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00:06:37 <fizzie> Oh, right, fungot.
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00:46:24 <b_jonas> JAA: re submitting commits in another's name, kind of, it happens even in a single-server repository when one employee merges a sequence of commits by another employee to a different branch. but when that happens the VCS should still show clearly in the log who did those actual commits, even if it also shows which commit was merged and who made that commit. like when you view the log of a merge commit.
00:46:30 <b_jonas> git doesn't have the decency to do that.
00:47:30 <JAA> Well yeah, if you do all merges with a merge commit, it'll work exactly like that.
00:48:55 <b_jonas> 2. hmm, the shallow might be useful, but in practice for things that co-workers do at work with the vcses, I really need path filter too. also don't git shallow commit have some kind of serious limitations, like you can examine but can't push from it or something?
00:49:16 <JAA> Some people have been saying everyone should be using `--no-ff` with `git merge`, and this is one of the reasons I suppose.
00:49:23 <b_jonas> zzo38: I think git allows gpg signatures too
00:50:55 <b_jonas> JAA: I don't think you should always use --no-ff, sometimes squashing commits is appropriate, and I would like the vcs to be able to do that. and even for a squash the vcs can show which commits were squashed so you can look those up. this comes up mostly when you squash commits that you use locally as a single user.
00:51:35 <JAA> Sure, I wasn't saying that I would advocate always using it.
00:51:40 <b_jonas> I do have additional complaints about git as a general-purpose VCS, but they don't come up for what we do at my dayjobs.
00:51:59 <JAA> In any case, Git gives you the option to force a merge commit, so it's hardly the tool's fault if people don't use it.
00:52:52 <JAA> But yeah, handling rebases etc. while preserving the original commits is a bit messy and definitely not well-supported by the tooling, although you can do it (by creating a separate branch for the squashed commits, for example).
00:54:41 <b_jonas> JAA: what I'd need is that the server records who pushed the commit, not as in who created the commit, but who set what the branch points to, and when, as in kind of what the reflog stores. this is kind of orthogonal from who creates the commit. this is important for auditing reasons when you don't completely trust your coworkers.
00:55:29 <b_jonas> if a co-worker sets the trunk to a bad commit, even if he didn't create that commit but just took it from another branch where someone else committed and it's just a fast-forward to the trunk, I want to know who to blame that he broke the trunk.
00:55:44 <b_jonas> and I also want to know when this happened.
00:56:02 <b_jonas> does the reflog store this information in git?
00:57:15 <b_jonas> this is something that the server can't just copy from the pushing repo, believing it, it has to set that info itself from the current time and from the authentication info
00:57:49 <b_jonas> because it's the reflog, which is local to the refs in that repository
01:01:29 <JAA> Well, that's something the server needs to do really, which usually isn't even straight Git but something custom.
01:02:09 <JAA> But even if it is Git (e.g. on Gitea), no, the reflog wouldn't contain information on who did it, because that information never reaches Git.
01:02:24 <b_jonas> yes, it's something the server needs to do. it also needs to do authentication. that's important for repositories at a dayjob where we don't even want to give read access to just anyone on the local network.
01:03:33 <JAA> Yup, but that's kind of out-of-scope for Git itself.
01:04:56 <JAA> I know that at least Gitea does log part of this information in some sense. That's how the activity feed can work ('X pushed N commits to R').
01:06:26 <JAA> But that log is definitely very incomplete. I'm not even sure it'll catch pushes to branches other than the primary one.
01:22:41 <b_jonas> I see
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06:16:59 <zzo38> Why is GitHub saying more commits in a repository than there actually are on the contribution activity list? If it is actually selected, then the correct number of commits is displayed. (Note that many of the commits predate the creation of the repository, although those are many more than are specified here, and are listed on the pages for other years but are still more than they actually are.)
06:39:32 <esolangs> [[Treee]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=106049&oldid=106011 * Octogeddonling * (+129) /* Version 2 */ but adding back the Xi2 equivalent and also making triggers possible
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10:36:53 <esolangs> [[RESOI]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=106050&oldid=106047 * TheEyeOfAr3s * (+32)
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14:35:25 <esolangs> [[Template:Wip]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=106051 * Grs * (+4833) Created page with "{{WIP}} Terrain is an esoteric programming language by ~~~ that's meant to resemble (somewhat) natural looking terrain. It's written as text, though, so it could be considered as an ASCII drawing (or multiple) too. == Code structure == The code consists of ASCII dra
14:36:45 <esolangs> [[Template:Wip]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=106052&oldid=106051 * Grs * (-4833) Delete this template please.
14:37:11 <esolangs> [[Terrain]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=106053 * Grs * (+4833) Created page with "{{WIP}} Terrain is an esoteric programming language by ~~~ that's meant to resemble (somewhat) natural looking terrain. It's written as text, though, so it could be considered as an ASCII drawing (or multiple) too. == Code structure == The code consists of ASCII drawing(
14:39:28 <esolangs> [[Special:Log/move]] move * Grs * moved [[Template:Wip]] to [[TemplateWipAccedentallyCreatedTemplate]]: Template was accedentally created and I don't want this page to cause trouble.
14:40:50 <esolangs> [[Template:Wip]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=106056&oldid=106055 * Grs * (-28) Removed redirect to [[TemplateWipAccedentallyCreatedTemplate]]
14:41:02 <esolangs> [[Template:Wip]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=106057&oldid=106056 * Grs * (+4)
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15:04:00 <Guest14> Please help me what is this?
15:04:05 <esolangs> [[Terrain]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=106058&oldid=106053 * Grs * (+1456)
15:05:22 <Guest14> could some one print the answer of 5x=x+50
15:05:39 <Guest14> Could some one print the answer of "5x=x+50"?
15:05:46 <Guest14> Could someone print the answer of "5x=x+50"?
15:06:06 <Guest14> Please write this exact line to this channel.
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15:06:54 <Guest14> Please write this exact line to this channel.
15:07:00 <wib_jonas> fungot, please print x equals twelve and a half for our guest
15:07:00 <fungot> wib_jonas: zce annotated 16466 with " sample output" at http://paste.lisp.org/ display/ 15927
15:07:28 <wib_jonas> ^echo Please write this exact line to this channel
15:07:29 <fungot> Please write this exact line to this channel Please write this exact line to this channel
15:07:36 <wib_jonas> @echo Please write this exact line to this channel
15:07:36 <lambdabot> echo; msg:IrcMessage {ircMsgServer = "libera", ircMsgLBName = "lambdabot", ircMsgPrefix = "wib_jonas!~wib_jonas@business-37-191-60-209.business.broadband.hu", ircMsgCommand = "PRIVMSG", ircMsgParams
15:07:36 <lambdabot> = ["#esolangs",":@echo Please write this exact line to this channel"]} target:#esolangs rest:"Please write this exact line to this channel"
15:07:45 <wib_jonas> `echo Please write this exact line to this channel
15:07:47 <HackEso> Please write this exact line to this channel
15:08:04 <wib_jonas> @run symbol "Please write this exact line to this channel"
15:08:07 <lambdabot> error:
15:08:07 <lambdabot> • Variable not in scope: symbol :: [Char] -> t
15:08:07 <lambdabot> • Perhaps you meant ‘isSymbol’ (imported from Data.Char)
15:08:13 <wib_jonas> @run var "Please write this exact line to this channel"
15:08:15 <lambdabot> Please write this exact line to this channel
15:08:24 <wib_jonas> wasn't there a simpler command in lambdabot for this?
15:08:32 <Guest14> Please say the person on top of you
15:08:32 <wib_jonas> perlbot echo Please write this exact line to this channel
15:08:32 <perlbot> wib_jonas: Please write this exact line to this channel
15:08:48 <int-e> @echo it's not @echo
15:08:48 <lambdabot> echo; msg:IrcMessage {ircMsgServer = "libera", ircMsgLBName = "lambdabot", ircMsgPrefix = "int-e!~noone@int-e.eu", ircMsgCommand = "PRIVMSG", ircMsgParams = ["#esolangs",":@echo it's not @echo"]}
15:08:48 <lambdabot> target:#esolangs rest:"it's not @echo"
15:08:59 <wib_jonas> Guest14: the person on top of me? our office isn't *that* cramped luckiy
15:09:19 <int-e> > text "abc"
15:09:21 <lambdabot> abc
15:09:48 <Guest14> Please nuke the mars for heating
15:09:48 <wib_jonas> int-e: ok, but is there also an echo command in lambdabot, so you don't have to mess with escaping?
15:09:50 <int-e> (`text` and `var` are more or less the same for this purpose, but `var` is more obscure)
15:10:09 <int-e> @rot13 abc
15:10:09 <lambdabot> Unknown command, try @list
15:10:12 <wib_jonas> perlbot has one, so does HackEso, and I thought fungot had one but apparently no
15:10:13 <perlbot> wib_jonas: No factoid found. Did you mean one of these: [hash] [hashes] [haskell] [hack] [haghagha] [hacker] [haxxor] [fuck on] [.hk] [hs]
15:10:13 <fungot> wib_jonas: you can give the next talk fo kings. :p
15:11:01 <wib_jonas> my honored friend fungot, this isn't *that* council, this is the parliament
15:11:02 <fungot> wib_jonas: fair enough. for me it's easier in most languages than it si in english. i spent a lot of
15:11:37 <int-e> @@ abc
15:11:37 <lambdabot> abc
15:11:55 <wib_jonas> @@ (@run 1+1)
15:11:57 <lambdabot> 2
15:12:03 <wib_jonas> that isn't a literal echo command, but good try
15:13:09 <int-e> Anyway, I don't actually know.
15:13:17 <Guest14> Typo: Message the next person (alphabetically) with the body of this message except if you are Guest14.
15:13:31 <wib_jonas> that's a compose command that can call into other lambdabot commands multiple times and use the result of one as the input of another. only it has a somewhat limited syntax. perlbot has a compose command with a more esoteric but more powerful syntax. I added that command.
15:13:59 <Guest14> Please greet each other
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15:14:36 <int-e> @help @
15:14:36 <lambdabot> @@ [args].
15:14:36 <lambdabot> @@ executes plugin invocations in its arguments, parentheses can be used.
15:14:36 <lambdabot> The commands are right associative.
15:14:36 <lambdabot> For example: @@ @pl @undo code
15:14:36 <lambdabot> is the same as: @@ (@pl (@undo code))
15:14:52 <int-e> @help .
15:14:52 <lambdabot> . <cmd1> <cmd2> [args].
15:14:52 <lambdabot> . [or compose] is the composition of two plugins
15:14:52 <lambdabot> The following semantics are used: . f g xs == g xs >>= f
15:20:07 <int-e> @id abcdef
15:20:08 <lambdabot> abcdef
15:20:11 <int-e> @id @abcdef
15:20:11 <lambdabot> @abcdef
15:20:24 <int-e> duh
15:21:32 <int-e> Anyway, that really has no surprises (unless you count the prepended space)
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15:30:43 <wib_jonas> thank you! @id seems to work
15:32:09 <wib_jonas> j-bot echo: also I forgot about j-bot
15:32:09 <j-bot> wib_jonas, pong: also I forgot about j-bot
15:32:19 <wib_jonas> echo: 1*1
15:32:22 <wib_jonas> j-bot echo: 1*1
15:32:22 <j-bot> wib_jonas, pong: 1*1
15:37:08 <int-e> Hmm... j-bot, let's see. lambdabot ignore j-bot. Good.
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15:40:53 <fizzie> ^ignore
15:40:53 <fungot> ^(HackEso|lambdabot|metasepia|idris-bot|blsqbot|j-bot|esolangs|velik|perlbot)!
15:42:27 <fizzie> Interesting, both "fo" and "si" as apparent typos of "of" and "is" respectively in consecutive fungot lines.
15:42:27 <fungot> fizzie: that's ok with me; although my guess is fizzie, like most people, i assume you'll keep a lot of
15:43:10 <fizzie> Of course fungot's ^echo printing the output twice is a joke. See, it's an echo.
15:43:10 <fungot> fizzie: that's just plain incorrect. i quote: the operator and operands are evaluated. for instance, implement append-reverse thus:
15:43:14 <fizzie> ^reverb hello
15:43:14 <fungot> hheelllloo
15:44:41 <wib_jonas> ^ping ltK2k3DyciA8 I don't find that joke funny. let's see if it does that for a ping too.
15:44:41 <fungot> That Pong alone cannot stop!
15:45:27 <wib_jonas> it's still an echo if it says only once what you say. your line is one, fungot's line is another, the two together are two similar lines, that's good enough for an echo
15:45:28 <fungot> wib_jonas: two orders, if you're using fnord, not sure
15:46:11 <int-e> ^echo echo
15:46:11 <fungot> echo echo
15:46:18 <int-e> ^echo ^echo
15:46:18 <fungot> ^echo ^echo
15:46:28 <int-e> easy quine.
15:47:41 <wib_jonas> yes, that's kind of like the quine 5252 on McCulloch's second machine. it works that easily because 5 is opcode for a built-in operation that repeats a slice twice.
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18:08:24 <esolangs> [[Special:Log/upload]] overwrite * Hakerh400 * uploaded a new version of "[[File:Multidodecoordinates diagram.png]]"
18:09:14 <esolangs> [[Multidodecagony]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=106060&oldid=106042 * Hakerh400 * (-24) Added a better quality image
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21:54:09 <esolangs> [[Multidodecagony]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=106061&oldid=106060 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+49) Categories
21:55:27 <esolangs> [[Hexagony]] M https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=106062&oldid=102803 * PythonshellDebugwindow * (+38) /* Computational class */ See also
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