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03:47:36 <zzo38> Next in the GURPS game I play, we are against someone who can control time and (usually) avoid all of our attacks. I thought to destroy the tower, but I don't have any means to do so.
03:48:11 <zzo38> I thought to use area attacks or explosives to hurt him, but I don't have any. But now I thought to make some sort of temporal paradox, maybe.
03:49:08 <zzo38> Ziveruskex is a mathematician (and rather advanced for his time), so might be able to do something. Do you know?
03:50:05 <shachaf> How does he control time?
03:51:56 <zzo38> I don't know. (If I knew, then I might know how to supress his power, too.) But, he had been able to skip time in order to move faster (without actually increasing his velocity or teleporting), force us backward (a kind of involuntary mental time travel, I suppose), get more turns than us, and he once managed to disappear while stunned.
04:08:17 <nakilon> fizzie that's weird
04:08:31 <nakilon> another guy (who codes in c++ all his life) has no idea either
04:08:56 <nakilon> and compilers on this machine never malfunctioned -- homebrew and stuff works fine
04:09:21 <nakilon> I suppose they do some configuration that not everyone knows about
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06:34:48 <nakilon> one guy at SO had no problem with timespec_get
06:34:58 <nakilon> another one says it never worked "because clang sucks"
06:36:11 <nakilon> so 1. docs say it's ok 2. online compiler says ok 3. two guys say ok 4. one says "it never worked" 5. and it does not work for me
06:36:41 <nakilon> the (4) guy says "you didn't have the problem of compiling such programs because no one uses this function", lol
06:41:21 <nakilon> I wonder if "clock_gettime(CLOCK_REALTIME" is an equivalent replacement
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07:09:20 <zzo38> In the software I was working on, I have been unable to figure out what is causing a specific problem. I have managed to eliminate some things, but still have not quite figured it out. Even worse, I probably do not have permission to redistribute the test cases.
07:22:14 <nakilon> some to Russia -- intellectual property and security is a joke here
07:25:11 <nakilon> porn movies pirating hackers broke into our Jenkins -- I've found the clues, documented vulnerability, updated the Jenkins, removed their forged user account
07:26:01 <nakilon> told the boss/CTO that the private Github key was exposed, and he should press the button to issue the new one and copy it to Jenkins or give me so I'll copy it
07:26:45 <nakilon> he said 'oh yeah, sure", the same on the next day, and on the next, and after a week, and month, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't even going to just press a single button to make a new key
07:27:29 <nakilon> and that was the company with the most serious attitude to security among all the places I worked at, lol
07:27:47 <nakilon> 10:22:13 <nakilon> some to Russia
07:27:49 <nakilon> *come
07:27:55 <zzo38> Well, you could purchase the test cases from Everett Kaser, although I don't know if their 32-bit Hero Mesh format is compatible with my software, or if they have changed the levels to difference
07:29:30 <zzo38> I don't know how to speak/write Russion
07:29:42 <nakilon> neither Russians do
07:30:13 <zzo38> (I know someone who does know how to speak Russian, but not to read/write it)
07:30:18 <nakilon> (I exaggerate)
07:30:37 <nakilon> lol, how's that possible? to speak and not read?
07:30:56 <nakilon> does he know only slurs?
07:31:04 <LKoen> ...isn't speaking much easier than reading?
07:31:23 <LKoen> children only learn reading at about 6 year old, but can learn to speak many years before that
07:31:52 <nakilon> idk, I guess we were learning to speak and talk English in the same age
07:32:05 <zzo38> Well, you can know some language only for speaking but not reading, or only reading but not speaking. She can speak Russian fine (not only slurs), but not read/write. She can read/write English and French though, as well as speaking those languages.
07:32:28 <LKoen> if you're learning a second language that uses the same alphabet as yours, learning reading and speaking at the same time can be easier because you can use written material
07:32:28 <nakilon> maybe only the "my name is" was the thing we were taught before reading but that can't be called a "speaking"
07:33:03 <LKoen> but if you're learning a language with a different alphabet, you'll find speaking can be much easier than reading
07:33:04 <nakilon> Russian and English are different alphabets
07:33:14 <nakilon> 33 letters vs 26
07:33:21 <nakilon> etc.
07:33:26 <zzo38> Yes, they are; Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet.
07:35:08 <nakilon> I can't learn how to write the word "Cyrillic" because it uses the same "i" sound three times and while in Russian it's always written the same way in English it's "i", "y", "ee", "ea"...
07:35:23 <nakilon> Кириллица
07:36:47 <zzo38> Yes, the English spelling is messy like that
07:37:36 <nakilon> another word that I'll never learn: necessary
07:38:06 <zzo38> (Although, if you use more English rather than French words, you could write better with runes, although even then a few words might not match spelling/pronounce, such as "one" and "two".)
07:38:31 <nakilon> "women"
07:41:16 <zzo38> Yes, that too
07:45:36 <zzo38> In GURPS game, the rules say your character can know speaking a language and reading/writing a language separately, so my character (whose name is Ziveruskex) can speak and read/write English, but only read/write Latin and Greek. (Trying to pronounce Latin words is possible, but will likely be all wrong; if you are not speaking fluently, you will not understand quickly enough what others are saying either, I think.)
07:47:05 <nakilon> 'Ziveruskex' sounds like Zverushka in Russian that means "a small cute beast"
07:47:40 <zzo38> O, that is a coincidence, and now I know some word in Russian.
07:49:41 <nakilon> Ewoks from Star Wars are zverushki
07:50:07 <zzo38> (The name was actually made up using a computer program which just randomly puts groups of letters together and then deduplicates consecutive doubles or triples.)
07:50:40 <nakilon> also an old cartoon character https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheburashka can be classified as zverushka and you see that suffixes are similar
07:51:13 <zzo38> Yes.
07:52:00 <nakilon> "durak" meaning "fool" can be called "durashka" if you want to tell him that he's a fool but you have no negative attitude to it
07:53:41 <zzo38> OK
07:53:57 <nakilon> zzo38shka ..D
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08:51:26 <nakilon> oh finally I defeated the C
08:51:28 <nakilon> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol0enAM-fFE
08:51:55 <nakilon> I mean those time functions
08:52:33 <nakilon> emulated two threads -- one for evolution and one for emiting the frames because stupid ffmpeg can't dup frames to fill the framerate gaps
08:54:18 <nakilon> restarted with reduced frequency of random mutations
08:56:39 <nakilon> weird black lines on right and bottom borders -- ffmpeg is also stupid in rescaling, and I had to convert from b/w to colors otherwise rescaling was making it all green, lol
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09:16:49 <nakilon> oh finally three mutations connected, resulting in something more continuous
09:26:32 <nakilon> 12% CPU and 50MB of RES for ffmpeg, 2.7% of CPU for C -- hopefully can be launched on a server; the only issue is that in 3 weeks there will be an integer overflow in those time routines
10:15:01 <b_jonas> "<ais523> my favourite madvise option is MADV_HUGEPAGE which seems to actually have a noticeable performance impact in some programs" => hopefully less and less, as the kernel gets smarter in automatically deciding about hugepages
10:15:58 <b_jonas> "<ais523> huge pages make pagewalks faster (most notably, recovering from a TLB flush," => also occupies fewer space in the TLB, so it can cache more, right?
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14:38:31 <ais523> b_jonas: at least on Intel processors, there are actually three separate TLBs, one for each size of page; the 2MiB-page-TLB can generally map a lot more addrecesses than the 4KiB-page-TLB though because it contains a comparable number of entries and each page is so much larger
14:39:02 <ais523> as for automatically deciding about hugepages, Linux doesn't appear to do that at all at the moment
14:39:25 <ais523> if you check to see how many huge pages are in use, it generally tells me 0 except when I'm running a program that explicitly MADV_HUGEPAGEs
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16:06:18 <b_jonas> ais523: ok, but does the cpu need to create entries in the 4k TLB cache lazily for hugepages, entries that don't exist in memory but are autogenerated, or can it just look up addresses directly with the 2MB cache? if the latter, then that's a win for programs that do a lot of random access read on more memory than the 2KB page TLB can support.
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16:06:33 <b_jonas> I hope it's the latter, but I can't be sure
16:07:11 <b_jonas> no automatic huge pages at the moment => ok, I see
16:14:20 <int-e> I'd think that there are enough applications with huge memory maps that warrant full HW support for 2MB pages... no crappy simulation through 4kb pages.
16:52:46 <int-e> oh... https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/Intel-i7-nehalem-cpu,2041-11.html "The level 1 data TLB now stores 64 entries for small pages (4K) or 32 for large pages (2M/4M), while the level 1 instruction TLB stores 128 entries for small pages (the same as with Core 2) and seven for large pages."
17:00:07 <int-e> So there are separate TLBs for the top page table levels and the last level and they've arranged for large pages to not conflict with small ones, hmm. Fun.
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