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00:00:35 <shachaf> df?
00:00:41 <shachaf> Is that the bf derivative that comes after cf?
00:01:25 <Phantom_Hoover> yes
00:01:28 <Phantom_Hoover> anyway
00:01:53 <Phantom_Hoover> i realised that my minecart design means i have to completely break the system if i want to actually put a stop in
00:08:21 <ion> http://www.twitch.tv/refractstudios
00:10:23 <Gregor> Is printing business cards as the backs to playing cards brilliant or terrible?
00:11:28 <FireFly> Depends on whether your identify yourself as "the Joker"
00:11:42 <ion> http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/11/16/apple-now-owns-the-page-turn/
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00:17:50 <Phantom_Hoover> Gregor, brilliant but i suspect expensive
00:19:12 <Gregor> Phantom_Hoover: I benefit from the fact that I have near-zero use for business cards. I just need enough for those rare few opportunity when somebody asks.
00:19:29 <Phantom_Hoover> so
00:19:38 <Phantom_Hoover> you'll be left with a pack of cards with some of the cards missing
00:19:49 <Gregor> Eventually I'll be left with no cards X-D
00:20:10 <Gregor> Believe it or not, if I wanted a deck of cards to /play/ with, I wouldn't be putting my business card on the back.
00:20:55 <Phantom_Hoover> why
00:20:58 <Phantom_Hoover> that would be amazing
00:22:25 <Gregor> >_O
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00:34:55 <Arc_Koen> how about on the front?
00:38:59 <Gregor> They're playing cards.
00:39:04 <Gregor> The front are playing card fronts.
00:41:17 <Arc_Koen> well by that logic, the backs would be playing card backs
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00:57:24 <Sgeo> Clearly, these cards are half a playing card
00:57:44 <Sgeo> In order to be a full deck, Gregor needs to print cards with a playing card back and a business card front
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01:02:58 <kmc> today is one of those days where i have O Canada stuck in my head for no discernible reason
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01:06:13 <Arc_Koen> hey, hum, can someone help me with Betterave?
01:06:14 <Arc_Koen> http://esolangs.org/wiki/Betterave
01:06:30 <Arc_Koen> in your opinion, what does [ | ] evaluate to?
01:06:34 <Arc_Koen> the last iteration of the loop?
01:06:41 <kmc> a robot butt
01:07:20 <Arc_Koen> or does it *not* evaluate (as in, evaluate to some trash value, that result in an error when used as an argument to another expression)
01:07:27 <Arc_Koen> ok I'm gonna go with that
01:07:35 <kmc> not coincidentally known as "bottom"
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01:14:23 <nux_vomica> hello?
01:14:39 <elliott> `welcome nux_vomica
01:14:43 <HackEgo> nux_vomica: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
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01:16:17 <Sgeo> :(
01:17:15 <Phantom__Hoover> dropping like flies
01:17:15 <elliott> why are you frowning
01:18:43 <Sgeo> Because someone came in here and then left
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01:20:39 <elliott> well it's obvious they were in here for the other kind of esoterica
01:24:11 <Arc_Koen> "Brainfuck derivatives (129 members)"
01:24:15 <Arc_Koen> outch
01:27:48 <Phantom__Hoover> can we have my table thing
01:27:51 <Phantom__Hoover> that was a good idea
01:28:57 <Phantom__Hoover> especially because anyone trying to add their own substitution has to directly acknowledge that they are just adding 8 more symbols to a table
01:34:59 <Sgeo> Not if I make the following BF derivative! BF -> my derivative separated by semicolons. + -> ++; - -> --; , -> ,,; . -> ..; < -> <<; > -> >>; [ -> [[; ] -> ]]
01:35:08 <Sgeo> That's not just 8 symbols added to a table.
01:35:21 <Sgeo> ...I may have equated symbols with characters.
01:35:51 <Bike> also you forgot a semicolon on ]].
01:36:50 <Sgeo> I did not intend to translate BF symbols into things containing semicolons, they're just separators in my description. Doesn't really matter though.
01:37:10 <kmc> 8=D, 8==D, 8===D, 8====D, 8=====D, 8======D, 8=======D, 8========D
01:37:33 <Phantom__Hoover> that would be better than a few of the derivatives currently posted
01:37:51 <kmc> how about one that used various numbers of swastikas
01:38:01 <kmc> would that be the worst one
01:39:31 <Phantom__Hoover> maybe
01:39:47 <Phantom__Hoover> idea: fungoid with swastika-based control flow
01:40:29 <Bike> fungoid on a continous plane, and the only control mechanisms are variously resized and spun swastikas
01:40:31 <lifthrasiir> Phantom__Hoover: how can it be?
01:40:48 <Phantom__Hoover> what bike said i guess
01:41:54 <Bike> could call it, i dunno, Meatspin
01:42:41 <lifthrasiir> recently my friend came up with an idea of a language with only the high level operations (like image resizing) and no low level operations (like addition)
01:43:16 <monqy> what's high level and what's low level
01:43:19 <Phantom__Hoover> i'm not sure i'd distinguish those as high/low level but right
01:43:43 <Phantom__Hoover> primitive is probably a better word
01:44:02 <lifthrasiir> Phantom__Hoover: hmm, if you prefer you can say domain-specific and general operations, but anyway.
01:44:03 <Bike> what if you were running this on a specialized Photoshop-oriented processor, huh
01:44:10 <lifthrasiir> something like that
01:44:10 <monqy> language in which addition is implemented in terms of image resizing
01:45:04 <lifthrasiir> or, we somehow have 2D FFT and convolution but no pairwise multiplication. XD
01:45:23 <lifthrasiir> that *is* an easy example however
01:46:28 <Phantom__Hoover> the only arithmetic operation is like the ackermann function
01:46:58 <Bike> the only arithmetic operation is the hyper operator? that doesn't seem too difficult to work with, really
01:47:21 <Phantom__Hoover> i'm tired and i don't know that many functions :(
01:47:49 <Bike> also if you had fft maybe you could do multiplication with schonhage or something, might be fun
01:48:11 <monqy> how about control flow
01:48:46 <shachaf> flow control > control flow
01:49:03 <monqy> how about flow control
01:49:08 <monqy> "now we're better"
01:49:35 <Sgeo> monqy, elliott time for me to do the thing
01:49:43 <shachaf> monqy: which one is if statements and which one is ^S
01:49:45 <shachaf> help
01:49:53 <Phantom__Hoover> Sgeo, what thing
01:50:02 <monqy> the thing
01:55:51 <Arc_Koen> Phantom__Hoover: I'm pretty sure if you do your big table we'll all support you
01:56:09 <Phantom__Hoover> idk
01:56:28 <Phantom__Hoover> elliott's been no fun since he got in charge of the wiki
01:57:05 <Arc_Koen> we'll make a distraction so that he does not notice your addition!
01:57:13 <elliott> hello
01:57:15 <Arc_Koen> hey that should be an operation
01:57:24 <Arc_Koen> "distraction"
01:57:29 <Arc_Koen> no idea what it would do
01:57:42 <Arc_Koen> disrupt numbers or something
01:57:52 <Bike> move the pc to a random position for a few instructions
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02:05:45 <Arc_Koen> might be useful in corewars/bf joust/whatever
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02:17:06 <monqy> i had lots of dreams that i havent been sharing so i will share them now it'll be great
02:17:17 <monqy> reverse chronological order
02:17:25 <zzo38> OK, if that you want
02:18:30 <monqy> In the last dream, I had a friend whose boyfriend is really dumb at driving. we were riding with him driving and he tries to take a shortcut through the hayride racetrack but there's a dog show going on so it's filled up with dogs and it goes really slowly since we have to carefully avoid the dogs
02:18:39 <monqy> and then there are people and they're sorta crowding so we have to wait for them to pass by
02:19:31 <monqy> one of the people starts quoting a web series that exists in this dream called "super mario hat" that makes fun of people who make fun of people who like video games, but nobody gets it and they think he's insulting us, but they agree with the insults and gather around and form an agreement party
02:20:19 <monqy> i'm snickering because even though "super mario hat" is not all that great it is amusing that everyone thinks he's serious while he's being so ridiculous and they also agree with him. he has to explain and the party disperses
02:21:14 <monqy> in another dream there are two parts
02:21:35 <elliott> monqy: super mario hat sounds amazing
02:21:40 <elliott> imo: it should exist?
02:21:45 <monqy> yes
02:22:09 <monqy> first part is there's an artificial pool but it's really big and there's a boat in it and i'm on the boat. I forget what goes on in the boat until an evil guy who's of high ranking status or something starts shoveling coal into the ventilation system and the boat goes topsy and rocks wildly a bunch before tipping over
02:22:29 <monqy> whenever it rocked I went to the opposite sides and found a window so I could jump if it tipped so I did that and escaped
02:22:49 <monqy> a bunch of other people escaped too idk if anyone died in there but a bunch of people's eyes got all messed up by air pressure or something
02:23:16 <monqy> I think someone was surprised I took a window out idk how other people got out it's a mystery. someone got hit by something heavy on the way out but survived with messed up eyes
02:23:35 <Phantom__Hoover> noting the high rate of eye injuries
02:23:45 <monqy> anyway second part is I was in some sort of sequence of challenges and this one was titled something like "kill the mammot, making use of blinding it"
02:24:27 <monqy> there were really big boxes (too high to climb) and huge rolls of tape on them, and you were given a pickaxe and you could let the mammoth out whenever you felt like it
02:24:41 <elliott> was it kill the mammot or kill the mammoth
02:24:47 <monqy> mammoth
02:24:52 <elliott> also was the mammoth real. this sounds cruel!!
02:25:07 <monqy> I felt sorta bad about oh jeez how will I feel kimming a mammoth can I go through with it &c &c but I didn't stop doing the challenge
02:25:21 <Phantom__Hoover> monqy are you sure you don't have some sort of latent eye fetish
02:25:30 <monqy> :(
02:26:04 <monqy> my approach was knock down one of the huge rolls of tape, deflate it a bit so I could climb on it, use that to climb on the boxes, get above the mammoth chamber, release it, and now I have the height advantage and can jump on it and pick out its eyes
02:26:06 <elliott> monqy............ its not right to kill a mammoth
02:26:09 <elliott> i think you have poor morals!!
02:26:15 <elliott> or dream monqy at least
02:26:22 <monqy> I also throught of taping over its eyes but I'd be picking it to death anyway and picking out its eyes would probably be easier
02:26:26 <elliott> hahaha i like how eyes came up
02:26:29 <elliott> right after Phantom__Hoover brought them up
02:26:38 <elliott> well I guess it is implicit in blinding it but still
02:27:23 <monqy> I did some box leaping and tape stuff and got over to where the mammoth would be but then there was a fancy futuristic projector and someone came in the room and was like whats going on and dont touch that projector
02:27:36 <monqy> so I gently moved the projector out of the way down to the dude and I forget the rest of what happened
02:28:04 <monqy> and when writing down that dream when i wrote it down I remembered another dream I had with a sequence of challenges where my team had to kill a herd of elephants. did i ever describe that one
02:28:21 <elliott> nop
02:28:22 <monqy> that's basically all i remember at this point anyway.
02:28:22 <elliott> e
02:28:31 <elliott> do your dreams have lots of challenges
02:28:33 <monqy> i ghuess there were hills or something in that dream
02:28:43 <monqy> the dreams before this don't have so many challenges
02:28:55 <monqy> oh right I should probably describe the dream I had last night before I forget it
02:29:50 <monqy> It was a branching story of sorts wherein the main protagonist wore a suit of chocolate armour and the main antagonists were a talking dragon named "xtahua" and his absentminded professor friend
02:30:32 <Phantom__Hoover> i wish i remembered dreams
02:31:17 <monqy> the only branch I really remember was one in which the main protagonist, the professor, and xtahua, teamed up to manage a hotel
02:31:23 <monqy> but it was like spooky or something
02:31:28 <elliott> monqy: did xtahua talk like xtahua
02:31:32 <monqy> yes
02:31:34 <elliott> good
02:31:41 <Sgeo> I occasionally remember dreams
02:32:30 <monqy> another dream I had: I was playing a mario game but the overworld was platforming just like the levels and I beat all the normal levels but I also found a secret building
02:32:51 <monqy> with secret doors for each world, with key puzzles above them, but you could enter regardless of what you put for the key puzzle and this weirded me out
02:33:23 <Sgeo> http://www.dreamviews.com/f107/sgeos-dream-journal-53892/ http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/sgeo/
02:33:38 <monqy> so I went into the door for world 1 and beat the level but then these really creepy drawn versions of all the mario characters spoke to mea nd told me I didn't have anough points, and repeated "you can't touch us to save us" and "you can't touch me to save me" a bunch of times, and then they vanished
02:34:18 <monqy> I left the secret building and came back and the whole thing was different. the doors were scattered in hard to reach places but I got to I forget if it was the world 2 or 3 door but I played it and the same sorta thing happened but with different creepy mario characters
02:34:25 <Sgeo> Did you touch them to save them?
02:34:36 <monqy> no
02:34:37 <monqy> I couldn't
02:35:23 <elliott> monqy: is this why they removed secret doors
02:35:40 <monqy> perhaps
02:36:45 <monqy> another dream: I was time travelling or something in the bleak near-future where a bunch of people I know are dying and I forget exactly I was doing the time nonsense but yeah that's a dream
02:37:07 <monqy> another dream: Idk if I was myself or someone else but I was at a party with my family and it was being hosted by this other family that was all mysterious or something
02:37:12 <monqy> and my grreatest fear was vacuum cleaners???
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02:37:45 <monqy> It started raining and everyone left but for some reason I stayed around??? Then the family came out and they referred to the rain as "fear" and my arms became vacuum cleaners and I became their slave
02:37:59 <monqy> I went into their house and it was all dark and wherever I went anyone I found ran away from me
02:38:17 <monqy> and there was a room with religious paraphernalia but whenever you looked away and looked at it again it was from a different religion
02:38:20 <monqy> and sometimes it was wartime stuff
02:39:15 <monqy> another dream: what I remember of it centers around going to a restaurant to meet some family-friends we rarely meet
02:39:43 <monqy> for some reason we all brought camping gear with us but without bags to hold it, so I thought I'd be clever and put everything in my clothes holder so I only had to carry around one thing. more on this later
02:40:10 <monqy> we got to our table which was really long and the othe family was at the far end, so we got seated, started drawing on our placemats (???), and swapped seats rotating around the table to greet them (???)
02:40:24 <monqy> but then we ended up in the wrong seats so we had to sort out whose placemats were whose by how we drew on them
02:40:38 <monqy> the menu wasn't a menu so much as a bunch of recipes for what they served but it was all really weird
02:41:14 <elliott> <monqy> and my grreatest fear was vacuum cleaners???
02:41:16 <elliott> me . 2.
02:41:31 <monqy> like they documented their secret sauce and it was something like "sour sauce" (??? i knew what this was in my dream so maybe I just don't remember the name), eggs that "missed their prime", ham that "missed its prime", and some other stuff
02:41:42 <monqy> and the picture had this stuff poured all over apples
02:41:51 <monqy> when the food was all over to leave the restaurant there werent any normal exits
02:41:57 <monqy> we had to go through a futuristic hanging simulator
02:41:59 <elliott> ok the concept of food that "missed its prime" in a recipe is
02:42:02 <elliott> the funneist fucking thing
02:42:15 <monqy> you put your head in and it simulated death by hanging but it's not supposed to actually kill you just simulate it
02:42:28 <monqy> my head didnt fit so well and then it started crushing my head and it wasnt fun getting unstuck
02:42:56 <monqy> anyway i looked back at my bag of stuff and it's all burnt because one of the things i put in it was my coal lantern with real fire that somehow existed and din't have any sort of safety preventing the heat from killing everything in my bag
02:43:02 <elliott> did it hang you
02:43:13 <monqy> no it just crushed my head a bunch and I escaped
02:43:16 <elliott> imo this dream would make a good horror film
02:43:17 <Sgeo> elliott, monqy, have you ever read DCs Say The Darndest Things?
02:43:21 <monqy> anyway thats all i remember from this dream
02:43:23 <monqy> whats that
02:43:24 <Sgeo> http://www.dreamviews.com/f28/dcs-say-darndest-things-19509/
02:43:29 <Sgeo> Thread on DreamViews
02:43:37 <Sgeo> About bizarre things dream characters say.
02:43:40 <monqy> oh
02:43:47 <monqy> i have my own dreams for that sort of stuff
02:43:59 <monqy> lessee wheres the next dream
02:44:03 <elliott> really wish i had monqy's dreams
02:44:06 <elliott> mine have all been lame recently
02:44:16 <monqy> i have like
02:44:18 <monqy> so many dreams backlogged
02:44:22 <elliott> like the most recent even vaguely amusing thing was that time in a dream i was learning to play the electric guitar but
02:44:25 <elliott> instead of the strings going vertically
02:44:27 <elliott> they went horizontally
02:44:34 <kmc> wow monqy
02:44:36 <elliott> and they were super bendy vertically so you like
02:44:46 <elliott> put your finger underneath one string, came out from underneath another one
02:44:48 <Sgeo> wtf is with these ads
02:44:51 <elliott> then pulled it up to the one you started with
02:44:52 <elliott> and leave go
02:44:55 <elliott> and that's how you twanged it
02:44:59 <elliott> and that's how you played the guitar
02:45:08 <elliott> maybe it wasn't electric come to think of it but yeah
02:45:12 <elliott> "not very exciting"
02:46:02 <monqy> ok i think i found it
02:46:33 <monqy> I was in space with some friends fighting a space monster and one of them was like "alright we have to beat this guy and this is all the help we're going to get"
02:46:34 <zzo38> Someone told me they had a dream where the doctor asked him if he has ever been to the moon, once answered no, asked him to prove it.
02:46:44 <monqy> I remember that dream.
02:46:52 <monqy> but a bunch of other people showed up
02:46:59 <monqy> and he was like "alright this is all the help we're going to get"
02:47:12 <monqy> and then a cloud of space bees came in and stung the space monster and he said that thing again
02:47:19 <monqy> and I was thinking to myself "no it isn't"
02:47:30 <monqy> then a dinosaur on earth breathed a huge fireball that flew up into space and hit the space monster
02:47:33 <monqy> and I thought to myself
02:47:38 <monqy> "I knew the dinosaurs would help"
02:47:46 <elliott> amazing
02:47:52 <monqy> another dream:
02:48:14 <monqy> I went to sleep for 2 weeks for some reason and when I woke up I had to go to some ceremony I forget what it was about and I guess some people thought I was dead I don't remember much of that
02:48:29 <monqy> but then I got home and there was a really angry kid and he was driving in a flying car that made tornados and storms
02:48:56 <monqy> my family had to flee so we jumped into the lakepond and we could breathe underwater and we swam to a secret underwater thing and my mother was like "ok we're going to stay here until this kid goes away"
02:49:11 <monqy> she presented the food we had for our stay and it was little tiny broken stale doughnut pieces
02:49:32 <monqy> but then there was another secret tunnel connecting to that that took us to grandmothers house so we thought we'd be safe there since the kid was after us
02:49:50 <monqy> but then the kid came therea nd it turns out the kid was after my grandmother and i figured this out but my family didnt listen and refused to flee
02:49:55 <monqy> so i fled but the kid was there
02:49:59 <monqy> and something in the house explode
02:50:00 <monqy> d
02:50:21 <monqy> i watched as my family burned to death. i was able to save 2 of my sisters but they had really severe burns and their skin was all bubbly and stuff
02:50:24 <monqy> the end
02:50:33 <monqy> (i tried to save more but they died first)
02:50:40 <elliott> inspiring dream
02:50:55 <elliott> has your family ever burned to death irl
02:51:02 <monqy> no
02:51:29 <elliott> ok
02:51:31 <elliott> that's good
02:51:34 <monqy> another dream: the part I remembered: I was sleeping on a beach or something and people kept launching rockets near me that landed on the ground and then exploded
02:51:39 <monqy> it was a birthday surprise or something
02:51:41 <elliott> also how many sisters do you have........
02:52:01 <elliott> that's a good surprise
02:52:03 <monqy> I had a birthday like every 2 days and each birthday i get more prepared for the shenanegans everyone threw at me
02:52:34 <monqy> i didn't like the explosions but i dodged them in a really stupid way. i just hopped around hunched over and spun around with my face facing the ground and even in my dream I thought to myself "this is really stupid"
02:52:46 <monqy> oh i have 3 sisters and 2 parents
02:52:58 <elliott> wow what a coincidence..... i have 2 parents too
02:54:09 <monqy> more dream: I had to pee really badly so I snuck into a fancy restricted restroom but it was too fancy and I couldn't find anywhere to pee there was like a hot tub and all the stalls were really mysterious and fancy
02:54:23 <monqy> so I went to akids playground bathroom but the bathroom was actually just structures in the playground that you pee into
02:54:31 <monqy> and wherever I went there were kids watching me
02:54:48 <Arc_Koen> oh I got that too
02:54:50 <monqy> so i couldnt pee
02:55:05 <monqy> oh it looks like i remembered another part of my dream but i describe it as "even stupider" i wonder what it was
02:55:08 <Arc_Koen> for some reasons the architects in my dreams always forget to build walls around bathrooms
02:55:12 <elliott> monqy: how was it restricted...
02:55:16 <monqy> "like really stupid why would i even dream that"
02:55:18 <monqy> elliott: idk
02:55:35 <monqy> it looks like i dont describe it
02:55:43 <Arc_Koen> hey do some of you guys have dreams that have been following you for a long time?
02:55:47 <Arc_Koen> like, years
02:56:09 <monqy> sometimes I have dreams that in my dream I sort of have a feeling I've had this dream before but really I haven't
02:56:24 <Arc_Koen> well that's what I thought at first
02:56:25 <elliott> i've had recurring dreams i think. i don't have them any more though
02:56:33 <elliott> i stopped remembering dreams regularly years gao
02:56:35 <elliott> *ago
02:56:50 <elliott> i remember one nightmare i used to have quite frequently (i think??) was i'd be on a metal ladder
02:56:56 <elliott> high up in the sky
02:56:56 <Arc_Koen> but since it became very recurrent I started thinking about it while awake
02:57:01 <elliott> like high up enough that if you looked down
02:57:04 <elliott> it looked like a satellite map
02:57:07 <Arc_Koen> so I'm pretty sure I've been having that dream for at least 8 years
02:57:10 <elliott> not so high you could see the curvature of the earth
02:57:12 <elliott> but high
02:57:18 <elliott> and at the top a balloon
02:57:23 <elliott> with someone else in it waiting for me
02:57:32 <elliott> and i continue climbing up it
02:57:36 <elliott> but instead it tips forward and falls
02:57:37 <Arc_Koen> the ladder breaks at some point doesn't it
02:57:39 <elliott> and then i wake up
02:57:45 <elliott> ps the ladder isn't supported by anything or whatever
02:57:51 <elliott> it's just hanging at the right angle somehow
02:57:52 <Arc_Koen> a SPACE ELEVATOR
02:57:52 <elliott> until it falls
02:58:24 <Arc_Koen> wait, at the right angle, do you mean it's just like a ladder you'd raise to a wall?
02:58:35 <Arc_Koen> as in, if you make the wall disappear the ladder would fall
02:58:55 <elliott> yes
02:59:02 <elliott> i guess it's actually resting on the balloon?
02:59:04 <elliott> and the ground
02:59:04 <Arc_Koen> that doesn't sound like something you'd want to use to climb to a balloon
02:59:08 <elliott> its a dream Arc_Koen
02:59:13 <monqy> another dream: I was at something between something between summer camp and normal school and there were a bunch of buildings out in a field and some of them were rooms from my house and one of them wa sthe rest of my house without those rooms
02:59:30 <elliott> monqy: can you explain summer camp to me
02:59:34 <elliott> i dont understand it
02:59:45 <monqy> i got promoted to chair of the math club but then i got kicked out because of rumors i killed a man but i was accepted back in once they found out i only had a dream in which i killed a man and i did not actually kill a man
02:59:51 <monqy> i forgot the dream in which i killed the man tho
03:00:11 <elliott> monqy: did you ever kill a man
03:00:15 <elliott> just checking
03:00:15 <monqy> explaining that i didnt actually kill the man was very stressful for me and i was told that "killing a man isnt something you can just say sorry for"
03:00:18 <monqy> i have never killed a man
03:00:24 <monqy> ive killed bugs though
03:00:25 <elliott> what about a woman
03:00:29 <elliott> "coverin' my bases"
03:00:32 <monqy> i've never killed a woman
03:00:35 <monqy> never killed children
03:00:38 <monqy> killed lots of bugs
03:01:21 <monqy> anyway then evil clones started popping up and they had red eyes and I tried to convince people that they were just evil clones but they wouldn't listen
03:01:32 <monqy> and then they became evil because the evil clones rubbed soap in their eyes
03:01:48 <elliott> more eyes
03:01:50 <monqy> I discovered that you can become non evil by washing the soap out with water
03:02:01 <monqy> eventually everyone except me became evil ( I almost became evil but I washed my eyes)
03:02:11 <monqy> then there was a montage of everyone being evil and chasing me
03:02:13 <Arc_Koen> that must have hurt
03:02:37 <Arc_Koen> they always had those thing in chem lab designed to wash your eyes in case you'd put something dangerous in them
03:02:41 <monqy> I also remember there was a thing that because everyone thought I had killed a man I wasn't allowed to do anything at the camp until I had used my id info 14 times
03:02:46 <Arc_Koen> looked like a torture device
03:03:00 <monqy> you could sign in and stuff by holding a special sheet of paper near a magical thing that detected it and signed you in
03:03:16 <Arc_Koen> hey had you had dreams where the whole universe was just an abstract board game?
03:03:21 <monqy> nope
03:03:25 <monqy> actually
03:03:26 <monqy> maybe once
03:03:29 <Arc_Koen> the recurring dream I had involved that
03:03:44 <monqy> the dream i had where i fought shrek on a flying aircraft carrier might have qualified
03:03:59 <monqy> but thats a different dream
03:04:03 <Arc_Koen> a two-dimensional thingy, plus with a time dimension, and when I'm awake I just CAN'T figure out a way for it to make sense
03:04:21 <Arc_Koen> and in the end the universe always lose
03:04:27 <Arc_Koen> which is problematic
03:04:35 <monqy> anyway also the parts of the camp that were my house had all the stuff in their rooms shuffled around and some were cleared out and had other stuff put in like arcade machines
03:04:38 <Arc_Koen> and since I've been having this dream for years I know it'll come to that
03:04:57 <elliott> <monqy> the dream i had where i fought shrek on a flying aircraft carrier might have qualified
03:04:59 <elliott> elabroaute now
03:05:00 <Arc_Koen> I've never been able to prevent the universe from losing so I developed a strategy to prevent the universe from realizing it had lost
03:05:18 <monqy> elliott: haven;t i already told you about this one
03:05:42 <monqy> i'll...see if i can find it
03:06:13 <monqy> yeah I found it in my logs of private query w/ you
03:06:23 <monqy> i can repeat it tho
03:07:09 <monqy> i'll just repeat all the dreams in this log since i dont think any of them were shared in here
03:08:09 <monqy> first dream: I'm watching something on television (which I only realized later). It's a story about one of those "some shameful trait anonymous" clubs where the shameful trait is "I hate aliens"
03:08:16 <Arc_Koen> yeah hum it's 4am here and I wake up at 8 tomorrow so I'm gonna go and have actual dreams
03:08:19 <Arc_Koen> see you
03:08:20 <monqy> It's the first meeting and I remembered two of the members' introductions
03:08:21 <monqy> bye
03:08:32 <monqy> they introduced themselves with stories about why they hate aliens
03:08:57 <monqy> the first guy's story is that he's going to see this woman for I forget the reason but he was looking at her very closely because he'ls afraid she'll stab and kill him
03:09:02 -!- Arc_Koen has quit (Quit: have to quit now otherwise I won't be able to stop myself from reading your story!).
03:09:30 <monqy> she invites him for wine on her sofa and pours him and herself each a glass; he starts sipping but she doesn't touch her wine, but rather rambles about how she really likes the wine and how it's great and how other wines aren't
03:10:10 <elliott> mmm i'm starting to remember
03:10:12 <monqy> despine not drinking anything, she gradually becomes more and more intoxicated and eventually things she's a bale of hay
03:10:26 <monqy> forgot to mention: the guy's name is "Ichihot" which is significant later
03:11:27 <monqy> Ichihot finds the whole hay deal really hilarious and starts laughing uncontrollably; the girl says she has to ventillate and staggers to another room and faints while Ichihot continues giggling
03:11:32 <monqy> I don't remember what this has to do with aliens
03:11:35 <monqy> next introduction
03:12:03 <monqy> She introduces herself as Ichicold--my dream self found this hilarious and started laughing uncontrollably and I fell off of my dream sofa (this is how I know this was on a tv--and tells her story
03:12:35 <monqy> when she was a kid she transfered schools and she was really upset because despite still getting adjusted she was required to tall all of the responsibility of any other student
03:13:01 <monqy> one day it was ufo dance (sort of like a rain dance but with ufo) day so the whole school stood in the field in front of the schoolbuilding and danced and ufos appeared overhead
03:13:12 <Sgeo> "tall" as in tall is a verb in your dream, or tall as in a typo?
03:13:13 <monqy> Ichicold looked around and suddenly there were people with paper bags over their heads everywhere
03:13:29 <monqy> oh I meant take, I think
03:13:36 <monqy> yeah that was supposed to be take
03:13:51 <elliott> monqy: btw was the tv show fictional
03:13:52 <elliott> in the dream
03:13:56 <monqy> yes
03:13:59 <monqy> er
03:13:59 <monqy> wait
03:14:00 <monqy> no
03:14:01 <monqy> wait
03:14:02 <monqy> maybe
03:14:04 <monqy> what do you mean
03:14:10 <monqy> answer: idk
03:14:15 <elliott> help ?
03:14:37 <monqy> anyway, one of the paper bag people walks up behind her, taps her on the shoulder, she turns around startled, paper bag guy takes off his bag (he's male) and introduces himself as Alice
03:14:44 <monqy> Ichicold screams for a minute straight and I wake up
03:14:47 <monqy> (she really hates aliens)
03:15:29 <elliott> how did you know it was a minute
03:15:40 <monqy> I think it was actually "like a minute"
03:16:45 <monqy> ok more dream. first part is the one with shrek
03:17:03 <monqy> I'm on an aircraft carrier thing but it's flying?? And all the planes on it are buses with wings and they are in boxes
03:17:40 <monqy> I was wandering around on the surface and spotted shrek there and he attacked me and everything became a grid and I had to move where I could throw a car diagonally and it had a 3x2 area of effect so I tried using that but shrek kept stepping out of range
03:18:13 <monqy> eventually I backed him off the edge and he fell so I got in one of the box bus planes (to rescue him?? to finish the fight?? to make sure he dies?? idk) and tried flying it but it just slid off the side and fell
03:18:13 <elliott> mmmm
03:18:24 <elliott> monqy: you could say shrek was a
03:18:24 <elliott>
03:18:25 <monqy> oh wait that dream only had one part and that's it
03:18:25 <elliott> chainsaw ogre
03:18:30 <elliott> or what were they called
03:18:42 <monqy> they were called chainsaw ogres but wheres the chainsaw here
03:18:59 <elliott> well shrek is an ogre and i was just thinking stepping out of range of chainsaw ogres
03:19:01 <elliott> I TRIED OKAY!!
03:19:05 <monqy> ok
03:19:23 <monqy> part one. it's friend day and during friend day my dad keeps pestering me about how he'll get me a new printer. end of part.
03:19:32 <elliott> um
03:19:33 <elliott> dont u mean part 2
03:19:40 <monqy> no this is dream 2
03:19:40 <elliott> or is this a non-linear dream
03:19:43 <elliott> o
03:19:45 <monqy> the other dream had only one part
03:19:48 <elliott> ok
03:19:50 <monqy> i messed up in the log
03:19:51 <monqy> which threw me off
03:20:11 <monqy> second part. I'm reading a video games webcomic (???) and wow it was amazing (???)
03:20:26 <monqy> it was a party and there were lots of people and suddenly one by one some of them started dying
03:20:44 <monqy> everyone freaks out and leaves except for the protagonist and his dim-witted sidekick who call up investagative forces
03:21:06 <monqy> investigative forces look around and discover the cause was a bunch of unusual tf2 items with a sparkly effect
03:21:18 <monqy> next panel is a tf2 inventory and I can't remember all the items but there was like
03:21:26 <elliott> <monqy> second part. I'm reading a video games webcomic (???) and wow it was amazing (???)
03:21:34 <elliott> monqy: how did you not realise you were dreaming at this point
03:21:53 <monqy> thats funny because its different in the log
03:21:58 <monqy> 21:28 <monqy> I'm reading a VIDEO GAMES WEBCOMIC (ha ha ha) and wow it was amazing
03:22:01 <monqy> 21:28 <elliott> all video games webcomics are amazing
03:22:24 <elliott> monqy: you realise i was joking right ?
03:22:29 <elliott> b/c : i was joking
03:22:29 <monqy> yes
03:22:32 <elliott> ok good
03:22:57 <elliott> anyway continue
03:23:07 <monqy> anyway the items were like unusual menoral, unusual spruce sapling, unusual chandelier, unusual questionable bamboo fragments (basically rotted snapped off segments of bamboo trees), unsuual d20
03:23:11 <monqy> so the dim-witted sidekick says
03:23:38 <monqy> and then, on its own panel, which was the last panel, and it was big (it was the punchline): the protagonist yells at him:
03:23:57 <monqy> i couldn't stop dream-laughing it was great
03:24:23 <elliott> god
03:25:52 <monqy> lesse wheres the next dream
03:26:15 <monqy> dream: I was experiencing the future and the past at the same time and I was in everyones most traumatic experiences
03:26:26 <monqy> but sometimes the subject wasnt there in their experience i was experiencing
03:26:29 <monqy> they were missing
03:26:32 <monqy> and they turned up dead
03:26:40 <monqy> also when time stabilized i could hover when i jumped
03:27:03 <monqy> i vaguely remember some more details but not enough to describe them :(
03:28:07 <elliott> that dream sounds upsetting : (
03:28:38 <monqy> another dream: what i remembered of it:
03:28:56 <monqy> a dude puts this box on my head as punishment for doing something idk and it made everything green and dumb and I could see mathematicians in the sky
03:29:15 <monqy> it turns out he was a gang member and didn't want me disbanding his gang and he was using me or something but it turns out i was actually just using him
03:29:23 <monqy> and I took the box off after a while and he was so upset
03:29:49 <monqy> same thing here with the vague details :( i wish i had remembered more
03:31:15 <monqy> another dream: about a video game where a brother & sister with huge anime hair are deep in the woods at some friends house and they are going to go shopping and to the library but they get attacked by a swarm of really big bug things, and also the friends' mother is trying to sautee drugs for some reason
03:31:24 <monqy> the bugs were really big but I forget how big they were, and they grew even bigger
03:31:43 <monqy> it took me a lot of tries and I forget how I beat it but I think I kept the brother and sister inside the house but they ended up getting high oops
03:31:54 <elliott> i think i have played this game
03:32:01 <monqy> and hen they went to the library there was a big crowd and they saw someone who looked like their mother but with purple hair
03:32:02 <elliott> or at least
03:32:02 <elliott> i want to
03:32:06 <monqy> they both tried hitting on her but they were high
03:32:14 <monqy> i dont remember much else
03:33:02 <monqy> more dream:
03:33:21 <monqy> It had something to do with old tv. I was with relatives but somehow one of my friends was also there.
03:34:12 <monqy> some things happened but idk exactly what they were because in the dream I remember thinking they were real events but happened but I went to see them happen again later so idk if they were just acting or what
03:34:47 <elliott> that is quite vague
03:35:02 <monqy> yeah I describe it more later but i dont remember much of the details
03:35:11 <monqy> anyway I went to see these things but I was really tired in this dream so it was sort of hard. I remember thifrst thing was obama talking to some people and it might have been a standup comedy routine? He was cracking jokes but only a few were actually funny but they made it worth it
03:35:38 <monqy> in the second thing the only thing I remember was this little girl spins onto the stage and there's a really stupid joke but i couldn't stop laughing it's an amazing joke (i dont remember it)
03:35:47 <monqy> 2 other things happens and my friend catches me and takes me to a cafe thingy
03:35:55 <monqy> wait no
03:35:57 <monqy> before the cafe
03:36:08 <shachaf> ion: Who's ion1?
03:36:19 <monqy> I forget what happened but at one point I went through the events with friend and they seemed real that time too. anyway after that cafe happened
03:36:32 <ion> shachaf: Where?
03:36:49 <monqy> friend orders me a drink and insists I have one too but I don't want one and he gets into a bit of a spat with the storekeep or w/e since he's broke and keeps stopping by and never paying
03:36:59 <monqy> i kept staring at the menu and didn't want anything on it
03:37:12 <shachaf> ion: On GitHub.
03:37:20 <monqy> but i got this instinctive feeling it was time for watching i love lucy on the tv which was apparently an extended-family tradition in dreamland
03:37:26 <ion> shachaf: Probably some asshole.
03:37:33 <shachaf> ion: he's "much cooler than u"
03:37:58 <monqy> so i ran really fast towards the i love lucy house and my cousins were running there too and i started giggling but i covered my mouth and i jumped and flew into the house and sorta crashlanded onto one of its walls
03:38:00 <shachaf> You should add a digit after your nick.
03:38:17 <monqy> not really a crash i grabbed something on the wall and let myself down and we all watched i love lucy together
03:38:35 <ion> shachaf: no u
03:38:36 <shachaf> is monqy still talking about his dreams
03:38:39 <monqy> yes
03:38:42 <shachaf> i love monqys dreams!
03:38:49 <ion> meams
03:39:06 <monqy> more dream
03:39:24 <monqy> 1) i was at an ice cream place but they only had really dumb awful flavors. the only ones i could remember are "meat" and "lobster"
03:39:46 <monqy> 2) in this dream world people's memories are stored in their teeth and the tooth serves as a protection for the memory so if your teeth go bad you start forgetting stuff
03:40:02 <monqy> and i think there was some horror about losing teeth in that dream, like in the space dentist dream.
03:40:17 <elliott> anything about eyes
03:40:20 <shachaf> monqy: did they have any vegetarian flavours
03:40:36 <ion> soy banana
03:40:44 <monqy> shachaf: i forget
03:40:47 <ion> The vegetarian version of banana
03:41:05 <shachaf> i had a dream about an evil dentist who would extract people's memories
03:41:09 <shachaf> wait no that was a computer game
03:41:49 <ion> One of the characters in Psychonauts was a bit like that…ish.
03:42:34 <monqy> dream: first part: took place sometime after i was done with elementary school but i was visiting it anyway. a friend I had who was all about military stuff irl was instead obsessed with synths and told me all about them.
03:42:37 <shachaf> ion: yes, that one
03:42:37 <elliott> kmc++
03:42:55 <elliott> monqy: imo synths > military?
03:42:58 <monqy> ye
03:43:01 <elliott> sounds like your friend got... Dream Improved
03:43:17 <kmc> monqy: have you ever seen this film eXistenZ
03:43:22 <monqy> no
03:43:24 <kmc> ok
03:43:36 <monqy> the ending to the first part was something like they took a field trip to some shopping plaza but they just sorta gathered in the road/parkingspace and did stuff and i was like ugh this is dumb and wandered off but then i saw my dad come pick me up and i couldn't decide if i wanted to meet with him quickly and vanish or make it look like i was w/ the elementary school students
03:43:46 <monqy> and i was like spinning or something?? i couldn't stop spinning so that settled that
03:43:55 <monqy> in my dream i decided this was the worst possible outcome but it worked out
03:44:04 <monqy> then we went to the shopping store, whcih is the setting for part 2
03:44:20 <shachaf> ion: Have you figured out Zipper?
03:44:42 <monqy> before we got a cart there was a coin jar and my dad grabbed a bunch of coins from it and gave a few to me and went through the store tossing coins at alll the products on the shopping list instead of getting a cart and picking them up??
03:44:46 <monqy> and the coins were weird too
03:44:59 <monqy> nickels, quarters, and Bronze Dollars (like silver dollars but a bit bigger and also bronze)
03:45:08 <ion> shachaf: I haven’t looked at it yet, but i’ve been meaning to.
03:45:33 <shachaf> > zipper ("hello","world") % down _1 % fromWithin traverse % focus .~ 'J' % rightmost % focus .~ 'y' % rezip
03:45:35 <lambdabot> ("Jelly","world")
03:45:47 <monqy> i wandered off to find if there was anything i wanted and came across these ridiculous huge frozen lamb sandwiches that were really high up but i could read the labels and see the pictures
03:45:51 <monqy> [nb i have never tried lamb]
03:45:54 <monqy> [also brb]
03:45:54 <shachaf> elliott: Did I mention that we should have Functor => Apply => Applicative?
03:45:57 <kmc> monqy: q:
03:46:02 <kmc> are you making this all up on the spot
03:46:36 <elliott> don't doubt monqy's dreams
03:46:38 <elliott> they have a long history
03:46:42 <kmc> obviously 'BUTTERFLY WINGS' should actually be a combining character
03:47:45 <shachaf> @ty bazaar
03:47:46 <lambdabot> Not in scope: `bazaar'
03:47:51 <shachaf> :-(
03:47:52 <shachaf> @ty Control.Lens.Internal.bazaar
03:47:54 <lambdabot> Applicative f => (a -> f b) -> Control.Lens.Internal.Bazaar a b t -> f t
03:48:23 <zzo38> In my computer I wrote about various dreams, both my own and others.
03:48:37 <monqy> kmc: no these are real dreams i've had in the past and wrote down
03:48:51 <monqy> in another irc channel and i'm grepping my logs
03:48:55 <monqy> anyway uhh where was i
03:48:59 <shachaf> did you ever dream that you were dreaming
03:49:02 <monqy> yes
03:49:04 <shachaf> and then you woke up and it turned out that you weren't
03:49:10 <monqy> no
03:49:23 <Sgeo> I've dreampt that I've woken up. Don't think there are actually dreams within dreams
03:49:28 <zzo38> shachaf: I also sometimes dream that I am dreaming, sometimes many levels.
03:49:37 <elliott> monqy: what does other irc channel have that this one doesn't that it gets all your dreams :{
03:49:40 <elliott> apart from probably being better
03:49:45 <elliott> because #esoteric is p. bad
03:50:15 <monqy> it's p. bad too but it has less of a focus and less people who are having conversations and stuff like that, and also im just neglectful
03:50:18 <monqy> anyway
03:50:29 <shachaf> elliott: q: you know whats worse than #esoteric?
03:50:34 <shachaf> elliott: a: #haskell :'(
03:50:40 <monqy> there were a few varieties of lamb sandwiches that I can remember: "red jalapeno", "pickle supreme" (the pickle on the sandwich on the cover picture looked like a cross between a green anchovie/sardine/thing and a slimy green bacon strip), and "ham"
03:51:15 <monqy> anyway this family started crowding around and admiring the lamb sandwiches and was talking to a store attendant about how good they looked and the store attendand recommended them and i tried to escape but the more i tried the more they crowded so idk how i got out
03:51:21 <shachaf> are these sandwiches made by lambs or made of lambs
03:51:38 <monqy> come to think of it, i don't know
03:51:39 <monqy> but
03:52:08 <monqy> ive never had lamb and they looked ridiculous so i wanted to try one but for some reason i didn't want to cary it and my dad had the cart?? so i got him over to the sandwiches
03:52:30 <monqy> somehow i got one down even tho they're really high up and you're supposed to get a store attendant to do it
03:52:47 <monqy> it turns out the lamb sandwiches were improperly taken care of and turned to sludge so we went to the service desk line
03:53:11 <elliott> <monqy> it's p. bad too but it has less of a focus and less people who are having conversations and stuff like that, and also im just neglectful
03:53:16 <elliott> how can any channel have less of a focus than #esoteric tho
03:53:22 <monqy> the service desk had this board behind it that showed the store's rating on various policies. there were 3 possible values for each rating, a lightbulb (best), a circled question mark (middle), and a frowny face (worst)
03:53:25 <shachaf> `welcome elliott
03:53:28 <HackEgo> elliott: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Main_Page. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on irc.dal.net.)
03:53:31 <shachaf> "thats totally a focus"
03:54:24 <monqy> this store got lightbulbs on all categories!!! the only cateogory i can remember is employree treatment, with frowny face representing "hard labor", question mark was "ethnic minorities labor", and lightbulb was "hobo labor"
03:54:54 <monqy> there was a cartoon next to it about how the store was nice to everyone not just the "master race" so i guess this store or the rest of the world had a racist thing going on???
03:55:22 <elliott> god bless this store
03:55:51 <monqy> once it was our turn at the help desk my dad freaked out and ran off and i was a bit confused and then the lights shut off and red lights happened and there were alarms and police/security guards started running around shouting "guns!!!"
03:56:07 <shachaf> guns!!!
03:56:09 <monqy> so i ran off too and all of the whiteboards that previously had product info now had sloppy pictures of guns on them and the word "guns!!!"
03:56:29 <monqy> they were gathered around at the lamb sandwiches and apparently my dad dropped his 2 pistols (????) there??, and they were gone
03:56:38 <elliott> does your family have guns
03:56:40 <elliott> everyone has guns in america : /
03:56:41 <monqy> no
03:56:51 <elliott> weird
03:56:51 <shachaf> elliott: i dont have guns : (
03:56:52 <elliott> are you sure !!
03:56:55 <monqy> the lights went back to normal and everyone regrouped at like this pillar thing for a motivational speech
03:56:59 <shachaf> should i get some
03:57:10 <monqy> i forget exactly what the speech was but i was thinking "man it'd be dumb and predictable if this guy had the guns"
03:57:19 <monqy> then he had the guns and shot both me and my dad at the same time and i fainted
03:57:38 <monqy> when i came to it turns out they were just bb guns and the bb had embedded itself in my muscle and it hurt
03:58:13 <monqy> my dad advised removing it with scissors but watching out for this one vein that has to be connected properly or else you'll have improper flow of water or something and can survive for a few hours just feeling but then die and this has ended a lot of lives
03:58:25 <monqy> i forgot what happened next and then i woke up and it still hurt for a bit the end
03:58:53 <elliott> monqy: just feeling
03:59:18 <monqy> oh
03:59:20 <monqy> just feeling fine
03:59:51 <monqy> in another dream i dreamed of accidentally putting raw egg in my fruit juice
04:00:08 <monqy> and freaking out because i always thought putting raw egg in fruit juice was silly and for old people
04:00:14 <monqy> and now i could get diseased from the raw egg
04:00:19 <monqy> and my mother suggested cooking the fruit juice
04:00:45 <kmc> you know what's annoying? when i claim some phrase is ambiguous and other people try to refute my claim by telling me their personal interpretation of what it means
04:01:04 <monqy> this doesn't happen to me
04:01:19 <kmc> well maybe try harder
04:01:25 <monqy> whenever their personal interpretation happens it's a clarification not a refutation ime.......
04:02:15 <monqy> another dream: another "me driving badly" dream :(
04:02:32 <monqy> the "twist" here is i had to deliver something to family-friend house and i kept hitting other cars and swerving off the road
04:02:35 <monqy> and i had to pick the car up
04:02:38 <monqy> place it back on the road
04:02:40 <monqy> keep on driving
04:02:44 <monqy> but at one point i lost the car
04:02:46 <monqy> but then i found it again
04:02:52 <monqy> at one point i just ramped off of another car
04:02:59 <monqy> and i was like "uuuuuuuugh" because me driving badly dream
04:03:31 <kmc> no i don't mean the person who originally used the phrase, just random people who have an opinion as to what it means and clearly their opinion is the only correct one
04:03:38 <monqy> oh
04:03:41 <shachaf> kmc: of what your claim means or of what the phrase means
04:03:43 <kmc> never mind though
04:03:45 <shachaf> AMBIGUOUS
04:03:48 <kmc> this whine is too specific
04:03:51 <kmc> to be appreciated by others
04:03:56 <kmc> we apologize for the inconvenience
04:03:58 <shachaf> It's not specific enough!
04:04:04 <shachaf> You should give a specific example of a phrase.
04:04:24 <monqy> oh here's the dream with the elephant herd:
04:04:25 <shachaf> And also a person we can h8 for it.
04:04:30 <shachaf> "communal h8"
04:04:57 <monqy> by the time I woke up I couldn't remember enough of my dream to give an interesting account of it. I guess in one part I was in a team trying to enter some competition and there were a bunch of challenges we had to pass
04:05:00 <elliott> <monqy> another dream: another "me driving badly" dream :(
04:05:05 <elliott> the last time it was someone else driving badly tho?
04:05:07 <elliott> ps do you drive badly irl
04:05:18 <monqy> ive never driven a car i dont have a license
04:05:22 <elliott> me too
04:05:41 <monqy> for each challenge we could only have 2 team members trying it at a time and one of the challenges was killing a herd of elephants
04:05:59 <monqy> i guesss that's all i remembered
04:06:05 <monqy> next dream
04:07:07 <monqy> "In the past few days I've had 2 dreams where I played 2 weird video games that don't actually exist in real life :'("
04:07:25 <monqy> first video game dream: the game was something like you're visiting your relatives on a remote island and you;re there for 12 days
04:07:51 <monqy> the game can end in a bunch of different ways depending on the stuff you do
04:08:12 <monqy> I think I got one of the dumb bad endings and one of the "ok you played the game normally" endings
04:08:25 <monqy> for the bad ending i went to my bed and slept through all 12 days
04:08:32 <monqy> I remember a few things about the game though
04:08:47 <monqy> like on the first night your grandmother dies and she's found in the bathroom with 3 blue candles lodged in her back
04:09:10 <monqy> and another thing is if you kill your relatives you can collect your souls and give them to these clam soul receptacle things so they can be reborn and you can watch their dreams
04:09:30 <elliott> were any of their dreams good
04:09:46 <monqy> like i tried it with one of them and their dreams was this person that's just floating and he's all black and lumpy and instead of a face has a huge cavity covered up by a layer of weird stuff--think baleen hair
04:10:09 <kmc> i think monqy remembers more things about his dreams than i remember about my entire life to date
04:10:36 <monqy> next game dream: the part I remember is you're this girl and you have to get home but there's an explosion that happens on the way and for most endings of the game you have to get burned to a crisp but
04:10:51 <monqy> i was going for the secret ending where you have to duck into a farm
04:11:14 <monqy> and walk through the farm and there's a shack in the farm and you go in the shack and there's this guy who comes up to you on a tractor and I said hi and he made a really scary face so I ran away
04:11:17 <shachaf> monqy: did you play Myst III: Exile
04:11:22 <monqy> I don't think so
04:11:28 <shachaf> oh
04:11:35 <shachaf> what about elliott
04:11:36 <shachaf> or kmc
04:11:40 <elliott> no
04:11:49 <elliott> <kmc> i think monqy remembers more things about his dreams than i remember about my entire life to date
04:11:53 <monqy> and there was an angry cat but there was also a nice cat so I got the nice cat to distract the angry cat and ran through and passed by a shy cat and it led into the girl's room and you prop yourself up on your disembodied legs which were waiting for you at the foot of your bed
04:11:55 <elliott> well he isn't remembering them off the top of his head
04:12:39 <monqy> thats it for that dream
04:13:32 <monqy> hoo boy her'es a "bad dream"
04:14:16 <monqy> the bad dream involved me drinking some beer that tasted like tomato juice and until I was about half way done with it it wasn't so bad apart from the taste but then at half way done it hit really hard and I got a splitting headache and felt really woozy
04:14:20 <monqy> I don't remember why I drank it
04:14:29 <monqy> [nb ive never drank anything ever irl so idk what its like]
04:14:41 <monqy> it was lkike before school too
04:14:45 <shachaf> [don't you die of thirst??]
04:14:49 <monqy> yes
04:14:54 <monqy> its on my tombstone
04:14:56 <shachaf> [sorry :'(]
04:15:45 <monqy> in another part i needed batteries for some reason and i don't know why but i decided to go to the nearby elementary school for them but as i was approaching i noticed they were sounding an alarm so i thought to myself "wow it must be the stranger alarm how convenient i'll be friendly and ask for some batteries"
04:16:15 <monqy> so i go up to one of the playground supervisors and say hi stranger is the alarm a stranger alarm and she says no so i figure it'd be a bad idea to ask for batteries and i leave
04:16:23 <monqy> then she says have a nice day and i realize she's my grandmother
04:16:48 <monqy> also in this dream were giant bugs and they were my friends
04:16:55 <monqy> huge centipedes crawling everywhere &c
04:18:11 <monqy> dream: I was playing some new king's quest game and I got to a part where there was this wizard and he's like HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS and there were four balloons each with choices in them to the north south east and west
04:18:17 <monqy> i didn't see east or west but south was like
04:18:20 <monqy> NOT VERY MUCH
04:18:23 <monqy> A LITTLE BIT I GUESS
04:18:25 <monqy> YES PLEASE
04:18:35 <monqy> and north was just ADOLESENCE
04:18:45 <shachaf> are you talking about bridge
04:18:52 <shachaf> "i used to play bridge in 4th grade"
04:19:02 <monqy> and eventually i figured out that this was the difficulty selection screen and to get hard mode you had to select the hardest difficulty, which was the uppermost, so i selected ADOLESENCE
04:19:04 <shachaf> "(or was it 3rd grade")
04:19:11 <elliott> monqy: have you ever played a king's quest game. i played a few old ones but i was really bad at them
04:19:18 <elliott> imo: lucasarts games: better?
04:19:20 <monqy> elliott: i've watched some footage
04:19:27 <monqy> elliott: amazing games
04:19:29 <shachaf> elliott: Should I play _Grim Fandango_?
04:19:29 <elliott> king's quest footage
04:19:35 <elliott> shachaf: you haven't already?
04:19:35 <shachaf> elliott: I haven't played it.
04:19:38 <shachaf> Never.
04:19:47 <elliott> even monqy has played grim fandango. probably.
04:19:52 <monqy> nope
04:19:54 <elliott> :/
04:19:55 <elliott> you should
04:19:55 <monqy> i should tho
04:20:01 <shachaf> but i played _Monkey Island 4_! :'(
04:20:08 <shachaf> "basically the same thing"
04:20:13 <monqy> at one part in this thing i went into a cold area and the narrator was like THIS IS COLD so i left and tried getting to a hot area and even once i was already there i shivered and turned into bones
04:20:16 <elliott> n.b. the interface is awful
04:20:23 <elliott> slightly worse than MI4's iirc
04:20:30 <elliott> nothing like a point and click game where you can neither point nor click
04:20:34 <shachaf> how can you be worse than mi4
04:21:05 <monqy> another part of the dream: a few other people and i were at a water park but it only had one ride except it wasn't really a ride it was more of a horrible horrible amazing obstacle course
04:21:34 <shachaf> monqy: did you play "the neverhood"?
04:21:39 <shachaf> "best game? i think so"
04:21:42 <monqy> no but i've heard of it
04:21:59 <shachaf> "no i've neverhood of it" - not monqy
04:22:05 <monqy> i remember one part where there are sort of platform things over water and you had to leap across them except they're freely rotating on their axles so they'll spin when you hit them and some sections of them are this blue thing with an arrow and if you touch the arrow you;ll get sent back to the start
04:22:22 <monqy> and another part is just a water slide except all the water is actually blue dye and it dyes your skin blue
04:23:45 <shachaf> elliott: are you a grim "fan" dango
04:24:24 -!- david_werecat has joined.
04:24:25 -!- david_werecat has quit (Client Quit).
04:25:01 <monqy> dream: what I remember: there's a virtual reality game and I'm playing it with an unkown friend and it's in black and white
04:25:06 <monqy> at one point I think there's a big ball
04:25:10 <monqy> and near the end there's a big bear
04:25:28 <monqy> and I feel like being ajerk and moving in such a way as to attract the bear's atention and then get it to run towards my friend
04:25:33 <monqy> and then we run away from the bear together
04:26:08 <elliott> <monqy> i remember one part where there are sort of platform things over water and you had to leap across them except they're freely rotating on their axles so they'll spin when you hit them and some sections of them are this blue thing with an arrow and if you touch the arrow you;ll get sent back to the start
04:26:12 <elliott> this sounds sort of like this total wipeout thing
04:26:16 <shachaf> monqy: can i have your dreams :¸(
04:26:17 <elliott> s/second this/that/
04:26:26 <shachaf> my dreams are all about elliott. boring.
04:26:31 <monqy> totes
04:29:46 <shachaf> elliott: http://www.danielamos.com/
04:31:14 <monqy> dream: I'm in this wacky town in the middle of nowhere staying at the house of some english teacher I don't know is she's a relative or if I'm in one of her classes in bizarro world or I'm coauthoring a dreambook with her or what
04:31:51 <monqy> for some reason I'm looking through the tests/homework she gives and the short stories she writes and the short stories contain the answers to all the homework/tests but in really stupid ways
04:32:45 <monqy> apparently someone made a full show out of a joke dub of the Kaiji anime and she made her class watch it and she wrote a fanfic about it and gave a homework/test/whatever problem about her fanfic
04:32:54 <monqy> and she wrote another fanfic in which Kaiji answers her problem about him
04:32:57 <monqy> and it's just the stupidest thing
04:33:13 <monqy> then I noticed everyone in her neighbourhood was actually from her short stories
04:33:19 <monqy> but then they noticed I noticed and tried to drown me
04:33:42 <elliott> i think this may be the best dream yet
04:33:59 <monqy> but I could breathe underwater and I found a manhole and went into the sewers but the sewers were glittery black caves with rainbow chalk grrowing out of the walls and if you crushed the chalk in your hands and pit them on the walls and pulled away you could make handholds and platforms and stuff
04:34:20 <monqy> there was more water and I had to run away from it etc etc and when I got out of the cave I was like at this award ceremony thing and I fell onto the stage
04:34:43 <monqy> where the english teacher and her neighbors and I were being awarded the prestigious award for Best Yaoi but nobody knew what yaoi meant
04:34:52 <monqy> and then we lead the Yaoi Parade through town and oh god it was so stupid
04:34:56 <monqy> and then i woke up
04:34:57 <monqy> the end
04:35:16 <elliott>
04:35:21 <kmc> ...
04:35:32 <monqy> god its really weird to read these old dreams and i forget parts of them and then i read them and remember them
04:36:48 <monqy> and thats the earliest dream i have logged in my logs from that channel
04:51:51 <shachaf> Can you believe luite was in SF and didn't get a proper burrito the entire time?
04:52:36 <shachaf> "neither can i"
05:01:17 <zzo38> How can computer simulation of swell shades?
05:04:28 <shachaf> monqy: have you ever heard the neverhood music
05:04:47 <monqy> i forget
05:05:13 <shachaf> @google potatoes tomatoes gravy and peas
05:05:15 <lambdabot> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6R5x1VP2b4
05:05:27 <shachaf> monqy: if your dreams were music, they would be the neverhood music
05:21:00 <zzo38> The "partikkel" command of Csound is very complicated, with forty parameters.
06:05:10 <zzo38> Swell shades make the sound not only quiet but also sounds more distant. How can such thing simulation by computer?
06:05:55 <Sgeo> Is there a way to set up a quota on amount of time a process can run on Linux?
06:06:01 <Sgeo> And if so, is there a way to see this quota?
06:06:56 <zzo38> Sgeo: I don't know, but maybe you can make some program to run the other program and then stop it afterward, if you need that but it does not have another command to do that.
06:07:15 <Sgeo> zzo38, I don't want to do it. I want to know if I'm laboring under it.
06:07:30 <Sgeo> And it would be a quota for any process.
06:07:40 <Sgeo> That I run
06:07:56 <Bike> ask the sysadmin?
06:09:37 -!- Vorpal has joined.
06:09:38 <Sgeo> Not even sure whether or not the sysadmin is the project manager or just someone the project manager knows.
06:10:06 -!- TeruFSX has joined.
06:13:34 <Sgeo> ulimit
06:14:17 <Sgeo> Found my answer.
06:19:04 -!- segorev has joined.
06:30:00 -!- Ceril has joined.
06:32:44 <Sgeo> I need to stop writing programs in such a way that only I am able to configure the environment properly.
06:33:13 <Sgeo> I guess that's more of a documentation issue.
06:33:39 <kmc> it's both
06:42:12 -!- Ceril has left.
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06:52:53 <zzo38> monqy: Have you watched Kaiji anime? I have watched the first two seasons, with subtitles. We put them in a CD and then played it on the DVD player.
06:53:11 <monqy> yes I have
06:53:17 <monqy> the first two seasons
06:53:20 <monqy> are there more yet
06:53:38 <zzo38> I don't know if there is any more yet.
06:54:35 <zzo38> But I think it is very good. I also watched Death Note, although not even finish to watch first season we do have the CDs of the first and second season, and that is good too. Death Note is dubbed though, rather than subtitles.
06:55:25 <zzo38> I also have all the Akagi manga up to 25
06:56:06 <monqy> I don't know majong; would it make sense without this knowledge
06:56:08 <shachaf> elliott: "i recommend not logreading the past half hour or so of #haskell"
06:56:38 <zzo38> monqy: Maybe a little bit, I suppose, although knowing mahjong would help to understand more.
07:06:41 <Sgeo> I thought Death Note had both dubs and subs
07:08:36 <zzo38> Sgeo: Well, I don't know, the one I have for Death Note is dub, and the one for Kaiji is sub. These are what my brother found, they are in Xvid format so they will be recorded into a CD and then played in the combination VCR/DVD we have, which can also play DivX (on CD or DVD; apparently CD is faster though)
07:09:34 <Sgeo> Maybe I should try to learn how to play Majong
07:09:43 <Sgeo> Or maybe try actually playing Backgammon at some point.
07:09:52 <zzo38> Also it seems many more Xvid/DivX files can fit in one CD than storing standard DVD-video on DVD.
07:11:02 <zzo38> Sgeo: There are many different rules for mahjong; a popular mahjong rules is Japanese mahjong, which is also the one played in Akagi, and is popular throughout the world even in places where they play other forms of mahjong too.
07:19:08 <zzo38> Fukumoto (the person who wrote Akagi and Kaiji) mades terrible drawing (he admits this) but the story is very good, and he invented some games too, such as Washizu Mahjong, Restricted Rock-Paper-Scissors, E-card, and other games that were used in his manga.
07:21:55 -!- Nisstyre-laptop has quit (Quit: Leaving).
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08:18:48 <elliott> ais523: what's nethack-tas doingon termcast.org
08:21:09 -!- copumpkin has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds).
08:21:40 -!- copumpkin has joined.
08:22:18 -!- Bike has quit (Quit: leaving).
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08:38:30 <shachaf> kmc: Did you know about annotate-output?
08:39:45 -!- ais523 has quit.
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08:48:45 * Sgeo vaguely wonders how to cheat ulimit -t
08:49:00 -!- carado has joined.
08:53:42 <Vorpal> huh what... I have Eclipse with the android SDK on two computers. I started an upgrade of both them within a minute from each other. Same packages to upgrade on both. Yet one finished in less than a minute and the other one (on the faster computer) is still going half an hour later, at 30% currently
08:53:52 <Vorpal> how does that make any sense?
08:54:49 <Sgeo> Network issues?
08:55:35 <Vorpal> Sgeo, they are both on the same switch
08:55:46 <shachaf> hi elliott
08:56:06 <Sgeo> Abrupt network issues of the server hosting the updates?
08:56:42 <Vorpal> possibly but the updates ran overlapping each other by at least half a minute, so surely there shouldn't be issues there
08:56:53 <Vorpal> Sgeo, anyway I started the computer that is still going *first*
08:57:13 <Sgeo> Oh
08:57:39 <Vorpal> Sgeo, one difference is that it runs windows and the fast one runs linux
08:57:49 <Vorpal> but why would that affect HTTP performance?
08:58:07 <elliott> shachaf: what
08:58:36 <shachaf> elliott: You know the thing where #haskell gets overrun by people who don't know what they're talking about?
08:58:47 <shachaf> And then they start giving advice to each other?
08:58:54 <shachaf> And you're just outnumbered.
08:59:05 <shachaf> What do you do?
09:05:19 <zzo38> Do you know at what age basketball players retire?
09:06:27 <zzo38> I have already won every game so far this season, but I still wish to optimize my strategy.
09:17:31 <zzo38> Some Csound commands says it will break the speakers. It is possible to design speakers to filter out the sound which breaks it?
09:22:50 <zzo38> shachaf: At least to me, there is no need to do anything, as far as I can tell.
09:29:57 -!- epicmonkey has joined.
09:43:20 <FreeFull> Vorpal: Different mirrors?
09:44:05 <FreeFull> Also, Linux and Windows would have a different TCP stack, but I don't think Windows's TCP stack would be that bad..
09:46:21 -!- Nisstyre-laptop has quit (Quit: Leaving).
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10:05:48 <Vorpal> <FreeFull> Vorpal: Different mirrors? <-- maybe
10:05:59 <Vorpal> FreeFull, and yeah the TCP stack shouldn't differ that much
10:06:12 <Vorpal> FreeFull, btw it still hasn't finished XD
10:06:52 -!- nooodl has joined.
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10:10:10 <fizzie> I just shook a laser printer cartridge, and now the print quality is back to pretty much as good as this printer gets. (The sad thing is that it took like six months before I was motivated enough to do that.)
10:10:31 <Vorpal> fizzie, heh
10:13:05 <fizzie> It's a bit weird that a new toner cartridge to this old cheap-when-it-was-bought b/w laser is about double the price of a brand new color laser. (160 eur, vs. 80 eur.)
10:13:36 <Vorpal> haha
10:13:49 <Vorpal> fizzie, is that a third party cartridge?
10:13:56 <fizzie> No, it's the official one.
10:14:08 <zzo38> What model of printer is it?
10:14:10 <Vorpal> get third party ones? They are most likely way cheaper
10:14:56 <fizzie> It's still half full according to the sensors, it apparently just needed a good shake. It *has* been like five years in use already; we don't really use the printer much.
10:15:49 <fizzie> According to the statistics page a total of thousand pages has been printed on it, and I guess it's closer to seven years already when we got it.
10:15:54 <fizzie> (And it's a Lexmark E232.)
10:17:57 <Vorpal> hm
10:22:01 <zzo38> I know at FreeGeek we have a Lexmark laser printer; I am unsure the model number, but I know they don't always use the newest equipment there (they just use whatever is available); it supports PCL, HTML, PDF, and PostScript, although I have only used the PCL. I think it is the only Lexmark laser printer which I have used, though.
10:22:47 <fizzie> This one is in the cheaper end of the range, so it only speaks PCL.
10:25:33 -!- nooodl has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
10:25:36 <zzo38> That seem good enough. I don't know why the printer would need to support the other formats, since you should be able to convert whatever you have to PCL.
10:27:38 <zzo38> For example you can use Ghostscript if you need to run any PostScript files, or you can use programs such as "dvilj" and so on to convert DVI to PCL. Or, you can use the system printer drivers.
10:28:01 <zzo38> In addition, if you just have plain text, PCL compatible printers should print those too.
10:28:38 <fizzie> Network printers sometimes support all kinds of curious stuff. Like this one thing a friend had, you could FTP into it and upload a postscript file, then it would print it out. We even used that to make printing from Netscape in Linux work (this was... quite a while ago); the printing command was just a script that did a FTP upload. Was easier than fiddling with LPRng network stuff.
10:28:44 <zzo38> ESC/P compatible printers will also print plain text, so if you have that you can use that too.
10:29:55 <zzo38> One feature of network printers I have used in school was to put a password on the print job.
10:30:44 <zzo38> Therefore, I did not get my printout mixed up with everyone else who was printing at the same time.
10:35:43 -!- zzo38 has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
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12:13:36 <shachaf> ion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brouwer%E2%80%93Heyting%E2%80%93Kolmogorov_interpretation
12:14:45 <shachaf> If you look at that, you see that both ∃ and ∀ are defined in terms of Φ, which is a sort of function.
12:14:49 <shachaf> (Or more of a metafunction?)
12:15:41 <ion> aye
12:24:39 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
12:42:24 -!- hagb4rd has joined.
12:47:21 <Vorpal> FireFly, you know what? I left the computer for a few hours, Eclipse is now on 35%. Lol what...
12:50:02 <fizzie> It's an asymptotical thing.
12:50:09 <fizzie> It will be 100% at the end of time itself.
12:50:13 <Vorpal> fizzie, going slower and slower? yeah probably
12:50:24 <Vorpal> 11 kB/s
12:50:26 <Vorpal> heh
12:50:39 <fizzie> That's, like, better than dialup.
12:51:04 <Vorpal> btw, it is not the computer itself, since I can do other stuff just fine on it, tested watching a youtube video in 1080p, worked just fine
12:51:48 <fizzie> They might have some DNS round-robin or something on mirrors, and your box won the first price on the "who gets the slowest one" competition.
12:51:55 <shachaf> elliott: So why does one direction of http://www.vex.net/~trebla/weblog/any-all-some.html only work with a condition?
12:52:05 <Vorpal> fizzie, probably
12:52:49 <fizzie> I should probably do something about this by-default-in-Swedish Google at some point.
12:53:10 <Vorpal> that sounds useful
12:53:11 <olsner> just don't google?
12:56:13 <fizzie> That's not "doing something", that's "not doing something".
12:56:53 <shachaf> echo www.google.com >> /etc/hosts ?
12:57:11 <shachaf> fizzie: A useful answer: http://www.google.com/ncr
13:18:52 <Phantom_Hoover> fizzie, i can see why you'd want to change that
13:22:06 -!- segorev has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep).
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14:59:32 <oerjan> `whois monqy
14:59:44 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: whois: not found
14:59:48 <oerjan> oops
14:59:51 <oerjan> `? monqy
14:59:55 <HackEgo> The friendship monqy is an ancient Chinese mystery; ask itidus21 for details.
15:00:09 <fizzie> $ whois monqy
15:00:10 <fizzie> No whois server is known for this kind of object.
15:00:25 <fizzie> Somehow "this kind of object" sounds a bit disparaging.
15:00:56 <oerjan> whois woman
15:02:22 <fizzie> Same result.
15:09:03 -!- impomatic has joined.
15:12:55 <elliott> so apparently john mcafee might have killed a dude?? surely the kind of people who write virus scanners are more mild-mannered than that
15:14:27 <olsner> I think they are on average as mild-mannered as the average person
15:14:31 <atriq> That's what they said about Clark Kent
15:15:08 <fizzie> Virus scanner developers are about as dangerous as file system developers.
15:15:43 <fizzie> (The whole sex-drugs aspect of the McAfee thing is a bit novel, though.)
15:16:21 <olsner> I wonder how many file system developers there are in the world, and how many killings you can expect in a group of that size
15:17:14 <fizzie> I don't know, but I'd go across the street just in case, if I saw a group of file system developers walking towards me on my side of it.
15:17:26 <fizzie> I... suppose you can recognize them somehow?
15:17:47 <fizzie> They have B-tree tattoos and so on, right?
15:18:04 <olsner> maybe they all have namesys t-shirts?
15:20:55 <fizzie> "I killed my wife and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" t-shirts?
15:22:26 <fizzie> Incidentally, I got my other Stripe shirt, finally; some two weeks later than kmc. (The drawbacks of living Up Here.)
15:23:48 <elliott> does Finland really count as a "here"
15:27:59 <olsner> it would for people in Finland, but I'm pretty sure it's uninhabited
15:31:31 -!- epicmonkey has joined.
15:33:04 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
15:39:43 <olsner> elliott: you will be excited to learn that my operating system can receive keyboard input now
15:39:58 <olsner> (i.e. it has an interrupt handler that prints the received scan code then continues whatever it was doing)
15:40:58 <elliott> olsner: gosh
15:41:08 <olsner> yeah, it's totally amazing
15:41:48 * FreeFull considers writing an OS for some ARM board
15:42:21 <elliott> olsner: did you ever write your own assembler or whatever
15:42:54 <olsner> I also saved like 500 bytes by not having the entire idt as constant data but generate it on startup instead
15:50:44 <FreeFull> Why use your own assembler when there is fasm
15:50:58 <FreeFull> Just write a frontend for it for your OS
15:51:07 <elliott> because fasm sucks
15:51:11 <elliott> I've never used it, but I'm sure it sucks
15:51:20 <FreeFull> Fasm is awesome
15:51:31 <FreeFull> The only problem with it is that it only runs on x86-type machines
15:51:54 <FreeFull> So the version with the ARM target doesn't run on ARM
15:52:32 <elliott> doesn't sound awesome
15:55:16 <Phantom_Hoover> are we discussing assemblers
15:59:33 -!- NihilistDandy has joined.
15:59:56 <Phantom_Hoover> because if Vorpal says gas is best again i will have to leave and then go to sweden and hit him
16:01:41 <Vorpal> Phantom_Hoover, I have no specific opinion on which assembler software is best. The only thing I have an opinion on is which syntax is best
16:01:51 <olsner> and you chose at&t?
16:02:09 <Vorpal> olsner, well, I'm more used to reading that when it comes to x86
16:02:15 <olsner> wow
16:03:10 <Vorpal> olsner, other than x86(|-64) I mostly wrote PIC and AVR assembly. And I just used whatever the toolchain provided. Don't even remmeber PIC assembly any longer, was so many years ago
16:04:28 <Vorpal> olsner, frankly I can quite easily adapt to whatever the toolchain uses, it is just a question of reading the docs. Assembly in general is not exactly complicated. There isn't much syntax to learn (especially on PIC or AVR)
16:04:47 <Vorpal> and the rest is just reading data sheets for the ISA to figure out the instructions
16:04:58 <Vorpal> (which can be a daunting task on x86)
16:05:12 <Phantom_Hoover> Vorpal, x86 effective addressing is pretty unintuitive, actually
16:05:26 <Vorpal> Phantom_Hoover, x86 is pretty unintuitive
16:05:34 <Phantom_Hoover> and at&t syntax is an effective way of making it as unintuitive as possible
16:05:58 <Vorpal> Phantom_Hoover, I don't write much asm on x86, I mostly read it, as output from gcc -S or similar
16:06:29 <Vorpal> I code as little as possible in assembly. There are compilers for a reason.
16:06:41 <fizzie> People who write "mov [eax+4*ebx], cl" are always asking "why doesn't [eax+5*ebx] work?", though.
16:07:04 <Vorpal> fizzie, well, that would be because 5 is not a power of 2 surely?
16:07:13 <copumpkin> the syntax should show it as a shift then!
16:07:17 <copumpkin> >_>
16:07:41 <Vorpal> I forgot exactly how large a shift can be encoded though
16:07:53 <Phantom_Hoover> well tbh nasm does automatically convert [5*eax] to [eax+4*eax] which is questionable
16:08:33 <Vorpal> Phantom_Hoover, you are kind of out luck with [6*eax] though, presumably?
16:08:44 <Phantom_Hoover> maybe
16:10:25 <Phantom_Hoover> (yes)
16:13:26 <fizzie> 1, 2, 4 and 8 are legal scales.
16:17:28 <Vorpal> hm, why are volume controls so screwy for most sound card & head phone/ear bud/speaker combos. A reasonable level is usually either near max or near min...
16:17:36 <Vorpal> or am I just being unlucky?
16:17:47 <shachaf> kmc: Did you see dne :: forall a. (forall m. Monad m => (a -> m Void) -> m Void) -> a; dne e = case e Left of Left x -> x; Right _ -> undefined
16:18:04 -!- carado has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
16:19:38 <shachaf> kmc: Rather, dne :: forall a. (forall m. Monad m => (a -> m Void) -> m Void) -> a; dne e = case e Left of Left x -> x; Right u -> absurd u
16:19:46 <shachaf> "sorry about the undefined"
16:24:42 -!- segorev has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep).
16:27:45 <fizzie> Vorpal: It certainly happens to me too; pairing the USB sound dongle I have with the headphones (64Ω nominal impedance, shouldn't be *that* strange) means sensible sound levels at about two or three of the steps right above the minimum "hardware" volume level; and those are already pretty loud. (Then again, for the laptop's headphone hole, the levels are quite reasonable.)
16:28:03 <Vorpal> fizzie, hm
16:28:27 <Vorpal> fizzie, I find that the built in speakers in my laptop require near max level for anything to happen
16:28:47 <Vorpal> and any headphones or earbuds that I use require near minimum
16:29:14 <Vorpal> fizzie, I had to set up a -35 dB gain to the output stage of my SB Live DSP to get a reasonable master volume control on it
16:29:19 <Vorpal> which is pretty absurd
16:29:24 <shachaf> Ah, let lem1 :: (forall m. Monad m => (a -> m w)) -> (forall m. Monad m => (a -> m Void) -> m w) -> w; lem1 pos neg = case neg Left of Right y -> y; Left y -> runIdentity (pos y)
16:29:29 <shachaf> No absurd needed
16:30:13 -!- segorev has joined.
16:33:43 <fizzie> Vorpal: Well, for the USB dongle sensible volume levels (as per alsamixer) for the "Speaker" output -- the only control it has -- are about the steps 3/100 .. 6/100 (reportedly -27 .. -25 dB gain); anything below is completely silent, anything above is just too loud.
16:35:17 <Vorpal> fizzie, heh
16:36:02 <fizzie> (Also, it has an "Auto Gain Control" toggle that's a *playback* control, according to alsamixer. I don't know what it does, but I would've assumed it's something to do with the mic capture instead.)
16:38:17 <fizzie> (Toggling it does absolutely nothing w.r.t. playback.)
16:43:31 <Vorpal> fizzie, I have gain controls for virtually everything
16:44:37 <fizzie> Speaking of headphones, my wife's father, the high-fidelity guy, bought Sennheiser HD 800's recently; they came with this "certificate" paper thing that had the measured frequency response curves for that particular individual pair. (Then again, their price here is a thousand euros, so I suppose there's enough of a profit margin there to do small things like that.)
16:44:38 <Vorpal> fizzie, btw, if you have a card based on emu10k1 I would suggest you swap the front and back channels, the front channel uses an AC97 codec for the DAC, the back one uses some I2S thingy instead
16:44:43 <Vorpal> which is less noisy
16:45:02 <Vorpal> fizzie, hah
16:45:15 <Vorpal> mine only came with a general frequency response curve for the model
16:45:24 <Vorpal> (BeyerDynamic DT-150)
16:45:30 <Vorpal> (spelling?)
16:45:35 <fizzie> So did mine. I think; I've lost the box and any things like that.
16:46:26 <fizzie> Sennhaiser had cleverly stopped the curves at something like 50 Hz in the low end, 12.5 kHz in the high end, so it looked impressively flat.
16:51:19 <Vorpal> heh
17:03:50 -!- elliott has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
17:07:34 -!- nooga has joined.
17:09:00 -!- segorev has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep).
17:25:23 <fizzie> There's a really tiny embedded Google Maps box on this page; the [Map] [Satellite] [Terrain] buttons -- normally [Kartta] [Sateelliitti] [Maasto] in Finnish -- are shown as [Kartta] ([Ia] or [la]) [Maas].
17:25:36 <fizzie> The last one is a reasonable truncation, but I don't know where that middle one is coming.
17:26:16 <fizzie> Copy-paste reveals it's a [la] button.
17:36:53 <fizzie> I also have a thing where NetworkManager goes to a "use 100% CPU" mode very often.
17:38:51 <fizzie> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/1009879 -- that thing except not always with Transmission.
17:39:22 -!- AnotherTest has joined.
17:39:28 <AnotherTest> Hello
17:39:33 <atriq> Hey
17:39:59 -!- Phantom__Hoover has joined.
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17:43:52 <atriq> The documentation for the Tumblr API is somewhat lacking in places
17:44:23 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
17:45:02 -!- Phantom__Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
17:45:16 -!- segorev has joined.
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18:14:57 <kmc> shachaf: what is annotate-output?
18:15:15 <kmc> oh i see
18:16:04 -!- Frooxius has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
18:16:11 -!- Frooxius_ has joined.
18:16:16 -!- Frooxius_ has changed nick to Frooxius.
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18:40:38 -!- impomatic has joined.
18:41:59 <impomatic> Has anyone got any Forth books lurking around that are no longer required? :-)
18:42:32 <atriq> I've got one on Lotus
18:42:35 <atriq> That's kind of like Forth
18:52:00 <impomatic> Lotus 1-2-3?
18:53:15 <atriq> The very same!
18:57:19 -!- oerjan has quit (Quit: AAAAAAAAAAA).
19:03:44 <Vorpal> impomatic, there are some pretty good tutorials on line if you want that
19:17:37 <impomatic> Vorpal: it's stuff to collect / review / get ideas from that I'm looking for.
19:18:04 <impomatic> Particularly the advanced books
19:29:18 <Vorpal> impomatic, don't have any such
19:29:43 <Vorpal> impomatic, but Forth is not exactly a language that is hard to master I would say
19:32:13 -!- Nisstyre-laptop has joined.
19:34:21 <Vorpal> god damn, chrome's unified search/url bar is annoying. Can't access dsldevice.lan, works fine in firefox
19:34:24 <Vorpal> how weird
19:34:34 <Vorpal> shame, since chrome is otherwise an awesome browser
19:35:31 <pikhq_> I've found I'm unhappy with all browsers.
19:35:35 <pikhq_> But least unhappy with Opera.
19:35:36 <Vorpal> oh?
19:35:59 <Vorpal> I never really liked opera, not for any specific reason though, just generally unhappy with it
19:36:38 <pikhq_> Firefox is the slowest, buggiest piece of shit. Chrome is well-implemented, but my web browsing habits are incompatible with its UI.
19:36:45 <Vorpal> oh?
19:36:51 <Vorpal> what habits are those?
19:36:53 <pikhq_> To give you an idea: I use vertical tabs.
19:36:59 <Vorpal> huh
19:37:05 <Vorpal> does even firefox support that?
19:37:09 <pikhq_> With an extension.
19:37:16 <Vorpal> so tabs on the side instead of the top?
19:37:20 <pikhq_> Yup.
19:37:33 <Vorpal> what are the advantages of that setup?
19:37:55 <pikhq_> Easy access to a giant bunch of tabs. Makes use of screen real estate better.
19:38:13 <Vorpal> assuming you have a wide screen monitor that is
19:38:20 <Vorpal> otherwise it would waste space
19:38:25 <pikhq_> And I do.
19:38:30 <Vorpal> also assuming you use full screen browser
19:38:33 <Vorpal> which I don't
19:38:34 <pikhq_> Which I do.
19:38:37 <Vorpal> right
19:38:44 <Vorpal> so not a good setup for me
19:38:51 <pikhq_> The big thing, though, is that I use a *lot* of tabs.
19:38:57 <Vorpal> IMO chrome works well for me except for the unified URL/search thing
19:39:43 <Vorpal> and I try to cut down on number of tabs, I found I simply used it as a backlog and would not end up using the top ones once they went down more than a few lines in firefox (with tab mix plus)
19:39:54 <pikhq_> I have 52 tabs open right now.
19:40:02 <Vorpal> about 20
19:40:11 <Vorpal> I used to have upwards of a few hundred
19:41:47 <Vorpal> question: does anyone have any idea why Android phones would adjust the volume in fixed steps, instead of a smooth slider?
19:42:00 <pikhq_> None at all.
19:42:28 <Vorpal> there seems to be no advantage to it, also it means I need to use the equaliser in the music player to apply maximum negative value over the board
19:42:45 <Vorpal> otherwise I would just use volume 1
19:42:53 <Vorpal> now I use 1-4 depending on the music
19:44:53 <atriq> I'm listening to Volume 6 at the moment
19:45:03 <atriq> Track 11, Wacky Antics
19:45:41 <Vorpal> atriq, volume 6 of what?
19:45:55 <atriq> Homestuck
19:45:59 <Vorpal> I see
19:46:52 <Vorpal> I'm currently listening to the $10 reward from the ocremix kickstarter, which is an album by Big Giant Circles.
19:46:56 <Vorpal> chiptunes
19:47:18 <atriq> Are you enjoying it?
19:47:31 <Vorpal> so far yes
19:47:47 <atriq> :)
19:48:11 <Vorpal> the album is called Impostor Nostalgia, I don't think it is pure chiptunes. It is chiptunes + some other instruments as well
19:48:56 <Vorpal> atriq, I'm glad I got my SB Live 5.1 working under windows 7 (64-bit) finally so I can enjoy some proper sound quality there, instead of the shitty on board.
19:49:12 <Vorpal> it is a massive difference from the so called Intel "HD" audio
19:49:29 <impomatic> Vorpal: no, not hard to master. But I'm interesting in implemented Forth.
19:49:36 <Vorpal> impomatic, aaah
19:50:03 <Vorpal> atriq, so I didn't have to reboot to enjoy this music :)
19:50:29 <atriq> Hurrah!
19:50:48 <Vorpal> atriq, btw it is only with these headphones that I can hear the difference, can't hear the difference with my speakers or with my earbuds
19:51:06 <Vorpal> BeyerDynamics DT-150 for the reference
19:51:09 <atriq> I'm not an audiophile at all
19:52:23 <Vorpal> ah
19:56:27 -!- oerjan has joined.
19:59:42 -!- sirdancealot7 has quit (Read error: Operation timed out).
20:01:21 <Vorpal> you know what, sound cards should support multiple streams of sound with different buffer sizes, that would make sense from a battery standpoint
20:01:37 <Vorpal> however, these days it is mostly software mixing, so I guess that would be tough
20:39:30 -!- ais523 has joined.
20:40:34 <Vorpal> wth is a .tar.md5? It is ~1.16 GB, so I presume it isn't just a md5sum for the tar file...
20:40:52 <pikhq_> Maybe it's a tarball of md5sums. :P
20:40:52 <Vorpal> file claims it is a normal tar file...
20:41:10 <Vorpal> pikhq_, well it is a Samsung smartphone rom, I know that
20:41:18 <Vorpal> I'm just confused by the extension
20:42:58 <shachaf> kmc: Runs a command and prefixes each line with O or E and a timestamp.
20:42:58 <lambdabot> shachaf: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
20:43:19 <shachaf> (And also prints the exit code and maybe other things?)
20:47:34 -!- epicmonkey has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
20:55:40 <FreeFull> Vorpal: Look at the filenames inside the tar
20:55:57 <FreeFull> I'm guessing someone just gave it the wrong extension accidentally
21:06:07 -!- carado has joined.
21:20:49 -!- carado has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
21:20:59 <Vorpal> FreeFull, in fact it is tar + a binary md5 sum concatenated onto the end
21:21:45 -!- carado has joined.
21:28:29 <FreeFull> Vorpal: Sounds like someone did >> instead of > or something
21:29:34 <Vorpal> FreeFull, I'm pretty sure it is *supposed* to be that way
21:29:45 <Vorpal> as in, that is what the flashing tool wants
21:29:47 <pikhq_> That's ridiculous, though.
21:29:52 <Vorpal> well sure
21:30:16 <pikhq_> 'Course, you'd have to do that intentionally.
21:30:29 <Vorpal> pikhq_, but since when did big companies make sense
21:30:45 <pikhq_> The naive mistake of ">> instead of >" would probably result from someone doing that with the output of md5sum.
21:30:48 <pikhq_> i.e. ASCII
21:31:26 <Vorpal> anyway, what sort of checksums does tar have built in
21:31:32 <Vorpal> any?
21:33:07 <pikhq_> Looks like tar only has header checksums.
21:33:45 <pikhq_> Compression formats have some sort of checksum, though.
21:33:49 -!- Nisstyre-laptop has quit (Quit: Leaving).
21:34:08 <pikhq_> Looks like the common ones all use CRC-32.
21:34:49 <pikhq_> Ah, .xz has it optional.
21:36:23 <pikhq_> A .xz file may have a checksum of: none, CRC-32, CRC-64, or SHA256.
21:37:20 <pikhq_> Specifically, little-endian CRC-32 with polynomial 0xEDB88320, or little-endian CRC-64 with polynomial 0xC96C5795D7870F42
21:39:40 <kmc> shachaf: maybe i should use that instead of 'ts'
21:39:52 <kmc> but it would be harder to direct a whole shell script into it, from inside the shell script itself
21:39:57 <kmc> i could always put it in the crontab
21:40:10 <kmc> but i kind of like having it all within the script itself -- makes for easier testing, etc.
21:40:26 <atriq> I am now officially annoyed at the Cabal problem
21:40:57 <atriq> And the maintainer of authenticate-oauth
21:43:05 <kmc> "Due to the various emails received by our webmail users of receiving phishing spams, MIT will be upgrading webmail system to 5GB of space, Click the link below to login into your account for confirmation and upgrade. [link to phishing attempt]"
21:44:58 <FreeFull> XD
21:45:21 <FreeFull> What does amount of phishing spams have to do with how much space the webmail system has
21:47:25 <shachaf> kmc: Oh, I didn't know about ts.
21:48:13 <kmc> i thought what you said was a response to exec 3>&2 > >(ts >> log) 2>&1
21:48:18 <shachaf> Good old moreutils.
21:48:22 <kmc> yeah <3 moreutils
21:48:26 <kmc> i use "sponge" all the time as well
21:48:26 <shachaf> kmc: Nope, didn't see that. Came up in a different context.
21:48:28 <kmc> oh cool
21:48:32 <shachaf> I used sponge today!
21:48:37 <kmc> also "3>&2" still feels backwards to me, intuitively
21:48:41 <shachaf> cat FILE FILE | sponge FILE
21:48:54 <kmc> i know why its' the way it is
21:49:14 <shachaf> Does 2>&1 feel backwards?
21:49:38 <atriq> Because it's counting down@
21:49:41 <atriq> *?
21:49:43 <kmc> no because 2 is already open and i'm saying "send that data from 2 to 1"
21:50:02 <kmc> but when i'm opening a new fd it feels like the new fd should be the "destination"
21:50:28 <shachaf> I want to be able to say 2|program
21:50:37 <shachaf> kmc: Maybe it helps if you think of all fds as being open all the time.
21:50:42 <shachaf> Just normally not used.d
21:50:43 <kmc> :)
21:51:32 <kmc> maybe this is related to the fact that write-only references are contravariant
21:52:08 <kmc> maybe i should use «echo | sudo sponge» rather than «echo | sudo tee»
21:52:33 <shachaf> But you want streaming, presumably.
21:53:00 <kmc> usually it is something like echo 4 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/frozzle_wobbles
21:53:12 <shachaf> Sure.
21:53:29 <shachaf> There ought to be a program for writing data into a file streamingly, though.
21:54:31 <kmc> apparently Ubuntu 13.04 is Raring Ringtail
21:54:40 <kmc> i was hoping for Radical Radish myself
21:54:45 <shachaf> Did you see http://slbkbs.org/e/b.txt ?
21:54:46 -!- atriq has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds).
21:54:52 <shachaf> As a direct port of http://slbkbs.org/e/h.txt
21:55:14 <kmc> what is this
21:55:21 <shachaf> Computes e, I think?
21:55:22 <kmc> ok
21:55:57 <shachaf> I was surprised at how easy it was to port a lazy Haskell program.
21:56:10 * shachaf suspects kmc has lost all interest in anything involving Haskell these days.
21:56:21 <kmc> shrug
21:56:28 <kmc> i still tell people how great haskell is
21:57:24 <kmc> i've found that if i'm not thinking about haskell all day, it's harder to jump in and decipher some strange type signature
21:57:27 <kmc> http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_longest_tunnels_in_the_world&direction=prev&oldid=523562257#World.27s_longest_tunnels_.28in_use.29
21:59:26 <fizzie> Heh, our water tunnel is there quite high up.
21:59:33 <fizzie> ("Our" in quite a collective sense.)
21:59:59 <fizzie> It's the one that does deliver drinking water to people including us, though.
22:01:29 -!- AnotherTest has quit (Quit: Leaving.).
22:01:59 <kmc> is it tasty
22:02:43 <fizzie> I rather like it, compared to water in several other places, but it could be an acquired taste.
22:02:56 <kmc> mm
22:05:27 <shachaf> water the differences
22:06:33 <FreeFull> kmc: * -> * -> *
22:06:38 <fizzie> There's no list of longest road tunnels, I was kind of curious. :/
22:07:02 <kmc> not a type signature; also not strange
22:07:06 -!- monqy has joined.
22:07:35 <kmc> that is a rather pedestrian kind signature
22:07:46 <fizzie> (At least Tunnel#Longest lists one.)
22:08:29 <FreeFull> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_long_tunnels_by_type#Road
22:08:35 <FreeFull> There you go
22:09:37 <FreeFull> fizzie: ^
22:10:00 <fizzie> Why are there no links to that from Tunnel#Longest, List_of_tunnels_by_length aka List_of_longest_tunnels_in_the_world, or the "Structure extremes" template? (If there are any, let the question to be modified to ask instead why I didn't notice them.)
22:10:24 <fizzie> I guess I should've gone to the List_of_tunnels category.
22:11:14 <FreeFull> I simply looked for longest tunnels
22:11:25 <FreeFull> Actually no
22:11:28 <FreeFull> I looked for list of tunnels
22:11:30 <FreeFull> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tunnels
22:12:37 -!- Nisstyre-laptop has joined.
22:12:43 <fizzie> I wonder if I've seen any of those.
22:12:54 <FreeFull> Probably not
22:14:06 <fizzie> Oh, there is one; I've driven through that Sørdals tunnel in Norway. But it's quite far down the list, only 6.338km.
22:14:07 <FreeFull> Somehow wikipedia lead me to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_road just now
22:14:36 <FreeFull> "The first known musical road, the Asphaltophone, was created in October 1995 in Gylling, Østjylland, Denmark"
22:14:43 <FreeFull> The Asphaltophone
22:14:48 <fizzie> I didn't even know there was one in Denmark.
22:15:01 <fizzie> I had heard of the US one.
22:22:50 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
22:59:03 -!- impomatic has left.
23:05:37 -!- atriq has joined.
23:09:54 <olsner> "Locations of singing roads and their sounds on Sound Tourism website" ... this is probably awesome
23:12:37 <atriq> Help I'm growing up
23:13:37 <atriq> I've made more than one commit to a thingy on Github
23:13:48 <atriq> I felt myself craving a bowl of cornflakes
23:14:03 <atriq> I voted
23:14:10 <olsner> I've made two of those git things! one was the tests for the other
23:14:29 <atriq> Ooh, I need to make one that tests this one when this one is done-ish
23:14:51 <Phantom_Hoover> why do you get to vote :(
23:14:58 <Phantom_Hoover> my opinions are obv. better than yours
23:15:24 <olsner> atriq: the tests will only be relevant in a very small window of time between done-ished and finnished
23:15:36 <atriq> Phantom_Hoover, Police Commissioner elections?
23:15:45 <Phantom_Hoover> y...ess
23:16:00 <atriq> The candidate I voted for didn't win.
23:16:07 <atriq> He didn't win by a landslide.
23:16:11 <Phantom_Hoover> see! had i voted for him he would've won
23:16:23 <shachaf> Phantom_Hoover: can you vote for me
23:16:24 <atriq> He was the candidate most likely to appear in this channel
23:16:35 <Phantom_Hoover> shachaf, ok
23:16:42 <shachaf> Phantom_Hoover: "thx"
23:16:53 <Phantom_Hoover> shachaf, what votes are there right now
23:17:01 <shachaf> @poll-list
23:17:01 <lambdabot> ["\"MacGood\"","ConfusedWithVixenSituation","best-programming-language","food","naming","nethack","president","prove->","remove@src","sleep"]
23:17:11 <shachaf> @poll-show prove->
23:17:11 <lambdabot> ["proven","proved"]
23:17:24 <Phantom_Hoover> vote proven
23:17:28 <shachaf> @help vote
23:17:28 <lambdabot> vote <poll> <choice> Vote for <choice> in <poll>
23:17:57 <shachaf> @poll-show nethack
23:17:58 <lambdabot> ["Val_Dwa_Fem_Law","Wiz_Elf_Mal_Cha"]
23:17:58 <olsner> @vote StarTrek TNG
23:17:58 <lambdabot> No such poll:"StarTrek"
23:18:09 <shachaf> @poll-show president
23:18:09 <lambdabot> ["copumpkin"]
23:18:15 <shachaf> @poll-results president
23:18:16 <lambdabot> Poll results for president (Open): copumpkin=3
23:18:18 <Phantom_Hoover> val_dwa_fem_law
23:18:19 <Phantom_Hoover> duh
23:18:35 <shachaf> @poll-list sleep
23:18:35 <lambdabot> ["\"MacGood\"","ConfusedWithVixenSituation","best-programming-language","food","naming","nethack","president","prove->","remove@src","sleep"]
23:18:37 <Phantom_Hoover> nihilistdandy for president
23:18:39 <shachaf> @poll-show sleep
23:18:40 <lambdabot> ["no","yes"]
23:18:43 <shachaf> @poll-results sleep
23:18:44 <lambdabot> Poll results for sleep (Open): no=0, yes=7
23:18:44 <Phantom_Hoover> yes
23:18:50 <shachaf> @poll-results best-programming-language
23:18:50 <lambdabot> Poll results for best-programming-language (Open): COBOL=1, PHP=1, Coq=0, Agda=0, anything-else=0, Haskell=0
23:19:03 <shachaf> @poll-results naming
23:19:03 <lambdabot> Poll results for naming (Closed): Lovelace=1, Babbage=0
23:19:06 <shachaf> @poll-results food
23:19:07 <lambdabot> Poll results for food (Open): quesadilla=2, meatball-sub=1
23:19:13 <atriq> COBOL was the language of my ancestors!
23:19:14 <shachaf> @poll-results remove@src
23:19:14 <lambdabot> Poll results for remove@src (Closed): no=1, yes=1
23:19:23 <Phantom_Hoover> coq; babbage; quesadilla
23:19:30 <Phantom_Hoover> no
23:19:37 <shachaf> Phantom_Hoover; You're not voting!
23:19:45 <Phantom_Hoover> i'm telling you what to vote
23:19:55 <shachaf> What? No. I'm not even British.
23:19:55 <Phantom_Hoover> (also how could anyone not vote babbage)
23:20:01 <Phantom_Hoover> (it's one letter from cabbage ffs)
23:20:37 <shachaf> but it's two letters from baggage
23:21:04 <Phantom_Hoover> it's called the triangle inequality for a reason
23:21:42 <olsner> what kind of people (except macgyver) keep a geiger counter in their car?
23:21:52 <atriq> Radiographers?
23:21:53 <shachaf> @poll-results ConfusedWithVixenSituation
23:21:53 <lambdabot> Poll results for ConfusedWithVixenSituation (Open): no=0, yes=2
23:21:59 <Phantom_Hoover> commuters in chernobyl?
23:22:01 <shachaf> @poll-results "MacGood"
23:22:01 <lambdabot> Poll results for "MacGood" (Open):
23:22:29 <olsner> hmm, I read *computers in chernobyl
23:23:01 <Phantom_Hoover> why would a computer need a car
23:23:29 <shachaf> @list pol
23:23:29 <lambdabot> No module "pol" loaded
23:23:30 <shachaf> @list poll
23:23:30 <lambdabot> poll provides: poll-list poll-show poll-add choice-add vote poll-result poll-close poll-remove
23:23:50 <shachaf> @poll-add best-spoken-language
23:23:50 <lambdabot> Added new poll: "best-spoken-language"
23:23:59 <shachaf> @choice-add best-spoken-language norwegian
23:23:59 <lambdabot> New candidate "norwegian", added to poll "best-spoken-language".
23:24:06 <shachaf> @vote best-spoken-language norwegian
23:24:07 <lambdabot> voted on "norwegian"
23:24:08 <shachaf> @vote best-spoken-language norwegian
23:24:08 <lambdabot> voted on "norwegian"
23:24:08 <shachaf> @vote best-spoken-language norwegian
23:24:09 <shachaf> @vote best-spoken-language norwegian
23:24:09 <lambdabot> voted on "norwegian"
23:24:09 <lambdabot> voted on "norwegian"
23:24:10 <shachaf> @vote best-spoken-language norwegian
23:24:10 <lambdabot> voted on "norwegian"
23:24:13 <shachaf> @vote best-spoken-language norwegian
23:24:13 <lambdabot> voted on "norwegian"
23:24:19 <shachaf> @poll-results best-spoken-language
23:24:20 <lambdabot> Poll results for best-spoken-language (Open): norwegian=6
23:24:30 <shachaf> Phantom_Hoover: "ur move"
23:25:15 <Phantom_Hoover> @unvote best-spoken-language norwegian
23:25:15 <lambdabot> voted on "norwegian"
23:25:27 <Phantom_Hoover> @poll-results best-spoken-language
23:25:27 <lambdabot> Poll results for best-spoken-language (Open): Manx=1, norwegian=7
23:25:39 <Phantom_Hoover> what is this crap
23:25:45 <shachaf> Isn't that a type of cat?
23:26:27 <olsner> @vote best-spoken-language Welsh
23:26:27 <lambdabot> "Welsh" is not currently a candidate in this poll
23:26:57 <FreeFull> @vote best-spoken-language polish
23:26:57 <lambdabot> "polish" is not currently a candidate in this poll
23:27:12 <shachaf> @vote best-furniture-activity polish
23:27:12 <lambdabot> No such poll:"best-furniture-activity"
23:30:55 -!- TodPunk has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
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