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02:12:27 <b_jonas> in the amount written on the cheque at the bottom of https://what-if.xkcd.com/108/ , what is the letter S supposed to mean?
02:15:10 <int-e> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busy_beaver#Maximum_shifts_function_S maybe
02:16:40 <int-e> (The subscript may be the number of symbols instead of 2? See "Generalizations")
02:18:34 <b_jonas> thanks, so that is the largest term
02:18:52 <b_jonas> busy beaver 1000, whatever that suffix is, is huge
02:19:47 <b_jonas> (I mean it says 1000**(1000**1000) before that, which is already meaninglessly large if measured in any currency units that you'd write on a cheque, but still
02:19:58 <b_jonas> yes, even Zimbabwean dollars
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20:09:06 <zzo38> In Magic: the Gathering, what will be the effect if a merged or melded permanent is moved from the battlefield to the stack?
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20:28:53 <b_jonas> zzo38: is there an effect that does that?
20:29:51 <b_jonas> I bought Patrick's Parabox (the new puzzle video game)
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20:43:37 <zzo38> I don't know if there is any effect that does that, but I wanted to know if the rules even support such a use at all and what might happen, if a card is made which does that, or if additional rules must be added to support such a thing.
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21:15:19 <b_jonas> zzo38: I believe the effects that move anything to the stack are restricted: they can be "cast (object)" but I don't think there's any that's from a battlefield, "cast a copy of (instant or sorcery object)" but also not from battlefield, "copy (object already on the stack)", the built-in rule that puts triggered abilites on stack some time after they triggered, and maybe a few more but not many
21:15:56 <b_jonas> well today some of them are called "play" instead of "cast" but that means the same
21:21:30 <zzo38> Yes, but I meant if (for example) an effect says to cast a permanent, and that permanent is a melded or merged permanent.
21:30:32 <b_jonas> zzo38: right, but I think there are only effects that let you cast abilities, objects from your hand, gy, exile, and library (the last one is very rare, I think Panglacial Wurm is the only vintage-legal one)
21:32:44 <zzo38> If unofficial cards are made up that allow to cast permanents (including keyword abilities such as spellmorph, as well as non-keyword effects), then maybe a rule can be added, e.g. that merged and melded permanents cannot be moved fromt he battlefield to the stack. (That seems the simplest way to do it.)
21:32:59 <b_jonas> no, there's a few more examples for casting from your library: Melek, Izzet Paragon and Wickerwing Effigy
21:33:26 <b_jonas> also there are rules and abilities that let you cast from the command zone
21:34:02 <zzo38> Yes, and I think the existing rules work in all cases, the only case I can think that it probably will not work is merged and melded permanents
21:34:30 <b_jonas> oh, also Spawnsire of Ulamog lets you cast directly from your sideboard
21:35:44 <b_jonas> I don't see why merged/melded permanents in particular would be more problematic than moving objects to your stack directly without casting them in general
21:36:18 <b_jonas> there are often choices that you have to make when you play a card or activated ability, and something has to set those
21:36:32 <b_jonas> usually it's the process of playing that object that sets them,
21:36:50 <b_jonas> when you copy a spell or ability then the choices are copied,
21:37:33 <b_jonas> and for triggers it's how the trigger was satisfied that sets them plus you make choices when you put the triggers on the stack
21:37:50 <b_jonas> but in general if something instructed you to put something on the stack, it would have to tell you how to make those choices
21:38:40 <b_jonas> because there's often no default way
21:39:12 <b_jonas> there are default ways for every choice that you only set when you pay the cost of a spell, because there are abilities that let you cast cards without paying their cost
21:40:25 <b_jonas> eg. there's a rule for how to determine X if you cast Thrive without paying its mana cost
21:43:16 <b_jonas> you could probably have an ability that lets you cast a permanent, and if it's melded the player would just cast both halves separately in the order of their choice
21:43:22 <b_jonas> I don't think that's problematic
21:43:31 <b_jonas> I won't claim anything about merged
21:46:00 <zzo38> OK, that could also work for melded permanents
21:47:12 <b_jonas> isn't there a general rule that says that's how moving a melded permanent works?
21:47:23 <zzo38> (For merged permanents, a similar thing could work too I suppose)
21:48:49 <zzo38> Yes. However, in the process of casting an object, I don't know if it would confuse anything that expects it to be a single spell, or if one part of a merged permanent is a land, etc.
21:49:18 <b_jonas> unclear. 713.4c might make it work that way.
21:49:45 <zzo38> Or something prevents one of them from being cast but not the other one, etc.
21:50:38 <b_jonas> well, I expect that if there were effects that can cast a card from the battlefield then the CR would be amended to clarify how it works for melded permanents
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23:31:29 <b_jonas> this game is really good. so far I got through six zones, finished all but one level in the first five zones. my favorite level so far is Ersrerapr-10
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