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00:10:52 <Corun> ++++++++++++++[->++>+++++>+++++++>++++++++>+++++++++><<<<<<]>>++.>+++.>>-----.<<<<++++.>>.>>---.<<.>++.>+++.<---.-.<.<<+.
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00:11:26 <RodgerTheGreat> Corun: hello yourself
00:12:02 <Corun> I just finished my String -> Brainfuck converter
00:12:09 <Corun> In case you couldn't tell :-)
00:12:23 <Corun> (Not written in Brainfuck, unfortunately, ooooh no...)
00:12:24 <RodgerTheGreat> I assume the above is your output? looks pretty decent
00:12:31 <Corun> Thank you :-)
00:12:41 <bsmntbombdood> !bf ++++++++++++++[->++>+++++>+++++++>++++++++>+++++++++><<<<<<]>>++.>+++.>>-----.<<<<++++.>>.>>---.<<.>++.>+++.<---.-.<.<<+.
00:12:45 <EgoBot> Hey everyone!
00:13:44 <Corun> Heh, cool.
00:15:00 <Corun> What happens if you feed EgoBot some infinitely printing bf?
00:15:08 <ehird`> it runs
00:15:08 <RodgerTheGreat> what did you write your converter in?
00:15:08 <ehird`> forever
00:15:10 <ehird`> until you kill it
00:15:12 <bsmntbombdood> it sends it to p
00:15:13 <bsmntbombdood> m
00:15:21 <Corun> Haskell
00:15:49 <bsmntbombdood> what method did you use?
00:15:55 <Corun> (I just started my uni course, they're teaching us haskell so I'm practicing it)
00:16:07 <Corun> Errrr, hard to explain :-)
00:16:36 <Corun> I generate a bunch of close values to the chars in the first 5-10 cells
00:16:53 <Corun> Then I move to the cell with the closest value and add or subtract until it's right, then I print it
00:17:09 <RodgerTheGreat> yeah, that's what the BF looks like
00:18:03 <bsmntbombdood> you can make that code 1 shorter
00:18:21 <bsmntbombdood> replace the 15 +'s with +++[>+++++<-]>
00:18:35 <Corun> And the "><" can disappear too
00:18:48 <bsmntbombdood> oh, yeah
00:18:49 <ehird`> Corun: put this text in: "The quick brown fox - a delicacy in some countries - will be jumping over the lazy dog just in time for the annual lazy-dog jumping contest of 2007. In other news, flooble gabby ziggy."
00:18:53 <ehird`> what does it show? :D
00:19:06 <bsmntbombdood> that's a good idea though
00:19:37 <Corun> !bf ++++++++[->++++>++++++>+++++++++>++++++++++++>+++++++++++++>++++++++++++++>+++++++++++++++><<<<<<<<]>>>++++++++++++.>>.---.<<<<.>>>>>+.>---.<<++++.<+++.>++.<<<<.>>>-.>>+.---.>++.<-.<<<<<.>>>++++.>>+.>+.<<<<<<.>---.<.>>>-----.<<<.>>>+++.+.>+.---.<--.--.++.>>>+.<<<<<<.>>>>.>-.<<<<<.>>>>>+++++.----.--.<<++.<<<.>>>--.>>++.>----.<-.>-.--.<<.<++.>>>+.<<<<<<.>.<.>>>>>>++++.<<.>--..<<<<<.>>>---.+++.<<<.>>>>+.>>--.<+.+++.<-.>--.<<++.<<<.>>>>>
00:19:37 <Corun> +.>+.<<<--.>>+++.<<<<<.>>>>>++.<-.<.<<<.>>>>++++.<----.>>>++++.-.<<<<<<.>>>+++.>+++.<+++.<<<.>>>+++.>>+.--.+.<<<<<.>>>-.>-.<<<<.>>>>>.<<.>-.<----.<<<.>>>+.>++.>--.<<<<<.>>>>>++.<<++.---.<<<.>>>----.>-..>+.<<.>--.<<<<.>>>>.<.>>>+.-.<<<<<.>>+++.>+++.<+++.<<<.>>>+++.>>.<--.+++.<-.>--.<--.<<<.>>>----.>+.-.>-.<<++.>>-.+.<<<<<.>>>>+.<+.<<<.>+++++.--..+++++++.---------.<.>>-----------.>>-.<<<<.>>>>+.>.<<++.---.>>--.<<<<<.>>>>-.<.>>>--.<+.<<<<--
00:19:37 <Corun> .<.>>>+.>--.+++..<----.>---.<+++.<<<.>>>++.------.+..>>>++.<<<<<<.>>>>>>+.<<---.--..>>-.<<<<<++.
00:19:39 <EgoBot> The quick brown fox - a delicacy in some countries - will be jumping
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00:19:46 <Corun> Aww, crap.
00:19:56 <Corun> Too much for irc :-)
00:20:03 <ehird`> heh
00:20:07 <ehird`> that's really short for that text
00:20:13 <ehird`> i haven't seen output that small for text that big
00:20:44 <ehird`> well done :-)
00:20:48 <Corun> I've been thinking on the problem all afternoon, a few friends and I were having a contest, ya see :-)
00:21:03 <bsmntbombdood> how do you decide the number of cells to use, and their initial values?
00:21:03 <ehird`> really? fax made a contest for that yesterday.
00:21:16 <Corun> Er, yeah. He's one of the friends
00:21:16 <ehird`> how coincidential!
00:21:18 <ehird`> oh
00:21:19 <bsmntbombdood> Corun: what a coincidence, fax just started a contest like that
00:21:19 <ehird`> hahaha
00:21:22 <Corun> :-)
00:21:23 <bsmntbombdood> oh heh
00:23:08 <Corun> Erm, it doesn't decide how many, it just uses a cell for each multiple of the main number that is needed
00:23:25 <bsmntbombdood> huh?
00:23:37 <Corun> Ok...
00:23:54 <Corun> The program find a number, (I call it the "factor")
00:24:22 <Corun> multiples of this number are used to fill the cells
00:24:34 <ehird`> how does it find the number
00:26:09 <Corun> For the number 8 to 20 it finds the sum of the mods each character with the number. Lowest sum is generally the best factor
00:26:24 <ehird`> cool
00:26:57 <Corun> I have to start at 8 or there abouts because, obviously, 2, 3 etc will have a much lower score every time
00:27:18 <pikhq> Interesting. . . Clever hack.
00:28:12 <Corun> I got the idea for the method by looking at the "Hello World!" on wikipedia
00:28:30 <Corun> I just had to try and generate something similar programatically
00:28:31 * pikhq may well have to figure out a way to adapt that algorithm into PEBBLE
00:29:24 <Corun> How does it do it at the moment?
00:29:41 <ehird`> bruteforce iirc
00:29:45 <ehird`> ++++++++++++++++++++++.>+++++++++++++++++++.
00:29:46 <bsmntbombdood> i still don't get it but whatever
00:29:47 <pikhq> Just adding and subtracting to a single cell via two-cell versions of the constants.
00:30:05 <ehird`> bsmntbombdood: maybe pikhq can explain :P
00:30:10 <pikhq> It does somewhat decently because it *wraps*, but it's not exactly optimal.
00:30:19 <Corun> Hmm
00:30:54 <Corun> Does it use the constants from http://esoteric.voxelperfect.net/wiki/Brainfuck_constants ? :-)
00:30:58 <pikhq> Yes.
00:31:01 <pikhq> The wrapping ones.
00:31:07 <Corun> Cool
00:32:38 * GregorR needs to invent a new MISC that doesn't require/allow self-modifying code, so it can actually be compiled in a pseudo-optimal way.
00:33:39 <bsmntbombdood> GregorR: no!
00:33:51 <bsmntbombdood> GregorR: self-modifying code is part of what makes it so cool
00:34:03 <GregorR> It is, but it also makes it significantly less practical.
00:34:10 <GregorR> I'd like to imagine something that could be implemented in a JIT.
00:34:20 <RodgerTheGreat> GregorR: why not just run it in a simple VM? It'd be nearly as fast as compiled, anyway
00:34:33 <GregorR> RodgerTheGreat: I'm already doing that :P
00:34:43 <RodgerTheGreat> I'm designing a MISC cpu
00:34:49 <GregorR> That's hot.
00:34:55 <GregorR> If you do that, I won't need my new MISC :P
00:35:35 <RodgerTheGreat> right now, I'm building it in a logic simulator, but when I get it working, I'll redo it in VERILOG, and then you can flash it to an FPGA for hours of fun
00:37:09 <ehird`> pff
00:37:11 <ehird`> manually make it
00:37:14 <ehird`> with transisitors
00:37:17 <ehird`> far more fun
00:37:26 <RodgerTheGreat> far slower clockspeed, too
00:37:37 <ehird`> who cares
00:37:39 <ehird`> it's esoteric MISC
00:37:41 <bsmntbombdood> no, with relays
00:37:44 <Corun> Transistors? Pah! You need to use a room full of people to do it!
00:37:44 <bsmntbombdood> far far more fun
00:37:48 <ehird`> bsmntbombdood: no :p
00:37:54 <ehird`> transisitors are... more practical
00:38:01 <Corun> And quieter
00:38:18 <GregorR> And tastier.
00:38:23 <RodgerTheGreat> I'm no computer engineer. VERILOG is as close to hardware as I go for anything more complex than an adder.
00:38:38 <GregorR> VERILOG is way, WAY closer than I ever go.
00:38:44 <RodgerTheGreat> :D
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00:45:28 <Sgeo> Hi all
00:45:41 <Sgeo> It's been a while since I worked on PSOX--or has it?
00:45:50 <Sgeo> Maybe I left a suprise in the PSOX.txt file..
00:51:33 * RodgerTheGreat is slightly interested
00:58:04 <ihope> A MISC that isn't self-modifying?
00:58:15 <ihope> Like URISC and subleq?
00:58:35 <bsmntbombdood> ihope: subleq is self-modifying
00:59:03 <ihope> It is?
00:59:19 <bsmntbombdood> yep
00:59:22 <ihope> Oh. URISC, then?
00:59:27 <bsmntbombdood> self-modifying is the only way to do pointers
01:11:47 <ihope> VERILOG, eh?
01:13:34 <RodgerTheGreat> yeah
01:13:45 <RodgerTheGreat> I know a little bit, and it's not too terrible to learn
01:14:19 <ihope> I'm guessing that in theory, it's rather fast.
01:15:21 <RodgerTheGreat> yeah, because when you flash it onto an FPGA you can run the "virtual chip" at ~200mhz with good hardware
01:15:35 <RodgerTheGreat> cheaper FPGAs are slower, though
01:16:21 <ihope> Does the parallelness of an FPGA beat the clock speed of a conventional processor... often?
01:16:35 <RodgerTheGreat> depends
01:17:01 <RodgerTheGreat> an FPGA could probably hold several MISC cores at once, too
01:21:20 <bsmntbombdood> fpgas are cool
01:22:13 <RodgerTheGreat> I'm definitely going to have to find a cheap FPGA development platform once I finish learning VERILOG
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03:20:45 <oklopol> omg i was down 3.5 hours :|
03:21:05 <oklopol> i cried the whole time
03:21:07 <oklopol> was so lonely
03:24:23 <RodgerTheGreat> It's ok, man- you're back with friends. <:)
03:27:09 <bsmntbombdood> your internets was down?
03:27:19 <oklopol> yes
03:27:39 <bsmntbombdood> :(
03:27:43 <oklopol> http://www.vjn.fi/pb/p452633243.txt <<< i actually made this work
03:28:10 <oklopol> when the internet is down, i get depressed... but god i'm productibe
03:28:12 <oklopol> *productive
03:29:04 <oklopol> (you can't see from that that i was productive, but i did other things too!)
03:29:27 <oklopol> also, my hair is falling out
03:29:34 <oklopol> and i have to go to sleep i think
03:29:52 <oklopol> or read my book
03:31:09 <oklopol> and another random sentence.
03:31:34 <oklopol> now leaving again after waiting for 3.5 hours to get back online.
03:31:37 <oklopol> clever? yes.
03:31:39 <oklopol> ->
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04:11:36 <RodgerTheGreat> http://nonlogic.org/dump/images/1192331472-Fence.gif <- and for a foreground...
04:11:43 <RodgerTheGreat> whoops, wrong window
04:12:01 <RodgerTheGreat> (this is a set of images I'm working on for a parallax scroller demo)
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12:54:29 <sebbu2> 1++/÷!⍳30
12:54:43 * sebbu2 discover APL
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12:55:15 <puzzlet_> does Unicode support APL
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12:59:10 <SimonRC> puzzlet_: yes
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14:59:43 <ibd_cpp> hi
15:00:05 <ibd_cpp> how would you create a BF program that prints out a given string?
15:00:27 <ehird`> ,[.,]
15:00:52 <ibd_cpp> how would you create a C program that created a BF program that prints out a given string given to the C program?
15:01:08 <ehird`> by entering fax's competition
15:01:20 <ibd_cpp> I have, I'm just looking what others might do
15:01:35 <ibd_cpp> looking for ideas
15:03:25 <ibd_cpp> so what are your ideas?
15:03:27 <ibd_cpp> :)
15:05:29 <ehird`> heh
15:05:34 <ehird`> i dunno
15:05:47 <ehird`> i liked whoever-it-was's idea yesterday
15:05:53 <ibd_cpp> which one?
15:06:00 <ehird`> it made a few cells close to the chars
15:06:05 <ehird`> and then just adjusted them as needed for each char output
15:06:35 <ibd_cpp> well my entry works like that, but it might be a common idea
15:06:50 <ehird`> its what the person who came in yesterday did
15:07:37 <ibd_cpp> my "Hello World!":
15:07:38 <ibd_cpp> ++++++++++[>+++>+++++++>++++++++>++++++++++<<<<-]>>++.>>+.+++++++..+++.<<<++.>>+++++++.>.+++.------.--------.<<<+.
15:08:24 <ibd_cpp> very similar
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17:25:03 <Corun> This is what programming should be: http://obfuscated.co.uk/files/realProgramming.png
17:25:25 <ehird`> what does that output?! :P
17:25:55 <ehird`> (Do i get points if my first reaction was: "UNO skin.")
17:25:59 <Corun> http://obfuscated.co.uk/files/bfrealprog.txt outputs http://fax.twilightcoders.net/textfiles/TheStoryofMelARealProgrammer.txt
17:26:44 <Corun> No points. Sorry. :-P
17:27:14 <ehird`> but... you do use UNO, right? :P
17:27:18 <ehird`> redeem my geekity!
17:27:40 <Corun> Yes es
17:27:43 <Corun> Ofcourse I do
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19:15:59 <Corun> !bf +++++++[->+++++++<]>.++..++++.
19:16:03 <EgoBot> 1337
19:16:42 <oklopol> !bf ++++++++[->+++++>++++++++>++++>+++++++++++<<<<]>>+++++.>+.--..<<++.-.
19:16:44 -!- pikhq has joined.
19:16:45 <EgoBot> E!*)
19:16:48 <ehird`> what is the output for "aaabbbcccbbb"?
19:17:10 <Corun> !bf ++++++++[->++++++++++++<]>+...+...+...-...
19:17:13 <EgoBot> aaabbbcccbbb
19:17:28 <oklopol> !bf +++++++++++[->++++>+++++++>++++++++>+++++++++<<<]>+++.<..>>.+++++.
19:17:41 <EgoBot> realloc: Cannot allocate memory
19:17:43 <oklopol> !bf +++++++++++[->++++>+++++++>++++++++>++++++++<<<]>+++.<..>>.+++++.
19:17:44 <ehird`> Corun: very good
19:17:47 <ehird`> what about -
19:17:50 <oklopol> !bf +++++++++++[->++++>+++++++>++++++++>++++++++<<<<]>+++.<..>>.+++++.
19:17:51 <oklopol> whoops
19:17:53 <EgoBot> /
19:17:55 <ehird`> "xxxaaammmaaa"
19:17:57 <EgoBot> realloc: Cannot allocate memory
19:18:14 <Corun> !bf ++++++++++++[->++++++++++>++++++++<<]>...>+...<-----------...>...
19:18:17 <EgoBot> xxxaaammmaaa
19:18:20 <Corun> It's better than it was
19:18:25 <ehird`> yeah
19:18:27 <ehird`> could be optimized though
19:18:32 <ehird`> -----------
19:18:36 <oerjan> bf is not 8bit by default
19:18:42 <oerjan> !help
19:18:45 <EgoBot> help ps kill i eof flush show ls bf_txtgen usertrig daemon undaemon
19:18:47 <EgoBot> 1l 2l adjust axo bch bf{8,[16],32,64} funge93 fyb fybs glass glypho kipple lambda lazyk linguine malbolge pbrain qbf rail rhotor sadol sceql trigger udage01 unlambda whirl
19:19:01 <oklopol> oerjan: who are you talking to?
19:19:39 <Corun> It now generates exactly the same as what's on the wikipedia bf page for the "Hello World!\n" example.
19:19:54 <ehird`> oklopol: you
19:20:03 <ehird`> your stuff doesn't work because you need !bf8
19:20:35 <oerjan> actually now i am not sure
19:20:54 <oerjan> but if your stuff depends on wrapping on 256 you need that
19:21:46 <oerjan> on second thought you had mismatched ><'s :)
19:22:23 <oerjan> which seems more likely to fill memory
19:22:53 <oklopol> my stuff worked perfectly, though
19:23:00 <ehird`> !bf +[>++]
19:23:07 <EgoBot> realloc: Cannot allocate memory
19:23:11 <ehird`> mwaha
19:23:31 <oklopol> my mistake was to leave one < out, but that was a typo
19:24:18 <oklopol> !bf ++++++++[->++++++++>+++>+++++++>+++++++++++<<<<]>++.>+++++++.--.>>++++++.----.<..
19:24:21 <EgoBot> B^Z88
19:25:09 <Corun> What's that supposed to do oklopol?
19:26:51 <oklopol> didn't EgoBot already evaluate it :)
19:27:52 <Corun> Yeah, but I thoguht B^Z88 was probably not what it was supposed to print
19:27:54 <oklopol> hmm, note to self: do not put your markov chain on a channel with bots with *no* markov chain in their speech randomization
19:28:03 <oklopol> *markov chain bot
19:28:15 <oklopol> it became an idiot :<
19:28:19 <ehird`> haha
19:28:21 <ehird`> put it in here
19:28:23 <ehird`> -> even worse
19:28:31 <oklopol> you thought what i wanted you to believe, Corun
19:28:42 <Corun> !bf +++++++++++[->++++++>++++++++>+++++<<<]>.>++++++.----.>+..
19:28:45 <EgoBot> B^Z88
19:28:46 <Corun> That's shorter :-P
19:28:52 <oklopol> hmm, i guess i could, for a second or two
19:29:05 <ehird`> wipe its memory
19:29:06 <ehird`> obviously
19:29:11 <oklopol> i couldn't test it actually, because i just joined on that one channel ;;)
19:29:35 <oklopol> it has no permanent memory currenly, i just wanted to make a markov chain bot, since i never made one
19:29:44 -!- sp3tt has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
19:29:44 <ehird`> put it in here :)
19:29:45 <oerjan> Corun: you are missing an escape character
19:30:03 <Corun> Eh?
19:30:04 <oerjan> or something like that
19:30:25 <oerjan> there was a control character in oklopol's version, which you missed
19:30:35 <oerjan> ctrl-]
19:30:39 -!- zmnszctzs has joined.
19:30:46 <zmnszctzs> version
19:30:50 <zmnszctzs> version
19:30:51 <oklopol> i'm not even sure if that works
19:30:55 <zmnszctzs> version
19:30:57 <oklopol> haha, i see :P
19:31:00 -!- zmnszctzs has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
19:31:16 <oklopol> i have no idea what just happened, but it looked floodish ;)
19:31:24 <ehird`> put it back in
19:31:26 <ehird`> we'll train it quick enough
19:31:27 <ehird`> :P
19:31:33 -!- zmnszctzs has joined.
19:31:37 <ehird`> hello, zmnszctzs
19:31:38 <oklopol> hmm, well, that's assuming it works
19:31:50 <ehird`> zmnszctzs: do i address you a certain way or do you listen to any message?
19:31:51 <oklopol> i have no idea whether it does
19:31:55 <oklopol> $$
19:31:56 <zmnszctzs> hello zmnszctzs
19:31:59 <oklopol> should print something
19:32:00 <oklopol> heh
19:32:01 <ehird`> heh
19:32:01 <zmnszctzs> zmnszctzs
19:32:05 <ehird`> hahaha
19:32:05 <oklopol> ...
19:32:13 <ehird`> zmnszctzs: Flowers are lovely.
19:32:14 <ehird`> $$
19:32:15 <zmnszctzs> hello zmnszctzs do you listen to any message
19:32:15 <Corun> Hey zmnszctzs
19:32:23 <oerjan> pretty self-centered, that bot :D
19:32:24 -!- sp3tt has joined.
19:32:25 <ehird`> $$
19:32:26 <zmnszctzs> zmnszctzs
19:32:29 <ehird`> hahaha
19:32:31 <zmnszctzs> zmnszctzs
19:32:36 <ehird`> oklopol:
19:32:37 <oklopol> that was a 15 min python project, i did punctuation removing rather badly
19:32:38 <ehird`> it's floody, so
19:32:42 <zmnszctzs> zmnszctzs flowers are lovely
19:32:43 <ehird`> restart it and put it in #esoteric-blah
19:32:50 -!- zmnszctzs has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
19:32:53 <oklopol> i shall
19:32:58 <oklopol> hmm, seems i'm not there
19:33:00 <oklopol> i thought i was
19:38:00 -!- puzzlet_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
19:39:04 -!- puzzlet has joined.
19:45:09 -!- ST47 has joined.
19:45:20 * ST47 advises ehird` that he is most flowery
19:45:22 -!- ST47 has left (?).
19:50:51 -!- RodgerTheGreat has quit.
20:13:16 <ehird`> (8:22:47 PM) zmnszctzs: perhaps he will end up sentences
20:13:16 <ehird`> (8:22:57 PM) zmnszctzs: ok know grammar hes the earth and im lazy guy
20:13:19 <ehird`> that actually made some sense
20:13:20 <ehird`> crazy
20:14:04 -!- puzzlet_ has joined.
20:18:33 <oklopol> it said a pretty coherent thing in finnish earlier, but i lost it in the logs :P
20:18:49 <oklopol> i don't feel like reading 5000 lines of bot flood
20:20:12 <oerjan> hakkapelitt!
20:20:52 <oklopol> hakkapeliitta
20:20:59 <ehird`> (8:30:14 PM) zmnszctzs: one is three is six is ten
20:21:03 <ehird`> (8:30:39 PM) zmnszctzs: one plus seven is three
20:21:04 <oklopol> hakkaa pelitt = hit without a game
20:21:10 <oklopol> :)
20:21:17 <ehird`> zmnszctzs sucks at maths
20:21:20 <oklopol> that's one clever bot...
20:21:26 <oerjan> no ?
20:21:47 <ehird`> (8:31:36 PM) zmnszctzs: one is nine
20:21:55 <oklopol> i think that comes from "hakkaa plle"
20:22:08 <oklopol> which is like "beat over" or something
20:22:20 <oklopol> but i think the noun is "hakkapeliitta"
20:22:23 <ehird`> (8:32:10 PM) zmnszctzs: like fuzzy things and arithmetic although am zmnszctzs
20:22:27 <oklopol> having no idea what that means, hard to be sure ;)
20:22:34 <oklopol> hehe :D
20:22:44 <oklopol> that was actually coherent, almost
20:22:49 <ehird`> (8:32:29 PM) zmnszctzs: like fuzzy things
20:22:53 <oerjan> i thought it was a tire trademark/company
20:22:54 <ehird`> he really, really likes fuzzy things
20:24:12 <oerjan> wow, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hakkapeliitta
20:24:26 -!- puzzlet has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
20:24:52 <oklopol> oh, i did know what that meant i guess
20:25:10 <oklopol> O Lord, deliver us from the terrible army of the Haccapelites
20:25:14 <oklopol> :D
20:25:44 <ehird`> (8:35:26 PM) zmnszctzs: hello how are you like fuzzy things and then sing out loud
20:34:01 <ehird`> hey, it's quite lucid
20:34:04 <ehird`> it's asking basic questions
20:41:00 <oklopol> (22:40:24) (zmnszctzs) it filters everything except characters
20:41:01 <oklopol> (22:40:28) (zmnszctzs) also many times theres been a lucky guess
20:41:22 <oklopol> (22:40:08) (zmnszctzs) and eof is considered a conversation << was what i tried to paste...
20:51:02 -!- RedDak has joined.
20:56:01 <ehird`> (9:05:40 PM) zmnszctzs: enough to be word
20:56:02 <ehird`> (9:05:41 PM) zmnszctzs: hello nostrils and when to floop haggis you are in my code
20:56:10 <ehird`> (::05:48 PM) zmnszctzs: if you sell your soul for a stab at the fragment thing
20:56:14 <ehird`> (9:05:51 PM) zmnszctzs: but it filters everything except characters
20:57:12 <oklopol> i wonder if that already beats me in chess
20:57:16 <ehird`> heh
20:57:39 <ehird`> <oklopol> a1 to d7 <zmnszctzs> hello nostrils haggis
20:58:52 <oklopol> sadly, you don't need much more to beat me
20:59:09 <ehird`> (9:07:53 PM) zmnszctzs: fucking
20:59:10 <ehird`> (9:08:17 PM) zmnszctzs: hello
20:59:10 <ehird`> (9:08:44 PM) zmnszctzs: doesnt make nostrils and inside themselves of tea
20:59:25 <ehird`> wow
20:59:27 <ehird`> it's a philosopher
20:59:28 <ehird`> (9:09:13 PM) zmnszctzs: i dont think it runs out of possibilities it has a mapping to train maybe you see the fragments will need to perfect that is the sentence
21:00:45 <oklopol> i see it has a great understanding of it's own inner workings.
21:11:35 -!- RodgerTheGreat has joined.
21:12:14 <ehird`> (9:21:56 PM) zmnszctzs: wise men have no sorry
21:12:20 <ehird`> this bot is lucid
21:19:46 <oklopol> (zmnszctzs) what chains to generate multiple fragments can probably just do any coffee
21:19:48 <oklopol> my favorite
22:06:40 <ehird`> oklopol: ping into #esoteric-blah
22:21:06 -!- jix has quit ("CommandQ").
22:26:27 <ehird`> (10:36:15 PM) zmnszctzs: zmnszctzs make every sublist of coffee
22:26:41 <ehird`> (10:36:31 PM) zmnszctzs: ok oklopol restart it now or what chains
22:28:59 -!- RedDak has quit (Remote closed the connection).
22:30:08 <ehird`> hahaha(10:39:38 PM) zmnszctzs: or some weird cheap stuff
22:30:08 <ehird`> (10:39:57 PM) zmnszctzs: to floop haggis
22:31:54 <ehird`> (10:41:38 PM) zmnszctzs: hmm i dont wanna make nostrils
22:47:47 -!- ehird` has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
23:05:22 -!- Tritonio has joined.
23:09:04 -!- oerjan has quit ("Good night").
23:45:54 -!- puzzlet_ has quit (Remote closed the connection).
23:45:59 -!- puzzlet has joined.
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