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00:00:40 <imode> dosbox keeps segfaulting.. wonder why.
00:03:11 <imode> Sgeo: per archive standards, can you edit the runapp.bat?
00:03:47 <Sgeo> Can't edit it, but can presumably make my own, include in upload, and point there instead
00:04:05 <imode> so you can make your own runapp.bat.
00:04:09 <Sgeo> yeah
00:04:44 <Sgeo> I can't just run the program directly from it, Windows programs won't launch like that
00:06:51 <imode> "Can't find the file C:\WORLDS\CHAT\SHELLGOLD.PAC"
00:06:56 <imode> well it's progress..
00:08:06 <imode> it ran.
00:08:13 <imode> "checking for optimal display performance"
00:08:28 <Sgeo> Wait, what did you do?
00:08:49 <imode> made a pretty trivial change. update you once I know it's working.
00:09:30 <imode> it keeps segfaulting but, hell, it worked.
00:09:39 <imode> now let's try to do it with an unmodified bat..
00:11:33 <imode> god fucking damnit dosbox get your shit together.
00:14:18 <imode> k it works.
00:14:27 <imode> so, on the last line of runapp.bat
00:15:14 <imode> put a %2, so the line looks like d:\windows\win %2. then, your runapp line looks like RUNAPP.BAT C:\WORLDS\CHAT\BIN\ACER522.EXE C:\WORLDS\CHAT\SHELGOLD.PAC
00:15:46 <imode> if you can't make that kind of a change, let me know and I can substitute it for a batch file that launches the program.
00:15:53 <imode> so you don't have to modify it.
00:16:18 <Sgeo> I can, but let me experiment
00:17:48 <imode> basically all you're doing is making the shell take an extra command line argument. you could manually replace %1 and %2 with ACER522.EXE and SHELGOLD.PAC respectively.
00:18:04 <imode> I managed to get into the UI before DOSBox said no.
00:22:28 <Sgeo> It's working fine for me
00:22:38 <Sgeo> Going to just remake and then upload
00:22:53 <imode> cool. so you're good?
00:23:08 <Sgeo> yes
00:23:16 <imode> cool.
00:25:22 <fizzie> Do you have the Internet on the IA's Win3.1 thing?
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01:06:06 <Sgeo> https://archive.org/details/worldschatgold
01:06:12 <Sgeo> For some reason it isn't starting properly
01:06:29 <Sgeo> But I was sort of able tog et it to run. Low FPS
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01:34:56 <\oren\> https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&tab=core&id=5891545db8f955e347e3493a9575e7df&_cview=1
01:35:31 <\oren\> ^ opinions? what use could the us air force have for RNA and synovial fluid from "Caucasian Russians"
01:52:24 <Sgeo> imode, https://archive.org/details/worldschatgold
01:54:23 <oerjan> <tswett> For every pair of distinct points in the space, there exists a set containing one but not the other. <-- are you missing an "open" there, or do you really mean something completely tautological
01:55:06 <oerjan> tswett_: ^
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02:22:54 <\oren\> Hmm need to find biology researchers in or near lackland air force base
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02:53:44 <\oren\> ok I called up them and they said all the scientist had gone home but that number is the number of the lab in question
02:53:48 <\oren\> 2102925466
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03:09:15 <\oren\> So I'll call them back on monday and ask them what they want with this
03:11:53 <\oren\> And I somehow got ahead of the stampede of internet trolls
03:11:55 <\oren\> the lady on the phone was nice!
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04:10:31 <\oren\> http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/nn_582140/DE/Infoservice/Presse/Meldungen/2017/170615_Kern_Russland.html?nnm=582146
04:18:55 <Sgeo> imode, how did you know win.com would accept arguments and pass them along?
04:19:32 <Sgeo> Also I'm curious how your not-modifying-runapp.bat approach would work
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04:24:00 <zzo38> Sgeo: Because Windows just does that, it is how it works.
04:28:39 <imode> Sgeo: because 'win' always passes its arguments to the shell.
04:28:46 <imode> this is how old school shell replacements worked. :P
04:29:03 <Sgeo> Ah
04:30:52 <imode> the problem is expanding the arguments. if you passed in a quoted string for the first argument to runapp it wouldn't have expanded it and tried to treat the path as, well, a full path.
04:31:34 <Sgeo> Anyway, why does my mouse have problems?
04:31:41 <imode> that I cannot answer.
04:31:45 <imode> it keeps veering to the left, yeah?
04:34:16 <alercah> what kind of mouse?
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04:45:34 <Sgeo> Sometimes when I move in one direction, it eventually stops moving in that dimension
04:45:41 <Sgeo> Like if I move it vertically a while, it eventually stops
04:46:30 <zzo38> On my computer the mouse does that sometimes but very rarely, and usually if I pick it up and put it back on the table again it will stop
04:46:39 <imode> honestly, I have no idea. the mouse behaves incredibly weird.
04:46:54 <imode> maybe it has something to do with how the emscripten port captures the mouse.
04:49:22 <Sgeo> I'm talking about normal DOSBox, not Emscripten
04:49:32 <imode> not the one in the browser?
04:50:00 <Sgeo> Let me double-check if browser has same issue
04:50:18 <imode> it definitely does for me. it keeps veering to the left.
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04:52:49 <Sgeo> I don't think so
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05:44:37 <imode> dynamic succinct datastructures are hard.
05:51:14 <shachaf> Yes.
05:52:53 <imode> working on dynamic succinct lists. I had an idea for a representation that's close to my old encoding but splits each level of nesting into blocks.
05:54:37 <shachaf> Can you make dynamic wavelet trees somehow?
05:54:56 <imode> probably.
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06:23:54 <imode> this is weird because you're effectively doing search/replace on delimited structures.
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06:48:44 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[User:Xavo]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=52560&oldid=43092 * Xavo * (+7)
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13:57:46 <boily> `5 w
13:57:54 <HackEgo> 1/1:certainly//We don't know what certainly is for sure, but it certainly isn't a functor. \ tgtgtgtg//This gizmo talks gibberish too garbled to grasp. \ post-turing machine//A post-Turing machine is a machine from the post-Turing era. \ xyzzy//Nothing happens. \ krf//KRF is the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party.
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18:11:05 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Special:Log/newusers]] create * Ethanhowell * New user account
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18:41:36 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Esolang:Introduce yourself]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=52561&oldid=52550 * Ethanhowell * (+249)
18:47:13 <Jafet> fun c++ fact: the address of a global is a constexpr, but a constant address like 0x10000 is not
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19:19:09 <zzo38> Why is that, what what exactly does that do?
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19:35:08 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[CQuents]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=52562&oldid=52281 * Stestoltz * (+207) Added TIO link
19:38:55 <int-e> Jafet: when is an equality test of two constexpr pointers a constexpr?
19:42:49 <shachaf> Do you like the proposed C++ metaclasses?
19:44:33 <int-e> `' dyl
19:44:34 <HackEgo> 188) <Dylan> as long as the first dozen pages don't contain the word "panties" it is probably a good story. \ 721) <tswett> ais523: well, Dylan said "hahaha, Lawlabee is running windows", and then Lawlabee said "'cuz it's pretty awesome." <tswett> Except that by "it", Lawlabee was referring to something entirely different. <tswett> So when I adde
19:54:40 <Jafet> int-e: always
19:57:51 <shachaf> I learned this fun C fact about pointer equality the other day: https://twitter.com/johnregehr/status/890285518608490496
19:58:34 <Jafet> wait, not always
19:58:48 <Jafet> apparently, only when they're equal?
19:59:42 <FireFly> shachaf: by fun fact do you mean horrific fact
20:00:59 <Jafet> shachaf: whoa whoa whoa, what is an “address space”?
20:02:08 <shachaf> `? fun fact
20:02:10 <HackEgo> fun fact 0 = 1 | fact n = n * fact (n - 1)
20:15:25 <zzo38> Some computers have multiple address spaces, such as a different space for program and data
20:21:39 <zzo38> I have partially designed "MDIX", which has 28 registers: S0-S7 (16-bits), R0-R3 (32-bits), I1-I7 (16-bits), H (32-bits), J (16-bits), PC (16-bits), CI (4-bits), PS (16-bits), IJ (16-bits), IS (16-bits), IM (4-bits), SM (4-bits). Memory cells are 32-bits, in four 8-bit bytes.
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