at semi-rush hour there's usually a live announcer doing that bit.
22:41:40 <kerbal> fizzie: Is that clearer?
22:41:48 <kerbal> Live announcing?
22:41:50 <fizzie> "Stand clear of the closing doors, please. Mind the doors. Stand clear of the doors! STAND CLEAR. OF THE DOORS. STAND CLEAR!"
22:42:04 <fizzie> Mostly they sound more emotional (frustrated).
22:42:32 <kerbal> Ah... maybe the text-to-speech prevents injuries from burst blood vessels
22:42:56 <\oren\> Ours uses pre-recorded samples stitched togther
22:43:34 <fizzie> I like one pre-recorded South West Trains announcement. "This train is experiencing difficulties, which are being dealt with. Please listen for further announcements."
22:43:39 <\oren\> "Arriving at." "Queen's Park." "Queen's Park Station." "Please stand clear of the doors."
22:43:59 <fizzie> That comes about maybe once a week, but it never seems clear what the difficulties are, they don't stop for any longer than usual or anything.
22:45:03 <\oren\> "The next station is." "Saint Patrick." "Saint Patrick Station."
22:46:02 <fizzie> I'm also annoyed by the redundancy inherent in their announcement they invariably do between Queenstown Road and Vauxhall, which goes: "This is a South West Trains service to London Waterloo, calling at Vauxhall and London Waterloo. *The next station is Vauxhall.*"
22:46:19 <fizzie> That last bit is so unnecessary.
22:50:04 -!- jaboja has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
22:51:21 <FireFly> The Stockholm ones are pre-recorded cut-up parts (i.e. each station name is separate, each number 1-something is separate, various snippets in-between connecting it all into an utterance)
22:51:50 <FireFly> and the seams are pretty...obvious, leading to a pretty distinct/weird melody
22:57:18 <\oren\> "To ensure safety on track conditions ahead, this train will will operate slower than normal. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
22:57:33 <\oren\> This took months before it was fixed
22:58:04 <\oren\> and then it came back on a different part of the track
22:58:36 <\oren\> s/will will/will/
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23:04:13 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[EWagon]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51944&oldid=51936 * Timtomtoaster * (+513)
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23:07:52 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[EWagon]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51945&oldid=51944 * Timtomtoaster * (+135)
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23:23:01 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[EWagon]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=51947&oldid=51946 * Timtomtoaster * (+0)
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