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00:06:12 <FreeFull> You have to take into consideration that a lot of gun owners are likely to own multiple guns
00:09:29 <pikhq> hppavilion[1]: From my knowledge of gun owners, that seems about right TBH.
00:09:39 <pikhq> Decent number of people are gun collectors.
00:10:07 * pikhq has a friend with ~50 interesting firearms. ... And no ammunition.
00:10:47 <hppavilion[1]> pikhq: I want to be an ammunition collector; lots of bullets, no way to use them
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00:35:52 <quintopia> oh boily has returned!
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00:40:40 <quintopia> `tell boily coily! webek!
00:40:41 <HackEgo> I think you mean "@tell boily coily! webek!" instead?
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00:40:47 <quintopia> @tell boily coily! webek!
00:40:47 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
00:40:57 <quintopia> thanks HackEgo
00:41:03 <quintopia> thackego
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03:54:57 <Sgeo> http://www.saveie6.com/
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04:30:29 <hppavilion[1]> (Should I beat wine–whine out of myself?)
05:03:31 <pikhq> Best I can do is write things to render tolerably in IE6.
05:03:52 <shachaf> hikhq
05:03:55 <pikhq> The trick is to use a conditional comment and hide CSS from IE6 entirely.
05:04:39 <pikhq> (and acknowledge that the "no CSS whatsoever" experience is the best thing to do without going crazy)
05:05:03 <shachaf> Flex is TG
05:05:04 <alercah> better is to officially not support IE6
05:05:16 <alercah> although
05:05:23 <shachaf> I only support CSS 8
05:05:24 <alercah> http://motherfuckingwebsite.com/
05:05:38 <shachaf> Or whatever the current version is
05:06:00 <pikhq> alercah: Though I generally agree, I still prefer having light CSS.
05:06:54 <alercah> that's fine
05:07:14 <pikhq> That said... Write it basically like that, give it a tiny CSS file (like, 1k or less TBH), prevent IE6 from seeing CSS at all, and voila. You basically support everything.
05:07:37 <pikhq> And the only reason to prevent IE6 from seeing CSS at all is because IE6 CSS is spectacularly broken.
05:09:50 <shachaf> pikhq: just add "better" to the beginning of the domain name hth
05:10:27 <pikhq> Bingo.
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06:30:51 <pikhq> "If you transfer a Pokémon to Pokémon Bank and then on to Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon from Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X, or Pokémon Y, you’ll be unable to transfer it back to Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X, or Pokémon Y."
06:30:56 <pikhq> But why?
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06:50:27 <izalove> https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/53ri0m/warning_microsoft_signature_pc_program_now/
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07:42:28 <pikhq> Booo
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09:48:29 <oerjan> . o O ( `learn_append shachaf He has a terminal disease. )
10:00:36 <int-e> goed morjnang
10:01:02 <oerjan> goid afternoont-e
10:01:07 <oerjan> oh wait
10:01:11 <oerjan> it's still morning
10:01:49 <oerjan> goid mornint-e
10:02:39 <oerjan> . o O ( Dsching! Dsching! Dschinghis Khan! )
10:04:01 <Taneb> Helleveryone
10:04:22 <oerjan> 'morneb
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10:10:59 <oerjan> mborningly
10:16:22 <boily> børjan matin!
10:16:27 <boily> @massages-loud
10:16:27 <lambdabot> quintopia said 9h 35m 40s ago: coily! webek!
10:16:53 <boily> @tell quintopia QUINTHELLOPIAAAAAAAAAAA! I am even more unsynchronized as usual!
10:16:53 <lambdabot> Consider it noted.
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10:43:17 <boily> `wisdom
10:43:27 <HackEgo> applicative functor//Applicative functors are just monoids in the category of endofunctors.
10:45:18 <boily> wait. aren't those supposed to be monads?
10:57:25 <oerjan> `? monads
10:57:26 <HackEgo> Monads are just free monad monad monad algebras.
10:57:28 <oerjan> `? monad
10:57:29 <HackEgo> Monads are just monoids in the category of endofunctors.
10:57:48 <oerjan> boily: *DUN DUN DUN*
10:58:55 <oerjan> (they're actually both true hth)
11:15:06 <Taneb> Can someone explain the "monads" one?
11:22:38 <boily> `cuplrits wisdom/monads
11:22:39 <HackEgo> ​/home/hackbot/hackbot.hg/multibot_cmds/lib/limits: line 5: exec: cuplrits: not found
11:22:45 <boily> `` culprits wisdom/monads
11:22:47 <HackEgo> shachaf elliott oerjan elliott oerjan oerjan shachaf Phantom_Hoover Phantom_Hoover ais523 ais523 oerjan oerjan oerjan oerjan FreeFull shachaf shachaf nitia
11:23:03 <boily> Tanelle. I believe oerjan can hth
11:35:39 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Special:Log/newusers]] create * Total Vacuum * New user account
11:37:31 <Taneb> That sounds like it could be an actual person
11:41:27 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[Esolang:Introduce yourself]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=49749&oldid=49738 * Total Vacuum * (+131)
11:42:37 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[User:Total Vacuum]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=49750 * Total Vacuum * (+21) Created page with "Under construction..."
11:45:23 <boily> it is an actual person!
11:45:34 <Taneb> :D
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12:02:48 <oerjan> Taneb: boily believes wrong. try shachaf instead hth
12:03:08 <oerjan> `howg monads
12:03:09 <HackEgo> ​<shachaf> revert 5134 \ <elliott> find wisdom -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -El \'(is|are) just\' | xargs rm \ <oerjan> revert \ <elliott> revert 1 \ <oerjan> revert \ <oerjan> rm wisdom/monads \ <shachaf> echo \'Monads are just free monad monad monad algebras.\' > wisdom/monads \ <Phantom_Hoover> revert \ <Phantom_Hoover> echo \' Much like Mo
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13:00:36 <myname> for the record, i can define hauling destiations in my dflike and i can even limit what to put there
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13:35:04 <wob_jonas> \oren\: you're finally working on hangul support? great!
14:01:51 <wob_jonas> `ftoc 76
14:01:52 <HackEgo> 76.00°F = 24.44°C
14:07:27 <izalove> `ctof 24.44
14:07:28 <HackEgo> 24.44°C = 75.99°F
14:07:32 <izalove> disappointed
14:08:53 <izalove> `ctof 24.44°C
14:08:54 <HackEgo> 24.44°C = 75.99°F
14:08:59 <izalove> `ctof 24.44°F
14:09:00 <HackEgo> 24.44°C = 75.99°F
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15:20:31 <moonythedwarf> anyone alive in here?
15:21:19 <izalove> meow
15:21:21 <digin4> I feel like a zombie :/
15:21:34 <wob_jonas> well it's monday... no wait
15:21:38 <wob_jonas> it's Wednesday actually
15:21:41 <digin4> lol
15:22:07 <moonythedwarf> lol
15:22:15 <moonythedwarf> is digin4 new? never seen him aroung
15:22:17 <moonythedwarf> *around
15:22:28 <digin4> yes I'm new here
15:22:34 <moonythedwarf> `relcome digin4
15:22:37 <digin4> thanks <3
15:22:40 <HackEgo> digin4: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on EFnet or DALnet.)
15:23:05 <digin4> o:)
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15:23:14 <moonythedwarf> why is kobalt off? -.-
15:23:23 <moonythedwarf> derp *boots kobalt into life*
15:23:37 <moonythedwarf> ~>pyc print "This vetter work, its alive i hope"
15:23:38 <Kobalt> ​This vetter work, its alive i hope |
15:23:41 <moonythedwarf> good
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15:24:59 <moonythedwarf> digin4: have you made any esolangs as of now? just curious
15:25:15 <digin4> no just joined to learn
15:25:20 <moonythedwarf> ah
15:26:03 <moonythedwarf> well make sure to look over the wiki ^_^
15:26:12 <digin4> checking it atm :D
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15:31:08 <moonythedwarf> im thinking of the plausibility of writing a irc bot in befunge (With another program acting as the interface, obviously)
15:32:27 <ais523> where'd fungot go?
15:32:39 <ais523> it's written in befunge-98 without the need of another program to act as the interface
15:32:52 <ais523> befunge-98 probably has the best library support of any esolang
15:32:57 <ais523> and that includes things like network connections
15:33:37 <wob_jonas> heh
15:33:39 <moonythedwarf> oh it supports that?
15:33:42 <moonythedwarf> didnt know.
15:34:16 <ais523> fizzie: fungot is down
15:34:29 <ais523> (not that we necessarily need it up, but I didn't know whether you knew or not)
15:35:24 <moonythedwarf> going to do it anyways, just for fun
15:36:08 <moonythedwarf> external program for irc interface because i dont want to write a entire IRC interface in befunge (aka, a pain)
15:37:26 <ais523> the IRC protocol is really simpel
15:37:28 <ais523> *simple
15:37:34 <moonythedwarf> true, but im lazy :P
15:37:45 <moonythedwarf> plus i need to learn befunge first
15:38:17 <moonythedwarf> either that or choose a diffrent esolang
15:38:22 <moonythedwarf> and learn that one
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16:01:21 <shachaf> Taneb: ?
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16:15:05 <\oren\> Ok, so the first step is working: it reads in BDF characters and converts them to fixed size bitmap images in an ad-hoc format
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16:16:05 <\oren\> The next step is for it to grab the correct bitmap images and overlay them for each hangul character
16:16:38 <\oren\> and then those characters must be converted back into BDF format to be inserted into the font
16:17:18 <\oren\> unless I can figure out the whole TTF compound character thing in fontforge, which I doubt
16:17:28 <\oren\> this will be the method I'll be using
16:18:04 <\oren\> this method will result in a very large font file, but space is cheap these days so i think it will be fine
16:19:31 <wob_jonas> \oren\: they're only 16x16 images
16:20:18 <\oren\> 16x18 actually, but yeah small
16:20:42 <\oren\> and in the ttf they will be converted to an outline
16:21:07 <\oren\> the size is linear in the number of corners
16:21:25 <FireFly> how do you edit your glyphs, out of curiosity?
16:21:49 <\oren\> I use fontforge, plus some custom programs
16:22:05 <wob_jonas> \oren\: so you haven't figured out yet how to make a bitmap ttf?
16:22:14 <\oren\> correct
16:22:30 <wob_jonas> also, apparently some people want to make a new (more modern) font editor system instead of fontforge
16:22:42 <\oren\> I would like that
16:22:52 <FireFly> I edited my bitmap fonts in generic pixel art tools, with a little script (eventually) to convert it to BDF
16:23:17 <\oren\> I would have to use fontforge to convert it to ttf still though
16:24:02 <FireFly> Probably, yes, unless there's other tools to convert BDF to TTF
16:24:52 <\oren\> I eventually will figure out how to write my own
16:25:30 <\oren\> the requirements for mine are strange since the conversion is done in a way that preserves the pixelation
16:25:51 <\oren\> as opposed to most fonts which want smooth edges
16:26:17 <\oren\> I have some black magic way of making fontforge do that
16:27:03 <shachaf> Yesterday I went to a talk about METAFONT.
16:29:21 <\oren\> shachaf: METAFONT is h.p.lovecraft level black magic
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17:05:38 <shachaf> `olist 1053
17:05:48 <HackEgo> olist 1053: shachaf oerjan Sgeo FireFly boily nortti b_jonas
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18:03:46 <fizzie> shachaf: I lied, it's the week before.
18:04:11 <shachaf> Which week?
18:04:33 <shachaf> Did you actually lie?
18:08:10 <oerjan> fungone!
18:17:28 <FireFly> we're outta fun
18:17:33 <FireFly> `rot13 fungot
18:17:34 <HackEgo> shatbg
18:17:41 <oerjan> ooh list
18:17:57 <FireFly> yes indeed
18:18:22 <fizzie> Yeah, I heard ais523. I'll re-fungot once I get home, currently in a train from Gatwick.
18:18:53 <fizzie> shachaf: I answered your question the other day, when you weren't looking.
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18:33:24 <shachaf> fizzie: I remember that you answered the question but I don't remember the answer.
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18:45:05 <hppavilion[1]> ¬(['muffin man'.i); ?(['muffin man'].ü) ↠ ?[id];; # translates to "I do not know the muffin man. Do you know the muffin man? If so, please tell me about the muffin man."
18:47:06 <myname> how is muffin man object of id?
18:47:59 <ais523> hppavilion[1]: my mental alarm for a likely race condition just went off
18:48:22 <ais523> good software development practices would imply replacing this with "I do not know the muffin man. Please tell me all you know about the muffin man."
18:48:29 <hppavilion[1]> myname: 'id' in the sense used in citations
18:48:49 <hppavilion[1]> Not 'I.D.' but the word 'id' (like 'ego and superego)
18:49:06 <hppavilion[1]> *(like 'ego' and 'superego', but not at all related to that meaning)
18:49:13 <ais523> that way you aren't checking for knowledge of the muffin man separately from asking about it, which means you don't have to worry about what happens if the muffin man changes status
18:49:13 <ais523> that said, I don't think there's an actual bug in this case, just a code smell
18:49:15 <hppavilion[1]> ais523: How so?
18:49:25 <hppavilion[1]> Ah, yes
18:49:39 <hppavilion[1]> It would be more efficient to just directly ask
18:49:41 <ais523> hppavilion[1]: say I write "does the user have permission to read this file? if so, give the user a copy of the file"
18:49:50 <ais523> that contains a bug, and one that's been widely exploited
18:49:55 <hppavilion[1]> ais523: But this is designed to be a language for communication rather than a programming language
18:50:01 <ais523> if the user has any ability to change the referent of "this file" mid-program (say with a symlink)
18:50:18 <hppavilion[1]> (Primarily for talking to strong AIs)
18:50:27 <ais523> strong AIs will probably just learn English
18:50:34 <ais523> even weak AIs are decent at understanding it at this point
18:50:36 <hppavilion[1]> ais523: Well yeah, but this is more fun
18:50:50 <hppavilion[1]> (Also, even if they learn English, that still leads to confusion and ambiguity)
18:51:15 <myname> you could as well just wrote prolog, you know
18:51:22 <hppavilion[1]> myname: Well yeah...
18:51:45 <hppavilion[1]> It would also be nice for talking to people where you don't share a conventional language, because it's symbolic enough that you should be able to learn it without brute memorization
18:51:54 <hppavilion[1]> (The only issue is that things like 'muffin man' don't translate easily)
18:52:12 <ais523> myname: it's hard to express "I do not know the muffin man" in Prolog without making an explicit statement about your knowledge status, which would be weird and unidiomatic
18:52:59 <ais523> like, you can express "My knowledge state about the muffin man is that the muffin man is unknown" in Prolog, but it looks just as weird in Prolog as it does in English
18:53:07 <hppavilion[1]> &['muffin man'] = ['mulberry lane'];;
18:53:11 <ais523> and would only serve as an answer to a question if the question were formulated in a similar way
18:53:46 <ais523> more idiomatic would be to make no statement about the muffin man, which in Prolog means something along the lines of "if you asked me about the muffin man, I wouldn't have anything to say"
18:54:07 <ais523> (and any question about the muffin man would be replied to with an answer that meant the information was not available)
18:54:57 <myname> by the way, are there any fans of the language curry here?
18:55:34 <hppavilion[1]> A simple conversation would be [2]> ?(['muffin man'].ü);; [1]> ¬(['muffin man'.i); ?(['muffin man'].ü) ↠ ?[id];; [2]> &['muffin man'] = ['mulberry lane'];;
18:56:37 <hppavilion[1]> ais523: Also, 'id' necessarily means 'the last value directly used'
18:56:54 <ais523> hppavilion[1]: I'm not really interested in hyperlegalistic conlangs
18:56:55 <hppavilion[1]> By definition
18:57:07 <hppavilion[1]> OK...
18:57:29 <hppavilion[1]> I just think it's fun because it looks like what a muggle would expect talking to a computer to be like
18:57:34 <myname> hppavilion[1]: if so, why don't use it in ?() already?
18:58:11 <hppavilion[1]> (the literal reading of "?(['cat'].ü) ↠ ?[id];;" is actually "query meaning 'cat' dependent query current user knows meaning 'cat' end
18:58:11 <hppavilion[1]> ")
18:58:27 <hppavilion[1]> myname: ?
18:58:44 <myname> why not ?([id].ü)?
18:59:03 <myname> instead of mentioning muffin man there
19:00:04 <hppavilion[1]> Ah, because id is- or at least was- local to the message, so that things don't constantly conflict
19:00:26 <hppavilion[1]> (You can't use 'id' to reference a value used 30 lines ago, basically)
19:00:39 <hppavilion[1]> Oooooh I see
19:00:42 <hppavilion[1]> Good point
19:01:48 <hppavilion[1]> (I can actually drop the 'i' in "['muffin man'].i", too; if you just say "x." it's assumed that you mean yourself)
19:13:52 -!- fungot has joined.
19:14:12 <oerjan> fungot: hi!
19:14:12 <fungot> oerjan: i'd call the lambda with the parameters in the url above.
19:15:09 <oerjan> fungot: surprisingly, i don't think anyone's mentioned a url since i joined.
19:15:09 <fungot> oerjan: shutting that down kills the program
19:15:42 <oerjan> fungot: well yes, that's usually the point of shutting down.
19:15:42 <fungot> oerjan: have you tasted fnord 99% cocoa chocolate? ;p it might make sense
19:16:07 <oerjan> fungot: not to my knowledge, but maybe it was fnord without me noticing.
19:16:07 <fungot> oerjan: you're completely destroying a lot of cases where the result is a big fan of the language
19:16:32 <oerjan> fungot: OKAY
19:16:57 <int-e> fungot: burn me
19:16:57 <fungot> int-e: that is the sense that you can't already do? ( the interface to it.
19:17:11 <int-e> fungot: try again?
19:17:11 <fungot> int-e: how can anyone believe in something" stance is incredibly irritating at times, and it seems so abstract compared to c
19:18:18 <oerjan> so true
19:25:07 <\oren\> c is the basis of all reality
19:25:27 <\oren\> well, under c is machine code
19:25:32 <oerjan> that explains why so much of reality seems undefined
19:26:04 <\oren\> that's because the machine code is unreadable
19:28:08 <oerjan> nah, it's because each of us runs reality through a different c compiler, with different undefined behaviors
19:30:15 -!- hppavilion[1] has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
19:32:00 -!- `^_^v has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep).
19:38:48 -!- hppavilion[1] has joined.
19:57:34 <ais523> hmm, I'm testing out a sentence in Google Translate, translating into German
19:57:47 <ais523> if I write the input sentence in lowercase, it translates "you" into "Sie"
19:58:00 <ais523> if I capitalise the first letter, I get "Du" as the translation instead
19:58:23 <ais523> this does not really fill me with confidence
19:58:38 <ais523> (from the actual original sentence, it probably translates to "Man")
19:59:40 <oerjan> what's the first word?
20:00:09 <oerjan> it would be weird for it to consider a sentence more formal if not capitalized...
20:00:12 <ais523> "you"
20:00:14 <oerjan> oh.
20:00:25 <ais523> and yes, it struck me that if it's differentiating on that, it has it backwards
20:00:43 <ais523> to be precise, the original was a sentence fragment "you're likely to need a lot more characters to express something in German than you are in Japanese"
20:00:55 <ais523> and I was using it to experiment to see how true the statement was
20:01:14 <ais523> don't we have a translationbot in here somewhere?
20:02:18 <oerjan> HackEgo used to, but the code bitrotted
20:02:37 <oerjan> and then all networking did, i think. hm.
20:03:12 <oerjan> `wget https://www.google.com/
20:03:13 <HackEgo> ​--2016-09-21 19:03:00-- https://www.google.com/ \ Resolving www.google.com (www.google.com)... failed: Name or service not known. \ wget: unable to resolve host address `www.google.com'
20:03:26 <oerjan> yep, looks dead.
20:03:42 <oerjan> (except `fetch)
20:05:54 -!- Caesura has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
20:09:19 <oerjan> . o O ( Man braucht wahrscheinlich viel mehr Zeichen, um etwas in Deutsch auszudrücken, als in Japanisch. )
20:09:49 <oerjan> if i try to clean up and use Man
20:11:05 <shachaf> lapsang souchong is tg
20:11:15 <oerjan> hm except that doesn't preserve the original duplication.
20:11:26 -!- Caesura has joined.
20:11:55 <oerjan> Man braucht wahrscheinlich viel mehr Zeichen, um etwas in Deutsch auszudrücken, als man in Japanisch braucht.
20:12:17 <oerjan> or wait
20:12:33 <oerjan> probably shouldn't put the last "braucht" last.
20:12:49 * oerjan needs a native speaker
20:13:11 <shachaf> I don't think I qualify as a native speaker of any language.
20:13:20 <oerjan> shocking
20:16:26 <oerjan> Tanta til Beate snur sin gamle plate ennå en gang, og server te med melk (Lap-sang-sou-chong!)
20:20:15 <oerjan> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjEfK-0UhTo
20:32:34 -!- Kaynato has joined.
20:33:03 -!- Caesura has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds).
20:38:03 -!- DHeadshot has joined.
20:50:03 -!- wob_jonas has joined.
20:50:14 <wob_jonas> `olist 1053
20:50:15 <HackEgo> olist 1053: shachaf oerjan Sgeo FireFly boily nortti b_jonas
20:50:24 <shachaf> wob_jonas: It's already been olisted.
20:50:48 <wob_jonas> has it? I checked the logs and didn't see it, sorry
20:50:49 <ais523> can we program `olist to remember the number it's given as argument
20:50:56 <wob_jonas> oh indeed it has
20:51:01 <wob_jonas> ais523: yes, you should
20:51:03 <ais523> and not list if it's already seen an equal or larger number?
20:51:10 <ais523> well it's not my list, and I'm not on it :-P
20:51:35 <ais523> mine is `list I think (although it's not using my original implementation any more and hasn't for years)
20:51:44 <oerjan> well, given that i _saw_ it in the logs...
20:52:29 <shachaf> `cat bin/list
20:52:30 <HackEgo> date > share/conscripts; culprits share/conscripts | xargs -n 1 | awk '!x[$0]++' | xargs
20:52:47 <ais523> `cat share/conscripts
20:52:48 <HackEgo> Sat May 14 12:44:55 UTC 2016
20:52:57 <shachaf> ais523: I don't know that I want it to make a commit for every olist, but it could put something in tmp/
20:52:58 -!- MoALTz has quit (Quit: Leaving).
20:52:59 <ais523> not for a while, it seems
20:53:01 <oerjan> today's girl genius is pretty meta. and with one avatar hauling another...
20:53:15 <ais523> shachaf: commits aren't very expensive, surely
20:53:43 <wob_jonas> yeah, they shouldn't be expensive in sane version control systems
20:53:48 <shachaf> But olists come so frequently that HackEgo might not be able to handle the load.
20:54:12 <ais523> no, OOTS posts don't come that often at all
20:54:24 <shachaf> Anyway they're expensive conceptually, not in terms of computer cost.
20:54:25 <ais523> and a non-unique `olist wouldn't need a commit
20:55:04 * oerjan tweaks ais523's joke detector
20:55:29 <ais523> wait, that was meant to be sarcasm? it doesn't look like it
20:55:55 <shachaf> Yes, it was not serious. olists are very infrequent.
20:56:08 <shachaf> It may have been a joke about HackEgo being very slow nowadays, but I'm not sure.
20:56:20 <FireFly> to be fair, they're a bit more frequent these days than they used to be for a while
20:56:38 <ais523> FireFly: there was a big gap due to the author getting injured
20:56:44 <FireFly> Aha
20:56:55 <ais523> apart from that, there's rarely been a gap of more than two weeks except at the end of a book (which always gives a defined date for when the comic will resume)
20:56:58 <FireFly> I didn't realise that
20:57:04 <oerjan> shachaf: HackEgo has sped up recently
20:57:08 <oerjan> `echo hi
20:57:09 <HackEgo> hi
20:57:12 <shachaf> oerjan: True.
20:57:20 <ais523> it tends to be slower if nobody's used it for a while
20:57:30 <ais523> maybe it has to swap back into memory or something
20:57:33 <oerjan> ais523: even considering that.
20:57:34 -!- Caesura has joined.
20:58:16 <FireFly> so we need to use it more often to make it less slow? hmm
20:58:28 <FireFly> subtle encouragement to use the service
20:58:31 <FireFly> I like it
21:01:00 -!- gamemanj has joined.
21:01:02 <wob_jonas> In http://www.questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=3312 , has the cop chosen this bar because she's got dimmers installed there so she can dim the lights when she says something dramatic, just like Tarquin does in his palacE?
21:01:15 -!- Kaynato has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
21:04:03 <gamemanj> Maybe it's a smokebomb pie?
21:04:13 <gamemanj> Like, three slices of smokebomb, one of edible pie.
21:10:00 -!- hppavilion[1] has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
21:21:05 -!- Phantom_Hoover has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
21:21:27 -!- tuttobene has joined.
21:21:43 <tuttobene> ,
21:21:58 <shachaf> `relcome tuttobene
21:22:00 <HackEgo> tuttobene: Welcome to the international hub for esoteric programming language design and deployment! For more information, check out our wiki: <http://esolangs.org/>. (For the other kind of esoterica, try #esoteric on EFnet or DALnet.)
21:22:09 <tuttobene> :)
21:23:30 -!- DHeadshot has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds).
21:25:15 <tuttobene> When writing research papers about programming, does a manual of writing mechanics for this field exist, such as the APA Manual of Style in the field of Psychology?
21:25:41 <ais523> I haven't used anything like that, I've just tried to imitate the style of typical papers
21:26:00 <wob_jonas> I've no idea, I don't write such papers.
21:26:03 <ais523> most programming papers are conference papers anyway rather than journal papers, so people hold them to a slightly lower standard due to the need to make deadlines being larger
21:29:07 <tuttobene> ok, thanks
21:29:37 <shachaf> Should I write papers?
21:29:46 <shachaf> I've never done it.
21:29:53 <wob_jonas> shachaf: no
21:30:03 -!- Caesura has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds).
21:30:05 <wob_jonas> unless you need it for a degree or something
21:31:13 <tuttobene> you just code?
21:31:49 -!- xkapastel has joined.
21:33:04 <tuttobene> i guess the need to write papers comes when something has to be explained
21:33:23 <tuttobene> a technique, or a concept
21:36:28 -!- hppavilion[1] has joined.
21:40:37 -!- augur has quit (Remote host closed the connection).
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21:49:05 -!- hppavilion[1] has joined.
21:58:13 -!- DHeadshot has joined.
22:02:54 -!- oerjan has quit (Quit: Patching...).
22:03:08 -!- oerjan has joined.
22:04:19 * FireFly points local irssi users at the recent global notice
22:05:20 <oerjan> hm now my backscroll is working strangely, only half the window scrolls...
22:05:41 <oerjan> oh and my line overwrote FireFly's :(
22:05:59 <FireFly> It's okay, I rarely say anything of importance anyway
22:06:27 <oerjan> ok this bandaid patch is horribly buggy.
22:06:31 <ais523> FireFly: you just did, though
22:06:50 <shachaf> Not of importance to oerjan, though.
22:07:14 -!- wob_jonas has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client).
22:07:44 <FireFly> The better alternative would probably be to upgrade, of course
22:07:58 <FireFly> over applying the hacky patch
22:08:00 -!- Caesura has joined.
22:09:24 <oerjan> FireFly: i don't control this server.
22:09:30 <FireFly> Ah
22:10:12 <oerjan> testing
22:10:43 <hppavilion[1]> `? peer
22:10:44 <HackEgo> peer gynt is a famous norwegian troll. his reviews are in high demand, but nowadays he amuses himself by resetting people's irc connections.
22:12:26 <shachaf> that makes no sense
22:13:46 <olsner> does anything in the wisdom database?
22:14:21 -!- keemyb has joined.
22:14:35 -!- gamemanj has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
22:19:55 -!- oerjan has quit (Quit: Trying something...).
22:20:36 -!- oerjan has joined.
22:20:48 <oerjan> testing again
22:21:21 <oerjan> ic, the problem doesn't appear if i don't use tmux.
22:22:56 <oerjan> @ping
22:22:56 <lambdabot> pong
22:22:59 -!- moonythedwarf_ has joined.
22:23:12 <int-e> hmm I just pulled Debian's security update... (cf. https://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2016/msg00251.html )
22:24:45 * int-e is trying to figure out whether oerjan is connected to irssi-0.8.20 in screen somehow, wondering whether this combination should be avoided.
22:26:01 <oerjan> int-e: i'm still on 0.8.17, using the bandaid script
22:26:14 <oerjan> i'm not in screen either.
22:26:19 <int-e> oh.
22:26:31 <oerjan> it gave me trouble in tmux.
22:26:54 <int-e> AH, I missed a negation there, funny how that totally distorts the meaning of sentences...
22:28:27 <int-e> (this negation: "[...] if i don't use tmux.")
22:31:02 * oerjan found the irc channel for the admins of this server. they seem a bit idle.
22:31:27 <oerjan> (the one i'm running irssi from)
22:31:51 <int-e> is there any idlerpg bot running? :P
22:32:05 <oerjan> what is that
22:32:31 <int-e> http://idlerpg.net/
22:33:00 <ais523> I didn't realise it had a website
22:33:04 -!- augur has joined.
22:33:32 <ais523> it also seems a lot more involved than the typical idling competitions
22:34:42 -!- moonythedwarf_ has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
22:35:18 -!- moonythedwarf_ has joined.
22:35:29 <myname> please don't
22:36:24 <int-e> myname: to clarify, I meant to ask oerjan whether there is such a bot in that channel he found.
22:37:01 <myname> ah
22:39:13 <oerjan> i doubt it. i'm the only one speaking. someone (who is also idle) opped me automatically when i joined.
22:39:55 <ais523> hmm, idlerpg gives a much larger penalty for parts than for quits
22:39:59 <ais523> which is bizarre
22:40:40 -!- Caesura has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds).
22:42:00 <ais523> has this been mentioned in the channel yet?: http://calesyta.xyz/
22:42:05 <ais523> according to proggit, it's an Argentinian esolang design contest
22:42:19 <ais523> "Concurso Argentino de Lenguajes Esotéricos y Tarpits", right does seem like one…
22:43:00 <int-e> ais523: /part is almost definitely a manual action; quits also happen due to disconnects, reboots, etc.
22:43:31 <ais523> "Valoramos que el lenguaje tenga ideas novedosas o interesantes. A nadie le interesa otra variante de Brainf*ck."
22:43:39 <ais523> int-e: but not getting disconnected is the whole point of idling competitions
22:44:49 <oerjan> ais523: :P
22:45:01 -!- Kaynato has joined.
22:45:22 <ais523> oerjan: the people running this seem fairly familiar with esolang design :-D
22:45:50 <int-e> ais523: I guess parting a channel sends a much stronger message than quitting... not sure it's really saying as much as 200 characters of text though ;-)
22:46:26 <ais523> you can fit way more than 200 characters in a part message (or a quit message, for that matter)
22:46:30 <int-e> anyway, I really recall IdleRPG it because, as you said, it is surprisingly elaborate for an idling game.
22:46:49 <int-e> s/it//
22:46:57 <oerjan> IdleMMORPG
22:46:59 * int-e typos too much, good night.
22:49:04 -!- digin4 has joined.
22:51:04 -!- wob_jonas has joined.
22:58:48 -!- digin4 has quit (Quit: Leaving).
23:02:11 -!- wob_jonas has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client).
23:04:13 -!- AnotherTest has quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in).
23:04:42 -!- hppavilion[1] has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds).
23:07:03 -!- Kaynato has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
23:11:17 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[SMETANA To Infinity!]] N https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?oldid=49751 * Tanner Swett * (+3677) Create page
23:11:47 -!- Phantom_Hoover has joined.
23:20:09 <HackEgo> [wiki] [[SMETANA]] https://esolangs.org/w/index.php?diff=49752&oldid=42677 * Tanner Swett * (+449) /* Related languages */ Add "SMETANA To Infinity!"
23:20:40 <moonythedwarf> ͲhΞ g׀ǐČħ ϸ®ʘǵrҿssEs
23:31:46 <tswett> So, I've created SMETANA To Infinity!
23:31:47 -!- Kaynato has joined.
23:34:31 -!- shachaf has quit (Read error: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number).
23:34:50 -!- shachaf has joined.
23:35:38 <tswett> It's like SMETANA, but you can specify infinitely many instructions.
23:36:21 <tswett> Here's an example program:
23:36:46 <tswett> Step n. Go to step 3n + 1. Step 2n. Go to step n. Step 1. Go to step 1000000. Step 4. Stop.
23:39:05 <olsner> does it choose the most specific step or how does it choose between Step 2n and Step n?
23:39:49 <tswett> It chooses whichever one was specified last within the program.
23:40:04 <tswett> Since Step 2n was specified later, it overwrites Step n for even n.
23:40:47 <tswett> The Collatz conjecture is equivalent to the statement that my example halts if you replace 1000000 with any positive integer.
23:41:42 <oerjan> tswett: i claim approximate plagiarism hth
23:42:13 <oerjan> (i posted something called SMETANA+1 way back on the sange.fi mailing list)
23:42:56 <olsner> but that's so long ago it probably never happened
23:43:08 * oerjan swats olsner -----###
23:44:51 -!- hppavilion[1] has joined.
23:45:00 <olsner> how swatful of you
23:45:52 <ais523> tswett: is there any way to make a good fizzbuzz with this using "step 3n", "step 5n"?
23:46:21 <tswett> Kinda.
23:46:58 <tswett> Step n. Output character n. Step 3n. Output character 101. Step 5n. Output character 102. Step 15n. Output character 103. Step 101. Stop.
23:47:27 <tswett> I can do a little better than that.
23:47:41 <oerjan> tswett: i think my version required step expressions to be non-overlapping, though.
23:49:38 <tswett> Step n. Swap step 1 with step 1. Step 2n. Output character n. Step 10n. Output character 102. Step 6n. Output character 101. Step 30n+1. Output character 102. Step 201. Stop.
23:49:40 <tswett> Something like that.
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