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04:18:54 <b_jonas> zzo38: capture cards probaby have that, but as we no longer even have analog TV broadcast here anymore, you could only do that for video games
04:55:02 <kmc> maybe you can find an analog TV transmission on the amateur bands :)
04:55:10 <kmc> or transmit one yourself if you want
04:58:06 <zzo38> ?metar CYVR
04:58:07 <lambdabot> CYVR 140400Z 30002KT 1 1/2SM FU SCT018 VV042 13/12 A2990 RMK ST4FU4 SLP127
04:59:55 <kmc> you can receive amateur TV on the 70cm band on a regular analog TV / capture card by putting it into "cable TV" mode
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05:01:36 <zzo38> kmc: Do I need some kind of antenna to receive it? What channel number would be used? Can it be received on the VCR?
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05:02:57 <zzo38> b_jonas: Yes, and I don't like that we don't have the analog TV broadcast (I can receive one analog channel though, which seems to be some kind of signal analyzer), so use the cable box, but it goes through the VCR, and then to the TV.
05:03:29 <kmc> I've never done it, but apparently cable channels 57-60 http://www.hamtv.com/
05:04:48 <kmc> and yes, you'd need an antenna. regular UHF TV antenna would probably work ok
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05:06:45 <zzo38> I thought though they are cable numbers and not UHF numbers
05:07:04 <kmc> or you could make a dipole for that particular band out of a scrap TV coax along the lines of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tafy51yUzQo&ab_channel=KevinLoughin
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05:09:51 <kmc> zzo38: there are UHF broadcast channels just above the 70 cm amateur band, so a broadcast TV antenna will probably receive those amateur frequencies okay. and the tuner can tune those frequencies in "cable TV" mode
05:16:41 <zzo38> I don't even know if there are any available in my area, and I do not have a antenna, anyways.
05:17:15 <zzo38> I don't like so much the cable box; you have to use their software, which has bugs, and is difficult to use with other stuff
05:18:12 <kmc> that's too bad
05:23:50 <zzo38> I have seen open source TV software, but I don't know if it can receive digital cable TV, and their remote controls don't have numbers.
05:24:45 <zzo38> The model of cable box I have has composite video out, component video out, S video out, analog and digital audio out, HDMI, IEEE 1394, USB, eSATA, and EXT IR IN.
05:27:00 <zzo38> I don't know what functions are available with these things, such as I don't know if HDMI-CEC is implemented. I do know that captions are transmitted on the component video out. Is there a way to use these things to implement an external control?
05:28:26 <kmc> I don't know
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06:37:09 <spruit11> What my language obviously needs is the ability to run shell commands!
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07:04:13 <zzo38> spruit11: Yes, and possibly popen().
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07:18:28 <spruit11> Heh. I was looking at the last Python process module and I think that total effort is half my interpreter, in LoC.
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08:22:08 <cpressey> Good morning
08:26:47 <spruit11> Good morning to all too
08:35:45 <int-e> ...just another dreary Monday...
08:39:30 <spruit11> Remember: it isn't mondays you hate but capitalism.
08:39:38 <spruit11> Just saw that on the internet.
09:23:42 <esowiki> [[Filth]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77483&oldid=77482 * Bananaapple * (+223) Removed ambiguity around label definition
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10:12:57 <rain1> morning
10:13:28 <esowiki> [[1L a]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77484&oldid=77478 * SunnyMoon * (+98) Alright, maybe logic can be incorporated. But every if statement has an unwanted side effect.
10:13:55 <esowiki> [[1L a]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77485&oldid=77484 * SunnyMoon * (+1) Oh
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10:56:34 <esowiki> [[Filth]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77486&oldid=77483 * Bananaapple * (-117) Updated my interpreter, so I updated the wiki. Also I don't want to arms race with the other interpreter :)
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11:08:34 <spruit11> Yeet! I am automating my work on Egel in Egel..
11:08:57 <spruit11> Only problem, a two line perl script would do it better and shorter.
11:09:02 <spruit11> But anyway.
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12:01:10 <esowiki> [[Filth]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77487&oldid=77486 * Bananaapple * (+3) license name typo
12:31:21 <b_jonas> spruit11: that means you're writing practical programs in egel and will learn of its deficiencies
12:39:08 <APic> g/ 23
12:39:14 <APic> Fail, sorry
12:55:57 <spruit11> Yah, Knuth, wasn't it.
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13:11:14 <spruit11> Moving to cmake turns out to be a net positive.
13:18:41 <spruit11> b_jonas: Well, to some extent it does what it is supposed to do. Short quick and dirty scripts kind-of work. https://github.com/egel-lang/egel/blob/master/contrib/scripts/egeldoc.eg
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15:54:37 <fizzie> @metar EGLL
15:54:38 <lambdabot> EGLL 141550Z AUTO 11006KT 050V140 9999 NCD 28/10 Q1019 NOSIG
15:54:52 <fizzie> What kind of September weather is this nonsense.
16:10:45 <fizzie> Hm. The letter combination "..fii.." looks somehow particularly ugly when the "fi" part gets ligated.
16:10:49 <spruit11> @metar EHDL
16:10:49 <lambdabot> EHDL 141555Z AUTO 10003KT 030V160 9999 NCD 29/13 Q1022 BLU
16:12:31 <fizzie> It's a BLU sky.
16:16:50 <b_jonas> fizzie: my opinion is still that the "fi" ligature looks ugly in most fonts, I believe that's because font creators put in such a ligature that looks obviously different from a normal "fi" to make it clear that this is a "professional" font that has such ligatures. most fonts wouldn't need such a ligature, or would need one that differes from a normal kerned "fi" only very slightly.
16:18:53 <spruit11> I've been thinking of putting out only PDFs which look like they have 70's monotype/typewriter in them.
16:19:22 <spruit11> Preferably with handwritten symbols and figures.
16:23:36 <int-e> @metar lowi
16:23:36 <lambdabot> LOWI 141550Z 07009KT CAVOK 26/13 Q1024 NOSIG
16:24:06 <int-e> `grwp effi
16:24:08 <HackEso> bogosort:Bogosort is an efficient sorting algorithm for nondeterministic Turing machines. Taneb may have invented it.
16:25:18 <Taneb> Oooh, I didn't know I might have invented htat
16:26:59 <b_jonas> if Taneb invented it, that must be one of those time-traveling inventions that he invented before he was born
16:28:38 <Taneb> When was bogosort designed?
16:28:44 <b_jonas> I don't know
16:29:07 <b_jonas> 1986 the latest
16:29:18 <Taneb> Ah, I was definitely not alive then
16:29:26 <Taneb> At least so far
16:29:39 <b_jonas> it may be one of those folklore things that are hard to trace to their origin
16:30:19 <Taneb> It may indeed have been invented by a time travelling Taneb
16:31:31 <fizzie> TTTP is short for the Time-Travelling Taneb Problem.
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17:32:10 <arseniiv> [21:19] <spruit11> Preferably with handwritten symbols and figures. => that’s inhumane!
17:33:20 <arseniiv> OTOH I like handwritten figures, but the combination of typewriter and handwriting is awfully unreadable. Mainly due to typewriter typeface but
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17:41:40 <arseniiv> I saw in Hamming’s book that the bell shape of IQ distribution is due to the way they normalize the experimental data in its definition. Damn
17:42:21 <arseniiv> (in “Art of Doing Science and Engineering”)
17:43:57 <arseniiv> I saw a couple of days ago a video about IQ being actually nice, correct and okay and that there is a ton of legit articles about it. Now I don’t know what to think
17:47:08 <arseniiv> also mysteriously that video hadn’t anything said on the abundance of strange tests pretending to measure IQ but not being such. I’d think usually people share links to those as it has been difficult to me to find a neutral (geography-agnostic etc.) one. If I don’t know what longitudes a couple of not so major cities have, I don’t have lower generall intelligence, but I saw a question with this intended solution in one of the fake tests
18:44:39 <imode> https://hastebin.com/afitakoroc.txt
18:46:04 <imode> someone explain to me how I get multi-millisecond timings for something that takes drastically less cycles.
18:48:07 <imode> maybe I'm misjudging actual work being done vs. interpreter spinup/spindown.
19:07:53 <zzo38> ?metar CYVR
19:07:53 <lambdabot> CYVR 141900Z 27005KT 1SM R26R/4500FT/N R26L/5000FT/N FU BR BKN002 BKN014 OVC028 16/14 A2997 RMK FU3SF2ST2SC1 SLP150 DENSITY ALT 100FT
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19:36:14 <zzo38> spruit11: Which specific fonts do you mean? If you are using only a single fixpitch font, then, other than diagrams, plain text will do OK (and you can add form feeds between pages if you want to do).
19:39:02 <zzo38> b_jonas: Do you think the "fi" ligature is good in some fonts? (I see many fonts have bad kerning, often either too much or not enough, and the font used for web pages in Firefox on my computer has too much kerning I think, how can I adjust that?
19:46:28 <b_jonas> zzo38: in some Times-like fonts it's good, yes
19:46:42 <b_jonas> in CMR too
19:50:17 <spruit11> zzo38: There are some nice retro fonts for latex which I downloaded once. They emulate old typewriters.
19:51:19 <spruit11> https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/344214/use-latex-to-simulate-old-typewriter-written-texts/344272
19:51:41 <b_jonas> yay, I bought my new home computer! all the hardware will hopefully arrive this week, and then I can assemble and try it, but since there are so many parts and ways it can fail, it's unlikely that everything will actually work out within the week.
19:51:54 <b_jonas> and this doesn't count software configuration, which will take longer for me
19:53:01 <b_jonas> I think this is the most money that I have ever spent within any single day, though not by very far
20:01:18 <spruit11> In the old days even PhD students would give their texts to an administrative who would type out/typeset it and fill in the math by hand. Also, fixed bugs in the text. I like that look.
20:09:55 <zzo38> arseniiv: I think that IQ is not the same as intelligence, although it is related. (I would define IQ as the score you would earn on a ideal IQ test, where 100 is average. Intelligence cannot properly be represented by a single number anyways, I think.)
20:26:53 <arseniiv> also I found out I suck at mental arithmetic with English-spelled numbers more than in general
20:27:57 <b_jonas> arseniiv: you do mental arithmetic in more than one language? I thought basically everyone did it only in one language, even bilingual people.
20:29:18 <zzo38> spruit11: As far as I can see, that is just using existing OpenType Computer Modern fonts, but with pdfLuaLaTeX to make the variability. (I would probably have done something different: produce the DVI normally (without any random variability), and then implement the random variability in PostScript code instead.)
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20:48:44 <arseniiv> b_jonas: I think I do it in just Russian, yeah. That’s an interesting question, I’ll ask my friends how they think about themselves
20:58:16 <arseniiv> also I think I understand why eight hundred thirty five is worse than 835 at least for me: the latter is more helpful to try making something with in visual operating memory, than the words which need converting and thus pollute the operating memory (which is VERY limited unless we represent something via linking to the longer-term memory, so mnemonics, or in this case, hard practice with non-native numerals, may help)
21:01:06 <shachaf> I didn't know about `perf stat`.
21:01:15 <shachaf> Or maybe I did and I forgot.
21:01:31 <shachaf> I should add some of these things to my `time` program.
21:03:21 <zzo38> arseniiv: Yes, writing numbers with digits rather than words is better to work with.
21:11:10 <spruit11> zzo38: I'll take anything!
21:12:03 <zzo38> You will take anything?
21:12:51 <arseniiv> that reminds me of a “dozenal transition problem”: if one uses 0123456789AB as base-12 digits, then when transitioning from base 10 to base 12, many literals like 389 will be ambiguous. So for example when transitioning to heximal, it would be practical to invent six, or at least five (leave 0 intact) new digits
21:13:08 <arseniiv> what digits would you propose for whatever reason?
21:13:31 <spruit11> zzo38: Yes!
21:13:49 <spruit11> Just kidding, with regard to the retro typesetting.
21:14:54 <zzo38> arseniiv: You can also make up an entirely new set of digits, or you can use prefixes such as 0x for hexadecimal (like in C) or 16# for hexadecimal (like in PostScript).
21:15:03 <b_jonas> arseniiv: I don't like base 12, but if you insist, then I instead suggest base 5*6, with digits 0 1 2 3 4 5 for the unit digit, Z A B C D for the sixes digit, as described in http://www.madore.org/~david/weblog/d.2015-11-09.2335.html
21:15:39 <b_jonas> then every number at least ends in a decimal digit, but every number that has more than one digit will have a digit that is not a decimal digit
21:16:30 <arseniiv> my unthoughtful take on heximal (using old zero): J U Ɯ Ɣ Ƨ. Cons: even has lowercase! j u ɯ ɣ ƨ
21:17:05 <b_jonas> but Ƨ looks too similar to 2 in handwriting
21:18:48 <arseniiv> zzo38: that’s good for formal languages, I agree
21:19:04 <arseniiv> <b_jonas> but Ƨ looks too similar to 2 in handwriting => unfortunately
21:20:14 <arseniiv> mixed 5×6 is interesting
21:20:28 <arseniiv> though it seems a bit complex
21:21:23 <zzo38> Yes, but it does make it compatible with decimal numbers
21:21:24 <arseniiv> I thought if one wants to transition to base 6, one may inadvertently end up with base 6×10 or 10×6
21:21:42 <arseniiv> zzo38: yeah
21:50:09 <arseniiv> mosquitoes are very annoying. Moreso in the autumn when they should go to sleep, not pay me nightly visits. My poor fingers :(
22:14:28 <zzo38> ?metar CYVR
22:14:28 <lambdabot> CYVR 142200Z 30006KT 1SM R26R/4500FT/N R26L/5500FT/N FU BKN002 OVC021 16/14 A2994 RMK FU4SF1SC3 SLP139 DENSITY ALT 200FT
22:46:56 <esowiki> [[Esolang Playground]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77488&oldid=75537 * InfiniteDonuts * (+49)
22:47:51 <esowiki> [[Esolang Playground]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=77489&oldid=77488 * InfiniteDonuts * (+14)
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