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00:02:28 <zzo38> Do you know how a astrolabe is working? I do not actually have a astrolabe, so I have never actually used it.
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00:06:52 <arseniiv> zzo38: IIRC in a mechanical one there are geniously arranged cogs that make each planet go at the correct pace, and for moons it should be analogous but with even more magic to deliver the rotation to where the moon’s planet is at the moment. Though I think these times there would be electric ones which should be way easier to control
00:08:16 <arseniiv> maybe you asked about more detailed view, unfortunately I may only guess there
00:09:24 <arseniiv> oops an astrolabe is not what I thought, sorry
00:10:01 <int-e> . o O ( `learn The password of the month is vacant. )
00:10:18 <zzo38> I know there is a plate specific to the latitude, but I thought some functions require it and some don't.
00:11:59 <arseniiv> `password
00:12:00 <HackEso> uztohqhcddcqkua
00:12:07 <arseniiv> `? password
00:12:09 <HackEso> The password of the month is leapfrogging rats.
00:12:43 <int-e> The frog has croaked.
00:13:42 <int-e> Do rats carry SARS-CoV-2? (The naming of this thing is terrible.)
00:14:56 <arseniiv> `learn The password of the month was fought for, and stomped on, but it remains unreconciled with
00:14:59 <HackEso> Relearned 'password': The password of the month was fought for, and stomped on, but it remains unreconciled with
00:15:22 <arseniiv> and I tried not to
00:15:43 <int-e> (The diseaese is Covid-19, which is not descriptive at all ("corona virus desease 2019"). The virus has "SARS" in it which actually names the symptoms, "severe acute respiratory syndrome".)
00:15:45 <arseniiv> I hoped I will be sleeping at the time!
00:16:54 <int-e> arseniiv: Nice use of tenses.
00:17:18 <int-e> (I think grammar dictates "would" instead of "will" there.)
00:17:44 <int-e> . o O ( Will is out of the woods now. )
00:18:23 <arseniiv> <int-e> (I think grammar dictates "would" instead of "will" there.) => yeah I’m too, but I wrote before I realized that
00:19:18 <int-e> arseniiv: I read it as an artistic impression of how time becomes extremely fluid when one is tired.
00:19:35 <int-e> Especially when you start nodding off :)
00:19:40 <arseniiv> (BTW about puns: why did GHC people named an extension RecordPuns?)
00:20:03 <arseniiv> int-e: oh, that’s nice!
00:20:14 <arseniiv> though I’m not sure if I’m that tired yet
00:20:37 <int-e> I really try hard to be in bed before that point, and usually sleeping.
00:20:58 <int-e> (Though sometimes I read in bed and do notice starting the same paragraph over and over again.)
00:21:00 <arseniiv> (but that won’t do at all to sleep so late before Sunday)
00:22:05 <int-e> As for record puns... it's using the same word (identifier) for a different meaning.
00:22:11 <int-e> So it is a kind of pun.
00:23:05 <arseniiv> I have a habit reading in bed when I’m ill. I take books from the bookcase and lay them somewhere near to pick from at those unhappy days, and read when I’m not too exhausted
00:23:53 <int-e> I'm confused though, is this different from RecordWildCards ?
00:24:14 <arseniiv> various tales usually
00:24:25 <arseniiv> yeah it should be a different thing, let me see…
00:24:39 <arseniiv> ah I seem to remember it anyway
00:24:59 <int-e> Speaking of puns, I would rename "BlockArguments" to "NoBikeshedding".
00:25:06 <arseniiv> wildcards enable `Constructor {}` as a pattern
00:25:45 <int-e> Oh, it's "NamedFieldPuns" but the documentation says "record puns". https://downloads.haskell.org/ghc/8.8.1/docs/html/users_guide/glasgow_exts.html#extension-NamedFieldPuns
00:26:13 <int-e> So it's a precursor of the RecordWildcards.
00:26:18 <arseniiv> were BlockArguments added to no more bikeshed about what the precedence of blocks should be?
00:26:23 <int-e> The explanation is still the same though.
00:26:51 <int-e> In f (C {a}) = a, a is both a field selector name and a bound value.
00:27:40 <int-e> So this is analogous to using the same word with two meanings in a natural language.
00:28:35 <arseniiv> I should have a pun in Puntree^W^W^W^W^W^W^W
00:30:36 <arseniiv> (an extremely bad pun as a few would remember that one is named Punctree, not Puntree)
00:31:15 <int-e> I wasn't sure and didn't bother to check.
00:41:45 <int-e> arseniiv: I've just realized that your POTM is likely to make oerjan unhappy... because of the end of the sentenece
00:41:52 <int-e> .
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00:42:06 <int-e> That's the point.
01:57:35 <esowiki> [[Pointless.]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=70093 * Qpliu * (+2815) Created page with "Pointless is a [[Point-free programming|point-free]] variation on [[01_]]. A Pointless program is a Pointless expression, which is a function that takes a list of bits and re..."
01:57:44 <esowiki> [[Language list]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=70094&oldid=70088 * Qpliu * (+17) /* P */
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04:48:32 <oerjan> @messages-told
04:48:33 <lambdabot> int-e said 1d 16h 34m 4s ago: I may have been wrong about the Foglios but I was definitely right about Clippy.
04:49:09 <oerjan> well duh
04:50:42 <oerjan> (or did you not see my previous joke)
04:55:09 <oerjan> while lying in bed, i had this wild idea that maybe tentacled Clippy contains some ancient backdoor installed by whoever became the dronuri, and so _would_ be helpful if ennesby asked em.
05:13:09 <zzo38> I think GHC should be fixed so that "data instance" is allowed where "type instance" is expected (but not vice-versa).
05:13:49 <zzo38> (And the same thing for associated type families.)
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07:22:51 <int-e> oerjan: No I had not seen it. I was asleep at the time by the looks of it.
07:24:43 <int-e> I don't log-read, most of the time.
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07:35:06 <int-e> oerjan: doing your job: <oerjan> shocking
07:35:29 <int-e> oerjan: which, incidentally, you have not yet said this year.
07:36:29 <int-e> (It's March and *nobody* has used "shocking" this year. SHOCKING!)
07:36:51 <int-e> (But I'm making up for it NOW.)
07:40:50 <int-e> "shocking" statistics over the years (lines containing the word): 2003:0 / 2004:0 / 2005:2 / 2006:3 / 2007:5 / 2008:16 / 2009:28 / 2010:45 / 2011:98 / 2012:86 / 2013:89 / 2014:50 / 2015:37 / 2016:111 / 2017:56 / 2018:10 / 2019:22 / 2020:3
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07:41:16 <int-e> So I guess 2016 was peak shocking.
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07:57:05 <oerjan> ShOcKiNg
07:59:47 <int-e> I did use grep -i :)
08:00:27 <int-e> (Phew, lucky me. There were no Unicode shenenigans.)
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08:21:30 <oerjan> . o O ( why would i be unhappy about the password )
08:22:21 <oerjan> not using a period at the end is traditional
08:22:47 <int-e> because it's missing a point. and potentially a word, that's left up to interpretation.
08:23:13 <int-e> I was projecting, OKAY?
08:26:59 <int-e> `learn An ambitagonist gets along/gets into trouble with both antagonists and protagonists.
08:27:02 <HackEso> Learned 'ambitagonist': An ambitagonist gets along/gets into trouble with both antagonists and protagonists.
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08:32:55 <int-e> Oh dang, another comic transitioning from the binging phase to the waiting phase. I hate when that happens.
08:36:21 <oerjan> fiendish
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08:58:46 <Taneb> Groethendieck universes
08:59:20 <Taneb> Given a universe U, can we always define a universe V to be the smallest universe such that U is a set in V?
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09:03:16 <Taneb> Oh, apparently that gets taken as an axiom
09:05:47 <int-e> tfw a tiny tweak to your program speeds it up by two orders of magnitude.
09:06:22 <Taneb> Commenting out the sleep calls?
09:06:26 <Taneb> ;)
09:07:51 <int-e> No, just realizing I do not need to enumerate *all* solutions while looking to bound their size.
09:08:11 <Taneb> If you think it might be interesting I would like to here what the change was
09:08:49 <Taneb> :)
09:08:59 <Taneb> That would speed it up a lot
09:10:33 <int-e> Well, this is branch & bound, and I'm already within one of the actual maximal count. So previously I enumerated all solutions of that size, until I found a larger one, and then enumerated all solutions of that size as well. Now I start trying to find *larger* solutions and stop at one.
09:10:49 <int-e> This happened because I *also* need to enumerate solutions exhaustively later on.
09:11:30 <int-e> And obviously(?) I use the same code for that.
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10:10:43 <int-e> Taneb: Obviously I changed the algorithm. "tweak" referred to the amound of code... something like 5 lines (introduce a bool variable, check it in one or two places)
10:19:27 <oerjan> `? algorithm
10:19:29 <HackEso> Algorithms (derived from the medieval "algorisms") are popular sayings by former president Al Gore, except for God's Algorithm which was invented by a Google computer cluster.
10:20:00 <int-e> Hmm, a mound of code?
10:21:25 <oerjan> wat
10:21:53 <int-e> oerjan: I saw that I made a typo.
10:23:00 <oerjan> oh
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16:10:14 <tromp> trying o define an efficient equality for church numerals....
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17:18:09 <esowiki> [[Asm2bf]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=70095&oldid=70085 * Palaiologos * (+408)
17:18:26 <kspalaiologos> https://esolangs.org/wiki/Asm2bf#Automated_calls
17:18:29 <kspalaiologos> that's amazing actually
17:18:45 <kspalaiologos> using cpp as my preprocessor has been great decision so far
17:25:11 <zzo38> I think that if you use the C preprocessor, then tokens should also be in the C format (such as using // or /* ... */ for comments, instead of other formats, and using 'x' for a single character literal); otherwise some things might get confused
17:26:55 <kspalaiologos> it works so far
17:27:05 <kspalaiologos> switching from C preprocessor will eventually happen
17:27:17 <kspalaiologos> but yeah I can see the problems
17:27:45 <kspalaiologos> the fact C preprocessor refuses to concat two non-tokens seems quite constraining
17:27:52 <kspalaiologos> I think I'll employ lua to do my preprocessing
17:28:40 <zzo38> Yes, that might work better
17:28:48 <b_jonas> `? password
17:28:50 <HackEso> The password of the month was fought for, and stomped on, but it remains unreconciled with
17:34:57 <APic> 1234
18:12:08 <b_jonas> int-e: "another comic transitioning from the binging phase to the waiting phase" => which comic?
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18:51:24 <int-e> b_jonas: https://www.monster-lands.com/ which I started reading a few days ago.
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18:58:05 <int-e> b_jonas: but other than that it's just one of many webcomics out there
19:04:18 <int-e> Hmm, maybe 20x20 board size is where my current approach for http://www.research.ibm.com/haifa/ponderthis/challenges/March2020.html finally breaks down.
19:04:37 <int-e> (In the sense that it takes a long, long time to find something.)
19:05:04 <int-e> 19x19 finished in an hour; 20x20 is approaching 10 hours.
19:05:51 <int-e> (all sequential... some potential for parallelization if I'd care enough)
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19:13:33 <kspalaiologos> done
19:13:36 <kspalaiologos> I switched to Lua
19:14:09 <b_jonas> that was quick
19:22:18 <kspalaiologos> https://github.com/KrzysztofSzewczyk/asmbf/tree/master/bfpp
19:22:39 <kspalaiologos> essentially I downloaded lua 5.1 source code, used lua2c to get the tiny preprocessor (~100 sloc) converted
19:22:48 <kspalaiologos> then I build it all and volia
19:23:06 <kspalaiologos> I had to yank off two unit tests for the old preprocessing mechanism, so I'm running really low on them lol, gonna write some more tomorrow
19:23:27 <kspalaiologos> the wiki article and documentation is now severely outdated so I'll have to eventually tackle on that
19:23:49 <kspalaiologos> I've also moved the permanent generation by two cells, so there are two additional registers available to the programmer
19:24:48 <kspalaiologos> and I've accidentally rm -rf'd my working directory, so I had to essentially do this thing twice lol
19:26:35 <b_jonas> fungot, which one do you prefer, practical or fashionable?
19:26:35 <fungot> b_jonas: i use that in my google article. :p
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20:03:25 <fizzie> fungot: What's your "Google article" exactly?
20:03:25 <fungot> fizzie: we think in befunge when coding it yourself, or steal, say,
20:03:38 <fizzie> IDGI
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20:05:35 <b_jonas> fizzie: I think he means an article published on a blog hosted by google blogger
20:05:59 <b_jonas> fungot, according to the legend, what objects did Galileo drop from the leaning tower of Pisa to prove Aristoteles wrong?
20:05:59 <fungot> b_jonas: give me the applet already :d
20:06:11 <b_jonas> an apple? yes, that might have worked
20:06:36 <arseniiv> <fungot> fizzie: we think in befunge => that’s certainly close to the truth
20:06:36 <fungot> arseniiv: i like the way optbot drags up old topics, it should sound like ' awak, awak, fnord! and fnord!) fnord!
20:08:16 <arseniiv> . o O ( an applet is a small chunk chipped of Apple by rival corporations )
20:08:33 <arseniiv> fungot: fnord?
20:08:34 <fungot> arseniiv: i would say rather that there has been some discussion about this in the def-bf code
20:08:59 <arseniiv> now they’re probably verbatimize again
20:40:41 <zzo38> Can a Tor hidden service be set up which uses protocols other than HTTP(S)?
20:42:59 <b_jonas> zzo38: I don't think Tor can care about that high level layer of the protocol
20:43:09 <b_jonas> it could care about it going over tcp
21:28:30 <kmc> zzo38: yes, for example Freenode runs an IRCd on a Tor hidden service
21:28:35 <kmc> https://freenode.net/kb/answer/chat#accessing-freenode-via-tor
21:29:23 <kmc> I believe you can't do UDP, but anything TCP-based should work
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21:49:32 <tromp> church equality down to 74 bits...
21:51:14 <b_jonas> kmc: oh yeah
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22:43:32 <tswett[m]> arseniiv: Oh yeah, I own some applets. 5 of them, to be precise.
22:43:47 <tswett[m]> They were collectively worth about $1,700 at close on Friday.
22:44:10 <arseniiv> tswett[m]: :D
22:45:05 <b_jonas> which is funny because an apple is usually worth less than a dollar
22:55:23 <int-e> YAY: user 715m21.159s
22:56:55 <int-e> (meaning the 20x20 search for March's Ponder This did actually finish)
23:00:26 <b_jonas> int-e: is the line right above that "Segmentation fault" because it ran out of memory?
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